The Body Will Never Tell You A Lie

“The body is the marker of all Truth.” (Serge Benhayon)

What exactly does that quote mean? What if it was to be put this way? “The body never lies to you.” However, the mind is a genius when it comes to justifying our ill behaviours that prevent us from having true health and well-being. What I mean by that is, those thoughts and that voice in our head that convince us that something is “alright” “just fine” or “it’ll be okay”, when you absolutely know that it won’t be.

Take food for example, because we all ‘feel’ food and can relate to it on a daily basis. You can feel not to have that extra serving or even a particular food, as your body will tell you by bloating, burping, sometimes hiccups, flatulence and of course, gaining those extra few kilos, to name but a few symptoms a body will present after reacting to eating certain food.

Nonetheless, regardless of our body screaming at us not to go there, we keep going back time and again. No one honestly enjoys the discomfort in their body, but our mind convinces us to go there just one more time – you know, “one last time before I go on my diet,” “weekends are my splurge time,” “we are out to dinner and this is a special time,” or the best excuse/justification of all – “everything in moderation.”

Another example is when you convince yourself that you can stay up that extra half hour to watch your favourite television show, only to end up staying up an extra two hours or so. Then you wake in the morning feeling as if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep and you are without the bounce in your step – the mind overrides these feelings in your body, while the body suffers from this neglect, and yet again the mind will convince us to do it night after night.

We could take this awareness deeper and consider all those times when you ignore a feeling from the body that tells you that something isn’t right. When you know without any reasonable explanation not to turn down that street, but rather to take a different direction; not to stick to your regular routine, only to find out later that there was a reason you arrived at a particular place just that little bit earlier or came later.

Or, how about the opposite, when you get a feeling that something is completely right? That you are going to run into someone later that day, or that person you have been meaning to get in contact with suddenly calls you out of the blue. It is the mind that often dismisses these moments of awareness without a hesitation. However, the body deeply resonates with its own knowing, and that knowing later reveals itself to be true.

Have you ever felt that ‘sting’ that comes when you haven’t listened to what your body is telling you and you regret it later? You know, when you want to kick yourself, repeating the words, “I knew that was going to happen”, “I knew I shouldn’t have done that”, or “I knew that didn’t feel right”. Then this turns into a mess that could have been easily avoided if you had just listened to what your body was telling you and ignored the justification in your head.

What is the alternative? What if the ability to tune into our bodies and intuitively feel what is happening, is our rudder through life? Coupled with our sensitivity to all things (that is, our ability to truly feel everything from our body), is the navigation system that keeps us solidly on our path to true health and well-being.

What if we listened to the intelligence of our body rather than the justifications of the mind? And what if we based our entire lives on whole body intelligence, using our mind to respond to and work with the body, not against it?

Would Life not then have a more joyful and harmonious flow and ease to it?

By Terri-Anne Connors, aged 40, Melbourne, VIC

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852 thoughts on “The Body Will Never Tell You A Lie

  1. “out of the blue” The particles that make up our body are in tune with the Universe, the blue, and are all-knowing.

  2. This is great Terry-Anne, as when you mentioned a “sting” I felt the power of Scorpio, and to Absolutely preserve the body to only receive the energetic truth. So there is a purpose to get-on with the wisdom of the energetic truth that our body provides when it comes to everything in life, especially how food can be used to delay us.

  3. I have just discovered a whole new level of honesty with my body, it is a bit like I’ve been at university doing well and then find myself back at kindergarten! It’s another level of honesty, awareness, and humility to surrender to and allow my body to lead by submitting to the truth it’s offering. I find I’ve been quite wayward in terms of living in disregard of my body, so although there is a lot set in place around self care already, there is now so much more to learn and put into place.

  4. Terrri-Anne everything shared here is absolutely true, we by pass the signals and ignore them constantly and instead, we go into our heads, trying to work this out or think this other plan is going to work better and so forth. If we really connect to our bodies, it kind a feels like the beacon, that gently and constantly reminding us, of what is best for it.

    It takes a decision to say yes, I will listen to it and be obedient to it and in stages, we develop that relationship that is tight knit, that nothing penetrates to pollute it – it is as simple as that and, if you so want it to be.

  5. I find my relationship with my body is a continual surrender away from my minds intelligence, to the simplicity of honouring how my body feels and going with it. I don’t have to think things through or problem solve, my body just knows and shows me things by clearly discerning the energy of every single thing.

    1. Melinda if we have grown up listening to tabloids, and everything else around us, the relationship with your body is a gradual process, as we have so been used to working with our minds. The mind makes us do things and is often destructive, whilst the body asks us to be us and much more loving.

    2. Our body does just know, whereas our mind ignores our body, ‘the mind overrides these feelings in your body, while the body suffers from this neglect’.

  6. The more I manage to respond to my body rather than my mind increasingly my life has greater consistency, flow and ease.

  7. Just yesterday I felt to pop into the beauty parlour to get my eyebrows seen to and the lady had an opening, then I asked to get my haircut and again there was an opening. On leaving the hairdressers I passed the physio clinic and thought I need to see about my clicky jaw and again there was an opening. The feeling I had in the body was that this is the perfect time to get these things attended to and I listened and it all worked out. All three of these places, as a rule, I would have to make appointments for and come back another day. How simple would life be if we just listened to our bodies?

    1. The body is naturally wise, ‘consider all those times when you ignore a feeling from the body that tells you that something isn’t right.’

  8. For years growing up I have had that voice in my head that tells me that it’s okay to do something when my body is yelling no, bad idea. And invariably what my mind tells me turns out to be a huge complication or a disaster. But I have turned this around, now I listen to my body and when it speaks I listen my body knows far more than my mind will ever know. I know this to be true because I can feel it in my body if I were to really let go I would be opening myself to a greater depth of knowing and I can feel my mind resisting as it wrestles for control.

  9. The times I haven’t listened to what I knew to be true have really stood out, some have been uncomfortable, others very traumatic. It’s a learning process but when the soul directs and I don’t follow it’s usually a disaster.

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