Soul Train

For many years I had frequent dreams about trains. In fact, they were more like nightmares. I would often dream of catching the wrong train and going in the wrong direction, or missing the train and watching it pull out of the station, or I would be standing on the wrong platform and see my train on a different platform. Often I would be trying to get through the ticket barrier with no success while watching the train disappear. If I ever had a dream that I was actually on the train, I would often be on it without a ticket, or without a seat, or facing backwards and feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

These dreams were obviously showing me something and were communicating a powerful message. I had them consistently in the years leading up to 2007, which is when I came across the teachings and presentations of Universal Medicine. In the years prior to 2007, I was doing a great deal of searching. From the year 2000 I could feel that something was wrong and amiss. In those seven years I dropped a great deal of things that I used to participate in, and I embarked on what I thought was an inner journey. This took me into a plethora of new age and psychotherapeutic practices that I thought were the answer.

However, my life remained the same and the train dreams continued. They were telling me clearly that I was not getting anywhere and that I was on the wrong track.

However, everything started to change when, through Universal Medicine, I learned the Gentle Breath Meditation™ and discovered how to connect to the true me, my innermost essence, my Soul. I could feel that I had come home – not home to Universal Medicine, but home to myself. I began to make changes to the way that I lived, using my new understanding to connect to myself before moving, speaking and making decisions.

It started to become obvious that I had not been living the true me, and that at last I was beginning to find out who that was. The joy that came with this was incredible. Soon after the joy, came all of the old stuff that I then had to clear – anything that was not from the true me. Anything that I had taken on from the outside, such as ideals, practices, beliefs, plans, ideas, projects, and emotional baggage. It all had to surface in order for me to clear it and then discard it. What I understood was that I had embarked on a journey back to my Soul. It wasn’t necessary to search anywhere anymore but just re-connect to my inner heart and the healing would occur.

Around this time, my dreams began to change. In my dreams, suddenly I was on the right train! Going in the right direction! With a ticket! And with a seat! It was so obvious to me that I was now on the right track in my life.

My train dreams are not so frequent now, but have continued to guide me over the last 10 years. If I start walking away from my Soul, I have a dream that I’m on the wrong train. If I ignore this warning, these dreams stop altogether. Once I come back to what I know and listen to my inner wisdom and act on it, I have a dream that I am on the right train again. It really is remarkable.

For the last few months I have noticed a lack of meaningful dreams. No train dreams at all and no dreams that seemed to have any messages of confirmation or warning. It felt like I was coasting.

Last night though, I had a train dream. I was waiting for the train. There was some anxiousness about if it would actually arrive, and if it would take me where I needed to go to get home. The third train that arrived was my train. Myself and the other passengers on the platform tried to get into the train, but the doors were locked. The train continued to sit in the station with locked doors. It was obvious that the female guard was keeping them locked intentionally. We all pondered on what to do. Someone said that sometimes the guard didn’t let people on the train at all. I had no doubt that I would eventually get on the train; it was just a matter of how and when.

We then realised simultaneously that before we were to be allowed on the train, we had an opportunity to deeply thank and appreciate the train and its operators. We felt we had to acknowledge the value of the train and the fact that we could board it and it would take us home.

What a message from this dream! What I realised when I woke up was that I had not been appreciating all that I have been given, and that I was not on track unless I did this. I had been reminded of the power of appreciation, and how I cannot grow or evolve without this. It was a confirmation that I had been coasting and it was time to get back on track!

In the dream, after we had all got the message and felt appreciation for the guard and the train, the doors were opened and we all got on board. In the dream, I logged on to the Internet and posted a blog that all passengers on the train would be able to read…. So here it is!

The message of this blog is the importance and power of appreciation. Appreciation for everything I have been given, appreciation for myself for waking up and recognising the truth, and appreciation for my Soul for delivering dreams that keep me on the right track.

So, I can’t end this blog without expressing my deepest love, appreciation and gratitude to Serge Benhayon, his family and everyone associated with Universal Medicine. Without them I would still be searching in the wrong direction. The tireless and endless love that is lived, displayed, walked, given and expressed is phenomenal. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom are delivered and presented with so much integrity, and not one ounce of trying to convince or receive recognition. The truth is presented. We can take it or leave it.

I’m choosing to take it, and I’m choosing to take the Soul train!

By Rebecca Turner, London UK

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588 thoughts on “Soul Train

  1. Wow Rebecca, I’ve had dreams but not this consistent. What an offering from your Soul and in every dream its a reflection for you to go deeper in how you live.

    I don’t get dreams like I used to, having said that. This morning I woke up after a dream, where I lose my iPhone, and I’m searching for it frantically. I come to realise that it doesn’t matter, its only a phone with stuff that isn’t essential anyway. It’s amazing how for me, it was to say, don’t worry about the minute things, they are just memories.

    I love the way our Soul communicates to us, it just loves us. It is that simple.

  2. A gorgeous sharing of the power and importance of appreciation, and how your dreams supported you to be on the true track, ‘Appreciation for everything I have been given, appreciation for myself for waking up and recognising the truth, and appreciation for my Soul for delivering dreams that keep me on the right track.’

    1. The Soul simply presents the truth, it is that simple. It’s how we interrupt it that matters. We either see it as an offering or an hinderance. It’s never the latter…

  3. We embrace the truth when we are ready, not because it is something new for us to be ready for, but simply as we are ready to live again that which we have lived before only forgotten over eons.

  4. Super powerful sharing Rebecca in your whole blog but in particular this sentence: “The message of this blog is the importance and power of appreciation. Appreciation for everything I have been given, appreciation for myself for waking up and recognising the truth, and appreciation for my Soul for delivering dreams that keep me on the right track.”

  5. Dreams can be so powerful in supporting us to understand what we are having to deal with in real life. The subtleties of day to day living can go seemingly un-noticed by us during the day time, but when it comes to night time, our dreams let us know those things we clocked but perhaps did not realise it consciously at the time.

  6. Being Soul-full takes us a return journey that enlightens the way, in every direction that we choose to travel either by train, car, walk or fly we can stay connected as it is our True movements that adds to the journey.

  7. “I had embarked on a journey back to my Soul.” Appreciation for the magnificence of The Soul knows no bounds.

  8. I absolutely love how the soul communicates and that it knows exactly how to communicate and when to communicate it. Thanks for sharing your experience of your dreams Rebecca. I never tire of hearing how we are so lovingly supported to evolve.

  9. Rebecca I love this, it’s so beautiful to read. The stop moment in the dream to appreciate everything is the soul waking us up to enjoy the magic, to feel the riches we are showered with and are returning to.

  10. Beautiful to read this again and be reminded to never forget to appreciate Serge Benhayon and all that he lives – and also myself for having been open to hear what he presented and to choose Truth.

  11. I can only mirror many of the comments already made – its a great blog and beautiful to appreciate the messages that we have in life if only we are willing to see them, and also take a moment to read into what they might be trying to communicate.

  12. Rebecca I loved re reading your blog. It reminds me of all the changes that have gone on in my life since first meeting Serge, the dreams are especially potent in the power they offer me in understanding life.

  13. Re-occurring dreams are so powerful. I’ve had the same dream over and over for years and then only just night did I clock that not only do they point me in the right direction but they are also used to confirm something that I have clocked myself.

  14. Recurring dreams have a powerful message and the more we connect to them and learn to read and then heed their messages, the more they can support us on the way, the only way.

    1. Spot on Gabriele, repeated gentle and powerful messages are important to heed even if it takes us a while to fully understand the message itself. But always such messages are there to support us.

  15. Our dreams can really have the feeling of our day – either an intensity or some other feeling we have or did not really notice – and noticing this can really be supportive in becoming aware of what is going on in our days which we might not have been aware of at that time.

  16. I love how we are communicated to in our sleep. Some mornings I awake with such clarity and an amazing truth of expression that just comes tumbling out. I feel it is important to honour this expression too for it is not necessarily just for us on an individual level. It can be something that will support us all.

  17. I too have learned the power of appreciation and how it creates a beautiful foundation on which to continue to expand my life. But if somehow, I overlook appreciating what I have, my ‘train will stay stationary at the station with all doors locked’, just like yours. And one of the most wonderful understandings from taking the time to appreciate where I am and what I have, is that I then naturally begin to appreciate those around me; this is the power of the ripples of appreciation.

  18. I left the house this morning greatly appreciating myself in what I was able to deliver to two friends which gave them a different perspective. One of my colleagues was having a rant and trying to make me part of it, but because I was in so much appreciation of self, nothing could enter, nor did I take it personally – wow, I can honestly say I am only beginning to fully understand the power of appreciation.

  19. Thank you for sharing this, Rebecca. I love that the train is already here, and waiting. And it feels like appreciation is not just being thankful but it comes with deep surrender, trust and embracing of what is here, a bit like allowing the gravity to hold my body completely with no apprehension or resistance.

  20. There is an unspoken dialogue that happens within us between the part of us that has never left God (our soul) and the part of us that has (our spirit). As much as the spirit may want to fight its return to Soul, it is forever at a loss without it because it is the ‘lonely fragment’ that wandered away from such love and such light.

    1. And to not not feel that self created loss the spirit does everything to stay in motion and drive. Because if once surrendered to the soul it will feel its abusive choices and for how long he lived in and with illusion.

  21. What a beautiful story and absolute magnificent how your soul talks to you through your dreams. It shows, that you are very much connected to your soul! Question that comes up, do you listen in the same dedication to your soul, during the day?

    1. Our soul offers us the understanding that there are many train stops to choose from but our choice to be guided by the soul train heals our hurts and leads us on the path of true understanding and brotherhood.

      1. It is true, we choose if we hop on the train of evolution and a true moving forward – the soul- or if we hop on the train of the Spirit that loves circulation that never really moves us forward and instead indulge in whatever it identifies.

  22. To know that you’re on track on the path of return to your soul is huge, and I know for me this began when I found Universal Medicine who inspired me to reconnect to my inner most and thus begin my journey back to soul. And the soul is always there ready and waiting for us to pay heed.

    1. I am living proof, everyday I look into the mirror and see myself that I am on the right track . What a huge change I underwent… And I feel more vibrant, loving, vital, open, tender and powerful every day. Nothing I ever tried out before I met Universal Medicine was supporting me in this way. The real deal for me!

  23. What an amazing blog to re read and to feel how your Soul, our Soul is always guiding us to return back to our origin, our divine nature. And I absolutely share what you have expressed at the end, the deep love and appreciation for Serge Benhayon, his family and those who are associated with Universal Medicine and what Serge has brought through and keeps bringing through, there are not enough words to describe the love he lives and brings on this earth concistently day in day out.

  24. It is amazing and a blessing how thigns keep coming back up for us to look at which we have not fully dealt with. Whether it is during our waking day or when we are a sleep. The more we embrace what we are being shown the more we can let go of what is not true to us so as to allow more space for what is true.

      1. We sure are massively held in such an abundance of love it can almost at times seem too much and questions of do I deserve it come up but of course we do because we are by nature and essence from love and so we are simply returning to that which we already are.

  25. “I had been reminded of the power of appreciation, and how I cannot grow or evolve without this. ” The power of appreciation is huge and very much underestimated – for ourselves and for others too.

    1. Great reminder Sue, appreciation is like the cement as the foundation and alos between all the bricks without it the hosue can easily tumble down. With it the hosue becomes super strong and nothing can get in and sway it.

    2. Appreciation is essential to our lives if we wish to keep evolving, I love how Rebecca was reminded of this in her dream, ‘What I realised when I woke up was that I had not been appreciating all that I have been given, and that I was not on track unless I did this. I had been reminded of the power of appreciation, and how I cannot grow or evolve without this.’

  26. The way we lead life today is like someone who constantly gets on and off trains panicking because they are late then getting stressed that they are not ‘getting there’. If we just focused on staying connected to true purpose we may find the journey can be smooth.

    1. Great analogy – the headless chicken that flaps hither and tither, on and off trains and going nowhere other than creating a lot of commotion with its erratic behaviour.

  27. The soul train is always there on the same track, at any time of the day and will bring us back to where we belong. But there is also the spirit train, that is never on time, always on the wrong platform, always goes in the opposite direction and does brings us nowhere. A great start would be to acknowledge that this is a fact and come back to the understanding that it is simply a matter of choice what train to take.

    1. Indeed Nico. A great reminder that we have a choice in every moment as to which train we are going to board, and consequently where we will end up.

      1. The spirit train will keep us in this merry go round and if we like it we will keep taking that train, constantly ignoring that Soul train on the other platform which, when we are ready is always there to be catched in time.

  28. The power of our sleep time dreams and then what we can understand from them, the messaging, the evolution, is confirming of the power that already is within us and what our bodies do feel in every moment to be able to generate the particular dream we require. Dreams are amazing tools, because our body is one too.

  29. Prior to meeting Universal Medicine I was on a train going nowhere. I now have most definitely jumped tracks and on the train that is taking me ever deeper to my Soul.

  30. I am enjoying coming back to the ‘soul train’ blog, it tells the story of our return to who we are by the threefold aspects that make the one journey what it is: Appreciation for everything been given to us constantly by God, appreciation for oneself for waking up and recognising the truth – our commitment and activation, and appreciation for our Soul to keep us always on the right track by whatever messages or means necessary whereby honouring free will.

  31. What an amazing revelation. Imagine this being the way in life. Not being allowed to enter the train unless we really appreciated it and everyone involved making the journey happen. It would make us more respectful, hopefully, and we would experience a grander purpose as a community.

    1. Appreciation is key – without it, we have no foundation to stand on. We might as well try to do life balancing on one leg only. Through appreciation we fathom more depth and purpose.

  32. What a beautiful tool reading the meaning of dreams can be to access our next steps concerning our evolution back to soul. All has meaning in life.

  33. To be able to appreciate what you felt and what you chose and how you are now living a life full of love and the truth of who you are and the enormity of what we are connected to life sure is worth appreciating.

  34. Thank you you Rebecca for sharing your dreams and for the reminder to deeply appreciate and confirm who we are and how listening to our soul brings the most momentous opportunities and healing. We are so held in our lives by God with everything available to us to live the love that we are. Symbolism is around us everywhere offering a response to us about the choices we are making, enriching our life and offering more. I feel much love and appreciation for Serge Benhayon, his family, the wisdom he is unfolding every day to support Humanity to board the ‘express’ train home.

    1. Absolutely Christina, where would many of us be without the love and support of Serge Benhayon and his family, ‘I feel much love and appreciation for Serge Benhayon, his family, the wisdom he is unfolding every day to support Humanity to board the ‘express’ train home.’

  35. There are only two tracks that we can follow in life, both which lead us back to God. One will be the direct express route that will get us there faster (Soul) and the other will be an all stops one (spirit) that meanders and delays as it twists and turns throughout our various lives, taking us further away from our true self until ultimately we make the journey back in.

  36. When we listen to our soul we know we are on the right track, it is the times when we don’t that we end up going down a rabbit hole, or on a track that leads us to a dead end, and our dreams often alert us to situations that need our attention.

  37. Thank you Rebecca it is such a lovely read, it even feels soulful and I feel very still reading through. The communication in dreams can be very powerful, it’s so much greater than words, it’s more like a whole body experience that is deeply felt and understood through the body. The soul is certainly amazing with what it can deliver.

  38. Reading someone’s experience with the humour and directness their Soul is very unifying – as we can all relate to those thoughts, those dreams and those feelings of being guided and supported by more than the ‘functional’ life that we can see.

  39. The Soul has to communicate to us in a way we can understand the message. We associate trains with schedules and destinations. The Soul train does propose to us a very different approach to movement.

  40. Wow that is super cool Rebecca how clear and spot on the dreams were. What’s even super cooler is that you stopped and listened to what they were showing you and you could feel that something wasn’t on track. Such a healing for you in that moment.

  41. ‘I’m choosing to take it, and I’m choosing to take the Soul train!’ A beautiful and powerful claiming that is being reflected by your dreams, Rebecca. I’m on board with you!

  42. I find often things I am not fully clear about or undealt with come to me in my dreams as an opportunity to learn from them and observe the choices I am making. Often things are presented to me and I can then observe the choice(s) I am making and then can either go yes or hang on why have I chosen that and then make different choices.

  43. “….appreciation for my Soul for delivering dreams that keep me on the right track” – dreams are one of our biggest indicators into waking life, and its quality because they message the energetic interplay and truth of what is going on. And for me personally, when I don’t remember my dreams i know that that in itself is also an indicator into the way I am choosing to live my waking life at that moment in time to not recall a message that is for evolution.

  44. Our dreams are so powerful and healing, it is beautiful that we receive dreams from our Soul to support us to evolve.

  45. This is an awesome point that you make, about how after even just a moment of true joy there comes the reality of all that you have lived without this quality. Personally, I find this experience always to be very humbling and inspires me to want to clear away more and more of my issues so that there may be more space for true joy to come out again and again and to stay for longer and longer.

  46. I think it’s important to appreciate that we’ve never entirely missed the Soul train so to speak – as in even if we realise we’ve been making unloving choices for a long time we can still make a change and make our next move in a different quality…

  47. This blog is so cool; we are so amazing. If we would wake up and read what our soul is communicating we would see we have been given it all. Which is a great realisation to see and start the journey back to living this truth daily.

  48. It is beautifull how the Soul gives us messages through dreams. I haven’t had anything as clear as you have but maybe I just need to up my awareness and listen more!

  49. Hopping on board the train and obviously making choices to rearrange the seating always leads us back to the understanding that the direction we choose may not always be the one that serves the all.

  50. I love your soul train dreams Rebecca. They make me smile and how beautiful is our soul in their support to us.

  51. I love the fact that the Soul never ever gives up on us, we think we may simply be sleeping, but in this period of rest, the Soul is always right there ready to drop in a symbol and message via a dream.

  52. Clocking how we respond to our dreams is just as significant as the dreams themselves. The more I make an effort to remember what I dream about, the deeper the reading and the healing. When I’m not dreaming about anything it’s usually a sign that I haven’t been choosing to read and be aware of everything that has taken place during the day. Our dreams are tools that support us to build a stronger and deeper connection with what we’re feeling, reading and sensing during our day.

  53. I amazed how often how I know what is next and if I’m not taking the time to feel and appreciate what is on offer I can feel at the opposite end of what just was offered. We have the opportunity to be empty of joy and be part of unstable return or we can have the feeling of enormity of a new adventure being completed with an abundance of joy to be felt in the body.

  54. I love the simple message of your dream, Rebecca. It’s priceless! I love how the soul can communicate through dreams, supporting us in daily life to become more aware of our choices and actions.

  55. The fact that we have access to our multi-dimensionality through our dreams is absolutely beautiful and to be treasured.

  56. Before Universal Medicine and when I was living in Perth, I used to have recurring dreams of needing to move to the east coast of Australia, as soon as possible and without delay. There was quite an air of desperation in those dreams and I finally did. It took a while longer to then meet Serge Benhayon and have my first session with him – and the rest, as they say, is history.

  57. When our day to day movements through life are founded on appreciation every step we take can be one of growth as we learn to let go of what we no longer supports us and live our potential.

  58. For a while now I’ve been having dreams of rapidly shifting and mutating cartoons from one picture to another. They only come as I am going to bed however (in the first 10/15 minutes before I nod off completely) they feel very disturbing and I’ve yet to read them further. Opening up to talk about the meanings behind the dreams I always find there’s a learning to be had.

  59. I’v been having some strange dreams recently, but understanding it is symbology and reading this I am able to look at them for what they are representing to me gaining a deeper understanding of myself and life rather than seeing them as a weird dream.

  60. Beautiful Rebecca. There is a lot of wisdom in your story. Appreciation is key in evolving, but without embodied appreciation we will pursue a mental ideal, and then we are definitely in the wrong train:-)

  61. We make the Soul train real when we listen to and honour how we feel. It’s not about never making a mistake but honestly reflecting and learning along the way. In fact the Soul train seems to like to pull in to stops along the way that show us what’s not true in what we do, so we can make different choices. What a ride! Thank you Rebecca for choosing the fire inside.

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