The Power of the Gentle Breath Meditation

I would not be where I am today if it were not for having started practising the Gentle Breath Meditation, as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, over ten years ago.

To give you some of my background… I used to meditate LOTS before I discovered Universal Medicine, but the style of meditation I used to do was a visual kind (where I visualised something) – and it was always a means to escape the world, a means to not be in my body, a means to be in a fantasy space, where there was no disturbance and I was left to be in ‘peace.’ I would visualise walking down a path in a forest, being in nature or visualise various colours around me, or filling myself up with ‘sand’ and ‘melting’ away any tension. Always a fantasy space.

But whenever I came back to the ‘real world,’ in other words when I finished my meditation, I really struggled with how to live in the world and bring this so called ‘peace’ back with me. In fact, I would often feel more agitated and irritated at having to be a part of life after having experienced such a ‘blissful’ state in a fantasy world. A bit of a contrast one could say, where this style of meditation only increased my frustration with how the world actually was and highlighted how much I just wanted to escape it all.

And so when I discovered the Gentle Breath Meditation™, it was a completely different experience. Without imposing or directing me in any way, it asked me NOT to escape into another fantasy world, but in fact to really just be in my body and feel the body. This was not always easy to do because quite frankly, I did not enjoy what I was feeling in my body – I got to feel how tired I was, how frustrated I felt, how sad I was about the way I treated myself and how hard I was on myself and how hard my body had become. But as I persisted with this Gentle Breath Meditation, something began to happen where I actually began to feel the warmth coming back into my body, and I began to feel the gentleness creep back in. It only happened in increments, to begin with, but I could feel the difference… and then from here I kept building on this feeling. 

Now, ten years down the track, I find myself in a place in my life where I know I would not be today if I had not put into practice the groundwork of learning the Gentle Breath Meditation™. It has been my foundational stepping stone to developing a solid relationship with myself, and has allowed me to embrace and handle life in a way I had never ever imagined possible, and far more powerfully than the way I used to meditate.

In the past, I used to meditate for hours (2-3 hours per day when I could) yet this did NOTHING for me other than make me feel even less equipped to handle the world. With the Gentle Breath Meditation™, I started with meditating for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evenings before going to bed, and then I found myself breathing gently whilst washing the dishes or driving the car… I was actually able to bring the effects of the meditation into my day-to-day life: I was more aware of how I was feeling and hence I could acknowledge this, and then choose to do things in life with the quality of gentleness.

This was a completely different experience to the other kind of meditations I used to practise that directed you to ignore the body and its true quality. In contrast, by first breathing gently and then doing things gently, such as opening or closing a door gently, opening a tap gently, sitting down, washing the dishes, brushing my hair etc. – all done gently – all these things essentially allowed me to feel more settled in my body and I have been able to handle situations more calmly and be less likely to get angry or frustrated. To me, this alone is very powerful, allowing me to stay aware and able to handle situations with grace… and as a result, not feeling so tired from emotional upheavals at the end of the day. Because of this I have been able to take on board so much more work and activities in my day-to-day, where today my ‘normal’ working week is 70-80 hours per week if not more, running my own business full time and also working for a college almost full time too… let alone having a family, children, dogs etc!

Many people today comment on how ‘calm’ I am and ask me how I ‘do’ this – they find it hard to believe that something so simple as Gentle Breath Meditation can transform your life. But it is powerful, especially when practised consistently and brought into the activities of everyday life – a connection with the body and the quality that we live with. And this has been a forever unfolding process where the ‘gentleness’ is then taken deeper and deeper until the quality changes to tenderness or delicateness.

Thank you Serge Benhayon for sharing the Gentle Breath Meditation™, which has allowed me to transform my life in ways I would never have imagined!

By Henrietta Chang, BNat, BBiol, MApplSci

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217 thoughts on “The Power of the Gentle Breath Meditation

  1. I never actively chose to visually meditate in the way that I would call it meditation, for me the exact same experience has been called Daydreaming. In some cases I would feel an opioid style of relief away from the real world and when I felt this it scared the pants off of me! But I came to this scare after having practiced being in my body more and feeling the settlement that being with my body, whatever is within it be it hardness, sadness or sheer joy or a yummy warmth. That acceptance of whatever was within me felt amazing whereas today I can now say that daydreaming disturbs me as I know it is only a temporary solution and a delay to feeling that amazing acceptance.

  2. How striking you share that you would often feel more agitated and irritated at having to be a part of life after having done a visualisation. It strikes me that any activity we choose for the purpose of escaping life, whether that be gaming, meditation, films etc, one would similarly really struggle with the very tangible, real world at some level. So to one degree or another the more we choose to check out the more difficult life will feel as we have disengaged. The Gentle Breath Meditation brings us straight to our body, the very tangible body, and asks us to choose gentleness, something we can most definitely take back into the world once we open our eyes.

  3. The power of the Gentle Breath Meditation has to be experienced to really understand just how effective it is.

    1. It sure does, and I know that I dismissed it at first because it is so simple. I was used to meditating being long, and it looked a certain way to me….. so in a sense, I was not fully convinced the Gentle Breath Meditation would work as it was so simple. How wrong was I.

      1. Rosie, I too was not convinced about the long last effects of the Gentle Breath Meditation until I decided to consistently incorporate it into my daily routine. Indeed it is so simple and very supportive.

  4. I love the distinction you make about the meditation you tried previously and the gentle breath meditation. Before the gentle breath meditation I too had tried other forms of meditating and the goal every time was to escape what I felt rather than allow myself to feel my body. Giving ourselves space to feel what we feel is very powerful.

  5. I agree Henrietta – the Gentle Breath Meditation was life changing for me and I would whole heartedly recommend it to everyone and anyone no matter what age, or walk of life. Prior to meeting Serge Benhayon I meditated for 10 years – even spent two weeks on the side of a mountain in Nepal in a buddhist temple meditating – but, for all those hours of meditation my body, my vitality and my wellbeing never improved, and if anything I felt further away from myself and distanced from the world. The Gentle Breath Meditation reconnected me to my inner self, and to the wonderment of my body.

  6. “Without imposing or directing me in any way, it asked me NOT to escape into another fantasy world, but in fact to really just be in my body and feel the body.” like you the power of the gentle breath meditation has had a significant impact on my life. In fact I would say that is is the single most supportive tool when I started to want to make my life about truth. I felt that no matter what was going on in the world, no matter how caught up I had become that there was a way to re-connect to the innate warmth, the innate beauty and the incredible magnificence inside. When I could not longer feel that connection I would know that something was wrong, in effect I knew I was in illness.

  7. The proof is in the living, Henrietta, and so it is inspiring to hear what is possible when you live in connection to your body and breath thanks to the Gentle Breath Meditation.

  8. I have found The Gentle Breath Meditation offers a great marker during the day to stop and reconnect with my body, and reintroduce a sense of stillness to my day, its simple, easy, very practical to everyday living and only takes a short few minutes…

  9. Having an awareness of the body is one of the most wisest skills one could ever develop. Surprising how this essential-for-a-true-quality-of-well-being skill is not taught more in general life.

  10. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a down to earth technique to start reconnecting to oneself, no airy fairy or spiritual exercise but very practical, tangible and real to empower you be who you are in daily life and not losing yourself in the stresses and emotions of life´s intensity. Do it and you know what it can do for you.

  11. I love how the Gentle Breath meditation can be done anytime of the day. It is so portable!
    It is a very natural and supportive medicine which I use in my daily living.

    1. Yes it is very practical and all about connection and establishing a quality that you can live in each moment in day to day life. Super simple and supportive.

  12. When I first started the Gentle Breath Meditation it was confronting, because it revealed how far away I was on a day to day basis from breathing my own breath. I was breathing everybody else’s breath but not my own – and hence how hugely anxious I always was.
    Breathing our own breath is choosing our true quality and breathing that. The more I let myself go there, aided by the Gentle Breath Meditation, the more those patterns and momentums of absorbing the issues of others literally left my body. Now it is my normal every day. Each evening before sleeping I will feel the delicateness of my lungs breathing in and out – and in the warmth of my very own breath as I let myself deeply rest, I know I am one with the breath of God.

  13. I used to do days of silent meditations. It was awful and never gave me anything I searched for but just left me with such deep despair! I wanted to know what life was all about but these medications we’re all about the mind and transcending the body. How off kilter I was! The Gentle Breath Meditation was such a wonderful support to me bringing me back to being and trusting myself in the world.

  14. i love the way the Gentle Breath Meditation is so practical and comes into our daily way with everything we do when we connect to it. It makes it real as it builds, and we can be gentle with everything we do.

  15. We live in our bodies 24/7. Fact. But how much of that time do we really allow ourselves to really be in our bodies, and to feel them? It is often only when we are forced to – by accident, illness, or a cold – that we actually listen to our bodies and be with them, and that is usually to rest and recuperate. I feel very blessed to have come across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and their teachings as they support you to be with your body, and to listen to the wisdom that it shares. And the Gentle Breath Mediation is a super way to start.

  16. I attend Gentle Breath Meditation classes regularly and i love doing it in a group because it is such a powerful and palpable sense of stillness and unity, showing me that in group work when the quality if first and foremost, there is no separation.

  17. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a beautifully simple technique that can be applied by anyone. When I first was introduced to it I immediately wanted to bring it into my day to day. From there it has enabled me to feel much more of a steady, inner confidence (I used to feel very anxious and overwhelmed with life) and gradually I started to become much more aware of my body and how I was feeling to the point that I wanted to care and look after myself at a much deeper level.

  18. Henrietta, I very much enjoyed reading your blog as I am also a testimony of the powerful effects of the Gentle Breath Meditation. I too have tried other types of meditation before and the effect was exactly as you described: a blissful and momentary experience. The practice of the Gentle Breath Meditation (as you, for some time, I did it for a few minutes, in the morning and in the evenings) did not restrict itself to the moment of the meditation – it followed me through my daily activities. The Gentle Breath Meditation is very practical and it does not provide any blissful experience, quite the opposite it is very down to earth and support us to stay present and attentive with ourselves.

  19. I can relate to this sharing – I remember being introduced to meditation at school, and it was always about a fantasy and escaping in the mind. I thought this was what you did.So the Gentle Breath Meditation was so very different because I was being asked to feel my body. A big wake up call. But at the same time, this gave me a real starting point to actually take responsibility for where my body is at.

  20. For me the Gentle Breath Meditation has been the most versatile, simple but powerful, and life changing ‘tool’ that I have in my tool-box for life. You can take it anywhere, do it anywhere and feel the settling effects in your body after only a few focussed breaths. It is the foundation that so many other changes in my life have been supported by and the appreciation I have for being introduced to it by Serge Benhayon is endless.

  21. The Gentle Breath Meditation also changed my life, though at the start it did not seem like, as I was very much in my head during the meditation with thoughts entering my head big time. After a while, letting my mind focus on my body, those thoughts start getting less.

  22. I spent a week in silence meditating or at least looking like I was meditating when I was mainly focusing on the discomfort in my body and the need to get comfortable, it was the strangest experience.

  23. The gentle breath meditation has been such a huge support for me to let go of raciness and be more in my body.

  24. Looking back, I attempted lots of different types of meditation but with all of them I got distracted, bored and impatient. With the gentle breath meditation I absolutely love the feeling and never for a moment get bored.

  25. After a decade of 40minutes a day meditating with a world recognised school of meditation, my life had not changed an iota. After a decade of Gentle Breath Meditation, taking only 5-10 minutes a day, my life has changed in every aspect, starting from how I feel about myself. Nothing could be more precious than that.

    1. Indeed Heather, look at us, all the people that have walked the path of the Gentle Breath meditation®. They all claim to be so much more joyful in life in being connected with the delicateness of the body instead of, where most of us came from, living with the harshness of the mind.

    2. Love this Heather; indeed the Gentle Breath Meditation is sourced & held by the galactic energetic integrity that Serge Benhayon lives day to day.

  26. Day dreaming was my choice for escape, I couldn’t begin to estimate how many hours I have spent happily existing in my own little world, closing off to everything that was going on around me. As soon as I felt something I didn’t like, off I would go into my own space, which was just as I ‘thought’ I wanted it to be. However, the longer I stayed detached, the harder it was to reconnect, and the greater the lure of alcohol which allowed me to just numb myself even further. I drifted so far away from myself, it’s no wonder I felt so empty and lost, knowing there was more but not knowing how to get there. The gentle breath meditation has had a very profound effect on me, I was instantly connected to this incredible feeling of warmth, love and light – which over time has deeply supported me to build a foundation from which to fully engage with life.

  27. ‘And this has been a forever unfolding process where the ‘gentleness’ is then taken deeper and deeper until the quality changes to tenderness or delicateness’ …. beautifully confirming that there is always a deeper level for us to go. With a willingness to be open and honest, there is no end point, no limits or boundaries, we are forever deepening our love and light to share with the world and beyond.

  28. What a powerful revelation to discover that living in connection to ourselves and remaining present throughout our day is a meditation in itself rather than the traditional approach of using medtation to escape and therefore lose our presence and true connection with ourselves.

  29. Wonderful blog Henrietta. Thank you! The Gentle Breath Meditation is one of the most powerful and also the most simple of exercises or meditations, and it works extremely well in building a foundation of true awareness which is our vital tool. You say: ‘Without imposing or directing me in any way, it asked me NOT to escape into another fantasy world, but in fact to really just be in my body and feel the body.’ This is key. So many mediations have been about escaping form the world and the body – a knee jerk reaction to how raw and challenging the world that we have made is. But our only way out and through and to evolution is to embrace the body and its well-being fully and re-connect to our inner love and intelligence. The Gentle Breath is the perfect tool to support us to do this.

  30. There is nothing more beautiful than to want to feel and be in our own bodies. I know the escaping of myself very well too and have also done many different types of meditation before, but never have any such meditation made me feel like my body is the place I want to be. All these meditations were asking me to leave my body instead of being with it. But having tried the gentle breath meditation and using it in awareness of being in life instead of avoiding it, I am inspired by the very lovely, delicate, beautiful feeling I feel within, and even when I feel anxiousness or other emotions which I do not enjoy as much, I am able to stay with them rather than to escape them. This has changed tremendously how life begins from and with the body, rather than from leaving it behind.

  31. Before I encountered the Gentle Breath® meditation I used to meditate in different ways. But actually I did not questioned then what meditation really is. I have to conclude that I actually did not new the true meaning of the word to meditate, which to me is now a way to connect to your innermost but at that time to meditate for me was a way to escape into a concoct way of life that only existed in my mind but never in my body that actually had to live in the reality of every day’s life.

  32. The Gentle Breath Meditation changed my life. It showed me a different way. A way that is more natural than the way that I had been living. It brought gentleness into my life, and the ripple effect of that was huge in many ways.

    1. The simplicity is the Gentle Breath Meditation brings gentleness into our life, it shows us there is another way, just by connecting back to our own breath, its that simple.

  33. I find the difference between the Gentle Breath meditation and other meditations I have practiced in the past (TM, Visualisations, Bhuddhist, Vedic), is that in those you are directed as to how you breathe, what to think or not think at all, sit, how long, and so on, whereas The Gentle Breath Meditation is about breathing you own natural rhythm of breath with no force, only gentle, and letting your mind focus on that. I have also found that during the years I have practiced it the meditation has become shorter and shorter, as I only have to close my eyes and breath and that beautiful warm place inside ignites, and I am “there” and “here”, gently so.

  34. The Gentle Breath Meditation is an amazing gift to humanity as it allows us to feel who we truly are in a simple and down-to-earth way. It is so simple in fact, that a young child can enjoy practicing it.

  35. The Gentle Breath Meditation is such an invaluable tool for me it has enabled me to see, feel and know that everythign is already within me I just need to surrender and allow it rather than thinking i need to go out and attain anything. I use it as a way to reconnect and come back to myself when I have allowed myself to get caught up in things and events outside of myself.

  36. I meditated (under a guru) for 2.5 years for half an hour each day. I bought into all of the things I was told would happen – more energy, less sleep required, inner peace, etc. but I often saw it as a chore or task to be given something, felt uncomfortable in the sitting positions and rarely felt any benefits (if at all). So I was surprised with the Gentle Breath Meditation to find that I could sit anywhere, or even lie down, and there was no visualising or om-ing. In fact, it was the most lovely feeling ever – it allowed/allows me to reconnect to a stillness, a completely different quality to that of my old meditation. It wasn’t about checking out, but feeling my own breath and thus my body. I completely agree, it’s a real life changer.

  37. Its very interesting Henrietta, how you found you got irritated and agitated when you had to come back to reality after a meditation where you had felt such a blissful state. What a contrast for the Gentle Breath Meditation, that actually revitalises and energises you to be even more engaged in life when you open your eyes, rather than leaving you feeling like you want to run away and hide from it.

  38. It is incredible the amount of things that can be done under the label of meditation. What we do or not do while ‘meditating’ matters a great deal (not all paths lead to Rome). The question is how meditation ‘talks’ to the rest of our life and to our daily life. And, in that regard, it is important to understand what are we asking it to do for us. Understanding this is also key to be aware what it does to us as well. What you connect to leaves an energetic imprint in the body that is what it is but that in any case is a great reflection of ‘where have you been’ (the company you have chosen) .

  39. The gentle breath meditation is a great marker for how I have been living it gives me a moment to reconnect to me.

  40. Like you Henrietta I had tried a few different meditations but had concluded they weren’t for me. That was until I attended a workshop run by a guy called Chris James. When he introduced us to the Gentle Breath, it was like my body melted and knew exactly what to do, as if someone had found a magic key to help me settle and return to a deeper version of truth. As you beautifully say, it turned out not to be the escape I thought I wanted but instead, a great example of how surrendered and at ease I could feel just being myself. This lovely feeling is still my marker today.

      1. Absolutely agree Alexis – it starts to cram the thoughts and mind, can even prompt a tension in the head. These are all signs to come back to the gentle breath at the tip of the nose.

  41. What I love about the Gentle Breath Meditation is that you don’t need to sit there for hours, it is a short meditation and then you head back into the world and practice living that quality in all that you do, in the way you walk and talk.

  42. Bringing our mind back to our body and the quality of our movements is truly settling and regathering, equipping us to commit more fully to life whereas techniques whereby we are escaping or withdrawing from life only make our problems worse…

  43. One moment of ‘stop’ and a gentle breath brings more love into the world that a whole life of being good.

  44. It is so true what you say here, Henrietta, about the Gentle Breath Meditation being “powerful, especially when practised consistently and brought into the activities of everyday life – a connection with the body and the quality that we live with.” I use it every day, throughout the day. It is the greatest tool in simply being able to bring me back to myself without fail.

  45. Thank you for sharing, I too can say if it was not for the Gentle Breath Meditation, I am not sure where I would be in my life. Gentle Breath Meditation transformed my life. I was a person who was always on the go never had a moment to stop. Now even though my life is busy and long working hours, my breath is gentle and my flow of life reflects that, I have more stillness in my body and space in the day to complete more task than ever before. My working hours are easily 80hrs plus, but it feels a normal flow.

  46. Thanks for sharing Henrietta, I used to meditate and go on trips in my mind and I had completely forgotten about that even though, it is something I used to do a lot. It was great to read your blog and appreciate for myself how much the Gentle Breath Meditation has supported me over the years. I no longer need to or want to escape life as I love it, and like you work more now than ever before yet am more energised and vibrant than ever before. What I love about the Gentle Breath Mediation is that I don’t need an hour to meditate, and I don’t have to be in a certain room, environment, or posture. I can do it any where, any time and it doesn’t take long!

  47. The Gentle Breath Meditation in a very practical and tangible way helped me to feel empowered to change my way of being, the quality I choose to have with myself and the way I do things. From there the unfoldment of an ever deepening quality began.

  48. I used to try so hard to meditate and get frustrated I couldn’t do it for long – I had a picture that spending hours meditating would help me in life. But it was the same for me – what followed from meditation was frustration as I couldn’t integrate any blissful feeling I got to in with everyday life. The meditation separated me from life and took me away from it. It may have been ok while meditating but life was there to be a part of and it definitely didn’t support me to live life.

  49. Great testimony on how much time is used to escape our bodies in other forms of mediation, it’s not only the time during the mediation but the time after as we try and come back into reality. The Gentle Breath Mediation is the complete opposite to other forms as it asked us to come to reality and bring our bodies to it also. It asks us to feel what is happening within and feel the warmth of love that is us.

  50. Until Universal Medicine I had never heard the saying ‘Breath your own Breath’ but in doing so it is incredibly grounding and freeing. Free of breathing in the world’s emotions.

  51. Beautifully shared Henrietta – I absolutely concur, the Gentle Breath Meditation is definitely unlike any other meditation I have ever come across and if practised in our day to day life, it is life changing.

  52. I also used to meditate daily, sitting in a crossed leg position imagining myself somwhere else or staring into a candle trying my hardest not to feel the discomfort then afterwards getting up and feeling in a daze for a while before getting on with the day with no actual benefits achieved. The Gentle Breath Meditation is so simple, yet so powerful and I remain far more aware and focused during my day, which is the total opposite to how I used to feel after I finished meditating. At the times when I am feeling disconnected or uncertain, I find it is a wonderful tool that supports me to come back to myself and to what is needed during the day.

  53. I can remember when I started to bring the quality of gentleness and stillness that I had connected with in The Gentle Breath Meditation as presented by Serge Benhayon and how I could not see where I wasn’t being gentle. Slow I started to allow this gentleness in to my life and how I went about in life became a whole new way on the most precious and practical way possible.

  54. I love how the Gentle Breath Meditation supports us to stay connected to ourselves and any activity we undertake during our day. It is only a breath away and can be dropped into at anytime and its free! Reconnecting me to me and because of that everything and everyone around me. It has supported me to an ever expanding enrichment I never knew was possible.

  55. One of the most incredible things about the Gentle Breath Meditation is the fact that it is so simple There is no man, woman or child alive that could not practice it. We all need to start simply in order to get back to true simplicity in our lives again because true joy and fulfilment is found in simplicity – part of the fabric of the universe.

  56. Henrietta your sharing conveys the true essence of what meditation should bring. The difference between your old, more widely practice meditation and the Gentle Breath Meditation is profound. It’s easy to feel how the old style was just the same as watching a movie in order to not feel what was going on for you, whereas the Gentle Breath Meditation brought you to you, beautiful.

  57. “Without imposing or directing me in any way, it [The Gentle Breath Meditation] asked me NOT to escape into another fantasy world, but in fact to really just be in my body and feel the body” – as you share Henrietta, I too was in the same boat in wanting to escape feeling my body and the state i was in [tired, exhausted, anxious, low/blue, stressed, tense…] through keeping myself busy, distracted, in my mind/head avoiding the gentleness quality to deliberately avoid another quality – that of stillness. Stillness over the years of development has been the settlement of my body and the pre-curser to this, gentleness.

  58. I used to try to meditate the way I learnt through various yoga practices, but couldn’t ever get it to do anything for me beyond highlight how active my mind was and unsettled I felt in my body. The first time I did the Gentle Breath Meditation I felt a shift within minutes that switched off my mind and I felt an instant connection in my body to something I had rarely felt before… a stillness l’ve since come to know myself as.

  59. When I realised that meditation was connection within – not a way out – it changed everything and I could feel reconnection to divinity within my body. And then to be with that in my day, my work …everything. Thank you Serge Benhayon, you made meditation really, really real.

  60. Meditations in the past for me, went on the scale from, being off with the fairies to floating in the sea of darkness in the void of nothingness! And, the longer I escaped to La La land, the better. All the time I was not with me or the world I live in. The Gentle Breath Meditation is always available, with simply shutting our eyes and one gentle breath to reconnect to oneself. I know the meditation I can use anytime or place that can bring me back to myself and is always just a breath away!

  61. Henrietta thank you. I did a meditation daily for over twenty years that when I started the The Gentle Breath Meditation I realised had been supporting me in my withdrawal from the world. The more I did it the longer I did it for, sometimes hours yet my energy levels health didn’t improve infact I feel they got worse and now I know it was a great escape from life. The Gentle Breath Meditation connected me to my body and brought profound change very quickly and has supported me immensely in my health and wellbeing and being part of our world. It is so simple to do yet so powerful.

  62. It really is amazing, how something as simple as the way we breath can potentially change so much about how our bodies feel and consequently how we go about our day. What a wonderful exercise this would be if we were to start the day in schools with this simple but deeply profound technique.

  63. I used to attend groups or listen to recordings of guided meditations. Since working with the Gentle Breath Meditation there was a revelation of how harming and stressful this is on the body and how important it is to ‘breath you own breath’ and not take on the breathing rhythm of others under any circumstances. This has proven very wise.

  64. There is no special place or zone needed for this Gentle Breath Meditation practice, no compartment outside of our normal everyday lives – the potential for connection is there on the underground; in a meeting; stacking the shelves; driving the car – simply our breath and our bodies are forever there to feedback.

  65. What is amazing about The Gentle Breath Meditation is that you can practice this anywhere, anytime, while you are alone or on a busy train full of people. It is so simple yet so powerful and deeply supportive.

  66. I agree Henrietta, the Gentle Breathe meditation is super powerful. It is simple, knocks out anxiety, and is never time consuming and as it becomes a way of living for you, you can breath gently all day!

  67. Breathing gently is natural and yet how often does our breathing change in reaction to what is going on around us? How often are we even aware of this happening?

  68. The Gentle Breath Meditation supported me immensely to build a foundation for myself without the harshness and abuse of my past. I am forever thankful for Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon who time after time know exactly what tools to share that support one to live with a deep sense of love in their lives.

  69. Thank you, Henrietta. The Gentle Breath Meditation has changed my life completely because I used to be in so much tension and move my body harshly, whereas now I am aware of how gentle my breath and every movement can be.

  70. We need to seek the truth in life, not we want or what we would like to keep (comfort) but an open approach to explore what there is to life and our responsibility. The gentle breath simple and is a fine way of support that allows you to breath your breath and observe then all in and around you. From this we have a great marker in our day – to not obsorb so much of what is going on, but to observe.

  71. I love the gentle breath meditation – as you say Henrietta, it really supports you in daily life and you can bring it to all you do. Meditation is not a moment where you need to pause life and take a break from it all. It’s not an escape but something to bring presence to what you are doing. Focusing on your breath is a great way to bring presence. I find focussing on my hands and fingertips has the same effect and this can be done anywhere – while driving, while typing, while cooking.

  72. One of the great realisations I had with the Gentle Breath Meditation was the power of simply nominating and observing what is. For example when I first did it and found my mind being racy I would think it should be different, but then I discovered that by observing if I was a bit speedy or something it would already settle. Our body is so beautifully responsive and wise – all we need to do is listen.

  73. It is so gorgeous and amazingly healing to build awareness. In the early stages we become more and more aware of how unaware we are and at that point it is great to be aware of just how much awareness it takes to be aware you are unaware so you can appreciate yourself and not judge!

    1. Such a simple and supportive tool this is, to be simply honest with ourselves and observe what is going on, that alone opens our awareness, and as you say, allows for appreciation and no judgement, and I would add it brings curiosity to explore more.

  74. I too would not be where I am today had it not been for the Gentle Breath Meditation Henrietta – along with the presentations I have attended at Universal Medicine on self-care, love and evolution. I have very little ‘drama’ left in my body, my anxiousness has reduced astronomically, I have hugely increased my ability to work in the world, and the joy of living is amazing!

  75. Meditating is no longer about checking out anymore for me, its about checking in. It no longer takes me an hour, I don’t have to go to a class, or sit in an uncomfortable position… I can in fact, do it any where, any time,
    and I don’t need special music or a teacher. The Gentle Breath Meditation is free and available for everyone, any where and it works. I don’t need to look any where else!

  76. “But it is powerful, especially when practised consistently and brought into the activities of everyday life – a connection with the body and the quality that we live with” – yes because as i’ve been understanding and experiencing thanks to deepening with the Gentle Breath Meditation, is that what is anything without noting the quality it’s being done in? I know that when i end up feeling bashed/smashed that it’s not what i’ve done, but that what i’ve done has not been in a quality that’s supported me or my body. Quality first. It is the great revealer.

  77. Being able to bring oneself back to breathing our own breath can be sometimes a really difficult thing to do. When we are used to not breathing gently and for ourselves, it can be really a big change to have the awareness that we actually aren’t. So the first thing is to bring that awareness to when we are not, so to then bring the breath to a gentle one, this is what helps bring the body back into sync with itself.

  78. I had no idea that it was a choice I could make to Live from my body and not be driven by the mind until I made a commitment to practicing the Gentle Breath Meditation. There were many little things that started to change such as my energy levels, the settled feeling in my body, the mind was exposed in its constant activity and I was just more at ease in my life. It is so simple and something a person can choose to experience – the outcome will tell its own story.

  79. Thank you for this celebration of the much loved Gentle Breath Meditation and for drawing a distinction from new age like fluffy visualisations and so forth that it most certainly is not. It is super simple, super normal and a life changer in every way as we return to the true connection we didn’t know we had lost.

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