My Expression Counts – A Divine Job  

A few weeks ago, a person I only ever see a few times a year told me about how seeing me expressing a song on stage a few years ago had such a strong impact on her life and lifestyle choices. I was totally surprised by her sharing and asked her what it was that had such an effect, and what kind of effect it was.

She explained how she was very impressed by the way I got on the stage with such ease and joy, without any fear or fuss. She went on to say how great it was for her to witness someone up on the stage so powerfully and freely expressing; someone with such innocent joy and at the same time a contagious, sassy sparkle.

This situation changed her way of seeing ‘going on stage’ and expressing for all to see, as well as her anxiety about being seen. It “rocked her world,” she said, because it was clear now that this could be done in a different way, a simple way that’s free of the usual hype, excitement and serious organisation. But her greatest realisation was that going on stage can be done in a way that does not change your way of being  – that if you don’t force it, you can be the same either on or off the stage.

She said she then went back into ‘her life,’ freed from her former beliefs and expectations, and started to hold some presentations in her community during which she was somehow magically able to share freely and naturally with others in public (which is a pure gift, as she is holding so much wisdom!).

Why do I share this story with you? Not to say “I am so great” (even though I am), but to show that we, our expression in general, and every moment really counts.

I had nearly forgotten about this performance as it was years ago, the first of many to follow, and I had thought I offered great entertainment for the audience and that was that. In retrospect, I remember I had been through a ‘huuuge’ process beforehand. To make a long story short, I had to claim the worth of my performance against all odds – which was a lot, believe me! But it was worth it, and I was worth it, and when I finally stepped on to the stage it was all done, dusted and behind me so I simply enjoyed the gig and moved on.

Now through this encounter, I came to realise what an enormous impact I’d had on another – one person out of hundreds – or maybe I’d affected a few others as well, or perhaps the whole audience?

OMG. I was a bit shocked about how much impact my expression can have and the responsibility this reveals…

And another great realisation was dawning…

Pondering on that topic, I remembered a time when a friend put a large portion of a special herb mix I had just deeply appreciated into a big ‘take away box’ for us to take home. I told her that she didn’t have to give it to us, we can buy it as well, and she said, “Why not give it to you? You are always so bounteous!” indicating her appreciation of the generosity she had previously experienced with me. I was, however, surprised at the time because I was not so aware of being very ‘bounteous’ – it was so natural for me, no questions asked.

What I got from all this by and by, is that I am seen by people and that how I am and how I express is not just noticed, but also has an influence on them.

To follow this revelation, I then started to discover that everything I do and say and how I live is an inspiration for others – to join in or not. I realised this impact does not just apply to all the great performances I do, but must also apply to all the not so great actions in my life. Say if I become jealous or angry or judgmental – this is on the table for all to choose as well, is it not?! If I express judgmentally, another could be influenced by this and feel justified in judging as well.

The magnitude of my social responsibility and how much we all carry a responsibility for all others dawned on me.

Now I do not know how it is for you, but for me the word ‘responsibility’ insinuated a certain ‘heaviness’. To ‘take responsibility’ meant I was stuck with a burden – a burden I would have to take on and carry. It represented something I normally would like to avoid – a bit, or more. “That’s life…”

But the examples I spoke of above did not make me feel heavy or burdened; in fact, I felt lighter by what people told me. When I did something they loved, it felt totally natural for me to have done so as well: no burden!


I engaged a bit more with this topic and found an article that lifted the lid on an even greater depth of accountability:

“Energetic Integrity is a commitment to living connected to your Soul, a way of living that comes from loving yourself and relating to others in that same loving way. This gentle way of living offers the world a harmlessness.” (Gabrielle Caplice & Natalie Benhayon, Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility)

The authors present that there are just two kinds of energy, a healing one or a harming one, and that the one you connect to guarantees the quality of your expressions and transmissions. So you’re either acting in love, or against it.

Healing energy is the one that is connected to our soul, and therefore connected to us all – because we all have a soul and are equal in this state of being, which is love. As I understand it, a healing expression would be one that confirms our interconnectedness and Oneness and expands it.

I can relate this to my former examples. When I expressed my natural love, it inspired others to expand their life and expression. I can say that there have been many, many times in my life when others have inspired me to take stock, to come back to the ‘healing way of life’ and expand my expression.

And so I have come to understand that we learn and expand together! That this is what we are made for!

Becoming aware of the fact that I have an impact on everyone and that every one of my choices counts, means I am already taking responsibility, as I am no longer neglecting to see how powerful I am.

My power lies in my connection to soul, the connection I have to all others and in the fact that I can express in a healing way for all – or not.

I count. You count. Our way of living and expression counts. We matter!

It is our job, our purpose, and it is our responsibility to express the love that we are. In fact, I have the job of shining the divine light that I am coming from – WHAT A JOB!

By Sandra Schneider

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605 thoughts on “My Expression Counts – A Divine Job  

  1. ‘I was a bit shocked about how much impact my expression can have and the responsibility this reveals…’ – We may live in our little bubbles and think that what we do does not count… this could not be further from truth. An excellent reflection on responsibility here Sandra.

    1. We are almost brought up to believe one person or that we ourself can not make a difference but this is a complete lie as someone walking past in grace or gentleness for example reflects a living way that is evident in that walk. And that one thing is letting others know it is possible – so we may not always know the impact but it is definitely happening.

      1. This is so true Johanna we don’t even have to say anything to inspire another we just have to be, so much can be shared and expressed without any words.

  2. It’s amazing what we reflect when we express from who we truly are. That you thought you just entertained the audience inspires me to trust that what is reflected when I am connected and expressing divinity is often more than I know and also that people will see an aspect they need. Beautiful.

    1. Yes it is great to express naturally from our essence without any hullabaloo – as important it is to not underestimate our power of our reflection and expression. To accept the power we are connected to, be playful with it while totally integer, is key.

      1. And we need to get comfortable with others having their own feeling about how we are and what we expeess. At times if we change our expression it is often because we are trying to control, limit another’s feeling or reaction back.

  3. our true power lies in our ability and willingness to connect to our Soul, to get our centralised individualised self out of the way and allow that which is Divine to express through us. The Soul expresses in the natural holding of the all and in that connection and expression we understand the truth of who we are.

    1. It is wonderful how this Soul led expression also ignites a spark in another, which they too can choose to run with or not. A gorgeous reminder and confirmation of the essence and true power of every one of us.

  4. ‘My power lies in my connection to soul’ – what a glorious grand statement this is. We are innately soul-full beings and we can through the power of our choice, reconnect to soul and make it our expression in this world. How joy-full it feels to claim this – and in this there is confirmation that the soul is ‘our true way forth’.

    1. And our soulful expression is never ever heavy or a burden. Isn’t it interesting how the church has made ‘being with God’ to something very serious, loaded and ‘special’. But in fact it is such that: being with me, the true me and than I am with God. Our connection to God is a given, irrefutable. To sabotage our connection makes us heavy and our expression complicated – Not our divinity. It is absolute natural.

      1. In my experience the church has made being with God not only ‘very serious’ – but impossible and to have any connection with him we have use a ‘go-between’. Yet to connect with God is in fact the most natural thing in the world…in the Universe – as you share here Sandra.

    2. This reminds me of the false humility that is prescribed as a way of communing with God. The idea that I am less, unworthy or a sinner and that I need to prey in a subservient manner and ask for repentance and forgiveness…. all of it seems to me directly designed for us to not know this most profound truth of ‘My power lies in my connection to soul’ and that our hot-line to God is within us.

      1. ‘False humility’ has been something I have chosen a lot in the past. This notion of being ‘less, unworthy and a sinner’ is very familiar. As you expose here Golnaz, the real impact of this choice has been to disconnect me from my ‘hot-line to God’. True humbleness on the other hand is a state of absolute openness and transparency that allows that ‘line’ to be open constantly.

    1. Yes Samantha, I too love being inspired by someone as to me it feels like I am met in a way that invites me to go to that same place the other person is in, the vibrancy of my inner heart.

  5. It is so beautiful to see how we can inspire people by the most simple things, even when we don’t even notice. It is beautiful to see how love is shared, and we know what is true to learn from.

    1. So true Benkt. What can feel so normal and natural for us individually can be inspirationally life changing for another, so we should never underestimate what we bring when we are living and breathing what we know to be true.

  6. I count. You count. Our way of living and expression counts. We matter! Absolutely Sandra, as after all, we are all from a higher power and it is within our power to be this power equally.

  7. We can’t underestimate the enormous impact we have on one another in all that we emanate. This is a great reminder of the responsibility we have to humanity as we are either healing or harming there is nothing in-between.

  8. This blogs demonstrates clearly that responsibility is not a burden and something we will be called to account for as it is up to our free will to choose to heal or harm. We only one day have to correct all that is done from choosing the harming way as way of life because the universe where we are part of does not allow any harm to be uncorrected so in fact to not waist time in choosing to heal in life is a wise thing to do.

    1. This sounds so brutal Sandra D – but I know exactly what you mean. Good to see that it is not us that ‘get smashed’ but the untruth we have chosen to express. And so it becomes clear what it is that does make us feel hurt: identification with something we are not.

  9. It is beautiful what you describe here Sandra, as it shows how much we can support each other when we express what we see and feel in each other. You inspired this person but likewise you were inspired by them expressing their gratitude towards you. We can lift ourselves up – always, by simply expressing the beauty we see and what we will discover is that this beauty never ends.

    1. I love, love, love this: “We can lift ourselves up – always, by simply expressing the beauty we see”. Therefor we have firstly choose to SEE the beauty that lies in another. This first step is needed to take and here we so often struggle. This is a great reflection again to realize how much we appreciate the beauty in ourselves – because if we are not willing to claim it in us, we can hardly see it in another. And even we could see it – we can not truly appreciate it, because it looks like something the other has and I don’t. It makes us separated. An illusion that creates self-worth-issues, comparison, jealousy. We have to choose to see the beauty when we look into our reflections – be it in the mirror on the wall or in the people around us.

  10. We have a responsibility as a humanity to at the very least be aware that people learn from each other. If we are to act individually or irresponsibly – this has an impact on others. If we are to act as a reflection to others and empower others to make loving choices, then this also has a huge effect. Sometimes we don’t always clock it or see it – but it isn’t about recognition – it is about knowing in any moment that what we do matters and is seen by others. And what sort of reflection do we want to bring?

    1. That is very true – we acknowledge with kids that the are always watching, copying and learning from us… but what if we continue to learn from each other forever?

    2. Just recently a very wise women shared the fact that, if one of a group (say on work) hold back what the group has committed to, this has an effect on the whole group and maybe the members do wake up in the morning tired, even they for their own have done nothing that would explain this. ….gives a new view on all tiredness and coffee consume. But it is not for us to blame the other (who holds back) here – as you could be the one that can say: “I never hold back in any way”?

  11. That’s a pretty powerful example of how in just a few moments everything we have chosen can massively effect another person or even hundreds of people. Could it be that every moment of the day has the same opportunity? That just being who we are could inspire someone with something they could be struggling with, or, if we are not feeling great and having an off day, is it possible we could we have the opposite effect on someone?

  12. We have to appreciate the sense of loving adventure we feel with can have with knowing that our expression counts and is as important as the next persons – we all matter.

  13. As you have so beautifully shared Sandra, we must never discount the impact our reflection may have on others – either for true good, for inspiration, or for endorsing and entrenching more deeply an ill way that brings further harm.. this is the responsibility on offer to us all.

    1. I would say the responsibility is always there – what is ‘on offer’ is, to heal or to harm and what is on offer is, to take this responsibility as a burden (and so harm) or surrender to our divinity and make it natural & simple. We can in fact not choose against responsibility. We have it. But how we deal with it, is in our choice.

    2. What you are expressing here Annie C is huge, that we do have an impact on everything around us positive or negative. Why are we not taught this from day dot as children? I have come late to an understanding that we are given the exact opposite to what is need for us to grow our awareness of the world around us so that we are less likely to check out of life and pretend that nothing matters when everything matters all of the time.

  14. Yes indeed, we do have a huge social responsibility in any moment. Most of us know that we can be a huge inspiration when we express divinely, the question for me is how consistent are we?

  15. “What I got from all this by and by, is that I am seen by people and that how I am and how I express is not just noticed, but also has an influence on them.” – it’s true, we are being seen in many ways, even if we don’t necessarily recognise it… And with that we all are role models for each other, offering a point of inspiration to be truly more of who we are or not…

  16. What a great reflection of the impact every single one of us have on each others lives. Even if we are not on stage and even if we do not consciously interact, we still have an overall impact with our every movement. Are we adding to the energy of love, brotherhood and evolution toward Soul or are we ingraining that of separation and looking after self? Here we see that the impact may not be seen or acknowledged for several years or ever, yet it none-the-less it is felt.

    1. Gosh imagine all this influence we had have on our community through our years of living….and become aware of the healing (or harming) we did support. This is very much self empowering.

  17. The responsibility of our expression is limitless – as we know that everything is expression. When we express in the openness of who we truly are we cannot help but lift and inspire, and everything we do will carry that imprint.

  18. I am seeing more and more, the responsibility I have with my expression and how holding it back, is holding back mine and others evolution, and also feels yucky in the body. Catching the mind/spirit when it tries to go into, I have an issue with expression and so hold back, is just a delay, and really its about just being totally honest in that moment and saying what your feeling and getting some understanding around the situation, and also giving you a stop moment, to actually read what needs to be said without attachment.

  19. Realising the significance of the impact we have upon others can be quite daunting to the point that we hide and hold back. If we do we are all losers. Thank you, Sandra, for sharing the beauty and love that comes from resolving our fears so that we do not hold back and instead express the unique quality that each everyone of us has. When we do this we are all winners without any losers.

    1. Oh I know this! To become aware of the huge responsibility I carry and than like to run a 1000 miles to hide from it. But – beside it does not work to hide from it – it, the idea of ‘it is too much’, is an illusion! If it feels like ‘too much’ I did burden myself and did not shine out my true and divine light. To be my natural me, is just simple and light. It can create the impression of ‘hardness’ but that’s a creation from our spirits. WE make it hard – so we can run. So the question is: why do we want to run and so daunting our selves from taking responsibility? What does it bring in truth, we want to run from?

      1. What is it we run from? For me it is ‘I run’, I hold back, out of fear of making a mistake, to get it ‘wrong’, but the irony is that to do this is by far the bigger mistake.

  20. Sandra, I love this, ‘It is our job, our purpose, and it is our responsibility to express the love that we are. In fact, I have the job of shining the divine light that I am coming from – WHAT A JOB!’ this is indeed a great job, to simply be ourselves with no holding back. For me I am a very gentle, tender and caring woman and when I allow myself to move and express in these natural loving ways I can feel the calming and holding qualities of this way of being, the way I talk and the way I am naturally loving are very supportive for people and make them feel loved and safe, if I am not living these qualities I notice the devastating effects this has on myself and others.

    1. What a great observation Rebecca. The greatest support and inspiration we offer others is in expressing in full the qualities of our own essence. And when we withhold that everyone including ourselves ends up being less.

  21. Our expression is likely to be true if we take care which energy we align with, because it is the energy that impulses our expression. Astral or Fire, Spirit or Soul – our Soul impulses only truth, the Astral impulses only lies.

  22. ‘In fact, I have the job of shining the divine light that I am coming from – WHAT A JOB!’ There is much to accept here, life need not be a series of struggles.

  23. There is a lot of identification available to us all about the jobs that we do, I know I have at times become very identified by my work – thinking that it makes me who I am. However, when a person’s divine presence is their main purpose any job they do becomes a blessing because work places us in to contact with each other and when divine presence is your main job – people is who you want to be with.

  24. Yes, we can reinterpret responsibility to be burdensome and a struggle, but if we were to allow understanding and awareness we would see responsibility as a joy and ultimately the steps towards true freedom

  25. Even what we call not expressing is an expression and it can be a very loud expression and way of drawing and demanding attention. It is also possible to be in Stillness and not actually saying anything but energetically that is a very healing and harmonising energy so it is not just about what we say but always comes down to energy.

  26. I’ve read this blog a few times but it is only now that it is starting to sink into how true this feels. It took a big shift in the last week in some old patterns I was carrying that made me realise that the ‘do or die’ model holds back the ability to ‘live and enjoy’ model of life that comes naturally from within.

    1. To let me naturally unfold is one of the greatest gifts I’ve got from understanding life more and more. Thank God for Serge Benhayon and all the Students of The Livingness who support here.

  27. A beautiful sharing and joy to read Sandra. The responsibility and your expression shared is a reflection for all and makes one deeply connect to who we are too.

  28. I wise friend and mentor told me that there were two principals to brotherhood;
    “What you do to yourself, you do to another”
    “What you do to another, you do to yourself”
    As missiles are being sent across the world ,it is the lived and claimed embodiment of these two short principals that has the potential to change humanities current separated trajectory.

  29. “What I got from all this by and by, is that I am seen by people and that how I am and how I express is not just noticed, but also has an influence on them.” When we really understand and accept that we can and do inspire others, we begin to realise how much responsibility we have to live what we know to be true, and that everything we do is noticed.

  30. Yes having a divine job is what we really need to focus on, not the one we do day to day. Imagine if we all did relate to having a divine job, that equally we all are responsible for our role in that, that we all impact on the other, if we are indeed not following our divine job description, we is super simple, it is about living us in full, no holds barred, Letting people in each day and loving people unreservedly. Sounds like a job I want to have and do have.

    1. Go(o)d impulse to have an eye on our way to be with our divine job. We have it anyway, question is, how we handle it. Do I surrender to it or ruffle. I also like your list about HOW it is to say YES to our divine job, what does it mean. – like ‘keep my heart open’. This list we could do for our own and check every day – not to control, but to inspire. When I have resist doing my divine job for a while, my access to the simple divine aspects of me, are veiled. Such a list could be helpful to discover and reconnect again.

  31. I have held back expressing my true feelings and thoughts for eons, worrying what others may think, or worrying if they will react. This in turn has disabled me as I have spiralled into a “I don’t matter” “others are more important” . This is not true…by holding back I have put myself into this spiral. Valuing truth and speaking it, over and above all else I can see how this empowers and changes a very ill dynamic.

    1. How great you discovered your spiral of disempowering, now observe this ill behavior and experience with ‘valuing truth and speaking it’. If we all would go on with holding back no-one would be in service to start our turn around. Thank God we have already people who make this ‘valuing truth and speaking it’ to their every day living. This is so inspiring – as you are! with every step you take into enjoying your divine job more and more.

  32. Another aspect I can think of is how important appreciation is. For if we do not appreciate what we’ve got we wont realise how much healing it can bring to others. I see that the commenter above, cjames2012, caught this as well.

  33. And what a purpose to life! So often we seek to do life just for ourselves and here you are claiming and showing that life can be done for us all. Amazing!

    1. Yes! And how often do we feel lonely or disconnected – thereby we are connected all of the time, question is, how we care for this connection?! I found myself in the position where I can become so much more aware about my connection to you all, all over the world and than honor this connection more deeply. It is to celebrate and to take care of.

    1. Yeah! And when we do not (choose to) get inspired by someone expressing their truth, we react and choose competition/jealousy. There is just one or the other. Many people do react against our power when expressed – what is in truth a reaction against their own holding back of the same power – and so we may also choose to hold back to avoid the reactions from another. But where does this lead us to? Exactly to where we are right now on this planet. It is getting worse. To focus on what is needed and express the love and beauty we are – no matter what – is choosing to serve us all. People may react – but just because they know they can do it too. So the seed is laid and it will grow. We can support each other here by true and deep appreciation and by being honest with ourselves. If I react to someones actions I have to ask myself: what did I hold back to express?

  34. When we get to appreciate that our expression in general, and every moment really counts, we get to know what it is we bring, and the worth of it.

  35. Not saying what we feel to express is suffocating every cell in our bodies and then we can feel how much this has an effect on us as our bodies start to become tight and contracted. When I have opened up and shared what I feel to my body opens up like a flower and I feel space and ease in my body.

    1. I agree Natalie and we can access deeper levels of honesty and clear old ways of being that do not truly serve.

    1. or the opposite. It is one or the other. This to realize sounds maybe hart, but it makes every choice also so simple. Yesterday I had a situation with my husband on the telephone where we found ourselves arguing and we stoped and observed what we express in the moment and saw that this is not a reflection of our connection, what is our natural, divine state of being. So we did let go of all arguments and focused on our connection again by opened up our heart for each other. Later we were able to talk about the same theme together instead of against each other. Now it was a growing conversation and brought some deeper understanding to the theme.

  36. I am noticing in my new job too that when I express in connection with Soul and therefore everyone (since we are one Soul) it can be one word or simply a look or touch that inspires and moves people.

  37. When we shine we inspire. Inspiration encourages expressions of love – something that the world is crying out for.

  38. The vibration of our expression is made up of everything we are, is hugely powerful in its effect, and behoves true responsibility.

  39. Thank you Sandra, I truly agree with you that most of the time we have no idea of the impact we are having on others until reminded of this. Something to keep in the forefront of our minds at all times.

  40. What if we saw our reflection as our most important job. And what if life was simply a means to reflect divinity – how would we move and what choices would we make?

  41. A divine job indeed Sandra. The best job in the world is when we truly connect with people no matter what our role is that we take on, making it about expressing love and truth is our sole job here on earth.

  42. I can feel your joy from being confirmed in such a beautiful way for being all that you are in that moment Sandra. This really does drive home the responsibility we all have to be fully ourselves so we can inspire others by role modeling just how simple being ourself anywhere can be; showing the world what that looks like. If we present in anything less than who we are we are still role modeling but we are saying instead that it is ok to play small and be nervous and hide or be whatever your particular contraction away from your fullness is. So it is very clear that what we are role modeling to the world becomes of great importance if we don’t want to add to the misery of this world.

  43. I do not feel that we fully appreciate how we are watched all the time by people as they clock something is different but they are not sure what. I stayed with some friends recently I don’t see them as much as I used to and we were sitting around chatting and suddenly, one of them said that she had seen me change over the years from being miserable and often depressed to this full of life, out going, bright woman and it was an amazing transformation. And there was a part of them that felt they were missing out on the same possibilities. And I hadn’t noticed and failed to appreciated just how much I have changed as it has been a gradual process as I discarded all the baggage I had taken on in the way of ideals and beliefs which were nothing to do with me. When we free ourselves of the burdens we naturally give ourselves permission to be our true selves.

  44. Indeed, Sandra – “My power lies in my connection to soul”. This one sentence says it all, and the gift of free will is to choose in every moment whether to embrace our divinity or not – its that simple…

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