The Body Will Never Tell You A Lie

“The body is the marker of all Truth.” (Serge Benhayon)

What exactly does that quote mean? What if it was to be put this way? “The body never lies to you.” However, the mind is a genius when it comes to justifying our ill behaviours that prevent us from having true health and well-being. What I mean by that is, those thoughts and that voice in our head that convince us that something is “alright” “just fine” or “it’ll be okay”, when you absolutely know that it won’t be.

Take food for example, because we all ‘feel’ food and can relate to it on a daily basis. You can feel not to have that extra serving or even a particular food, as your body will tell you by bloating, burping, sometimes hiccups, flatulence and of course, gaining those extra few kilos, to name but a few symptoms a body will present after reacting to eating certain food.

Nonetheless, regardless of our body screaming at us not to go there, we keep going back time and again. No one honestly enjoys the discomfort in their body, but our mind convinces us to go there just one more time – you know, “one last time before I go on my diet,” “weekends are my splurge time,” “we are out to dinner and this is a special time,” or the best excuse/justification of all – “everything in moderation.”

Another example is when you convince yourself that you can stay up that extra half hour to watch your favourite television show, only to end up staying up an extra two hours or so. Then you wake in the morning feeling as if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep and you are without the bounce in your step – the mind overrides these feelings in your body, while the body suffers from this neglect, and yet again the mind will convince us to do it night after night.

We could take this awareness deeper and consider all those times when you ignore a feeling from the body that tells you that something isn’t right. When you know without any reasonable explanation not to turn down that street, but rather to take a different direction; not to stick to your regular routine, only to find out later that there was a reason you arrived at a particular place just that little bit earlier or came later.

Or, how about the opposite, when you get a feeling that something is completely right? That you are going to run into someone later that day, or that person you have been meaning to get in contact with suddenly calls you out of the blue. It is the mind that often dismisses these moments of awareness without a hesitation. However, the body deeply resonates with its own knowing, and that knowing later reveals itself to be true.

Have you ever felt that ‘sting’ that comes when you haven’t listened to what your body is telling you and you regret it later? You know, when you want to kick yourself, repeating the words, “I knew that was going to happen”, “I knew I shouldn’t have done that”, or “I knew that didn’t feel right”. Then this turns into a mess that could have been easily avoided if you had just listened to what your body was telling you and ignored the justification in your head.

What is the alternative? What if the ability to tune into our bodies and intuitively feel what is happening, is our rudder through life? Coupled with our sensitivity to all things (that is, our ability to truly feel everything from our body), is the navigation system that keeps us solidly on our path to true health and well-being.

What if we listened to the intelligence of our body rather than the justifications of the mind? And what if we based our entire lives on whole body intelligence, using our mind to respond to and work with the body, not against it?

Would Life not then have a more joyful and harmonious flow and ease to it?

By Terri-Anne Connors, aged 40, Melbourne, VIC

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814 thoughts on “The Body Will Never Tell You A Lie

  1. Yes the body never lies, though for some this can take some time to trust again, as they have spent lifetime of not lifetimes in their head. Thinking this is right. We have all been there.

  2. Stillness in movements allows the quiet space in which the body can communicate without going to extremes, where it can whisper to you and flirt with you. In this quiet, we all have the key to true health.

  3. For some people this takes time, and so called mistakes will be made but that’s okay as we can not make them again and learn.

  4. ‘What if the ability to tune into our bodies and intuitively feel what is happening, is our rudder through life?’ We rely so much on other people, the professionals, those in authority and forsake our own inner knowing. It may take a while to claim back this connection with our own innate wisdom but every step we take to do so allows this deepening to take place and as our inner presence grows we become steadier and more wholly intelligent.

  5. Thanks Terri-Anne… its exactly the same for our ability to sing …. Our body knows EXACTLY what to do, how to do it , how to sing in tune effortlessly, and yet most people will emphatically deny this is possible… it is so simple , if we listen to our bodies, so many doors will open and our lives will be so much richer and fuller.

  6. Yes, life would certainly be more harmonious and joyful if we listened to our bodies and on some level we all know that. So that leaves the question why do we not only not listen but in many cases actually chose to abuse our bodies. There are many reason for that and by starting to be honest about our choices we can start to deal with and heal them.

  7. Becoming more honouring of our bodies and the signs and symptoms they share with us, is an amazing way to develop wellbeing and understand the responsibility we have to take care of ourselves as part of the big picture of our evolution

  8. What I notice is what was once okay for my body to eat, is no longer working and creates all sorts of issues of bloating and added weight. It shows me how the body is changing constantly, and the only way to know what to eat is to listen to its messages.

  9. If we committed to live by this one simple quote “The body is the marker of all Truth.” (Serge Benhayon) our lives, the world and how we are with each other would change immensely.

  10. Everything in moderation?? that is so not true! some things are just deadly in moderation no matter how we try to justify it- no amount of alcohol is healthy or good for us, ever, no matter what the occasion.

  11. The more honest I am about what is going on within and around me, the more willingness there is to stop and really feel how my body actually is, and thus what is needed in it’s self care and true self nurturing.

  12. Taking the time to feel and listen is key here…..the wisdom of our bodies is ever present and willing to support us in staying vital and vibrant….a much needed reflection in todays world.

  13. This blog is profound in its simplicity and presents a completely different way to navigate life compared to what we have learned in school.

  14. Since attending presentations by Serge Benhayon, there are ongoing opportunities to be more deeply connected within my body by bringing my mind to be in conscious presence with it which has re-awakened being actually able to feel what is going on, rather than burying reactions (seemingly faster than the speed of light!) to not feel.

  15. Learning to listen “to the intelligence of our body rather than the justifications of the mind” is to re-programme one’s whole way of being requiring commitment and focus that is challenging. However, I am finding it is so worthwhile and enhancing.

  16. The walk of life can be enhanced beyond measure when the intelligence of the body is embraced as an essential part of knowing who we are and what we each bring to the world.

  17. It’s interesting as I have often done this with partner relationships – overrode what my body told me or tells me – and try and justify it / go into my head.

  18. Ahh the everything in moderation argument… How about Cyanide? Arsenic? A poison is a poison irregardless of the quantity in which it is consumed.

  19. A great blog asking us to be honest with ourselves and see the possible lies we have been telling to our body – even though our body will never lie to us, interestingly… We seem to have a behavior as resident in our own body, to do things that actually do not do the body any good. Hence this blog reveals the whole that is missing, that we can bring back straight away : with our honesty and humbleness.

    1. The behaviour that takes up residence in our body is a familiar squatter we can’t be bothered to make leave. I am realising more and more it is our own laziness that stops us letting go of self-abusive behaviours and is a reflection of our laziness to pay attention to and eradicate the more expansive ills of our societies behaviour.

  20. I subscribed to the “everything in moderation” concept for much of my life until I recently realised that this saying, which has been passed down through the generations, is a trap set by the heartless mind to keep us from taking responsibility for life style choices and their resultant consequences.

  21. The messages are very clear from the body though we have to be willing to listen and take heed. Building a loving and honest relationship with the body is ever refining as we are always moving and expanding in our awareness.

  22. “What if we listened to the intelligence of our body rather than the justifications of the mind? ” Very true Terri-anne, it is super important for us to re-learn how to listen to our bodies, not our minds. We are really great at that when we were kids, but we of course grow up and allow our minds to override many things in life. Then having to feel what is the repercussions of that, which is always felt in the body.

  23. Over the last few years I have been listening to my body more and more and I am so glad I have as my life has transformed enormously, I get to feel joy in my day, most days now. I find this so true that the body never lies, it is just if I am willing to listen every time.. or let my mind have a say.

  24. The human race is totally mind driven, and look where that has got us, there is so much wrong in the world that could be so right if we started living from whole body intelligence.

  25. With food it’s not about not eating certain things, sometimes we use this as a coping or healing mechanism – so to cut out foods or stop eating foods is not the answer – it’s like a strict punishing regime – looking at why I am eating them in the first place with understanding and working on that, is a much more loving way to be. We can be so harsh and critical on ourselves and judgemental of others. That doesn’t help or support anybody.

  26. It is true we have listened to the mind for so long and look where we are today with illness and disease – this in it’s self is a sure sign that listening to the mind, and the thoughts we are fed will never work. Maybe it is time to give the body a louder voice, after all we have nothing to loose, and there are countless example available from people who have done this for many years and have found their lives are going against the current trend of ill health.

  27. What do we do when we get stung? When we do something, say something when we know deep down that another way was correct. How do we process that we may have done something that is not correct. I feel it’s easy to recognises when we are on the right track and when we are not but its that next step that is the key to which path we go into. Do we buy into the fact that we have made a mistake and punish ourselves or do we acknowledge that we are human and imperfect and have an opportunity to learn something here about ourselves that will eventually deepen the connection we have with ourselves and with others. It’s not always an easy call for in the later we do need to go deeper and look at our underlying choices, which can produce a sting. But our body will then be communicating something very different that if we feel we need to drown our sorrows in food or drink or whatever it is that we so choose.

  28. It is such truth Terri-anne! Although it may be argued that the body does or can lie it is actually the mind lying, not the body, for the body always communicates the difficulties of certain choices first up, even though those first reactions of the body and what is truly felt may be manipulated or over-ridden… it is only in and following this manipulation/over-riding that we can have those thoughts such as (and just as an example) ‘but I love my glass of wine/coffee/bar of chocolate at the end of the day – it relaxes/invigorates me!’ …it is then that it appears that the body is lying because we then THINK that we can feel this is true!

  29. Such a clear piece of writing love it. Our body is indeed our rudder in life. Telling us what to eat, what to do and even what and when to speak: if we speak only when the body tells us so, it will totally change our way of speaking.

  30. I am playing with this at the moment and it is fascinating. Creating the stillness to hear what my body is sharing with me and then observing what happens when I listen to it and when I don’t. And observing more from my body than my head. So not listening to my head as it can trick me a lot, but feeling what happens in my body when I do it (or don’t). I love developing a relationship with my body, it absolutely never lies or judges, it just tells me the truth of what is going on.

  31. Since developing a loving relationship with my body I have discovered the greatest, most transparent, honest, wise, never holding back the truth comrade I could ever ask for, and when we work and move together in unison we are powerful beyond measure through which there is a harmonious flow in life that is naturally present.

  32. The body never lies but the mind does, I might use me as an example , my mind tries to trick me all the time ideas just pop right in there, so I have to ask where did that one come from? It is totally true that we only think we think but our thoughts come in courtesy of the energy we are aligned to so if it’s coming from the wrong energy its bound to be not for the good of the entire body.

  33. My body is telling me I’m really tired today. Abs that’s okay, I still feel lovely but I have to be very mindful I don’t push or not listen to my body today. I often don’t listen to my body – so let’s see what happens today when I do. I can already feel joy in this.

  34. I picked up a 1 kg bag of sugar the other day and it’s heavy, what I thought was wow – I didn’t realise carrying 1kg of extra weight on your body weighs so much – it’s so heavy – now imagine that was 3/4/5/ 10 kg or more or excess weight you’re carrying around not to mention all the emotions that go with it. It is physically and energetically exhausting, heavy and draining.

  35. Terri-Anne, I love your blog, I kept saying “yes, yes, yes” while reading through it. Of course, I recognized many situations you describe, but I have become better at listening to what my body tells me, for example to bring gloves when I go for a walk, or bring something to drink, or to say no to something, while my mind tries to convince me, my body knows best. Also, I used to go to the gym regardless of how my body felt, but now I don’t. If my body tells me it needs to regenerate instead, I will do just that. And I won’t even mention how many times I have ignored my body when it comes to relationships. However, I can say now that that’s history. It’s time to stay true to myself and what my body tells me.

  36. I find the more I listen to my body, the stronger the foundation the foundation is for next time to listen to it is. It’s like it is a building block. And to confirm and appreciate when you do as well, that supports me to listen to my body and not my mind – so when I am in a supermarket and I don’t buy something to snack on for the way home because my body says no thanks (even though my mind is saying GET THEM!) I stop to appreciate that I chose my body and clock how it feels without the snack in them and often how nice it is to eat a meal when I come home and actually hungry!

  37. If we want to make the body the rudder of life (beautiful expression!) we have to simply be more in the body. The more we are in the body the louder the body lets us make a turn. A right turn.

  38. Life certainly would have a harmonious flow to it if we were to listen to the body over the mind as for a start it feels like we are going with the grain instead of against it therefore not fighting it and exhausting ourselves.

  39. Very deep and good questions : we should ask ourselves ; are we ready to give up all we have defend? And if so , are we willing to stay open without the knowing of what will come next?
    Thank you Terri-Anne for showing us what is in our way. Only ourselves.

    1. You have touched on the vulnerability that can come with the realisation that what we have been choosing has hurt others as well as ourselves. It is a humbleness but in my experience definitely pulls up a vulnerability because you have to admit you were wrong, you are responsible and need to consider your accountability for the imposition on others. I have been there so many times and am learning that this vulnerability is my friend as it supports me to honour the feeling that warns me of the imminent choice in the first place.

  40. The body knows truth and can never tell a lie – what a simple guideline for living life – when we listen to our body.

  41. It’s true – we can have thoughts that encourage us to do something deep down we know is harming but our body will keep reflecting back to us the consequences of those choices – we can of course choose to bury that communication and push it down and away but eventually it will re-surface for us to be aware of, helping to pull us back to truth…

  42. There are also the moments that the mind wants to say something is ‘doom and gloom’. When this happens I find myself scaring the pants of me with thoughts of worry. This started last night and I brought myself back to my body, who isn’t making up scary scenarios, it is steady, solid and loving in every moment, my foundation to choose my next movement that confirms this knowing. The unknown outcome of a situation will be revealed in it’s own time and space and being tense, concerned and trying to work out plans to manage, all take me away from the innate connection, wisdom and intelligence of my body that supports me to be with me, know and respond if and when it is ever required.

  43. Its wierdly fascinating to consider that there are these two perspectives living in the one human being (mind and body), and that they should have such different approaches. Then consider that there are 7 billion of these human beings all playing out one or the other to a greater or lesser extent – we wonder why we are so confused and at odds with each other….

  44. The mind can be very persuasive and convincing leading us down the garden path and around the houses but the body just shows it as it is… Truth and I have found it wise to listen to it.

  45. ‘And what if we based our entire lives on whole body intelligence, using our mind to respond to and work with the body, not against it?’ A great question to be asking Terri-Anne, the body holds a wisdom that will guide us every step of the way – listening to the body is simple, it’s when you ignore the messages that you begin to get problems.

    1. When we ignore the messages from our bodies or put another way, when we ignore our bodies full stop and do not consider them at all, we do have to face the consequences at some point when the body says enough and will give a louder message that makes us stop for example in illness and disease.

  46. This is a big one for me through my life – “Have you ever felt that ‘sting’ that comes when you haven’t listened to what your body is telling you and you regret it later? You know, when you want to kick yourself, repeating the words, “I knew that was going to happen”, “I knew I shouldn’t have done that”, or “I knew that didn’t feel right”. For many years I would feel that sting, the regret and then the remorse and self-bashing because I kept doing it. There is always a choice though, how much do we want to change a pattern of behaviour and how dedicated and willing are we prepared to be in order to change it? I found that it was FAR more painful to not address it than to address it. The pain I inflicted on others and on myself was simply irresponsible and self-indulgent and I felt it was about time I stepped up to choose not to dump my unresolved issues on others.

  47. It is all about our connection and relationship we have with our body. The stronger our connection and the deeper our relationship with the body, the more permission we give it to be the rudder in our life and from that we will from that inner knowing express and do without questioning that what is needed on that specific moment or occasion in time as it is simply needed to restore some divinity back into our societies..

  48. The mind certainly does play games with us, as we find ourselves repeating patterns and habits despite our best intentions. Renouncing old and disregarding ways is a daily choice, and until cleared for good, a constant reminder that something remains unresolved within us. With each movement we choose an energy one that is loving or harming. It is as simple as that, why I ask myself, isn’t love my only choice?

  49. How many times have I heard; ‘everything in moderation’. This is a great trick of the mind which actually we are saying I like my comfort and indulgence ( in whatever: sugar/ alcohol/cigarettes//TV etc) and am not ready to give it up.

  50. Yes if I would only listen to my body all the time then life would be pretty easy. The only thing I have to do now learn is to really listen to what my body is saying AND act on what I ‘hear’.

  51. It’s fascinating to observe my choices for how I care for my body. If the signals and communication are really loud and bring me to a stop I’m very responsive. More subtle messages and my mind will push it along and try and find ways around it . . . being a tricky little character. The body doesn’t play games but the mind sure does.

  52. More and more I’m aware that the quality of ‘care factor’ of the mind is very different from the ‘qualities of care’ that originate and support our bodies. The mind cares about the effects of external factors and does what it thinks is required to meet the thoughts and actions etc. The mind doesn’t seem to care so much about the cause and effect and impact this may have on the body.

  53. I find myself back at this blog so often and I never know how! There is a ‘smarts’ the body has which is undeniable, it never lies yet it gives us free choice. It doesn’t say no but it shows us the consequences of our choices so we can choose again. It is a personal relationship from moment to moment with free will and choice.

  54. My head ruled the roost for a long time, and gosh my body suffered for it – smoking, drinking, drugs, eating foods that bloated me, too hard and driven, work-a-holic etc…. So I can absolutely testify that the mind does not care so much for the body, and makes decisions that best suit it.

    I decided to stop that, and started to connect more to my body ,and as I did that I realised that I had very little connection with it. Through the healing modalities of Universal Medicine, especially Esoteric Yoga, I developed a relationship with my body and take great care of it, and through that process, I choose to listen much more to the wisdom that it shares with me.

    And I would say hands down, the body encompasses the all, the mind looks after itself.

  55. Thank you Terri- Anne , ” the body never lies to you ” is it not amazing that this is true . Imagine having a friend who can only tell you what is true. Not what you want to hear , not what it thinks is best for you to hear , and there is no method of silencing the truth delivered , we can only brush it under the carpet so to speak. But we have a friend like that ” the marker of all truth ” our body .

  56. Food is a great example of how we over-ride what we are feeling…. I ate an extra portion last night that I did not need, which I felt this morning when I slept much later and even then still felt tired when I got up. Totally not worth it!

  57. We often ignore our bodies convinced of the superiority of our minds and yet our bodies never fail us, no matter what we think they show us ever and always the truth of what we’ve chosen without rancour or blame, and in fact that discomfort is an invitation to go deeper and understand that we are being called to take deeper and more loving care of ourselves. We have our beacon, our bodies.

  58. “What if the ability to tune into our bodies and intuitively feel what is happening, is our rudder through life? Coupled with our sensitivity to all things (that is, our ability to truly feel everything from our body), is the navigation system that keeps us solidly on our path to true health and well-being.”
    I really love this analogy Terri-Anne. It brings me back to the unavoidable fact that I am the captain of my own ship and though it might be programmed, especially these days of computerized intelligence (aka the mind), to navigate and move in a certain way, my awareness of the whole ship, and the keeping of it running harmoniously for maximum efficiency and grace in its movement is what makes the journey.

  59. We do promote the mind like it is the marker of our civilisation and yes in truth it often makes the excuses “…the mind is a genius when it comes to justifying our ill behaviours that prevent us from having true health and well-being.” We play clever games to ignore the obvious beautiful and dignified wisdom the body.

  60. Our body is always communicating to us and through consistently deepening our connection and awareness we are able to embrace our body’s inner wisdom and allow it to guide and support us to express from the truth and love we feel within.

  61. Our bodies are always communicating with us and I find when I am connected to my breath and how it flows the stillness from my body matches my breath and my awareness of the world around me deepens too. We have much to learn from our bodies and they are filled with intelligence just there waiting to be connected to.

  62. I am certainly enjoying the communications with my body and how when I do listen, the choices that follow feel absolutely right. The simplest of things like drinking when I’m thirsty, going to the loo instead of holding on for another hour, not eating if I don’t feel hungry, resting when I feel tired are making a huge difference to how my days flow.

  63. Our body always speaks clear and even loud if we don’t listen to it. If it signals messages to come back to our health and balance, why not listen to them?

  64. Learning to make choices from what the body is communicating, is a world away from making decisions from the mind… the mind can be so conniving…. and the body honest, in its raw truth.

  65. The one I get is ” I knew something was wrong ” I smelt it , it is quite shocking how we know and feel whats truth but ignore it for the benefit of no-one in truth.

  66. This made me think about how we can beat ourselves up for ‘knowing something was going to happen or that we shouldn’t or should’ve done something’ rather than learn from it and see that it shows us how much we do know when we are in tune with our whole body…

  67. “What if the ability to tune into our bodies and intuitively feel what is happening, is our rudder through life? ” I love this and it is something we should all be taught. yet the mind is what is focussed on – in homes and in school, to the detriment of deeply becoming aware of our physical being, which reveals so much if we choose to listen and honour its messages.

  68. The body is giving us immediate feedback on our choices. It loves us so much it never gives up, it never leaves us, but we leave it and the consequence of that choice is ours to wear. The greatest shame of all time is that this awareness is not taught from birth, that we don’t champion the body’s natural intelligence and celebrate listening to it rather than feeling it is taking away our fun and free choice. Go figure – we spend so much of our life ‘in battle’ with ourselves trying to exercise free will over a body that is offering us free will but also letting us have the consequences of that free-will!

      1. I agree, this internal struggle spews out, and if there is any part of us that relates to that, then how can we not bring more responsibility to the way we live and our relationship with our body knowing it could, potentially, change the world??

  69. Having lived believing that the mind was essentially God to discover that this is false and that in fact body intelligence is far greater has been a paradigm shift no less than the world is round rather than flat.

  70. In my experience, in order to hear the wisdom of the body, I have needed to create more space and a stillness and gentleness to hear the messages. When I was going 100 miles a minute and super hard on myself, the body would have to scream at me to be heard. When I stopped going that fast & hard, I could hear the more subtle messages so I would not have to wait until it screamed.

  71. Food is a great example when we over-ride our feelings and overeat, and eat something we know that does not agree with us. And then we tend to ignore the loud messages from our body with symptoms such as you described above; bloating, burping, flatulence….. and the obvious reason we ignore is because we are choosing comfort over being more aware. Everything is a choice and all our choices take us to where we find ourselves today… We can only be ignorant for so long.

    1. I experience food and how and what I eat as a consequence of how I lived my day. After a difficult day, the temptation to eat badly can be very strong as the ‘bad’ food can distract me from how I feel.

  72. How different our lives would be if we were taught from young that our mind is a trickster and will endeavour to lead us astray at every given moment, but it is our body that is the wise one, our trusted and loyal friend. Unfortunately, most of us weren’t raised with this knowing but it is never too late to begin to ignore the deceitful messages of our mind and instead truly trust the loving messages of our body; from this self-honouring choice the lies will no longer be accepted and life will definitely begin to change.

  73. Looking back many years ago, I can relate knowing what was true from my body regarding a certain situation, but ignored this after much persuading, to please another, and the consequences were far reaching, a really big lesson for me.

  74. “No one honestly enjoys the discomfort in their body, but our mind convinces us to go there just one more time”. This is so very, very true but it is how most of us live on a constant basis. I know that I did until I finally figured out, with lots of support from Serge Benhayon, that my mind is a trickster and has no regard for my wonderful body, a body that has the most amazing intelligence. These days it is this intelligence I choose as my compass in life, and it never ever sends me in the wrong direction.

  75. When I connect to my body I feel totally equipped to be able to handle life and whatever is going on around me. In these moments I feel completely empowered and it exposes that living life from the mind is an extremely limited way of operating whereby we are constantly seeking security to relieve the tension of feeling chronically insecure.

  76. ‘However, the body deeply resonates with its own knowing, and that knowing later reveals itself to be true.’ yes I find that when I don’t listen to what my body is telling me the truth will be there for me to feel at some point as my body is always showing me, guiding me until I do listen.

  77. “The body deeply resonates with its own knowing, and that knowing later reveals itself to be true.” I agree there is a deep resonation and it feels like our whole body is impulsing and guiding us to make a choice that will be true and harmonious for our body.

  78. Life is so much simpler if I listen to my body to what is true or what is not. The complication and suffering starts when I ignore what my body is telling me in its many ways. It is about saying ‘yes’ to simplicity and ease so we don’t want to create the complications and suffering.

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