The Big Picture of Saying No to the Small Print

These days just getting a new e-mail account comes with reams of terms, which realistically, most of us in our exhaustion, apathy and acceptance of how ridiculous it has become, just sign without reading it all: but recently, I had a different experience. We just got a new insurance company to cover our new-to-us car.

I set up the coverage and paid for six months on the phone. Two weeks later I got the official ’application package’ where I was to put my signature in all the right places – but there was a clause in there which had not been mentioned before I started the policy with the payment.

The Small Print

I was to sign to allow myself to be a target for the worst kind of telemarketing. It said I did not have to sign but “…in order to complete the purchase and ensure the rate and effectiveness of the client’s desired insurance coverage…” they would need permission for the telemarketing… so basically, they were saying that if I did not sign, my premium would increase (as much as they wanted to increase it) and there would be no guarantee that they would take care of me if anything happened which is not a clause I wanted to accept, so I took a moment to consider my choices and feel what to do.

The Choice

I could do the easy thing and choose to compromise my own sense of what is right in order to sign it, keep my cheap rate and go about my life – but in doing so knowing I was allowing another big company to get away with ‘business-as-usual,’ in other words – bullying, blackmail and the oppression and abuse of many people for the profit of a few – or I could just deal with it and say “No.”

I was tired and I had lots of other things that felt important for me to take care of, but I could not sign (agree) to this and let accountability ‘slide’.

In my cancellation letter, I included my reason why. They still wanted to charge a $50 cancellation fee but I explained that when I agreed to the policy, they had not disclosed this stipulation. Six phone calls and over an hour of being on hold later, they waived the fee. The fourth representative was genuinely caring – she got me to an advisor and she made sure the fee was waived.

Throughout those phone calls I kept coming back to who I am by breathing gently and bringing my awareness to my body (so I would not slip into my old patterns of frustration) and I actually felt how lovely it was to be me and to be on the line with other human beings and that was beautiful. I found another company, more expensive, but worth every penny.

The Big Picture

Through the teachings of Universal Medicine, and as a result of being inspired to develop more and more self-care and love for myself and to take responsibility for all my choices, I have realised that everything is an opportunity to learn, understand and connect with myself and others.

Had I not had the role models and the support of people who are walking the talk, I’m sure I would still be missing these beautiful opportunities to deepen this love for myself, others and life on the whole and would still be struggling in an existence that previously made little sense to all that I feel inside. Had I not known people who are truly adhering to the deepest integrity found within us all (living in accordance to our inner most essence), I know I would still be contributing to my own un-wellness and to that which does not feel right to me about how we live in the world.

If we think we are safe or protected because we don’t live under a dictatorship, we need to look around. If we think we can sit back and expect to be treated with respect and fairness, because ‘we have democracy’ or money or a job or whatever… we need to look again and ask ourselves “What if life is about learning to take deeper levels of individual responsibility than what we have been doing?”

Corruption and oppression will continue to reign from corporations to the people and between people on personal levels all around the world for as long as we go along with it.

I am not advocating any mission, agenda or revolt, however I feel a responsibility to not allow abuse that I am aware of (including self abuse) to go un-named. I feel that when I accept less than respect, it is a loss for everyone, as this gives the world the message that we can do business or ‘get by’ at the expense of our humanity.

Coldness, separatism, oppression and harm will continue between people unabated until we claim that there is another way and live to show this other way by not leaving what we truly feel out of the equation in anything we do. In other words we can and will make a True difference when we no longer compromise on what we know is true for us all in order to stay in a form of social comfort.

I have drawn immense inspiration and support from Serge Benhayon and my practitioner Bina Pattel, who are living this other way by openly being and expressing from the fullness of who they are.

By Jo Elmer- Concord, CA USA

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638 thoughts on “The Big Picture of Saying No to the Small Print

  1. What you show here Jo is the blatant corruption and abuse of offering a service that is not interested in the people and insuring that they are looked after should something go wrong, all they are interested in themselves and the most they can make out of their customers. This is a new level of marketing bullying I have not heard of before, and the more people that sign to this the more this will then become the acceptable practice. Great that you stood up and said no to their abusive behaviour

    1. Yes Alison, the many heartless policies we complain about exist because we have been complacent consumers accepting the unacceptable.

      This will start to change when we start saying no and talking about stuff that does not feel right.

  2. To save a few bob but to lose yourself would be a very sad decision Jo. Not losing ourselves and our values feels the most important thing to learn here, everything is connected.

  3. We are bullied in so many different ways, so much so that we often don’t even realise it. Exposing abuse for what it is asks for something greater than what is currently being offered.

  4. We are very sensitive beings and can therefore register abuse very easily in our bodies. If we are living in any way less than the glorious beings that we all are then we are at some level allowing abuse in our lives. The only true way to live without abuse is to live the love that we naturally are.

  5. Thanks Jo… there is a lot of small print going on isn’t there… It’s all around us and we do need to take note… imagine if we knew the small print that came with every politician , with every bank, with every policy, indeed with every so called health food ( lets get lateral!)

    1. hmmm… if we knew the small print behind every politician, policy, product etc.. we may realize that in order to eat and live with a clear conscience we need to change how we are all doing things, change ourselves and rebuild society with the integrity of True love.

  6. Reading this I am reminded that saying yes to either what is love or what is not, I will get way more than what is seemingly superficially on offer. So saying yes to love the universe is given to me. And saying yes to what is not love brings through all that will destroy and harm who I truly am and those around me.

  7. There is too much of this manipulation and bullying going on and if we don’t stand up to it it will just increase. We are selling out if we do not bring attention to these things and refuse to take part in them.

  8. I have come across this blog this morning and interestingly it has been no coincidence as the last few weeks this has been a big part of what I have been learning. It is so easy to brush aside what we know and feel is not true in order to not rock the boat or cause waves but what in the long run does this do to impact how we accept one another and the levels of integrity we bring to the all?

  9. The article is a great reminder of the fact that we slide things to not rock the boat, be nice and get on with life without taking responsibility. It starts from small and becomes a norm and plays out in our life and others too as we have become part of the norm. Thank you for sharing!

  10. It is amazing to read that a company thinks it’s ok to slip such imposing conditions in under the fine print. Yet I am sure it is representative of what goes on in business these days. We have been manipulated by advertising for decades but now the manipulation is hitting our pockets, in the form of bribery. I must admit I generally do not read fine print, so I am just the sort of person that companies rely on to not question their terms and allow the abuse to continue.

  11. It is true that it is we, the users of our systems perpetuate demand for such, in our complicit acceptance of the corruption we are dished out on a daily basis. It is well worth considering what will happen if corruption, greed and bullying is no longer tolerated by the people.

  12. This is a very necessary message Jo that you are expressing in this blog, one that all of humanity needs to adhere to: say NO to any abuse including self-abuse

  13. This reminds me of that saying that the ‘devil is in the detail’…. but then equally god is in the detail as well. So the important lesson is to pay attention to the detail cause there is alot going on there!

  14. How often do I compromise a situation because I’m too tired, too busy. It might be just a little, a nudge to the left so to speak. But no matter how small I end up diminished from it rather than supported. In the end that does not serve me, and provides no feedback to the supplier on what is true and not true. So all around a very poor compromise.

  15. This is a great service to humanity Jo to not let abuse go un named, any form, rather than just going with what may seem the easy route. We can all feel and know what feels true and if we were to all to take responsibility and act on it as you have the tides would change on the abuse that is rife in our world.

  16. Thank you Jo. It is invigorating to read a blog like this and to know that there are people in the world who want to stand up for truth. Everything that we do matters and makes a different to the world at large.

  17. An inner commitment to removal of abuse in all its forms is a daily development. It requires no self-judgement and a path of understanding more and more of what abuse really is. Imagine if even 10% of the world committed to such a path… would that change the world forever?

  18. ” I have realised that everything is an opportunity to learn , understanding and connect with myself and others ”
    This is a great realisation for once you live this anything life throws at you will never be a stumbling block , thank you Jo

  19. The small print, which never truly is that small, is always worth paying close attention to. If not, ift will have to come around again, so it is actually seen.

  20. What has become evident is that there are many terms and conditions sometimes not even scribed that we behave to – like how we can be at work, how we have to be walking in the shops, how we should be with guests over – this small print is everywhere.

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