The Big Picture of Saying No to the Small Print

These days just getting a new e-mail account comes with reams of terms, which realistically, most of us in our exhaustion, apathy and acceptance of how ridiculous it has become, just sign without reading it all: but recently, I had a different experience. We just got a new insurance company to cover our new-to-us car.

I set up the coverage and paid for six months on the phone. Two weeks later I got the official ’application package’ where I was to put my signature in all the right places – but there was a clause in there which had not been mentioned before I started the policy with the payment.

The Small Print

I was to sign to allow myself to be a target for the worst kind of telemarketing. It said I did not have to sign but “…in order to complete the purchase and ensure the rate and effectiveness of the client’s desired insurance coverage…” they would need permission for the telemarketing… so basically, they were saying that if I did not sign, my premium would increase (as much as they wanted to increase it) and there would be no guarantee that they would take care of me if anything happened which is not a clause I wanted to accept, so I took a moment to consider my choices and feel what to do.

The Choice

I could do the easy thing and choose to compromise my own sense of what is right in order to sign it, keep my cheap rate and go about my life – but in doing so knowing I was allowing another big company to get away with ‘business-as-usual,’ in other words – bullying, blackmail and the oppression and abuse of many people for the profit of a few – or I could just deal with it and say “No.”

I was tired and I had lots of other things that felt important for me to take care of, but I could not sign (agree) to this and let accountability ‘slide’.

In my cancellation letter, I included my reason why. They still wanted to charge a $50 cancellation fee but I explained that when I agreed to the policy, they had not disclosed this stipulation. Six phone calls and over an hour of being on hold later, they waived the fee. The fourth representative was genuinely caring – she got me to an advisor and she made sure the fee was waived.

Throughout those phone calls I kept coming back to who I am by breathing gently and bringing my awareness to my body (so I would not slip into my old patterns of frustration) and I actually felt how lovely it was to be me and to be on the line with other human beings and that was beautiful. I found another company, more expensive, but worth every penny.

The Big Picture

Through the teachings of Universal Medicine, and as a result of being inspired to develop more and more self-care and love for myself and to take responsibility for all my choices, I have realised that everything is an opportunity to learn, understand and connect with myself and others.

Had I not had the role models and the support of people who are walking the talk, I’m sure I would still be missing these beautiful opportunities to deepen this love for myself, others and life on the whole and would still be struggling in an existence that previously made little sense to all that I feel inside. Had I not known people who are truly adhering to the deepest integrity found within us all (living in accordance to our inner most essence), I know I would still be contributing to my own un-wellness and to that which does not feel right to me about how we live in the world.

If we think we are safe or protected because we don’t live under a dictatorship, we need to look around. If we think we can sit back and expect to be treated with respect and fairness, because ‘we have democracy’ or money or a job or whatever… we need to look again and ask ourselves “What if life is about learning to take deeper levels of individual responsibility than what we have been doing?”

Corruption and oppression will continue to reign from corporations to the people and between people on personal levels all around the world for as long as we go along with it.

I am not advocating any mission, agenda or revolt, however I feel a responsibility to not allow abuse that I am aware of (including self abuse) to go un-named. I feel that when I accept less than respect, it is a loss for everyone, as this gives the world the message that we can do business or ‘get by’ at the expense of our humanity.

Coldness, separatism, oppression and harm will continue between people unabated until we claim that there is another way and live to show this other way by not leaving what we truly feel out of the equation in anything we do. In other words we can and will make a True difference when we no longer compromise on what we know is true for us all in order to stay in a form of social comfort.

I have drawn immense inspiration and support from Serge Benhayon and my practitioner Bina Pattel, who are living this other way by openly being and expressing from the fullness of who they are.

By Jo Elmer- Concord, CA USA

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723 thoughts on “The Big Picture of Saying No to the Small Print

  1. The small print can be often overlooked or given the embellishment flavour to sell the product or must have approach. It is interesting to note that when we clock this we are given the opportunity to note that all that shimmers may not be gold and to question this is bringing more transparency for all.

  2. There is an enormous amount of small print just in living in the world… And therein lies the traps for most people… It is the attention to detail that is now so important.

  3. Why do we say yes to the small print? There is so much revealed here in the willingness to go the fine print to feel that we are calling out respect and integrity of all our actions.

  4. “I feel a responsibility to not allow abuse that I am aware of (including self abuse) to go un-named.” In doing so we also return to our natural sensitivity and can feel where something we may have previously taken as normal eg. speaking sharply to our partner, is also abusive.

  5. Opening up to seeing that everything is an opportunity to learn, grow, understand and connect more with ourselves in truth and with that everyone else we meet is truly enriching.

  6. It is inspiring that even though you were tired and had lots of other things to do you did not let this slip and I think this is something that happens all to much in we let things slip because we are busy, tired or stressed etc so take the easier ‘option’ out which includes dropping our integrity or holding others accountable. However though in the end this is not an easy ‘option’ as we compromise ourselves and what is true to us. I feel this is a big lesson for us all to learn.

  7. We have agreed to a world that looks sweet on the surface but underneath comes with huge catches – which we know full well. We prefer to carry on with our nice picture and live with the fact that it’s all a sham. But as you show Jo we don’t have to – we always have the ability to untick the box that says ‘I consent’.

  8. We create a world that doesn’t support, nurture or care, when we really want the equal and exact opposite. What we don’t say no to, we say yes to… and then complain that we don’t like it.

  9. It is true sometimes we make arrangements which don’t truly support us and then it takes a deal of fortitude to back ourselves and hold to what is really true for us.

  10. Such a clause would be difficult to ask for in Europe or Australia but the principle still applies – we are often asked to sign something that is not acceptable and then have to consider whether to give in, negotiate or walk away and that choice can be different each time.

  11. Everything matters and I never would have used of bothered or thought I had time to read any small print but knowing that it is actually really important to not over look these I have started to see that it is like this with everything in life. The attention to the detail and how if this is nurtured then this is what we are then presented with in the bigger things of life.

  12. The way we take up ‘bargain deals’ without examining the catch in the conditions is absolutely reflected in the way that we live. We make choices and speak on a surface level without wanting to truly look at the details of energy that make up our day. Thank you Jo.

  13. To truly see and feel the details that are constantly reflected to us in our life is a true education. Everything we need to work on and understand is right there in front of us.

  14. Life is not about saving money but living in an energetic quality that is of an absolute love. I am always looking at ways to cut cost and while there is nothing wrong with this, this way of being cannot take over and the quality of life jeopardised… lessons I am learning too in my unfolding.

  15. I am embarrassed to say I pretty much never read the small print, reading this is a bit of a wake up call to what this actually means for me energetically and as a whole view of life! Looking around my office I can see that the finer details of life is definitely something I can step it up in!

  16. We can’t have our cake and eat it too, for every choice there are consequences that come back to you. Conditions apply to our every move – it’s about time we admitted this fact and chose to accept the energetic reality of living this life. Thank you Jo.

  17. Compromise in order to save some money saps our vitality and we know exactly when something does not feel right; taking responsibility and looking for an alternative adds to the pool of available energy that says no more, I am not playing that game and I will not be lied to and taken advantage of.

  18. There is this balance between being absolute in what we feel, coupled with an openness to others. Often I get the balance wrong – too much of ‘my way’ and I’m trying to control everything, too much openness and I’m being ‘nice’ with everyone. When I strike the right balance of both then the magic happens.

  19. The more we speak up and say no to abuse the more love there is in the world. We all know truth. Truth is sensed in the body well before the event or situation we find ourselves in. Speaking up for what we know is love can be uncomfortable or even in the case of allowing myself to feel the lies and pretence yesterday within a group of people I know that felt quite shocking is in the direction of supporting my body and wellbeing and that of others. We can not deny the fact that everything is sensed and known whether we like or not.

    1. I love what you bring here Caroline, that all the lies and abuse are sensed and we can’t pretend we don’t know. More we need to be more honest about what we are wanting to not feel.

  20. There is so much corruption going on around us that isn’t being called out, it seems it is just how many of the big corporations do business, most people do know this and little is being done about it as it is becoming a normal way of business.

  21. “I feel that when I accept less than respect, it is a loss for everyone, as this gives the world the message that we can do business or ‘get by’ at the expense of our humanity.”- Saying or doing nothing about abuse is as bad as being the perpetrator of the abuse itself and only adds ‘fuel to the fire’, so to speak. I was recently having a conversation with our waiter at a restaurant in which he was telling us of all the corruption he has discovered in his home country of India and how it is a global problem of control and manipulation with a basis of greed. I could not disagree with his observations, but I could feel how he felt helpless in dealing with this corruption on such a massive scale, so I suggested that he could begin by not allowing any abuse in his own life and simply let that spread to others he is in contact with. The timing of reading this blog is great, and I will be sure to share it with my friend from that restaurant.

  22. Jo you bring us to to simple fact and true way is to claim back in each moment if that what comes to us is pure and clear and if not to express it and handle in a way that stops the abuse.
    We should live in brotherhood. Corruption should not be there at all. So lets bring it back by speaking up and living in a way that is honoring to us which includes our dear body.

  23. As we gain more respect for ourselves and value ourselves more it becomes more natural to support ourselves as you did and not allow these marketing strategies to impose upon us. The only way these less ethical companies are going to change is if we stand up for ourselves and refuse to entertain their lowering standards.

  24. It can be so easy to over look the detail and finer print especially when we think we have a bargain or saving money. This happened recently to us when we booked some flights, when we arrived at the airport we had to be told we had to pay extra for baggage. This information was not clear at the time of booking and added a lot to the price of the ticket. It was very misleading and we will be writing to the airline. The man at the check-in said this happens a lot but he was unwilling to waiver the costs. We were encouraged to book because the prices were reasonable…not cheap, but by adding the extra cost of the luggage of £100 each meant they were no longer reasonably priced tickets and we would probably have flown with another airline.

  25. And it’s in exercising our right to speak up and call out what is not ok that really propels us forward through life rather than allowing and accepting for the sake of keeping the peace and following the heard, which we all know always results in resentment that inevitably leaves us stuck in past choices.

  26. I am reminded by my wonder of how much we are willing to allow just to save a little bit of money. But is the price we pay for the compromise and the allowing of what is not right to continue and grow not much higher?

  27. I’m reminded here of a recent talk on compromise. Do we? All the time, and particularly with our bodies whether that be staying in an uncomfortable position, just finishing something off rather than going for a wee when we need to, to ‘allowing’ something (a word here, a bump there) when we have the opportunity to reflect something back – something true that we feel and provides a grand reflection to others.

  28. When something doesn’t sit true with me, I take notice even if the opportunity is there to save pennies. The feeling inside me is uncomfortable and I am not settled. It doesn’t go away and is at the forefront for me to pay attention to my body and what it is asking. In my opinion the part to say no is the easy part; it is my movements before eg.the willingness, openess and honesty to be present and sense truth that sometimes I can override and allow – this to me is key – my immediate response in the moment.

  29. It can be a jungle out there – consisting of endless red tape, very small and ever smaller small print and a general pursuit of survival and security at the expense of our humanity and the harmony we could otherwise be living.

  30. How we truly capture what does the expression ‘business as usual’ means? The problem lies with the ‘as usual’ part of it, since what we consider usual, normal, even natural it is not. Nothing that exploits or takes advantage of another one in any way in a surreptitious way can be accepted because it feeds abuse in every way.

  31. It is great that we have inspiration and role models from those who live with integrity and truth, ‘Had I not known people who are truly adhering to the deepest integrity found within us all (living in accordance to our inner most essence)’.

  32. It is amazing the bullying tactics that companies will go to get what they want and the underhanded way they will do it as shown in the small print of the contract the insurance company. To have to make 6 phone calls before someone would acknowledge you just shows the arrogance that some companies have, they are not about offering a service to their customers but about trying to make as much money as possible. Jo that was really great that you did not let accountability slide and stayed with what you know to be true.

  33. Reading your blog Jo, you get a feel of how far as a humanity we have dropped, how far our standards have slipped to allow this to be the norm. Corruption and oppression will always be there if the everyday person does not stand true in what they know.

  34. Great that you have shown how abuse and bullying can creep in all over the place, and the importance of saying “no” to it.

  35. It is interesting that when we approach company or a service that we are not happy with or have questions to ask, that there is a difference when we come from a hurt and reaction and when we come with a willingness to listen and understand. Both can offer a healing or a harm in our ways of expressing with one another.

  36. ““What if life is about learning to take deeper levels of individual responsibility than what we have been doing?” A good question. it’s so easy to blame others and not take personal responsibility, but if we all did that (take responsibility seriously) the world would change.

  37. Beautiful Jo – today it’s unmistakably clear to me that the big things in life begin in the small details of how I live.
    Instead of trying to work out what is wrong when I’m off, all I need to do is come back to the gorgeousness of how I move, how I put an object down or how I speak. Bringing this attention to me changes everything and brings me back to the true me.

  38. I absolutely agree Jo that we all need to stand firm in our decisions (stand up and be counted) . If not we will continue to have big and small business take advantage of us. I know there are ethical businesses out there too and they need to be appreciated.

  39. It is so important to understand the bigger picture so whenever small things occur (or seemingly small things) we know that when we leave them whilst we do actually not agree or feel well with them, it is effecting the whole (bigger picture is always including humanity). So it is super duper important that we do not step over things when they feel not true — but actually address them immediately.

  40. ‘I feel a responsibility to not allow abuse that I am aware of (including self abuse) to go un-named. I feel that when I accept less than respect, it is a loss for everyone, as this gives the world the message that we can do business or ‘get by’ at the expense of our humanity.’ Awesome Jo!

  41. Wow, living in ‘social comfort’, I can so see how not speaking up when something is not right feed this energy to be ‘normal’ and squashes a way of living that means we are more caring of each other and don’t even consider designing an insurance that has those stipulations.

  42. Brilliant Jo, whether we realise it or not we are constantly receiving energetic packages. When something is not true, not right or not even what was agreed, and we just let it slide, then we accept less than love in our life. But when we say ‘hey this isn’t correct’ – in a loving way we open the door to so much more coming our way.

  43. What a great learning Jo. It’s coming to accept that corruption is corruption, no matter how tiny it wants us to believe it is, it all contributes to the greater evil.

  44. It’s a really great sharing this, and one everyone can relate to. We have created systems and businesses that have flourished that put people secondary, and it is our own choice how much we want to say no to this. It seems impossible to take a stand against every little thing, but our intent matters, and particularly how we go about doing things, without reaction and with an understanding that there are ways to be more loving in how we interact with one another at every level.

  45. “…I have realised that everything is an opportunity to learn, understand and connect with myself and others.” – Love this and it’s something that I keep reminding myself of – it brings a beautiful and enriching purpose to life.

  46. “God is in the details “as the saying goes so no wonder we need to look at the small/fine print in everything if we want clarity. It is a way of bringing true care to ourselves.

  47. Thank you Jo – you support me to see that we all have our version of the ‘small print’ in the form of conditions and expectations we place on another – often without disclosing them. This ‘small print’ has a big disconnecting effect and I can see that communicating clearly is hugely important for all relationships.

  48. Everything is energy – everything, absolutely so – first and foremost. This is a knowing that we all may connect to if we have the Will to truly see life and all that is at play.

  49. Thank you Jo. You’ve helped me to see how important it is to submit a fraud report to police after somebody stole from me recently. Everything we do counts – even if it may seem pointless it isn’t.

  50. Where we currently stand is the sum total of the movements we have put in place to get there. Therefore it is wise to pay attention to every tiny detail but also remain astute that we can lose ourselves in the seeming complexity of this in order to avoid panning out and seeing how it all fits together in the big picture of life.

  51. ‘In other words we can and will make a True difference when we no longer compromise on what we know is true for us all in order to stay in a form of social comfort’ Yes it is far too easy to let things slide and before we know it we have a tsunami to deal with..

  52. A beautiful sharing Jo, I love how you were open to the situation being an opportunity to connect to people rather than allowing emotions like frustration to get the better of you. In this way the situation didn’t ‘own’ you which otherwise would have brought you down…

  53. “I feel that when I accept less than respect, it is a loss for everyone”. We are all so connected, and much more than we can possibly comprehend with the human mind. What effects one, effects us all. (or is that affects, I always get confused 🙂 ).

    1. Very true – we can never live life believing we are in a bubble, or that everyone else is. We are all connected and never can be escape this truth and therefore our living way is felt by all others.

  54. The importance of life is about people which the world is made up of and the honouring of this with each other is such an innate natural loving way for us to be yet the world is made up of abuse and disregard of us all and this is something greatly called here to contemplate on and see our role in this with the ripple effect and bigger picture.

  55. I’m experiencing how empowering it is just to say ‘no’ to what doesn’t feel right wherever I go, or lovingly share my observations and reflections in those public services that are not properly offered. I feel that I do it for myself and also for others to come, and this is a service in itself. Maybe I ‘suffer’ an incident, but other people will benefit later with my rectification… and this is huge!

    1. What I also get from what you have shared is that it is a healing for all because those who work in the service who are most likely well aware of the ‘unfairness’ of the product they are selling, fully aware of the fact your details are being sold to another company and that is how they can do the cheaper insurance, can vocalise it for themselves. It is hard to defend something when you know what you are being presented with is the truth. SO the last person Jo spoke to was someone who was equally able to say yes, we have lacked integrity and we have been called out.

  56. This is important to be aware of, because all those documents and policies can often be created without human connection in mind, and so by bringing up this point to the company you are reminding them of their place in the world amongst us all.

  57. I love this. I recently know someone who was going to sign a contract with a large company. The terms in the contract were hideous. They had the choice to walk away or to say something. They said something and what transpired was that the company itself was a bit shocked at how bad the terms were and looked at getting them changed. This person taking the time to read the contract with a fine tooth comb benefited everyone – not just themselves and what they were entering into but also anyone else who had signed the contract, those who would in the future and in my eyes it lifted the integrity of the company itself.

  58. This is a wonderfully inspiring blog because it asks us to go that extra mile and not just accept things at face value. This then takes us to that deeper level of responsibility spoken about in the blog.

  59. I am amazed at the blatant and corrupt way the insurance company bullied their customers into signing such an agreement. In the UK we have a 14 day cooling off period where you can cancel agreement if it does not suit without any cost. The fact that you had to fight not to be charged is crazy but shows the bullying tactics that many fall for and become fearful to get out of. I feel this company should be reported to the ombudsman if you have such a procedure in the US.

  60. Knowing we have compromised always hurts. It may seem like we get away with it initially, but something always happens to remind us of our choices.

  61. ‘I feel that when I accept less than respect, it is a loss for everyone’, When we allow ourselves to be treated without respect we are basically allowing abuse and to let this go without calling it out is irresponsible and care-less, a giving up on humanity at large.

  62. Every day we are given the gift of gaining more awareness. We can either brush off the constant awareness we receive to stay in what is familiar or we can challenge ourselves to be the constant explorer, finding nuggets of gold everywhere.

  63. Funny as I was reading the start of your blog it occurred to how many “terms” we sign up and accept without discerning and these are not just written contracts but energetic ones too. In most cases if we really knew what we were getting we would run a mile, and yet if we were more responsible and discerning we would know what we were getting and not sign in the first place.

  64. Most people would brush this off as normal and expected. Standing up and saying no is an immense service not just to yourself but to everyone – it is these ‘normal’ ways of behaving that have no respect or care for people that when called out, pave the way and space for deep respect and care for ourselves and each other.

  65. Brilliant Jo – I appreciate the paralells you have drawn between our everyday decisions and the quality of world we live in. It’s like we will do anything to try to ignore the vital part we have to play. If we push away things that don’t feel right it’s only matter of time till we see that small things are big things actually.

  66. The small print is found all over the place and the beauty of our skills of awareness and reading can support us to feel what is true and what is dishonouring of who we are. Standing up for truth in all facets of our lives shows us how far we are willing to go to choose a more loving way to live life and how amazing it is to stand up and be honest with how we feel. An awesome blog thank you.

  67. Our livingness directly affects the life we live and what comes to us. Your example of holding yourself and choosing an insurance that equals the love you have for yourself has shown that it is possible for this to be the way we live. Holding ourselves and deeply respecting ourselves in all transactions means this will be felt by those around us and will confirm what is true.

  68. ‘I feel that when I accept less than respect, it is a loss for everyone, as this gives the world the message that we can do business or ‘get by’ at the expense of our humanity.’ True Jo, we need to have at least respect in all our relationships.

  69. If only we realised the true imprisonment and crippling judgement we live with when we let our spirit run the show, we would never ever consider ourselves free, or at liberty – but realise we are simply vehicles of energy and there is only one source of loving energy we can align to and that is Love. Thank you Jo for this beautiful blog.

  70. What has become evident is that there are many terms and conditions sometimes not even scribed that we behave to – like how we can be at work, how we have to be walking in the shops, how we should be with guests over – this small print is everywhere.

  71. The small print, which never truly is that small, is always worth paying close attention to. If not, ift will have to come around again, so it is actually seen.

  72. ” I have realised that everything is an opportunity to learn , understanding and connect with myself and others ”
    This is a great realisation for once you live this anything life throws at you will never be a stumbling block , thank you Jo

  73. An inner commitment to removal of abuse in all its forms is a daily development. It requires no self-judgement and a path of understanding more and more of what abuse really is. Imagine if even 10% of the world committed to such a path… would that change the world forever?

  74. Thank you Jo. It is invigorating to read a blog like this and to know that there are people in the world who want to stand up for truth. Everything that we do matters and makes a different to the world at large.

  75. This is a great service to humanity Jo to not let abuse go un named, any form, rather than just going with what may seem the easy route. We can all feel and know what feels true and if we were to all to take responsibility and act on it as you have the tides would change on the abuse that is rife in our world.

  76. How often do I compromise a situation because I’m too tired, too busy. It might be just a little, a nudge to the left so to speak. But no matter how small I end up diminished from it rather than supported. In the end that does not serve me, and provides no feedback to the supplier on what is true and not true. So all around a very poor compromise.

  77. This reminds me of that saying that the ‘devil is in the detail’…. but then equally god is in the detail as well. So the important lesson is to pay attention to the detail cause there is alot going on there!

  78. This is a very necessary message Jo that you are expressing in this blog, one that all of humanity needs to adhere to: say NO to any abuse including self-abuse

  79. It is true that it is we, the users of our systems perpetuate demand for such, in our complicit acceptance of the corruption we are dished out on a daily basis. It is well worth considering what will happen if corruption, greed and bullying is no longer tolerated by the people.

  80. It is amazing to read that a company thinks it’s ok to slip such imposing conditions in under the fine print. Yet I am sure it is representative of what goes on in business these days. We have been manipulated by advertising for decades but now the manipulation is hitting our pockets, in the form of bribery. I must admit I generally do not read fine print, so I am just the sort of person that companies rely on to not question their terms and allow the abuse to continue.

  81. The article is a great reminder of the fact that we slide things to not rock the boat, be nice and get on with life without taking responsibility. It starts from small and becomes a norm and plays out in our life and others too as we have become part of the norm. Thank you for sharing!

  82. I have come across this blog this morning and interestingly it has been no coincidence as the last few weeks this has been a big part of what I have been learning. It is so easy to brush aside what we know and feel is not true in order to not rock the boat or cause waves but what in the long run does this do to impact how we accept one another and the levels of integrity we bring to the all?

  83. There is too much of this manipulation and bullying going on and if we don’t stand up to it it will just increase. We are selling out if we do not bring attention to these things and refuse to take part in them.

  84. Reading this I am reminded that saying yes to either what is love or what is not, I will get way more than what is seemingly superficially on offer. So saying yes to love the universe is given to me. And saying yes to what is not love brings through all that will destroy and harm who I truly am and those around me.

  85. Thanks Jo… there is a lot of small print going on isn’t there… It’s all around us and we do need to take note… imagine if we knew the small print that came with every politician , with every bank, with every policy, indeed with every so called health food ( lets get lateral!)

    1. hmmm… if we knew the small print behind every politician, policy, product etc.. we may realize that in order to eat and live with a clear conscience we need to change how we are all doing things, change ourselves and rebuild society with the integrity of True love.

  86. We are very sensitive beings and can therefore register abuse very easily in our bodies. If we are living in any way less than the glorious beings that we all are then we are at some level allowing abuse in our lives. The only true way to live without abuse is to live the love that we naturally are.

  87. We are bullied in so many different ways, so much so that we often don’t even realise it. Exposing abuse for what it is asks for something greater than what is currently being offered.

  88. To save a few bob but to lose yourself would be a very sad decision Jo. Not losing ourselves and our values feels the most important thing to learn here, everything is connected.

  89. What you show here Jo is the blatant corruption and abuse of offering a service that is not interested in the people and insuring that they are looked after should something go wrong, all they are interested in themselves and the most they can make out of their customers. This is a new level of marketing bullying I have not heard of before, and the more people that sign to this the more this will then become the acceptable practice. Great that you stood up and said no to their abusive behaviour

    1. Yes Alison, the many heartless policies we complain about exist because we have been complacent consumers accepting the unacceptable.

      This will start to change when we start saying no and talking about stuff that does not feel right.

      1. Well said Alison and Jo – life is all about people and it is up to people to claim it so.

      2. Yes I am really learning that we can not let anything go that does not feel true. Many of us have been complacent in allowing things to slip and dismiss things rather than questioning their integrity. When we collectively speak up it really does make a difference and it supports others to see the corruption and lies we are often blind to.

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