Time, Life and Me – Now One and the Same

How often do we say “I don’t have time,” “If only there were more hours in the day,” or “I need time for me, everything I do is for everyone else”?

Common, tiring and ever so draining, constantly wanting more time, never feeling there are enough hours in the day to fit everything in. Our lives are so full of things to do and places to be, it makes sense we feel this way.

I can totally relate to all of this, as in the past I used to squeeze as much as possible into a day. Looking back, my days were gauged by how ‘good’ they were based on how much was achieved or completed.

I was absolutely exhausted, completely overwhelmed and at times enormously frustrated: ticking the boxes and getting everything done, never stopping to consider the quality in which things were being done, and how I was in each moment or the impact this had on my body.

It was more important to get the job done than to consider how it left me feeling, overdoing it, straining myself or pushing myself past the point of exhaustion purely to make my day look like it was a ‘good’ day: I was a martyr, a superwoman, the envy of all women, all at the expense of myself.

Mentally and physically exhausted from choices I made on a daily basis, my body was aching, bloating and sore, my head constantly full of thoughts of what was next, what hadn’t been done, what needed to be done or what was done but wasn’t done well enough; I was completely drained.

I placed a level of judgment and criticism on myself, constantly taking on more, never saying no, forever wanting to complete yet another round of ‘doing.’

Nobody ever questioned why life was like this, living in a state of overwhelm, a constant feeling like there was never enough time in the day to get things done, all part of life, a cycle you could say that was never ending.

Accepted by many, including myself for a very long time, albeit begrudgingly, but nonetheless we seemed to partake in it, using any opportunity to complain but never actually doing anything to change it. As if it was a reward of some kind, the harder we worked and the busier we were, the more complete our lives, our days and perhaps, we were.

Even though this seemed to be the norm, how everyone lived, my body was quickly showing signs this was so not the way to truly live and to continue this way would reduce the level of vitality and quality which I was giving to not only myself but also to others. My body felt like it could only run like this for so long. I could feel it deteriorating slowly, each day more aches, a deeper level of frustration and resentment at the lack of time there was for me to get done all I thought was needed to be done. A merry-go round that felt like it was speeding up, with no end in sight.

Old age was looking pretty dismal and painful if I continued to choose to live in the overwhelm and busy-ness of life. Time was constantly eluding me and I felt like I was never going to catch up.

As a woman who loved to be busy, slowing down was not easy, taking time to prioritise, feeling what was needed and learning to say no took a long time.

Life was and still is full, but with the new choices I now make, by learning to be aware of where I am at, not taking things on unnecessarily, asking for support, and feeling what is needed, my body feels lighter; it no longer carries the burden of “what’s next.”

I now stop to feel how the choices I make impact my body and the flow of my day. Considering if there is a flow – or a drive, a push to achieve, complete or tick the boxes.

It took time, and I am by no means done, nor will I ever be perfect, but I continue to look back on my life, where I was and where I am today, how much more alive, vital, gentle, tender and loving I am with not only myself but also with everyone around me.

With the ongoing love and support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have been given the tools to make different choices, to be more loving, to not be afraid to ask for help, or to say no, building a level of consistency in my day, my life and my body. Knowing my life, who I am, is not gauged by what I do or complete but by the quality in which I choose to live.

It is this quality I am forever developing and deepening that has allowed me to be the keeper of time, and not time be the keeper of me.

No longer running against the clock, time now comes to me; I am able to complete more in a day than ever before, with more vitality and Love.

By Nicole Serafin, Age 45, Tintenbar, NSW

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748 thoughts on “Time, Life and Me – Now One and the Same

  1. This is such a great observation, ‘Nobody ever questioned why life was like this, living in a state of overwhelm, a constant feeling like there was never enough time in the day to get things done, all part of life, a cycle you could say that was never ending. Accepted by many, including myself for a very long time, albeit begrudgingly, but nonetheless we seemed to partake in it, using any opportunity to complain but never actually doing anything to change it.’ Especially the words but never actually doing anything about it, the martyr in us that then seeks the reward because look at all we have accomplished. That is until Serge Benhayon came along and showed humanity that there is another way to live that is not in the overwhelm of life in general. To take on board and make the changes that are suggested is to open up life to be free of the drudgery of the doing and the exhaustion that goes with this and really live life to the full and enjoy every moment of what the day unfolds.

  2. I agree with you Ariana the stress lingers in our bodies and builds up so that we get exhausted and then use coffee, sugar, drugs, and alcohol to get through the day which puts an even greater strain on our bodies. They were not made or designed to be in constant nervous energy.

  3. Saying ‘no’ was something I even not consider in the past. Life was all about ticking the boxes, being there for everyone every time was needed with no consideration of how I was feeling. Now, by deepening in my relationship with my body I can feel the number of rules, expectations of demands of the outside world. However, I’m the only one responsible to choose the way I deal with everything around me.
    Saying ‘no’ to everything that is not honoring to my body is very key, my days feel more spacious and joyful in this way. This opens me up to a new possibility of honoring myself more often, by feeling what’s the natural pace of my body instead of being good and ticking the boxes based on the expectations of others.

    The beauty of this is that there is no ending point to be, no aim to achieve but a constant deepening with the quality of Love we can bring in to our everyday life.

  4. Life is about the energy first and foremost, ‘Knowing my life, who I am, is not gauged by what I do or complete but by the quality in which I choose to live.’

  5. Henrietta I am just starting to appreciate the quality of what I do rather than just trying to do everything that is required of me. If I stay with the quality of being me with everything I do it seems to open up more space and so more gets done without the trying.

    1. The quality we do things in is super important for all, ‘ticking the boxes and getting everything done, never stopping to consider the quality in which things were being done, and how I was in each moment or the impact this had on my body.’

  6. Nicole, I was talking to a friend recently and by being honest about how I was feeling I discovered that I work hard running around trying to be all things to all people as a way of valuing myself, after all I must have some value after all look at the work output. Running around trying to be all things to all people is exhausting and it means I’m not really taking care of myself and if I don’t really care for myself then the care I give others is compromised.

  7. No wonder so many get exhausted, when we go at jobs without considering how our body feels. Life becomes a struggle rather than a flow. What energy do we choose to align to?

  8. ‘It was more important to get the job done than to consider how it left me feeling.’ This took me back to how I used to do and achieve things, with little regard for my body and how I felt. Such a difference to nowadays when I know what serves me – and thus everyone – and what doesn’t. Quality is more important than quantity.

    1. When we stop ticking the boxes and listening to the tick of the clock we come back to the truth of all we already are.

  9. There’s this energy that comes in that has us believe that the more we do, as fast as possible makes us more productive thus more valuable. What it leaves us with is feeling drained, empty and surrounded by a mess of rushed finished tasks or loads of started, but not finished tasks. Compare that to feeling what is needed in the moment, completing it and then moving on to the next thing. What I’ve found in the latter is I have greater energy, am not drained and can work more than when I rush.

  10. People are fascinating to observe and I have had an opportunity to closely observe some people recently and can see how the way we are raised has a huge impact on our adult life. In many families more attention is drawn, as you say Nicole, to get the job done than it is to consider how it left us feeling, so we can feel that it is more important to have everything neat and tidy and become a martyr to cleaning and being busy all the time, with little to no consideration to how this actually feels in our bodies; our self-worth is then gauged by how busy we can keep ourselves, busy attending to and looking after other people. So it is not surprising to me that we fall into this habit of not thinking or looking after ourselves at all.

    1. Our values really are back to front, many of us being brought up to push ourselves and get as much done as possible, totally disregarding our body/ourselves in the process, ‘ Looking back, my days were gauged by how ‘good’ they were based on how much was achieved or completed.’

  11. It’s an interesting journey breaking this down, this previous month I’ve found I’ve gone back into ‘doing’, and underneath that I suspect it was because I was facing some painful hurts coming up from my past that I didn’t want to feel. I also dropped the honesty of how my body was and kept going into the busyness. To me this confirms how much our whole being can impact on the choices we make, because even being busy can be to numb or distract ourselves from something painful that needs to be addressed.

    1. ‘…being busy can be to numb or distract ourselves… ‘. I know this one well, having been taught it at boarding school, to distract me from feeling the sadness I was feeling at the time. It was a pattern I took into everyday life, not allowing myself to stop and just be me. Universal Medicine Courses and therapies have enabled me to turn this around. Such a blessing, to allow myself just to be, not constantly do and feel that’s ok.

    2. What great awareness Melinda, understanding why you were going back into an old pattern that no longer served you, something for all of us to look into, ‘even being busy can be to numb or distract ourselves from something painful that needs to be addressed.’

  12. Yes this time factor serves us not and when we constantly live with this, it gets us no where and like you have shared, exhausted and drained.

    I got rid of my wrist watch many years ago, however my work requires I have a fob watch, only because of the second hand for counting. Otherwise that is it and I love it. It is mastering to live without time and live in a place where time is not the leading factor and not about achieving things, it is about completing things and then we move onto the next.

  13. Common sense, or not so common – how many of us stop and recognise the impact our choices have?

  14. We have things so back to front, placing time before ourselves, instead of the quality of our being before time. It’s an inspiring read Nicole because breaking such a pattern is not easy, it’s deeply entrenched in so many people, in fact the “doing” non-stop is a bit like an addiction. Once we bring our true selves into the picture we begin to realise the preciousness of who we are and our value to the world, and expressing our inner quality in what we do is much greater than the amount we get done.

    1. Melinda I loved that the quality of who we are has an impact on time, as time isn’t the pinnacle of life then. And spot on, we get caught in the doing and when we let go of this, we are completing more and not in the achieving. The two qualities are different, time and doing and completing and space, where the latter offers us more and of us.

  15. Nicole, I remember these days of not so long ago
    “Looking back, my days were gauged by how ‘good’ they were based on how much was achieved or completed.”
    There is such a deliciousness to my life now, I do everything with me and this has brought a whole difference to the way my day pans out. As long as I am with me nothing matters and I get just as much completed as I did before but I’m not drained or tired at the end of the day. I go to bed complete with the day and me; I have to say it is such a beauty-full way to live. People would tell me of their experience with this but until it is actually felt in our body words cannot adequately describe the feeling.

    1. Mary I feel you’ve tapped into something important here, and it’s the sense of completion and contentment at the end of the day from simply being ourselves. When we are separated from that and focused on doing and achievements the completion is never there – and it can’t be, but we can often then try to take on more in a mistaken attempt to feel contentment, which actually adds to the feeling of emptiness and again repeating the cycle of doing.

      1. If we can feel that sense of completion and contentment at the end of the day then surely we should stop and fully appreciate that by being ourselves is something worth celebrating as our current way of living constantly pulls us out of the contentment we may be feeling. Everything is set up for us to feel discontented and so wanting more and more to fill the emptiness we feel. I feel this is the opposite to contentment.

  16. Nicole this is a great sharing that many women can relate to including me – I call it the busy woman syndrome: “As a woman who loved to be busy, slowing down was not easy, taking time to prioritise, feeling what was needed and learning to say no took a long time.”

  17. This blog just reminded me of how I used to make to do lists upon waking up – I would start with the least priority ones so that I knew I would then have to complete the list no matter how tired I was as the top priority ones were obviously ones that could not be left for the next day. This approach would exhaust me but then I felt pleased about what got done without considering the quality of how it got done.

    1. Henrietta is that when the need for a reward sneaks in? Because we feel pleased about what was ‘got’ done so therefore I deserve a reward, if it was the end of the day for me it was a glass of something alcoholic because I felt I deserved it.

  18. Choosing to bring quality to all I do means there is purpose and this changes every thing, it also supports me to be present and not scattered lost in the past or lost in the future that hasn’t come which is exhausting.

  19. I was in that whirlwind of trying to get everything completed doing several different things at the same time always feeling rushed. Now I take great enjoyment of just being with me first and if I find myself going into the motion of having to get something done I stop and give myself a breather. Life doesn’t have to be got through at such great speed as it can make us feel very racy and out of control and that’s when we go to caffeine and sugar etc., to try and keep up with the false pace of life we have set for ourselves.

    1. When I go into the doing and catch myself and pause I have to remind myself that achieving all this will not end a world crisis, as at the time it all feels so consuming and serious, almost panic stricken at times to get it done. I have also asked myself to check over my shoulder for lions or bears, such was the level of intensity and drama in getting things done and the stress on my body! I find it’s really supportive to lighten up around intensity, it helps cut it for me without any great effort, and see the silly side of it all.

    2. Yes, I allowed my life to be super busy, and I often was in drive energy when I was already feeling exhausted, ‘I now stop to feel how the choices I make impact my body and the flow of my day. Considering if there is a flow – or a drive, a push to achieve, complete or tick the boxes.’

  20. “I now stop to feel how the choices I make impact my body and the flow of my day.” Taking responsibility to choose what is appropriate to support myself and the quality in which I do things rather than the focus to complete the task has brought a whole new breath of life to my life.

  21. Wow Nicole this is one very powerful testimonial. You have managed to extricate yourself out of the hamster wheel of time and into the truth of space. If one person can do it then we can all do it. Imagine how different the world would feel if we were all operating in space as opposed to being trapped within the confines of time.

  22. Having been shown a different way to relate to time has been a huge blessing and support. Less and less now does Time drag me through a hedge and more I work with it or it is no pressure whatsoever.

  23. Focusing on the quality of a job rather than its completion I have found to be so much more fulfilling, and in doing so finding I am having ‘more time’.

    1. Interesting time warps happen when we let go of time. Of course there is a practical aspect to completing tasks and getting to work on time etc, however, when we are in the flow of things then it is not an effort and we get so much done without much effort and the body feels this to the bone and appreciates this approach as opposed to the forced approach.

      1. Yes, and when we are in this flow it is what is known as ‘being at-one’.

  24. “Knowing my life, who I am, is not gauged by what I do or complete but by the quality in which I choose to live.”- and what a knowing to have!

  25. Last night I let go of any pictures and went to bed when I was tired at 7pm. I prepared myself for sleep and woke fully refreshed this morning, it feels like I’m letting go of the nervous energy I am so used to be running on by honouring the time and way I go to sleep.

    1. Anon the word honouring is an interesting word to use because how many of us honour ourselves in the true sense of the word. If we even respected ourselves that would be a great step, but life shows us that we allow so much abuse towards ourselves and others that it seems we have forgotten how to truly honour ourselves so that we treat out bodies as a temple of delicateness and sensitivity because that is in true just the beginning of who we are.

  26. It’s quite ironic really when you hear people say – “there’s not enough time in the day”, for they are already exhausted by the hours that make up their day, but still trying to fit more and more into an already crammed life. More hours, less hours, it all comes down to the quality of how we live and work; the deeper the quality the easier the flow and the less exhausted when we become, “the keeper of time, and not time be the keeper of me”.

    1. Ingrid, I was watching a broadcast of a live event regarding sales and everyone wanted more time in their day to accomplish all they wanted to do. But they all look exhausted and really in need of some deep rest. When we are young we think we are invincible it’s not until our bodies start breaking down from the over work and stress that we realise that trying to cram everything into a day has taken its toll on our bodies. I feel that every company from the top management down to the shop floor should take the time to visit their local hospital so that they can see for themselves the effects of stress and over work has on the physical body it is not a pretty sight. Men I have found find it especially difficult to come to terms with their illnesses and how it will impact the next 20-30 years of their life.

  27. Slowing down is one of the helpful things that we can do to support ourselves. We can still do a lot but just at a pace that is more supportive for the body.

  28. That judgement that we place on ourselves due to the most ridiculous expectations we have based on pictures of what we should be or shouldn’t be doing is an absolute killer. Not once do we ask or allow ourselves just to be the precious women that we are to emanate first and then go about our lives. Its all about our doing. Somewhere some how we have taken the wrong turn so we can’t actually feel our power we are and what we offer everyone in this beauty.

    1. We have definitely ‘taken the wrong turn’ and wandered off in many different, and often destructive directions, losing who we are in the process. But how wonderful it is to have inspirational sharings like this one to offer us the way to return home to our beautiful selves.

  29. “…in the past I used to squeeze as much as possible into a day. Looking back, my days were gauged by how ‘good’ they were based on how much was achieved or completed” – totally Nicole I was the exact same, … I recall recently doing rather a lot in one day going here and there fitting everything in and feeling time-squeezed and in this noting the quality I was already in which was mild irritation and a speeding up of myself in everything i did in that day. It felt absolutely dreadful being in this quality and needless to say I literally lost my footing whilst walking at speed and tripped bringing myself, my body and the energy I was in, to a stop. In the past, I would not have noted the (ill) quality and how life messages us a ‘way out’ or rather a ‘way back’ to ourselves and to the naturalness of space over time – a quality I got to thoroughly enjoy the following day!

  30. I find getting behind, having a mountain of work that won’t shift… these things tire me out. Yet there is always the choice to get up early and with a little bit extra to clear so much of it and then our whole relationship can change with what we are doing.

  31. When we live in a rythym that is not our natural rythym – be that busyness or idleness – there is always a tension.

  32. We forget that the quality we do something in or hold ourselves in, is what others receive at the other end once we have completed the task or their interaction with us – this either heals or harms. Are we willing to accept this as the truth and thus take responsibility for the outcome? The beautiful thing about bringing ourselves in our fullness to everything we do means that the level of vitality we have and the amount we complete is increased – healing for all.

  33. As I am sure most have mentioned, the key is always the quality of your choices that define the end result and relationship with time. I like many used to think it is all about what you do and trying to get it all done. But this is not bringing all of me to what I do. Hence perhaps it is the quality of how we are within ourselves that defines the quality of life that is lived ??

    1. I forgot I had a choice Joshua I felt life was in control and I had to go along with what it offered. It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon by attending the workshops and presentations that I discovered we all have a choice and we can change how we have been living by empowering ourselves to make those different choices. I now lead a completely different life that’s not perfect, but I’m using less nervous energy and I feel I’m in control rather than feeling out of control.

  34. It is so easy to go into overwhelm when there is so much to do, but then I remind myself that I can only do one thing at a time and I am often surprised how much I actually manage to do, and then other things simply need to wait.

  35. When we are disconnected from our beingness, doing is the only meaningful gauge we can use to know ourselves and it is pretty self-destructive, I find. We either do too little and feel not good enough, or do too much and go into overwhelm. There is no true marker within us to let us know that we are doing just fine.

  36. Such an important topic to share. How many people only look at the output they are producing, without looking at how their body is really doing? Questioning if it is tired or that it’s in stress or filled with andrenaline?

    1. Yes that’s so true and then there is the realisation that the energy we are in is what is also in everything we do…we have a responsibility to honour our bodies and then everything comes from there. Everything is also honoured.

    2. We could also say Willem Plandsoen how many companies only look at the output versus profit from their employees without any care about their employees.

    3. Can we put what you have shared Willem a different way how many companies only look at the output of their employees not caring wether they are under stress to perform as long as the profits are increasing, how many companies really care about their staff? Not just voice the words but actually care?

  37. A lot of us get our sense of self by what we do, what we achieve, how successful we are and what we have. But just looking at a celebrity’s life will expose that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be… people that seem to have it all are still unhappy with life, they still commit suicide (Robin Williams example here) and they still have broken relationships and family lives. We are so much more than what we have.

  38. Thank you Nicole, I needed to read this again today and the reminder that life is about the quality we live in, not what’s there to be done. There is something about a to-do-list that hangs over a person like an ominous cloud, we give so much power away to completing things without regard to the quality we are connected to in ourselves. It’s very reflective of how life is structured for doing and not our being (our quality).

  39. Slowing down and taking more time to feel what to do can be a challenge when you have lived with a self-critical whip constantly telling you to do more or that you are only worthy when you have done something. The good thing is that these beliefs can be very easily exposed as a lie when we do actually stop, become still inside and feel our body. That’s when you get to feel your real worth and the importance of tasks falls away.

  40. On my way too Nicole. Being able to handle so much more then before and practising to have my movement from the space we have access to.
    A true place to live from which serves all others around us.

  41. Time is often equated with getting as much done as possible, not the quality we bring to each activity. We become headless chickens when we could be as still as the stars deeply enjoined with each moment.

    1. Kehinde I love the possibility of being as still as the stars and deeply enjoined with the universe. I have witnessed this movement within people so know it is possible even if I am not choosing to live this way myself at the moment.

  42. When we get caught in having to do everything on our own, being superwoman who cannot be missed, we will always be exhausted in life and still feel we are not doing enough, it is an endless trap. When we ask for help and let ourselves feel tasks in life need to be shared (as we are in it together) life becomes more playful and simple – a quality that cannot be dismissed.

  43. With the way most of us live at the moment, having more time or an extra hour wouldn’t be used to do something to nurture ourselves. Instead it would be to push our bodies a bit further and squeeze a few more jobs in. Since I rediscovered my body, instead of living in my head, I find a moment of gently closing my eyes or feeling my breath resets the crazy doing clock and gives me back space in my body and day.

  44. “Looking back, my days were gauged by how ‘good’ they were based on how much was achieved or completed” – yes Nicole and even if i was exhausted from how much was done in a single day I and those around me would say it was “a good exhaustion” to have and a badge of honour. How ridiculous it is to assault the body through what is ‘good’.

  45. In a new job I am learning so much about the flow of tasks and moving around people and rooms… it is like there is a constant reflection for me to see where I am at and if I am at ease with the flow or clunky and resisting.

  46. Taking a moment to feel into our body before we do something can and does save us an enormous amount of stress in the long run. It also supports our health and wellbeing.

  47. Asking for help or support truly lets people in and builds relationships. It confirms for us too that we are not an island and that we have way much more in common with others than we think.

  48. Our relationship with time can be used as an indicator of our relationship with our beingness; the less we are connected with ourselves and living who we are in and from our essence the more time becomes something that bothers us as in either having the sense of not having enough to too much of it, ie. never managing to do enough to feel complete and fulfilled or being bored and lost in the meaningless of it all.
    In being who we are time becomes a space in which we express and expand that beingness.

  49. “It is this quality I am forever developing and deepening that has allowed me to be the keeper of time, and not time be the keeper of me.” Well captured, the deeper our own connection becomes the greater our quality and it is through this constant building of quality we find space and not time.

  50. I discovered that in the doing there is also an addiction: because from very young we are conditioned that we get recognition as a substitute for loving if we do things and also in the right way.

  51. ‘Knowing my life, who I am, is not gauged by what I do or complete but by the quality in which I choose to live’ This is the key I feel. When we allow the quality of our movements, our voice, how we comb our hair, anything and everything, to continually deepen, we can’t help but have a more spacious and beautiful relationship with ourselves and by extension all those with whom we come into contact…not perfect of course, it is a process after all with much to learn along the way.

  52. We learn to measure ourselves against something. Time is a possibility. When we resort to it, we start racing against ourselves. We compete against ourselves day in and day out. In so doing, we exhaust ourselves.

  53. “Knowing my life, who I am, is not gauged by what I do or complete but by the quality in which I choose to live.” This is gold Nicole. It goes against everything we are taught in school and even at home, where quality is usually not considered, yet it is the truth.

  54. “Old age was looking pretty dismal,” which it always will if we do not understand the cycle of life and reincarnation. When connected to our essence it allows the “developing and deepening” so that life becomes one of completion, which takes away any regrets. Then passing-over is looked foreword to with the understanding what our next incarnation will bring.

  55. Learning to prioritise and feel what is needed is a loving commitment to oneself sensing those moments and working with them when there is a resistance and delay; not pushing through but having the willingness to go deeper into looking at where I am at and feeling what is going on. Having moments in my day to reflect, support me to work with the distraction and not ignore and check out from what is being asked of me.

  56. This sentence stood out to me, that you were “the envy of all women”. We as women look at productivity and what we are doing and we clock someone who is very good at doing things and compare ourselves with that. Yet we don’t look at the whole picture, often we don’t know how the other person is truly feeling inside themselves and how tired or vital they are really feeling. Therefore it is so important to start looking at the whole picture and not at the part we like or don’t like so we can be more real with ourselves and others and not bash ourselves because we can’t do it all or are not perfect.

  57. It’s been great to experiment recently with feeling what to do, and when to do it, based on a sense from my body, and not a picture from my mind about what I think I ‘should’ do. When I live life like that, things naturally flow and fall into place, with no push, drive or subsequent numbness, and life feels a lot fuller, richer – because I feel connected to what I feel, and so also to others.

  58. When we live in drive, constantly chasing time exhaustion is always chomping at our heels and sleep and shutting down seems really appealing. I have noticed there is a much greater propensity to giving up just so we can have a break.

  59. As I sit here quite tired and drained from a very busy time at work, this is a timely blog to read. I will sit with this and see what support and no’s I may need to do.

    1. When we race against the clock we are racing against an arbitrary number. We’re going head to head with something that doesn’t exist in the way that we think it does. When we re-connect with our bodies and commit to keeping our bodies relaxed and stress free then the hands of the clock simply melt like candle wax and we step into the realms of space. When we’re in space our perception of everything changes.

  60. I once considered my home to be my sanctuary, where I retreated to at the end of each day for peace and tranquility Now my sanctuary is harmonious body that is with me regardless of where I am.

    1. Beautiful Kehinde. And we take our body with us wherever we go – so much more stillness and vitality this way – and no checking out….

  61. I remember a time when I worked full-time, was in overwhelm, in the doing and fast forwarding constantly. It was brought to a head when I crashed into a underground car park barrier, A big stop, I didn’t even see it.
    When we’re in our heads and rush of busyness, life passes us by and we miss much of its treasures.

  62. “Looking back, my days were gauged by how ‘good’ they were based on how much was achieved or completed” – totally Nicole, and I/one would feel a sense of accomplishment or success. Today and having explored the issue of inner quality [over quantity] and sustaining this essence, the feeling you receive when what you do is done in that quality that has respected, not exhausted you or left you ragged and un-satiated, but instead vital, full, complete and with more capacity and energy than before – is unbeatable.

  63. I realised reading this that when I am completely fixated on getting things done (box ticking), forgoing connection with my body and connection with others, it is no different to a business person making their work all about money and not people. We are all getting something out of it… whether it is a reward, the illusion of self-worth, acknowledgement, a badge of honour, an excuse, to hide or get ahead. It’s competing against time, other women or men, pictures, beliefs and ideals without realising how damaging that is to our bodies that are pure love. This way of living is foreign to our body but we have made it completely normal even expected and championed.

  64. Life is certainly different when we don’t race against time, staying connected to the body and be present with everything we do we get to experience a feeling of space and simplicity that doesn’t drain or exhaust the body in anyway.

  65. I find I lose the time in the day when thinking about past moments and/or future possible moments that I don’t recognise the space I have available to me right now.

  66. Simply feeling what is needed in every moment, rather than running myself ragged, pushed on mercilessly by an endless to do list that runs in my head, is showing me how I can live a full life without feeling like I am always playing catch up whilst on my knees in exhaustion. It feels like an ongoing and inspiring change.

  67. Its so interesting when I take the drive out of the day, forcing things at a pace that is unnatural. It’s exhausting!. Bring a little bit of space in to the day, a chance to wind down before bed and some self care in the morning before everything gets underway and suddenly the day ahead looks like a sea of endless opportunity!

  68. Wow, this is wonderful. Simply being so clear and open to see what is going on and what has come between you and time.. Or better said; what we have used to tear us down and not evolve us. Gorgeous reminder of what we are capable of when we stand in our own power.

  69. It never ceases to amaze me how much I can get done when I move in connection with my body and don’t have endless to-do lists rattling around in my head. It is as though I have switched over into another dimension – and in truth, that is exactly what happens.

  70. Allowing ourselves to receive life rather than running after it brings a whole lot more space into our day

    1. Beautiful Elizabeth. To pursue life is fraught with problems, brings complication and exhaustion, not space.

  71. ‘How good’ something is, is a measure based on time. Whereas ‘how true’ something is, is a measure based on space. We live in the tension of wanting the ‘good’ over the ‘bad’ and thus become slaves to time, when we could be living more of what is true and thus opening up more space through which to express this.

    1. Summed up beautifully Liane, when we run ourselves on time we’re continually clocking ‘have we done enough’ or ‘that’s nothing, there’s so much more to do’. Are we not just self-bashing ourselves every time we think we have done something good or bad? We think good is good but if there is a good then there is a bad, so they are the same. Feeling if something is true engages the body, whereas measuring if something is good or bad keeps us mentally looking at life and in our heads.

  72. This is a very ‘timely’ read for me and definitely a blog that I could easily enjoy reading again and again.

  73. We were not born with a watch on our wrist as we are not designed to fit into time in any way, but rather to be guided to live by the quality of our Soul, where the steps we take are in the fullness of who we are knowing that every step made is one that is not only honouring the Soulful light for who we are, but in honor of who we all are in essence. As such the way we live is truly purposeful as we are moved by a quality that represents that quality we are from, and our movements are precisely what is called for to bring and reflect the absoluteness of love that is needed in that moment.

    1. I love this Carola. Interestingly, the traditional watches we wear mark the movement of a hand across a circular dial indicating that we know we live in cycles and thus are bound by the universal (and not human created) laws that pertain to our spherical nature. However, then came digital display and this suited our more lineal perception of life that counts a movement from A to B, and not B returning to A, thus giving us an excuse to ‘leave it all behind’ and ignore the fact that we carry it all with us until we are able to live free from it. The ‘it’ here being the baggage we carry when the movements we make (the way we live, think, speak and act) do not come from our innermost self, a source that is pure love.

    2. I love how you say we are not born with a watch. It shows so clearly how we are made into the human being we then become, but in truth we are already all that we are when we are born and simply need the permission and support to unfold that who we are into human life.

  74. The resentment of doing everything for everyone else is do draining on our body and so unpleasant to be on the receiving end of. It is better to walk away and not ‘do’ for others if it cannot be done without the bitterness and resentment that builds up from trying to offer others what we are not doing for ourselves.

  75. Looking for alone time or ‘me time’ is one of the biggest traps I see in the way we live these days. For many of us there is no ‘me time’ as we are either at work with colleagues or at home with the family or friends. Me time has to be a way of living all the time. It is putting your body and what it needs first and getting everything done in your day with consideration and respect of your body. Then you don’t become drained exhausted and overwhelmed.

    1. I find the scramble for the me time or the trying to catch up with life after me time is exhausting more than being with people. When I want to be an individual it takes a lot of energy.

      1. It helps to not to separate me time and life. When we hold ourselves fully and are present with ourselves it all becomes one, we are the same regardless of time and place.

      2. ‘Me time’ is often considered as somewhere we tuck ourselves away from the rest of life. But when it is a part of life then it all works out.

      3. Yes Leigh, it’s an illusion to think we can hide away from the rest of life, we carry all life within ourselves.

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