DAVID MILLIKAN: That Was Bullying

by Thomas, Carpenter & Handyman. Northern NSW

What happened on the night of Friday 12 October, 2012 when the press stormed a peaceful meeting at Lennox Head Community Centre, was awful. I arrived after a busy work week to come to what is always a lovely, relaxed talk in a safe, friendly environment.

Instead, when I walked in there were people with TV cameras standing on a couch trying to film members of the public who had paid to come for the talk. When I asked one of the press what was going on, they said they had come to “…film a silly meeting”, perhaps not realising I myself was coming to the meeting. It was rude and disrespectful, and discriminating against my, and others’ beliefs.

Outside the building I had a film camera shoved in my face and was asked my name, without asking my consent or telling me who they were and what actually were they doing, which was ambushing a quiet meeting of individuals.

The whole incident has been deeply traumatising to me, and made me fearful of what they might do next. It’s kept me awake some nights, worrying about it.

To sum it up, this is Australia, where there is meant to be the freedom of belief – without some cheap TV show ambushing peaceful members of the public like me, so they can sell their invented, sensational story.

The next thing is, we were accused of being a ‘cult’. Cult – my foot! I was part of a cult for 30 years – a fully involved and willing member. So as you can imagine, I know what a cult is, and Universal Medicine is the absolute opposite. I choose when to do workshops, which I’m free to walk out of should I choose to do so; not only that, I can get my money refunded. I feel more myself attending Universal Medicine events than I have my whole life.

So the next time the press want to make some money selling a story to the public, come and talk to me – I will tell them what a horrible experience it is to be in a real cult.

The media doesn’t have to lie and invent some trumped up story about everyday people who teach other people to simply be themselves, by falsely calling them a cult. They must be desperate for new stories.

If my post sounds angry it’s because I’m a gentleman, and don’t like being bullied by gutless reporters and camera crews on a quiet night out after a big week working on the tools.

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  1. Universal Medicine provides a space that is very relaxing. It is also provides a space I can be me again, a man that is sensitive. I am now able to live this more out in the world the more I accept the sensitivity that I feel. Universal Medicine has been the catalyst and the absolute love for me to return to who I truly am. Words cannot describe the freedom I feel in my body . .

  2. Its easy to condemn that which you don’t want to understand, even name call it. Even make assumptions on something that you think so true.

  3. What can be said about a so-called ‘anti-cult’ ‘expert’ who is attacking non-cult people fiercely? A problem of glasses perhaps? Or a problem of the lenses through which he chooses to see the world?

  4. Thank you Thomas for sharing your experience, it is interesting that the camera crew had no idea that you were heading into the meeting, it shows how obsessed people can be with what they are doing and how much they are unaware of anything outside of that.

  5. Isn’t it the case that the kind of media ‘professionals’ who act is this way could not care less whether Universal Medicine is really a cult or not? They just know that a cult story is always something that will stimulate readers, sell copy and swell viewing figures. So they just make it up. More fool us for believing what they put out. Time we stopped supporting these lies and demanded truth from our media.

  6. It shows how closed, biased and abusive the camera crew, etc, were by calling the Universal Medicine event “a silly meeting”. Their disrespect was there in attitude and action. It’s absolutely not ok for this kind of behaviour not to be a criminal act, and for it to then to be presented on TV and other forms of media and presented as the “truth” shows how deep the media is in corruption.

  7. This same thing would happen a bit I would assume and from what I see this has become the new way to report. I have said on other similar articles that I use to turn onto shows that reported like this and watch them and then make a judgement on what I saw. After you walk away some of what you saw would still linger while other parts you would dismiss depending on your life experience. Now and for a while now I dismiss the entire show and in fact I don’t even turn it on as it’s just rubbish. The reporting isn’t reporting but more just a concocted and manipulated mess and as they say most of time the only truth is that they spelt the persons name correctly. This style of reporting needs us all turning off too and then pretty soon they will actually knock on our door with a lot more respect.

  8. As you said Thomas, Millikan and crew were not interested in the truth, they had simply come to this event to bully, intimidate and fabricate a story to gain maximum coverage and profit, and all at the expense of those present at the meeting.

  9. “I know what a cult is, and Universal Medicine is the absolute opposite.” Words from someone who knows the truth.

  10. I feel that this was a very disrespectful, rude, and aggressive way to treat you, and is a disgrace to those involved with this incident, ‘If my post sounds angry it’s because I’m a gentleman, and don’t like being bullied by gutless reporters and camera crews on a quiet night out after a big week working on the tools.’

  11. I love that Thomas has experienced living in a cult, for who better than he to call out the lies and false truths that some people feel it is their right to speak. Just know every time one speaks or writes and can feel that what they are saying is a lie, it is the speaker who is harmed, first by their words and secondly by the harm they cause to others.

  12. If on asking an innocent question you get an answer that is full of judgement, you know what their intention is, quite clearly. I always thought that the media are there to present a story from all angles and then present the truth. Unfortunately vested interests seem to rule how they run. It also seems that some will resort to any behaviour to tell the story that they want. However we choose the media we consume, so we can always make new choices.

  13. It was a shock and traumatised my freedom and rights being attacked unlawfully and disrespectfully by David Millikan, crew and the media. It is the worst kind of bullying and I have not seen that they have been made accountable for their attack.

  14. Well said and described Thomas. The whole fiasco you describe was indeed an ‘ambush’ – I was there also and it actually felt military-like, violent even, the callousness and aggression of the TV crew was intense… So I can well appreciate the trauma that you experienced and that remained with you. Many were traumatised that night. It was absolutely abhorrent, and a huge eye-opener as to the complete disrespect certain sectors of our media are more than willing to apply in search of their ‘desperate’ story as you say Thomas.
    Funny that, when there was and is no ‘story’ – and no ‘cult’. What an inexcusable beat up…

  15. Nobody likes to be bullied, unfortunately this kind of behaviour is becoming rampant in the world of today and we definitely need to stand up, speak up and do something about it.

  16. Calling the meeting silly without any experience of it themselves shows the pre-conceived bias they arrived with that will lace any attempt to report the truth from an non objective stance. The Australian public deserve more than what some media are selling and they certainly deserve to be treated with greater respect than the appaulling antics they were subjected to that night.

  17. As I did read your sharing Thomas I did imagine the people at home on their sofas watching this ‘story’ on TV, having some chips and a beer (as I was looking like not that long ago) and thinking ‘OMG what a crazy world. And so we are still with ‘bread and circuses’ for the masses – beside the technique…not so much has changed, or? Ah yes wait – there are a few people who started to bring a true change into this world, by living integrity and joyful life, taking responsibility about every choice they make. Who is that? How do they make it? THIS is worth a story – but will not be paid by TV I guess.

  18. Thomas thank you for sharing so honestly your experience with the media – it reveals how most of the media is working – “. . . the press want to make some money selling a story to the public . . . “

  19. Thomas, the media does sound very thuggish in this case, and I’m not surprised I’ve seen quite bullying behaviour on current affairs style programs before. Hearing the inside account is even more disturbing. What a shame we could not film their activity and showcase that on YouTube – then people could see the truth for themselves, not the trumped up twisted story created from the media’s agenda-based ambush.

  20. Thomas at the end you say how you don’t like to be bullied after a big week working on the tool. But really nobody likes to be bullied at any time and it is very harmful for all concerned – the bully and the one being bullied. This kind of behaviour is very unloving and simply not the way for us to conduct ourselves – so why as a society do we allow it and even condone it by watching these programs and ready the sensationalist press?

  21. “Outside the building I had a film camera shoved in my face and was asked my name, without asking my consent or telling me who they were and what actually were they doing, which was ambushing a quiet meeting of individuals.”. The title of your post says it all Thomas- “That was bullying”.

  22. Well said Thomas, the attack by this film crew was an absolute disgrace. Innocent people enjoying a night of wellbeing presentations should never be subjected to this bullying and abusive behaviour.

  23. Thank you Thomas, I understand your position about the intensity created by the media. As a group The Students of The Livingness have shown what true reporting of news worthy items is all about, maybe one day the media will follow suite.

  24. Rightful anger Thomas. Three years later the Press has not given up writing lies but the sheer number of blogs will drown their misrepresentation and falsehood.

  25. Thank you, Thomas, gentleman, for setting the record straight. It makes me feel safe to know that I am walking in gentle manners together with other gentle men, that there are many of us on all continents.

  26. I appreciated reading your take on that night from the outside. It seems there are many more stories exposing the persecution tactics of the media than there are stories to back up David Millikans sensationalised version of events that night!

  27. Awesome Thomas- this bit was super funny… “Cult – my foot! ” hahah I completely agree with what you have shared… that the event David Millikan organised was bullying, and that i feel way more myself when participating in the Universal Medicine events. nothing comes close to how i feel after a presentation.

  28. The media have attempted to paint students of Esoteric Medicine as pathetic, mindless follows by labeling us a cult, yet this is so far from the truth. Their bullying tactics have to be exposed and who better to do so than someone like you who has had first-hand experience of being in a cult – thank you Thomas.

  29. What a pity that the media hasn’t taken the opportunity and interviewed you Thomas regarding your true life 30 years of actual experience with a cult and compared it to what you now experience with Universal Medicine. Now thats a story I would love to hear. Thank you for sharing.

  30. I would like to hear your story of what it is like being in a real cult. that would be something worth reading about so that people can understand what the difference is. Universal Medicine is absolutely not a cult.

  31. Being bullied and traumatised because of your beliefs and choices (utterly harmless to others) is unacceptable and a horrible thing to feel. It shows the extent to which the press is willing to go to sell its products to a society that is so numbed out that they have no way to feel what is presented to it any longer.

  32. Thank you Thomas for your sharing. After what has happened to Universal Medicine by the media, now, when I listen to, or read the stories told by the media, I wonder how much truth is being told, they have for me lost their credibility.

  33. Totally agree with all you write here Thomas enough is enough and our media need to be more accountable for their actions!

  34. After 30 years in an actual cult you speak with an authority that should be respected. It is important that people know when they read what the media is trying to sell them about Universal Medicine, that it is all an utter fabrication for the purpose of drumming up a sensational story for personal gain, and not their actual job of reporting the truth for the benefit of all.

  35. Thank you Thomas for sharing with us all, the abusive and bullying tactics that David Millikan and his camera crew engaged in, the night they invaded a peaceful meeting held in a communiy Centre. This totally lacked any care or consideration of others.

  36. Thank you Thomas for sharing how deeply traumatised you were by this invasion. It was powerful to read and the fact that you have personal experience of being in an actual cult would have made you an ideal interviewee for David Millikan but the agenda was clearly set before ever entering the hall and truth was an early casualty.

  37. Thank you Thomas for your account of what happened that night. The comment of this being a ‘silly meeting’ just shows how much deceit and manipulation was involved. And for what? Simply to get a sensational story to boost the ratings for a TV network. It appears to me the media have no limits to the depths they will sink to.

  38. Thank you Thomas – this clearly exposes how Millikan and crew were not interested in the truth at all but in bullying a fabricated story for paying viewers. It is David Millikan who should be having interupted sleep from the shame of it all – not you .

  39. I too was in a cult for 10 years and know what that is and as you said Thomas this is not a cult , like you I KNOW what a cult feels like and how horrible it is. If you have ever experienced being in one and you have removed yourself you WILL NEVER return to one again. Well expressed.
    Mary-Louise Myers

  40. What I have been pondering on is – if universal medicine was classed “officially” as a religion would we have less of this bullying?

  41. Thank you Thomas. What your post exposes is just how ignorant the TV crew were of what was truly taking place, the complete lack of integrity towards their work and total disregard towards others. It was a cheap trick at the expense of very loving, open people.

  42. Well said, Thomas. Your account shows there was an agenda of denigration on the part of David Millikan and the television crew, as they they had already made their minds up when they described the Universal Medicine health talk as a ‘silly meeting’. They certainly wouldn’t have said that if David Millikan was coming speak openly with everyone for legitimate research for his book – as he put forward to Serge Benhayon. This is why he was allowed to take the stage in the first place. What abominable deceit! What gall to think he has the right to treat his fellow human beings that way!

  43. Thank you Thomas, I had not heard the story from the outside of the public meeting. It sound as rude and disrespectful as it was aggressive and confrontational from the inside.

  44. But even if you were angry Thomas – you have got every right to be so – you had your perfectly planned evening completely ruined and were left deeply traumatised by a bunch of barking loopy loonies dressed in ‘nice guys’ outfits. Nice my foot as you say 🙂
    Had they ambushed a cemetery, it would have caused commotion amongst the dead, let alone within genuinely lovely and lively bunch of people of which you were a member of that night.

  45. Thank you Thomas, your account of that night is powerful and sums up the contrast between what the gathering was truly about and the aggressive actions of the media and David Millikan. Their actions were truly abusive and more akin to cult behaviour than anything that ever happens at Universal Medicine events.

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