Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse and Creeps… Statistics and My Story

by Kyla Plummer, Bangalow, NSW, Small Business Owner

Accusations of sexual assault are extremely serious and should never be taken lightly. The statistics that follow clearly show that sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual violence are currently major issues in modern society.

  • 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men are abused before the age of 18 (Fergusson & Mullen. 1999).
  • 1 in 5 women and 1 in 20 men have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15 years  (Australian Bureau of Statistics, Personal Safety Survey, 2005).
  • 93% of offenders are male (National Crime and Safety Survey, 2002).
  • 82% of recorded sexual assault victims were female (Trends in Recorded Sexual Assault, Australian Institute Of Criminology, 2005).

On a world scale, we are unfortunately familiar with sexual abuse. However, I don’t need statistics to know this abuse is widespread… I have first hand experience of being sexually assaulted, as have many of my female friends: in addition, some of the men that I know have been sexually abused in some way during their lives.

When I was 19 years old and pregnant with my first child, a registered Osteopath indecently assaulted me. He was recommended to me by a prominent, progressive and highly reputable Professor of Medicine based in Melbourne.

When I was 11 years old, I remember one of my father’s creepy friends commenting on my breast development, when my Dad wasn’t in earshot. (Creepy [Urban Slang] – commonly used term describing sexually inappropriate or perverted behaviour and/or; to derive sexual gratification through dishonorable means.)

At 21 a well-known local businessman propositioned me to prostitute myself.

At 23 I woke up with a man having sex with me when I was too intoxicated to defend myself.

Many women have experienced men initiating sex with them when they are too intoxicated to resist.

A close friend became pregnant after being raped at 16.

Another friend recently told me that she had been ‘felt up’ (or indecently assaulted) by strangers in the street too many times to count…

These experiences are not isolated; there are millions of these stories…

We all know what a creep looks like: most people know what creeps feel like or what creepy behavior entails. Most of my female friends also have a sense of when someone is using their body to get off in some way – we get it every day, even simply walking down the street, or in the workplace, or with the extra special attention of a creepy uncle or family friend.

I do not and would not engage any practitioner, doctor, massage therapist, dentist or anybody else that is going to come in close contact to my body, who feels or acts creepy. Perhaps back then I got stung or tricked more easily, when I was not as sure with my convictions and my rights. That Osteopath managed to trick me into breast massage (he was a man!) by insinuating that it was for therapeutic purposes: he also suggested internal muscle manipulation! Yes… he attempted to get me to allow him to vaginally and anally manipulate my hip muscles?!? I left and never went back. Thinking back, even before these atrocious suggestions, the way he checked the alignment of my bones whilst I was in my underwear without a robe, was creepy enough to begin with – and unnecessary to my treatment.

Yes, I should have reported him, but like many victims of sexual abuse, I was humiliated, traumatised and felt stupid, like it was somehow my fault. I did have him blacklisted by his peers with the co-operation of the Professor who had originally recommended him, but I could have done more, and so should have that Professor. Due to my circumstances, at that time I could not face the ordeal of pressing charges; however, I did not keep it to myself and sought support of those close to me as well as relating the incident to the Professor. I would handle this differently with the strength and certainty that I now possess, and would never allow that to happen to me again: I could never be tricked in that way, belittled, made to feel inferior, prudish or immature, like I was made to feel if I did not allow the sexual advances of that man – actions he attempted to hide under the guise of Osteopathy.

I take great offence to anyone suggesting that I don’t know what sexual abuse is. Or that I am somehow too stupid or manipulated to know what sexual assault is – I KNOW, it has ACTUALLY happened to me. To suggest that 100’s, if not 1000’s of women who all have awareness about sexual abuse, and by the statistics shown above at least 1/3 may have personal experience of this abuse, are suddenly rendered unaware of what’s happening during their treatments at the Universal Medicine Clinic, is patently ridiculous and deeply offensive to these people who conduct themselves impeccably in their everyday lives.

The person or persons responsible for accusing Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine of sexual misconduct clearly have had no experience with real abuse themselves, or they are very confused about what it means, or THEY HAVE AN AGENDA… but most likely, all of the above. The character and motives of these people require serious assessment and they should be held accountable.

Unfortunately, in a world rife with sexual abuse there are also those who attempt to ruin others’ lives and reputations by malicious accusations. They know that by doing so they will tarnish the reputation of the accused even if they can get no further with it than the initial complaint. It is a serious offence to wrongfully accuse someone of sexual assault or misconduct, and it is also a gross insult to the countless real victims of sexual abuse. That they attempt this smear by employing a social media site that is notorious for taking no responsibility for the sometimes dubious and outrageous content shared on various pages, is a definite indication that there is an agenda at play. To me these are not the actions of a genuinely abused person, but rather those of one on a mission. Furthermore, the image uploaded on this same site suggesting sexual interference with a client is laughable for its anatomic inaccuracy, betraying total ignorance of where ‘lady parts’ are located. (The image refers to ‘a young woman’ – how do they even know this?). Thousands of these treatments have been given, with no recorded complaints. EVER!  Excluding this one anonymous exception.

My experiences with Serge Benhayon and practitioners of Universal Medicine are the dead opposite to these allegations. I have never felt any underlying sexual suggestiveness or behavior from him and/or them. NEVER. I was and continue to be always treated with respect as a woman. I have never been touched inappropriately. I always consented to the treatment I received from the Universal Medicine Clinic and these treatments were administered professionally, with client care of the highest standard.

In short, Serge Benhayon does not possess an ounce of the abusive energy that was described previously. So it seems to me utterly ridiculous to accuse this man of creeping… it is simply disgraceful. There are plenty of lovely and genuine men in this world who don’t find the need to objectify women, and just because some (men and women) behave this way does not mean that it needs to be normalised in any way, shape or form. As a woman, it is a true relief to be around non-creepy men – I prefer to call them real men – as I believe this is our true nature and that creepiness (amongst many other unsavoury behaviors) is a product of a civilisation that is clearly out of control.

I know plenty of men and women who are inspired by the way in which Serge Benhayon conducts himself professionally, personally, within the community and notably, the way he treats women with the utmost respect, equality and care. In my opinion and experience, Serge Benhayon is the epitome of a true Gentleman: what a terrible shame that a man of this quality would be accused of the very thing he is clearly not.

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  1. ‘…what a terrible shame that a man of this quality would be accused of the very thing he is clearly not.’ Accusing someone about something that is not true (in this case exactly the opposite of who they are) should be penalized.

  2. When I read what your experience was growing up, this is all part of a world that is far from acceptable. The whole world needs a big shake up, and responsibility needs to be brought in for all.

  3. Sexual abuse is a horrendous act; a very serious offense/assault against our being and integrity that the legal system recognizes as a crime under specific conditions. Sexual abuse, however, is only one kind of abuse which has a profound bearing on our integrity and our being. Not every type of abuse cut necessarily equally across gender as the sexual one. This means that there is a clear generalized acquaintance with abuse. Abuse is very difficult to eradicate because of how we live and what we consider normal. Eradicating it, not only includes what we have recognized as abuse, but also referring to it abusively or abusing another in the name of abuse.

  4. I feel that these malicious accusations made up by two people in particular is definitely agenda based, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Revenge is a very unpleasant energy that is being directed towards Serge Benhayon, trying to despoil his reputation and business success is a extremely low handed callous move. But in spite of everything that these people have thrown at Serge Benhayon he goes from success to success because of the truth of what he lives. The teaching for me is that he holds them in the same love that he holds everyone else in spite of their poisonous actions towards him. This is an act of ultimate love.

  5. To accuse the innocent of sexual abuse, driven in this case by a personal agenda and fuelled by jealousy, is a further denigration and slap in the face of all who have indeed been sexually abused.

  6. Women are very capable of sensing a ‘creep’ when they meet one. Serge Benhayon would not have the number of female clients and students if he were in any way, such a creep. It’s nonsense.

  7. Making a false claim of sexual abuse is a truly disgusting act. False complaints cast doubt on those who are courageous enough to make complaints about actual abuse.

  8. The ‘anti-cult’ traders have specific rules of engagement. False accusations that create moral outcry is only one of the tools of their toolkit in their ‘fight for truth’.

  9. Thank you so much Kyla for sharing your story. It really is shocking how common these occurrences are and how they seem to be getting more and more perverted in its enactment. If I had not come to Universal Medicine and got to know Serge Benhayon and other inspired men, I would have easily stated ‘men are creepy by nature’ as a fact, but what I have learnt is how much of human behaviour is a result of us not being who we truly are, and what I feel now to question is how we manage to either become ourselves or continue to bring up the generation after generation of those whose behaviours represent the complete opposite of what we truly are by nature.

  10. When people abuse their position of authority to abuse another their behavior is absolutely abhorrent and unacceptable.

  11. If you doubt then just have a go and meet Serge Benhayon because creepiness is indeed something so very clear to feel and there is no ounce of creepiness in Serge Benhayon or anyone involved with Universal Medicine.

  12. “It is a serious offence to wrongfully accuse someone of sexual assault or misconduct, and it is also a gross insult to the countless real victims of sexual abuse.” Everyone is harmed by those who intentionally wrongfully accuse someone of sexual assault or misconduct – including the perpetrator as they feed their own malicious energy.

    1. Absolutely Mary, ‘Everyone is harmed by those who intentionally wrongfully accuse someone of sexual assault or misconduct’, and this heinous act needs to become a chargeable offence, so the perpetrator is held accountable.

  13. You give a very blatant insight into our state of being as human beings and it becomes clear how blessed we are by Serge Benhayon and his living ways.

  14. Reading this today shocked me to some degree as I felt how normal this has become for all of us … I too have been felt up and make little of it as I felt that well I must have been ‘asking for it’ … not true at all but at the time I didn’t have the confidence in me to say this is not ok, and how many of us have felt that way. And as I write this I can feel the devastation of all of us that we can live and have lived in a way that allows abuse and considers it normal, for no matter where on the scale it is abuse, and it’s not normal and if we do not call this out we allow the space for the greater abuses we know and see around us. It’s beyond time we all said no to this, and it starts with us truly valuing ourselves and allowing ourselves the space and the voice to say what we truly feel. And why can I say this now and not back then? Well I came across Universal Medicine and I was met with a love and care I’d rarely experienced, a care that told me clearly I was a beautiful, precious woman and that I could live and be that in the world. I would not have the understanding I know have of the abuse I’ve experienced without that care, that love, that integrity. Thank you Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and myself for all that support and those steps.

    1. What you beautifully show here is that we are lost without true reflections of the love and care we all deserve.

  15. I would go further and say there is not a woman alive who has not been sexually abused – if not physically, then certainly energetically. We have all been objectified and used for sexual gratification in one way or another – as Kyla reports here, it is an everyday occurrence, and it can be as simple as a look. Learning how to hold ourselves steady whilst being aware of what is occurring (rather than blocking what we feel by whatever means possible – with alcohol, drugs, food, and so on) is key. I’m learning, slowly, how to do just that, thanks to my work with Universal Medicine practitioners and the ever-helpful presentations of Serge Benhayon.

  16. Serge Benhayon holds the utmost respect and dignity for women, from the way he speaks to his unimposing posture and humbleness, there is nothing about Serge that could in the slightest way be dreamed as sexually abusive, and from the way he lives he has inspired many men to connect to their own gentleness which in turn inspires others.

  17. Accusing someone of sexual abuse as a way to get back at them, any which way and especially one that will incite others, is not just a dirty trick but a crime. Furthermore, it makes a mockery of those who have been sexually assaulted and weakens their position by association and insinuation.

  18. I welcome the day when every man and woman lives with the degree of integrity, respect and responsibility that Serge Benhayon lives every single day.

    1. Lorraine, I too welcome the day when ‘every man and woman lives with the degree of integrity, respect and responsibility that Serge Benhayon lives every single day.’ Serge embodies heaven on earth to the nth degree.

  19. Your experience with sexual abuse is a story that is very familiar to me, both in my own life and in the lives of many people I know both male and female. In my experience it is rare To truly get to know a woman without eventually being told of the sexual abuse she has experienced. Serge Benhayon is a man that presents the complete opposite of sexual abuse. He stands for honour and integrity and his treatment if both men and women is completely and utterly respectful to say the least.

  20. There will be many who can testify that what you share concerning Serge Benhayon and his absolute integrity ! To share what you have experienced in the wider world is indeed important especially to those young people who may be unfortunate enough to come into contact with unscrupulous and abusive professionals. Thank you Kyla for your honesty.

  21. It’s true Kyla, none us ‘need statistics to know this abuse is widespread’ or prove to us our present day society is being held to ransom by such abuse – and we can all see it with our own eyes when we actually open them up to this fact.

  22. We do all know when someone behaves creepy yet because it’s seen as normal in our society to behave in this manner we override the feelings within ourselves. It took a friend to point out to me that a relative of mine was looking at her in a peculiar way. This was the way he had always looked at women especially young girls me included but I dismissed it even though I knew and I knew that someone close to me knew what she was saying was true. Communication and expression are key and as a parent creating space for my children to openly express how they feel and I with them especially in situations where we feel even a little uncomfortable is important in my relationship with myself and with them.

    1. Thank you for sharing Caroline. A couple of years ago a family member repeatedly placed his hand on my bottom when hugging me. Each time I felt horrified and violated but I said nothing hoping it was an accident. When I finally told another family member I found out that this had been happening to many young women in my family and all of them had been told that it was an ‘accident’. Thankfully I had learned to trust what I feel and see the abuse for what it was. Silence is what allows sexual abuse to continue. Serge Benhayon’s presentations have encouraged me to speak up and honour what I feel and as a result I no longer experience or allow sexual abuse the way I used to.

  23. What makes an expert these days? With respect do you need to study at Uni, work in a laboratory or be recognised by an association or similar? Or do you simply need to have experienced something in detail and walked out the other side. I would say the lady writing an article such as this is an expert on sexual abuse and what it looks like from a living perspective, a real and living expert. In this way and from what she has presented I trust she knows and is aware of what she is speaking about. I know Serge Benhayon really well and all that is written here I support fully.

  24. It feels even worse in some ways when a health professional acts in this creepy way. We go to them trusting they will treat us with care and integrity and it is almost like you have to get through a wall of disbelief to realise that a professional can act this way. What feels key is to have a well established sense of abuse and what that is for you, then not allow anyone to cross it, health professional or not.

  25. (Now) “I could never be tricked in that way, belittled, made to feel inferior, prudish or immature, like I was made to feel if I did not allow the sexual advances of that man”. I have realised how much we as young women feel we are not in a position to say no to the sexual advances of a man. It’s almost like we should be grateful that someone has paid us that attention! I can recall that it was very common for boys to talk about who was frigid or call girls that name when I was a teen. When peer pressure is so strong as a teenager, it takes a lot to stand up to this, and not see this as the normal way to relate to men.

  26. An amazing piece of writing about a subject that absolutely needs to be discussed and not continued to be normalised by the normalisation and apathy which surrounds it. Any form of sexual misconduct or abuse is not okay and to accuse one of it for your own agenda when the opposite is true is not only deeply offensive but reprehensible.

  27. Kyla shocking statistics – thank you for sharing your story. And I fully agree with you in no way is Serge Benhayon abusive of women or men for that matter. Many people in his place have in the past abused their ‘power’ over others but with Serge I have never observed him, over the 13 years I have known him, be anything but respectful of women and men. In fact he has treated everyone with the utmost love, care, decency and respect that is noteworthy itself. He always has time for you no matter what. And this is the story that needs to be told.

  28. Serge Benhayon was the first teacher who has presented the energetic integrity of a practitioner that they could be impeccably attired and be professional in their practice but if they used porn/alcohol/drug etc. that’s what they are bringing into their practice energetically and will affect the client with. It is most ludicrous to suggest anyone of his high level of integrity and awareness to be sexually, or in any other way, abusive towards anyone.

  29. No statistics get near what (mostly) women suffer under. And we allow this. By every not-reported assault, by every creepy glance we ignore and avoid – the moment we dull our beauty and light, we dim our power and try to hide, play safe….we are lost. And we support this kind of energy that wants exactly this: that women shut down. To free ourselves out of this cycles of abuse is our all responsibility. Women can learn to stay in their authority and grace and men can support them here. To learn to appreciate and honor ourselves and each other is key…and empowering.
    In my personal experiences I found Serge Benhayon inspiring me to take responsibility and supporting me in empowerment. I know a lot of men now who do their best to get rid of the abusive energy which is so familiar for us. And I appreciate their way out of it and the choices which are made to clear. Serge however feels totally clear for me – no creepy, no abusive, no disgraceful or even just not-honoring energy is coming through him. I never before met a man with his integrity on every levels. He is a role model for us all. It is possible to live in grace with each other. Lets find out how and do it.

  30. Interesting how the word ‘felt up’ has been toned down to excuse a behaviour that was once upon a time very common (just look at some comedies from 30 or 40 years ago). When you change that to a truer reflection such as indecently assaulted or sexually abused it loses its playful banter and exposes the action and the person to what is really going on.

  31. “Unfortunately, in a world rife with sexual abuse there are also those who attempt to ruin others’ lives and reputations by malicious accusations.” This is also abuse and compounds the actual sexual abuse so many have been subjected to by casting doubt on what they have experienced. To say, suggest, hint or infer that Serge Benhayon is in any way creepy is profoundly abusive. He is a man of absolute integrity, truth and love of humanity.

  32. Well said Kyla. I too agree that Serge Benhayon is a true gentleman and it is shameful that false accusations are made against him. When dirt can not be found, then they make them up. This should have consequences. As do the sexual inappropriate behaviors of others.

  33. “I know plenty of men and women who are inspired by the way in which Serge Benhayon conducts himself professionally, personally, within the community and notably, the way he treats women with the utmost respect, equality and care.” And I am another woman who has been sexually abused and I also count my self as one of those who is inspired by Serge Benhayon and feels not an iota of abusive or inappropriate energy from him. To accuse him of sexual abuse is a malicious and unfounded lie.

  34. ‘Yes, I should have reported him, but like many victims of sexual abuse, I was humiliated, traumatised and felt stupid, like it was somehow my fault’. I find it absolutely fascinating why so many victims of abuse feel this shame you speak of Kyla. Far more clinical studies need to be initiated regarding this fact to expose why it is so.

  35. Serge Benhayon is the epitome of a true gentleman, I completely completely absolutely agree, and it’s super super rare, but I notice his commitment to live with total integrity has inspired many other men to live with the same integrity, it’s amazing to see more and more men truly cherish women and live more tenderly and true to the amazing men they are, all thanks to the inspiration of one man. The rumours are crazy – the exact opposite of the truth of this man.

  36. The use of the word ‘creepy’ and its definition in this article really brings focus to a critical factor in men’s approach and integrity around women. Yes, most of us have had first hand experience of creepiness relating to unwanted or inappropriate sexual behaviour in some shape or form and are therefore equipped with our very own protection antennae. And it’s this ability, this discernment that ensures the testimonials from female students who have received treatments from Serge Benhayon are based on a clear awareness of what is known to be honourable behaviour, full of integrity and what is not.

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