Taking True Responsibility for my Behaviour

I was told to take responsibility for many things from quite a young age with no real conversation as to why this was important. I was told to clean my room, wash the dishes, do my other jobs, do my homework in the designated time, not to over-eat, eat a balanced diet… the list of expectations my parents had of me was endless.

I would rebel and take as little responsibility as I could. One of my behaviours was to sit on the toilet each night after dinner until the dishes had been done. Not sure how I got away with that for so long. I often wondered why I was such an obnoxious brat growing up.

I observed my mother overeating and eating all the wrong foods. My father did not do a thing around the house and if dinner was not ready when he got home from work he got very cranky. He left all the cooking and cleaning etc. up to my mother and us kids, who had to be screamed at to get anything done, and when that did not work the wooden spoon came out.

They smoked copious amounts of cigarettes inside the house and drank every evening. My mother started with a sherry or vermouth at 4.00pm joined by my father when he returned from work, then wine with dinner. They would chain smoke when our family piled into the Holden, four sometimes five of us in the back seat. They wondered why we would be punching each other in the back of the car and, intermittently, one of them would turn around and scream at us to take responsibility for our behaviour.

We often did not listen to them as there was no ‘role-modelling’ of what taking responsibility really looked like. Of course there was the obvious – my father ran his own business and he was very good at this; my mother was on every committee she could sign up to in the local community, and she led many of them and she was very good at this. Even as a kid I knew that this was not true responsibility. My mother loved her committees because it gave her a sense of worth and an excuse to get out of the house and my father used work to escape from our fairly dismal home life.

In my teenage years my irresponsible behaviour escalated into a whole other level – dropping out of school, taking copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, not working, living off the dole and not caring about the effect my behavior was having on any of my family and friends.

I lived this way on and off for the next 30 years until I met Serge Benhayon and heard him present on energetic responsibility, and coming from a man who was actually living what he presented, this had a huge impact on me. It was extremely healing even though very confronting at forty-five, to have to see the effect my irresponsible way of living had on myself, my health, my mental state, my children and all my family and friends. I also healed any resentment and anger I had towards my parents, as I was able to look back and understand that they were doing the best they could at the time given they were also a product of their parents, thus unable to role–model true responsibility.

Nearly fifteen years later, the way I live has changed beyond recognition from my earlier life, and my relationship with responsibility has changed immensely from one of thinking it was a ‘burden’ to one of seeing that the more true responsibility I take, the more fulfilling my life becomes.

I am constantly looking at ways to deepen this responsibility, and interestingly, whenever the next level is offered I find myself at first resistant. But I am so onto this pattern, which is to think it is “too hard” and that “I cannot do it,” that the awareness I have developed around it means I do not give in to it. Even though at times I am not sure what exactly is being asked of me, I’m prepared to give it a go whether that be a shift in the quality in which I approach life, or specifically with a job or project that asks for greater responsibility.

The embracing of what true responsibility is brings great joy into my life and I can deeply appreciate that I am now able to be a role model to others with an understanding that I did not have growing up.

By Mary-Louise Myers, Complementary Healing Practitioner, Goonellabah, NSW, Australia

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623 thoughts on “Taking True Responsibility for my Behaviour

  1. We are responsible for all of our movements, we can choose to move with hardness, disconnected from our bodies or we can choose to connect to our natural delicacy and express this thus reflecting another way of being to others.

  2. You have shared that our behaviours do not need to be repeated generation after generation. Asking our children and teenagers to contribute is about teaching commitment and responsibility to life, thank you for the inspiration to have a deeper look at how I am and the reflection I offer.

  3. Great sharing Mary-Louise. You show that no matter where we came from, no matter what we have done previous to this point in time, we can always make different choices and be a true role model – without perfection – to society.

  4. Powerful blog and message Mary-Louise – showing us all that when we truly that responsibility it is something to that takes care of you and the whole, so never is it a burden – but the opposite. The burden that we are feeling is simply the fact that we have not been taking our responsibility earlier. A powerful blog that actually shows us how taking responsibility = is beautiful.

  5. Back again – a perfect time to re-read this and be reminded that taking responsibility for our behaviour and the environment we create around ourselves is one that feeds the larger environment for those around us. We can all be the change we want to see in the world and in our lives and we can start at any age.

  6. “I am so onto this pattern, which is to think it is “too hard” and that “I cannot do it,” that the awareness I have developed around it means I do not give in to it.”
    I am developing just this level of awareness for myself and becoming acutely aware how sneaky this pattern is and how solid I need to be in trusting what I feel, not giving into whatever thoughts float around. As it is only when I give such thoughts air time, that they impact the steadiness and absolute trust I have in myself.

  7. Love what you offer in that when we take responsibility it takes care of us – the more responsibility we say yes to, the more we are offered… beautiful.

  8. To clearly see and understand what true responsibility shows us the joy in it, the fact it’s asking us to go to that next level that we already are but now just need to live. And it’s new for many of us as we’ve grown up in a similar way to you Mary-Louise, being asked to be responsible but with no true models of how to do so, and indeed neither had our parents or theirs before them, so it feels like there are many of us waking up again to the understanding of what responsibility in fact is and what it means to live that. I very much appreciate your honesty here Mary-Louise in talking of the resistance that can come up when we’re asked to go to the next level and how if we stick with it we do get through this, it’s about our willingness to give it a go, and not about being perfect but being willing to see our part in the wider picture of what responsibility is asking of all of us.

  9. Thank you Mary- Louise. I always hated the word responsibility for it always was loaded to what another person wanted. By their beliefs by culture or their way of looking at God and what God wanted, by the way they wanted their life to be and it all made no sense to me. I had a degree of understanding in that I knew the world did not live responsibility, if they did the world would not be in the mess it was in. Like you Mary-Louise when I came across Universal Medicine and Serge benhayon I truly learnt what responsibility was/is. I have a responsibility to be and express all that I am in the truth of where we all come from, we all have this responsibility equally, ” energetic responsibility ” And a responsibility not to give into the ideals and beliefs that are imposed on us all.

  10. Sometimes the word responsibility is used as a put down from others as a way of saying someone is not doing the right thing. Deep down we all know what taking responsibility means, however we can play a game where we think we can get away with compromise here and there. That way of living always catches up with you. Now responsibility means knowing that I am in control of all of my choices, and in that there is a freedom from blaming others and playing the victim.

  11. Responsibility is taught by our acts, not by our words. When we talk about responsibility there must me an energetic responsibilty that is really taken place in our life to be a model to others. If this is not the case, we are miseducating and feeding the opposite of what we say.

  12. When we develop our awareness of what taking true responsibility means, from an ever deepening connection with ourselves, the more we are naturally impulsed to take true responsibility understanding on many levels how this effects and is felt by everyone around us.

  13. I often come back to this blog and each time I completely forget that it is about you Mary-Louise because you are so responsible! For that reason, it inspires me to know how much things can change when we understand why we do what we do, not simply what we do. You share with us all how much we are masters of our own lives.

  14. And this is just one life of the many hundreds of lives that are gradually being transformed by the extraordinary rekindling of true awareness that Serge Benhayon offers to humanity.

  15. Thank you Mary-Louise for very clearly reminding us all that true responsibility is not about what you do but rather the quality in which you do it. In a world that is bombarded by the importance of function we need to be well reminded that it is more than this.

  16. “But I am so onto this pattern, which is to think it is “too hard” and that “I cannot do it,” that the awareness I have developed around it means I do not give in to it” I have been learning to say ‘yes’ even though it may feel scary at times. But we re never given more than we can cope with – and can always ask for support. We cannot do it all alone.

  17. You have brought me another level of understanding about why I withdraw and where it comes from. I could feel myself get bitter and resentful about it and yet actually I can see there is much to appreciate because I can now bring understanding to it and heal the pattern of reacting and withdrawing. It is now for me to live the life I know we are here to live and to shine as that example to others so they too can see it is possible to do, regardless of the parenting or the reflections they had growing up.

  18. What a turn around of how you used to live with no responsibility, to now being truly responsible and inspiring others and your family along the way.

  19. ” The embracing of what true responsibility is brings great joy into my life and I can deeply appreciate that I am now able to be a role model to others with an understanding that I did not have growing up.”
    This is wonderful Mary-Louise thank you.

  20. I recognise this too at times, I am choosing to deepen ‘this responsibility, and interestingly, whenever the next level is offered I find myself at first resistant.’ Great to nominate what is at play when this resistance happens as you do.

  21. This is really great Mary-Louise, ‘The embracing of what true responsibility is brings great joy into my life and I can deeply appreciate that I am now able to be a role model to others’, you certainly are.

    1. Yes, we think that rebellion is the way to go to change things but it is only a statement that things are not working and is not offering any true change. We do not need to show the world that things are not working by pointing them out and judging them. What truly changes the world is when we start to live what we deep down know is to be true and abide to it with our every breath and move and deepen it in our daily life.

  22. You show how much we learn from what is lived and not from what is said and that we are no victims to how we have been brought up but can always change the course of our life by living by what we know is true and claim this as our living way.

  23. A great sharing Mary-Louise on bringing the joy of true energetic responsibility into your life and by your way of living become a true role model for others.

  24. That is truly miraculous and unheard of that you have turned your life around after 30 years of living basically as a ‘drop out’in society and that not only have you healed yourself but now serve and work to improve your community.

    1. Yes agreed Andrew – what a testament to the fact that truth is always on offer for us to live, regardless of our age, gender, culture or how far away we have wandered, we only need to begin saying ‘yes’.

  25. I agree Mary-Louise our life changes beyond all recognition when we learn about energetic responsibility and open up our awareness to understand what taking true responsibility means to us and in relation to everyone else.

  26. ‘responsibility has changed immensely from one of thinking it was a ‘burden’ to one of seeing that the more true responsibility I take, the more fulfilling my life becomes.’ We are never taught this in school, thank you for sharing Mary-Louise

  27. What I find so beautiful about embracing responsibility is that the more you accept the more is on offer, and the with that offering, the opportunity to live with greater depths of who we are in honour of all that we are part of and connected to. Responsibility is now a joy as I understand and have experienced how empowering it is to embrace all that is on offer when we say ‘yes’ to responsibility.

  28. we have so many different interpretations of what responsibility means but none of them include being responsible for the quality in which we move through life. In most versions being responsible is being something or doing something you would rather not whereas true responsibility is all about being who you really are and living that in it’s full glory.

  29. Mary-Louise I recognise the pattern of resistance when there is a next level of responsibility to go to and like you I have become aware of it. And although it is not always easy I also recognise the determination with which you keep on going because we know the other way so well and it is not worth going back to.

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