Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

We have had 33 years together so far and I really just want to take the time to appreciate and thank you for everything you have done for me… despite my frustration with you in those times where you are not ‘complying’ with my wishes. I am really beginning to understand that you are helping me, getting my attention to let me know that the way I am living isn’t our natural way.

You have constantly communicated to me when things are not going so well and need to be looked at and have equally told me when I am on the right track. I must apologise for all the times I don’t listen to you when you are trying to get my attention: this must be hard work so I appreciate your patience and unwavering support.

We both know full well that when I was a child I was awesome at listening to you – it came out so naturally. I reaped the rewards of living this way as I had so much fun in you dear body and felt so much joy, playfulness and silliness; I loved my family and close friends and I loved to explore in the paddocks and bushes, make huts in the trees, connect to the animals, dress-ups, play with my brother and sisters and race around on my bike. Life was simple. Good times.

But as you may remember, as the years passed things started to get a bit intense and it began to feel not as easy to be with you. I got caught up in the emotions and the unease of life and felt unable to hold you steady through all of this. But I mean, let us be honest, no one is perfect and I did what I felt I could at the time.

I can remember things started to go a little pear-shaped around 8 years old when I got caught up in trying to be perfect. Perfection I have since learnt is extremely destructive and takes you down a slippery and very unpleasant path. But as much as I allowed it to consume me at times, it didn’t consume you.

So as the years went on with all these outside forces of life presenting themselves daily and my perception of them, – thinking what I had to do, who I had to be, the ‘good girl’ mentality, the pressures of society’s ways, – the discontentment I felt within me and those around me really started to take its toll. I wasn’t able to stay steady in high school as well as I had hoped and it was a struggle throughout much of my teenage years, as you dear body are well aware. You always let me know with that underlying sense that something wasn’t right. Thank you, dear body, for if it wasn’t for this I may have never questioned things.

That underlying depression and anxiety I felt as a teenager and when becoming a Mum, that was you wasn’t it? Letting me know that there is more to life and that too often I was giving up on my Joy. The way I was living was not working all the time and you made it clear many times throughout my life with many messages physically.

I am sure you can remember these particular bodily signs, messages and feeling of unease well:

  • Those constant cold sores you kept giving me as a teenager? I mean come on, that wasn’t fun but I get it, it was you communicating that I was in a constant state of being run down and that I needed to look after myself.
  • The short time I dabbled with an eating disorder and I got so thin and our skin lost its glow. The unhealthy looking body was your way of screaming out – Look! This is not ok. My mind was telling me one thing but you dear body were clearly telling and showing me the truth.
  • The years of digestive issues, as painful and uncomfortable as they were at times, was your way of letting me know the food I was eating was not supporting us and was making us sick.
  • Being sick and exhausted the next day after drinking alcohol. How could I forget the time you put blood in my urine? Thanks for that very loud and clear message of drinking far too much than my body at 17 years old could take.
  • I especially appreciate how clear you were when I was with the wrong men. Trust me, I heard you loud and clear despite my mind’s need for attention and affection trying to convince me otherwise.
  • The white spots you have put on my nails to let me know I am lacking and not absorbing zinc very well. Nice work!
  • My ‘Perfection Ideals’ when becoming a Mother. The anxiety this created made a ripple effect down into you dear body, and I could literally feel this tension running down my arms and inside my chest, almost in my heart. Thank you for this feeling as it was this that kept telling me that this type of tension is not healthy and that it doesn’t need to be this way.

I now know dear body it was purely you communicating to me that I needed to change my ways and connect back to you; to get out of my head with all its chit chat and nonsense. I understand now that by truly listening to you, we are a team for an amazing life together.

And my gosh how exquisite and right it feels when we are connected, at ease and completely filled with my true self –– sounds corny but it’s true. My favourite way to connect more with you is being present with our movements, as I am now, feeling how lovely our fingers feel typing this. And I really notice the difference, how we feel better when we have taken the time to care for us, whether it be healthy delicious food, the Gentle Breath Meditation™, early to bed and early to rise; it feels awesome as it allows a more connected and purposeful intention going into our day. I have also been noticing how I feel more me, open and confident when wearing and choosing clothes that we feel great in and not clothes that have just been thrown on you in the morning.

So, my dear and truly amazing body, I trust you can feel my absolute love, respect and appreciation I have for you – though I am sorry I may not always show it and live it, you know I’m working on it.

Here’s to the rest of our lives with our Mind and Body working as one, in union with each other. Here’s to our life learning more from you and understanding; your unique way, illness or accidents or whatever unfolds before us, they are simply messages that I can choose to listen to and not regard as an inconvenience. Here’s to our life embodying you as MY body with a forever deepening care of self-love and accepting every part of you, for all that you are, just as you are, warts and all!

And most importantly, just simply knowing and claiming the absolutely amazing team that we are.

With Lots and lots of love

Me Xoxoxoxo

By Anonymous

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536 thoughts on “Letter to My Body

  1. It’s really interesting to read everyone’s comments because we all agree when we listen to our bodies there is so much to appreciate and understand how our bodies never lie and communicate to us that we are using the intelligence of our minds rather than the vaster intelligence of our bodies. The interesting part is that none of us would have this awareness if it wasn’t for the teachings and presentations of Serge Benhayon. Those of us that have listened to the revelations have reaped the benefits of listening to our bodies instead of our minds and in doing so have changed our lives completely. Science is starting to catch up with Serge Benhayon as research is showing that whole body mindedness, when the mind is in unison with the body is the optimum way to live a healthy life.

  2. Gorgeous to read this letter of appreciating, caring and loving our body, ‘my dear and truly amazing body, I trust you can feel my absolute love, respect and appreciation I have for you’.

  3. Our essences share so much when we are open to listening and although we may have shut you out the moment we return you are their ready to return us to our most natural way of living, which is Soul-full-ness.

  4. I LOVE this blog, I wished I had read this letter years ago as my relationship with my body was that of hardness and abuse, whether with food or exercise, it was unloving. So it was a no wonder I had constant colds, coughs, chest infection and so forth.

    Your best friend is your body and nothing else, it is by your side all the time and will never let you down. And there’s a communication it speaks just like the young child who would listen to it, it is always there and will never let you down.

    There is some discernment throughout our ageing years and if the foundations are there, then we will treat our bodies just like the way we would care for our Porsche’s, Audi’s etc. It is never too late to re-develop that loving relationship with your body, it will always be there till the day we take our last breath.

    1. I agree something every teenager should read. It would have supported me loads if I read this when I was a teenager. Of the importance of these reflections ✨

  5. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I love this blog – “So, my dear and truly amazing body, I trust you can feel my absolute love, respect and appreciation I have for you – though I am sorry I may not always show it and live it, you know I’m working on it.”…..

  6. Over the years I too have learned to love myself up so much more and I can certainly feel the difference. Our society does not teach us to be self loving and self caring in a true sense – instead the self care is mascaraded as a tick box system of making sure one has exercised and eaten their vegetables like a to do list rather than making it about what the body really responds to. But knowing this, we can make the changes ourselves and bring more of a connection with the body and what it really is asking for to be looked after.

    1. Henrietta spot on, our world sees self care in a bog standard system, exercise, and diet and that’s it and I was one of those who thought that was it as well, till my body gave me my stop moment. Our unhealthy thoughts pollute us and our bodies too and be discerning of this too.
      True self care requires that connection to oneself before connecting to anything else…

  7. Funny that when we start realising all the ways we have been abusing ourselves and our body! But from this it follows how simple it can be to begin the path of self love and self care so that we re-awaken the body’s awareness and begin to listen to its communications. What a blessing to re-discover this and begin our return.

  8. I can so relate to the freedom we had as children as our parents were so caught up with their own stuff we were allowed to run wild and we did. But then going to school and growing up took its toll and I stopped listening to me. But there were times when you were so loud and insistent that I had to listen. I remember my psychologist suggesting I tried yoga as a way of dealing with my anxiousness; I tried it once and my body absolutely rejected it. There were so many times I got the loud No but I also knew how to override the No and that was by drinking alcohol; there is something about alcohol that totally obliterated the messages that you gave me. Thankfully I don’t drink it anymore and this has allowed a much deeper relationship with me, it’s like going back to my childhood again and having that open communication.

  9. The more I appreciate my body and how it has held and supported me through my life and a lot of wayward choices, the closer I come to really honouring myself as a reflection of the love that is innate in us all.

    1. Well said Matilda – for it is one thing to feel what the body needs, and another to ‘honour’ what one has felt in other words put into loving action what is needed to complete what has been felt.

  10. “most importantly, just simply knowing and claiming the absolutely amazing team that we are.”
    There can be no harmony with others if there is first no harmony within.

  11. There are so many things shown to us by the body that our mind can ignore completely, we can be convinced that we don’t know why it’s happening to us but that is because we have let the mind run the show. If we pay close attention, the messages from the body are very clear and obvious.

  12. Having abused myself for years, appreciating my body is something quite exquisite, to feel how sensitive and delicate it truly is and how I have completely ignored this part of me believing instead that sensitivity and delicateness was somehow ‘sissy’ that to get through life I had to be tough, and there’s the trap ‘getting through life’ rather than living life to the full; such a difference.

    1. Yes Mary, I too thought I had to be tough to get through life, not gentle, sensitive and delicate, I now realise there is more strength in being delicate.

    2. Appreciating myself, and my body has been new to me, and still is a learning process, so gorgeous to read what is shared in this blog, ‘I appreciate your patience and unwavering support.’

      1. LJ because we are not currently taught to love and deeply consider ourselves from young it will always be a learning process. What we have learnt and have reconnected to we can share with our children and family so that this way of living gets passed onto the next generation so that they can love and cherish themselves. The old religious dogma that you should look after others before looking after ourselves will then be laid to rest as it is something that has never worked except to keep us in the separation to the intelligence that our body holds.

  13. I have a much deeper love and respect for my body than I did when I was 20. To know what I put my body through back then, and yet it still keeps going, lovingly showing me when I am not being loving with myself or others. I now know that supporting my body is one of the most precious things I can offer myself, so that I can live in a way that then supports everyone else.

    1. Exactly, by supporting ourselves we are then able to support another, ‘I now know that supporting my body is one of the most precious things I can offer myself, so that I can live in a way that then supports everyone else.’

  14. When we stop and truly observe and listen to our body we realise that it holds back nothing. Every moment and every opportunity it is communicating. All we need to do is listen.

  15. As I grow older I am appreciating and thanking my body for supporting me in this life. I have not been very nice to it at times, yet its incredible resilience and healing ability has deepened my respect for it. Thank you! I am now committed to taking better care of it now.

  16. This is perfect to read this morning – as I was feeling that the more connected I feel with my body, the more gets revealed to be felt. This is a continuous deepening process of surrender and a very humbling one.

  17. Thank you Matilda… And as the words of the song and you say… let’s care for our bodies
    I Listen To My Body

    I listen to my body it has a lot to say
    It tells me how I truly feel like when to rest and play
    How to eat and when to sleep how others feel to me
    My body is amazing it shows me all the way

    My body feels everything that I say and do
    And just as much it can feel other people too
    And saying everything I feel, I can just be me,
    So caring for my body is where I want to be

  18. Recently I realised how I have not been appreciative of the sensitivity of my body, how the relationship with my body was one of blaming it for what it ‘did’ to me, not wanting to see the blessing of every message it has given me and keep giving me lovingly. So yes to me and my body an absolutely amazing team.

  19. Thanks for sharing such an intimate conversation with your body, Anonymous. I am inspired to read about this sense of joyful re-union – ‘Here’s to the rest of our lives with our Mind and Body working as one, in union with each other.’

  20. The body communicates in so many ways, if we bring our attention to whatever the message is and are honest with ourselves the answer is then beautifully revealed.

    1. Like white spots on our nails to show we need zinc, so clever, and one of the ways I have honoured my body when and if this happened, ‘The white spots you have put on my nails to let me know I am lacking and not absorbing zinc very well. Nice work!’

  21. After living most of my life not really understanding the power and the wisdom of my body, and as a result not treating it with the love and care it deserves, I have finally come to know that “we are a team for an amazing life together”. This knowing was a long time coming but I am so delighted it has arrived for as a result the quality of my life has improved out of sight as has my vitality and my joy for life. Yes, we are definitely one amazing team.

  22. Being connected with our body has way more benefits that we might understand and I would say it’s the answer to our out of control rates of illnesses and diseases in the world. Like you share in this blog living with our body with the aim to really listen and be guided by it is the most intelligent way forward, has to be. Not listening to the very body we have to live in and with and grow old in will bring us the unhappiness we then might complain about so your approach in this blog is pretty much the answer to a lot of the societal problems we face today.

    1. I have a friend who didn’t listen to their body and was given a wake up call. They had to go through a few months of rehabilitation in hospital and during that time they realised that actually their body had been very loving because the severity of the condition could have been much worse. They have completely changed their diet, they exercise twice a week which is something they never did and genuinely want to take greater care of themselves. They have listened to their body and their overall health has improved as a result.Which has shown me it is never too late to listen to our bodies.

  23. It is a beautiful reminder of how much we should honour our body, listen to every word it passes onto to us, and most of all, always come from love.

  24. Is it possible that our body is not truly ours but a vehicle to honour and care for that provides a passageway to the Soul and can ultimately set us free?

    1. A significant and worthwhile question to ponder on.
      What if that was the case? What would that say about the intelligence we have been considering intelligent when it dismisses and deliberately overrides the call for greater care and attention through our body? And what would it be like if we did honour our body as “a vehicle to honour and care for that provides a passageway to the Soul and can ultimately set us free”?

      1. A great question to ponder, ‘what would it be like if we did honour our body as “a vehicle to honour and care for that provides a passageway to the Soul and can ultimately set us free”?’

    2. Wow! Conrad now there’s a question to contemplate, we seem to value our minds over our bodies but what if we have got this the wrong way around? that it is our bodies that we should be listening to and not our mind. I know from personal experience that my mind has got me into a lot of trouble, our minds are very cold, calculating and the mind always wants to be in control.

  25. The way we talk already is either harmful or loving for our body.
    Each moment matters, each touch, each movement. It is the energy we choose in each moment that flows through our body which can be building love or creating a disease.

  26. The body is our faithful companion; it never leaves us, even when we are asleep or unconscious, and at death, we leave it rather than it leaving us. And then it clearly demonstrates that we are no longer there, that the spirit is gone and that the Soul has departed, this time around.

  27. To deepen the connection with myself has been life changing, the Esoteric Yoga modality and the Gentle Breath Meditation has supported me to be more connected and present in my body, allowing me to feel what my body is communicating to me.

  28. We learn so much when we connect and deepen our relationship with the body. I have found Esoteric Yoga is a great support to get really honest with our selves and what the body is showing us. Actually stopping and simply feeling offers incredible insight.

  29. We could write a book, couldn’t we? The constant loving communication the body offers us. Imagine if we responded with such attention and love, we would see a very different quality of life than the one we may settle for.

    1. Yes, it is like becoming your own doctor, biologist and physiologist. There is so much we can know about ourselves and our bodies’ working simply by observing and ‘listening’.

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