The Power of the Gentle Breath Meditation

I would not be where I am today if it were not for having started practising the Gentle Breath Meditation, as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, over ten years ago.

To give you some of my background… I used to meditate LOTS before I discovered Universal Medicine, but the style of meditation I used to do was a visual kind (where I visualised something) – and it was always a means to escape the world, a means to not be in my body, a means to be in a fantasy space, where there was no disturbance and I was left to be in ‘peace.’ I would visualise walking down a path in a forest, being in nature or visualise various colours around me, or filling myself up with ‘sand’ and ‘melting’ away any tension. Always a fantasy space.

But whenever I came back to the ‘real world,’ in other words when I finished my meditation, I really struggled with how to live in the world and bring this so called ‘peace’ back with me. In fact, I would often feel more agitated and irritated at having to be a part of life after having experienced such a ‘blissful’ state in a fantasy world. A bit of a contrast one could say, where this style of meditation only increased my frustration with how the world actually was and highlighted how much I just wanted to escape it all.

And so when I discovered the Gentle Breath Meditation™, it was a completely different experience. Without imposing or directing me in any way, it asked me NOT to escape into another fantasy world, but in fact to really just be in my body and feel the body. This was not always easy to do because quite frankly, I did not enjoy what I was feeling in my body – I got to feel how tired I was, how frustrated I felt, how sad I was about the way I treated myself and how hard I was on myself and how hard my body had become. But as I persisted with this Gentle Breath Meditation, something began to happen where I actually began to feel the warmth coming back into my body, and I began to feel the gentleness creep back in. It only happened in increments, to begin with, but I could feel the difference… and then from here I kept building on this feeling. 

Now, ten years down the track, I find myself in a place in my life where I know I would not be today if I had not put into practice the groundwork of learning the Gentle Breath Meditation™. It has been my foundational stepping stone to developing a solid relationship with myself, and has allowed me to embrace and handle life in a way I had never ever imagined possible, and far more powerfully than the way I used to meditate.

In the past, I used to meditate for hours (2-3 hours per day when I could) yet this did NOTHING for me other than make me feel even less equipped to handle the world. With the Gentle Breath Meditation™, I started with meditating for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evenings before going to bed, and then I found myself breathing gently whilst washing the dishes or driving the car… I was actually able to bring the effects of the meditation into my day-to-day life: I was more aware of how I was feeling and hence I could acknowledge this, and then choose to do things in life with the quality of gentleness.

This was a completely different experience to the other kind of meditations I used to practise that directed you to ignore the body and its true quality. In contrast, by first breathing gently and then doing things gently, such as opening or closing a door gently, opening a tap gently, sitting down, washing the dishes, brushing my hair etc. – all done gently – all these things essentially allowed me to feel more settled in my body and I have been able to handle situations more calmly and be less likely to get angry or frustrated. To me, this alone is very powerful, allowing me to stay aware and able to handle situations with grace… and as a result, not feeling so tired from emotional upheavals at the end of the day. Because of this I have been able to take on board so much more work and activities in my day-to-day, where today my ‘normal’ working week is 70-80 hours per week if not more, running my own business full time and also working for a college almost full time too… let alone having a family, children, dogs etc!

Many people today comment on how ‘calm’ I am and ask me how I ‘do’ this – they find it hard to believe that something so simple as Gentle Breath Meditation can transform your life. But it is powerful, especially when practised consistently and brought into the activities of everyday life – a connection with the body and the quality that we live with. And this has been a forever unfolding process where the ‘gentleness’ is then taken deeper and deeper until the quality changes to tenderness or delicateness.

Thank you Serge Benhayon for sharing the Gentle Breath Meditation™, which has allowed me to transform my life in ways I would never have imagined!

By Henrietta Chang, BNat, BBiol, MApplSci

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373 thoughts on “The Power of the Gentle Breath Meditation

  1. Escaping the body/life does not help us deal with life and everyday situations and challenges and nor does it allow us to develop loving relationships with ourselves and those around us. We can escape in many ways and meditation is only one of them – other ways include drinking, drugs, alcohol, excess study or sports, or playing video games etc. The list goes on…. Anything really can be used to get away from things rather than being with things and learning to handle what we are feeling and experiencing and taking responsibility for life.

  2. I have just re-read this blog that was written 2.5 years ago and am once again blown away by its simplicity and power. The gentle breath is still the one thing that supports me immensely to come back to myself and support me with the challenges in life, and what I have added to this repertoire of tools today is to work on the movement in my body to be one of gentleness in the body but a gentleness that is powerful and not soft and unclaimed. Movement is with breath, a strong combination to support me in my day to day challenges and deep connection.

  3. “Gentle Breath Meditation™ can transform your life.” Reading your words I felt my body dropping into deeper gentleness and stillness.

  4. What a great read Henrietta, and a very powerful exposé on whether a meditation is truly supportive or not. I agree from my own experience that visualisation meditations provide a space away from the real world and an escape, and as a result don’t support us to be able to handle life better, but the gentle breath technique can because it’s something that reconnects us to ourselves and can be practised in our daily living. The Gentle Breath Meditation is also quite short and very simple.

    1. Spot on Melinda – proof is in the pudding. Many blissful types of meditations will give you exactly that as an experience: the bliss at that moment in time which is simply an escape from all we are feeling and of life in general which supports us not in any way or shape or form to live life itself and connect with ourselves and those around us.

  5. The Gentle Breath Meditation was a foundational starting point for me. It has been a huge support for me to come back to my body and feel where I am at. The learning was for me not to criticise myself but rather just observe and then know I was having a constant learning journey with my body to better understand myself.

  6. I am the same — it was something that was power-fully felt by me that was instant peace within myself that I had been unconsciously looking for all my life.. Connecting to my essence and drawing on the method of being gentle was a change that far outweighed anything I had ever done. It felt like coming home to a warm safe place, and it was within — a place I could deeply trust because it was inside me. Gentleness is a bridge to Love.

  7. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a wonderful technique that supports us to stop and reconnect with ourselves. I find it invaluable.

  8. Today we shared the beautiful connection of breathing gently with 50 Swiss primary school kids and the teachers… It was profoundly beautiful… Especially to hear the young boy saying how lovely, how beautiful it really was… No holding back 🙂

    1. Thank you cjames – it is such a natural thing for us to breath gently and for us as children to get to re-discover it again is GOLD.

  9. There are many ways to distract ourselves from what we feel inside, and this may seem work for some, but before or after we all will need a moment to stop and re-consider how we are living, how we really feel inside in our daily basis.

  10. There is a big difference between other kind of meditations and the Gentle Breath. This last one has a purpose, is a tool to reconnect back to ourselves and our body, not to go anywhere, nor imagine or fantazise anything. It’s a great support to get to know what’s going on, how we are feeling and from then make the choices that better support us in our life. It is indeed very powerful and very life-changing once you start to practice it.

    1. You make a great point Inma that the Gentle Breath Meditation can support us to make better choices because we are more connected to ourselves and aware of what’s needed. I can see the difference here with visualisation meditations or even chanting, because there is a focus in the mind and not to the whole body experience and reconnecting to the essence within.

  11. These days I’m appreciating the steadiness and inner strength that I developed thanks to practising daily the Gentle Breath Meditation. I feel no emotional, reactive and tired during my day as I was before but yes more vital and alive, more awake to what’s going on in my life. I can work full time job, cleaning my house, going for a walk…with such a grace and gentleness that feels really exquisite. Definitely life is an experience to be lived and enjoyed.

  12. And thank you Henrietta for sharing with us the wideness of the Gentle Breath Meditation and the benefits on our daily life it has. For real, this is finaly a tool that truly helps us rest and connect to a place we deep down know so well. Thank you Serge Benhayon.

  13. It’s like we do know there’s a state of being that we are not living but want to be in, but we set out with a notion that it’s impossible to live with and in that state of being, as if to say it cannot be simple let alone easy. Absolutely gorgeous to read about your experience of Gentle Breath Meditation, making me appreciate the gentleness I feel in my breathing also.

  14. Henrietta this is a powerful testimony on The Gentle Breath Meditation, such a simple meditation that you can do anywhere, anytime. It has been so supportive for me as I have worked shift work for many years, and working through the night it has made a huge difference to the overall way and quality in how I now work.

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