How was your Day? – “Intense”

The last two years of my life have been very, very busy. I have been living away from home a great deal and the work hours have been long – between fourteen and twenty hours a day, mostly seven days a week. The work has been challenging on many levels, the learning curve steep and I can say that I have never worked this hard in my life. On top of this I have been juggling my family life, maintaining and building my relationships and also trying to keep abreast of the other work that I do besides my day job, as well as finding the space in all of this to look after myself.

Certainly it has been a busy time but my story is not unique: working hours are expanding, the internet has blurred the boundaries between office and home, and many of us are seeing that, with the world as it is, there is always work to be done.

For this whole two year period I have been running a dialogue that everything was super ‘intense.’ Every time I spoke to family or friends and they asked how it was going, I would reply that it was ‘intense.’ Every day I would wake up expecting the day to be ‘intense’ and every night I would go to bed reflecting on the ‘intense’ day that I had just had. On top of which, I would look at the schedule ahead and see that, sure enough, it was going to be ‘intense’… next week… next month!

I was writing my own future.

I knew it was going to be ‘intense,’ I said it was going to be ‘intense,’ I invited it to be ‘intense’ and, sure enough, it was. I was pre-disposing myself, my movements and my body to an ‘intense’ day and therefore was immediately holding myself in the tension of that intensity:

intense = in-tense.

But there are extra levels to this game that I was playing.

I was pre-laying excuses for my irresponsibility over this period. By getting out in front with dramatic stories about how full-on it all was, I was absolving myself from any slip-ups that I had been making along the way, whilst also trying to ensure that people didn’t pull me up for some of the choices that I had made – how could they possibly understand or challenge the way I was being, because they’d have no idea what I was going through? The more dramatic it sounded, the more excuses I had.

Furthermore, by running this dialogue, I was completely and consciously capping my awareness. I was giving myself pre-meditated permission to keep my head down, the blinkers on and just get through the day and by doing this, was choosing to not read the truth of each situation. I was in effect saying; “No, I don’t want to know or see more, because that might expose the game I’m playing, so I’m just going to deal with the intensity in front of me.”

I had built the perfect merry-go-round to keep me exactly where I was and, whilst on that merry-go-round, there was no way that I was going to say yes to seeing more, yes to anything else I could be doing, yes to awareness, yes to growing.

But the truth is that the ‘equation’ that I coined earlier in this blog, intensity = in-tense, in fact works the other way.

And it all starts by getting self out of the way.

All of the above is protecting the creation that much of my work is, the investment that I have in it and the recognition that I seek for it.

And this puts me in huge tension with the truth of what I am, the true purpose of what I am doing and the enormous power of my true expression and the all that I can bring to the world. It prevents me from walking alongside the unfathomable support that I have on offer, in partnership and absolute equality with my heavenly brothers and heeding the undeniable pull of the true divinity that I am and to which I can inspire many to return to.

So, living an iota less than this then obviously puts me in tension!

Very simply, if I get myself out of the way, then I will not be in this tension, I will not be in-tense and thus the day can no longer be intense.

No self = no tension = no in-tense = no intensity. 

So you see? The intensity is created by me.

Since really accepting this game that I was playing, a huge weight has lifted from my body. It is early days… but something happened last week that shows me I’m definitely onto something. I was in the shower contemplating the day and suddenly found myself asking, “what else could I do today?” For the last two years I have been constantly struggling to deal with the mountain that was on my plate, and so the notion of asking for more would have been utterly insane!

But here I was, with space, a lack of ‘tense’ in my body and a true willingness for more.

I said at the beginning of this blog that I have never worked this hard in my life – if I make work ‘hard’ then yes, it is ‘hard.’ It really is that simple; a choice to choose self and thus to stay in-tense, or a choice to accept and appreciate how much more powerful I am, how we are designed to work and how true evolution comes from saying yes to more.

And now, with this new learning, I am seeing that there is room for a great deal more and, amazing beyond amazing, that fills me with joy.

By Otto Bathurst, 46, man, husband, father of three children, Film and Television Director, Bath, UK

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654 thoughts on “How was your Day? – “Intense”

  1. Our day becomes that which we perceive it to be – and hence the words we use will illustrate the experience we have had. This does not mean that it has really been like this but it is what we have chosen to see it as or experience it as. For example, 2 people can have the same day, and yet share it as being completely different…how can this be? Can this have anything to do with our perception? And if so what governs our perception? Could it be an energy that is there to tell us what our experience has been? And so what if it is about shifting the energy and not the what actually happens in the day, in order to change our perception? What tells us that the glass is half full rather than half empty?

  2. Otto, this is an amazing level of honesty that you bring, and one that I too can sit with and ponder on how much this can play a role in my day…
    “I was pre-laying excuses for my irresponsibility over this period. By getting out in front with dramatic stories about how full-on it all was, I was absolving myself from any slip-ups that I had been making along the way, whilst also trying to ensure that people didn’t pull me up for some of the choices that I had made – how could they possibly understand or challenge the way I was being, because they’d have no idea what I was going through? The more dramatic it sounded, the more excuses I had.”

    1. I agree Henrietta, there is an amazing level of honesty shared in this blog, one that opens up the topic of business and how we can set ourselves up for stress and intensity well before the situation and intensifying any issues, stress or difficulties.

  3. I have observed that I feel overwhelmed when I begin to resist what life is reflecting. When I am in the flow, then what needs to happen does. I have many of the hours in my everyday full of things I have said Yes to. How I approach it and hold myself in it, makes so much difference. In the resistance there is a tension that increases, space will be there when we are open to the natural flow of life.

    1. Yes great point here that the overwhelm and intensity comes from our reaction to the work to be done not the work itself. I have recently being saying yes more often to those impulses that come from my body or opportunities that simply come my way in my life and I can feel how true it is to say yes to these things – there is no doubt when I connect to the truth of it in my body. However sometimes my mind likes to come in and make things complicated and can create stories about how it is not possible, not enough time etc which then creates the intensity which really does not need to be there if I simply surrender to the natural flow and my original impulse that I registered in my body.

  4. We innately feel tension as that is what pulls us back to the truth of who we actually are. BUT, f we ignore (say yes to) a level of tension, then the level of tension then has to rise for us to feel the tension, and again if we continue to ignore, it continues to rise…which is how we get into the mess of stress, intensity, exhaustion and all sorts off other more extreme illnesses.

      1. Love this connection between tension and purpose: tension is like a signpost in my body that is telling me what’s needed next, from how I need to move, work, what to next etc. If I ignore it, it continues to build. It’s like my body’s clever way of getting my attention and showing me something I need to look at, to grow.

    1. Yes.. if we ignore and try to push down the tension, instead of admitting and accepting that it’s there and dealing with it face on, it doesn’t go away, we’re just temporarily distracted from it, until we eventually look at how and why we’re creating and perpetuating it.

  5. I certainly had what anyone would consider an intense day at work today, but after re-reading this fabulous blog by Otto I am feeling now how that feeling of intensity was founded on my reactions to what other people were saying about me after I called out something that I felt was not only unsafe but an illegal practice. I can see now how when I am too concerned about what people think about me, it causes a reaction in my body as if I had done something wrong, even though at the time I was standing up for what I felt was the truth. This stance will undoubtedly come under fire when people do not want to take the responsibility for not living that truth and sometimes this manifests into an attack on the one who called it out. But the truth is the last one standing, as Serge Benhayon has said so wisely.

    1. And also very supportive to remember that the reaction that may be coming at us isn’t actually the truth of who that person is and thus we shouldn’t take it personally. If we can remember that then it helps in breaking the illusion of the ‘intensity’.

  6. ‘And now, with this new learning, I am seeing that there is room for a great deal more and, amazing beyond amazing, that fills me with joy.’ – The willingness for MORE is deeply felt and truly inspirational.

  7. I agree Otto, in that we do this to ourselves. There’s always a choice to either be ‘in-tense’ (love the breakdown of the word) or surrender and allow.

  8. We indeed write our own future Otto and the book we write on is our own body. This amazing ‘book’ documents every energy that we put out there and it shows us exactly how we have been living. Intense? Or otherwise? What is wonderful is that you have identified what is happening before your body has collapsed under the burden of it.

    1. This is great Lyndy. “the book we write on is our own body”. A really powerful way to explain it and what I get from this is how it makes it unavoidable of the responsibility that we have because just like a book by your bed – you can choose to read it or not.

      1. Love it Otto!
        We are taught to read and write words at school but not energy (as we all know so well😊) – this has been very pointedly left out of the syllabus. It is deliberately kept from us (and we choose to sync with this collusion) that we are the authors of our own lives. And in this way we perpetuate the recklessness and irresponsibility of the spirit. I love what your blog brings.

      2. I was pondering this exact thing this morning. When a child first walks into a school an enormous thing happens. The first day of their long journey to learn about life, to be educated, to be formed into adults, to be equipped for the world that lies ahead of them. They are full of expectation, trepidation and are open books, blank canvases. A gigantic moment and the hugest responsibility of our teachers, our education system and the consciousness that we have ALL built and adhered to. And on this very first day…and every other day of their subsequent 11-18 year journey through the education system, they are systematically and deliberately pulled away from their innate knowing and natural clairsentience. It’s a gross, violent and absolute abuse. Just pause for a moment and imagine what it would be like if that first day was spent asking the children how they felt? whether the room was set up ok? to sit still for a few minutes and gently breathe…

  9. Simplicity, letting go of the struggle and a loving dose of self-acceptance and appreciation… some of many tools that turn the tide on our ferociously tough attitude towards ourselves and life.

    1. …and realising that it’s not all about us in the first place anyway. This is the hugest part of it for me; all intensity comes from an initial stand point of making it all about me.

      1. Yep tension and self are very close partners, to the exclusion of true purpose to support All.

      2. Great point Otto as soon as I take my focus away from me and what can I get out of the interaction, day, life etc.. everything changes. I no longer get so narrow focussed towards an end goal or point and allow what is before me to be and so do not get so caught in it as I am no longer invested in the outcome and what it will look like.

      3. Yes.. when I take a step back I can see how there’s a part of me that likes the rush of the intensity..the drama, the stimulation of will I/won’t I be able to achieve everything I wanted to do, as if the clock will stop ticking at some invisible point ahead. It’s like a very addictive game. What supports letting go of this racy drive to do everything is reminding myself that I’m not going anywhere, that those tantalising to-do list thoughts are there but I don’t have to engage in them. I can ‘drop into’ my body, by feeling my feet on the ground. In doing so, I get out of my head, and then I get the simple instructions of what’s needed next through my body- just a simple knowing – and the intensity I was in is lessened.

      4. Absolutely Otto. This is what is coming home to me so strongly – IT IS NOT ABOUT ME. Life even seem-lived without this programming is immensely beautiful and has an underlying stillness which is so healing, like a constant healing balm that far ‘out strengths’ the intensity of life around us.

  10. These days I like to say that my day or my week or my month …and my life has been and is very FULL. There are times when it feels intense, there are times when it feels overwhelming, but overall when I am with myself there is a fullness in my life that feels amazing and I am so appreciative of! And so perception is key and as perception is governed by the energy that we are in, it is a tell tale sign of the choices I have been making and the energy that I have aligned to on a moment to moment and day to day basis.

    1. I really appreciate this Henrietta. Full. A great word to use. What I like about it is that it is a really call to be constantly looking and refining our choices, because when I hear that word I am immediately drawn to ask “Full of what?”

  11. “Very simply, if I get myself out of the way, then I will not be in this tension, I will not be in-tense and thus the day can no longer be intense. No self = no tension = no in-tense = no intensity. ” Love this Otto. What do we now choose?

    1. I love the concept that everything matters but struggle with it and that responsibility it brings at the same time.

    2. We truly are the makers of our future and every seemingly small choice to be with our true flow (which is simply saying yes to the grand flow of the Universal orders) matters significantly in how much space we will feel in our bodies and lives.

  12. The mind chatter that can make everything intense in my day if I allow it is the only thing that needs to go and I am on to it! Big time!

  13. “intense = in-tense.” How wonderful it is to feel the truth of words and what they hold for us in terms of how we live and see life. When we have a picture and or dialogue playing out on what we feel life is going to be we not only hold our bodies in tension but also halt the opportunity to be open to whatever shall unfold in it’s own time and space. Life is a series of moments that we can choose to either forecast the what could be or leave space to an expansion of something much more. Life is a forever unfoldment of truth with our choices.

  14. A beautiful understanding and learning on the stress we cause ourselves and the intensity of life we allow to affect us .Taking true responsibility here for the energy of our thoughts and the way we play at life is deeply interesting to study and the sense it makes of how we set ourselves up to be.Getting ourselves out the way and allowing feels a much better option in life and very supportive.

  15. I completely agree that when I make life intense it is because I am demanding or wanting something out of it rather than just sensing what needs to be done and rolling with that. And when I am in the intensity of self there is no room for joy.

    1. So this is really useful. I’m not feeling the joy? Stop and observe and be honest about what is running my day. These brilliant tools we have make living life a joyous game.

      1. Exactly Otto – the lack of joy is a dead give away that something is up and I’m not feeling myself and great point that if we are not feeling ourselves than something else is running us.

    2. Yes, and intensity is felt on a physical level: When I’m in the intensity of self there’s a pressure and a hardness that I inflict on myself, and then life feels squashed and pressurised. When I let go of doing everything I think I need to do and just go with it, get on with what’s right in front of me to be done, there’s a natural flow and simplicity to life, and so much more space in my body.

  16. No matter how much we have to do in one day, I have found it quite surprising that there is enough time when I get out of the way and allow the day to flow. That seems to bring space to allow it to happen.

  17. I too lived with the dramas and the continual thoughts of ‘how could others possibly know what was going on in my life?’ …“could they possibly understand or challenge the way I was being, because they’d have no idea what I was going through?” What an exhausting way to live, living with the self-perpetuating and self-created tension. To step out of my own way, to observe my life with the utmost honesty and to be open to making different choices has been the recipe that has turned this deleterious way of living (existing) into a way of life that is a joy to live.

  18. This pattern of making excuses is indeed a way of covering up and avoiding the honesty of various situations and choices we have made. It can perpetuate an ill pattern of behaviours and a momentum that can only ever keep building until we are brought to a stop in life through an accident, illness or dilemma in life.

  19. If I let my mind run the show then my day can feel super intense, if I stay with my movements then my day has a natural ease and flow.

  20. Thank you Otto. Such a real and practical sharing that many can relate to. I love the part at the end where you share about JOY. When we don’t choose to be with intensity in life we open ourselves up to feel and live the joy that naturally feels within.

  21. This blog really brings home just how much we get in the way of our own flow and the flow that’s possible for us all to be in rhythm with. No wonder exhaustion is high on the illness and disease statistics in society – we are using a false unnatural way of living, moving, working that goes completely against the divine order and flow of our particles.

    1. I agree. Is exhaustion high on the statistics? If it is then that is terrifying because I would suggest that exhaustion is possible the least diagnosed issues of modern society and is way, way, way worse than any statistics are telling us, in that a huge percentage of us are living with a level of exhaustion that we are totally ignoring. Consider for a moment if the consumption of all coffee was frozen for a week. Everywhere, everyone. Then consider the true picture that would be revealed; it’s actually kinda unimaginable. We are nowhere near realising how exhausted we all are.

  22. I love how much we can influence the way our day is going to be. I find things get ‘in-tense’ when I have started in a rush and not listened to my body in the morning. So take work for example I can set myself up by running late so already feeling tense and then it is like a compounding effect. Whereas when I give myself the space in the morning I find that I am far more in flow and whatever comes gets dealt with rather than seeing it as something frustratingly in my way! When we work with the flow of the universe it almost feels effortless yet work against it and life can quickly become a struggle.

  23. I like this blog because it gently makes fun of the drama we like to create in life about life. When I keep things simple and just get on with things without worrying about how much there is to do, it all feels effortless. However I can also get into the stories about being too busy, which keep me out of this simplicity and ease in life.

  24. Since first reading this blog Otto, I am seeing how much I set myself up for intense, difficult or hard days by the quality of my thoughts and in any moment I have the opportunity to make a different choice.

  25. Intense is the perfect distraction from giving ALL that you are to EVERYTHING that you do. Imagine if in those moments, days or weeks when things are fast pace and busy, we brought our highest quality to it all…

  26. Intensity is an energy we choose to fill up space and ensure we are numb to life. Like a rollercoaster wheel that keeps speeding up it seems impossible to stabilise let alone get off. But the key is what is driving this ride is the tension we feel but seek to over-ride. Beautiful Otto.

  27. Funnily enough I was chatting with my husband the other day and we were talking about how much we had to do. But the day hadn’t started yet and we both stopped and realised the label we were putting on our day- much like intense – we can set ourselves up to live in a picture and not the truth of a situation

  28. I know for me that yesterday I had work piled on top of work and chose for a while to go into the ‘intense’. A colleague mentioned to me that it would be me living however I dealt with what was needed, wise words that supported me hugely.

    1. What a super beautiful support and so very true, however we decide to deal with things we have to live with it. Simple, and to me it shows the importance of self-love and self-care, with everything we do it is the care and love that we allow that lets us and others strive and bloom.

  29. Thank you Otto, it’s my second read and I understood the in-tense-ness we create by being less than our amazing self, our soul and the essence of that in human life. Any day, even without a workload, can feel in-tense when we separate from who we are, and are then in the tension to return to our true selves.

    1. Absolutely. The ‘intensity’ has zero relationship to the actual work-load. I have laid in bed doing nothing and felt the ‘intensity’ of not being connected to myself; the mind explodes, emotions run, nervousness, self-doubt, anxiousness, jealousy and all sorts can come crashing in. Crazy intense…but I’m still just lying in my bed!

      1. Love this point you have just made Otto and will remind myself of it when I contemplate the enormous list of tasks, work and writing that is laid out in front of me at the moment (having recently moved house and still not having it fully furnished and adapted). It doesn’t matter ‘how much’ there is to be done, it is simply the energy we do it in. We imagine that when we get everything in order we will just coast along and have fun and that we will be ‘there’! But there is no such thing, because the next expansion is already calling. Time to laugh and surrender!

      2. It was a while back that I realised that the “To Do” list would never get any shorter! And nor should it – for we are designed to do, we are designed to serve, so the list should in fact always be expanding. Our role in it all is to ensure that we too are expanding and can thus embrace what is being offered as a way to serve.

      3. Yes, that is so crazy, we all play it in our head and the body has to deal with it, but the fact is that it is actually not really happening and yet we make it happen. All the while, in your example, you could just lie in bed and be still with no intensity to ail you with.

    2. This made me smile – likewise I’ve sat there worrying and getting stressed about something that is coming up, or OMG how am I going to get all these things done… yet at that moment, with all that space around me, I am simply sitting. Nothing hard about that!

  30. It is great to re-read this blog and see how we can create our own intensity and nervous tension just in how we relate to life and events.

  31. You unravel beautifully how the many pictures and expectations we have predetermine our life. With that we do not go openly into the day and embrace what comes towards us but have given our day already a frame within which we then work. It is like your example of intense, that was the main tenor you had your days set up in. Really fascinating and so awesome to undo this.

  32. I have also found that when asked how I am or how my day was, I can get stuck in the pattern of saying ‘intense’, ‘busy’, ‘fine’ etc – all words that answer the question but dont truly express anything about my day, and in some ways box in or cement the day in a certain feeling like it being a busy and ‘big’ day rather than it being an amazing day full of great conversations and a lot of activity.

    1. Oh yes. I too have done this for aeons. It’s like people asking “how are you” and then your reply “fine”. In my case it was very often a trick to allow me to not take responsibility for the moves that I have made. Because, in truth, if my day was only “fine” or it was “intense” then there is much that I need to look at, and yet we throw these words out with such regularity and abandon that they lose any of their purpose. It’s becoming more and more clear to me how essential it is that we are super attentive to the words we use so that their truth can really serve.

      1. I agree Otto – and in those moments when there is not the time or truly the space to give a fuller account of our day, there is a way we can express/sum up the day simply that is honest rather than a brushing off. I can express honestly that actually, I am a little tired, or if I have actually taken the time in my day to appreciate all the amazing moments, share genuinely that I am amazing. It is taking the opportunity that the moment offers for connection with another and honesty with myself

      2. I’m really playing with this and what you say is so right. Being honest and transparent doesn’t necessarily mean that we then have to get into a long, drawn out conversation that we may easily not have the time for at that moment. So great to practice delivering truth even if it is quick, rather than brushing it away. There is one small problem that I have noticed – when doing this, the other person is so often so surprised and pleased to hear a true response that I can then feel that they want to go deeper!… then i just have to lovingly claim it and know that as much as could be done has been done. Complete.

  33. Sometimes I have caught myself wanting to say how intense the day has been and then realising that I coped perfectly well and really loved it, so the drama would be like telling a lie and saying it was a struggle when really it wasn’t, it was a great day to deeply appreciate.

  34. It really clicked with me today Otto, that when we are in our own struggle, which can be different for everyone, we are on a merry-go-round and we are more looking at finding it ‘intense’ and saying we would like it to be different but at the same time constantly feeding it by our own investment in it. When we are in this we don’t accept we could be more amazing for the better of everyone and that is why it is such an illusion when we are in there because we still might be thinking we are really trying to get out yet it is for our own convenience and not for the growth of everyone and that is what makes the change.

  35. What I love about life and living it with the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom (, is that it is always showing you there is more, more to expand to, more to surrender to. I think we are so capped in our current way of thinking. For example, for many these intense days lived would be the limit, there would be no more, and definitely no asking for it. I love that there is always more, if we are open to it.

    1. Yes, so true. How amazing to be packed to the brim in terms of being super super busy, in the ‘intensity’ of life, but at complete ease with this – wondering from this spaciousness what else needs to be done. That’s when we claim purpose in a very joyful way back into our lives.

  36. Amazing sharing with us Otto. There is so much to see and feel, let alone be bogged down with a busy schedule, which isn’t bad but we have to ensure things are appreciated.

  37. I’m struck by how in some days, when the quality is there and I flow with my day enormous amounts happen, get done, complete and I can feel this dance with the all in the day. When I introduce my stress or intensity there is a wobble, I lose the flow and then suddenly I’m having to push, its exhausting and invariably the wheels come off and very little actually gets done in that quality. So exposing which is exactly as it should be in order that I can learn that its quality and connection first, and then everything else flows from there.

  38. “No self = no tension = no in-tense = no intensity.” . . . now this is my kind of equation. I love it. So simply and so true.

      1. Absolutely agree with you here Otto, and thank heavens for you sharing your story so everyone who reads it get the Ageless Wisdom straight from you even though they have never heard or may never hear of Universal Medicine.

  39. This blog has opened my eyes to see how addicted to tension we actually are. We work with it, talk about it, take it to bed with us etc. We fuel our relationships with tension many times in the day so no wonder we end up exhausted.

    1. And thus as it is with all drugs that we can get addicted to, we then have to ask the question – what are we running away from, what are we hiding from, what are we suppressing or denying? For me it was all about self. If I took the ‘drug’ of intensity, it kept my world all about self – which, no coincidence, is what all drugs do.

  40. I really get that if we are not careful we start to write our own future, such as “this is so hard”, “this is going to be a bad cold”, making ourselves the victims of life and ensuring life becomes the perpetrator of our ills and woes by energetic law. Instead we can choose to stay feeling and knowing who we really are as a universal one-ness with the all, then we can’t be victims etc. I credit my husband for helping me see that yesterday, thank you.

  41. This brings us back to appreciation, appreciating ourselves and all that is- rather than getting caught up in judgements, shortcomings, expectations, disappointments and so forth, for we are more than all these things we can get sucked into if we are not full of care.

  42. I love this blog. It shows the canniness we do possess in mastering these games that we delude ourselves from – games we orchestrate to shut ourselves down from being more aware. It also shows the power of honesty and willingness and what takes place when we allow ourselves to dismantle the games we play – the awareness that we claim back, and the joy that this brings.

    1. What’s cool to appreciate in the games that we play is the mastership that we have of those games – as you point out. What I get from that appreciation is the then unavoidable fact that I must know everything about what I am avoiding – otherwise how can I be so precise and efficient in designing the games to avoid them? It’s a tongue twister, but it makes sense to me and thus one can take the awareness and flip it into appreciation and acceptance. We are majestic; and thus, some of the games that we play to avoid that majesty are pretty impressive!

  43. ‘And now, with this new learning, I am seeing that there is room for a great deal more and, amazing beyond amazing, that fills me with joy.’ Beautiful Otto and super inspiring. There is always more on offer, we are expanding, just like the universe.

  44. From what is shared here, you could say that we reap what we sow. How we express about our day or how we look at what will be next plays its part in what will unfold for us.

    1. Exactly. And taking this metaphor further (perhaps too far?!) if we sow it, we then reap it and then that crop is what we then eat….and so it becomes part of our body and deepens and deepens and around and around we go. And thus, it is in those very first movements – the seeding. That is the key to it all. Love where you have taken it Sally.

  45. It is very exposing to realise and own that we can often create very intense and dramatic lives in order to feel accomplishment at enduring life or to pull attention to ourselves. Letting go of this pattern can allow for more spaciousness and also less individualism.

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