Appreciating Paying the Bills

I recently saw a post on social media for what sounded like an amazing free event about having a different relationship with money, which was run by the charitable institution College of Universal Medicine. I would have loved to go to this event, though that wasn’t possible as it was in Australia, but I did manage to speak to a friend who went. Now I can’t tell you what the course was about as I wasn’t there, but one thing my friend shared that she took away from it, was appreciating paying her bills. What???? I nearly fell of my seat with that. Appreciating paying my bills! I had never ever considered this in my life.

I have been someone who is like, “Oh no, here’s another bill come in.” Someone who dreads paying bills. Never ever have I once considered appreciating what paying a bill offers me.

So this was a whole new and huge revelation to me. It left me pondering on and thinking about things such as what do I get to appreciate from paying my phone and internet bill? Well for starters, I wouldn’t be able to read these blogs, share lesson ideas and plans, talk to my partner who works overseas, FaceTime people, talk to and connect with people all over the world, pay bills, share photos, talk to my parents, be able to look up information at the drop of a hat, use Google maps, answer emails, watch webcasts of workshops, book holidays, hotels, message my brother on the other side of the world, work with groups, study courses, volunteer on projects, buy clothes and other items… and so much more.

When I thought about this I started to think about more bills, for example the car repair bills and petrol. I got to feel, realise and appreciate what paying this bill offers me: the ability to travel to see my family, to go to the shops, to not wait for a bus on a freezing cold day in the pouring rain, to travel to my partner’s; it allows me to work, to go to schools, to see people, to teach, to buy presents for Christmas, to make dinner for my folks, to spend time with my niece, to drive across beautiful Scotland and see amazing places; it allows me travel to courses, workshops, meetings, go to the doctor, the dentist, to hospital, plus so much more.

The list is end-less. I looked at food bills, rent, electricity and gas, plus lots more. What I am learning is this is a totally different relationship to have with money, one that is full of appreciation, and is deeply self-caring as I come to realise what I spend money on may or may not support me, and all the things I can appreciate, which paying every single bills allows me.

By Gyl Rae, Teacher, 40, Scotland

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384 thoughts on “Appreciating Paying the Bills

  1. What is especially great about this article, is the ripples of appreciation that will go out in to every company you pay your bills to. In amongst a sea of resentment, your bills are paid with joy.

  2. Seeing bills as a burden or a curse is going to have the effect of weighing us down, but if you see them for what they are – bills that need to be paid and then they allow you to do so much more in life, then it is a road to freedom in the sense of free to embrace life and all it has on offer for us in terms of growth and evolution.

  3. The other day I was appreciating for the first time some work I had to do in the background, and the appreciation came from the realisation that as I worked this in itself was offering another an amazing support not just in what I was doing for them, but also in the way I was working and preparing something for them….they essentially were offered a double healing: the first with the work that was being done for them, and then the final product that resulted to be handed to them. This was an amazing realisation and reminded me of this blog and how much there is to appreciate about things we often do not appreciate.

  4. Your very wise insights in this blog have really supported me lately, Gyl, as I too commit to developing a new relationship with money which includes how I feeling about “paying the bills”. Not long ago I would not have even considered appreciating that I was able to pay the bills but these days I really am, and in fact, I am loving feeling the appreciation in my body as I do. Not only that, I know the appreciation that goes with the money being paid ripples on out to all those who are on the receiving end; the power of the ripple effect is huge.

  5. Paying my bills and debts allows me to feel free of obligation. I can take this to an extreme and will consider whether how much control also plays it’s part in my approach to paying bills?

  6. Why do we see bills in such an unfavourable light? It’s like we want to live our life for ‘free’ and avoid responsibility. We don’t like to be reminded that for every action we take there is an energetic cost.

  7. There are many transactions in life.How many of them do we bring appreciation to? I am doing a transaction by commenting on this blog right now….and sitting here there is much to appreciate. A warm bed, a computer to work on, inspiring blogs to read, a safe home over my head, work to go today, a supportive pillow behind my back, awareness that I am a bit cold and will put a jumper on. Thank you.

  8. Love this and only this week am appreciating what I get for paying my bills – contact with friends and family, everything. Money does make the world go around but that’s not a negative when I bring appreciation to it and the fact that people are benefiting from the money to do what they need to do. In the same regard, I can also appreciate I earn every penny from what I do and that’s wonderful too.

    1. Spot on, when we receive a service and we value what we receive there never is a problem with paying for it, it is often when we have an expectation and expectation is not met the we have a problem to pay.

  9. This article though simple and short ( my favourite type by the way) is immense, I have had a couple of huge out of the blue bills lately that would have normally rocked my world, and not in the good sense of the saying, but this blog puts bills and where they fit into life into perspective. Besides it is futile putting energy into annoyance, anger or any other negative emotional response to a big bill.

    1. Yes, I’ve had a few bills that have been big. It does happen a fair few times especially around fixing my car and ensuring it is road worthy. Without it I wouldn’t be able to do all the things that are important.

      1. Yep my biggest one was over £1000 recently and that was for my work vehicle and when I consider that last year I did about 17000 miles in it, all work related and how much money I earn because of it, it is pretty important alright.

  10. I am finding I need to keep returning to this relationship with money, as it becomes a set and forget thing for me when I am ’comfortable’ i.e. have enough to pay for everything. I see this as a great reflection of how I can cruise in life.

  11. ‘one thing my friend shared that she took away from it, was appreciating paying her bills. What???? I nearly fell of my seat with that.’ – Put like that, your response to her sharing is actually quite funny, but it is of course how most people would respond, because we have never truly learnt to appreciate that our choices comes with a consequence. We choose to buy something and then later dread paying for it… which really makes no sense at all.

  12. Spending £30 or £40 on something isn’t just spending £30 or £40, but it’s making a choice as to what we value in life and how we spend our energy.

  13. I was cleaning my car on the weekend and your blog popped into my head. I changed the way I was cleaning my car as I brought in much more appreciation for this vehicle that that allows me to go to and from work, visit friends and family, visit places, go shopping, attend workshops etc….Thank you for the inspiration.

  14. Sometimes just the physical process of paying a bill, in finding the card reader and so forth can be tedious, so its a great reminder just to enjoy every step of the ritual and ceremony that it really is.

  15. I love the appreciation you have bought to paying the bills – something that is almost seen as a burdensome task. It makes me realise that we always have a choice; to appreciate or to not appreciate and that this results in us feeling very differently about life.

  16. I have wondered at times some years ago, if we had all the money we wanted, life would be so much easier, pay all the bills, go on holiday, buy everything we ever wanted etc. Now, I understand that we can be millionaires but without love and appreciation, our life can feel empty, dull, lacking in purpose and zest. So, money is not the answer to life, love is actually our true currency and when we appreciate life and live with love, money is not hard earned but flows in as a support for the loving and committed way we work, live and socialise.

    1. “love is actually our true currency …” Yes, absolutely… as love and appreciation is what can be transferred along with money, and this imprint makes a transmutable difference.

  17. Every aspect in life has the potential to be appreciated, not because of the activity itself but who we are and what we bring to those aspects – what if paying your phone bill in a way that is aware of the fact that how you used that service in the first place, how you spoke on the phone, what you spoke about is feeding back into the pool for EVERYONE that uses that service? Theres a lot to appreciate.

  18. I enjoyed reading this, Gyl, as I am in the process of going to another level with the care and responsibility taken with my finances, my home and the little details that support me to go to a deeper quality of relationship with myself.

    1. Agreed Janet, so it is in the clean-out after we have spent time and money buy a new-out-fit, then as I used to say to my mother 1 in 3 out, which is making space, and thus co-creating a “deeper quality of relationship with myself.”

  19. The energy of how we pay our bill goes back to those that offer us the services we need. It is a relationship no different to any other in your life so it is important it is appreciated and held that way.

  20. I do view us as custodians of money, what goes round comes around, and I like to return to the bartering system sometimes. We all need to pay bills for sure but we can also swap skills so I can give a treatment to someone in exchange for support on the computer or a mirror put up on a wall.

    1. This is a particualrly great way to get support with something we cant do for ourselves when we dont had alot of money to spare. There is great value in sharing our skills in this way.

  21. Once I came to appreciating paying bills early, I also came to appreciate filing my paperwork in an orderly way too, rather than letting it pile up.

    1. I agree Rebecca and paying our bills early or on time is a sign of appreciation. When I invoice my clients, I notice the ones who appreciate my service always pay on time and as a result, I hugely appreciate their appreciation and it goes back and forth.

  22. We are brought up to dislike paying for things unless they are material – clothes, makeup, holidays, a meal out. Bills are seen to be an unwelcome depletion of our funds, rather than the supportive, foundational base of our everyday life from our house to our water and electricity.

  23. Our capacity to pay for the services that we utilise is something that supports our everyday living. Appreciating not only that we pay for these services is one thing, but considering that there could be a ripple effect on what we choose to purchase is something else. Every interaction matters, even if we are paying a bill on the internet.

  24. I like the simplicity in what you share. We have the tendency to make things complicated and say we have an issue with money, food, people, etc,, instead of just looking at what is there and what we haven’t appreciated enough yet.

  25. Thanks Gyl for this timely blog as I have just got an unexpected very expensive bill to fix our car and stopping to appreciate just how much of a support our car is to our family has been a real antidote to this shock!

    1. Andrew that is indeed a great point, it’s those unexpected costs that I sometime balk at.. certainly worthwhile to appreciate what each one offers and if a bill is not like this, then to reflect on why we got to need that bill ?!

  26. ‘what I spend money on may or may not support me’ If we are uncertain about buying something what a good question this could be ” Does this support me? ” When I have done this it has been at times revealing and at others very confirming. It leads to more honesty with oneself.

  27. So important to be aware of how we spend money, anything we buy or spend is an investment in one way or another, into that commodity or way of doing things. Bills are the completion along with the receipts of these choices, they show us where we invest and where our money goes. So what ever it is, are we happy to invest part of ourselves in it, be it our car, the supermarket we choose, the clothes, the water company we use, all of these are relationships and based on more than just financial transactions and do what are we offering, not just what are we receiving?

  28. I appreciate the amazingness and ability to use money in the temporal life to assist and facilitate the body to live in a true way that we know is natural. Space, connection, nature, health and well-being, relationships, warmth, transportation, protection of the body. All very amazing.

    1. I am too beginning to appreciate the flow of money in the temporal life and not get caught in the have too and must have the money kind of way of thinking I use to get caught up in. Now there is more a flow as I allow for the money to support in its true way for the temporal life.

  29. Without wanting to be too graphic – this is a bit like going to the toilet. When you are in tune with your body, it’s a pleasurable experience to feel your system is working well. When there’s obstructions or tenseness it’s terrible and can be painful. Money in my experience is the same.

    1. Interesting analogy Joseph, I must say, I wouldn’t have looked at money in this way but it makes sense. To me, money is also about the reflection of flow in life and with the example, you’ve shared Joseph, going to the toilet, is also about flow. When a system is working well there is definitely a flow, and money is the same.

  30. The appreciating of paying the bills came up in conversation today which was about builders, getting ripped off and so forth and not wanting to pay the bill at the end. One of the key factors apart from discerning the tradesmen in the first instance was making sure we are completely clear about what is being done and at what cost so that we can agree it within ourselves in the first place, then we are already ready, subject to the work being as agreed, to appreciate as we pay at the end.

    1. Absolutely. And it is vital that we take responsibility here. Did we truly express what we wanted? Did we set the standards very clearly? Did we support them through the process? It’s very easy to point the finger and blame, but what is our part in it and, in fact, is the resentment we feel actually a self-fury because we know that we didn’t take that full responsibility?

  31. ‘I got to feel, realise and appreciate what paying this bill offers me’ – This is yet another area in life where most of us may not have an understanding of how important it is to bring awareness and appreciation to, another area where we may ‘get by’ on autopilot and miss out on the actual gift that is on offer.

    1. Sometimes we just pay a bill because we have to rather than stop and appreciate what we are paying for, it really is showing us to look at the finer details of how we use our money and where, another level of appreciation.

  32. What you open up here is looking at life as a whole and not just at one part (that we like). We learn to pick and choose what we like and what we do not like but with that we deny ourselves to experience life as a whole, where everything has a rhythm and works in cycles and is interconnected.

  33. What a beautiful appreciation of ourselves money and paying bills and all they really bring to us and allow in our lives . I love it and will remember this with a smile .

  34. One of my clients has a deeply respectful relationship with suppliers particularly small businesses and sole traders like myself. They commit to pay for services rendered within ten working days and always honour this. It’s supportive to be appreciated in this way and know when you will be paid.

  35. Money is one of those things that literally moves from one person to another, be it internet transfer into banks accounts, international currency transfer or simply cash physically passing through hands… its quite phenomenal how vast the ripple effect is. It certainly makes you become more accountable to the quality of the transaction of money that passes through you.

  36. Paying the bills are a reflection of the opportunities we provide ourselves with – as you write buy food, follow a course and the ability to travel to see a friend. As I write this, I realise that we can but appreciate this activity ‘paying bills’. It becomes much grander. And, as you add, we can also feel into each bill: is this supporting me or not? That brings in a whole new level of awareness and responsibility: where does the money go to?

    1. Well said, it is impossible to appreciate the different aspects of our lives if we don’t first and foremost appreciate ourselves.

  37. This is a great blog for us to stop and appreciate all the things we have available to us and how much we use then. Everything has to have a flow of energy, so are we valuing what we use and are appreciating all the bills we pay.

  38. Such a great way to look at paying bills and what actually you have been supported leading up to paying the bills.

  39. Our relationships with objects, with people etc are what we make them, but in these relationships is always an opportunity for a greater learning. For example we can come into a relationship with money that is governed by a belief or ideal that it is a hardship/a poverty mentality/a luxury/something to abuse or not value etc etc – and in the process of life these things get exposed and so this is an opportunity for ourselves to simply let go of these things, understand why we held onto them, and then allow ourselves to be more free and re-imprint the relationship free from these constraints. It is not always an easy process as I have learned, but there is much to reflect on and always deeper layers to access – deeper layers of being free.

  40. It’s confronting to see how we have ignored and avoided our responsibility. So our main tactic is to continue to turn a blind eye – all of which leads to a horrible surprise. It seems it’s not bills we have trouble with but responsibility.

  41. This also is worth contemplating “as I come to realise what I spend money on may or may not support me” as money is energy and whether we use it wisely or not can have a huge impact on our lives.

  42. Considering your idea of appreciating paying the bills took me full circle to appreciating the money I receive for working which gives me the ability to pay my bills, and the more openly and lovingly I receive the money and the more openly and lovingly I release the money to pay my bills the more it flows, and the appreciation flows with it out into the world.

    1. I agree Rosemary, love this full circle – we cannot appreciate paying our bills unless we equally appreciate the work we do and the money we make on it.

    1. Well said Rachel – all the little things that we can take for granted are things we can deeply appreicate and this allows life to take on a whole new and different meaning! So much more for me to consider in all areas, and not just about paying bills…

  43. There are many exchanges of energy that go on in our lives not just money, and they can all be felt as a balancing up, and an opportunity to appreciate and to interact with others too.

    1. Everything is energy and there is an exchange in everything we do, whether its money or service. We need to look at all these opportunities to appreciate what is being offered to us.

      1. Knowing that bills are part of our cycles of earning and spending in order to support the body and what it delivers next.

  44. I have just this minute paid the bill for the hire of a hall where I meet with locals for meditation and for a singing group and a choir my husband leads with. As I reflect on the years of connection and community this brings us all several times a month I cannot but feel Joyful. Thank you for reminding me to appreciate these things even more.

  45. I want to read this again and again Gyl, I love this – there is so much that can be said for appreciation.
    This is the kind of lesson we need our education system to be promoting.

    1. I agree we should be bringing lessons like this into our education system, valuing and appreciating money and how we use them to value and appreciate bills we pay.

  46. I was like that too, in annoyance of paying bills, and the one with the biggest amount on it made me even to go into a slight depressed state, a feeling of being a victim of life.

      1. Paying our bills is not different from chatting with some people on the streets. Life is about expression and paying our bills is one of these. How we are in all the different ways of expression shows how consistent we are in that and the areas where we still have something to learn.

  47. When paying the bills gets us all the things we need in life, I can see how we can change our attitude towards paying the dreaded bills and turn it right around into a loving process.

  48. What a boost to our energy when we allow money to be easily flowing in our life and then this revitalises us in many other areas of our life. So holding-back is not worth the effort as we pay the price down the track later in life.

  49. As with anything, when we deal with things as they come up, we do not then waste our energy on getting anxious or overwhelmed about what we havent done.

    1. Staying in connection in the moment allows us to reserve our energy and not waste it, therefore there is no space for anxiousness or overwhelm to come up.

  50. Gyl, thank you so much for writing this article, reading this makes me realise that I had not considered appreciating paying my bills, or for that matter there are also many other things that I have not appreciated. I can feel how much there is that supports me – from friends and family, my home, my work, to paying the bills, my car and the list goes on – there is much that I had not considered and had not appreciated.

    1. Sure it is Rebecca, there is much to appreciate when we pay our bills, we may allow ourselves to consider that it is our energy we have put in earning our money that then circulates back into our societies. It is our energy of love that then is send back into our society and with that slowly brings love back in every aspect of life.

  51. From the bank to the bank teller etc. we will find everyone gets the shared Love when we pass our money around as they all get a blessing. At the same time the true services that is invaluable from a true student, is gold that is delivered by way of Loving service and how can we place a true value that is recognisable on Love?

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