Meeting Serge Benhayon… only the Beginning

When I first heard the name ‘Serge Benhayon’ I was on a weekend workshop learning another modality called Kinesiology. Early on in the workshop I felt my endless search for truth had been thwarted yet again, and that this modality offered me little or no truth or anything of value I could take into my life.

I had spent many years searching for truth, travelling the world doing yoga retreats and seeking out anyone that may provide some much needed truth and wisdom. I had read every Spiritual New Age book and had done workshops with Anthony Robbins, the Angel card reader, the man who has conversations with God, and had spent time dabbling with psychics, hoping they could provide some answers for me.

Then someone mentioned Serge Benhayon’s name in passing and I enquired about who he was and what he did. I often travelled to Byron Bay as part of my many spiritual journeys to that date, so I was surprised that I had never heard of this man’s name considering I was constantly in touch with any new person that entered the Spiritual New Age scene.

It seemed strange to me that Serge Benhayon didn’t advertise in the local paper or have any pamphlets lying around in the large array of health food shops and healthy restaurants, as there was never a shortage of new healers advertising themselves and promising further enlightenment of some sort.

It took me a while to track down his phone number and I called to check out what he could tell me about the services he provided. I got a call from him at the end of his very busy workday: I was at first hesitant about this man who sounded so different to every other healer or presenter I was used to engaging with. What was different is that he was not trying to promise me or convince me he was going to fix anything, there were no fancy words trying to hook me, only a very steady and calm voice that connected with me in a very real way. I realised that in the past I had become so accustomed to healers enticing me with their magic cures, but what this man was offering felt very different and a lot more true than I had ever felt before, so of course I was naturally curious to meet this man in person.

I planned a trip to Byron Bay and made an appointment to see Serge. I went to his clinic in a town called Goonellabah, which I had never heard of before. His clinic was simple and humble but I could feel a stillness and solidness in there that was different to any place I had been before – there was nothing flaky about this man.

When I met him I was pleasantly surprised to feel an instant warmth from him; it was quite unusual to meet someone you feel a definite connection and affinity with so quickly. This actual session left me with an impression that has stayed with me to this day and over time my love and admiration for Serge Benhayon has only grown.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon standing alonside a brick paved wall
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

There is a quality and integrity to how he lives every aspect of his life – a consistent commitment to live and walk the harmony and truth of what he presents whether it be in business, his rich family life or with his many, many friends – which has been deeply inspiring and has supported me to strengthen and commit to every area of my life, including my relationships, my work, my parenting, finances and deepening the relationship with myself. Too often we are caught up in ‘giving more’ to family and less to work or vice versa, and this has been a big change for me to commit to being consistent in all parts of my life.

In this very first session I got to feel for the first time what it was to be truly met and accepted for who I was in essence. I had never been in the presence of anyone, either man or woman, who was so honouring and respectful towards me without needing or wanting anything in return; my body was able to relax and be open to experiencing a quality of love that I felt ready to embrace. This felt so natural that I knew it was not something new, but simply something I was returning to within my being. At the same time, this feeling was very familiar to me –it was awakening something inside of me that had always been present. It was an incredibly beautiful feeling and I knew that my search was finally over; all my so called ‘issues’ or life’s dilemmas seemed to not exist in this warm and deep connection.

I had come home to my own inner wisdom and truth and every cell of my body felt the fact that Serge Benhayon was the ‘real deal’; there were no bells or whistles or any super high feelings after the session, just a steadiness and stillness within that allowed me to feel my own power and grace that I held as a woman but had hidden from the world.

Having experienced so many healers and searching for truth for eons and being hooked by their promises of further enlightenment, this was a pivotal moment in my life. I had now found the missing piece in the puzzle, and everything I had ever felt but had often dismissed was suddenly beginning to make perfect sense –– this was the ultimate gift I had been waiting for my whole life.

What struck me the most (and still does to this day) is that Serge treated me with absolute equality. This was something I had never experienced with any other healers I had seen: often they acted with a superiority and wanted their followers to treat them as a guru. This always irked me and felt imposing, so naturally I was always suspicious when someone displayed that type of behaviour.

However in all the years I have known Serge Benhayon, I have never seen him impose on another in any way. He has always been very clear in supporting others to never give their power away to him in any way, shape or form; in fact, he treats everyone with the same equality and will always ask another to feel what is true for them, never holding any judgment whatsoever for any choices they make.

Serge’s true love and care for humanity is so expansive that he is always confirming that we all have access to the same truth and wisdom he has, and that he is not special in any way, for we are all equal. After meeting Serge I was left feeling that I also had within this immense love and truth, my problem was that I had been hiding for so long. But it was not until seeing that someone like Serge Benhayon could live this, that it offered me a different way to live and express in the world that until that point, I had been too scared to live myself. It took me a while to heal my deep hurts and to resurrect my true self again, but slowly over time I have peeled back the many layers that have kept me protected and safe.

To simply attend one session with this man or one Universal Medicine presentation can be life changing in itself, but I have had the joy of working with this man Serge Benhayon for many years at his courses and presentations at Universal Medicine. The consistency and absolute gold is an inspiration to all of humanity and has supported me to stop hiding away and to live more of my essence.

The great thing about what Serge delivers is that the focus is never just to better your life. The deep healing is important but its purpose is to more fully live that love to then support and reflect back to others that it is possible.

I can now feel all the other Spiritual New Age courses and healers kept me in a constant search and spin – I was chasing my tail and never ended up with something I could sustain. In fact, when I looked more deeply at their whole lives, and not just what they presented, they were not living that same quality of love I have rediscovered. So their words may have been good, but they were just that – words.

From my first meeting with Serge Benhayon, everything he said made complete sense and has been able to be applied practically to my life, so that I can see for myself, outside of sessions or workshops, how I can be in the world. Through Serge Benhayon’s support I have transformed my life enormously from being quite low and miserable to experiencing greater joy, vitality and more commitment and zest for life and relationships. I have been able to say ‘no’ to abuse that I had accepted from myself and others and now have more fulfilling and true relationships in my life – and the best part is this is only the beginning.

Anna Douglass - woman smiling joyfully
Anna Douglass

The fact that this is only the beginning is what I love the most. This magic that is my life continues to unfold the more I say yes to what I am discovering about myself. This would never have been possible if I hadn’t made the choice to meet Serge Benhayon and to be blessed with everything this man lives and expresses in a truly loving way… and yes, this is only the beginning.

By Anna Douglass, International Flight Attendant, Mother, dedicated student of the Ageless Wisdom, Australia

 Headshot of Anna Douglass smiling Anna Douglass has been working as an International Flight Attendant for over 25 years. She enjoys her job connecting with people from all over the world and noticing the shared similarities no matter what walk of life we are from.

You can follow Anna Douglass on Twitter @annadouglass3

Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website

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602 thoughts on “Meeting Serge Benhayon… only the Beginning

  1. From what I gather and understand it wasn’t even Serge who wanted or thought Universal Medicine would be as huge as it is today .. it was people who had met Serge, seen what he was presenting, felt him and the truth and knew this had to be shared. That speak volumes, firstly regarding how humble Serge is and secondly what he presents, lives and teaches must be pretty darn good if thousands of people across the world genuinely feel it needs to be shared with others.

  2. Serge Benhayon brings so much in the most caring and humble ways that when we connect to this level of lived wisdom it is what our bodies have been calling for as all that he shares and teaches makes so much sense.

  3. Too me Serge Benhayon lives and expresses in a truly loving way, Just as Jeshua was the light of the world 2,000 years ago so we have the same light amongst us today.

  4. “Meeting Serge Benhayon… only the Beginning” – that heralded (for me) the ending of a way of former being, relating and living that I thought was ok or normal, nothing the matter, though on a deeper level i always felt it wasn’t ok. Because how is living with the burden and anxiety of ideals, beliefs, expectations normal? It may be the societal norm yes, but it is not a true way to live in such tension. This is what Serge Benhayon has supported me in realising and importantly understanding through the works of Universal Medicine. It has been the greatest revealer of my entire life.

  5. What I love about Serge Benhayon is that there are hundreds of these kind of stories on this and other blog sites and everybody says the same and feel met in the same way by him. He treats everyone the same no special and no exceptions which is unfortunately not very common in our society.

  6. When I first met Serge Benhayon I knew that before me stood someone of the greatest quality and love I had ever met, and through the 10 years I have known him he has not once been anything less, totally open and encouraging us to be the love that we are.

  7. Serge Benhayon is as you say very different in his approach, there are no fancy words, there is however a sense about him that conveys to everyone this is the truth, what you do with it is entirely up to you. Serge Benhayon empowers everyone to be self aware and by being self aware I have woken up to the fact that for years I was living a lesser life, nowhere near my potential and no one has ever been bothered to tell me this because we are all living so much less than we are this is a fact. If we took the time to look around everyone is struggling even those people who we look up to as successful are not in reality with all their wealth they are not content and joyful every day, that is the real wealth of life.

  8. No advertising needed, this man Serge Benhayon walks his talk, and his talk is true. When you meet him, you cannot help but know that.

  9. Ditto Anna, I could have written this blog as my experience was exactly the same – in fact it is time I do write about my experience of first meeting Serge and all that has come from that.

  10. I just googled Serge Benhayon’s name – against it came up these words – ‘Lives in Australia’. What I felt when reading them was not just the perfunctory description you normally receive – but a deep sense of what ‘living’ truly means. Every cell of my body could feel it – and to me this is just another example of the power of energy, integrity and the choices that we make. Everybody receives it in the most amazing way.

  11. These words resonate with me…”I had come home to my own inner wisdom and truth …” I know this is true for me through encountering Universal Medicine I have been inspired to dig deep in who I am and what I am made of, but as you say this is the founding steps and when we embrace this unfolding path more and more awareness of the truth that is our essence is known.

  12. Love is really unmistakable, it’s warmth, humility, genuineness, care and equality, the way it holds all life precious, and the way it leaves people be without imposing, it’s all there in Serge and yourself Anna, and in me too, it’s in all of us if we choose to reconnect to love and let it out again.

  13. Serge Benhayon offers a way of living that transforms any spiritual pursuits into a soul centred everyday livingness.

  14. Yes indeed, Anna, Serge Benhayon always reflects the grandness of who we are, that we are here to support one another to grow and evolve and not just make a better life for ourselves.

  15. When we have a person who does not try to convince us they are right it is confusing because we are so used to people defending, persuading, enticing us with all they have on offer. Serge has no attachment to our ‘getting it’ yet does not walk away from sharing what he lives and shares it with absolute equality.

  16. ‘I had never been in the presence of anyone, either man or woman, who was so honouring and respectful towards me without needing or wanting anything in return;’ I found it a life changing moment when I was met by Serge Benhayon, so honouring and respectful and wanting nothing in return. A marker and turning point for my life and through his inspiration to become a life now I would not have imagined for myself.

  17. I can relate to what is said here about the new age courses leaving you in a constant search and spin, there was an offering of more, but that more was from a searching outside of ourselves. Always confirming the myth that to find ourselves we need to go somewhere. But there is no need to go anywhere, everything we need is right there within and we can live life from here. Serge Benhayon not only presents this, and shows in intimate detail how this can be done, but lives this everyday of his life and it shows.

  18. Serge Benhayon is the real deal, without any shred of a doubt. The proof is in the lives of those who know what life is now like now they walk as who they are, thanks to Serge Benhayon.

  19. I was never knowingly searching for anything except maybe the next pub and where my next drink was coming from, so meeting Serge was really out of the blue and really couldn’t have come at a better time. I didn’t make any radical changes in a hurry but over the next four years I stopped drinking alcohol stopped eating gluten and dairy, lost a load of weight and got some purpose to life thrown in as well. All very positive stuff and the list can go on and on.

  20. You’re absolutely correct when you say that meeting Serge Benhayon is just the beginning of the most amazing journey of self-discovery. Many of us are seeking the missing link to life as we have an unsettled feeling that something isn’t quite right about how we are in the world. Knowing Serge Benhayon and through my observation of how he and his family live. I have become much more honest, I was not dealing with life while pretending to everyone I was fine. I have made many changes to my life which has meant that life has become so much easier and that is all thanks to the support of Serge Benhayon and his family who have shown me a consistent way to live, with very little in the way of the ups and downs previously experienced.

  21. It is so true that meeting Serge Benhayon is only the beginning; I have reconnected to my awareness which I had been dulling down with food, the wrong sort of drinks and distraction. Coming back to this awareness which we all have is such a gift because I can see what is really going on with people their reactions and emotions and it is a huge advantage as I don’t so easily get caught out by life. No more curve balls that send me spinning off course.

  22. Stunning blog Anna. I know what you mean about attending lots of New Age Courses and workshops that leave you searching for more. I studied lots of different modalities and created a need to study more. It feels amazing to no longer have that need or continually in searching for more mode. What Serge Benhayon presents is Gold and life changing, if we are prepared to give living what is presented a go.

    1. Yes I was always trying to ease the tension I felt in my body and even started studying Kineseology at one point only to feel so disappointed by the lack of integrity in what it offered clients and the level of livingness it asked of its clients. We are the only ones who can be discerning about what we ‘discover’ in our searching and we can be lazy and dabble here and there or we can be choosy with our energy and when we feel a difference in what is being offered. 1st stop, build a body that knows truth from not truth.

  23. Yes Anna, meeting Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicine workshops was “only the beginning…” as since then the unfoldment and discovery of energetic awareness, and love has and also continues to unfold all the time. Life has become a living medicine.

  24. I felt the same as you Anna, when I met Serge Benhayon for the first time and the first few presentations I went to, everything he said made sense to me, I just couldn’t fault what he said as it just felt right. Often he was challenged by someone in the audience but his answers to them always overcame any doubt.

  25. It’s interesting that we search and search for truth yet when we find it we can react and resist it.

  26. Anna, your description and sharing of Serge Benhayon is absolutely spot on… he is a man who you feel in absolute equalness with, at ease, completely met and confirmed with you just being you. Its quite a stop moment to feel and recognise yourself in this way.

  27. I can really understand how you say it is only just the beginning, as meeting Serge is an awakening of the truth that may have been dormant for a very long time and with this awakening the possibilities are endless.

  28. WIth meeting Serge you know there is no way back to the mist you was in. All gets revealed bu your own soul in this Connection.
    I just love it as I always loved truth.

  29. To this day I can still remember the minute I meet Serge Benhayon and stood there looking into his eyes. I had clocked there was something different about him when I walked into the room and could feel something. As he spoke and as I listened I could feel my body melt and open up, everything was making sense and that finally I had meet someone who was speaking the truth. It was like I knew it as my whole body was saying yes and I caught myself nodding along as if I knew. The moment I spoke with Serge and I could see in his eye’s that the Love he was sharing was with such power and depth that I instantly knew the Ageless Wisdom was something I was coming back home to.

  30. ‘To simply attend one session with this man or one Universal Medicine presentation can be life changing in itself, ‘ this has been experience too Anna. The first presentation I attended changed my life, I stopped searching.. I had found truth, and from that day on my life has changed beyond words.

  31. When I first heard of Serge Benhayon, it was a recommendation by my physio Kate Greenaway to have energetic support for the physical condition she was supporting me to heal. I had no idea what to expect and was surprised to find such a professional and humble practitioner. All those years ago I could not imagine the extent to which I would heal and gain meaning, a sense of connection and purpose that was so lacking at the time.

  32. The first time I met Serge Benhayon there was a quality of stillness and love emanating from him that allowed me to to feel safe enough to express openly and not feel judged in any way and for me this feels like I have come back to my roots of who I truly am and not the hold onto the things I that I had taken on.

  33. What’s very cool here Anna is you describe a man who is supporting others to heal themselves – no promises, no dependancy, no reliance, no hooks or tricks, just self-empowerment and self-realisation through consistency, inspiration, wisdom and a lot of love and understanding.

  34. Meeting Serge Benhayon IS only the beginning – for me it has been the beginning of a total transformation – I thank God for Serge Benhayon – I know that without the reflection he offers I would be living the opposote of what I live today.

    1. Yes I agree, it is only the beginning because when I speak to people who have met Serge Benhayon they all describe a moment when the lights came back on in their lives but there was no immediate fixing or wiping away of all their problems. For we can only do this for ourselves with the support of each other and inspiring and very wise men like Serge Benhayon. So when we meet a man like this it can only be the inspirational beginning of our return walking back through our own footsteps reimprinting all the choices that we have made before and nobody can walk those steps back except us, but it is rather lovely to know that there are people like Serge Benhayon who are walking beside us all the way.

  35. “Serge’s true love and care for humanity is so expansive that he is always confirming that we all have access to the same truth and wisdom he has, and that he is not special in any way, for we are all equal.” It is the light that he brings that lights our way to know that that same light lives equally in us also.

  36. If an amazing ever-deepening, honest, humble, loving life is only the beginning – you have to wonder what else is possible if we really apply ourselves and accept everything that’s on offer – including the more uncomfortable lessons.

  37. The simple fact is that Serge doesn’t need to advertise, everything is word of mouth, his treatments and courses are so incredible that it is natural for us to share how supportive they are. Though I don’t share particularly other than if someone asks me about what I do for support.

    1. Yeh very true – how does someone who doesn’t advertise achieve clients all over the world ? It’s simple, Serge Benhayon is the real deal, his presentations and healings are profound and nothing short of life changing.

  38. Serge Benhayon is not just a great practitioner and presenter. When you meet him and observe him over the years, you get to see and feel everything. You see him as a father, friend, and ever-true guardian of the Ageless Wisdom. There are no dark corners in his life that are not on public show, unlike many who would abuse their position of trust and respect.

  39. It is super unusual to find someone who knows so much and has an awareness of so much more that is going on than another who is still able to be equal with everyone. Serge does this beautifully, naturally, and that is such a contrast to the everyday world where positions of power, knowledge, strength are abused and others are diminished around it.

  40. There is a lot of pressure in the world, people need, want, grab attention and demand things from us and we do it to others, and it is rare to meet someone who is not imposing in some way…”However in all the years I have known Serge Benhayon, I have never seen him impose on another in any way.” I agree wholeheartedly from meeting Serge Benhayon the he leaves you be, no imposition, free to be you. It is refreshing and stunningly beautiful to receive.

  41. I can relate to your search for truth and the meanderings along the way with nothing ever truly feeling ‘right’. The first time I heard Serge Benhayon speak however I knew unequivocally and without any doubt whatsoever that I had finally found the truth – my body said so. Anna, I love and appreciate what you’ve shared in relation to Serge – this has been my personal experience as well – a man of the utmost integrity with a deep love and care for all, equally.

  42. Meeting Serge Benhayon has been a life changer for many people. I too can speak from this – in fact I can say it was not so much the meeting itself that was the life changer (though it was too!), but more so it was the inspiration from that meeting that marked me so beautifully that I was then finding that I could begin to make changes in my life that have now led me to where I am today. And for this I am forever and deeply appreciative of! What a man and what a ripple effect he has because of the amazing love and divinity that is expressed through him! I say bring on even more!

  43. Serge Benhayon is an extraordinary man – his humbleness is palpable, and he values and respects himself and all others very deeply. And in all this amazingness, he always always see and holds everyone as his equal. This is a blessing and a great lesson to be inspired by – to never put oneself down, but always love and value yourself, and to connect deeply to the divinity within to be brought out to be lived.

  44. ‘The fact that this is only the beginning is what I love the most. This magic that is my life continues to unfold the more I say yes to what I am discovering about myself. ‘ beautifully said Anna, the joy of appreciating where we are, how far we have come, and that the glory that we are is always expanding – this is just the beginning..

  45. Meeting Serge and the Ageless Wisdom is being ignited once again, everything that follows is stirring the fire by one´s own choices and livingness of the inner flame.

  46. Such a claimed sharing Anna – thank you for this account of how your life has turned around, how you no longer accept abuse from yourself or others. That is a huge shift for anyone to come to – knowing that anything less than love is abuse and holding this as our foundation.

  47. This has also been my experience, I have pondered this “…over time my love and admiration for Serge Benhayon has only grown.” He was amazing when I meet him and the more I live the amazingness within me the more I see it in others and so with Serge Benhayon I appriciate him more deeply.

  48. “Flaky” would be a word that I would associate with many of the presenters who over many years promised the truth, that was never delivered, but it is definitely not a word that I would associate with Serge Benhayon. In fact, the day I met him I realised that I had never met someone who was so steady, so transparent and so honest, and to this day 13 years later this has not changed in any way whatsoever.

  49. What a great choice you have made – it is clear that we all know truth and in taking the steps towards our own, the magic of life is ours to live.

  50. The equality that Serge Benhayon holds us in is like no other – such deep love and understanding that has no end. I agree with everything you have written. I have always noticed that unlike others, Serge is constantly calling us to be more, to be greater and to be true to who we naturally are – there is never a talking down to or him having all the answers, in fact he never ceases to remind us that we are all the same and can equally access all that he does. In Serge Benhayon, we see true leadership and inspiration at its precise finest.

  51. Meeting Serge Benhayon was the beginning of living with the truth i had always know and the ending of the puzzle of feeling I had to believe all I was told and the insecurity this brought.

  52. I used to think and was convinced that the dabbling in the spiritual new age before I met Serge Benhayon was a part of my journey that led me to him but this is not true. Yes physically in the temporal world this is what happened but it was done from my own creation. Energetically I chose it as part of my journey. Looking back in the year 1999 when Serge Benhayon came to the fore in Australia and the UK immense changes were occurring in my own life… it was inevitable I was going to come across Serge Benhayon sometime in my life and as I let go of any regrets that it could have happened sooner I appreciate every movement I made towards the day/moment I did meet him which like many, many others was and has been ever since life changing.

  53. Meeting Serge Benhayon was an incredible confirmation of everything I already knew but had veiled myself from seeing, and a realisation of the power that I deliberately hid from… that we are all sparks of God.

  54. Meeting Serge Benhayon is the beginning of a new way, a new life and true connection with our soul, God and the truth of what is really going on in the world and so much more . Simply amazing and beautiful to read Anna .

  55. Yes, Anna, I have been blessed to spend a lot of time with Serge Benhayon and his family over the years, and their time together is indeed rich – full of love, support, playfulness and a dedication to truth and purpose that is always on the table during dinnertime conversations.

  56. “Meeting Serge Benhayon… only the Beginning..” .. and what a beginning too Anna!!! …a meeting that for me has been the re-ignition and essential fuel required to truly move and live in life.

  57. Connecting to the truth and who we are in essence feels wonderful, ‘This felt so natural that I knew it was not something new, but simply something I was returning to within my being.’

  58. Thank you Anna, I really enjoy reading your story and also seeing the joy you now live in your photos. Serge Benhayon has also inspired me in many ways and I appreciated how you were also inspired “to commit to being consistent in all parts of my life.” As I read this I could feel some areas of my life I don’t bring my all too, which I am now planning to look at.

  59. I think it’s great to realise how we may be committing more or ‘giving more’ in some areas of our life and valuing other areas less or perhaps just not being so present or diligent with how we are. This is something I’m developing myself, very much inspired by the consistency of Serge Benhayon, to become more aware of the quality that I’m bringing to every moment…

  60. ‘Too often we are caught up in ‘giving more’ to family and less to work or vice versa, and this has been a big change for me to commit to being consistent in all parts of my life.’ Great point Anna. Consistency – as presented by Serge Benhayon – is a great teacher and brings an observational steadiness.

  61. I find it interesting how I was drawn to meet Serge Benhayon and how comfortable I feel with most of what he presents, it feels so familiar as if I know it already or because it makes so much sense. He is showing us a way to live for the future, a way that encompasses all of us.

    1. So true – everything ignites within us as he delivers wisdom upon wisdom which is a great confirmation that we each know and have access to the same.

  62. Finding Serge Benhayon Has had the most amazingly profound affect on my life and as you have shared Anna it was by word of mouth. The humble way that Serge presents all his events should be a normal as everyone is treated as an equal with an absolute Love that holds us so we can evolve to where we should be.

  63. I love feeling and seeing the inspiration of offering ourselves the many beginnings and the endless unfolding that life offers every day… this is such a shift for me from striving for endings and the accolades of achievements.

  64. I have also known Serge Benhayon for some time around 13years… and I also feel that I am right at the beginning. As I unfold the more there is to unfold! There is so much to rediscover!

    1. I feel the same Rachel, it is like each step I take there is a forever unfolding of love back to the love that I know deep within. And because the Universe is constantly expanding so too does this love.

  65. Before meeting Serge Benhayon I tried to complete a course in the modality called Kinesiology, I just could not do this I tried twice to complete the course over a period of time but my body was in total resistance to it.
    I have over the 11 years of knowing Serge Benhayon completed many workshops and presentations, my body has no resistance to the Universal Medicine modalities at all. This is huge to me and shows me that if we listen to our bodies they do not lie to us.

  66. Yes, meeting Serge Benhayon really is only the beginning. Serge represents what is possible for each of us to live. Meeting Serge can inspire us to start the journey of discarding everything that is not aligned to our soul, and live in a way that is honouring and loving to ourselves and to all. We can meet him and walk away, or we can meet him and choose to align to what he lives. The choice is ours.

  67. “…..there were no fancy words trying to hook me, only a very steady and calm voice that connected with me in a very real way.”
    Serge Benhayon will always give you his full presence, the purity of love, understanding and acceptance with which he holds everyone is a heavenly reflection that reconnects us with an old familiar way of being.

  68. With regard to Serge Benhayon, “everything he said made complete sense.” I so agree Anna, Serge offers practical tools for living, and because he walks his talk he offers everyone an amazing reflection as to how life can be truly and gloriously lived.

  69. Serge Benhayon is definitely a modern day legend ,as an amazing healer ,philosopher, author family man etc.
    The gems of lived wisdom have had a great effect on so many people debunking the many false ideals and beliefs that have imprisoned people into living lessor.
    And yes this is only the beginning as people allow themselves to unfold back on the journey back to love and soul on earth.

  70. Inspiring read Anna sentence after sentence. Serge and his representation of the Ageless Wisdom is so much so that this is the start of The Way of The Livingness and the future of mankind that will not end like it has over the periods in the past. This is the beginning of the ‘end of days’.

    1. It sure is Rik, The Way of The Livingness is here to stay. And what I love about it is that it is within us all so it’s not something we go to seek relief or comfort from the world like so many Religions are set up for. It is something we each live and then bring together to share and deepen but not fix or seek reprieve from the world.

  71. I absolutely relate to much of what is shared here in terms of being involved with many new age modalities, the most used one being Kinesiology taking it to the level of training to be a kinesiologist. However, there was still an unsettlement in my body and a need to keep searching, knowing it was not it and also feeling sicker and sicker in myself. It was on meeting Serge Benhayon, this search stopped immediately and so did the continuation of kinesiology as I knew, my body knew, in every cell what I was hearing and feeling was True. There is now nothing in me that needs more than is already here and life makes complete sense, which was always the missing piece.

  72. The years I was involved in the spiritual new age I didn’t honor my feelings. I always had doubts about the presenters… something didn’t feel right, not kosher so to speak but I denied those feelings because I so much wanted to become enlightend. I wanted to do and pay anything to become light and special and important. I forgot about my feelings. Meeting Serge was a very different experience. I directly felt the truth in his appearance and also I felt less at ease in a way, as I directly started to feel the illusion I was living in. The reflection from his body, the love felt, made me instantly aware about the choices I made. Which was the biggest present in my life and a great new honest starting point to build love.

    1. Yes, the reflection of truth is not always comfy for it exposes all that is not of truth. We then have a choice, we can either embrace the exposure or we can attempt to belittle or ‘shoot the messenger’.

  73. The absolute knowingness of meeting Serge Benhayon and the resonance of truth and love he lives and represents to humanity is pure gold and magic to our world and all of us when we are open to this inside with our every cell of our body resonating to what we feel. A beautiful sharing of meeting and knowing of Serge Benhayon and the expansion and true love in your life.

  74. It is always a Joy to be appreciating and celebrating another, especially someone who has made as much difference to this world as Serge Benhayon has, and certainly he has enriched my life and deepened my relationship with myself hugely.

  75. Serge Benhayon is an initiator but it is only oneself who can initiate oneself further. it is like a fiery spark that can kindle a new fire, but it is the wood that chooses to consume itself to become a flame and thus a fiery spark for others to be ignited just the same.

  76. Meeting Serge Benhayon is a joyful beginning indeed, and one that is not to be dismissed lightly, for this man is worth his weight in gold 50 billion times over. Thank God for Serge Benhayon.

  77. When you meet Serge Benhayon you get to feel your own truth within, around him, and the more you choose to come back and move and be in this same unwavering presence, the stronger your foundation becomes until there is less need to move away from your divine essence.

  78. I so appreciate what you have written Anna and second everything you say. For me being consistent in everything, part of my life has changed me beyond my imagination. I am so steady that when something challenges me I can hold myself steady and it passes like water off a ducks back. This was not something that I was able to achieve before meeting Serge Benhayon, life before Serge was equivalent to living in a washing machine – life was quite tumultuous. I am committed to making life as simple as possible because I have discovered for myself that the magic of God is found in the beauty of the everydayness of life and that this is what we are all missing because we are rushing through life trying to get somewhere and actually going nowhere.

  79. Yes I too lived in Byron Bay for years and was quite addicted to reading all the advertising for every new age healer, practitioner, presenter and workshop facilitator in the area. Whether that be in magazines, flyers in shops or billboards, local newspapers etc. and I never saw any form of advertising for or from Serge Benhayon in all that time. I got to hear about him from woman I hardly new and the timing of it was perfect. Serge Benhayon has only ever relied on word of mouth.

  80. Through the power of reflection and through his teachings, Serge Benhayon is constantly reminding us that we are all equal, and, therefore, we all have the same potential to live with the same quality, integrity, consistency and commitment to living our truth as him, it is simply our choice whether we choose to commit to doing so, or not.

  81. ‘There is a quality and integrity to how he lives every aspect of his life – a consistent commitment to live and walk the harmony and truth of what he presents whether it be in business, his rich family life or with his many, many friends’ – I have never met anyone in my life who lives with the constant commitment to living their truth, as Serge Benhayon does. Such is his unwavering commitment to humanity.

  82. The reflection of what is possible or actually the confirmation of that it is possible to live what we deep inside all long to be and live is the great healing and inspiration Serge Benhayon offers, and an offering it is, nothing more, nothing less as it is for everyone in their own time to reclaim and activate what is waiting inside to be lived once again, to be The Living Way or The Way of The Livingness.

  83. I couldn’t agree with you more, Anna – “The fact that this is only the beginning is what I love the most. This magic that is my life continues to unfold the more I say yes to what I am discovering about myself.” When we open up to the truth of who we truly are, life unfolds and magic occurs in ways that we could not have previously imagined.

  84. What is offered when you meet someone living that connection to their inner heart is a direct reflection that we to are the same in that essence.

  85. “…I had become so accustomed to healers enticing me with their magic cures, but what this man was offering felt very different and a lot more true than I had ever felt before…” You describe this very well, as truth needs no bells or whistles… more like calling ‘a spade a spade’. Truth is straight down the line and clear… no convincing, enticement or promises.

  86. I healed so much during the years I attend The workshops of Serge Benhayon and by all those releases there comes more space for love, a forever enfolding path in return.

    1. Just looking at Serge provides a reflection and a healing for me as I know what is possible from just watching his movements, hearing his voice or seeing the multidimensionality in his eyes.

  87. Of the many teachers and presenters I have met Serge Benhayon is the first who has no investment or personal agenda but nevertheless 100% purpose in everything he does, a purpose that truly serves everyone equally and holds a space and freedom for everyone to come to their own realizations without any imposition or expectation. This is so unusual that many will not even be aware of the fact that most people are imposing, us included, until we experience the freedom of such imposition.

    1. Agree Alex it is very rare to find a practitioner who has NO agenda or personal interest in the work they do. Having known Serge Benhayon for over 10 years now I have never seen him any different to this which is quite extraordinary if you consider that we live in a world where there is an element of self gain in what most people do if not all for self gain.

  88. What or even better how much could be written about Serge Benhayon as he is such a simply being who shares a wealth of information we can all align to if and when we so choice. Serge Benhayon is the ultimate teacher who shares his wisdom and is humble enough to share that we are the same we are all able to connect or re-connect as we are returning to the light of our Soul.

  89. The teachings of Serge Benhayon, when truly applied, actually work…but this cannot be understood until they are truly lived.

    1. Indeed, the teachings of Serge Benhayon do actually work when truly applied, Thomas. For me, in my experience, I feel the truth in them before I truly live them, and like you say, then the understanding comes. It’s such a beautiful unfoldment.

  90. Thank you Anna, reading your blog today reminded me of the many New Age healers and presenters I have experienced, to be honest the memory of it all gave me a cold chill, I am so glad to be out of it all. Though the people may have had good intentions it took me nowhere. At the time I would have felt like I was receiving some assistance by the New Age, however now that I have experienced the Universal Medicine Therapies I can say that any ‘healing’ I previously experienced was not true at all, because we can only heal via connection to the Soul. That is something I have experienced the truth of over and over studying with Serge and Universal Medicine

  91. The greatest teachers lived the truth of all they taught. The teachings of Serge Benhayon, when lived, are testament to the quality of all that is presented. It works! – a simple fact.

    1. Very simple and true Jenny. So often we can criticise others but have we actually lived what they have presented. I know what I have lived that Serge Benhayon has presented has had life changing effects for me and not because it is anything new or out there but rather because it has helped me connect to everyday life rather than shying away from it.

  92. If someone had told me 10 years ago how I would be living my life today 10 years later I would have said they were talking about a different person. But having met Serge Benhayon when I did (10 years ago) I have been so deeply inspired to make changes to my life that I would never have imagined possible, as have so many others. And as you say Anna, this is only the beginning as there is so much more to come.

    1. This is true for me too Sandra. I love and feel completely different to before I met Serge 11 years ago. What amazing change I have made to support myself all because of the inspiration of one man. A man I only fly over to see present workshops twice a year. That is the power of true reflection.

      1. Indeed Johanna. There has to be something very powerful about someone who is able to inspire another to make such significant changes to their lives, even though you only see them twice a year.

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