Are We Taking Responsibility For Our Own Lives?

Is there anyone out there truly taking a deeper look at why we are running marathons; why we sit for hours fishing by the river; why we spend days on end staring at a computer screen or why we stay awake with the help of sugary caffeinated drinks and salt-filled junk food watching sporting events on TV – or even reading a thrilling book?

The list is endless. Is this just simply filling in time, a bit of fun, a social outlet – or is it something more than that? Are not all these pastimes ways of distraction to not feel our predicament and ways of checking out from who we are and what life is truly about?

Some people may react, deny and even aggressively contest the validity of raising these questions, but that’s okay as the amazing thing is that we all know deep inside that these reactions may well be indicative of the problem we are living with in our world today – one where we are not taking complete responsibility for our own lives, and our own health and well-being.

For instance, when something goes wrong like an injury, illness or disease, we can blame it on someone or something external to ourselves, even blaming it on chance, fate or luck, when the truth is that we have and make all our own choices. And so the blame then becomes another avoidance of taking responsibility. By reacting in this way, are we not simply confirming that we are living irresponsibly, adding fuel to the already out-of-control, raging forest fire of irresponsibility that we are all part of?

I thought that taking responsibility would be simple, it was just to do it… stop eating junk food, stop drinking beer and alcohol, stop watching sports etc., all the pastimes that I loved, or thought I loved, and all the other stuff we generally do to amuse ourselves. The trouble is amusement, entertainment, pastimes and hobbies are all the embodiment of irresponsibility and as I removed these, the real meaning of responsibility was uncovered, and it was much, much more than I ever realised.

Well, it was easy to start with, and it felt great, my body was lighter and slimmer, I slept much better, there were a few small cravings and some things took longer to give up than others (I was really hooked on salted crisps!). But then there came a point when I began to look at the way I lived, my thought patterns, my ingrained behaviours, remarks and responses, my attitude towards others.

Though quite shy and introverted, I have always thought of myself as open-minded, non-discriminating, liberal, unprejudiced, magnanimous, and benevolent: herein though lies the problem – what we think we are and what we truly are can be completely different, and it takes responsibility to accept this and to open the path to the truth.

It has been a strange journey so far… the more responsible I become, the more irresponsible I realise that I am. The more I change this, the more I sense a resistance in my body, at the same time knowing that I cannot turn back and return to more irresponsibility as I know that would be so self-destructive as the particles of my body now expect so much more from me, and rightly so.

Feeling a true response from our body and our responsibility in any given situation, rather than reacting emotionally, may be the way forward out of the chaotic mess mankind has gotten itself into.

For example, I thought that as a man I was very gentle, tender and respectful to women, but recently through looking deeper into my way of being I have realised that although true on one level, there lies deeper an arrogance and disrespect for women that I have to deal with. This realisation was devastating and it brought me to tears as never could I have imagined myself that I have these attitudes, but only by taking responsibility for this and looking at the true cause can I clear this from my body. Why do I look at women the way I do, why do I objectify, why do I consider them lesser and why do I judge?

It was so hard to admit that this was within me and I discovered that it all comes down to feeling inadequate, having self-judgement and a lack of appreciation for myself, and to cover up for that I ‘blame’ women. It’s just a pathetic excuse to avoid being the full man I am, admitting and embodying all I can be. Why should I be afraid of that?

As a collective, how can we change our response if we have spent our lives creating ingrained reactions and behaviours that cover up and hide the undealt with hurts we carry inside, which in turn fester and grow, ultimately causing ill-health, illness and disease, just adding to the gargantuan mess we are in?

If we look at this insight into the mess we are in:

  • Self-inflicted illness, disease, alcohol and drug abuse are pressing Health Services around the world to the verge of bankruptcy, some already bankrupt. (1) (2)
  • Pensions in the future will no longer be paid, Governments will simply not have the source of income to cover the amount needed for ever increasing numbers of seniors, early ill-health retired, sick and disabled. (3)
  • More and more refugees are fleeing from war and poverty,pressing infrastructure and local inhabitants in many countries towards breaking point. Approximately 65 million people are now forcibly displaced from their homes, among them are 21.3 million refugees. (4)
  • According to figures released by Oxfam, in 2015 the richest 62 people in the world owned as much wealth as the poorer half of the world’s population, and the richest 1% of the world’s population owned more wealth that the remaining 99%. (5)

It is a fact that almost 30% of the world’s population is now overweight or obese (6)… we may ask ourselves, how did it get this way? And we may ask “why is it that we don’t take responsibility for our own lives?” Why are we living in or with some form of self-abuse and disregard? And in this, are we so habitually abusive to ourselves that we don’t even recognise it as self-abuse anymore?

Has self-abuse become normal?

If we explore this further, we might also ask:

  • Why do we have headlines like “8 million tons of plastic will be dumped into our Oceans this year” (7) and why do we pollute our own planet, poisoning our very own food and drink?
  • Why do we eat and drink substances that contain stimulants, chemicals, toxins and poisons? (8)
  • Why do we take resources from others to enrich ourselves, only to leave the others in dire straits? (5)
  • Why do we engage in violence and hatred of our fellow brothers and sisters? Why are there always wars? Over the last 3400 years only 268 years have been without war. (9)
  • Why do we simply accept all of the above as normal, when we know it to be harmful and untrue?

In truth, does this not seem as though we are checking out of our own lives, simply dismissing what is going on around us? In this are we not avoiding being who we truly are, avoiding returning to our true essence?

The amazing thing is that when we are consciously present and connected to our inner-most essence we are actually harmonious and full of joy, and responsibility is a natural way of living.

If we then focused more upon this natural way of living, maybe we could regain what ‘normal’ truly is, i.e. being continuously consciously present within our bodies, deeply connected to ourselves in everything we do?

And if we were to take a closer look, to explore, to observe, to open up our innate curiosity, or swallow our pride, maybe we would lovingly admit to the things that don’t feel true to us and embark upon a new beginning, and thus, in this, embrace the fact that we have been living in irresponsibility.

Could it be that responsibility is the way forward?

If this is so, could it be possible for mankind to heal the hurts and atrocities on earth by taking responsibility for everything we do, every intention we have, our every thought, word and action that everyone will be here in service for humanity, for each other, thus guiding mankind out of the quagmire of suffering that we find ourselves in? And if so, what might it look like?

  • Could it be possible to elect politicians based on the way they take responsibility for themselves, for their voters and for the environment, no longer allowing for the lobbying of national or multi-national conglomerates in their pursuit of profits? For voters themselves to elect responsible candidates, without thought for their own personal gain?
  • Is it possible to employ business leaders based on the responsibility of how they live their lives, how they take care of themselves, their employees and the customers they provide goods and services to? For employees to be responsible for their own health and well-being and feel that this is a responsibility they also have for their leaders and customers; as when we are well, our services maybe more effective/of a higher quality?
  • Is it possible for parents to take more responsibility first and foremost for themselves by deepening their self-care, then to stop and ponder on how they raise their children, so that they are not accepting the way it is now, no longer allowing children to be brought up by institutions, media, gaming, TV, etc.? And, maybe then the children of coming generations would be born and grow up in an atmosphere of that same care, gentleness and harmony allowing them to evolve into the adults they truly are, thus giving birth to a new way of living on our planet, whereby we accept everyone as equal?

And if this is so, could there be a way of living responsibly as a true brotherhood, the brotherhood that mankind is truly here to be – founded in self-care, responsibility and truth?

I now know that each time I do this for myself and step through these self-imposed, ingrained barriers, painful as they may be, I become more of the true man I am meant to be – and as I overcome each obstacle I am filled with love, joy, stillness and harmony.

By Christopher Murphy, London


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701 thoughts on “Are We Taking Responsibility For Our Own Lives?

  1. That swallowing of pride and admitting that what I had chosen to adhere to was not true was the hardest part for me. It felt like ‘I’ was becoming nothing. But it’s really funny to look back because no matter how much investment I have had in, nothing can be dearer than true truth.

    1. Yes Fumiyo whilst the realisation of what we have done can be exposing, I love the unpeeling of the false layers, and the false things we do in life – and the clarity we get from this.

      1. It is indeed the clarity that comes when we let go of the false belief systems we once have fallen for and to realize that we actually have accepted these beliefs because they allowed us to be less responsible in life is a great revelation to me. We are not just irresponsible but we actually are because of our knowingly made choices.

  2. I read this blog and know it. I can feel the very thing that lives in the arrogance to this knowing my human spirit. It is reacting and keen to finish reading this blog so it can do what it wants to do in its own individual conundrum. It is great to feel this and take a moment to stop and be responsible to what is really needed next for brotherhood and not self. It was all said in this blog and written in such a loving tangible way that it does give you something to consider, feel and observe just how you are living. What do we do next? Be responsible. For there is a next thing we are all given equally by the order of the universe and that is either irresponsible individualism or responsible love and brotherhood. As Chris claims one gives you nothing while the other gives you joy and love within.

  3. I love the first paragraph where you say “Is there anyone out there truly taking a deeper look at why we are running marathons; why we sit for hours fishing by the river; why we spend days on end staring at a computer screen or why we stay awake with the help of sugary caffeinated drinks and salt-filled junk food watching sporting events on TV – or even reading a thrilling book?” I realise in reading this that we don’t live life with an open curiosity, wondering why things are as they are. And we don’t have conversations at our dinner tables, or in daily life pondering on why life is this way. If we did there are so many things that just don’t add up.

    1. I agree Jane. And when we do have those conversations at our dinner tables and let our own curiosity express and ask the most natural questions to ask, there is so much joy and inspiration to be had. Choosing to keep our lives capped is just that: a capped life. Choosing to open up to the endless responsibility we are being asked to take is choosing a life that has harmony, love and joy at its very base. Living responsibly is choosing to live gloriously.

  4. “maybe we would lovingly admit to the things that don’t feel true to us”. I have been pondering on this one lately and how I resist admitting that something is not quite quite right and does not feel true. It is like there is a pollyanna (someone who thinks good things will always happen and finds something good in everything) who lives inside of me that has her blinkers on, by not wanting to see what is truly there. But that takes up a lot of energy because in truth I am feeling what is there to be felt but am choosing not to admit it and put on a pair of rose coloured glasses at times.

  5. It’s our responsibility to appreciate ourselves, because, if we don’t, we end up expecting recognition or approval from others which can strain a relationship (that has potential) with conditions and tension. As soon as we clock a need from another, it’s our responsibility to see where we are not giving that to ourselves or where the lack is – and usually, in my experience, it leads back to appreciation.

    1. Yep, and that lack of appreciation is usually rooted in a lack of self worth. What’s horrific however is that if we don’t observe ourselves, we fall “victims” of our own mess as it can feel very like a mud bath that we cannot get out of.

  6. A mighty and beautiful call to be in the natural responsiveness of our responsibility – to ourselves and all others equally. I’ve felt the same, the more I deepen my sense of responsibility, the more I’m aware of how irresponsible I am. It can be a real stop moment to feel how complacent I can be about so much wrong….this is the tension we live with everyday yet if I stop addressing it in myself, I’m responsible for its continuance in the world. It seems huge and could be interpreted as overwhelming, but that’s the giving up excuse we can’t afford. In truth, it’s a joy to realise that each time I step up and be more responsible in my choices, I have a ripple effect that can and does affect everything and everyone…life is way more fun when we embrace this power within ourselves. No need for hurrahs just simple, everyday power in all we do, say, feel and think. This is great, Christopher. Thank you for the wake up call to continue choosing awareness and responsibility by living from our bodies first and foremost.

  7. I had an old friend look at me with a worried kind of bewilderment when I said I didn’t do most of the stuff I used to do, like the drinking, partying, watching sport and motorcycle riding, all the stuff to fill in my time and fill up my life. She just didn’t believe me when I said without all that stuff, my life was far more fulfilling and joyful now that I was being a more responsible person.

    1. What you say here Kevin reminds me that some things are seemingly ‘normal’ in our lives today, and yet what might be normal for others isnt necessarily normal for me.

    2. I have found the same but can now see it is because we have stepped out of the norm – it is like saying it is possible to breath underwater, it may be beyond our experience yet that does not mean it is not possible.

  8. Each step we take to become more responsible for our quality of being, the way we are living and what this reflects, it becomes clearer and clearer what is true and what is not.

  9. Yes, the initial steps are almost the easiest because we’re just chipping off the surface. However, once we begin to open up to truly get to know our harmful ways of being, we can go deeper in self destructive mode. I can very much relate to that because I always thought for myself of this very kind, caring, and super patient person. However, the more I begin to open up to myself, the more I can feel how much resentment, and fury I have held inside of me. It feel poisonous, and I know that the only way to get rid of all this is through taking more responsibility and healing it from within.

  10. A powerful and inspiring read about true responsibility and how our ways of living with huge irresponsibility are further exposed as we return to more responsible choices to be accountable in life.
    “It has been a strange journey so far… the more responsible I become, the more irresponsible I realise that I am”.

  11. Opening up to our inner curiosity, being willing to explore and learn is responsible in itself, the next step comes simply when learning is accepted and appreciated for what it is.

  12. If we accept there is no wright or wrong then taking responsibility isn’t something to be of any concern, pressure or imposition.

    1. I agree Sandra, whilst the world is governed by everything being considered either right or wrong, understanding the truth about responsibility and the quality in how we are living is almost impossible to comprehend as anything other than being a very daunting and difficult task to change things.

  13. The responsibility that can be felt sometimes is for my past choices. If I’m willing to accept and understand that I can choose again and my past choices don’t define my essence I can gently and lovingly choose what does feel loving and caring in the way I live.

  14. Much is made of endeavours such as climbing Mt Everest yet what purpose do they serve? They seem to be about the quest for individual recognition and reward, and that’s about it. There’s not a whole lot of responsibility there, particularly considering others are often negatively impacted by those activities.

    1. This is all coming to the surface as the Nepalese start to talk about the cost to the sherpas of supporting others to climb Mount Everest. Yet how many want to take responsibility for that and how many justify it to satiate their need for ever more extreme challenges and experiences? Taking responsibility is humbling and offers a choice for lasting change.

  15. What an exposing blog about where humanity is at! Quite confronting.. I could feel my spirit within squirming, not wanting to hear the impact of how our world is living because we are not each taking responsibility for it.
    Life is about individual pursuits, recognition and reward and not about looking at the bigger picture, and how we each affect the all by our quality of our movements.

  16. Becoming aware of the irresponsibility with which I have been living has been a daunting process but I have come to the understanding that it is a necessary part of my journey for it is awakening within me what it means to be present with my body and to live responsibly.

  17. When we take responsibility for our own lives it has huge implications not only for ourselves but also for others and for our planet. If we all did it we would have a very different experience of the world.

  18. We do not care to realise the impact our irresponsibility has on our bodies, our lives and our fellow human beings. Thank you Christopher for raising our awareness in this regard and putting the finger on the festering wound, a very needed subject to discuss indeed.

  19. This blog ask much and raise up some more questions – what is great. To ponder just on one: “Why do we take resources from others to enrich ourselves, only to leave the others in dire straits?” I see us slave-drive people and resources in other countries just to spent some money and aid workers later to ‘help’ the country. This is absurd – on one hand. But if it is about ‘taking responsibility’ this stage behavior makes ‘sense’ in a way. We try to control everything instead of taking our role in life an make this planet working. Together. So we can hang on to our individuality and creations. But. This will not make us happy, not successful at the end. Refugees will come into the countries which try to hold the upper hand on the world and show them that we are ONE world and can’t hide or separate from each other in truth. It is our choice if we will learn it ‘the hard way’ or voluntary. But to learn we have it and we will.

  20. As I develop my own relationship with responsibility I find not only do the areas of irresponsibility now stick out like a sore thumb, they simply can’t be ignored for irresponsibility feels too uncomfortable in my body to let lie.

  21. It is a given that most of us “are not taking complete responsibility for our own lives, and our own health and well-being.” – I too have looked around and seen adults behaving like children in so many ways. I watch at the supermarket and I see what foods people buy, and I see grown ups lunch boxes and lunch choices, and to me these look like children’s foods. I watch people in town and around see adults dressed as big kids and behaving like big kids, walking around with a lost look, playing a role or a game in an attempt to give themselves a purpose to the day. And I see so many who are homeless and have no work, in a country that offers every opportunity to get out of this predicament. It makes me see how this is all contributing to the way our world is, how this is setting an example for the youth to follow in…And it allows me to see how important it is for each and every one of us to live as an example (to the best of our ability and with no perfection here asked) so that we can inspire by virtue of how we breath, how we move, how we live whilst taking responsibility on all levels, however seemingly small and however seemingly big.

  22. How we breath, how we move and how we live affects everyone around us. The more we develop this understanding the more we can also open up to more levels of responsibility. The more we take on board these levels of responsibility then the less it actually burdens us! And we get to realise how many levels there are yet to take on board – and so it is about growing into these layers no different to growing into a jumper that is too big to begin with: initially it feels awkward and a little strange, then as we grow into it it fits perfectly and supports us back to a T, and then as we grow more, the jumper gets too small, too tight and we need to look at changing to a bigger one. Growth comes from taking on responsibility, and it is endless how much we can actually grow. It is something to be celebrated and not feared.

  23. I think the next step for myself personally is to take more of a stand against corruption, within every aspect of society we see things that are not true, the importance is in the choice to not accept this corruption. A great start for me has been no longer buying newspapers that are filled with lies and misrepresentation, not eating the foods that are not good for us. If we stop buying and supporting things that are not working for everyone, we will see change. But most of all not being in reaction to corruption, but being steady and resolute in saying no to all the things we know need to change.

  24. Responsibility, and irresponsibility, have been the big fat elephants in the room for far too long – this is great to expose the truth of what is truly going on in our society. Thank you for your inspiration Christopher.

  25. Oh yes, the big R of responsibility, I can really relate to as we become more responsible then it becomes apparent that there is more responsibility in our lives needed and there is a tension there felt between the potential of the next step and what is being lived in the present.

  26. We think we can come away with being irresponsible to our lives but that is not how our bodies are. Our bodies are truth and will clock everything that is done in disrespect to this and will present this sooner or later in illness, disease or another way and will make us to surrender that that loving quality that is living in our inner hearts. One day each and everyone of us will come to this point where we are asked to reconsider in taking responsibility for our lives.

  27. “what we think we are and what we truly are can be completely different, and it takes responsibility to accept this and to open the path to the truth.” This is an – at times – uncomfortable but incredibly freeing – way to live your live. To be open to what is really going on.

  28. “It has been a strange journey so far… the more responsible I become, the more irresponsible I realise that I am.” This is what I am finding too, and whereas before there would be a stubbornness and defiance in wanting to see and accept my irresponsibility, I now embrace it (most of the time) knowing that once something is exposed as being irresponsible, refusing to accept it is no longer an option, and if chosen comes with consequences that feel horrible in my body.

  29. ‘what we think we are and what we truly are can be completely different, and it takes responsibility to accept this and to open the path to the truth.’ I really picked up on this one today Christopher as recently I’ve become aware of how much I make things about me, and despite my ideas that it’s about all of us, many times it’s not, so it’s great to read this today and understand that it’s just another layer to look at, and unpick the false ways I’ve been.

  30. The humbleness I feel that the end of this blog needs to stay with me in order to always make the choice to question what I have taken as normal. To inspire me to see below the surface of what I do, put in my mouth, think and say, to see why I do them all.

  31. True true Christoph, we must see and open ourselves up to what is going on in the world, and see that indeed it is more than just living and containing life without purpose to why we live in the first place. With purpose I mean not just own existence and fullfillment but actually our part, individually, in society, the quality of life we live and the true levels of integrity in one’s life. With integrity also meant the absolute respect, care and truth lived to oneself and people. I guess we’ve got a lot to learn and open ourselves up to.. No longer ignoring things that truly matter and need our attention and true action. Everything matters, hence where is our attitude that carries that integrity?

  32. Thanks for sharing this – it brings to my attention again the state of the world and also the role I have in it. That by taking responsibility I don’t just take it for myself but for others too. I am part of the all and just knowing that is a responsibility to live it.

  33. This is such a big on – responsibility. We really do so many things to not always go to the next level of responsibility in our life. Even when we usually have awareness as to what that actually means for us. We feel everything. So it is allowing that awareness to shine, to not hold back and to go for it that allows the next opportunities to unfold.

  34. To consider the true meaning of responsibility has invited me to embrace it and practise applying it in the way I treat myself. I see how this impacts all areas of my life… an experiment and curiosity to be continued!

  35. Something to consider is that when stopping doing something that we recognise is harming us is if we don’t look at the energy behind why we were doing it we can end up replacing it with another perhaps more refined behaviour but the same ill energy is still there… And so stopping harming behaviours is great and needed but to take a deeper level of energetic responsibility is also needed if we are to truly heal and evolve…

  36. There is some great detail and statistics in this article that most know and I have seen regularly. They are no surprise and yet at the same time I don’t think I have allowed them to fully sink in. The waste of resources, the money being spent, the attitudes towards other etc I have read them all before and yet there was an outward blame or a turn away from my responsibility in them. It’s not a ‘it’s my fault’ style of thing but more seeing and reading where others have a part but also in turn seeing my part and where I have my hand in the circle. By seeing or becoming more aware of the part I play I will be able to continually see more of what is actually going on in any situation. Or I can sit and pretend to accept all of this as a part of life and out of my control, all being the responsibility of others. We need to get ourselves off the couch more and become an active part of the world, not to force it to change but to be aware of our part in it and live that awareness. This very action will pull the world to be the same, it can resist but that should only inspire us to go deeper within our own awareness.

  37. The more responsible I become the more irresponsible I realise I am. I have felt and thought this so many times. It’s like opening a can of worms, but it is a good can of worms.

  38. Thank you Christopher. You make it easy to see that change is possible on a large scale if we each take responsibility for our own lives. I can feel how much I personally resist this and it makes me wonder what it will take to wake us all up. I am very grateful to have the support of Universal Medicine as I take steps to become more responsible in my own life.

  39. Having been addicted to the TV since around the age of 14 (now 56), and after many years of using will power to abstain and relapse, I have finally come to the realisation of how much time I have wasted watching the television, and now I have no thoughts of wanting to watch this or that, because I can feel how much of a drug it really is, and how lethargic I would get by choosing to watch.

  40. There are some zillion ways to avoid acknowledging and accepting what life is all about and taking responsibility for our part in it. Our creativity is endless and our capacity to convince ourselves that doing A has nothing to do with doing B or C, while in truth they are all actions to cope with what we desire most.

  41. We can get so caught up – erroneously so – in what we might think responsibility is, and then think it’s a heavy burden we’d rather avoid. In doing so, we conveniently avoid the true responsibility, which is to let the truth of who we are be expressed, to read situations and people without measure, and to appreciate all we already know and always have. Living responsibly is living lovingly – they are one and the same.

  42. I’ve spent an awful amount of time and energy waiting for others to take responsibility and live differently. It’s almost laughable because I’ve been waiting for someone else for me to start being more responsible. Now I see it starts and stops with me… I can live responsibly and reflect that or reflect irresponsibility and confirm too others that it is OK to live like that.

  43. Certain movements offer inspiration and other movements do not. Sometimes we commit to those movements that do not offer inspiration and evolution because of certain ideal pictures which do not bring truth. Following these pictures is in effect moving in a way which is anti to the natural movement of the universe, this gets very uncomfortable and it is our choice then to stop and choose to move back towards truth. The process itself is one which although is definitely delay, offers us another opportunity of understanding of why we want to take the long route and this understanding deepens the love for myself.

  44. I realize that every time I hang onto what is not perfect enough for me—although nothing is ever perfect being a human being, except we can refine our expression to be, it is a distraction I choose to hold onto to not be the true and real me. I have so many excuses of not being able to now be the awesome me, I create all of these excuses and then hold onto them. But despite how imperfect I feel I am, it is deeply inspiring to be honest that I do bear self-judgement on myself, because I am unwilling to truly feel and accept how what is within me is never affected by what I hang onto as imperfect on the outside, and what is within me then is my responsibility to express no matter how my external conditions are—yes it is the deepest joy (and naturally a responsibility) to be the true man and true woman we are.

  45. Being responsible has no end point it is a way of being that becomes grander and more glorious as we step up to it.

  46. “adding fuel to the already out-of-control, raging forest fire of irresponsibility that we are all part of?” What an image, this has stopped me in my tracks. Is that how bad it really is for me in my life?

  47. It is clear from your article Chris that even the civilised world is in quite a mess. We have been irresponsible towards ourselves and our own health, and grossly irresponsible to our fellow humans. This is good to realize and be aware of so that we can correct our behaviour.

  48. It is a commonly held belief that we can come away with living irresponsible lives. Overtime things come to the light as a result of us living in this irresponsible way. Then we tend to come with solutions but they are still from this same place and set the path for a continuation of the way we’re living. We can only stop this by understanding that the idea to live without being responsible for it is a commonly held belief and not something that naturally belongs to us, as when we are honest we all know what responsibility is and from this honesty we can let go of our false beliefs. From this our own choice, we make the space to return to that state of being that is more natural to us and will relief a lot of tension, not onely in our own bodies, but also in our society as a whole.

  49. A new way of living is needed like never before, for has there ever been so much disharmony and distraction and so many living life without joy, well since the dark ages. The way we live now so irresponsibly cannot end well for humanity and the time is well past that we change our ways to avoid inevitable catastrophes.

  50. “The list is endless. Is this just simply filling in time, a bit of fun, a social outlet – or is it something more than that? Are not all these pastimes ways of distraction to not feel our predicament and ways of checking out from who we are and what life is truly about?” This is an interesting one, to work out what our ‘pastimes’ really are for. Passing-time? For what reason? To check-out from what we are really feeling about our life?
    very exposing blog. Thank-you.

  51. Oh yes, the good old pastime, I know that one well, as in the past and even sometimes now, my mind will try to gravitate to convincing me I need to do this or do that as a form of reward or as a, time out. Time out from what, I ask, as when you choose to stay with you in all that you do, no perfection of course, the absolute joy of moving with you in your own delight-full love is exquisite, so why would you want to spend one moment away from that, and at what expense?

  52. Taking responsibility is often avoided and mis-interpreted as a burden, but when we consider energetic responsibility this ups the anti and brings responsibility to a whole new level – one many are not prepared to face, let alone go to… and yet it can be profoundly life-changing.

  53. I know for one I have not taken responsibility for where I am actually at living a lie of thinking I’m in a better place than I actually am. Feeling this has been hard, but I have been far more in my body, real and humbled. I’ve been pretty arrogant thinking I’m somewhere im not – total irresponsibility. But finding this out and feeling this has brought me closer to people. I have become far more real.

  54. It is only when the distractions go that we are clearer within ourselves to feel what’s really going on. Having a constant stream of numbing ourselves with computer games, TV, food, sport, whatever it is we use to get through life is like a drug that keeps us subdued so that we do not start to ask the all important question – There has to be more to life than this?

  55. “…the more responsible I become, the more irresponsible I realise that I am. The more I change this, the more I sense a resistance in my body, at the same time knowing that I cannot turn back and return to more irresponsibility…” This is deeply honest outlook. I too feel that I want to dig my heels in when it comes to being more responsible and my resistance is strong, but there is only one true option and that is to take greater responsibility in everything that I do.

  56. At some stage the human race is going to get to a point of such irresponsibility that the consequences will be too large to ignore any more, for when there is more sick than healthy, when obesity, diabetes and cancers are so rife they are the normal and the poverty this causes as the benefits will run out. Then we will on mass have to wise up and start listening to the few who are already living such a life of true responsibility.

  57. ‘Feeling a true response from our body and our responsibility in any given situation, rather than reacting emotionally, may be the way forward out of the chaotic mess mankind has gotten itself into.’ Reacting emotionally feels horrible to the body and spreads ill feeling everywhere. By being still and connected in our body we are able to feel and stay with a response that precedes emotion and thus avoids the harmful effects emotions do to us. Sustaining this way of being when it seems like others want to engage us in an emotional tussle can be challenging but it is only in staying firm and true to ourselves that we can stay responsible and free.

  58. ‘I thought that taking responsibility would be simple’ You reveal Christopher that there are layers of responsibility and once one is uncovered, another becomes apparent. The doing can be easy, connecting to where we truly are with ourselves honesty, less so. Once we see ourselves more clearly and understand the reason why we think or act in a certain way, we’re well on the way to releasing what is not true.

  59. We know how to live responsibly – with energetic awareness, because everything that we have created is the exact opposite of this divine responsibility. So we must know, to know how to live the opposite way.

  60. A very thoughtful and deeply pondering contribution about responsibility and how it plays out in daily life; it portrays how taking responsibility is the way forward out of the mess we are in, one switched on individual at a time.

  61. Thank you for this beautifully referenced piece Christopher. When I questioned life as a child I remember being told that “everything was fine as long as you weren’t hurting anyone”. I grew up hanging on to this belief and of course I never included myself in the ‘hurting anyone’ equation… and everything was not fine. Now I know that my true potential is a priceless treasure that I spent many years squandering. This hurt not only me but many other people. Responsibility is a truly loving choice that benefits all.

  62. A deep and raw honesty in this blog Christopher. How easy it is to judge another, when we don’t want feel the truth about the judgements and lack appreciation we hold about ourselves, which colours our view of everything. Great that you have exposed this’d felt the consequences in your body.
    “Why do I look at women the way I do, why do I objectify, why do I consider them lesser and why do I judge?”

  63. Thank you Christopher for such a deeply honest and powerful blog it is certainly humble to read those statistics that have exposed the true state of humanity and the irresponsibility that has allowed this – so many have accepted this as ‘normal’ but in fact living with true responsibility will begin to shift this mindset and bring the healing that is so needed.

  64. A powerful and insightful blog to read Christopher. I was particularly struck by the total and amazing inequity of wealth in our modern society; proof surely that our world is in absolute chaos and diabolical trouble.

  65. It’s amazing what you are writing here, the fact that we drink and take drugs to avoid our pain is so obvious, we all know it, it’s everywhere. However, the lack of self-love and real responsibility is not discussed in the world so much, nobody likes to admit the fact that they do things to please and not from their heart, that they lie about how they feel or what they did because they don’t want to get exposed… there is so much underneath the surface that we should be talking about!

  66. I know what I do and the energy I do it in, is what I give out. I see this as being a bit like adding ingredients to a big pot of soup, where the ‘soup’ is the energy that’s around us in the world – what everyone has created in their lives so far. I also know that the quality of my choices in each and every moment of the day is what decides whether I’m adding toxic energy, or not, to the mix that everyone lives in and there’s no escaping the level of responsibility this holds for me and for everyone else as well.

  67. It gave me a smile reading: “the more responsible I become, the more irresponsible I realise that I am” because it reminded me that I always used to say: “the more aware I am the more aware of how unaware I am”. These days I don’t feel that so much but do keep becoming more aware!

  68. “What we think we are and what we truly are can be completely different, and it takes responsibility to accept this and to open the path to the truth.” This is a huge realisation, which when honestly addressed brings a whole new relationship with everything in one’s life. The more one lives as one – who we think we are and who we truly are – so life flows more harmoniously and with ease.

  69. Self abuse is certainly normal – its so weird to say that but it is undeniably true. But natural… absolutely no, and perhaps the greatest challenge of our times is in finding the courage for everyone to look at why?

  70. It has been a strange journey so far… the more responsible I become, the more irresponsible I realise that I am. Yes, Christopher, the more responsibility we choose, the more we see areas that we are not as responsible. Great to uncover these and feel the truth that responsibility is really choosing deep love.

  71. We all know abuse even in the way we move or the thoughts that we allow to enter. We don’t want to see it because we would much rather hold onto our hurts, ideals, beliefs, investments and pictures and not see the truth even when it is called out and exposed. But, if we choose inspiration we can be inspired through reflection to take responsibility and let go of that which is not love to uncover the ‘real’ woman or man that we truly are.

  72. “The more responsible I become, the more irresponsible I realise that I am.” I always thought I was hugely responsible – and I am in the physical practical world. But as I step more into energetic responsibility I can see there is a whole other level of responsibility that I was not going near.

  73. Awesome article Christopher! And yes, I agree that self abuse is normal, I’m guilty of that one for sure. A string of thoughts to keep me in self doubt, brought on by something as simple as my food choices is self abuse. Some may find this concept absurd, and I would understand as once upon a time, I would have agreed. But through experimenting with self responsibility and actually placing myself in the world as an equal contributor to the all, I now see clearly just how ignorant we have all become.

  74. This article is so well written and has so much to deeply consider that it is almost mindblowing. This feels like it is actually a good thing, as this may bring me to feeling what is going on rather than filing my head with the usual distractions to not know and pretend I and am everything out there, are OK.

  75. I had always thought i was a ‘good person’ but the more I become aware of myself and the responsibility I have to live lovingly and harmoniously with and in life the more I get to see and feel the consequence of those insidious ‘little’ beliefs and Ideals that are running in the background within me. The realisation of each of these and of how unconscious many are has been shocking to me too Christopher. But the expansion of harmony and joy within myself and my life when each one gets dismantled and let go of is worth more than anything, and once realized can not be undone without great loss to the truth of who we are.

  76. Why is it that 30% of the world’s population is obese? I think generally we skirt this issue but it is a very real question not only for the 2 billion people who are experiencing this, but also for the systems that are creaking under the weight of it all (apologies for the pun).

    1. Yes Simon, here in the UK, the NHS is buckling under huge pressure to cope with the growing numbers of diseases caused by lifestyle choices.

  77. When I look outside and see how senseless and irresponsible much of life is, I’m reminded to explore within to see how the outer reflects how I am living my life.

  78. Irresponsibility is like a stalker and hides in the shadows. Without awareness we fail to see how it influences the way we think, our beliefs and ideals. Convincing ourselves we are responsible is the first trip rope, that prevents us from seeing all the areas where we are not.

  79. We don’t always know what lives below the surface because we have become so at ease that the patterns and behaviours just feel normal and safe. It is only when we take a moment to ask ourselves why we do what we do that we can look afresh to see if what we do, is fed by a fear of missing out or perhaps being less, even though what we do is actually not supporting our own bodies. It is only then that we offer ourselves a moment of honesty to decide again. Perhaps it is time to create an environment that lends itself to more honesty and see what comes to our awareness.

  80. It can be relatively easy to make those changes that are obvious to us, to live in a more responsible way – i.e. committing more fully to our day to day responsibilities and obligations. But how often do we consider that the way we think and move is also our responsibility? That the quality of our thoughts and movements actually affects others?

  81. This is a process that is never ending and constantly refining. Once you think you have got things moving more is offered to bring a quality that was not lived before and in turn asks more.

  82. It is a strongly held belief that parents should sacrifice themselves for their children, forsaking their own well-being. This really doesn’t make sense, as surely if they take care of themselves, they will be 100% fit and well to carry out the hugely important role of being a parent.

  83. ‘The amazing thing is that when we are consciously present and connected to our inner-most essence we are actually harmonious and full of joy, and responsibility is a natural way of living.’ There is no effort with the fact of living responsibly and it is not a burden such as usually this concept is sold. Responsibility is just the joy of bringing our very essence in everything we do, with integrity. Light and simple.

  84. ‘Has self abuse become normal?’ I would say yes, absolutely it has. I remember at school it was pretty cool to be messy, unkept, and live in total disregard. Looking after yourself and taking care equalled boring and dull. To be edgy and cool meant you had to be a bit reckless and pretend you didn’t care about anything. Now when I look back I see how lost we all were as teenagers, all pretending not to care, desperate to fit in and be accepted by the pack. This world so desperately needs to know that there is another way to live – one where taking care of yourself actually allows you to know and be more of who you truly are, not less.

  85. Why are we running marathons? The guy who did it originally had a pretty strong purpose (an invading Persian Army), and I understand that he died once he completed it. So what are we so determinedly running away from?

    1. I like this. It shows how we take things and turn them into something totally different and then champion them or say they are good for us.

  86. This is a great article, asking us to look a little closer into life and what it is all about in such a simple way. Life is not complex but we have made it so and are meanwhile lost in all the chaos and complexity there is.

  87. We generally don’t want to look at responsibility or what we can tend to do is pick and choose where we want to be responsible and where we don’t want to be. But it doesn’t work like this and because ‘Everything is Everything’ as presented by Serge Benhayon and the teachings of Universal Medicine and if there is a pocket of not doing this then that is the highest level we can go to as it was an action we chose to not be responsible and that influences and has a ripple effect everywhere else.

  88. Absolutely agree, lack of responsibility is huge, ‘one where we are not taking complete responsibility for our own lives, and our own health and well-being.’

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