Connecting to a Body more Intelligent than the Mind

I have found that connecting to my body is as simple as making a choice to stop and do so. I allow myself to become aware of my breath and then to breathe gently, allowing my breath to return to its own natural rhythm. I often find myself focussing on feeling my lungs as they move gently with my breath and then it is easy to feel when events of the day, such as driving my car or pressures at work, have affected this natural rhythm. From here I can start to become aware of other parts of my body – my shoulders, arms, feet, back and how they are feeling – deepening the connection with my body; it is in this connection that the intelligence of the body is revealed.

This is an intelligence that inspires a deep love, care and honouring of myself, my body and others through a way of living that honours what the body knows before what the mind knows. I’ve come to know this as whole body intelligence. What I’ve discovered is that my body feels far more what supports it to be vital and healthy in life and relationships than anything I’ve ever read in books.

But this wasn’t always the case. For most of my life I’ve held the intelligence of the mind as the marker of success, enjoying and excelling in formal study, holding postgraduate degrees and working within academic research for the past twenty years. In the world of academia, intelligence is synonymous with knowledge and is linked to job security, prestige and power. The body comes a distant second to the mind and I have observed over the years the constant pushing of the body to meet deadlines; the vast amounts of coffee and/or caffeinated drinks consumed, often as a meal replacement; and a growing trend of chronic back pain and mental health issues amongst students and staff. I know myself that I gave my body little attention when studying, as I would focus only on getting an assignment finished on time or getting good grades.

You could say I was absent from my body, paying little or no attention to any physical sensations or signs from my body. For example, I can’t count the number of times I would find myself sitting in the same spot for hours, engrossed in some task, only to finally stop, move and then become aware of my numb backside and the tension in my shoulders. Another example would be eating while reading a book or watching TV, only noticing you’ve eaten too much and are feeling bloated when your plate is empty AND you haven’t even tasted the food. It seems that pain and discomfort quickly bring us back to being present in our body.

It has to be asked though, what kind of intelligence is OK with allowing the body to reach such a state of discomfort, pain and disharmony? Is that really intelligent?

To be honest, it’s not always pleasant to feel what’s happening in my body, but I’ve come to understand that any pain or discomfort is my body’s way of communicating to me that I’ve not been connected and, therefore, unaware of how absent or present I am in my daily life. I’m learning that the body knows exactly what it needs to support it to be in life, in complete harmony within, and with others, without stress and tension, moving through each day with ease – this is what I call intelligence.

Our body is in constant communication with us, however we tend to ignore it at the expense of our own health and well-being. I know when I allow myself time to stop, to breathe gently and to reconnect to my body, I have rediscovered a deep stillness, warmth, delicateness, loveliness, lightness and vitality within me. In feeling these qualities, I am inspired to move and act in a way that allows me to maintain them throughout my day, to the best of my ability. These qualities are always present in my body, but if I’m not connected and present with my body, then I can’t feel them and I’m more likely to do things that may cause me pain or discomfort.

Everyone can connect, or reconnect, to the innate whole body intelligence, simply by making a choice to stop and become present with the body, allowing an awareness of how or what the body is feeling at any given moment. Connecting with our breath is a great place to start to connect to the body and its very loving form of intelligence.

By Michelle Sheldrake, Social Science Researcher, Esoteric Massage Therapist, mother

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843 thoughts on “Connecting to a Body more Intelligent than the Mind

  1. The body is essentially our connection to the deeper parts of ourselves – when we stop to honour and care and deeply respect the body, then it communicates clearly with us and allows us a direct communication with our soul. The mind on the other hand can easily take over and give us an impression that we are connecting with something deeper – however this is the connection with our spirit, which really only ever skims the surface of what the soul is capable of. We of course have a choice – we can stay with the superficiality of the spirit, which many do (whilst believing that it is the soul), but when we truly connect with the deepest recesses (the soul) through the body, then we get to feel the fullness of what we have to deliver and once this has been felt, there is no turning back, there is only the complete and absolute care and honouring of the body with tenderness and delicateness. Soul can only work through us if we live the care, honouring and tenderness on a day to day basis with our body.

  2. I used to have a complete different understanding of the word intelligence as being a quality of the mind but in fact the mind is not intelligent at all, it is my body that holds a real intelligence that is connected to the grander whole such as nature, the universe and more, and thus with an all knowing that is just available to us by connection and does not need any study or regurgitation of matter learned from books, but relies on the level of our connection with our bodies first and almost.

  3. Michelle I feel that what you are sharing here can ring true for many of us, how we use our minds to drive the body. As a human race we have been taught from young to use the mind which we do constantly at the expense of our bodies and we are now paying for this dearly in the rates of illness and disease, we just have to look at what we actually put into our bodies in the way of food and drink. We know that we are really eating rubbish food with very little nourishment in it yet we continue to do this in spite of all the health warnings from the health care experts. There seems to me to be much more going on here than meets the eye, why are we eating and drinking ourselves into poor health and an early death? What is it about our current way of living that we don’t want to own up to?

  4. I found your blog very refreshing to read Michelle, and so profound in its simplicity. Connecting to our body will provide such common sense wisdom with regard to the ageing process.

  5. I don’t even think we have got close to understanding and realising the depth of the intelligence of the body – it’s kind of hard to when we come at it from the mind.

    1. I agree Nikki, an intelligence that all can access equally that is unfathomably vast in comparison to our current constraints of believing our heads have all the answers.

  6. Reading this is a great reminder to connect back to my body at any moment when I realise I’m not. Yesterday was a great example of loosing connection – for a moment and the tension in my muscles responded immediately, but with this loving reminder there is more I could have done at the moment of realisation to check in and feel what was going on, rather than a pseudo awareness to placate the discomfort.

  7. Thank you Michelle, I love the simplicity of the way we can reconnect and bring ourselves back from all the motion of life, it is always so simple and it just takes our willingness to connect to that which is natural within us and the more we appreciate this, the more we will want to hold that quality and stop oscillating to that which is not of our nature.

  8. When I’m not connected with my body, my mind takes over at my body’s expense and before long, I will feel tension in my back and shoulders. It’s very simple to reconnect back to my body and my breath.

  9. Our body is in constant communication with us…and this constant flow of information can be there to guide us home, literally to our true destination as a race… now that IS a big picture.

    1. Perfect timing to read this Chris, there is a true purpose to connecting to the communication our body offers.

  10. The concept of body intelligence is something not really appreciated by the world. Its not taught in schools, not really addressed by the medical areas, its just not seen. But there is no doubt whatsoever that the body is intelligent. It offers us wisdom every day. It is our choice whether or not we listen, observe and embrace it.

  11. “Connecting with our breath is a great place to start to connect to the body and its very loving form of intelligence” – breath awareness, is awareness in and of life.

  12. Feeling from the body makes so much sense, thats when I feel my inner-wisdom; there is a glow that comes from connecting to my body, which is felt in my whole being. Then especially when we think we are thinking, and all we are doing is regurgitating something that is at best someone else’s knowledge, this takes away any glow, which starts to make me feel numb in my body.

      1. Thank you Mary, and may I add this feeling starts out as a part of our healing, which is learning to be honest so that we can let go of our ideals and beliefs that we have held in our bodies thus keeping us from our inner-wisdom.

  13. Since attending universal medicine courses I have started to become aware of just how much I check out. I can be driving or doing any number of tasks when I notice I have gone into auto polite. This is not healthy for me or those around me. Coming back to me, staying connected and listening to my body allows me to be prepared for life and all that may get thrown at me.

  14. It is true the body has all the intelligence we need, but we are brought up to push to be intellectually smart, and this way of being has become far more valued, but with this way of being, those that are not book smart are seen as less.

  15. ‘This is an intelligence that inspires a deep love, care and honouring of myself, my body and others through a way of living that honours what the body knows before what the mind knows.’ This takes big decision-making to a whole new level. Buying a house, for instance, do we go through our list and see what boxes are ticked, or do we walk around and FEEL how each house feels.

  16. Its like through connecting to the physical body and feeling the essence from within, you can not deny that you are connecting deeply to a vast and spacious body of the Universe. The intelligence of this is the quality of a knowing beyond words.

  17. ‘ I’m learning that the body knows exactly what it needs to support it to be in life, in complete harmony within, and with others, without stress and tension, moving through each day with ease – this is what I call intelligence.’ Absolutely Michelle – a grand, universal intelligence . we have access to all of the time.

  18. What you read in a book might ‘work’ on a functional level to achieve a certain body shape or energy level, but it does not reveal to you the great depth of what is there to be felt. We need to care for our bodies, but not for the sake of glorifying it. Our body can receive the intelligence of the universe if it is cared for and listened to, This feels like the real purpose of body connection.

  19. Beautiful Michelle. Connecting to my body has recently revealed so much to me about how I can sometimes suppress bodily feelings because of some idea or ideal about the world. I have to go to a number of different homes to tutor my final year students for the HSC. I didn’t notice it in summer as it was warm but now as winter draws near the houses I visit are becoming colder and and no heat is being turned on there! I already have a log fire laid for when I come home from work so that I can just put a match to it. So when I am going to work I put on plenty of warm clothes but still notice that I am cold in these homes. So far I have been gritting my teeth and bearing it (though of course observe I am doing this and letting go) and have clocked that I feel awkward about the thought of asking them to put some heat on, as I do not want to dictate to others how they should run their house – it may be a kind of politeness thing, an ideal I am carrying. I do know this that my body does not like to be cold, it likes its fieriness to be held and supported. So yesterday I went and bought another down jacket and will see if that works.

  20. It makes sense that there is a universal intelligence that we all belong to and are part of.. What trips us up is trying to ‘know’ this and to own it from the physical, temporal viewpoint, as our intellect would try to have it.. This is not knowledge we can own, but rather a knowing we can choose to live from and by, and it cannot be lived from the self, only as part of the all.

  21. It is so true what you share about the fact that pain or discomfort bring us back into the body quickly. I have heard it said that this is the case, this is the actual reason for pain- so that we cant ignore or neglect our body or continue with how we are living if we choose to take on board the messages we receive from pain and are prepared to go deeper.

  22. How wise it is to listen to our body and to become aware of the depth of intelligence on offer – guidance, foresight and instant feedback on all of our choices and how they are living us.

  23. Connecting with our body is the most simple and easiest of things but we like to make it more complicated by thinking that it needs to be done a certain way or in a certain place, time etc. Connecting with the body is simple and takes seconds, and can be done through our movements and breath. It might take a while to consistently live this connection, but that’s okay. In my experience the more I connect to my body and feel what to do instead of trying to work it all out, the more I want to connect to it because it feels so lovely, and means I just know what I need to do next: no floundering, just getting on with it.

  24. It seems so automatic to reach for knowledge from the experts when our body breaks down in its function in some way. Yet we ignore the inner wisdom that is naturally there if only we take a moment to connect.

  25. The intelligence that we know is not true intelligence it’s all from our mind, for true intelligence we need to drop into our body and connect to the wisdom that is available to all of us.

  26. Yes indeed, Michelle. Whole body intelligence gives us a much clearer picture of what is actually going on within and around us.

  27. “It seems that pain and discomfort quickly bring us back to being present in our body.” I had never thought of it like that before Michelle but it is true the only time I used to be aware of my body was when it was in pain, but even then it would be isolated to a specific area where the pain was and didn’t connect to my whole body. The body is super intelligent and pain is its way of saying something is not right and is sending us messages all the time, learning to listen to them has turned my life around.

  28. For me just the title says it all
    “Connecting to a Body more Intelligent than the Mind”
    I disliked school so much as a child I constantly ran away out of class all the way back home. I have had an aversion to education all my life. I am coming to the realisation that my body had an aversion because it knows to it’s very core that the current education system actually crushes our innate knowing which does come from our bodies. And for me reconnecting back to our bodies is the most intelligent thing we can do.

  29. We have a habit of ignoring the body and driving everything from the head, one small part of the whole. And that small part thinks it can call the shots, supported by a total absence from our very physicality, much to our detriment.

  30. Recently I have had a sprained ankle and it has been a great way to get me to pay more attention to my body and honour it more deeply. We can so easily take our body for granted and it is only when things start to happen to the body, for example, we eat something and we bloat that we begin to pay attention to what the body is trying to tell us. The truth is the body is always communicating with us, it is a question of whether we want to listen or not.

  31. It is a supreme arrogance when the mind disregards the body over and over again, over-riding the constant communication it so lovingly supplies.

  32. “I’m learning that the body knows exactly what it needs to support it to be in life…” It is remarkable Michelle how much our bodies know and communicate to us all the time, and the more we listen to them the more we can understand how much we tend to let our minds run the show instead, and consequently life is much more complicated and stressful than it needs to be.

  33. A beautiful reminder of how powerful it is to stop and feel the body. It’s something that most of us do not do, but from experience when I remember to stay connected in this way my whole life feels so much easier and I have way more energy. It’s strange that our default is to ignore the very vehicle we walk around in.

  34. I work with people and their bodies everyday. The one thing that I do notice is the hard time we give ourselves because of our body. We think that our body has failed us when we become sick rather than simply communicating. It’s a very big difference and we can’t see the communication when we don’t have self-care and self-love as a foundation. The problem is with that hard time we give ourselves, this self-critique affects our body even more.

  35. The mind won’t communicate to us when we are sick, but our body is very quick to let us know our lifestyle choices are hurting us.

    1. True – our mind is more likely to compel us to keep going in an ill pattern and momentum or to override any feeling we may be aware of… our body is transparent and hides nothing.

      1. And to take it even further, the mind will defend and justify the fact that the body is sick to begin with. To hide these lies, and the loudness of the body, it has many ways to numb, dull and distract the awareness that is being constantly received. This is not so intelligent after all.

  36. Michelle, I really get that the body comes distant second to the mind. To me the mind is always wanting to take control of the body at all times, it doesn’t want to let go and allow the body to feel what is going on. I have discovered that the mind hates stillness and there seems to be a constant need from the mind to be distracted, if there is a lack of focus there is a lack of purpose. It sometimes feels like a flow of distracting thoughts and so I’m learning discipline, that when these thoughts come in to cut them off and to come back to me, how does my body feel. Actually a great way to bring me back is writing my comments.

  37. I am loving the fact that I have finally figured out that my “body knows exactly what it needs to support it to be in life” but it’s has taken me quite a while to get to this understanding. My job is simply to learn to listen to it, to get a sense of what it is asking of me and then to take action. After working so often in separation to it all I need to remember is that my body is the wisest friend I could ever have and together we make a great team.

  38. How we run our bodies with our minds at our bodies expense when we do not connect and feel where we are at in any given moment.

  39. Abandoning the body for the mind leaves us able to treat our bodies with disregard, drive and hardness, Livingness connected to the continious messages our body is giving us leaves reminds us to connect to our innate qualities of stillness and tenderness.

  40. The enormity of our bodies intelligence is something that I have found difficult to get my head around so to speak because I’ve spent so long focusing on the intelligence of the mind and how intelligence is related to academic achievement. Connecting to our bodies intelligences brings an equalness to all.

  41. I have experienced the same thing Michelle – by reconnecting to my breath and my body and accessing a state of steadiness or settlement in my body, opens up a depth and breadth of understanding of life around me and within me that I did not previously believe was possible.

  42. “Our body is in constant communication with us.” Very true Michelle. What if we had listened to our body when we tried that first puff of a cigarette? Or a first sip of strong alcohol? Would we have persevered? We all know our stomach speaks to us when we have overeaten. Why do we override these feelings and ignore or deny them? There may be many answers, from peer pressure to comfort, the important thing is to listen to what our body tells us – and then honour it. If we don’t then why do we act surprised to learn that we have a disease diagnosis?

  43. It is very common for people to sit in front of the TV and consume huge amounts of food not even considering how much they are eating or if the food even agrees with them. We need to ask our self why do we allow this level of abuse? We may not do it to this degree, but how often do we go to dinner at some one’s house and eat what is put in front of us, even if it does not agree with us, all in the guise of being polite? Same, same, just a little different. There is a myriad of ways we abuse ourself by not listening and responding to what our body is telling us.

    1. I know exactly what you mean for me if I start having something I find it hard to stop, give me a chocolate cake and I will eat the whole thing I could never stop at 1 slice, or in front of the tv a bag of popcorn – its always been all or nothing. I know this has to do with the fact that I feel the effect of a small amount in my body and so go to the extreme to override it in a way to numb my body so I think I can’t feel it – it is crazy really and the next day and even longer is then when i really feel it!

  44. It is worth remembering that our actual body extends beyond what we can physically see. It has, what is esoterically referred to as an atma. Some people call this an aura, although our atma is much bigger than that. And it is actually within that atma, or field of universal connection where we can access true intelligence, which then in turn is communicated to the body, and the mind, if so aligned. So how do you form a relationship with your alma. For one, you have to open up, and you do that in part by creating a body that is not dense. Thus why a tender state of being, where the muscles are not held tight, is more akin to such expansion than a state of hardness. Equally, if you open yourself up to feeling life, you open yourself up to the field of life, known as atma. So part of the esoteric way is learning to feel and accept both things that you don’t want to feel and things you might like to feel – equally so. And so I could go on. But it is in such expansion of our awareness beyond the plane of physicality that true intelligence is offered to us, and all the answers to life that we eternally seek revealed in an instant. Only ironically, once such answers are offered to, you realise by virtue of the simplicity of that which is offered, that there is nothing enlightening about access to such knowledge at all. And so your thirst for such knowledge is revealed for the very first time as completely unnecessary and superfluous compared to the connection to life that you now hold and embrace.

    1. Accepting what we don’t want to feel as well as what we do want to feel – unless we’re prepared to accept feeling everything, including the momentum of our own past choices, we’ll find a million ways to dull our awareness and choose not to feel it all. That’s why self love and self care are so supportive in increasing our awareness. They provide the bedrock, the foundation, to come back to, when we start feeling more. We can either freak out and react to everything we can feel, or come back to that feeling of solidness and stillness that is always within and waiting to be connected to.

      1. beautifully expressed byroninge. It is self love and the foundation it provides that assists us to deal with all that there is to feel and life, and not be affected by it.

  45. I agree that it is not always pleasant to feel our bodies when we have not been looking after ourselves but when we choose to I find the amount of support my body offers me is huge. It is like a super fast track wise assistant back to love. Otherwise I can choose to override it and eventually be stopped by exhaustion or some kind of illness.

  46. It is life changing when we make the shift from our head to our bodies, it certainly was for me. Listening to my body I make choices that nourish and truly nurture my body. Many years on my body shape has changed to a perfect weight that suits my height and I look and feel younger.

  47. It is interesting to observe how we feel intelligence brings us success, yet when we stay in our mind we miss many opportunities that are actually telling us that we are overriding what our body needs in order to support ourselves, and through building a connection within myself I realise that success comes from within, because everything we need to know is already known.

  48. If we don’t connect to what our bodies can communicate to us, we are lost in a jungle of competing forces all trying to hold sway over our being, dictating what we are to think, and act – and the greatest trick, and imprisonment, of all is that those forces can even make us feel that we are in complete control of our lives. Yet deep down we all have a truth that knows itself and it is this that we can connect to through the body, which will for once and for all guide us out of the darkness and back to the light we came from.

  49. This is a great sharing on the true connection of our bodies and all it shows us as a living way and the difference this makes in our lives with the connection to the all that we are so intrinsically part of.

  50. What if we would all honour our body while we work and go along our day? I think we would be just as productive or even more without the push and drive that makes our body need caffeine and sugar to be able to keep going. Haven’t we been settling for so much less ?

  51. I just love the title of this blog – says everything straight up – ‘ Connecting to a Body more Intelligent than the Mind’ Yes, my body holds true intelligence – what a revelation! Turns everything that is taught in our education system on its head.

  52. I ask myself, how am I really feeling this moment? And am I respecting what I am truly feeling, do I dare to change the rhythm of what I think I have to follow and truly just respond to what my body is saying?I am feeling hungry, but I don’t want to stop commenting because it is a tight schedule this morning my mind tells me. Right, I am going to stop writing this comments right now and go and replenish with a nurturing breakfast, and resume comments after 🙂 Let’s explore and let you know how that experience is later.

    1. Great reminder Adele to regularly ask ourselves how we are feeling. I have found by sharing with people around me how I am feeling especially when I am feeling out of sorts, it supports me to be more aware of my body and reminds me to be gentler on myself.

  53. I thought connecting back to my body was hard – but actually it’s really simple – all I need to do is say I’m in my head.

  54. When I am in a rush or pushing myself to get something done I easily disconnect from my body and ignore the signs and messages it sends me. Which often leads to sore backs, sore neck and shoulders or sometime injury. I am learning to not rush or push my body and take more care in listening to what my body communicates to me. When I do listen, the quality of what I do improves and I feel I have the energy to do more. Interesting how exhausting it is to rush and push our body when we can choose to work with our body instead of against it.

  55. “What I’ve discovered is that my body feels far more what supports it to be vital and healthy in life and relationships than anything I’ve ever read in books.” This is so true Michelle. Nothing can replace the lived experience of what we feel and know to be true in our bodies.

  56. What I now experience, or should say, start experience that being in my body, connecting to my body more and more brings deep joy. Connecting to my body is my connection to God. Which can be maintained with all the feelings of sadness, emptiness, anger that are still stored there.
    It feels just like a beginning.

  57. And once we make that gorgeous connection with our body, it becomes a forever deepening – an intelligence that comes from and is full of Love.

  58. The more aware, honouring and connected to my body I am, the more I can feel the struggles of control the mind demands.

  59. “…it is in this connection that the intelligence of the body is revealed…” An intelligence that is all about awareness and a knowing… not an intelligence that has to prove, to be better than or to conquer. There is a difference in the quality of each isn’t there…

  60. Apart from the fact that all of the true riches of life such as love and the intelligence of the Universe are connected to through our body, what is the point of being very rich or so called successful if your body is unwell or suffering. It simply does not make any sense to not take care of our bodies.

  61. ‘Our body is in constant communication with us, however we tend to ignore it at the expense of our own health and well-being.’ Well said and very true Michelle, it is crazy that so much emphasis is put on the intelligence of the mind and so many ignore the whole body intelligence as this is truly key to great success and joy in our lives.

  62. Our body and all of it’s communications is something that needs to be very deeply appreciated. If it wasn’t for our body and its unending communications, we would never know that we are so much more and connected to so much than we could ever imagine.

  63. The intelligence of our body, that inner knowing that knows so well and so much, is the voice that humanity must listen to, to pull itself out of the morass that it has willfully ended up in.

  64. This is great what you have shared about body intelligence as our feelings from within give a clear indication of who we are and our thoughts from our head seem to keep us in the illusion that this life is all we have.

  65. No university degree is required to live the universal intelligence that is available to all. All that is required is a body, which we all have, the will to surrender to the communication that is forever offered to us, which we also all have, and honesty in order to honour the truth that is felt in our bodies, which is a choice that we also all can make. When we study the quality of our movements in relation to how we feel in our bodies we discover that there is a far greater intelligence at play, one that we are already a part of as such have access to. True power and wisdom is lived when we honor our connection to this quality, the universal truth of us all, guided by our whole body intelligence.

    1. That exposes the non intelligence of the mind we tend to connect to the most as when I look around I see people, including myself that that is exactly what we in general are doing. And through this disregard we bring to the body by that ‘false’ mind we are numbing our body from feeling and connecting to that inner spark that actually is that truly intelligent mind you are talking about.

  66. I agree Michelle, we have been tricked into believing that intelligence is the equivalent of knowledge and that there lays real success and security in our lives, when in truth, success is when we can live with others openly and harmoniously with an open heart.

  67. “It seems that pain and discomfort quickly bring us back to being present in our body.” I know this to be the way of our bodies to communicate to us that we have to stop with what we are doing as it is dismissive and in disregard with it. But to my own experience I tended to, and sometimes still do, not to listen to what my body has to say but feel annoyed by the discomfort it brings and from that I look for the quick fix to relieve the pain instead.

  68. I love how you bring the gentleness and loveliness our body provides to the for and how this is for all to have and experience when we dedicate ourselves to truly look after our bodies and nurture, honour and cherish them for the delicate, sophisticated and intelligent vehicles they are. It is like a precious car that deserves all our attention to the littlest detail.

  69. This blog made me so aware of where my mind can wander and it takes me a while to actually notice! I would be reading, what was written would trigger a memory, I would head off and investigate that memory, play out a scenario or two and then realise that I was still reading! How often does this happen in other areas?! Worth being honest and eating a slice of humble pie!!

  70. “Connecting to a Body more Intelligent than the Mind” – as i’ve learned, when you get to become aware of this you start to really look after and appreciate the body instead of looking after the mental mind keeping it alert, stimulated and distracted thinking you’re remaining being ‘switched on’ — though in truth switched off in connection to the body whilst it withers in illness or dis-ease; the mind whirring on in trapped belief.

  71. A super supportive blog Michelle on how the body is communicating with us all the time, and it is our own free will how much we listen to it. Like yourself I have also discovered; ‘that my body feels far more what supports it to be vital and healthy in life and relationships than anything I’ve ever read in books’.

  72. It is also interesting to see how we can glorify the body and seem to consider it yet, it is used as a means to an end- to achieve our preferred image, gain us something, use to get us somewhere or someone and the list goes on… all in all an abuse of the body and still at the body and therefore our beings expense.

  73. Whole body mindedness is the way forwards or back we could say to an intelligence that is harmonious and encompassing of us all.

  74. What I love about the body’s intelligence is that it never stops it’s loving messages and as we get more refined in our treatment of the body so too do the messages get clearer so we are always given support by it to treat it even more lovingly.

  75. This is so lovely to re-visit in the morning before the mind starts with the list of mentally calculated activities. When taking a moment to feel my body and observe for a few moments my gentle breath, I usually can feel an instant re-write of the ‘list’ and while some of the task might be the same, the push and intensity are no longer there.

  76. That’s just it what type of intelligence would ignore the vehicle that allows it to move, to communicate, to live in effect – when the question is put that way it exposes the fallacy of our mind centric and driven society and how we effectively live as a mind on a stick ignoring our greatest asset our body. And this is no accident as our bodies clearly tell us (often through pain and discomfort) how we are in fact being and what is going on around us; often we do not want to know this because it rocks our ideas of how we are and how Love is (it braids a picture or ideal we have), but thank God for the body which shows us how we in fact are and allows us to consider and choose another way – it is indeed our greatest treasure.

  77. I truly appreciate the quality this sentence reflects: “I have found that connecting to my body is as simple as making a choice to stop and do so.” It is so simple – reading one sentence brings me deeper into the connection with my body. I’m just pondering what a day with conscious stop moments will feel like and how the quality of everything I do will be deepened.

  78. Beautifully expressed Michelle. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by how far we have strayed from the natural intelligence our body offers. I can feel I have a lot of ingrained behaviours to deal with. Your blog reminds me that it isn’t difficult to reconnect to my body and the wisdom it offers.

  79. Interesting – I was at a University open day yesterday and the 5th year students we met felt very much like walking brains with little or no connection to their bodies. It was not a great advertisement, although as you say this is what is championed out there in the world and particularly at this University. We watched a mock interview and one of the questions was how do you deal with a stressful situation… the answer is simple – connect to my body, to allow myself to be absolutely present with whatever comes up.

  80. The mind is quite often like an evil dictator and the rest of the body is like the people who have to go along with the laws and decisions made up by the evil dictator with no regard for the people, even though the people are more intelligent than the dictator.

  81. ‘ It has to be asked though, what kind of intelligence is OK with allowing the body to reach such a state of discomfort, pain and disharmony? Is that really intelligent?’ No it’s not! This is an intelligence that is not worthy of such a name. It is full of wilfulness, desire, protection, and lots of other rubbish, you name it. True is intelligence is our and it is based on and in Love. Love is the highest form of intelligence.

  82. Ignoring the body and instead to give precedence over the mind is a way of living we see a lot in our nowadays societies. We do conform to this way of being as we think that this is the way to comply to the demands of society. While we think we are doing well because we have found ways to cope with these demands, we are actually not much better off than those who have chosen to not participate and are the so called drop outs. We think they are the losers in life but maybe have listened to their bodies instead and have found ways to honour that. But fact is that it is hard for our societies to honour these choices, that’s why we still see it as a problem but not as a way to go all of us.

  83. Michelle, this is so simple and beautiful; ‘I have found that connecting to my body is as simple as making a choice to stop and do so. I allow myself to become aware of my breath and then to breathe gently, allowing my breath to return to its own natural rhythm’.

  84. “Everyone can connect, or reconnect, to the innate whole body intelligence, simply by making a choice to stop and become present with the body, allowing an awareness of how or what the body is feeling at any given moment.” I understand this, but there was a time when I didn’t even know I had a body, I mean that I was so far in my head all the time that I couldn’t feel my body at all. What turned it around for me was having supportive sessions with Universal Medicine therapies and practitioners. It was with the support of therapies such as chakra puncture that turned my life around and was able to be in my body and redevelop a loving relationship with myself.

  85. We’ve placed the mind on a pedestal of something that is highly intelligent. Commonly, the body comes in second place or sometimes doesn’t even get a placing. How wrong we are and when we honour the body’s intelligence, we’ll see the mind is not all we’ve made it out to be.

  86. How can intelligence be only intelligent to one part of the body? If it forgets the rest of the whole body? This same applies for all the other matters in life and exposes us that the intelligence we have allowed to be running the show – is not actually intelligence. Ouch, and quiet an exposé to what this “intelligence” have been doing: divide, instead of connecting together to its whole.
    So, what is the true intelligence that is pulsing to be lived ? Inside you, in your heart, in all that you breath forth.. You choose the form of intelligence all of the time. Remember it can only be one or the other. One that is and one that is not. So which one will you life by?

  87. All the intelligence and support we need flows through us when we choose to self-love. Love is the key that opens the door (heart) to the ageless wisdom within giving us access to an awareness of knowing exactly how to handel whatever life presents us with and at the same time, an awareness of how to live and be to remain open to receive all that we need. We are truly taken care of.

  88. “These qualities are always present in my body, but if I’m not connected and present with my body, then I can’t feel them and I’m more likely to do things that may cause me pain or discomfort.”
    As I choose my qualities to lead how I move my body, I am literally ‘gob smacked’ as to feeling the stark contrast between moving with my qualities and without them. It is almost rediculous just how far away from our bodies we stepped. Thank you Serge Benhayon for again reminding us that we hold a quality, and it is up to us to move with it.

  89. It is simple to re-connect to our bodies once we stop and allow ourselves to simple sit and feel. Sitting and feeling can be a stark contrast to how otherwise we may be living and sometimes it makes me squirm. But it can be only a few minutes before the squirm settles and then the connection is restored. It truly is the most valuable few minutes of the day.

  90. What I’ve noticed when connecting to my breath is that it reminds me that I have a body dangling below my head. I’m most aware of this when I’m doing exercise. To the best of my ability I breath through my nose and not through my mouth. This allows me to stay connected to what I’m doing and also is a clear indicator of when I’m pushing my body too hard, as it’s impossible to over do it when you are solely breathing through your nose. With practice my fitness has increased and I’ve developed a greater awareness of how my body is feeling.

  91. When we allow our body to take the lead and we are open to what it is communicating we connect to the truth and inner wisdom within us to support us through life.

  92. I did a 5 minute meditation with a class of teenagers recently. It was interesting to note how many of them found it uncomfortable at first to sit still and bring their attention in to observe how their body felt. Eventually they did all settle, and at the end said they would like to do it more often. In this current fast paced way of living, where its all about ‘doing’ many don’t give themselves an opportunity to check in with how they are feeling.

    1. What you are doing Debra is amazing and at the same time very simple and real. Giving the opportunity to those teenagers to go deeper in their body awareness now, is key for their future life, as they already find the tools to come back to their body, simply by starting from their own breath, having more clarity in their choices and life. This is a big gift for them!

  93. Thank you Michelle for sharing about whole body intelligence, it is amazing and so simple to stop and come bach to the gentle breath and just feel what the body is saying, sometimes I get so caught up in the mind with what I am the doing that I am reminded as I kick my toe or bump my hip that it is time to come back to my body and just feel.

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