My Expression Counts – A Divine Job  

A few weeks ago, a person I only ever see a few times a year told me about how seeing me expressing a song on stage a few years ago had such a strong impact on her life and lifestyle choices. I was totally surprised by her sharing and asked her what it was that had such an effect, and what kind of effect it was.

She explained how she was very impressed by the way I got on the stage with such ease and joy, without any fear or fuss. She went on to say how great it was for her to witness someone up on the stage so powerfully and freely expressing; someone with such innocent joy and at the same time a contagious, sassy sparkle.

This situation changed her way of seeing ‘going on stage’ and expressing for all to see, as well as her anxiety about being seen. It “rocked her world,” she said, because it was clear now that this could be done in a different way, a simple way that’s free of the usual hype, excitement and serious organisation. But her greatest realisation was that going on stage can be done in a way that does not change your way of being  – that if you don’t force it, you can be the same either on or off the stage.

She said she then went back into ‘her life,’ freed from her former beliefs and expectations, and started to hold some presentations in her community during which she was somehow magically able to share freely and naturally with others in public (which is a pure gift, as she is holding so much wisdom!).

Why do I share this story with you? Not to say “I am so great” (even though I am), but to show that we, our expression in general, and every moment really counts.

I had nearly forgotten about this performance as it was years ago, the first of many to follow, and I had thought I offered great entertainment for the audience and that was that. In retrospect, I remember I had been through a ‘huuuge’ process beforehand. To make a long story short, I had to claim the worth of my performance against all odds – which was a lot, believe me! But it was worth it, and I was worth it, and when I finally stepped on to the stage it was all done, dusted and behind me so I simply enjoyed the gig and moved on.

Now through this encounter, I came to realise what an enormous impact I’d had on another – one person out of hundreds – or maybe I’d affected a few others as well, or perhaps the whole audience?

OMG. I was a bit shocked about how much impact my expression can have and the responsibility this reveals…

And another great realisation was dawning…

Pondering on that topic, I remembered a time when a friend put a large portion of a special herb mix I had just deeply appreciated into a big ‘take away box’ for us to take home. I told her that she didn’t have to give it to us, we can buy it as well, and she said, “Why not give it to you? You are always so bounteous!” indicating her appreciation of the generosity she had previously experienced with me. I was, however, surprised at the time because I was not so aware of being very ‘bounteous’ – it was so natural for me, no questions asked.

What I got from all this by and by, is that I am seen by people and that how I am and how I express is not just noticed, but also has an influence on them.

To follow this revelation, I then started to discover that everything I do and say and how I live is an inspiration for others – to join in or not. I realised this impact does not just apply to all the great performances I do, but must also apply to all the not so great actions in my life. Say if I become jealous or angry or judgmental – this is on the table for all to choose as well, is it not?! If I express judgmentally, another could be influenced by this and feel justified in judging as well.

The magnitude of my social responsibility and how much we all carry a responsibility for all others dawned on me.

Now I do not know how it is for you, but for me the word ‘responsibility’ insinuated a certain ‘heaviness’. To ‘take responsibility’ meant I was stuck with a burden – a burden I would have to take on and carry. It represented something I normally would like to avoid – a bit, or more. “That’s life…”

But the examples I spoke of above did not make me feel heavy or burdened; in fact, I felt lighter by what people told me. When I did something they loved, it felt totally natural for me to have done so as well: no burden!


I engaged a bit more with this topic and found an article that lifted the lid on an even greater depth of accountability:

“Energetic Integrity is a commitment to living connected to your Soul, a way of living that comes from loving yourself and relating to others in that same loving way. This gentle way of living offers the world a harmlessness.” (Gabrielle Caplice & Natalie Benhayon, Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility)

The authors present that there are just two kinds of energy, a healing one or a harming one, and that the one you connect to guarantees the quality of your expressions and transmissions. So you’re either acting in love, or against it.

Healing energy is the one that is connected to our soul, and therefore connected to us all – because we all have a soul and are equal in this state of being, which is love. As I understand it, a healing expression would be one that confirms our interconnectedness and Oneness and expands it.

I can relate this to my former examples. When I expressed my natural love, it inspired others to expand their life and expression. I can say that there have been many, many times in my life when others have inspired me to take stock, to come back to the ‘healing way of life’ and expand my expression.

And so I have come to understand that we learn and expand together! That this is what we are made for!

Becoming aware of the fact that I have an impact on everyone and that every one of my choices counts, means I am already taking responsibility, as I am no longer neglecting to see how powerful I am.

My power lies in my connection to soul, the connection I have to all others and in the fact that I can express in a healing way for all – or not.

I count. You count. Our way of living and expression counts. We matter!

It is our job, our purpose, and it is our responsibility to express the love that we are. In fact, I have the job of shining the divine light that I am coming from – WHAT A JOB!

By Sandra Schneider

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784 thoughts on “My Expression Counts – A Divine Job  

  1. The thing is, energetic accountability has been always there for us to feel know and understand, in the immutable law of Karma, that , whether we choose to know this or not, does not change the truth that, like reincarnation it is a reality

    1. Sure Chris, we think we can comfortable ignore this energetic responsibility by closing our eyes for it but as you say, there is a grander order we are part of and have to adhere to that eventually will need us to rebalance the ‘what’ is not we have allowed and chosen for in our lives.

  2. When we stop to consider the flow on effect of our every expression – unfathomable numbers of them per day given we never stop expressing… the responsibility as to how we move and express and the quality of energy that we allow to express through us is undeniable for we will bless humanity by our true grace or add to the countless ills by our holding back and resisting the love on offer.

  3. We learn a lot from getting inspired by other people but as there are two energies we can live from it is important to remember that we are vessels of expression and do inspire other people all the time and there in lays the responsibility to live all that we naturally are and live from the energy of love and not the bastardized version of it.

  4. It is quite incredible to feel how the more we open up and let go of old patterns, that immediately this is reflected back through the way others are with us. It is an absolute confirmation that everyone is feeling everything.

    1. So often we can be in the illusion that we need to work through something to let go of it, and that it’s a difficult and long process to do so, when in reality, it’s a simple moment to moment choice to let go, and to then keep on letting go, or keep holding on to the old.

  5. The realisation of the real joy of responsibility is something that has to be felt to be known and it is not surprising that the word responsibility has been made to be a burden and heavy and anything but what it truly means keeping us and the world less and in the state of chaos and disharmony it is. A beautiful blog and sharing of the lightness and amazingness of true responsibility to be living all that we are.

  6. “In retrospect, I remember I had been through a ‘huuuge’ process beforehand.” To consider that every time we work through something that is not easy we offer others an easier way through that same problem/issue, is just a beautiful motivation to hang in there when life is difficult and feel the purpose of it all.

    1. Hang in there when life is difficult.. Often it’s our greatest learnings and healings that are offered to us through our toughest moments.. The key is never to give up, and even if we do give up, to keep coming back to what is on offer, and appreciate all that we are learning.

  7. There is a great life lesson here.. ‘But her greatest realisation was that going on stage can be done in a way that does not change your way of being – that if you don’t force it, you can be the same either on or off the stage.’ we can be the same where ever we are and what ever we are doing, not forced, just our own natural expression..

  8. When we allow ourselves to naturally be ourselves with everyone and in all situations, this brings a huge point of reflection for others, where they can see there is nothing to it, and they also get to feel that exact same normalness and openness within themselves.

  9. That we all do count is such a simple statement but it is a foundation of the ageless wisdom that is at the heart of our return to the true destiny of humanity

  10. It is great remember that we are affecting everyone and everything with all that we do. Just like moving furniture around in our house – the new angles created can enhance or contract the flow in which we live.

  11. It is so important to acknowledge and appreciate the qualities that we have and how we contribute to society by living these qualities. Looking back I see that I have had a huge influence on many many people and certainly not by trying, and like you Sandra there are probably, many more I am not aware of. We cannot underestimate the influence we have on others and the responsibility we have to live life with the greatest energetic integrity we can.

  12. We do not know how profoundly we affect other people.
    The slightest dismissive or careless gesture will impact on a person in ways that cannot be calculated.
    When we move through life with grace and ease we also cause ripples that steadily inspire the change this world so clearly needs. And we may never know who these people are, or how profound their change will be.
    This is the nature of responsibility. We are a part of all life and as such we influence and affects its outplay. We are important and what we do and how we do it matters.

    1. I have often wondered about this fact that we could be affecting lives we may never even know about. My mind cannot fathom it but I am curious if there are other senses that can make sense of this ripple affect.

  13. Understanding and embracing the fact that every single one of us counts and matters is something that unfortunately not everyone gets the opportunity to experience. The more each and everyone of us claims this truth then every single person that we come into contact with will realise that they too matter. The power of responsibility.

    1. Everyone is watching everything we do all of the time… not in a bad way or a good way. Just a fact. Its how kids learn from their parents. Its how we are inspired (or otherwise) by others. Its totally gorgeous cause it means we are communicating all of the time through our movements.

  14. As we never know how something we say or something we do, or simply just being true selves, will affect another we have a huge responsibility in every moment to ensure that the energy we are in is healing; that we are offering a moment for someone to be inspired. Yes, as you say Sandra, this is one amazing job – and it also offers full time employment!

  15. ..’when I finally stepped on to the stage it was all done, dusted and behind me so I simply enjoyed the gig and moved on.’ Such is the power of nominating what is going on for us so there is no effort push or drive to ‘perform’, just a naturalness in being ourselves, much like a child would be when on stage.

  16. What a great reflection that how we live and what we reflect is noticed and has an impact in more ways than we may realise. Brings home how huge the responsibility we hold with the quality of choices we make.

  17. ‘Offering the world a harmlessness’… it seems such a no-fuss statement , and yet within it is contained so much wisdom on how to live in but not of the world.

  18. How grand we are and how important it is to celebrate our every expression and movement that is with God and therefore in brotherhood with all others.

  19. It’s saddening how much we dismiss ourselves and the magic and true miracles that because of us being somewhere ( God plays his part in this equally too) happen everyday.

  20. I have found at times I want to share things with people I hardly know, say in a supermarket checkout, and think is it okay to share this, then when I do, I realise there was a greater purpose as there was something for the person to share with me, for example someone recently shared about his son being killed years ago and another how she related to the fact that it was not okay for people to be rude and abusive to others.

  21. We affect everyone by our every choice… one way or the other. This is a huge responsibility and when accepted, also comes with the most extraordinary amount of love…. the true sort that is. These words are synonymous and once we accept one, we accept the other.

      1. Yes exactly Deborah, we think of responsibility as a burden but in truth it is not, that’s our convenient re-interpretation to justify avoiding it.

  22. We like to think that our reflection is limited or doesn’t have a profound impact – yet everything counts.

  23. I love to read this blog today and all the love and wisdom contained in it. Yes, we each have a responsibility to express as much love as we are able, in the knowing that there is always more love to express….we are here to evolve and keep expanding and we are all reflections for one another, in this way we can support each other.

  24. Inspiration is a wonderful offering to all others, is magnificent, grand and ordinarily humble at the same time – the great thing is that it is ever-present and ever- reaching with no expiry date.

  25. I love this line, it made me laugh… appreciation of ourselves and what we bring, yes. Why do I share this story with you? Not to say “I am so great” (even though I am), but to show that we, our expression in general, and every moment really counts.

  26. Likewise Sandra, I’ve noticed how people pick up on the small gestures, the way we hold ourselves, how we move through a room. It is surprising just what an impact this can have and certainly turns up the volume on responsibility.

    1. We are forever noting the smallest movement of another and their living quality and as such forever hold the responsibility of offering true inspiration to others by our living way.

  27. How we express – in every moment – is so important. It got me thinking as to why I’m happy to share in one to one moments, yet would feel awkward about expressing to a group of a hundred or more – and on a stage! I came to the realization that if I’m more concerned with me – and how I come over – then of course I’ll be nervous with a large group of people. If I have something to share – from my heart – and forget about the self, then there will be far fewer nerves.

  28. Responsibility is founded on our ability to cherish ourselves and others – this is what naturally inspires, commitment, dedication and appreciation. When these qualities are not embraced we ‘need’ to create a reason (such as responsibility being a burden) as to why we are not living responsibly.

  29. Our reflection has the power to inspire and confirm at all times, living with energetic responsibility seems hard at first but when you commit to it in full you feel the connection we all share and the difference we can all make with our loving choices.

    1. Very well said – the connection with others is forever present and calling us to greater and greater responsibility and love.

    2. Very true and something I have found is that people are always watching us, just like we watch others and so it is important we live energetically responsible at all times because we never know who may be watching and how much our reflection may help inspire them to change their life, not by doing anything special but simply by being ourselves.

  30. What I am understanding about responsibility currently is that self appreciation, appreciating that I am from that energy that expresses in and with love actually pulls me to be responsible. Because in the moments where I can feel I want to sit in my stuff and be irresponsible life has a way of reminding me that my love is needed in the world. And that feels better than stewing or ruminating over my unloving choices.

  31. In fact, there is no difference between presenting on stage than talking to a friend one-on-one. It’s the same body expressing, it’s the same body moving and it’s the same body connecting to a quality of energy that is true or not – no matter how many people are watching and listening.

  32. And so I have come to understand that we learn and expand together! That this is what we are made for! Yes, we do not have to do it alone….. which was something I took on and played over and over again in every area of my life!

  33. Our every expressions counts… when I imagine a world where we each appreciated this fact and also the repercussions of our choices, it highlights how loving an act it is to respond to life in this way, to be responsible for our part that affects the quality of the whole.

  34. I express myself walking through a supermarket without saying a word, what I express in every moment from my body is the energy I am saying yes to, either love or not love. It can’t be felt in our walk, our smile, our lipstick, the bounce in out step, our eyes, our words, our movements. People clock everything. And we really clock when we feel something different to what most of us live. Something we all crave – love.

  35. I love the way you have written about your” Divine Job ” that we all have equally . As you so say ” because we all have a Soul and are equal in this state of being ” thank you Sandra .

  36. When in connection to our soul and the expression through our movements we are communicating everything another needs to feel the space around them and their interconnection with the universe.

  37. It is astounding how little true expression we have accepted in life and yet as one person expresses in full, this lights the way for the greater many of us to follow.

  38. ” My expression counts “There is no doubt that this must be true , for the evidence is that we are all here and us all being capable of expression in what ever form .

  39. I think we underestimate just how much everything we say and do and choose can effect another person. What if this moment right now, or your next movement, or the next thing you say inspires someone with something they have been struggling with for maybe years?

  40. You are role model Sandra. I actually I have probably seen the presentation you are referring too. And it also inspired me as well. So I will be on stage, as well, not only because I love singing, but I know it will be inspire people to be on stage, and express what ever they want to say.
    We are all role models whether we like it or not. And we always inspire, in the good way or a bad way.

  41. How often do we truly clock that our expression counts way before any words that can come from our mouth? Every movement is noted as soon as we walk anywhere. A great reminder of the responsibility that goes with the choices we make.

  42. ‘I then started to discover that everything I do and say and how I live is an inspiration for others ‘ So true and this then feed back to ourselves in a beautiful cycle.

  43. Being who we naturally are and then sharing and expressing this in all that we do and anywhere we are offers so much to all and it feels amazing in our bodies too because we are not moulding or shaping ourselves to be something we are not. When we move from the inner connection of our hearts and our bodies then move as one we express so much and that quality of energy is felt and then inspires another to do the same. Simply awesome thank you Sandra.

  44. I love your appreciation here of responsibility – of the power we each hold with the quality of our expression and how this needn’t be taken as a burden but as joyful extension of the way we can support one another through developing the connection we have with our Soul.

  45. Once we establish a standard of quality in how we live, when we drop that, we feel the ripple affect this has. Likewise, when we set a standard of quality and deliver that consistently, equally it has a ripple affect. This is the beauty of the responsibility that we hold.

  46. This is awesome Sandra, indeed we have a huge responsibility of the quality of movements that we choose moment to moment and the more consistent we choose that which is true and from our soul the more magical life becomes in the way it constellates all that is needed in divine timing.

  47. Thank you Sandra for a great sharing on responsibility and the impact our every part of life has on everyone. Like you, in the past the word responsibility comes to me with a heavy feeling just like a burden, I am gradually seeing it in its true light, that when we live the love we are and naturally come from in every thing we do, it is so powerful in the healing that is on offer.

    1. It’s exactly that – a bubble that we think is fixed and solid but yet is very easily burst once we’re willing to admit that the ways of thinking that we hold ourselves in are only as rigid as we make them and allow them to be.

  48. “What I got from all this by and by, is that I am seen by people and that how I am and how I express is not just noticed, but also has an influence on them.” I realised this the other day when someone called my name and said they know me, I was so surprised, after hiding most of my life that I am actually seen, a great realisation of how my every movement has an affect on everyone for good or for ill and the responsibility this carries.

    1. There is no hiding.. every movement makes a difference and contributes to the whole: not just our physical movements but how we are with ourselves, our thoughts, our internal feelings.. all of it has an impact beyond ourselves. There’s never a moment where we’re not responsible for the quality that we’re in and how we’re affecting others, near or far.

  49. We never know the effect on others when we express truly and the power of inspiration it can leave someone in. It’s important to not dismiss our worth as we all have the ability to inspire another.

  50. Sometimes we hold back our expression purely out of habit so it is worthwhile exploring these habits to unlock the fears or other imprisoning ways we are keeping ourselves out of connection not only with others but with ourselves.

  51. When we build a foundation based on acceptance and appreciation of who we are, we know that every movement counts as it offers a true reflection of that which is true and aligned to our own evolution.

  52. We can get caught up in what is going on for ourselves that we ignore what we are reflecting to others and the impact this has on everyone. Appreciating that we do not live in isolation and that we can’t ‘switch off’ our reflection to the world is key.

    1. That’s a big trap for me too Thomas, getting caught up in “my stuff” and then losing the connection to my self, my qualities, and soulful way of life I reflect to the world.

  53. Thank you Sandra, I enjoyed reading this again. It’s given me a lot to reflect on today regarding how others may be inspired by how I am and to begin appreciating this, and to also be more aware of how I am and the responsibility that I have in every moment.

  54. Everything matters and nothing is truly private; energy knows no boundaries and does not obey or comply with man-made imposts.

  55. I absolutely love meeting other people especially when we do not see very often or if we are from different countries. Because when living in a place for too long we get very ingrained in our own customs and habits, and it is very beautiful to have the reflections of others as a deeper observation of oneself.

  56. Being accountable for the way we behave towards each other is I am finding a joy. To know that if I live in a loving way with myself that this has an affect on everyone I meet is not a burden at all. Why wouldn’t I live like this? It has taken many years to get to this level of understanding about energetic responsibility but having at last understood all that it means I would not want to live any other way.

  57. Yes we can think that what we are saying doesn’t count, we can use throwaway lines and words, and yet, it’s true everything that we say affects everything around us, and particularly ourselves.

    1. Great point, that everything we say also affects ourselves…( as well as others) and we can be our own worst enemy. Which means everything actually counts – thus each one of our choices will either keep us in old patterns or evolve us.

  58. Of not neglecting how powerful we are, that we can connect to and express from soul in any moment and that in doing so we shine divinity we are all from …. there is indeed an amazing job and each of us carries in us the ability to be this in each and every moment, what an amazing responsibility we carry.

  59. This blog has highlighted the responsibility we carry in our expression. We can inspire people and shift blockages in them or we can add to the pool of thoughts that keep us small and stick in humanity. It is a big but also simple and natural responsibility that keeps us on track on our way back to our natural expression.

  60. It is in the uncovering of who we are and sharing that openly that not only confirms the all but also holds all equally so and that is where the divine expansion occurs. Inspiration is around us always when we open up and share ourselves in transparency, that we then begin to see the barriers come down and the honesty to true human connection and intimacy speak and this is what will propel us forward.

  61. If we think that responsibility is all the things that we have to do in life, the tick box list if you like, then it will be felt like a weight. If we feel it through how we live and how we make our choices, it shifts and starts to become a joy as we feel the way initially how it affects ourselves and our lives and then we observe the difference how we are in the whole of our lives also affects others. This is just the tip of this wonderful science that is responsibility.

  62. More and more I realise the significance and responsibility in the quality with which we live in every moment. Every movement leaves a wake into which we and everyone else walks, and every impression has an impact on all other people.

    1. We just cannot take a time off. We are here to evolve each other- whenever I want to just indulge in any reaction, that will show everyone that it is ok to do so. Can you imagine how the world would look like, if everyone would take responsibility out of their seen and unseen actions?! Nothing can be hidden in the world of energy, no matter how the mind wants to outsmart it.

      1. True it is crucial that we build our understanding and awareness of the responsibility we hold in our every “seen and unseen action.” The example here of hearing someone acknowledging how they were inspired by a performance well over a year ago, shows that we may not see or perhaps ever be told about the impact, yet the impact is nonetheless well and truly felt.

  63. First accepting how much we feel & how sensitive we are in regard to energy, we will then be able to take on full awareness of the importance of what we bring to others. Everything is registered, from EVERYONE, even when someone is not willing to feel it in their conscious presence, we feel everything undeniably. What an amazing exchange of energies all the time if you choose to reflect the truth that will all unite us in the end.

  64. “Becoming aware of the fact that I have an impact on everyone and that every one of my choices counts, means I am already taking responsibility, as I am no longer neglecting to see how powerful I am.” We all have such a power – to reflect truth and love with consistency – or reflect otherwise. What do we choose?

  65. We impact so much more than we know and once we understand this we see the responsibility this brings not in a heavy way but in a way of sharing who we naturally are, for that’s what’s we here to do, live the love we are.

  66. Responsibility in how we are, our quality of energy, and how we express is far more than most of us realise, ‘I was a bit shocked about how much impact my expression can have and the responsibility this reveals…’

  67. ” And so I have come to understand that we learn and expand together! ”
    This is very true ,for when one expands that encourages and gives another the trust to test out the possibility of expanding and so the domino affect is put in place until we all fall down and surrender to our power, that we do not originate from earth.

  68. People notice everything about us, it is all clocked at one level and has an influence on them, ‘that everything I do and say and how I live is an inspiration for others’.

  69. When we express from the depth of who we are, we provide the perfect reflection for another to know the depth of that which they are also.

  70. It’s true, we count, everything we do counts and it’s easy to fool ourselves that in a world of 7.5 billion people that what we do doesn’t really matter but what if you are the one person in 7.5 billion who changes everything?

  71. Thank you for redefining responsibility and what it truly means. Everything we do matters and has an effect on everyone else. Just like the ‘butterfly effect’ the way we move ripples out and others get to be inspired back to the love that they are or confirmed in their misery and struggle.

  72. The very simplicity of knowing: I count in this world, my expression counts, I have a purpose and I am part of a bigger plan, makes such a difference to how we move and what we attract into our lives. And it is our choice to be love or not.

    1. Beautiful jacqmcfadden04. This gorgeous awareness of our unique, equal and invaluable relationship with the whole of life is a fundamental reflection to offer one another, and I would say key in raising any child.

  73. I love how something so small or minor that we do with love can have such huge impacts on others, often we do not even get to see or appreciate the effects. When we do it is lovely as it confirms what we already knew. It also brings in a responsibility for us knowing that everyone we interact with, or even that simply sees us either gets a reflection of the love and divinity we all are or less than that. And what if that moment was the only opportunity that person has this life time – surely it would make us consider each movement differently.

  74. ‘Say if I become jealous or angry or judgmental – this is on the table for all to choose as well, is it not?! If I express judgmentally, another could be influenced by this and feel justified in judging as well.’ Great point Sandra – how we express is what we offer to others as a reflection and a possibility.

  75. ” But her greatest realisation was that going on stage can be done in a way that does not change your way of being – that if you don’t force it, you can be the same either on or off the stage. ”
    I think Shakespeare said it, when he said ” all the world is a stage ” in meaning, to treat ones life in compartments or at lower or higher levels of performances will only be an act . But to constantly put in a whole hearted dedication to life, will be a living of life in full, as one is, that requires no applause.

  76. Today I got a message from someone I barely know who had been touched along with her partner by a photo that I shared. It reminded me, as your share Sandra that we cannot ever truly grasp just how much inspiration can comes from us. The main thing we can know is if we love and stay connected what comes serves everyone in this world in some way. Amazing!

  77. We are communicating all the time even when we are not speaking and whatever energy we are choosing at the time is conveyed in that communication. So we are always either confirming a loving way or one of separation. We might as well just accept that there is not a single moment where we don’t have a significant impact on everyone and everything around us.

  78. Everyone’s expression counts equally no person’s expression is greater than another and yes I agree it doesn’t matter if we are speaking to 1 person or 400 we can still just be ourselves ✨

  79. What a job indeed Sandra. We need to think big because the number of people that are affected by something we express can be very large when we also consider the ripple effect flow from the initial expression.

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