Soul Train

For many years I had frequent dreams about trains. In fact, they were more like nightmares. I would often dream of catching the wrong train and going in the wrong direction, or missing the train and watching it pull out of the station, or I would be standing on the wrong platform and see my train on a different platform. Often I would be trying to get through the ticket barrier with no success while watching the train disappear. If I ever had a dream that I was actually on the train, I would often be on it without a ticket, or without a seat, or facing backwards and feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

These dreams were obviously showing me something and were communicating a powerful message. I had them consistently in the years leading up to 2007, which is when I came across the teachings and presentations of Universal Medicine. In the years prior to 2007, I was doing a great deal of searching. From the year 2000 I could feel that something was wrong and amiss. In those seven years I dropped a great deal of things that I used to participate in, and I embarked on what I thought was an inner journey. This took me into a plethora of new age and psychotherapeutic practices that I thought were the answer.

However, my life remained the same and the train dreams continued. They were telling me clearly that I was not getting anywhere and that I was on the wrong track.

However, everything started to change when, through Universal Medicine, I learned the Gentle Breath Meditation™ and discovered how to connect to the true me, my innermost essence, my Soul. I could feel that I had come home – not home to Universal Medicine, but home to myself. I began to make changes to the way that I lived, using my new understanding to connect to myself before moving, speaking and making decisions.

It started to become obvious that I had not been living the true me, and that at last I was beginning to find out who that was. The joy that came with this was incredible. Soon after the joy, came all of the old stuff that I then had to clear – anything that was not from the true me. Anything that I had taken on from the outside, such as ideals, practices, beliefs, plans, ideas, projects, and emotional baggage. It all had to surface in order for me to clear it and then discard it. What I understood was that I had embarked on a journey back to my Soul. It wasn’t necessary to search anywhere anymore but just re-connect to my inner heart and the healing would occur.

Around this time, my dreams began to change. In my dreams, suddenly I was on the right train! Going in the right direction! With a ticket! And with a seat! It was so obvious to me that I was now on the right track in my life.

My train dreams are not so frequent now, but have continued to guide me over the last 10 years. If I start walking away from my Soul, I have a dream that I’m on the wrong train. If I ignore this warning, these dreams stop altogether. Once I come back to what I know and listen to my inner wisdom and act on it, I have a dream that I am on the right train again. It really is remarkable.

For the last few months I have noticed a lack of meaningful dreams. No train dreams at all and no dreams that seemed to have any messages of confirmation or warning. It felt like I was coasting.

Last night though, I had a train dream. I was waiting for the train. There was some anxiousness about if it would actually arrive, and if it would take me where I needed to go to get home. The third train that arrived was my train. Myself and the other passengers on the platform tried to get into the train, but the doors were locked. The train continued to sit in the station with locked doors. It was obvious that the female guard was keeping them locked intentionally. We all pondered on what to do. Someone said that sometimes the guard didn’t let people on the train at all. I had no doubt that I would eventually get on the train; it was just a matter of how and when.

We then realised simultaneously that before we were to be allowed on the train, we had an opportunity to deeply thank and appreciate the train and its operators. We felt we had to acknowledge the value of the train and the fact that we could board it and it would take us home.

What a message from this dream! What I realised when I woke up was that I had not been appreciating all that I have been given, and that I was not on track unless I did this. I had been reminded of the power of appreciation, and how I cannot grow or evolve without this. It was a confirmation that I had been coasting and it was time to get back on track!

In the dream, after we had all got the message and felt appreciation for the guard and the train, the doors were opened and we all got on board. In the dream, I logged on to the Internet and posted a blog that all passengers on the train would be able to read…. So here it is!

The message of this blog is the importance and power of appreciation. Appreciation for everything I have been given, appreciation for myself for waking up and recognising the truth, and appreciation for my Soul for delivering dreams that keep me on the right track.

So, I can’t end this blog without expressing my deepest love, appreciation and gratitude to Serge Benhayon, his family and everyone associated with Universal Medicine. Without them I would still be searching in the wrong direction. The tireless and endless love that is lived, displayed, walked, given and expressed is phenomenal. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom are delivered and presented with so much integrity, and not one ounce of trying to convince or receive recognition. The truth is presented. We can take it or leave it.

I’m choosing to take it, and I’m choosing to take the Soul train!

By Rebecca Turner, London UK

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431 thoughts on “Soul Train

  1. What I love about this is that with out fail our body and soul were communicating together to show you what was true for you and what was not. To me this goes to show that we have to be connected to something bigger. How there is in fact energy and one was taking you away from your path of truth and the other brought you back to your truth. How cool is that!

  2. ‘These dreams were obviously showing me something and were communicating a powerful message.’ – If we teach children from a young age that their dreams are important messages in their day to day living, it would be very natural for the child to see this as a powerful tool in life rather than treating it as a random and perhaps entertaining experience.

    1. Because dreams are so felt in the body it is important to share this discussion with children drawing out of the how they felt, what they noticed, who was there etc,and this goes for all types of dreams as it supports us to feel energy and be discerning.

  3. A recurring dream holds such a powerful message for us, that it is hard to ignore. But a wilingness to understand what the message is is the real key here. What a beautiful and honouring lesson this would be for children, to be able to understand and read their own dreams from a young age. How much would this benefit them and everyone else if they were encouraged to share their experience of their connection to such divine wisdom.

  4. It is a wonder that we have access to healing and communication in our dreams at night, we only have to listen and feel what is being communicated.

    1. Paula, our Soul is really magical indeed. This morning when pondering on the dreams I had during the night I became aware of a possible way to deal with a situation. For me this was mind blowing as I could not get to that realisation on my own, without the dreams nor the willingness to understand them. I was thinking later during the day how much we are all supported every where, every moment, in every possible angle. Love.

      1. I totally appreciate my dreams too. The messages come in very simple form and sometimes in ways I can find quite surprising. They always confirm what is known deep down and can really help steer choices made, especially when we bring understanding and a deeper awareness of their communication.

      1. And the beauty is that we are shown in the very exact way that we need to see or feel a dream – super wise soul.

  5. I love how our dreams are so very specific for exactly what we need at that particular time… just like all the other messages we are constantly offered – like the butterfly passing by or someone calling just as you think of them.

  6. Such a super clear and gorgeous message for you Rebecca, consistently bringing you back to you, and confirming that when we are aligned to soul, the way is shown.

  7. So many years I was on the track searching for truth outside of myself and all the time the track was a path of return to the inner-heart.

  8. How amazing is it that there is so many avenues through which we can be guided, reminded or communicated with to make sure we remain on track

  9. What a clear message your dream offers, and with it comes exponential healing and growth in everyday life. This shows just how much support we have from our Soul’s communication with us.

  10. The power of appreciation has become a long neglected part of our lives – how can we expand unless we let go of contraction and allow appreciation to support us in coming back to full acceptance of who we truly are.

  11. Since reading this incredible blog and the comments I became more detailed in the way I appreciate some of the things that can be taken for granted in life. In very simple things such as having hot water at home!

  12. What a confirming sharing. How the soul is working with us can be through dreams or other impulses or symbols throughout the day. But certainly the soul is working with us constantly. If we listen to it is our choice.

  13. Universal Medicine has been the exit from the maze that we have created for ourselves to get lost in. The maze has kept us searching for something in the centre that has always been within us.

  14. I was telling your story to someone the other day who has been having disturbing repetitive dreams. It is really supportive for anyone to learn how we are getting messages all the time from our body to show us a different way to live. When we change our choices, the message changes as we align to our soul.

  15. I am realising that i have looked over appreciation and all its power for way to long, appreciating yourself and others is key to undoing all the ill in this world, great dreams, great message and great blog, thank you!

  16. I love how within a dream we can have realisations. It shows that we never stop being aware and conscious even when we sleep.

    1. Exactly Steve and we can get so easily swayed by other people into doing something because we over-ride our first feeling and we over-ride because we were not appreciating or trusting, which happened to me this week!

      1. This is a great truth you present here Steve, very tangible, it makes it so clear how very important it is to stay with what we know is true in every moment.

  17. We really are given so much grace… we re-connect to our Soul and then there is all the old baggage that our Soul sends to the surface for us to clear – all those millions of past choices are given the grace to be released and cleared.

  18. Appreciation can be appreciating the big and or the little things in life… and I find it is often the littlest details that have the most profound effect.

  19. This just goes to show how we can get involved in so many different things, keeping ourselves busy or thinking that we are healing parts of our lives when in truth absolute nothing is changing! It is quite sobering. Until we are willing to truly feel and see what is going on and at play with an understanding of the truth in energy this will not change.

  20. Appreciation is key on our path back to who we are, as without appreciation we are ignorant of the fact hat we are so much more and too, live in a world that is so much more than that what we see with the eye.

  21. What I love about being on the Soul train is that although it may make many stops and travel through challenging weather and rough terrain, it can never be derailed. It can never go off-course, we can only choose to hop on or off.

  22. Interesting that the dreams over the years were “more like nightmares” yet you have found a profound revelation and insight in them. It tends to be the same in life with many situations that we label ‘nightmare’. With greater reflection and understanding of cycles of energy we often find out how perfectly constellated and significant they were on a bigger picture – that of our returning to Soul.

  23. Not being on track unless we are living with appreciation is huge. Appreciation was something I rarely if ever did. If I wasn’t enough then l couldn’t possibly appreciate all that was around me, not people, not life itself. Appreciation is a way of being, it has a certain quality that I now know life can be lived by so I’m not caught short with just seeing all that isn’t love in the world-class which is a lot at present. It was an essential quality I wasn’t connected with and so life seemed very dark. But appreciation shines the light, not a false light but a true one from which to see life in greater depth.

  24. I learned form Universal Medicine to go to the feel of a dream, and it is interesting that you say you dreamed often about trains, but they have had a different feel over the years, when I feel I get a clearer idea of what they are about. If I don’t, I ask for another dream to make it clearer. 🙂

  25. ‘connect to myself before moving, speaking and making decisions.’ It is so easy to leap into action without thinking, but when we connect to ourselves first then everything we do is likely to be in accordance to what is truly needed.

  26. That is awesome how resilient and consistent your Soul was, gently reminding you to come back to your truth. But at the same time not judging or demanding anything from you, giving you space to choose to be all that you are.

  27. How very different our world would be if we all learned the true value of appreciation from birth. Living in and with appreciation is a beautiful way of being. It isn’t just about being grateful for what we have in life – but truly honouring in a deep way, who we truly are and the beingness that is in us all. It is also appreciating that we are all part of a much bigger whole and that who we are is integral to that whole. Thank you Rebecca for providing another platform for this understanding.

  28. “I had been reminded of the power of appreciation, and how I cannot grow or evolve without this.” I love how the messages in your dreams have changed from going in the wrong direction to going in the right direction to coasting to asking you to appreciate all that is around you as you return to your Soul. Appreciation is our ticket to evolve and grow and an opportunity to ask what is next and without it we can so easily cruise.

  29. My dreams have been very vivid recently… I love how they confirm something, or show something that needs looking into. Interpreting them can be a challenge at times, but when I really sit with it I usually get to the point.

  30. There is only one train to get us home. The Soul is the Sole train. The train is waiting for us patiently, watching us, helping us and constantly reminding us that there is a limit to how far you can get from it in case you decide to run away from that train.

  31. Dreams are another way the soul can access us and allow us to understand the truth of what we feel. So often when we want or think life is a certain way we are unable to see the truth of how we are living. Dreams can help to point out the obvious that we are blind to.

  32. I love how you describe the Gentle Breath Meditation, as a ‘coming home’ to yourself. its not a membership to something outside of oneself, but an empowering and knowing connection to one’s Soul.

  33. I dreamt about two yellow cabs during the night, and then on the way to work one of the first cars on the road that I saw was a yellow cab which reminded me of the dream, I won’t go into the whole dream but it was important enough for the magic of God to put a real one in my path so the whole message of the dream would unfold.

  34. I love the metaphor of a train you share here Rebecca. When we follow impulses that we receive and make choices, it’s like we get on a train that pulls us forward, in a momentum that makes it hard to get off. Without us seeming to need to do much it takes us forward on the predetermined tracks, often attracting others to get on to. The question is where are the impulses coming from and what’s the destination we’re headed to?

  35. Having been practising appreciation recently, as in considering the quality of appreciation, how much there is to appreciate and incorporating it into my days, I am blown away by the impact it has, supporting me to see beyond day to day challenges to the incredible opportunities on offer, to learn, be in relationship with others, heal…

  36. I love these playful yet significant messages we keep getting, even in wake moment. Today very early in the morning I witnessed a scenario on the bus. Although my body had already felt and registered the irresponsibility I was witnessing, I chose sympathy and giving the person the benefit of the doubt, so a moment later I was doubting what I had felt and reversing my thoughts. About half hour later on another bus I witnessed what was so clearly the exact same dynamic! This time it was more severe. I was stunned, and also wanted to laugh. The message was definitely there for me to see. Life is so playful and supportive when we open our eyes and heart to it.

  37. What a beautiful and strong way for your soul to communicate with you. I love how you also listen and respond to your dreams and take it as feedback into your living way. This is a treat to read and also sit with as a reflection of what dreams can say to us and how important and significant symbolism is.

  38. The appreciation of our dreams and the messages they give us in connection to our soul is very beautiful and offers a great foundation and support. What a beautiful sharing of your dreams and the understanding you feel from them.

  39. How often do we let our dreams and the feeling they invoke pass without any further consideration? This blog exposes just how much we may be missing and that the messages can be persistent though repetitious until we take notice.

  40. I woke early this morning and remembered my dream. I was in a workshop ( the workshop of life), when a few others started to run very fast. I followed this and started to run fast too. But very quickly I found my own movement and expressed this and next thing I took off – literally, my feet took off the ground. Put very simply, when we move in a way that is true to ourselves, there are no limits!

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