Leaving Things to the Last Minute

Leaving things to the last minute is something that I have done quite often in my life, in many different ways. For me this has mostly played out in the form of procrastination, knowing that something had to be done, but not having the motivation to get to it and do it. Simple things like feeling that I needed to clean somewhere in the house, or knowing that something had to be completed for work but just holding off on doing so, or knowing that I had agreed to do something for another but not finding the time to do it.

I am becoming aware though, that ‘leaving things to the last minute’ can be played out in many different ways in our lives, for instance leaving home with just enough time to get somewhere and invariably running late, or being so busy with work or a project that one is made late for an appointment or meeting, even down to being so busy that going to the toilet is held off until the need is dire.

All of these things put my body under stress, creating a constant anxiety, as my body knows what is needed when, but I more than often ignore its subtle messages and push through to do what I think or want to do before I address the next thing that needs my attention.

The other thing that I have observed when I am holding back from doing the next thing is the excuse I use – “oh, sorry I am late, but I had to complete…” – because it sounds good and proves how ‘committed’ I am to my work or the project at hand.

We can often make the mistake of thinking that living this way only affects ourselves and that giving the impression we are a productive person in society is enough, where it seems this is quite the opposite as many are not productive at all although they may appear to be so.

Does this appearance of being productive then become an unconscious push in our body to be seen as being just that step ahead of another? Is there an energy at play, a judgment that is underlying in society where those who are not seen to be productive are regarded as a burden, even though they may really be accomplishing more without the big show of ‘being productive’? As we do not want to be seen as being ‘unproductive’ ourselves, do we live in the stress of constantly proving that we are productive, creating a tension between ourselves and all others? And does this only affect us? Or is there a ripple effect happening that we are very knowingly choosing to ignore in preference to feeling our own self-importance?

Does leaving just enough time to get to an appointment and finding that we are late, affect just us? Are our families being impacted by our behaviour, and by how we feel when we are living under the stress of needing to prove our worth and value to society?

I have come to the understanding that there is a very real ripple effect to living with this need to prove my value. When I am late for an appointment the person expecting me is impacted. When I live under the constant drive of proving my worth in society my family is the front-line receiver of my behaviour and are impacted daily in a multitude of ways, feeling the disregard when the simple daily life processes are ‘done in a hurry’ or simply ‘left to another time.’

What I feel is so harming about this behaviour and way of living is that when I am caught up in this I am absolutely oblivious to the effect it has, not only on those around me, but on society as a whole. I now realise that this is living in a way that is in complete opposition to the impulse of my Soul and the messages my body is constantly sending me.

Innately we all know our worth, our value and what it is that we individually bring to society. We have more than enough time to complete all of our commitments along with honouring our bodies and moving on to the next thing as it is needed, with plenty of space (time) to do so.

Honouring that, if it is time to move onto something else and what we are working on is not finished, then the space will be there later to complete it. Living this way brings a flow, an ease to life and a deep trust in ourselves: it also highlights true commitment as we are no longer committed to what we want or think needs to be done, but to society as a whole.

It’s time to remember the simplicity of surrendering to our body and allowing our life to unfold with the power and glory that is naturally within each and every one of us. To not get caught up in the societal judgments that are present, but to see them and understand each person’s reason for choosing to be part of them. Living a steady solid knowing of the value of each of us and showing another the way to step out of the prison the judgements become.

By Leigh Strack, Goonellabah NSW

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523 thoughts on “Leaving Things to the Last Minute

  1. The crazy thing is there is more stress in leaving things to the last minute than there ever is by being a few minutes early. We like to try and stretch time, which seems absolutely pointless when we know that giving our self space offers us greater space.

  2. ThIs is a beautiful reminder how very worth it is to get to know ourselves by getting a feel of and to feel our bodies.

    1. It always depends on what is needed. Some things are best left to the last minute – for freshness, for timing’s sake, for many reasons. What is not great is the energy of procrastination.

      1. Great distinction here Lyndy! Steve is spot on with saying that leaving things to the last minute is a recipe for disaster, but I love the play on words you have done here by suggesting that some things are best to be left to the last minute as some recipes do not hold if made too early on before eating! 😉 And of course, yes the energy of procrastination is certainly a great way to sabotage us!

      2. Very true Lyndy it is definitely about what is the true timing, procrastination is an awful feeling.

  3. Leaving things till the last minute is a very clever way to pretend we are a slave to time. But if we stop and stand back it is obvious that it we were the ones leaving it to the last minute, we are the master and creator of our own experience.

  4. ‘Does leaving just enough time to get to an appointment and finding that we are late, affect just us?’ – It affects the quality of of our being and everything we do and hence will affect everyone we come in contact with and beyond.

    1. Sure Eva, coming late does effect everyone and ourselves. It all comes from the arrogance of the thought that we are individuals, not being part of a grander whole and that anything we do will not affect anybody. So in that light coming late is very disrespectful to the grandness we are are part of and of course to all people that are affected by this act.

      1. I agree there is alot of arrogance in this and making it about the self, rather than being responsible planning and knowing that our moves and choices will effect others.

  5. Looking below the covers of our behaviours offers great insights into the real reason we do things, and from there evolution is on offer.

  6. Awesome sharing Leigh – I love allowing enough time to get somewhere and hate it when I end up rushing as it affects me for a while afterwards!

    1. I hate rushing too, I love to have time around me to feel the space and connect to myself. If I leave things to the last minute my body feels so tensed and others feel it too.

  7. Hurry up, come on, quick quick…those are things we hear often and I recall hearing this as a child when I was found ‘dawdling’ and my parents had to go somewhere quickly. When you are a child time ceases to exist, and there is only space, then as adults, we forget about the space and live only by the dictates of time. And it takes time to break this habit – how ironic! When we allow enough space, it is like time expands for us, and even though we have to live in a world that is governed by schedules and dictated by times, we all still have the choice to develop a relationship with space so that we do not feel constrained by time itself. This is something I am learning and putting into practice too!

    1. I have to observe myself when I allow the space in my life especially when I am with my children but not indulge in it therefore changing my movements from creating space to procrastination and avoiding what is being asked of me… a relationship with space I am learning and developing too!

  8. Running late and then rushing is a killer – there is no way we can really be fully with ourselves or even gentle with what we are doing, when we are rushing, and then we feel frazzled for quite a while afterwards, as this has hammered our nervous system hugely. I still catch myself rushing when the head takes over, but what I have also realised is that if I can catch myself early enough and hold myself in a flow, then even if I am running a little late, it is like things work around me to support me. For example I might be late to a meeting, but I have not rushed to get there, and when I get there everyone else has been delayed too! And the worst is when I have rushed to get somewhere only to find that I then have to stand there and wait for whatever reason, and this is when it is clearly reflected to me that the rushing was totally unnecessary! You live and learn every day!

    1. Yes the learning you share here Henrietta Chang is that we are always hurrying yet we all get there in the end – so why not add more quality and presence to the moment.

      1. Yes thats another thing I am working on is the quality in what I am getting done, taking this to a deeper level of responsibility, working with bringing more presence and connection.

  9. We can only leave things to the last minute because we are so busy with only ourselves and do not give an eye to the grander order we live in. Otherwise we would be in the flow and rhythm of life and anything will be completed in its own time that is needed to be able to move on the the next that is already given.

  10. ‘There is a very real ripple effect to living with this need to prove my value’, Leigh, reading this I can feel that if I am feeling confident in myself and not trying to prove myself then I bring a joy and a lightness to my work and my family and all those I meet, if I get stuck in lack of self worth, I notice that I am not truly connected with me and that there is also a lack of connection with others.

  11. What I am appreciating more and more is that by leaving things until the last minute, or in other words delaying doing something that you feel an impulse to do, but not doing it, you actually miss an opportunity that could quite possibly support you with your next step in life. Because of the very nature of the ripple effect of energy, that same thought will come to someone else and they will act on it, leaving you with that missed opportunity, and often feelings of disappointment or regret. And of course, this supports no one.

  12. This is so true, it feels a ‘real catch 22’ that when I am late, everything gets in the way to make me later, compared to when I am in plenty of time, there is a lot more space in the day. I understand how this is governed by the type of energy I am in, affecting me and my movements, so it is a great learning to look at this because it influences everyone .

  13. I can see a pattern of leaving things to the last minute comes from me making life about me and what I need – and not considering that there is a far bigger dimension to life – one that embraces and encompasses everyone.

    1. Yes, agreed Susan. We realise that there is a far grander movement going on that flows not to our perception of time and clock when we rush when leaving things to the last moment. The human body is like the ‘meat in the sandwich’ and thus can feel the difference between both movements… the flow of the Soul and the man-made pace of time.

      1. The ‘meat in the sandwich’ is a great analogy as effectively the body comes along regardless yet shows us in more ways than one which movement and energy we are aligned to and thus moving in and with. There is so much more than purely us but as soon as we make it about us suddenly our focus becomes so narrow we forget about everyone and everything else.

  14. “We have more than enough time to complete all of our commitments along with honouring our bodies and moving on to the next thing as it is needed, with plenty of space (time) to do so.” as I read this I felt a real settlement in my body, an at easement and I felt more connected.

  15. I am late sometimes and I do feel the impact it has on everyone but I do not bash myself about it and ask myself why to understand deeper. Usually when I am late I have not finished something for myself because I have been doing too much or doing something for others, so that makes me not want to rush doing things for myself but the space is not enough. So there is the recognition of doing things for others.

  16. ‘Leaving Things to the Last Minute’ is a lack of commitment to life and thus people, quality, soul – everything that life is actually about.

  17. Whilst we keep trying to perform and look a certain way to the outside world, in this case busy and productive, we are colluding in the lies, falsehood and deception of keeping up some kind of appearance… this is really destructive, as the barrier to honesty in all our relationships.

  18. I find this one shows me up constantly. The me being what is shown up! The constant cutting things fine is not being in space!

  19. The things I leave until the last minute are often brilliant as I seem to find the most efficient and effective way to do them as I have to leave my head out of the equation to get things done as there is no time to question myself or doubt myself. On the other hand, I don’t like rushing out the door or being late for appointments so have learnt that getting ready for departure from the home does need timing and precision, and a certain amount of getting out of one’s own way.

    1. There is a huge difference between leaving something to the last minute and doing something that it is felt to do moments before it is needed. Each way of being brings its own source of energy. One is full of complication and delay, the other is simple and expresses the grace of living in and with the flow of life.

  20. I am observing how leaving things to the last minute is an unconscious but deliberate sabotage that stops our essence from being able to flourish. For instance, a person may have been doing really well, feeling very steady and lovely. When they are going out they leave too many things to do to the last minute and end up arriving rushed and apologetic, instead of shining (and attracting attention)!

    1. I like what you share here Fiona,
      We keep ourselves in a motion, any motion, in preference of showing our steadiness and authority.

  21. “Honouring that, if it is time to move onto something else and what we are working on is not finished, then the space will be there later to complete it. Living this way brings a flow, an ease to life and a deep trust in ourselves:” I used to believe that I ‘should’ complete everything I was working on and giving myself a hard time for not doing so. However on learning to go with the flow I now know when it is time to allow some fallow time for something, only to return to it with renewed energy.

  22. ‘leaving things to the last minute” a stressful way to live and this is a great exposing of this to look at when the reality is we do have all the time needed to complete things if we simply get on with it in our rhythm and flow and stop procrastinating allowing the space to open up for us and this is very beautiful to feel.

  23. I can attest that leaving things to the last minute is simply stressful! And it’s way more supportive at work, in the home, when leaving places etc when things aren’t left to the last minute which I wanted to do. Saying that sometimes I have surprised my self with doing things at a time that I thought was too late but turned out to be early! All with a sense of un-attachment I say.

  24. What I am learning more is to get things done in the moment it presents, I connect to my body and feel if it is needed in that moment. I find working this way I get what needs to be done, done and this also supports me in not being late in things that need to be done.

  25. You raise an important point Leigh of how we value ourselves and others and bringing our full presence to each moment and situation can reflect an acceptance and equal-ness amongst us.

  26. We are constantly reflected how our movements reflects back to another and beyond. Hence our movements come with responsibility and we must be living in a way that does not disturb the love that we are. So there is work to be done, love to make. To walk in power and love all the way.

  27. Reading this again I suddenly got how if we are running late and have a low level of stress means we are not going to arrive in our fullness but of a number we are engaging in huh!

    1. I agree Henrietta, leaving things to the last minute is a sure way to get myself into stress and overwhelm which means I move and express in an energy that is harmful to me, to everyone around me and beyond. I now see that stress and overwhelm is all self-created and not serving or supportive in any way.

  28. When we feel something, then it is time to act and put it into place, as we are actually given the energy to do something the instant that we feel the project/the activity etc. Delaying or procrastinating only makes things harder to get going and to complete…This is something I often battle with as I feel the need and get excited but then I begin to question it or doubt that I have the time or the capacity to do what is needed, thinking that it will be hard work or take a lot of time…but it does not have to be this way if we work with the flow.

  29. Leaving things to the last minute may serve some to build enough pressure to finally take some sort of action but actually it doesn´t serve the matter at hand as it is not the cause as such that we then take care of but we are only relieving ourselves from the build up pressure to then fall back in the same behaviour like before waiting for the next build up of delayed energy to repeat itself all over again.

  30. I have been finding this with work in that there has been so much do to things have got put to one side and paperwork left that needs to be done for ages. Even going in a lot earlier hasn’t truly supported clearing this so tomorrow I am going in on a day off to clear some more but ultimately when this done (both at work and at home) it is to look at my rhythm and momentum and to change this so this never happens again. My body feels soo very much better when I am organised and everything is clear and not left to the last minute.

  31. ‘Are our families being impacted by our behaviour, and by how we feel when we are living under the stress of needing to prove our worth and value to society?’ I can feel that in trying to prove ourselves we may work harder and for longer hours, spending less time with our families. We maybe thinking about work and how we do things better – trying to prove our worth and so we may not truly be with our partners, husbands or children.

  32. Leigh, you rock with this amazing great blog.
    I will post it on my linked inn as it is also great for all people who work.I remember working in a job and not going in the stress like all others did.They asked me if I didn’t care for the business as I didn’t go into stress. I worked hard but that couldn’t be felt as being interested because I didn’t have that emotion ( which is very health for the body).

  33. A powerful blog showing us that we know exactly to come on time or not.. There is a grander reason to why.. From my own experience I can tell that I have often come too late or just too late so that I would be less aware of the instances and energy coming towards me and or the responsibility I had to take following on from that. An easy game that can be played, like you shared with an accepted excuse, no one truly notices what I was wanting to escape dealing with. A profound lesson that I take along, to keep feeling whenever I am late and also how actually truly beautiful it feels when I am in the honoring of time.

  34. I would say that, yes, our families are affected by the need to be seen as busy for a sense of self-worth. And I would say that not only have I lived this way but so have many people that I know, so much so that it actually seems normal to rush and push because in the rushing and the pushing there is a sense of purpose or belonging that was not there before but was so dearly missed.

  35. Judgements are most certainly a prison Leigh – well put. Our truth and love is our freedom and flow and anything less than that immediately causes a bar of the prison-house to go up. No wonder that detective series and crime series are so popular on the screen for people – at some level we all know that we are committing the crime of building our own prison.

    1. That’s a very astute observation Lundy. Could it be that we all know the prison we build around us, yet don’t want the responsibility we actually each have to make the lifestyle choices needed to allow the bars to dissolve.

      1. Absolutely Leigh. The last thing the spirit wants is to be responsible about its life-style choices. Its only desire is to sabotage the body because otherwise we will be in connection to the divine particles which clearly communicate to us that we are not ‘individuals’ we are part of a grander whole. The spirit will do anything to retain its individuality and it wants to keep the prison bars well in place.

  36. Sometimes we can set ourselves up into a rhythm that causes us to perform only because of the anxiety and pressure of a last minute rush – sometimes we have to take extra care to support ourselves to have space and prepare so we don’t fall into this pattern, even just leaving the house a little earlier than normal, going to bed a bit earlier etc

    1. Yes, if we begin to consider what putting ourselves into that anxiety and push has a direct affect in our body, using energy, activating stress hormones and ultimately, over time creating a body that suffers from exhaustion and hormonal imbalances, would we be so keen to continue a behavior that exacerbated such bodily changes? The choice to care for our body is very much needed.

      1. I agree, but for many this way of living has become so normal and confirmed everywhere they look, that they don’t consider that its wrong or could be different. We are accepting a far lower level of vitality and joy simply because we have not experienced that it can be another way.

  37. This blog reminds me of how supportive it is to not leave things to the last minute. Last year I went traveling with my children to Europe to visit family and friends. We travelled a fair bit on trains. I had felt how easy it was for me to go into stress and make our travels unpleasant when I leave things to the last minute. After a few times of stress, I decided to leave plenty of time to arrive at train stations to catch our trains on time to eliminate going into stress. On one occasion after arriving early, I realised we had gone to the wrong station but because I had allowed plenty of time we were able to walk to the correct station and catch our train without stress.

    1. It really is simple. And being willing to live with the ease of addressing something as is shared here is key to the way our lives are lived.

  38. If I had a record of all the time I have wasted or spent procrastinating about something I feel it would be quite shocking. I fine on normal everyday work matters but anything outside of that tends to have me going around in circles a lot of the time often leaving it to the last minute. This never feels good and the energy of it definitely does effect others.

    1. Yes and look at how we play around with time or more so how time plays with us. I mean what is a lot of time or no time? For us this can have a wide range of definitions, for some 5 minutes is a lot of time for others that’s no time and for more still that’s to insignificant to even bother with. Where we are with time, our relationship to it is the key no matter if it’s on, about or in, time isn’t the true marker for where things are at but more a distraction.

  39. Leaving things to the last minute leaves us without enough space to feel the grandness of who we are so perhaps procrastinating is a deliberate tool we use to avoid going to the next level within ourselves?

    1. I agree Elizabeth.There is absolutely no reason to procrastinate, even though we may make excuses such as I am too busy. But if we began to be more honest with ourselves, this in itself would make a huge difference as to whether we procrastinate.

    2. I can so relate to this Elizabeth, and what you have expressed really hits home and could it be that we are uncomfortable with space and our grandness having always chosen the opposite; contraction and everything that is not love… But we all have the power in any moment to choose differently, and it begins with accepting who we are, we are love, we come from love , love is our very essence.

  40. “When I live under the constant drive of proving my worth in society my family is the front-line receiver of my behaviour and are impacted daily in a multitude of ways, feeling the disregard when the simple daily life processes are ‘done in a hurry’ or simply ‘left to another time.’” Ouch….goodness Liegh, this is so exposing. It really highlights the responsibility we have to treat everthing we do, and all that we are asked to do with the same level of importance and commitment so that nothing suffers as a result of our delay in not addressing things as they occur. This has featured alot in my life, and although it has changed, is something I am still working with.

  41. It’s much harder to be really present with what we’re doing and aware of the quality in which we’re doing it and relating with everyone if we’re rushing ourselves! It’s not that we have to do things slowly to take care or be energetically aware and responsive but if there is that rush factor it makes it much harder!

  42. There are so many things that I have left to the last minute that often it didn´t even make sense anymore to do them at all hence all these last minute things have accumulated to a huge pile of undone, incomplete moments that are a heavy weight on my way onwards. What may be shrugged off as laziness or lack of care (and that may play a role as well) is actually a strategy to sabotage oneself from being successful, successful in the sense of activating and expressing one´s full potential.

  43. There is a stress felt within the whole body when there is a pressure to complete something last minute, an urgency that pushes and drives us, so even when I know I am running a little late, I work on allowing it to flow, knowing it will be completed in the time required and it always works.

    1. Great point Gill – when the ‘running late feeling’ comes in, to stay super present in the moment and not to start rushing. Yes I find this response to ‘thinking’ I’m running let always allows for things to come together.

    2. I like what is being said here as this relationship is the key. It is all the focus on and with time that hits at us and knocks us out. Time is important for many things but it isn’t the marker we give over to as we all have a different perception of what time is. I mean for some 10 minutes early is actually late and for others 5 minutes late is actually early. None of it makes sense and yet we toss it around like it’s the be all and end all. Our relationship with how we are, our quality is the marker no matter what the heading that is coming to us.

  44. Online auction sites are like horseraces. The winner is determined in the final sprint to the finish line, and the winner is only known with the photo finish. Most things in life can be a gamble when left to the last moment. Life becomes a pachinko ball randomly falling through space. What happens when we feel into the results of our choices before, rather than to continually have our hands on the flippers in reaction to our choices

  45. I like the way you have taken being late and see it from all angles, the various ways it plays out and has an affect on ourselves and then inevitably on everyone around – the ripple effect is wide reaching.

  46. I know that ‘leaving home at the last minute’ trick very well. I have noticed the task where I get ‘lost in time’ is when dealing with the morning’s emails on the computer. This is the one where stretches of time seem to disappear out the window without me noticing and then I have to run out the door for work or wherever. I certainly can never go on the computer when I am cooking or else I will end up burning the food. It is not a very honouring way to conduct life and it keeps us out of rhythm of the day.

  47. There is leaving things to the last minute and then there is leaving things unattended. This has a huge impact on our wellbeing and on our body. We are meant to deal with things as they come up and complete whatever it is. What I find interesting is that somethings I attend quickly and other things I leave and leave and its often the things that I am not keen to do. This produces an overwhelm for at some point we end up have so much left that is not complete (or even started) that it can be difficult just to get started, thereby building up more.

  48. At those times when I have cut my time/space short put my body into a rush, it always happens that I then haven’t factored in something and I need more time so now I am learning to just stay with me to complete it and not drive myself more to get it done and I always end up getting to where I am going just on time without a rush.

  49. When we dont rush those in between moments we can’t get to feel that it is important to bring ourselves to every moment in life fully.

    1. Yes, and that they are actually what life is about, or more so, being present in every moment allows us to truly experience and enjoy life consistently, instead of the usual ups and downs and highs and lows.

  50. Your blog is relevant for so many people Leigh, I have earlier been notorious at being late for appointments and I used to make up lies to have an excuse for not taking responsibility for being late.

  51. I love the point you make about being productive, it shows how much we fall for the outer appearance and how we deny ourselves to appreciate what we truly bring.

  52. Leigh, I am really aware of how my family are affected when I’m trying to prove my worth. I can feel that if I am not in these moments present with them but in my head thinking about everything and mulling things over, and that my movements are not gentle and loving, the ripple effects on others is huge.

  53. Leaving the house with just enough time to get there is an old pattern of mine and actually it creates so much stress in my body especially when there is a delay in traffic which I did not take into account which means I get annoyed with myself and my old pattern. The difference it makes when I leave in plenty of time is simply amazing, space seems to open up, there is no tension in my body and I am relaxed and with myself when I arrive at my destination.

    1. I agree and so it’s our relationship with how we are and not the clock that allows us space in time. Whether we see ‘on time’, ‘out of time’ or ‘plenty of time’, how we are with time is the key.

  54. When we relinquish our desire to control everything and start to go with the flow of what is truly needed for all and not just for ourselves, I have found a sense of joy in being a part of something truly grand.

  55. Procrastination and delay really build a sense of sluggishness in the body and then to compensate we go into anxiousness and drive to complete a task… all of which does not support the body to remain vital and in good health.

    1. I agree and we hold time as a marker of good and bad almost. On time, good and over time or out of time bad. It creates the very pressure that pushes you almost out of sync with everything that is going on around you. We need to take care with ourselves in how we use time and how we see others use time. We need not delay I agree but also open up to seeing more then just the hands on the clock as a point to judge or make a call on how something is.

  56. Whether it is holding back in delay and being late for things or pushing ahead of the flow for things neither feels good, for their is a true spaciousness and flow when we tune into our bodies and feel that.

  57. I notice this thing about productivity when I am unwell, I get taking care, doing simple lighter things I haven’t got round to, but stopping and resting and being “unproductive” can be a challenge. Today I will ponder on the rest being the productivity itself.

  58. When we leave things to the last minute, it affects our rhythm from flow to floundering so sometimes it needs a force to push it through. The other quite serious effect too realise is that it not only affects us, it affects others in contact with us.

  59. There is really something that doesn’t sit right in leaving things to the last minute, why put ourselves and others under unnecessary stress, sure some might say they need the pressure to perform but is this truthful especially when it effects others.

  60. “it also highlights true commitment as we are no longer committed to what we want or think needs to be done, but to society as a whole.” true commitment has to do with service to humanity, when we live this way life has a flow to it, instead of service to self which creates anxiety and tension.

  61. We put a pressure and try and fit our life or our being into time. I mean this needs to be done by this time or you fail is pretty generally the message. Who runs time though and does it care about you or your being? Time is our creation, man made and we have different parts of the world on different times and yet we are all suppose to adhere to time, be on time, have it done by this time, run out of time etc etc. What if our direct relationship with time had nothing to do with time but with the space we have around us. I mean we have possibly all had the experience of time standing still almost or the clock running super fast and yet it doesn’t change how the hand ticks but what changes is how we are ‘in time’. I just feel the pressure and intensity that we aim at ourselves through time has directly the reverse of what we want, almost sets us up. I am slowly letting go how I have used time and the clock on myself and I have a lot more space to do what is there to be done and you can never be late from here.

  62. We create a constant backdrop of tension and pressure when we leave things to the last minute and we get so used to living with this dis-ease that we think and convince ourselves that it is normal.

  63. Or staying up just a little later to finish x, y or z… thinking that is important but really just pushing a little bit which has a ripple effect on the next day and all our interactions in that.

  64. I’ve always disliked leaving things to the last minute but of course sometimes I run late with things and my body shows me loud and clear how this is affecting me, tense muscles and push to get things done in time or live in time, and if this is how I am being this is how I am walking and what I take to the day. Thanks to my body with this awareness I can change the energy I’m in, re imprint how I’ve been and come back to me and the flow of life.

  65. There is a clarity that comes from just getting on with things and not getting bogged down in over thinking anything. For me it is the overthinking that takes up space and time and this I find is, quite frankly, exhausting.Simply by getting on with it not only does a lot more time and space open up but also I work out the way the task needs to be approached just by feel.

  66. I have known people arriving late for appointments to confess that they are late for absolutely everything and that there is a part of them that wants to change this momentum as they start to feel its impact on everything and everyone else.

  67. ‘do we live in the stress of constantly proving that we are productive, creating a tension between ourselves and all others?’ – More or less everything in our society is set up to be productive, it is often about deadlines and goals and the pressure of living up to these, which can easily create the tension of comparison as well as not feeling we are able to fullfil the expectations from our surroundings as well as ourselves.

  68. A beautiful reminder of the constriction we place on everything when we fight ourselves and time itself, and the spaciousness we allow to come into our lives when we let go of the holding on, the constriction, and accept the flow within life – which we are in regardless of whether we accept it and allow it, or not.

  69. It is the merry-go-round of delay, delay…. and then action.. that keeps the constant unsettlement and overwhelm of nervous energy in our body.

    1. And this unsettlement is the avoidance of the Stillness within that speaks the truth of who we truly are, so that we have an excuse to live less than this and thus indulge in all that this way of living offers to keep us from such truth.

  70. ‘The other thing that I have observed when I am holding back from doing the next thing is the excuse I use – “oh, sorry I am late, but I had to complete…” – because it sounds good and proves how ‘committed’ I am to my work or the project at hand.’ Yes Leigh, it is amazing how many respectable-sounding excuses the human spirit can invent – my spirit is a master of that one i.e. the sounding-good excuse to cover myself for being late. There is something so beautiful about being on time without rush – and so honouring for all parties involved in the meeting.

  71. I have found that I can do this in the morning – sleeping in till the last minute, leaving just enough time to get ready because I feel tired but then when I’m up I feel the pressure of not having any time and wanting space to be able to get ready – it then impacts my whole day and the extra 20 minutes don’t provide me any truer sleep.

  72. The big show of ‘being productive’ often comes in to play when we do not think that we are enough just as we are, that it is not what we ‘do’ that gives us our sense of worth.

  73. Leaving things to the last minute puts us into a drive and a push that takes us out of the universal rhythm that governs all life, and into a self-created one that pulls against this symphony.

  74. It is like there is a buzz we get from just making it on time and that this is the normal way of being. So when we introduce giving ourselves space to not push, go in to tension or stress but to simply enjoy the journey life is transformational.

  75. So glad I read this today, I said to my husband you could be writing this blog for me, I often have a tendency to leave things to the last minute and end up rushing. It so true what you say Leigh this impacts everyone not just ourselves.

  76. Does running ever Truly serve our body or does it simply supply us with adrenaline because we go into fight or flight mode? So running late definitely does not cut the mustard and only drops us in the muck.

  77. I have found from personal experience that to commit to what I feel needs to be done is very revitalising and energising for the body, and there is a lethargy or raciness if I hold off, even if I attend to something in place of what I feel impulsed to do. Commitment is definitely a very supportive part of life to explore, so long as it’s not an ideal but something felt as true for oneself.

  78. As our choices impact on others more often than not and we would do well to acknowledge this as it will support us in the choices we make and it will allow for us to consider and understand the needs of others.

  79. “Innately we all know our worth, our value and what it is that we individually bring to society. We have more than enough time to complete all of our commitments along with honouring our bodies and moving on to the next thing as it is needed, with plenty of space (time) to do so.” This is very confirming to hear, to stop the constant doubt and struggle, and to simply allow ourselves to live that what we innately know to be true and not deny ourselves nor anybody else our innate true qualities or play them down or up in any way.

  80. What I’m exploring more lately is how infinitely wise our bodies are.. mine knows what time I need to wake up, when to sleep, how much work to do on this or that project. When I actually feel into what needs to be done next and not what I’d quite like to do or feel like I ‘should’ do, the result is so different – what needs to be done gets done, with enough space, and often I’m asking what else I could do, feeling more space.

  81. Leaving things to the last minute is one of the most common ways I have brought struggle into my life, for running even just a little bit late at the beginning of the day affects my whole day by bringing an unnecessary strain and taking away my confidence just a bit. The day is then a little hard when it is actually naturally very easy.

  82. I love this blog Leigh. It is exposing truths about patterns many of us are living. It is a great reminder for me that my behaviours affects other people and in fact everything. I have experienced many times that I went on working on a project or had a talk with someone longer than the time space I had available which made me late somewhere else. The rushing to an appointment that usually follows has an impact on other people and the rest of my (and their ! ) day making me less present and making it harder for me to keep up with everything. As apposed to when I follow my first impulse to stop when it is enough and to trust that there will be enough time to finish up later when I respect my natural flow. Beneficial for me and all people I meet.

  83. And we create this so that we don’t have ‘time’ to be the amazing, connected and powerful beings we truly are.

  84. Leaving things to the last minute has to be one of the easiest ways to sabotage any sense of stillness you have in your body. It creates a squeeze, a time pressure, stress and raciness in the body. In this state we lose clarity and perspective and what needs doing becomes more important than the quality in which we do it.

  85. It can be such a trap to use nervous tension and stress to get things done. It feels totally different to prepare and create space versus rushing around at the last moment to get things done or prepared.

  86. My motto for today – “It’s time to remember the simplicity of surrendering to our body and allowing our life to unfold with the power and glory that is naturally within each and every one of us.” thank you for the reminder.

  87. So what is commitment truly, living for ourselves and looking good or considering what is needed for all? A great sharing here which reminds me that life is about all of us and not one of us looking good.

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