Meeting Serge Benhayon… only the Beginning

When I first heard the name ‘Serge Benhayon’ I was on a weekend workshop learning another modality called Kinesiology. Early on in the workshop I felt my endless search for truth had been thwarted yet again, and that this modality offered me little or no truth or anything of value I could take into my life.

I had spent many years searching for truth, travelling the world doing yoga retreats and seeking out anyone that may provide some much needed truth and wisdom. I had read every Spiritual New Age book and had done workshops with Anthony Robbins, the Angel card reader, the man who has conversations with God, and had spent time dabbling with psychics, hoping they could provide some answers for me.

Then someone mentioned Serge Benhayon’s name in passing and I enquired about who he was and what he did. I often travelled to Byron Bay as part of my many spiritual journeys to that date, so I was surprised that I had never heard of this man’s name considering I was constantly in touch with any new person that entered the Spiritual New Age scene.

It seemed strange to me that Serge Benhayon didn’t advertise in the local paper or have any pamphlets lying around in the large array of health food shops and healthy restaurants, as there was never a shortage of new healers advertising themselves and promising further enlightenment of some sort.

It took me a while to track down his phone number and I called to check out what he could tell me about the services he provided. I got a call from him at the end of his very busy workday: I was at first hesitant about this man who sounded so different to every other healer or presenter I was used to engaging with. What was different is that he was not trying to promise me or convince me he was going to fix anything, there were no fancy words trying to hook me, only a very steady and calm voice that connected with me in a very real way. I realised that in the past I had become so accustomed to healers enticing me with their magic cures, but what this man was offering felt very different and a lot more true than I had ever felt before, so of course I was naturally curious to meet this man in person.

I planned a trip to Byron Bay and made an appointment to see Serge. I went to his clinic in a town called Goonellabah, which I had never heard of before. His clinic was simple and humble but I could feel a stillness and solidness in there that was different to any place I had been before – there was nothing flaky about this man.

When I met him I was pleasantly surprised to feel an instant warmth from him; it was quite unusual to meet someone you feel a definite connection and affinity with so quickly. This actual session left me with an impression that has stayed with me to this day and over time my love and admiration for Serge Benhayon has only grown.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon standing alonside a brick paved wall
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

There is a quality and integrity to how he lives every aspect of his life – a consistent commitment to live and walk the harmony and truth of what he presents whether it be in business, his rich family life or with his many, many friends – which has been deeply inspiring and has supported me to strengthen and commit to every area of my life, including my relationships, my work, my parenting, finances and deepening the relationship with myself. Too often we are caught up in ‘giving more’ to family and less to work or vice versa, and this has been a big change for me to commit to being consistent in all parts of my life.

In this very first session I got to feel for the first time what it was to be truly met and accepted for who I was in essence. I had never been in the presence of anyone, either man or woman, who was so honouring and respectful towards me without needing or wanting anything in return; my body was able to relax and be open to experiencing a quality of love that I felt ready to embrace. This felt so natural that I knew it was not something new, but simply something I was returning to within my being. At the same time, this feeling was very familiar to me –it was awakening something inside of me that had always been present. It was an incredibly beautiful feeling and I knew that my search was finally over; all my so called ‘issues’ or life’s dilemmas seemed to not exist in this warm and deep connection.

I had come home to my own inner wisdom and truth and every cell of my body felt the fact that Serge Benhayon was the ‘real deal’; there were no bells or whistles or any super high feelings after the session, just a steadiness and stillness within that allowed me to feel my own power and grace that I held as a woman but had hidden from the world.

Having experienced so many healers and searching for truth for eons and being hooked by their promises of further enlightenment, this was a pivotal moment in my life. I had now found the missing piece in the puzzle, and everything I had ever felt but had often dismissed was suddenly beginning to make perfect sense –– this was the ultimate gift I had been waiting for my whole life.

What struck me the most (and still does to this day) is that Serge treated me with absolute equality. This was something I had never experienced with any other healers I had seen: often they acted with a superiority and wanted their followers to treat them as a guru. This always irked me and felt imposing, so naturally I was always suspicious when someone displayed that type of behaviour.

However in all the years I have known Serge Benhayon, I have never seen him impose on another in any way. He has always been very clear in supporting others to never give their power away to him in any way, shape or form; in fact, he treats everyone with the same equality and will always ask another to feel what is true for them, never holding any judgment whatsoever for any choices they make.

Serge’s true love and care for humanity is so expansive that he is always confirming that we all have access to the same truth and wisdom he has, and that he is not special in any way, for we are all equal. After meeting Serge I was left feeling that I also had within this immense love and truth, my problem was that I had been hiding for so long. But it was not until seeing that someone like Serge Benhayon could live this, that it offered me a different way to live and express in the world that until that point, I had been too scared to live myself. It took me a while to heal my deep hurts and to resurrect my true self again, but slowly over time I have peeled back the many layers that have kept me protected and safe.

To simply attend one session with this man or one Universal Medicine presentation can be life changing in itself, but I have had the joy of working with this man Serge Benhayon for many years at his courses and presentations at Universal Medicine. The consistency and absolute gold is an inspiration to all of humanity and has supported me to stop hiding away and to live more of my essence.

The great thing about what Serge delivers is that the focus is never just to better your life. The deep healing is important but its purpose is to more fully live that love to then support and reflect back to others that it is possible.

I can now feel all the other Spiritual New Age courses and healers kept me in a constant search and spin – I was chasing my tail and never ended up with something I could sustain. In fact, when I looked more deeply at their whole lives, and not just what they presented, they were not living that same quality of love I have rediscovered. So their words may have been good, but they were just that – words.

From my first meeting with Serge Benhayon, everything he said made complete sense and has been able to be applied practically to my life, so that I can see for myself, outside of sessions or workshops, how I can be in the world. Through Serge Benhayon’s support I have transformed my life enormously from being quite low and miserable to experiencing greater joy, vitality and more commitment and zest for life and relationships. I have been able to say ‘no’ to abuse that I had accepted from myself and others and now have more fulfilling and true relationships in my life – and the best part is this is only the beginning.

Anna Douglass - woman smiling joyfully
Anna Douglass

The fact that this is only the beginning is what I love the most. This magic that is my life continues to unfold the more I say yes to what I am discovering about myself. This would never have been possible if I hadn’t made the choice to meet Serge Benhayon and to be blessed with everything this man lives and expresses in a truly loving way… and yes, this is only the beginning.

By Anna Douglass, International Flight Attendant, Mother, dedicated student of the Ageless Wisdom, Australia

 Headshot of Anna Douglass smiling Anna Douglass has been working as an International Flight Attendant for over 25 years. She enjoys her job connecting with people from all over the world and noticing the shared similarities no matter what walk of life we are from.

You can follow Anna Douglass on Twitter @annadouglass3

Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website

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643 thoughts on “Meeting Serge Benhayon… only the Beginning

  1. I know that when I meet Serge Benhayon I’m not just meeting a physical human-being. I am meeting a representative of heaven here on earth. My particles that make up my body resonate to the particles of the representation of Serge Benhayon and instantly I know I’m not from here and the more I attend the workshops and presentations of Universal Medicine the deeper the knowing becomes. This takes me straight back to my childhood where I felt a complete stranger within my family and I was considered the odd one out. I’m am not the odd one out none of us are but we have stepped away from heaven to live a life that is not of heaven. And we cannot deny this in truth because our current way of living constantly informs us that we live in total abuse of each other and the very planet that sustains us.

  2. “… there were no bells or whistles or any super high feelings after the session, just a steadiness and stillness within that allowed me to feel my own power and grace that I held as a woman but had hidden from the world.” That steadiness and stillness is still something I’m developing my connection to and it feels amazing. Compared to the nervous wreck I was prior to Universal Medicine, and the anxiousness, an inability to sleep, feeling shut down inside myself and relatively joyless – to have stillness and steadiness now, to feel my inner grace and delicateness as a woman, to experience joy and express myself – wow, amazing and all from the support of Serge’s work. Absolutely Serge Benhayon is the real deal. Thanks Anna.

  3. As you have shared Anna, Serge Benhayon is absolute in his Non-imposition and when we connect to our Essences, Inner-most-hearts / Souls then we also get to feel the appreciation of this level of lived wisdom or Love, so when we Love Truly we do not impose on another.

  4. Anna there is a truth to be told and you have written the truth honestly for others to read in the future so that they can catch a small glimmer of what Serge Benhayon presents to humanity, the love of God in embodiment. The truth is that the human-being that has a name ‘Serge Benhayon’ has purposefully reincarnated to be of service and remind us all through the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom that we are first and foremost love before we are anything else. No matter how much we resist this truth one day it will be known as all the interlocking cycles will return to the one cycle and we will meet our creator again.

  5. Thanks Anna, beautiful to read and loved the photos. Your story reminded me of how deeply met I felt at my first consultation with Serge Benhayon, it was an incredible and life changing experience. “… all my so called ‘issues’ or life’s dilemmas seemed to not exist in this warm and deep connection.” I know that feeling so well, the more I connect to my essence and feel that love and warmth the more I realise disturbances are not natural to us, they exist outside of our true selves. We can lose touch with who we are and in that disconnection we let those false energies into our body and can identify with ourselves as those issues, but they are not the grandness we come from and belong to.

    1. Absolute in the Absoluteness of the Love of who we innately are is what is waiting for us all when we reconnect to our essences so yea I agree Melinda there is an absolute-grandness in who we are.

  6. “there were no bells or whistles or any super high feelings after the session, just a steadiness and stillness within that allowed me to feel my own power and grace that I held as a woman but had hidden from the world.” Reconnecting to the stillness within is to know Love. Serge Benhayon inspires those who are open to live the Love that they are.

  7. I have known Serge Benhayon and his family for 13 years and there is not a leveling off or plateau to what is presented but an invitation to go deeper and deeper and the deeper you permit yourself to go then you realise that this is not a betterment of one’s life but an opportunity to uncover the lies we have bought into as human-beings and an opportunity to renounce them.

  8. Like so many my life changed after meeting Serge Benhayon and in that meeting began the journey back to my Soul and for that I am forever thankful.

  9. Serge Benhayon’s true love and care for humanity is massive, he has the biggest heart, my heart has certainly opened and expanded since meeting such a beautiful man.

  10. Meeting Serge Benhayon was a beginning for me, and what a blessing that was. I have come so far from that time and here I stand a new woman that bears little resemblance to my former self, who lived miserable and angry at everyone. Thank God for Serge Benhayon.

  11. “I had come home to my own inner wisdom and truth and every cell of my body felt the fact that Serge Benhayon was the ‘real deal’;” Awesome Anna, yes Serge Benhayon is the real deal, and yes all will one day know it.

  12. “Serge’s true love and care for humanity is so expansive that he is always confirming that we all have access to the same truth and wisdom he has, and that he is not special in any way, for we are all equal.” – the level of Serge’s humbleness is so deep and so wide… he holds you in and with such grace and understanding, and forever are these embodied qualities of Serge, my inspiration.

  13. Something that I am seeing in all that is written about Serge Benhayon by those who know him is that he lives with a quality that seems so distant from how we are living but there is something so familiar about it at the same time. There is also a vast difference in the quality of the writing of those who know Serge Benhayon and know the work that he presents, to the quality of what is written about those who do not know him and make assumptions about what is presented. To know what is true and what is lies we need only to return to our body, for our body knows the difference and its the only way to discern what is and is not true, rather than seek truth through the opinion of others. This is what has got us in the mess we are in and while we continue to push this barrow our hole is only going to get deeper.

    1. Jennifer great comment I feel that when we seek truth through the opinions of others we are lost and as you correctly say this is what has got us in the mess we are in. We gave our power away to others and let them decide what was best for us rather than feeling the truth and holding steady with that knowing.

  14. The fact that Serge Benhayon has grown Universal Medicine, which is next to being a religion also a business, without any modern day marketing material is already spectacular on a worldly level. And in conversations he does not convince or persuade. His conversations, which in the business world would be part of sales, are also going against the trend of persuading and using smart techniques to influence people. We could say Serge Benhayon is already worth studying as a business phenomenon. And then he brings so much more.

  15. If Serge Benhayon’s teachings were just about bettering our own lives, he would probably be more popular, but by reflecting to us a greater sense of responsibility and purpose, it leaves us with a clear choice as to whether we are ready to embrace a deeper level of love, not just for ourselves but for all.

  16. “… all my so called ‘issues’ or life’s dilemmas seemed to not exist in this warm and deep connection.” I can relate to this Anna, when I practise Sacred Movement I feel a deep connection to my heart and my soul, when I am there all the problems I think I have just don’t seem to exist, yes the challenges of life are there but my being is confirmed in its purity and sacredness – all from a simple re-connection to my heart.

  17. If you want to know truth you will know where to look. If you don’t want to know or be reminded of the truth that you know you will look elsewhere. All it takes is honesty with oneself to understand the direct of sight and this will lead to the true truth, the one that unites us all.

    1. Very well said Rachel, this is so true, when we align to truth we will find truth everywhere we go and when we align to the illusion and lies, this is all we will see in the world.

  18. So true – Serge Benhayon does not try selling or convincing, he just has no such need or investment in what others may or may not do with what he presents. This is such a unique posture, I find. Even in our everyday conversation, there’s often an underlining want to be agreed and sympathised with, and we use that as a measure of our connection, and the credibility and value of what we are sharing with others, and we keep feeding that with each other to sustain a so-called relationship going.

  19. “There was never a shortage of new healers advertising themselves and promising further enlightenment of some sort”. Serge Benhayon has never promoted himself like this. Every person who comes to see him has been through word of mouth and there have been 1000s who have done so over the last 20 years. He also never promised anything or dangled any carrots of enlightenment. You are simply supported to connect with the essence or divinity within you and know that only you can save and heal yourself.

    1. The reality that we can only heal and save ourselves cuts a lot of modalities, and even facets of religion, out of the picture. Many healing practitioners need to be needed, to feel they are ‘helping’, I’ve been there myself, but unless we first live our divinity from soul we are just prolonging the misery of separation from who we are with our clients.

  20. I can relate to the incessant search that one can enter into Anna. it keeps you looking, thinking that the next thing will be it. All the while keeping you further away to what is within. The need to continually search for more is a sure sign that you are on a path away from soul.

    1. I agree Jennifer, the spiritual pursuit promises everything and delivers nothing but a long winded distraction away from what was always ever-presently within.

  21. I have always found it fascinating that I attended a weekend workshop learning a modality called Kinesiology and my body actually refused to co operate with me. I was allowed to try again another weekend as the course was a lot of money, still my body refused to work. A few years later I met Serge Benhayon I wanted to attend the workshops on offer and this time my body was in full agreement and I have not looked back since. This shows to me that our bodies have a knowing way beyond what our mind knows or understands.

    1. Wow, that is very interesting Mary, this certainly confirms that our body knows true healing and also highlights our body is more intelligent than our mind.

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