Soul Train

For many years I had frequent dreams about trains. In fact, they were more like nightmares. I would often dream of catching the wrong train and going in the wrong direction, or missing the train and watching it pull out of the station, or I would be standing on the wrong platform and see my train on a different platform. Often I would be trying to get through the ticket barrier with no success while watching the train disappear. If I ever had a dream that I was actually on the train, I would often be on it without a ticket, or without a seat, or facing backwards and feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

These dreams were obviously showing me something and were communicating a powerful message. I had them consistently in the years leading up to 2007, which is when I came across the teachings and presentations of Universal Medicine. In the years prior to 2007, I was doing a great deal of searching. From the year 2000 I could feel that something was wrong and amiss. In those seven years I dropped a great deal of things that I used to participate in, and I embarked on what I thought was an inner journey. This took me into a plethora of new age and psychotherapeutic practices that I thought were the answer.

However, my life remained the same and the train dreams continued. They were telling me clearly that I was not getting anywhere and that I was on the wrong track.

However, everything started to change when, through Universal Medicine, I learned the Gentle Breath Meditation™ and discovered how to connect to the true me, my innermost essence, my Soul. I could feel that I had come home – not home to Universal Medicine, but home to myself. I began to make changes to the way that I lived, using my new understanding to connect to myself before moving, speaking and making decisions.

It started to become obvious that I had not been living the true me, and that at last I was beginning to find out who that was. The joy that came with this was incredible. Soon after the joy, came all of the old stuff that I then had to clear – anything that was not from the true me. Anything that I had taken on from the outside, such as ideals, practices, beliefs, plans, ideas, projects, and emotional baggage. It all had to surface in order for me to clear it and then discard it. What I understood was that I had embarked on a journey back to my Soul. It wasn’t necessary to search anywhere anymore but just re-connect to my inner heart and the healing would occur.

Around this time, my dreams began to change. In my dreams, suddenly I was on the right train! Going in the right direction! With a ticket! And with a seat! It was so obvious to me that I was now on the right track in my life.

My train dreams are not so frequent now, but have continued to guide me over the last 10 years. If I start walking away from my Soul, I have a dream that I’m on the wrong train. If I ignore this warning, these dreams stop altogether. Once I come back to what I know and listen to my inner wisdom and act on it, I have a dream that I am on the right train again. It really is remarkable.

For the last few months I have noticed a lack of meaningful dreams. No train dreams at all and no dreams that seemed to have any messages of confirmation or warning. It felt like I was coasting.

Last night though, I had a train dream. I was waiting for the train. There was some anxiousness about if it would actually arrive, and if it would take me where I needed to go to get home. The third train that arrived was my train. Myself and the other passengers on the platform tried to get into the train, but the doors were locked. The train continued to sit in the station with locked doors. It was obvious that the female guard was keeping them locked intentionally. We all pondered on what to do. Someone said that sometimes the guard didn’t let people on the train at all. I had no doubt that I would eventually get on the train; it was just a matter of how and when.

We then realised simultaneously that before we were to be allowed on the train, we had an opportunity to deeply thank and appreciate the train and its operators. We felt we had to acknowledge the value of the train and the fact that we could board it and it would take us home.

What a message from this dream! What I realised when I woke up was that I had not been appreciating all that I have been given, and that I was not on track unless I did this. I had been reminded of the power of appreciation, and how I cannot grow or evolve without this. It was a confirmation that I had been coasting and it was time to get back on track!

In the dream, after we had all got the message and felt appreciation for the guard and the train, the doors were opened and we all got on board. In the dream, I logged on to the Internet and posted a blog that all passengers on the train would be able to read…. So here it is!

The message of this blog is the importance and power of appreciation. Appreciation for everything I have been given, appreciation for myself for waking up and recognising the truth, and appreciation for my Soul for delivering dreams that keep me on the right track.

So, I can’t end this blog without expressing my deepest love, appreciation and gratitude to Serge Benhayon, his family and everyone associated with Universal Medicine. Without them I would still be searching in the wrong direction. The tireless and endless love that is lived, displayed, walked, given and expressed is phenomenal. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom are delivered and presented with so much integrity, and not one ounce of trying to convince or receive recognition. The truth is presented. We can take it or leave it.

I’m choosing to take it, and I’m choosing to take the Soul train!

By Rebecca Turner, London UK

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524 thoughts on “Soul Train

  1. I have been having a lot of dreams these past few nights, mostly involving family members. But last night I had a dream that I was walking along side Elvis. He was all appropriately dressed for the weather, dressed all in black, boats, gloves and and extra rain covering. He was well kitted out. Perhaps the message is being prepare for life for all kinds of weather… and perhaps more insight may come later.

  2. I love how our body takes every opportunity to communicate to us, even if it means telling us something in our sleep when we’re not distracted by the usual activities in our day!

  3. Such is the power of honouring and responding to our inner essence, our Soul. I’m sure for you Rebecca it must of been a confirmation and realisation that what had been in your life simply wasn’t it. I remember meeting you years ago and you hadn’t been introduced just then to Universal Medicine and I have watched the most beautiful transformation of you returning to who you truly are, it has been very inspiring.

  4. “I had been reminded of the power of appreciation, and how I cannot grow or evolve without this.” So true Rebecca. Re-reading your post is a great reminder for me to appreciate – even – or rather especially – the small things.

  5. Dreams do not happen by chance, they mean something, and so clearly as is expressed in your article, when we are open to that meaning, we learn something.

  6. Our dreams are a brilliant insight into what’s going on in our lives, I often get a fresh new perspective that allows me to have a revelation about myself or my life or see things in a new light from my dreams.

  7. Love how something that at first seems so perplexing and confusing turns into such an asset when its understood. The fact the dreams continue to inform you of whether you are on the right train or not is such an asset in helping you check how things are going and if you are heading to the right destination.

  8. I had another train dream recently. It was the right train and it was absolutely packed with people. So much so that there were no seats available apart from shared seating on the floor in one carriage. I joined the masses on the floor. Very humbling and very accepting of my part in humanity and that we are all one. These dreams never cease to amaze me.

    1. Thank you for sharing and keeping us up-to-date with your dreams, Rebecca. I fell this to be a powerful reminder to let go of individuality.

    2. I love Soul-led dreams. Mine or any one else’s. They bring such depth, quality and understanding to life.
      Gorgeous reminder here that whatever it looks like we are connected, equal, united and unfolding as one.

  9. Also your point about not having significant dreams is fascinating. I’ve beeb having dreams in the last few days that are very blurry and non-descript – perhaps a great reflection of the energy I’m choosing in the day. Could our dreams be great indicators of the energy we choose in the day?

  10. ” I’m choosing to take it, and I’m choosing to take the Soul train! ‘
    I will be taking the Soul train as well and I look forward to meeting everyone on it , thank you for sharing Rebecca .

    1. On many occasions in my dreams, I am talking to someone and giving them some very wise advice. Then when I wake I know that the advice was for myself from my soul. What this tells me is that we already know the answers to our questions but at times we just need a little assistance to bring it all out into our every day.

  11. Go Rebecca, it is amazing quite how much can be shown to us in our dreams especially when we are ready, willing and open to see what is before us for us to learn and move on from. Like with most things we can use them to evolve, and learn from or we can repeat the same patterns we are doing in the day in our dreams with seemingly little or no consequences. But knowing everything is energy means what happens in our dreams still has an effect on our body.

  12. Through appreciating and heeding our soulful dreams we are closing the door in the face of self-doubt or any negativity which may try and impose on us on our journey back to soul.

  13. I love reading this. It is such a strong confirmation that I am on the Soul Train and how important it is to keep deepening my appreciation – appreciation is the ticket to stay on the train.

  14. An amazing appreciation of a life lived from the body and how we can unfold so much more in the process. I love how our dreams support us to deepen our relationship with self and grow forevermore.

  15. Everything in life is telling us the truth, if we are just willing to let go of our stubbornness and favourite lies, we’ll get to see. We are supported way beyond, and in our dreams. Thank you Rebecca.

  16. The mind can be easily tricked but the body knows, hence the only true solidness we can have in life is through connection with our body. Our bodies are like an anchor that prevents us from getting hooked into things that are tantalising or appealing to the mind.

  17. We make the Soul train real when we listen to and honour how we feel. It’s not about never making a mistake but honestly reflecting and learning along the way. In fact the Soul train seems to like to pull in to stops along the way that show us what’s not true in what we do, so we can make different choices. What a ride! Thank you Rebecca for choosing the fire inside.

  18. Beautiful Rebecca. There is a lot of wisdom in your story. Appreciation is key in evolving, but without embodied appreciation we will pursue a mental ideal, and then we are definitely in the wrong train:-)

  19. I’v been having some strange dreams recently, but understanding it is symbology and reading this I am able to look at them for what they are representing to me gaining a deeper understanding of myself and life rather than seeing them as a weird dream.

  20. For a while now I’ve been having dreams of rapidly shifting and mutating cartoons from one picture to another. They only come as I am going to bed however (in the first 10/15 minutes before I nod off completely) they feel very disturbing and I’ve yet to read them further. Opening up to talk about the meanings behind the dreams I always find there’s a learning to be had.

  21. When our day to day movements through life are founded on appreciation every step we take can be one of growth as we learn to let go of what we no longer supports us and live our potential.

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