The Power of the Gentle Breath Meditation

I would not be where I am today if it were not for having started practising the Gentle Breath Meditation, as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, over ten years ago.

To give you some of my background… I used to meditate LOTS before I discovered Universal Medicine, but the style of meditation I used to do was a visual kind (where I visualised something) – and it was always a means to escape the world, a means to not be in my body, a means to be in a fantasy space, where there was no disturbance and I was left to be in ‘peace.’ I would visualise walking down a path in a forest, being in nature or visualise various colours around me, or filling myself up with ‘sand’ and ‘melting’ away any tension. Always a fantasy space.

But whenever I came back to the ‘real world,’ in other words when I finished my meditation, I really struggled with how to live in the world and bring this so called ‘peace’ back with me. In fact, I would often feel more agitated and irritated at having to be a part of life after having experienced such a ‘blissful’ state in a fantasy world. A bit of a contrast one could say, where this style of meditation only increased my frustration with how the world actually was and highlighted how much I just wanted to escape it all.

And so when I discovered the Gentle Breath Meditation™, it was a completely different experience. Without imposing or directing me in any way, it asked me NOT to escape into another fantasy world, but in fact to really just be in my body and feel the body. This was not always easy to do because quite frankly, I did not enjoy what I was feeling in my body – I got to feel how tired I was, how frustrated I felt, how sad I was about the way I treated myself and how hard I was on myself and how hard my body had become. But as I persisted with this Gentle Breath Meditation, something began to happen where I actually began to feel the warmth coming back into my body, and I began to feel the gentleness creep back in. It only happened in increments, to begin with, but I could feel the difference… and then from here I kept building on this feeling. 

Now, ten years down the track, I find myself in a place in my life where I know I would not be today if I had not put into practice the groundwork of learning the Gentle Breath Meditation™. It has been my foundational stepping stone to developing a solid relationship with myself, and has allowed me to embrace and handle life in a way I had never ever imagined possible, and far more powerfully than the way I used to meditate.

In the past, I used to meditate for hours (2-3 hours per day when I could) yet this did NOTHING for me other than make me feel even less equipped to handle the world. With the Gentle Breath Meditation™, I started with meditating for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evenings before going to bed, and then I found myself breathing gently whilst washing the dishes or driving the car… I was actually able to bring the effects of the meditation into my day-to-day life: I was more aware of how I was feeling and hence I could acknowledge this, and then choose to do things in life with the quality of gentleness.

This was a completely different experience to the other kind of meditations I used to practise that directed you to ignore the body and its true quality. In contrast, by first breathing gently and then doing things gently, such as opening or closing a door gently, opening a tap gently, sitting down, washing the dishes, brushing my hair etc. – all done gently – all these things essentially allowed me to feel more settled in my body and I have been able to handle situations more calmly and be less likely to get angry or frustrated. To me, this alone is very powerful, allowing me to stay aware and able to handle situations with grace… and as a result, not feeling so tired from emotional upheavals at the end of the day. Because of this I have been able to take on board so much more work and activities in my day-to-day, where today my ‘normal’ working week is 70-80 hours per week if not more, running my own business full time and also working for a college almost full time too… let alone having a family, children, dogs etc!

Many people today comment on how ‘calm’ I am and ask me how I ‘do’ this – they find it hard to believe that something so simple as Gentle Breath Meditation can transform your life. But it is powerful, especially when practised consistently and brought into the activities of everyday life – a connection with the body and the quality that we live with. And this has been a forever unfolding process where the ‘gentleness’ is then taken deeper and deeper until the quality changes to tenderness or delicateness.

Thank you Serge Benhayon for sharing the Gentle Breath Meditation™, which has allowed me to transform my life in ways I would never have imagined!

By Henrietta Chang, BNat, BBiol, MApplSci

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353 thoughts on “The Power of the Gentle Breath Meditation

  1. Learning the Gentle Breath Meditation empowers us to connect to our body and deepen our relationship with our essence so that as we build a quality of true tenderness and self-care this naturally expands to the way in which we connect and engage with others.

  2. The Gentle Breath Meditation has been a huge support and still is for me and many hundreds of people if not thousands of which I dont know; we feel the coming home to ourselves, simply by this very practical excercise of breathing God”s breath, your absolute love.

  3. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a simple technique that brings you back to you, I often use it sitting at my desk for a couple of minutes to check in with myself when I feel things are beginning to build up.

  4. Meditation should not be hard or difficult to access. The gentle breath meditation is the most simple and effective meditation that anyone can do anywhere, this is a true winner to allow everyone to experience what it is like to breathe our own breath.

  5. Today I didn’t want to settle so much in my body to feel, so there is huge anxiety felt, so I chose then to settle back in my body no matter how tired it felt, how loveless things are sometimes, and to just feel and accept. The willingness to feel and accept accompanied by gentle breath made me feel safe again.

  6. Meditation is always an occasion to connect. The question is what you connect to and what is the intent behind it. These are by no means insignificant details. When you choose to connect to your body, your are connecting with your divine particles with the intention of bringing order and space to them. When you choose something external to you, you ask your whole body to align to it. You never truly depart from the status quo, even if you take a little vacation trip away from it.

  7. Thank you Henrietta. The true reconnection with myself also started with getting offered to do the Gentle Breath Meditation.
    I did so many meditations before And was a teacher in it And very popular with it.
    It was shocking to experience that I couldn’t make this way of breathing And connecting within my body. I felt ashamed as I had an arrogance with me that I knew all. I learned the last of all….

  8. It’s so simple, very powerful and works as part of your life and day, the Gentle Breath meditation is that and so much more … and it does change lives without fuss or fanfare, a deeply supportive tool for all.

  9. I enjoyed being reminded this morning of just how practical the Gentle Breath Meditation is – it does not require a meditation room to lock the rest of the world away while we try to connect. Instead it asks us to connect in the every day, in a simple way, and to expand that awareness out and beyond the breath into what we are expressing moment by moment… practical chores, our work, family, relationships etc.

  10. How is it that there is so many practices of Meditation that believe you need to meditate for an hour or two to reach a place of stillness? The Gentle Breath Meditation is a powerful technique that proves within five minutes we can feel a connection to our body and begin to experience an exquisite stillness that we can carry with us throughout the day.

  11. That is a huge part of your day gone if you use 2-3 hours of it to meditate – particularly as opposed to the gentle breath meditation which takes 5 minutes.

  12. Whenever I feel that I am a little bit out of control, saying things I wouldn’t normally say, or becoming emotional or reactive very quickly, I come back to the gentle breath meditation. It brings me beautifully back to my true sense of self and aligns me back to my body and my soul. I then feel like I am in my centre, and the erratic behaviour is no more. It is an amazing tool.

    1. This was such an interesting point Rebecca, more because of what it reminded me of. My usual response to being out of control is to want to take control again (bit of a default for me)… whereas in truth what is needed is to come back to how I’m feeling and then take the journey from that point. A good reminder!

  13. The Gentle Breath Meditation simply invites us to return to our natural breath. It is a yummy warm feeling that has the sense of home. We can be at home in our bodies if we do not allow external influences to dictate how we breathe.

  14. ‘or filling myself up with ‘sand’ and ‘melting’ away any tension.’ Wow what a way to escape and how different with the ‘down to earth’ Gentle Breath Meditation which asks us to feel the tension and choose gentleness, not as a way to escape but a way to live our lives 24/7 and to deepen this quality, like you’ve shared Henrietta into innate qualities like tenderness and delicateness.

  15. The Gentle Breath Meditation transformed my life too. After years of trying every meditation that was on offer, to be presented with this simple form of meditation was the best gift ever. Gone are the days of escaping ‘down a meandering path towards a tinkling waterfall’ and various other places outside of me. In their place is the most simple technique to re-connect me to who I truly am; no bells and whistles, just a few gentle breaths to bring me home to me.

  16. It is very interesting to read the different and varying kinds of techniques that are available for meditation, with so many of them offering an escape in to a fantasy world that seems to leave the body behind.

  17. It comes down to love, always. In such simple meditation by Serge Benhayon, the Gentle Breath Meditation, we helps you restore the original flow of energy throughout your body. But we need to be present with ourselves; being in the moment with our body and focussed from this connection with what we do. Must remember that : connection to our body is always #1.

  18. Re-establishing a connection with my body has been a real revelation – and the practice of the Gentle Breath Meditation has certainly been a key part in that reconnection. I practiced every day, in the mornings and rather like you say here Henrietta, there came a time when I found myself breathing gently whilst doing other things like driving too. It became second nature you might say. This method is so very simple and just takes a few minutes – and yet the benefits of regular practice are very broad. It is without doubt the most effective meditation practice I have experienced.

  19. There is definitely something about meditation that is very appealing, there must be something about the basics of its practise or the sound of its word that resonates deeply, an offering perhaps of what so many of us are looking for. And this is why it is important to be discerning, because the activity of the word surely must match the true meaning that everyone knows it to be.

  20. The Gentle Breath Meditation, as taught by Serge Benhayon, has allowed many people to transform their lives in ways that would never have been imagined.

  21. “And this has been a forever unfolding process where the ‘gentleness’ is then taken deeper and deeper until the quality changes to tenderness or delicateness.” Gorgeous Henrietta. Deeply connecting with our breath – and with our body – supports us in ways I would never have imagined to be possible.

  22. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a tool of medicine. Medicine is never about escaping. It is about leaving behind the disorder and the movement that feeds it that created illbeing in the first place.

  23. Commitment and persistence paid off, as you started to see and feel changes, ‘But as I persisted with this Gentle Breath Meditation™, something began to happen where I actually began to feel the warmth coming back into my body, and I began to feel the gentleness creep back in.’

  24. Henrietta I really enjoyed the simplicity of the steps of how the Gentle Breath Meditation was for you, It was the same for myself. You take us through the initial stages of discomfort to the realisation of letting all that go and starting to connect to your essence to how simple and enjoyable you find life today. A great understanding of what to expect when one firsts engages The Gentle Breath Meditation.

  25. Before being introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation I have tried many other types of meditation too and knowing that those do not truly support me–as they feel I am escaping into what I do not want to deal with but when I open my eyes, all those things are still there for me to deal with. In my resistance to meditation in general, I have been aware but also not fully committed to any meditation, which now when I have dropped this resistance I am feeling the support of the gentle breath meditation much more and it is so wise to make use of this support of truly coming back to myself and feeling my body.

    1. Thank you Adele for sharing. I used to practice all different kinds of meditation too from visualising something in front of me, listening to a guided meditation taking me off somewhere to chanting because that was what I was encouraged to do but never understanding the purpose of it all! What this has made me aware of is the sadness and hurt I feel in my body from making these choices to carry out these types of meditation. There cannot be any regret or lack of acceptance in my movements no matter where I am in life but a willingness to let go and embrace my gentle breath in my every day living and not treat it as a ticking of a box to say I meditate every day practicing the Gentle Breath Meditation which I have done in the past.

  26. By just reading all these comments I can feel the stillness that is found through the Gentle Breath meditation The same feeling l have when I practise it. And I agree with you all, it has nothing to do with any meditation I have done before. No complication, no images, no effort, no hours,… just my breath and me in intimate gentleness while I simply live, fully aware.

  27. It is so amazing, I love how you point out that this mediation does not ask you to escape, it is so true. I grew up with relaxation techniques that were all based around your special place by the river etc and none of them ever made an impact on my life. I have had enormous success with the Gentle Breath Mediation too but I have never committed to it so consistently as you have. I think I might be up for the gentle mediation challenge! I’ll see if I can out gentle you next time I pass you in the arcade at work! Kidding, you are the queen of stillness and grace but now your secret is out, I will be using it to my advantage, which I know you will relish in!

  28. The difference between “ bliss” and the true connection that comes from experiencing the gentle breath meditation is incomparable… It is exactly as you say Henrietta. One literally disconnects you from the world and the other one prepares you for full and graceful interaction

  29. I haven’t done the gentle breath meditation for a while but did it with some work colleagues on Friday. The difference just 10 minutes made to how we all felt afterwards was huge. First I could see how peoples bodies changed; at the start being very tense and a bit fidgety compared to the end where they had almost melted into themselves. It was also evident when they opened their eyes their expression showed how good it felt, without them having to say anything. The verbal feedback confirmed all of this.

  30. The gentle breath meditation has helped me to understand how to be me in a world full of chaos, a tool that has kept me steady in the face of adversity. It is something that is always there to connect to like a trusty friend.

  31. My life has changed dramatically since introducing The Gentle Breath Meditation. as you say such a simple yet powerful and profound technique that supports us to connect much deeper to our inner being, our Soul. This quality of rhythm you can allow yourself to go to can then be taken out into your day and when you are in connection with this and going for it – WOW you feel incredible and you know it is you deep down to the core.

  32. The Gentle Breath Meditation is something we can use to support us to be more who we truly are in the world rather than withdraw or try and escape from life.

  33. A powerful testimony of The Gentle Breath Meditation and significant case study of a life turned around with full commitment now leading the way. It is very inspiring to realise that every movement can be healing and meditative.

  34. The power of this blog – just a simple reminder of how easy it is to reconnect. Just a simple choice, a few breaths that can be done anywhere and we are back in our bodies, feeling ourselves and what is really going on.

  35. I have tried numerous meditations, including sitting cross legged and trying to empty the mind or gaze at a candle or focal point, all of them have been a real struggle to do. On the flip side, I look forward to doing the gentle breath mediation and can commit to doing it daily without hesitation because I love how it feels to when I am more connected to my body and not in my head.

  36. The power of gentleness, the power of breathing our own breath, the power of making this choice, is out of this world amazing. It is something I have been practicing for around 9 years and it is now part of every day life…if I start any shallow or laboured breathing this tells me a lot about how I am feeling, emotions and stress can often get the better of us and it often does not feel supportive. We can feel like we are dizzy with reactions we are having to things and the to do list we need to get through keeps piling up… I choose to check in and I choose to breath in a way that does supports me, and then I feel connected, steady and ready for life. It physiologically makes sense to bring awareness to how we breath, for our well-being, I practice this at home, at work, at the supermarket, you name it….it steadies the ship on the sea of life…

  37. From my own experience of many forms of meditation I noticed that most of them take you further away from your body or disconnect you from your body where as the Gentle Breath Meditation actually connects you more with your body and this is interesting because I have also observed that my body is very honest so it always is communicating with me exactly what is really going on in my life ay any time, so it makes sense to develop a connection with the body as it can feel and discern energy in a way that my mind cannot.

  38. Everything starts with our breath, we cannot have movement without first – the breathe. So it makes complete sense that we need to attend to that breathe and allow it to be everything that it naturally is.

  39. When we use anything to escape what are we actually doing? Where do we think we are going to run away to that will outdistance ourselves? Inevitably we return to ourselves, to what we have chosen and it is a reflection of responsible or irresponsible we have been.

  40. I deeply appreciate the way The Gentle Breath Meditation is taught by Universal Medicine. Great deal of care is taken for you to deeply understand the true purpose of meditation, and not fall for the many gimmicks out there about meditation.

    It is never sold as a panacea or an end in itself, but a deeply honouring tool to support us to reconnect to our essence, and to build a foundation of living that in every aspect of our daily life. (this is beautifully reflected in the articles and the many free recordings posted on

  41. Connecting to the breath is a great tool to use to support our re connection with the body and being. The Gentle Breath Meditation is simple and requires no forceful breathing techniques or long hours in discipline. In a few minutes we can feel the quality of the breath and how this reflects how we have been living.

  42. The beauty of the Gentle Breath Meditation is that it is so simple, and requires nothing other than a committment to focussing on the way we breath as we go about our day to day lives.

  43. 15 years of studying various methods and techniques including mediations and I had never come across anything so simple and effective as The Gentle Breath Meditation in supporting me to stop, begin to free myself from the clutches of my emotions and reactions, and be more open and aware in life once again.

  44. One of the gifts the Gentle Breath Meditation offers is re-connecting to myself in my body with gentleness and appreciation which can be missing when in thinking mode of getting through the day. Then this re-connection stays with me as I move into my day with more awareness and gentleness, that being with my body as I go offers more flow and harmony to my day.

  45. Henrietta, thank you for sharing this. I tried many meditations in the past ad they never worked, they all seemed very complicated and hard to do, when I came across the Gentle Breath Meditation I loved the simplicity and that I felt calm and connected.

  46. When I used to meditate long hours and it was to escape life, what I experienced was disliking the world even more. I just wanted to escape to somewhere, anywhere but be here. That did not help me commit to life at all. While doing the Gentle Breath Mediation no more than 10 mins I feel present and I am aware of myself and my body and this feeling is very empowering as when I am here, I can deal with anything that comes my way.

    1. Wow thank you Adele. I never fully saw this insidious nature of the many meditations and other similar techniques I practiced in the past. I went to them to relieve myself from life, and they were in fact sold as that, which actually means my belief that life is something to escape from was confirmed!

      This is a shocking realisation that all these techniques actively ingrain our perception of separation and disempowerment in life. Thank God, literally, for the Gentle Breath Meditation which, as with everything else about Universal Medicine, actually supports you to deeply connect with yourself, to let go of all the false imposed ideas and perceptions and commit even more fully to life.

    2. Beautifully said Adele, and thus is the power of the Gentle Breath Meditation. To bring presence, awareness and the ability to deal with life. Simple and quick to do, yet profound in it’s effect.

  47. Like a driver who continually gets lost and crashes their car, isn’t it time we admitted that this current approach isn’t going so great? There are GPS systems we can use, and it’s possible to stop and take stock along the way too. The Gentle Breath Meditation is like this for me – a brilliant support when perhaps I may have taken a wrong turn in the day. We don’t have to live life alone, to do everything ‘our way’ – if we just open up as you say Henrietta we might find we feel a great deal clearer.

  48. Simplicity is the essence of the Gentle Breath Mediation – it’s very simplicity allows one to let go of the complications of the day and to deepen our inner awareness to what is true. Finding the Gentle Breath Meditation is like finding a pure gold – it brings us back to feel our own true worth, and feel the quality of a life lived in harmony and joy .

  49. In 2006 I attended a Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 course presented by Serge Benhayon, which was to change my life. On this course I was presented with ideas, concepts and most importantly truths that made me question my whole approach to work and living resulting in me make a complete lifestyle change. One of the defining moments on that course was the Gentle Breath Meditation. In those few minutes of the meditation I experienced a connection with my body and myself that was unparalleled and so immediate. From that day on I committed to practicing it at least once everyday and it was the foundation that supported me to make the lifestyle choices and changes I did following that course.

      1. Absolutely jstewart, the world is so taken with and enchanted by complication that something simple and very powerful like the Gentle Breath Meditation is just dismissed or by-passed – how can that possibly work we have been used to complicated medical machinery costing a fortune to curtail our momentums!

  50. Gentle Breath Meditation is the most simplest and powerful meditation I have come across. It takes minutes and brings you back to you body quickly, It supports in all your movements and keeps the mind in control, as you connect to your body.

  51. The Gentle Breath Meditation is the simplest, easiest and most deeply connecting of all of the meditations I have tried in the past. As you have shared Henrietta it can reveal where we are at and how we have been living, which can be uncomfortable to feel. However along with that you feel that these choices aren’t you, because you connect to that loveliness within that is untouched by the world. The Gentle Breath Meditation supports us to then live more from that loveliness.

  52. The Gentle Breath Meditation offers the most loving unimposing invitation to be with my body. My mind has reacted to the simplicity and power of this but my body doesn’t which is confirmed in the way it loves to surrender, let go of the held tensions and share with me how it truly feels in response to my minds control of how I have been with and used my body. The Gentle Breath Meditation is an incredible foundational support to re-connecting with my entire being.

  53. The Gentle Breath Meditation is an amazing tool in our lives with its simplicity and powerful intent of connection , our stillness felt and spreading through our body and allowing a clarity freedom and expansion of knowing and a foundation to live by and with on a moment to moment basis of love.

  54. ‘What meditate? Me? I am a grown adult, I don’t need to stop and besides I just don’t have the time. And I mean how much can 5 minutes of my day really change?’. These are some of the types of thought I have had and continue to get even though everything in my life points towards the fact that the Gentle Breath meditation has been a huge and life changing support. Thank you Henrietta for this timely reminder not to heed the thoughts but follow what my body says instead.

  55. The Gentle Breath Meditation allowed me to acknowledge that I am at least gentle by nature. I had pushed this aside in order to exist and get by in the world. This was a beautiful thing to feel after a life of protection, toughening up and trying to be something I was not. I realise that this inner sense of self was to be valued way before anything I could do, and the toughness was just an outer façade to hide the loveliness inside me.

  56. The Gentle Breath Meditation is the only meditation I know of that brings you to your body, the warmth in your body …. your essence. Writing this I am asking myself why do I not do this more!!!

    1. I agree, it is the only meditation that brings you to your body, all other forms of meditation take you away from you body and lost in your mind.

  57. To feel that amazing deliciousness of who I am confirmed by the Gentle Breath Meditation when I first awake in the morning or to take with me as I drift into sleep, is very beautiful and super supportive in my life.

  58. What I have loved about The Gentle Breath Meditation is that it is something that can be incorporated in to our every day lives… in the lift at work, on our way to and from school, any moment that we can simply bring our attention back to the quality of our breath and how our body feels. It has certainly transformed my life.

    1. Yes Matilda it is the only meditation I know that you can do anytime, anywhere and it is as powerful each time. I remember all the old techniques I use to do, I have to create some time in the day and spend min 30 mins to hour if not more. This form is quick simple and very powerful.

      1. It certainly beats sitting crossed legged in front of a repetitive video of instructions for around 8 hours a day for 10 days (which I have done – or at least I lasted 7 or 8 days before enough was enough). If we’d been allowed to speak I’m sure nobody would complete it.

  59. Yes I agree, Henrietta. The Gentle Breath Meditation has supported me to feel much more settled in the body, and therefore much less exhausted and drained, simply because I am no longer in constant nervous tension throughout the day. This frees me up to be more engaged and active in life…and much more joyful!

  60. Learning the Gentle Breath Meditation was a revelation for me and I was blown away at the change in my body within a few minutes. To have thought bringing stillness and a sense of calm to my body was a long process involving hours of sitting without movement then discovering how I could feel in a few connected minutes of Gentle Breath Meditation was an enormous blessing.

  61. What is so beautiful about the Gentle Breath Meditation is that is re-introduces us to a quality that we can keep connecting to throughout the day. It then gets obvious when we are disconnected and instead of trying to fix that tension it is about re-connecting to the quality that we are.This I find very supportive in life.

  62. Some years back now I was feeling very anxious about some reports I was doing for work, and whether or not I would be able to get them out on time. As the panic was rising I just stopped and connected to my gentle breath and the feeling melted away. There is a split second where you are convinced that nothing will work but this showed me that within only three breaths I was back, and the anxiousness subsided.

  63. The fact that you would feel unsettled after coming back from mediating in a fantasy world is great proof that our bodies and the people that we are naturally do want to be here, presently and aware in life.

  64. The Gentle Breath Meditation gives us the ability to be in command of ourselves at all times. There is nothing to prevent us choosing to breath gently, and one breath can begin to shift our current state to one that is more connected and steady.

  65. The gentle breath meditation invites a vibration into our body that is true. From the very outset of experiencing this meditation, my body has always responded by becoming more and more settled and still.

    1. Vicky, yes it so true, it does invite a vibration to our body that is true, and I took can say it responds by becoming more and more settled and still. This is a great proof of how it is support us and our body.

  66. The Gentle Breath Meditation and its simplicity has become my foundation also to coming back to who i am in a stillness and gentleness where all is seen and felt and put into perspective with a love and understanding possible from this stillness and connection inside.

  67. Meditation ought not be confused with medication. There is only a letter of difference between these words but also a sea regarding what is the intention behind. The Gentle Breath Meditation never crosses to the other side. So, what we brings is spaciousness and order.

  68. It is interesting how many people find guided meditation so much easier than taking a couple of minutes to connect with themselves and their bodies. The Gentle Breath Meditation is great for bringing our minds back into union with our bodies and re connecting with ourselves.

  69. There are so many different kinds of meditation, but none of them can support the body to cope with life in such a gentle way as does The Gentle Breath Meditation it is so simple and powerful at the same time.

  70. Coming back to our breath any time any place and allowing for it to be gentle tender or delicate, deepening the quality allows us a deeper connection and brings a greater reflection to others.

  71. “It has been my foundational stepping stone to developing a solid relationship with myself” – This could be different for every person, but finding something through which you can really connect to yourself is so supportive and something you can always go back to. I even find this with cooking, cleaning and writing!

  72. I remember coming to the Gentle Breath Meditation for the first time with a lot of expectation about mediation is or ought to be, what it’s purpose is and the rules of how to do it. The Gentle Breath Meditation has not ever imposed upon me that what I was doing before was wrong, it just gave me a different experience in my body, one that I was free to say yes or no to.

  73. The mind is always busy, but what is it busy doing? I have found the gentle breath meditation a huge support in understanding my body and how much tension I can be holding. To be anxious as I so often can be, to have a tool that only takes 2-3 minutes to do is incredibly supportive. It is amazing when I stop drifting in my mind how willing my body is to let go and surrender to a state of grace, in greater wellbeing.

  74. There are currently big debates globally about energy conservation. If each human being took responsibility for the way that they themselves use energy we would not have this world-wide problem with ‘energy’ and pollution. The Gentle Breath is the simplest exercise or meditation which takes 5 minutes max to do, and it acts as a kind of gauge or marker of how we will use energy that day. Will we squander it or use it wisely and for the benefit of all?

  75. There has been a big rise in the popularity of ‘mindfullness’, and so many are talking about it and it is now offered in many workplaces, as well as part of some of the school curriculums too. In my experience this mindfullness meditation is one that is exactly as its name reveals itself – in the mind..there is no connection to the body and how the body feels, and certainly no real adressing of the issues in the body – in my experience, mindfullness attempts to erase what is going on with stress or emotions, or overwhelm, rather than actually getting to feel the effect in the body. This is a bit of worry, as our body is our key marker of what is going on, especially considering the rise in the incidence of illness and disease. What I love about the gentle breath meditation is that it is about the body and about making the body the key communicator rather than the mind itself. The polar opposite to mindfullness and it is super simple, practical AND powerful!

  76. Meditation stops becoming a moment to stop and starts to become moments to live. As we get more familiar with this living way through the gentle breath meditation the connection to ourselves builds a familiarity that becomes our normal and the disconnection starts to stand out.

    1. Love what you have said here Lucy. By simply doing this meditation we have this opportunity to live again in a way that is nurturing, powerful, productive, fun, loving, and for the benefit of all.

  77. Meditation is like anything we do… the energetic quality is the bottom line of the quality of how we will be in the end.

  78. When I feel myself getting caught up in ‘busyness’ at work, I have started to stop, down tools and connect back to the Gentle Breath Meditation so that when I return to what I was doing I am less racy which leaves me less exhausted at the end of the day.

  79. I agree my life would not be as it is without practicing the Gentle Breath Meditation. Everyday I breath gently in through my nose out through my nose and doing so has altered my physiology. A sense of stillness is with me.

  80. Yes, people nowadays are so overwhelmed and stressed that a ‘fantasy space’ can seem very appealing, however these kinds of meditations do nothing, as you say, to re-connect us to the stillness and all-knowing wisdom that resides within us, and provides true settlement in our bodies.

  81. To breathe our own breath is a super important factor in order to prevent the chaos and poison of life from breathing us. The Gentle Breath Meditation is the only meditation I know of which bring us back to our own breath, and in such a simple yet powerful way.

  82. The Gentle Breath Meditation is hands down the most simple and powerful meditation there is. It does not ask you to go somewhere else, or be a monk, or climb a mountain. It takes 5 minutes and the tender connection within that was always there waiting is awoken.

  83. ‘Awareness’, ‘Knowing’, ‘Believing’, ‘Thinking’.
    Are they all kind of the same? I used to think so, but thanks to the Gentle Breath Mediation not only can I now deeply sense the difference, I am also much wiser in my life as a result. It is not a theory but an ability to feel and deeply know the different qualities.

    There is immense awareness and wisdom we can access from within which many of us are mostly numb to or dismissing. The Gentle Breath Meditation has supported me to reconnect to, recognise and once again trust such inner awareness.
    This was hugely assisted by the simple yet profound explanations offered by Serge Benhayon before, after or during the meditations while I was learning the steps. What I am talking about is beautifully captured on the meditations posted on this site: ( Well recommended.

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