Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

We have had 33 years together so far and I really just want to take the time to appreciate and thank you for everything you have done for me… despite my frustration with you in those times where you are not ‘complying’ with my wishes. I am really beginning to understand that you are helping me, getting my attention to let me know that the way I am living isn’t our natural way.

You have constantly communicated to me when things are not going so well and need to be looked at and have equally told me when I am on the right track. I must apologise for all the times I don’t listen to you when you are trying to get my attention: this must be hard work so I appreciate your patience and unwavering support.

We both know full well that when I was a child I was awesome at listening to you – it came out so naturally. I reaped the rewards of living this way as I had so much fun in you dear body and felt so much joy, playfulness and silliness; I loved my family and close friends and I loved to explore in the paddocks and bushes, make huts in the trees, connect to the animals, dress-ups, play with my brother and sisters and race around on my bike. Life was simple. Good times.

But as you may remember, as the years passed things started to get a bit intense and it began to feel not as easy to be with you. I got caught up in the emotions and the unease of life and felt unable to hold you steady through all of this. But I mean, let us be honest, no one is perfect and I did what I felt I could at the time.

I can remember things started to go a little pear-shaped around 8 years old when I got caught up in trying to be perfect. Perfection I have since learnt is extremely destructive and takes you down a slippery and very unpleasant path. But as much as I allowed it to consume me at times, it didn’t consume you.

So as the years went on with all these outside forces of life presenting themselves daily and my perception of them, – thinking what I had to do, who I had to be, the ‘good girl’ mentality, the pressures of society’s ways, – the discontentment I felt within me and those around me really started to take its toll. I wasn’t able to stay steady in high school as well as I had hoped and it was a struggle throughout much of my teenage years, as you dear body are well aware. You always let me know with that underlying sense that something wasn’t right. Thank you, dear body, for if it wasn’t for this I may have never questioned things.

That underlying depression and anxiety I felt as a teenager and when becoming a Mum, that was you wasn’t it? Letting me know that there is more to life and that too often I was giving up on my Joy. The way I was living was not working all the time and you made it clear many times throughout my life with many messages physically.

I am sure you can remember these particular bodily signs, messages and feeling of unease well:

  • Those constant cold sores you kept giving me as a teenager? I mean come on, that wasn’t fun but I get it, it was you communicating that I was in a constant state of being run down and that I needed to look after myself.
  • The short time I dabbled with an eating disorder and I got so thin and our skin lost its glow. The unhealthy looking body was your way of screaming out – Look! This is not ok. My mind was telling me one thing but you dear body were clearly telling and showing me the truth.
  • The years of digestive issues, as painful and uncomfortable as they were at times, was your way of letting me know the food I was eating was not supporting us and was making us sick.
  • Being sick and exhausted the next day after drinking alcohol. How could I forget the time you put blood in my urine? Thanks for that very loud and clear message of drinking far too much than my body at 17 years old could take.
  • I especially appreciate how clear you were when I was with the wrong men. Trust me, I heard you loud and clear despite my mind’s need for attention and affection trying to convince me otherwise.
  • The white spots you have put on my nails to let me know I am lacking and not absorbing zinc very well. Nice work!
  • My ‘Perfection Ideals’ when becoming a Mother. The anxiety this created made a ripple effect down into you dear body, and I could literally feel this tension running down my arms and inside my chest, almost in my heart. Thank you for this feeling as it was this that kept telling me that this type of tension is not healthy and that it doesn’t need to be this way.

I now know dear body it was purely you communicating to me that I needed to change my ways and connect back to you; to get out of my head with all its chit chat and nonsense. I understand now that by truly listening to you, we are a team for an amazing life together.

And my gosh how exquisite and right it feels when we are connected, at ease and completely filled with my true self –– sounds corny but it’s true. My favourite way to connect more with you is being present with our movements, as I am now, feeling how lovely our fingers feel typing this. And I really notice the difference, how we feel better when we have taken the time to care for us, whether it be healthy delicious food, the Gentle Breath Meditation™, early to bed and early to rise; it feels awesome as it allows a more connected and purposeful intention going into our day. I have also been noticing how I feel more me, open and confident when wearing and choosing clothes that we feel great in and not clothes that have just been thrown on you in the morning.

So, my dear and truly amazing body, I trust you can feel my absolute love, respect and appreciation I have for you – though I am sorry I may not always show it and live it, you know I’m working on it.

Here’s to the rest of our lives with our Mind and Body working as one, in union with each other. Here’s to our life learning more from you and understanding; your unique way, illness or accidents or whatever unfolds before us, they are simply messages that I can choose to listen to and not regard as an inconvenience. Here’s to our life embodying you as MY body with a forever deepening care of self-love and accepting every part of you, for all that you are, just as you are, warts and all!

And most importantly, just simply knowing and claiming the absolutely amazing team that we are.

With Lots and lots of love

Me Xoxoxoxo

By Anonymous

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508 thoughts on “Letter to My Body

    1. It’s true Matilda how ever much I have mistreated my body it was there to support me, I didn’t always see it like that, my broken wrist was an inconvenience at the time and caused a lot of pain, but now with much deeper understanding of the messages my body is constantly communicating to me I am beginning to really love my body, it’s honesty and loving intelligence, it is now the marker by which I lead my life.

  1. Great to have your list of messages and feeling of unease in different areas of life, and the choices we can make in them, and how your body always showed you in a loving way that these were not true for you. I just love how my body reliably always knows and shows me.. it’s down to me to listen.

  2. I used to be so separate from my body, zero relationship, hardly talked to it…and although I do not have a direct vocal conversation now, I do have a conversation of sorts, it shares and I choose to respond or ignore….to ignore does not support me, responding is healthy, and there has been significant shifts to appreciate through being responsive.

  3. I love your appreciation here, if we can appreciate ourselves and our bodies and just how finely they are tuned to help us with everything we do – life becomes more an exploration than a struggle.

      1. Yeh I love it when I approach life this way – when it’s more about discovery and exploration nothing seems so bad, it adds in an element of observation rather than coming from self-critique.

  4. Like all great relationships, I am really appreciating my body the more I get to know it. It is my guide in life, for when I am on the right or wrong track. It is also the one that prompts me to notice when I have changed or grown in some way. I can get caught in my fixed idea of who I am or how I live, but my body is ever-responsive and lets me know when some things in my life have to change to match where I am actually at or what I need at that time.

  5. I am beginning to appreciate my truly amazing body too, every moment is a moment to learn and grow from. I no long beat myself up or criticise myself, and this has shifted a life long pattern that held me in a prison of my own making. I am not perfect and things may still creep in but they don’t last because I know I am so much more than any negative thoughts that try to come in to make me feel less than the divine being I am.

  6. Yes, our body is our greatest teacher when we stop, feel & are honest with the clear messages it gives us.
    It’s not about beating ourselves up when we slip up & make a less loving or honouring choice. And, it’s not about perfection, because there is no such thing. Surrendering & accepting where we are at are so important. As well as appreciating when we do honour our body, the grace, gentleness, stillness & divine sacredness which is always there when we choose to reconnect to it.

  7. Super cute conversation with our greatest friend. If only we were taught to listen in this way from the start, to be informed and make changes based on how we are feeling and what our body is reflecting back to us.

  8. If I am not connecting to my body then what exactly am I connecting too? To have and build on the markers of what it feels like to be connected to my body is without a shadow of a doubt supporting and reminding me that when I am off track and connected to something that is not me that by being honest with where I am at I can be brought back to a marker that I know is true which I have sensed in my body patiently waiting to be connected to within me.

  9. There is so much to appreciate and being in a body that really cares for us and has our wellbeing at heart 24/7 is phenomenal. When we bring care to it what an awesome marriage that makes.

  10. It is truly shocking how we have a mind set that says to ourselves to ignore the only vehicle we have in which to live our life. So ethically wrong is this that if it were put forward in a court of law we would find ourselves severely reprimanded. Let’s not wait for the law of our body to override our erroneous way of living in it by delivering illness and disease, let’s take heed as offered above, and honour what our body has to say.

  11. “Here’s to the rest of our lives with our Mind and Body working as one, in union with each other. ” Absolutely, it would have been amazing if I had understood this when I was younger, but it is never too late to change what ever age we are, and live in a way where our Mind and Body work together in absolute union with each other and allow the magic to happen.

  12. We can wonder and love the harmonies that come with people surrendering back to their bodies and singing together, it is so innately beautiful. And yet the harmony that can be within one body between mind and body is absolutely sublime.

  13. If I sat down and wrote a letter to my body it would be full of apologies, for the first 40 years of my life I had absolutely no respect for it and I treated it as though their was no consequences to my actions. It turns out it is never to late to turn this around and I am learning my lesson not to let this happen again.

  14. ‘despite my frustration with you in those times where you are not ‘complying’ with my wishes.’ how much do we force our bodies to do things that in truth abuse our bodies.. when we have all the guidance we need to live respectfully and caring to our body from our body itself, all we need to do is listen.

  15. Feeling and connecting to the essence of who we are and living this in our daily movements and connecting to our bodies on a much deeper level is now the only way forward for me. Which I love the concept of this being my future.

  16. Our body is constantly communicating to us and more so when our lifestyle choices and the way we are living is out of sync with our natural rhythm calling us to listen and initiate change to align us back to harmony and our natural way of being. And how amazingly our body responds when we start to choose to become more loving and caring with ourselves.

  17. When we take deep care of ourselves we feel better in every way – such simple wisdom that, when applied to our lives, starts to fundamentally change our relationship with ourselves, and our purpose in the world.

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