The Big Picture of Saying No to the Small Print

These days just getting a new e-mail account comes with reams of terms, which realistically, most of us in our exhaustion, apathy and acceptance of how ridiculous it has become, just sign without reading it all: but recently, I had a different experience. We just got a new insurance company to cover our new-to-us car.

I set up the coverage and paid for six months on the phone. Two weeks later I got the official ’application package’ where I was to put my signature in all the right places – but there was a clause in there which had not been mentioned before I started the policy with the payment.

The Small Print

I was to sign to allow myself to be a target for the worst kind of telemarketing. It said I did not have to sign but “…in order to complete the purchase and ensure the rate and effectiveness of the client’s desired insurance coverage…” they would need permission for the telemarketing… so basically, they were saying that if I did not sign, my premium would increase (as much as they wanted to increase it) and there would be no guarantee that they would take care of me if anything happened which is not a clause I wanted to accept, so I took a moment to consider my choices and feel what to do.

The Choice

I could do the easy thing and choose to compromise my own sense of what is right in order to sign it, keep my cheap rate and go about my life – but in doing so knowing I was allowing another big company to get away with ‘business-as-usual,’ in other words – bullying, blackmail and the oppression and abuse of many people for the profit of a few – or I could just deal with it and say “No.”

I was tired and I had lots of other things that felt important for me to take care of, but I could not sign (agree) to this and let accountability ‘slide’.

In my cancellation letter, I included my reason why. They still wanted to charge a $50 cancellation fee but I explained that when I agreed to the policy, they had not disclosed this stipulation. Six phone calls and over an hour of being on hold later, they waived the fee. The fourth representative was genuinely caring – she got me to an advisor and she made sure the fee was waived.

Throughout those phone calls I kept coming back to who I am by breathing gently and bringing my awareness to my body (so I would not slip into my old patterns of frustration) and I actually felt how lovely it was to be me and to be on the line with other human beings and that was beautiful. I found another company, more expensive, but worth every penny.

The Big Picture

Through the teachings of Universal Medicine, and as a result of being inspired to develop more and more self-care and love for myself and to take responsibility for all my choices, I have realised that everything is an opportunity to learn, understand and connect with myself and others.

Had I not had the role models and the support of people who are walking the talk, I’m sure I would still be missing these beautiful opportunities to deepen this love for myself, others and life on the whole and would still be struggling in an existence that previously made little sense to all that I feel inside. Had I not known people who are truly adhering to the deepest integrity found within us all (living in accordance to our inner most essence), I know I would still be contributing to my own un-wellness and to that which does not feel right to me about how we live in the world.

If we think we are safe or protected because we don’t live under a dictatorship, we need to look around. If we think we can sit back and expect to be treated with respect and fairness, because ‘we have democracy’ or money or a job or whatever… we need to look again and ask ourselves “What if life is about learning to take deeper levels of individual responsibility than what we have been doing?”

Corruption and oppression will continue to reign from corporations to the people and between people on personal levels all around the world for as long as we go along with it.

I am not advocating any mission, agenda or revolt, however I feel a responsibility to not allow abuse that I am aware of (including self abuse) to go un-named. I feel that when I accept less than respect, it is a loss for everyone, as this gives the world the message that we can do business or ‘get by’ at the expense of our humanity.

Coldness, separatism, oppression and harm will continue between people unabated until we claim that there is another way and live to show this other way by not leaving what we truly feel out of the equation in anything we do. In other words we can and will make a True difference when we no longer compromise on what we know is true for us all in order to stay in a form of social comfort.

I have drawn immense inspiration and support from Serge Benhayon and my practitioner Bina Pattel, who are living this other way by openly being and expressing from the fullness of who they are.

By Jo Elmer- Concord, CA USA

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761 thoughts on “The Big Picture of Saying No to the Small Print

  1. Reading this blog again, and the state of this current world, more and more is being exposed to the level of lies and corruption that runs this world. And it is in the finer details and with this movement currently occurring, people will realise that all of this is unacceptable and will not be accepted.

    Contracts are purposefully written in protection to protect one or another. They are not written to care about another. Saying no to this will occur more and more, and more and more of this world will change where people will question these finer details or bullying.

    It only needs one to inspire, and the movement will ripple, just watch this space.

    1. That’s so true Shushila; as more and more get fed up with us all running things and or putting up with a world where we too often do not truly consider and put people first more and more will not go along with it and we will start to build and see true alternatives which are truly supportive and inclusive.

  2. Since reading this article when it was first published there has been a new standard set in the way I approach paperwork, contracts and signing things. And coming back to it today I am reminded how much I now (mostly 😂) enjoy being attentive to reading things before I sign and checking the details of what I am committing to. It is great to acknowledge the changes, so thank you again Jo.

  3. “everything is an opportunity to learn.” Nothing is too small to pay attention to, like a star in the sky may look like a tiny speck of light.

  4. Jo, I loved this sharing, as abuse or taking others for granted is another thing that is rife around the world. The finer prints is in everything and everywhere and it only takes one person to say no to it, and as much as it’s awkward at that time, and it feels right for you without causing a scene, the persistence pays off.

    I’m beginning to realise that cheap doesn’t mean the best nor does overly expensive either; we can feel the difference when we are being offered a service then just getting a service.

    Following a recent purchase of a luxury car, my partner and I have received exemplary service from the dealership. I took the car back to them for an issue I had with not understanding the audio system and during that, I expressed my concerns in taking the young car to the local car wash. Unexpectedly I was offered to have her washed at the dealership and all I needed to do was to sit in their waiting area, it wasn’t something I had experienced before. What I observed was how their customers were taken care of and the company put a value to them – its priceless.

    Valuing one another is a two way thing, reflection and reciprocation…

    1. For me the quality of service a company offers is important, and if that means paying more for that quality service then that is still my choice.

  5. It’s true, things will never change if we don’t change or go along with ‘this is how it’s always been done’ mentality.

    1. It only takes one person to be the lead in something that stands for the truth and the rest can either follow their own truth with this resonance.

  6. Yes, it is only because we go along with it that corruption, greed, manipulation, blackmail and so on do exist. Imagine everyone being so dedicated as you were… the insurance company would not have any clients and for sure would change its policies in no time.

    1. Corrupt companies need to be called out as Jo did, and then take our service to a company that have values that are more honouring.

  7. Corruption in every area of life needs to exposed especially when greed is the underlying tone and so much of what is happening in todays society is set up to disguise the truth. Lets get rid of the camouflage and be open and transparent in all we bring and do.

    1. Yes Greg, I love it. I don’t find the answer to be in literally fighting injustice and corruption but in being inspirational by holding to my own standards.

  8. It is only when one starts taking responsibility for ones own life that we can say that we truly start to live.

  9. When we say no, set standards and maintain them we have no idea how far the ripples spread outwards to support others. The other day after a long flight from the UK, my husband and I landed at LA airport. The queue to get through customs was incredibly long. At one point my husband went to speak to an official to see how matters could be expedited more efficiently. In the process, the unacceptable wait (it took us 2 hours to get through) was speeded up for many, many more people as the officials took some appropriate action.

  10. There are various ways that conditions and traps are placed upon us. And though we live in a ‘perceived’ world of “freedom’ in many western cultures (which is certainly not the case in many other countries) there are impositions that energetically are not allowing us to be free. In countries where physical oppression can be seen more obviously, it is easy to call this for the oppression that it is. However, when the oppression is more subtle and not so obvious to the naked eye, it can get brushed off. However, this form of oppression is no less damaging on an energetic level and is what feeds the other too. To say no to the subtler form of oppression takes a strong stance against all oppression in the world and begins to tackle the problem at its core.

  11. Telemarketing might seem like the simple annoyance, however, there is a drain to our energy and hence the body if it is something we do not agree to or if it is imposing in some way.

  12. Jo this is a gorgeous sharing of how easily we can be fooled both on a contract level with the fine print but also in terms of what we are actually signing up to on an energetic level.

  13. Jo thank you for reiterating the teachings of Universal Medicine
    “Through the teachings of Universal Medicine, and as a result of being inspired to develop more and more self-care and love for myself and to take responsibility for all my choices, I have realised that everything is an opportunity to learn, understand and connect with myself and others.”
    All we are being asked is to take more care of ourselves and in doing so the knock on effect is that we naturally care for others. To me this is a very beautiful and responsible way to live.

  14. The inspiration offered by those who live consistently with love and integrity is untold. It is always there to come back to and is always there as a support and guidance in the daily choices we make. We need to recognise and appreciate not just those who do this for us but also that we do this in turn for others.

    1. Yes, my appreciation for Serge Benhayon and his family for living and reflecting love, integrity, truth, and so much more is beyond words. The world needs reflections of a way of living that is about love first and foremost.

  15. Thankyou for sharing how you stood up for what felt true for you, and your persistence through to the end. If enough people do this then systems will change as without a demand there is no supply.

    1. Nailed it Sue – little by little as we all speak up then this will support with bringing back more truth to our systems. And as you have shared, the real change will only occur once there is no longer demand for such falsity.

  16. What we consider small can be huge in the whole scheme of things so it is very wise not to ignore the small things in life. We just have to think of a small stone in our shoe to feel the effect of little things.

    1. Something very little can wear us down hence why we cannot ignore the details and the small print. I love your example of the smallest stone in shoe and how much that can affect us. Thank you Elizabeth!

  17. What is so beautifully highlighted here is how we use control in all our relationships especially in business. So level of self responsibility do we take in all our relationships and transactions?

  18. Great question, “What if life is about learning to take deeper levels of individual responsibility than what we have been doing?” Attending to the detail in life affects the greater whole from the inside out.

    1. This is a great question to have out on the table and review often. To be honest with ourselves about how much of our lives is or isn’t guided by the responsibility we have for the impact we have on the greater whole.

  19. It is wise to read the ‘small print’ so as to be fully aware of what we are ‘investing in’. I have been caught out before, and it was a great lesson in accepting my responsibility in the situation while not backing down on voicing the truth in the lack of transparency in this instance.

  20. Good save there Jo! How many of us would blindly sign ‘in good faith’ or apparent apathy and unwittingly feed the corruption at play here? That you were able to pick this up and hold steady to what felt true for you while remaining in connection with yourself and others during the process is such a simple but huge step for us all because it shows us that we do not need to accept abuse in any form and that by saying no to it we in fact say yes to love and greater levels of it.

  21. This blog has raised my awareness about the need to take time to look into the finer details of things so thank you.

  22. In the world as it is, full of corruption in every area, this blog demonstrates how important it is to read the small print, as at the end of the day, the consequences can be very big indeed. Unfortunately, though, sometimes the small print can be full of company or legal jargon, hard to understand and so easy to give up on, but as you have made quite clear it’s worth taking the time to fully understand it.

  23. Perhaps it is a difficult thing, to see that there is corruption in the many different layers of life. Because I reckon that many of us, us people who live daily regular lives, do want everything to be simple and clear. To not have hidden untruths or malice anywhere, and to be able to see all that there is happening without having re-interpretations of the facts given through a glamourised veil of hidden agendas.

  24. This is a lesson for me to hold true to what I value and make that the importance. It also asks me to re-visit what do I value? Something for me to ponder on.

    1. When we increase our care and love of self, so too do we in crease our values, ‘being inspired to develop more and more self-care and love for myself and to take responsibility for all my choices’.

  25. What we do with the small print determines how we handle the bigger picture. If the small print is not attended to then neither will anything else be attended too either.

  26. When we stay steady and do not sway, with no reaction or need, the ‘small print’ can be exposed of what it is.

  27. Each and every one of us has the responsibility to not allow abuse… Most of all we don’t allow ourselves to be abused by thoughts that are not our own, that leads into a deep abuse of this body that belongs to God.

  28. This shows responsibility of us reading the fine print and wanting to know what people are asking us to consent to and why. This is a great example of us allowing the space to actually read consent forms.

  29. When we say No to something we are actually saying Yes to something else. Our Yes means so much more when we can say No because we can then be trusted.

  30. Very inspiring to feel how an opportunity for us to say ‘No’ to something, is an opportunity for us to confirm and offer what we are saying ‘Yes’ to.

  31. The more we all stand up to what we know is wrong, and don’t accept the bullying tactics of companies the sooner these companies will realise that it pays to be honest upfront and transparent.

  32. I am learning to say no to ‘my own small print’. The things I allow that do not support me and that keep me capped. The more I can lovingly say no to myself, the easier it is to say no to corruption, abuse and disregard from others.

  33. If we feel something is not true then we have every right to look at the detail. When we don’t people think they can get away with things. This is a great example of claiming ourselves back.

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