The Body Will Never Tell You A Lie

“The body is the marker of all Truth.” (Serge Benhayon)

What exactly does that quote mean? What if it was to be put this way? “The body never lies to you.” However, the mind is a genius when it comes to justifying our ill behaviours that prevent us from having true health and well-being. What I mean by that is, those thoughts and that voice in our head that convince us that something is “alright” “just fine” or “it’ll be okay”, when you absolutely know that it won’t be.

Take food for example, because we all ‘feel’ food and can relate to it on a daily basis. You can feel not to have that extra serving or even a particular food, as your body will tell you by bloating, burping, sometimes hiccups, flatulence and of course, gaining those extra few kilos, to name but a few symptoms a body will present after reacting to eating certain food.

Nonetheless, regardless of our body screaming at us not to go there, we keep going back time and again. No one honestly enjoys the discomfort in their body, but our mind convinces us to go there just one more time – you know, “one last time before I go on my diet,” “weekends are my splurge time,” “we are out to dinner and this is a special time,” or the best excuse/justification of all – “everything in moderation.”

Another example is when you convince yourself that you can stay up that extra half hour to watch your favourite television show, only to end up staying up an extra two hours or so. Then you wake in the morning feeling as if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep and you are without the bounce in your step – the mind overrides these feelings in your body, while the body suffers from this neglect, and yet again the mind will convince us to do it night after night.

We could take this awareness deeper and consider all those times when you ignore a feeling from the body that tells you that something isn’t right. When you know without any reasonable explanation not to turn down that street, but rather to take a different direction; not to stick to your regular routine, only to find out later that there was a reason you arrived at a particular place just that little bit earlier or came later.

Or, how about the opposite, when you get a feeling that something is completely right? That you are going to run into someone later that day, or that person you have been meaning to get in contact with suddenly calls you out of the blue. It is the mind that often dismisses these moments of awareness without a hesitation. However, the body deeply resonates with its own knowing, and that knowing later reveals itself to be true.

Have you ever felt that ‘sting’ that comes when you haven’t listened to what your body is telling you and you regret it later? You know, when you want to kick yourself, repeating the words, “I knew that was going to happen”, “I knew I shouldn’t have done that”, or “I knew that didn’t feel right”. Then this turns into a mess that could have been easily avoided if you had just listened to what your body was telling you and ignored the justification in your head.

What is the alternative? What if the ability to tune into our bodies and intuitively feel what is happening, is our rudder through life? Coupled with our sensitivity to all things (that is, our ability to truly feel everything from our body), is the navigation system that keeps us solidly on our path to true health and well-being.

What if we listened to the intelligence of our body rather than the justifications of the mind? And what if we based our entire lives on whole body intelligence, using our mind to respond to and work with the body, not against it?

Would Life not then have a more joyful and harmonious flow and ease to it?

By Terri-Anne Connors, aged 40, Melbourne, VIC

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659 thoughts on “The Body Will Never Tell You A Lie

  1. When something doesn’t go right, we know, we know it because of the feeling we have in our bodies. When we learn to trust these feelings and trust what our body is telling us life has far fewer disappointments.

    1. Perfect point Fiona. And sometimes we may not be able to understand or rationalise the why or what of these feelings but it is important to build the trust of them and then go from there. Often I trust these feelings and then it’s not till much later do I understand why I felt them and am thankful I acted on them.

  2. I love it when you have listened to and acted on an impulse from your body, then later that day or week or even month something confirms how necessary it was that you trusted and followed through with what you felt to do.

  3. Once my body has given me a very clear message about something, I find it is easier to then say no to whatever it was I needed to change. Sometimes I go back and retest it and if it is true, my body tells me instantly with a symptom or reaction. With food, sometimes I only have to pick up the item and my nose will run instantly.

  4. The body can never lie and holds Universal Intelligence – but we can choose to so resolutely deny its wisdom and let our mind run the show.

  5. “What if we listened to the intelligence of our body rather than the justifications of the mind?” If we just achieved this one thing in our lifetime, our lives would TOTALLY transform. Just pondering on these changes I can feel a greater opening in my body.

  6. “No one honestly enjoys the discomfort in their body, but our mind convinces us to go there just one more time” Could it be that living from the wisdom of the body could be so complete and enriching that we are resistant to the what we can feel is a mighty simple choice?

  7. We are all deeply sensitive beings so we can feel and can read the energetic outplay of everything, so we are deeply aware of everything in life. The only way we can cut off from that awareness and allow our thoughts and beliefs to steer us away from truth is by dulling our connection with our body. And boy are we mastered at that: eating the wrong thing or too much, getting emotional, busying ourselves with tasks and missions, obsessing about the future or the past as some clever ways, and let’s not forget the old favourite poisons to the body, drugs and alcohol! Worth asking what awareness are we running away from?

  8. Wow my life would be so different if I listened to my body and really appreciate what is true really does resonate deeply.

  9. You’ve touched on something really important in this blog, that our weight and body shape is purely a reflection for how we live, so instead of fighting this message we can appreciate the reminder and use it as an opportunity to live even greater, grander and more loving than we did before. Reacting to it because we don’t look like this model, that shape or are a certain number on the scales is doing the opposite of what this reflection is designed to do.

    1. The fashion mags, the fad diets, numbers on the scales that fit the picture, are these not the ultimate distraction from not to having to claim responsibility for our choices?

  10. Our bodies hold the key to accessing the wisdom of the Soul and the intelligence of the Universe – so it is crazy that so much of our life is dedicated to separating ourselves from the body – through extreme mental pursuits at university, numbing, distracting activitites, and even extreme physical endurance sports and activity that hammers us. The result is a world that is seeking something more, something greater, knowing there is a quality that is missing from our lives but have lost the one sure way of being able reconnect and restore that quality.

  11. Listening to the intelligence of the body and learning to really hear and honour what it tells us is such a valuable lesson and a shame its not on the school curriculum. If as children we were taught how to listen to these messages it feels like there would be fewer adults overriding them with food or other substances and we would all be living in healthier bodies.

  12. Our bodies naturally and innately know harmony, and if we listen to that wisdom coming from our body, life has a way of flowing that supports not only ourselves but everyone around us.
    If we ignore our body’s messages and live life from our minds, there is a constant tension and a complication that creates further disharmony within ourselves and with others.

  13. Oh to have grown up knowing that my mind is a trickster determined to lead me astray at every possible opportunity and that my body is actually my true “rudder through life”. If I had understood this I know without doubt that the life that I lived for many years would have been so very different from the one I actually did; one that had my mind in the driver’s seat with my body suffering dreadfully as the back seat passenger. Thankfully the positions have been reversed and as a result the quality of my life has improved out of sight.

  14. I realize more and more how many ideals and beliefs I am still holding and therefore imprisoned in. To listen to the body is a great tool to get aware of them and step by step be free of them.

  15. The amount of times I have let my mind talk me into doing something that is so disregarding to the rest of my body are uncountable and I would probably still have no control whatsoever, having been the master at overriding what the body actually is trying to tell me. Thanks to Serge Benhayon for pointing out that the body is the marker of all truth as when we know this, there is no turning back as everything becomes a choice and that choice either harms or heals us.

  16. This line about the body deeply resonating with its own knowing is very special because it touches on something great – the great that we are when we are connected and present with our bodies, so our bodies which are physical flesh and bone are actually the sources for which universal light and order can be manifest on this planet, in this plane of life.

  17. If we lived our lives always listening to our bodies rather than our minds, we would never have dilemmas or doubts, but instead would always know what was true and what needed to be done. We would live in a very different world.

    1. Very true and it is the same with our cars. You can tell the degree to which we have cared for them or not by how smoothly, or not smoothly they run. Both are vehicles we need to get from A to B in this plane of life.

      1. True Liane, and I guess the same question applies to both – do we proactively tend only to the parts and aspects that can be seen? Or do we truly nurture every part regardless of the labelled importance or function…

  18. The fact that our bodies never lie is something I am simply having to practise in my life, building a solidness in my response to my body rather than the habit of my mind running ahead, in disconnect from body.

  19. Recently I invited my self to dinner with friends of mine even though at the time I had heaps going on. A week later my friend rang me and shared what had occurred for her since my visit and how the timing and content of what we discussed was super important to what she needed to learn now. This was a great confirmation of the importance of listening and acting on my impulse to visit them both.

  20. “What if we listened to the intelligence of our body rather than the justifications of the mind?” If we were to collectively listen to our bodies then the world would not be in the mess it currently is, when we truly come from the heart it is impossible to harm or abuse another. Just as the mind is clever in convincing us we need alcohol, sugar, drugs extra so can it convince us that another is less then us.

    1. The world would look very different if we were all to trust and listen to our bodies. Our minds can convince us to do so many things that we later regret which our hearts would never allow.

  21. I heard that there are diets now where you have one ‘sin day’ that you can eat what you want and go crazy so to speak. The thing is that we can justify that in our minds but the body cannot lie about the effect the foods we eat on the sin day have on it. We need to change the way we see food and why we eat to a way that is constantly honouring the body – this will naturally be the perfect diet for us.

  22. It’s hard to miss the all knowing body and it’s daily conversations. If we ignore its sharing’s it will try and try again until it has to speak so loud you are stopped in your tracks. Listening to its daily whispers supports us to work in unison and ignite our full expression to the world .

  23. It is true, the mind can convince us against our better judgment to do some crazy things, such as extreme sports, getting into situations which could be potentially dangerous, smoking, eating and drinking things that are poisonous to our bodies – the list is endless. The body then cops all of our decisions and has to do it’s best to rectify our recklessness – is it any wonder that it has to give us a stop moment in the form of illness and disease, in order to clear itself from our unloving choices.

  24. It is interesting what you are sharing here Terri Ann as I observed that the spirit loves to take the distraction or the offers from outside in order not to need to feel the consequences of its behaviours by going deeper and connecting more with the body. This seems to bring a short relief, but forgets that in truth it leads to an imprisonement.

  25. This quote from Serge Benhayon is a one-liner that I come back to every single day of my life, as a constant reminder of the all-encompassing knowing that I and we all have access to.

  26. Our minds can trick us, and we can try to defend or justify our actions, but our body speaks loudly and can show us the error of our ways. The thing is, do we listen accordingly or try to dismiss it’s important messages? Who would ever continue to smoke, for example, if we truly listened to our body’s initial reaction in coughing and spluttering on that first inhalation of smoke into the lungs?

    1. So true Sue and drinking comes in the same boat I remember being violently ill after drinking and I would often take days to recover so maybe I was a slow learner. Even when I did give up all drugs and related substances it was not until I discovered the truth about addictions that I eliminated the substitutes and this is thanks to The Way of The Livingness as presented by Serge Benhayon.
      For more on addictions go to;

  27. The mind is a great genius for complication. Now I know this and something isn’t flowing, it is a sign to myself that the mind is having a game and playing tricks with me. Feeling the flow in the body is a sign we are on track.

  28. There is something very magical about how events unfold when we listen to our bodies. It can be something that happens the same day, the next day, a week or even a month later, but a series of events that very harmoniously fall into place are always the result of listening to what feels true in our bodies and not from listening to what our mind is telling us to do.

  29. Sometimes when we really feel something with our bodies, we have that “Nostradamus” opportunity to see that if we don’t make changes, then this is how something will unfold going forward.

  30. In many ways we should not even have the expression “I knew I should have done that!” because it highlights how much we fight the very knowing we already have in our bodies. Which seems silly and in truth very very exhausting!

  31. We fight against the honesty of our body and bring all sorts of justifications into the equation. How wonderful to surrender to the intelligence of the body and feel the harmony and flow that creates in life.

  32. I recently had a meal and knew that I was overeating…but I did it anyway. The consequences were immediate and dramatic to say the least. It’s a shame something awful has to happen for me to take notice of the communication from my body, but it certainly got my attention this time!

  33. I love the honesty the body talks with…it can’t lie. Those aches and pains show exactly what our choices have been and the body is a remarkable communicator in this regard.

  34. Yes, …”The body will never tell you a lie…” is a spot on statement. Paying attention to it and its responses is like having a close confidant that supports ones choices. You also get to see how the head may say one thing but the body says another!

  35. The body speaks by feeling either contraction or expansion regarding any situation or thing. Our biggest habit is to pretend we do not know what is being communicated and make a decision from our head instead. It is this that gets us into trouble.

  36. If we are to truly arrest the loveless momentum that we as a humanity have been so caught up in for centuries upon centuries, then we need to admit that not only will the body never lie to us but also that there is a part of us that WILL lie to us and that will make sure that we live life at such a breakneck speed, we will not have time to pause, draw breath and reconnect to the physical form that contains the wisdom of the Universe in its every cell. Quite a clever set up that we would let our ship be steered on such an unsteady course away from the love and truth of who we are when at any given moment we each have the choice to change captains. It is as if we create the storm and then completely identify with the drama involved in having to then sail upon it.

    1. Thank you for that reminder Liane, no surprise I read it after posting my comment. Admitting that there is a part of us that will lie to ourselves but equally that we have to choose to identify with the drama of our own self-created mess is very pertinent and timely insight.

  37. We can suppress what our bodies communicate to us, but they will keep on trying to get through to us – which is absolute magic. I know that when I respond to my body rather than ignore it, he symptoms or message stops. It is as simple as that. I can try to tell myself otherwise, but the truth is our bodies are designed to have an ever evolving relationship with our souls.

  38. Today I am humbled once again by my body telling me that my mind has taken me on a jaunt which now has consequences. As I read you blog I could feel the ache in my body, I could feel how I have pushed myself, eaten food I know does not agree with me. Yes, I feel frustrated with myself, but the greater feeling is appreciation to my body that, no matter what I chose, will always be a marker of truth.

  39. We do know , and we can feel, and this is there for us all the time… its hard to imagine when we look around but it really is so, and we can all , if we choose, start to refine and define our choices.

  40. The mind indeed can rationalise, justify and defend a myriad of self-destructive behaviours without a thought that it goes against our very nature to harm ourselves and others.

  41. I would appreciate the safety lights available in my car and would feel quite unsafe if they were not working. How silly is it that we are in a body that offers us much more precise and specific signals about life, yet we choose to numb or distract ourselves and override the insights, then we act surprised and indignant when things start to fall apart.

  42. For clarification – there is a difference between saying that the Body is the Marker of all Truth, and that the Body will never tell you a lie. For the latter is only true if the body is free of manipulation and left to its own accord. And that is because you can manipulate the body energetically and on a physical level to delay things to a point where it does not show signs of what you have done to it, and in creating that delay, it makes it difficult then to draw correlation between what the body is actually showing you when it does reveal to you the truth of your living ways, and the actual source of the disharmony.

    Take the simple act of having a cup of coffee. This manipulates the body into providing more energy that it actually has at its disposal, thus creating the illusion that you are not exhausted. Perhaps you live this way for a year or 5 or 10 before the body actually reveals the truth of how you are living, and you end up with adrenal exhaustion that no amount of coffee can remedy. By that stage, 5 or 10 years have past before your momentums have caught up to you, during which you have been able to fool yourself by interfering with the natural processes of the body that would ordinarily communicate to you that something is wrong.

    It is for this reason that the committed esoteric student aspires to live such a clean life, so that the body is left as much as possible free to communicate back to you the energetic quality with which it is being treated. And so, the committed esoteric student then uses the body by way of feedback to determine which food is truly serving them, and which is not, the energetic truth about emotions and how they affect you, and how we are physically affected by illusionary ideals and beliefs about who we are and what truly defines us. For without developing a relationship with our body in this way, we are simply slaves to the thoughts that run through our mind. There is a school of thought known as psychology that you can reason yourself out of ill behaviours, and yet any human being will tell you that that this is in fact very difficult to do. Try telling yourself you are beautiful, when you actually believe you are not. It does not work.

    And so true psychology actually comes first from having an honest relationship with the body, that then becomes the litmus test by which all things are evaluated, and which serves to keep the tricks of our mind at play. Yes, your mind will tell you it loves a good coffee, but have a true relationship with your body, and you will realise that such a claim is always a lie.

  43. Why do we measure the abuse to our bodys as a measure of how good of a time we had? Even the old gym motto ‘no pain no gain’ how nuts is that! We can enjoy the river of life and its flow or fight the rapids and take our chances.

  44. Our body absolutely never lies, but we lie to our body when we manipulate and misrepresent the messages it is diligently and lovingly sending us.

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