My Expression Counts – A Divine Job  

A few weeks ago, a person I only ever see a few times a year told me about how seeing me expressing a song on stage a few years ago had such a strong impact on her life and lifestyle choices. I was totally surprised by her sharing and asked her what it was that had such an effect, and what kind of effect it was.

She explained how she was very impressed by the way I got on the stage with such ease and joy, without any fear or fuss. She went on to say how great it was for her to witness someone up on the stage so powerfully and freely expressing; someone with such innocent joy and at the same time a contagious, sassy sparkle.

This situation changed her way of seeing ‘going on stage’ and expressing for all to see, as well as her anxiety about being seen. It “rocked her world,” she said, because it was clear now that this could be done in a different way, a simple way that’s free of the usual hype, excitement and serious organisation. But her greatest realisation was that going on stage can be done in a way that does not change your way of being  – that if you don’t force it, you can be the same either on or off the stage.

She said she then went back into ‘her life,’ freed from her former beliefs and expectations, and started to hold some presentations in her community during which she was somehow magically able to share freely and naturally with others in public (which is a pure gift, as she is holding so much wisdom!).

Why do I share this story with you? Not to say “I am so great” (even though I am), but to show that we, our expression in general, and every moment really counts.

I had nearly forgotten about this performance as it was years ago, the first of many to follow, and I had thought I offered great entertainment for the audience and that was that. In retrospect, I remember I had been through a ‘huuuge’ process beforehand. To make a long story short, I had to claim the worth of my performance against all odds – which was a lot, believe me! But it was worth it, and I was worth it, and when I finally stepped on to the stage it was all done, dusted and behind me so I simply enjoyed the gig and moved on.

Now through this encounter, I came to realise what an enormous impact I’d had on another – one person out of hundreds – or maybe I’d affected a few others as well, or perhaps the whole audience?

OMG. I was a bit shocked about how much impact my expression can have and the responsibility this reveals…

And another great realisation was dawning…

Pondering on that topic, I remembered a time when a friend put a large portion of a special herb mix I had just deeply appreciated into a big ‘take away box’ for us to take home. I told her that she didn’t have to give it to us, we can buy it as well, and she said, “Why not give it to you? You are always so bounteous!” indicating her appreciation of the generosity she had previously experienced with me. I was, however, surprised at the time because I was not so aware of being very ‘bounteous’ – it was so natural for me, no questions asked.

What I got from all this by and by, is that I am seen by people and that how I am and how I express is not just noticed, but also has an influence on them.

To follow this revelation, I then started to discover that everything I do and say and how I live is an inspiration for others – to join in or not. I realised this impact does not just apply to all the great performances I do, but must also apply to all the not so great actions in my life. Say if I become jealous or angry or judgmental – this is on the table for all to choose as well, is it not?! If I express judgmentally, another could be influenced by this and feel justified in judging as well.

The magnitude of my social responsibility and how much we all carry a responsibility for all others dawned on me.

Now I do not know how it is for you, but for me the word ‘responsibility’ insinuated a certain ‘heaviness’. To ‘take responsibility’ meant I was stuck with a burden – a burden I would have to take on and carry. It represented something I normally would like to avoid – a bit, or more. “That’s life…”

But the examples I spoke of above did not make me feel heavy or burdened; in fact, I felt lighter by what people told me. When I did something they loved, it felt totally natural for me to have done so as well: no burden!


I engaged a bit more with this topic and found an article that lifted the lid on an even greater depth of accountability:

“Energetic Integrity is a commitment to living connected to your Soul, a way of living that comes from loving yourself and relating to others in that same loving way. This gentle way of living offers the world a harmlessness.” (Gabrielle Caplice & Natalie Benhayon, Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility)

The authors present that there are just two kinds of energy, a healing one or a harming one, and that the one you connect to guarantees the quality of your expressions and transmissions. So you’re either acting in love, or against it.

Healing energy is the one that is connected to our soul, and therefore connected to us all – because we all have a soul and are equal in this state of being, which is love. As I understand it, a healing expression would be one that confirms our interconnectedness and Oneness and expands it.

I can relate this to my former examples. When I expressed my natural love, it inspired others to expand their life and expression. I can say that there have been many, many times in my life when others have inspired me to take stock, to come back to the ‘healing way of life’ and expand my expression.

And so I have come to understand that we learn and expand together! That this is what we are made for!

Becoming aware of the fact that I have an impact on everyone and that every one of my choices counts, means I am already taking responsibility, as I am no longer neglecting to see how powerful I am.

My power lies in my connection to soul, the connection I have to all others and in the fact that I can express in a healing way for all – or not.

I count. You count. Our way of living and expression counts. We matter!

It is our job, our purpose, and it is our responsibility to express the love that we are. In fact, I have the job of shining the divine light that I am coming from – WHAT A JOB!

By Sandra Schneider

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855 thoughts on “My Expression Counts – A Divine Job  

  1. This responsibility is a very simple and joyful thing; the more I realise it the more joy I feel in life. Sitting here now the quality with which I breathe is setting a tone for others even though I am alone. And when aligned to love, God, Soul, heaven, truth… there is a resetting happening of all the ill movements we have all made.

  2. “What I got from all this by and by, is that I am seen by people and that how I am and how I express is not just noticed, but also has an influence on them”. That statement is really important in that we have a responsibility to everyone, as we are continually being watched and many don’t even realise this. We are role models and this sharing reveals that A word could affect another, a gesture or a body movement, the tone of your voice, etc etc, has an influence. That is a big revelation.

    I loved the reminder this blog has bought for me and that in everything there is a responsibility for all to be responsible for. So I have a responsibility from the time I wake up, to the time I take myself to bed to go to sleep. Simple…

    1. To realise that we are always role models is a great way to embrace responsibility and the joy of it. It actually makes life much simpler. The way I live has an impact, it is not about what I do, but about the quality in which I do.

      1. This is a great reminder Matilda not to get caught up in the doing of life which can happen as we all seem to be caught up in the business of it. But to reconnect as much as possible to the quality of what we do because it does bring a contentment to our bodies of a job well done.

  3. “My power lies in my connection to soul,” An offered inspiration to all to live and express in connection to Soul.

  4. “… we, our expression in general, and every moment really counts.” Great to read this again and receive the reminder to bring more care and awareness to myself, knowing that I am always having an impact.

  5. My understanding of responsibility has definitely become a feeling of lightness and freedom in life. If I don’t express, I become irresponsible and feel very small and squashed.

    1. Leigh I agree that lightness is so needed, as we end up bringing complication to a word that is so simple to be obedient to. There is no doing, just be who we truly are. That’s a responsibility.

  6. I love how our expression can affect one person and that’s all that is needed. We don’t have to help everyone as there is always someone out there, that helps another.

    The serious part of our day to day living is the responsibility we have in either ‘healing or harming’ another, and that is a biggie. I love when I am connected to my soul as the expression is only from absoluteness and love offered to another, whether they accept that reflection or not is a different matter. The invitation is there anyhow.

    Expression is everything and in everything…

  7. True responsibility brings such a Loving purpose to all we do, and as our reflection is felt in everything we do, with the ripple effect continually flows out. When we understand and Truly appreciate how we can all live in this simple way we find True purpose and thus it becomes simpler to be in True-responsibility.

    1. Thank you Greg, how true it is : “When we understand and truly appreciate how we can all live in this simple way we find true purpose and thus it becomes simpler to be in true-responsibility” I am only getting the true power of our reflection we offer to all.

    2. When we are in purpose, our expression is from this state of being too and in that it matters not how our expression can affect another, as the soul will deliver the quotient needed for that other.

  8. We can’t not be responsible, we can only choose the quality of energy we express with (love or not love). No matter what we do we are having an influence, the beauty of responsibility is to then choose love. We are always responsible for every imprint we leave, there is never a moment when we are not responsible, so to say we ‘don’t want to be responsible’ is really saying we don’t want to be love. Every non-loving imprint we leave we must come back to until they are all love.

    1. Our every move has an impact on another, ‘I then started to discover that everything I do and say and how I live is an inspiration for others – to join in or not.’

  9. When we have connected to the truth and understand the fact that everything about us can and is there to support others simply with us living this truth and hence through our presence and reflection, this becomes a reason to embrace life more than every before. There is so much in this world that is not supportive, so how refreshing is it to have the truth walking and living and reflecting that this too can be for all.

  10. Whether we realise it or not, whether we want to or not, we all act as role models to those around us. This may be in a truly inspiring way or perhaps not at all. But in the end a simply act we carry out can a life changing moment for another person, just like Sandra has shared in this blog. Every moment matters and every thing we do matters and the quality we do this in is what offers the inspiration for another.

  11. This is a great blog that shares that really we should not be changing the way we are through the day – whether we are on stage or off stage, with people we know well or only a little or with people we do not know at all. Consistency in the way we are, naturally so is what allows trust to build in relationships.

  12. This is beautiful sentence because it reminds us all that we have a value a worth.
    “I count. You count. Our way of living and expression counts. We matter!”
    I feel that so many people are discontented with their life and that they feel they don’t count or are worthless so they give up on themselves and check out on life and therefore miss out on the greatness that life can offer.

  13. “It is our job, our purpose, and it is our responsibility to express the love that we are. In fact, I have the job of shining the divine light that I am coming from – WHAT A JOB!” Oh my Sandra you have highlighted the best job ever!

  14. Observing and seeing what’s needed, rather than focusing on self, takes away the concern of how others may react. As you say, bringing purpose rather than seeking recognition…..

  15. We have such a big impact on everyone around us – for good or for ill. The energy we choose to align to will reflect that so the question is do we choose to heal or harm others? Just being who we naturally are, no need to try to impress, feels much more genuine and people feel that.

    1. Sue you are spot on – for In our truth and essence no matter what we do, this offers a true inspiration for another to do likewise. And then of course if we are not in our essence then we role model a way of being that takes another away from their essence. Good to be aware of which role model we are being at that moment in time.

    2. We either harm or heal by what energy we choose to align to, ‘there are just two kinds of energy, a healing one or a harming one, and that the one you connect to guarantees the quality of your expressions and transmissions.’

  16. Most of the time we will never know the impact we have when we are being truly ourselves without holding back, we will never know who really is observing or how this may inspire. However, by simply working on letting go and being more of who I am I know I can support people to trust themselves too, to feel their own awesome qualities and to appreciate them.

  17. And what is even more amazing is that there is a job for everyone, based on the same level of experience our connection to God and that expressing this vibration is what matters the most. Best job ever!

  18. Actually, it is so simple to live that ‘divine job’ but I have hesitated a lot before I surrendered myself to it as I was so attached to the temporal job I had before.

  19. We always do influence people with our movements, therefore, it is important to be aware of them, will they add to the harm or will they heal.

  20. “Her greatest realisation was that going on stage can be done in a way that does not change your way of being – that if you don’t force it, you can be the same either on or off the stage” – I received a similar comment from someone this week in relation to business. She said how much she loved doing business with me and had learnt that can be loving, fun, professional and yourself in business.

  21. How lovely also that these people shared and expressed their appreciation to you. It is beautiful to share with each other in this way – we all benefit.

  22. If we express without needing an outcome then we don’t carry “fear or fuss”. This is something we miss in our education and could be a simple addition to our parenting portfolio!

  23. So great to remember the responsibility that we are always reflecting to others, whatever condition we are in. There is no ‘time off’!

    1. We take time off when we are off!… but even then as you share there is no time off as when we are off one energy we are on the other!

    2. Indeed, Jenny, we are always ‘on’ also when we think we are ‘off’ or go to sleep. There is a way of living that does not make this distinction and makes life one life irrespective if we are at home, at work or shopping for instance – life then becomes one-life instead of the scattered life we otherwise choose for and will exhaust us immensely.

  24. I am just starting to get a sense of the depth of responsibility we have towards ourselves and each other. I was driving in my car recently on the way to the supermarket when I had a feeling being frustrated. When I parked the car I sat with myself to get a sense of where this feeling was coming from. I needed to do this because there was no way I was going anywhere until I had an understanding as I felt the responsibility of knowing there is enough frustration in people’s lives without adding to the mix. For many of us we are so focused on just getting through life that we are not aware of the emotions we are emanating if we were to stop and think about it how many of us know that we are transmitters of energy and that we can all feel this energy all of the time.

    1. Wow Mary, this is a level of lived responsibility that is so inspiring! It helps to see the bigger picture (enough people are already frustrated) to be very motivated to get rid of it instead of filling up the pool even more. To connect to the bigger picture helps me to not make it about me me me and alone this is a big step towards more inner harmony again.

  25. Every word is like a drop in the ocean, it matters a lot. What we say, contributes to the world we live in today, what we write does too. Are we speaking from our hearts, or are we saying something to sound smart, look good or hurt another – all of this creates the society we live in. Because if more of us spoke from a place of love, when somebody does not come from that place it will be very obvious and that will be easier to address. But because we have all agreed to degrade ourselves and to speak from our minds and through the protection, anger and sadness we cary and have not resolved, words have become “just words” or worse, a weapon.

  26. This article made me ponder on the pattern I have of not thinking that I have an impact on others when they are not around. I know and have felt this is not true, as I can feel people on the other side of the world. It is convenient for my on-off switch on being responsible in life to not consider the impact we have on others.

    1. It is important to understand the impact we have far and wide, ‘Becoming aware of the fact that I have an impact on everyone and that every one of my choices counts, means I am already taking responsibility, as I am no longer neglecting to see how powerful I am.’

  27. I so love that what others so appreciated about you are something so natural and normal to you, and when others express their appreciation, you get a chance to appreciate yourself even more and to express more. That’s very beautiful. I know sometimes I get a thought that says it’s very hard (if not impossible) to be expressing myself with love at all time, but this idea totally contradicts the truth of who we are – that we are love and us being ourselves is already love, and that is our most natural way.

  28. “I then started to discover that everything I do and say and how I live is an inspiration for others – to join in or not”. Now this is what I call a life-changing revelation; it definitely was for me. It places the responsibility for every choice we make firmly in our hands, but it is a joyful responsibility not the burden many consider it to be.

  29. It is amazing what people pick up simply by observing others, and when we inspire them, they in turn inspire others.

    1. We trust what we see more than what we hear or read and as such that is why we have such a problem with trust because what we see lived in life is not what we are told or what we read which has been expressed on an idea of how we feel it should be rather than the reality we live. We can be that change – that is very much our choice.

    2. Sometimes we even get inspired by others getting inspired by us – I am constantly inspired by both myself and others and even a tiny floating feather this morning.

  30. Sandra I recon one of the things we don’t value enough is the power of our expression and the clear difference in life we make.

  31. We all have a welcome responsibility to inspire others to be all that they are and also it is important to appreciate each other for the inspiration and confidence that is offered.

  32. Every voice matters – literally! We either reflect a quality of vibration that pulls another up or we reflect a quality of vibration that pulls them down. Our every expression either heals or harms depending on which source of energy we are aligned to – love or not-love.

  33. We never know who is watching us and what effect we have on others without even realising. With this comes a massive responsibility where we can either be inspiring people to be more of themsleves, more of the love that they are or we can be confirming their lack of love, neediness, raciness etc.. and we are either confirming one or the others at all times.

    1. It sure does Eduardo and we never know quite how far reaching and life changing our words can be for that person. We may never meet them again but knowing we have expressed and given our all in each and every moment is the only way to guarantee the ripples will be of love.

  34. So true Sandra, every expression counts, every one of us counts, and the more we live and embrace this, the more we all inspire each other to expand and express more.

    1. When we offer another a true connection in listen and supporting them in their expression we are offered the joy we can truly feel in living and being in brotherhood with one another.

  35. I agree that it is possible to live life from one moment to the next, treating every moment with the same care and responsibility and expressing what is needed in every moment whether we are in front of one friend or a thousand strangers.

    1. God doesn’t differentiate between moments, he doesn’t say ‘nah there’s only a couple of people chatting together down there, I can’t be bothered, I’m gonna wait till there’s at least a couple of hundred’. Nope, He streams through us regardless.

  36. How far from the truth have we swayed that we see some people more important than others and do not know anymore that every single one of us matters and equally so.

  37. Seeing oneself as a role model asks us to consider more deeply our actions, who and what they support.

  38. You share how you live in what you choose to do and to stand on stage as you are in a crowded street and be you, regardless of people watching or not and shining how you are is very inspiring!

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