Mindfulness – a Fascination of Mind over Body

Mental prowess and superiority are often praised as the pinnacle of the human experience and achievement. Mental intelligence is what often creates wealth, security, position and acknowledgement from others. The brain is often thought of as the most significant organ in the body, the director of the show, and it is to the brain that we often turn to resolve issues such as problem solving in everyday life, depression and mental health issues.

When we have stress, depression or anxiety we are offered ‘talking therapies’ that look at how the brain works and what we think about ourselves, and the world we live in.

Anyone who may be feeling generally unsatisfied with life may consider mindfulness, a technique that offers us, as the name suggests, ‘mind awareness’ and to some degree, a control or a quelling of the thoughts that disturb us.

Now there is some benefit in attempting to control the thoughts we have, for example if we keep repeating thoughts like “I am ugly,” “I am no good,” then yes, it’s fantastic if we can stop perpetuating these thoughts and say “no” when they enter. Mastering the mind makes sense, but attempting to do so while ignoring the rest of our sensitive barometer, our bodies, does not offer us the remedy that we seek.

Is it possible that mindfulness is an extension of the obsession we have with mental intelligence?

We place enormous importance on the brain and excelling in education and excelling in our chosen careers through mental recall. We place weight on the power of the brain over the rest of the body. Most mental health techniques, including mindfulness, neglect the most significant attribute that supports awareness, wellbeing and true whole body intelligence – the Whole Body.

And what is true whole body intelligence? I would say it is a wisdom, a deep knowing and understanding of life that comes from a lived, embodied quality of being… Now I state here clearly, it is awesome to be educated to grasp formulas, the details of life and the world, but not in isolation of the body and not to the detriment of the body.

When did so many of us become detached from our bodies?

A few years ago I could feel that my head ruled my life… it literally dragged my body along. My mind and body were not united. I lived in my thoughts, issues and opinions without considering or caring for my body.

If I had a mental block or indecision I would do mental athletics with all the alternative rationales and scenarios to work out what my next step would be – I would tie myself in knots in the attempt to problem solve.

Practising to include my whole body in life has brought a deeper understanding of life that is precious and my decisions now often come with ease. This is an inner wisdom that I am developing and I see no limits to its potential. I now understand that the way I put myself to bed, brush my teeth, hold my posture, walk, breathe etc., have a direct correlation to the quality of my thoughts and that the more I care for my body the more the quality of these thoughts is enriched, as is my experience and understanding of life.

When we rush, slump or put our body under stress, our thoughts directly correspond to these choices, so choosing to be whole body aware making this our starting point, allows us to connect with the present moment. In the present moment we allow ourselves the space to refine our behaviours and observe the quality of our thoughts to a depth that offers real healing and consistent foundational support in life.

Our whole body holds an inner wisdom that is available when we are ready to access it – true intelligence. And when we connect to this inner wisdom we not only access a clarity and understanding, we are also able to truly care and support ourselves.

Practically, when I honour how I feel I respond more efficiently to my body’s feelings, and in doing so maintain my function, vitality and ability to flourish… my homeostasis. Also when I am honest about feeling energy, the stuff we can’t see but all feel, I then have a deeper awareness of what feels true and not true for me.

Honouring that energy exists, that we feel energy – be it through sensation, feelings or an innate knowing from the body – is a step towards whole body intelligence. If I get cold, hungry, tired, upset, feel tension, do I push these feelings aside, attempt to ignore or deny them, or do I honour what I feel?

The body holds a natural self-awareness of homeostasis; the balance, harmony and functional efficiency is a wisdom that brings clarity and ease… a whole body intelligence is not to be underestimated.

I would suggest true whole body intelligence can only be connected with when we allow ourselves to surrender to what we feel from the body and allowing what we feel to be honoured.

Mindfulness will not offer us the answers that we search for; the mind is only a part of the beautiful whole that is our body. Body-full-ness, Whole-Body Intelligence, this is the way to true healing, wisdom and wellbeing.

By Anonymous.

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666 thoughts on “Mindfulness – a Fascination of Mind over Body

  1. I can feel just how much my mind is resisting the pull to deepen into my body, the battle is between the mind and the body, it feels as though my mind will loose it’s identity if it drops into my body and the spirit that dwells within us is all about self identification. Thats why it has no care for the body it dwells in.

  2. We have an inner wisdom, do we connect with our bodies and allow that wisdom to flourish, ‘ I now understand that the way I put myself to bed, brush my teeth, hold my posture, walk, breathe etc., have a direct correlation to the quality of my thoughts and that the more I care for my body the more the quality of these thoughts is enriched, as is my experience and understanding of life.’

  3. Sometimes what we feel in the body can hurt. So the mind is a great place to escape. However, I now know there are many layers to feeling within the body and often there’s a lot of gold to re-connect to underneath the layer of hurt. Connection cancels out hurt greater than escape does.

  4. Absolutely, Aligning our body to our Inner-heart, Essence / Soul brings an intelligence or wisdom that is undeniable and one day will become the normal way of understanding life and how to be fully aware of how we can evolve.

    1. gregbarnes888, Serge Benhayon uses the Ageless Wisdom teaching to show humanity that there is another way to live from our Inner-heart, Essence/ Soul any of these words fully connected to brings the movement or vibration of the intelligence of the universe through our bodies so we can live within that vibration again. This is how we will evolve.

  5. I totally agree, now a days the buzz word is ‘mindfulness’ and there is such emphasis in the health care industry about healing with the mind and, exercise goes with the body. Which is no different to how we were before.

    That ‘inner wisdom’, has no limits and I am tapping more and more into it and, the key is to ’surrender’ to what it is communicating to us.

    What would the world be like if we committed more to the body instead of the mind? We would respond to wisdom instead of the intellect. Would exhaustion be eradicated? I would say so, this is worth pondering over…

    1. Shushila I am beginning to appreciate what is on offer when you say
      “That ‘inner wisdom’has no limits and I am tapping more and more into it and the key is to ’surrender’ to what it is communicating to us.”
      Our spirits are grabbing whatever it can hold onto so that it does not relinquish its hold over our bodies, so to be in the reconnection back to the stillness that we all have within us is so beauti-full because the body can drop even deeper and from that deep place everything is different all the mind games that are played out has no oxygen at that level. It’s like stepping back from the world, while being in the world but from an observational level and not in the thick of it where our spirit can be in control through our minds.

    1. Mary definitely agree, our minds do play tricks on us. Experiment and see how destructive our thoughts can be, and wonder what is feeding the mind then. It’s bit like the devil and the angel being in our minds, one feeds us thoughts that are destructive and harming to us, whilst the other, gentle and more loving. Thats how the body operates, treat it with gentleness and love and it will respond, treat it destruction and it will react.

  6. I loved what has been shared here, we place so much emphasis on the brain and yet the body never lies or lets us down.

    I’m working on something, when I receive these thoughts that are destructive or argumentative, I will actually call it out in myself and say something like, ‘oh you’re here are you,’ intentionally to stop me from going into my body. Our thoughts gets us into trouble so much, yet our body says, I’m here, right by your side to work with you.

    If our minds were so intelligent, why then do our bodies, have these aches, pains, or conditions leading to diseases? The physicalness needs healing, but so does the root cause of it too…

  7. We as a race of human-beings have fallen for so many lies and one of them is that
    Mental intelligence is what will bring us all wealth, security, position, acknowledgement from our peers, which leads to a false sense of superiority over others. It’s a lie because if we were to connect to our bodies and act on the feelings arising from our innermost we would know that this life has been sold to us based on fear which leads to a desire to feel secure over everything and anything else. and we will fight others to get our share of security so that we feel safe.

  8. It makes perfect sense to me now that when the body is nurtured, listened to, and well taken care of that this impacts our quality of thoughts. The mind is after all one part of the body and when the body is out of harmony or neglected everything will be effected. I know when I go for a walk that I feel much brighter and more positive mentally afterwards, the change can be quite dramatic from this one act of self care.

    1. Melinda spot on, when we nurture ourselves and note the food and drinks we put into our bodies, the thoughts alter, they are more loving and caring. When we are careless and uncaring, it even brings us to the state of being, that our bodies are everyone else’s responsibility but ours – BIG difference.

    2. Spot-on Melinda, taking our whole body for a walk and feeling every aspect as a focus, without any of the usual distractions, will one day be a part of the school curriculum, as it brings us back into our bodies and the wisdom that is evolutionary.

    3. What you are sharing Melinda is our movements affect the quality of our thoughts. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom brought through this time by Serge Benhayon show beyond doubt this science and it is the most amazing science because it can transform our mental health. I have personal experience of this, I can say that I am fully integrated back into life again full of vitality, from being in a very dark and depressed state of mental ill health for years.

  9. There is an article I read recently called “Do you have crazy-buzy-woman-syndrome?” – a great question but it is also exposing of the fact that this is a creation of the mind and all that it conjures up for us to do and to keep busy with without stopping to feel from the body what and how to do things.

    1. When we keep our bodies busy and distracted with food, drink, sports, social media, films, books there are so many ways to race our bodies that there is no way it can be still enough to communicate with us its own intelligence. For many years I disregarded what my body was telling me and the easiest way to do this was with alcohol or sugary foods, alcohol is a form of sugar and this was more than enough to shut my body’s communication down.

  10. The body is our barometer for truth, it is out communicating agent and our connection to Soul. When we get sick or unwell or something is out of balance, could it be that this is because we have ignored the subtler communications that the body has been giving us and is hence now having to speak louder?

    1. This is a great question for everyone to consider, when we become ill, ‘could it be that this is because we have ignored the subtler communications that the body has been giving us and is hence now having to speak louder?’

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