Lesson for LIFE & Beyond – The UNFOLDING PATH

We have all had those days when we sit, ponder, and take stock. When time literally stands still for us and it is in those moments that we get to deeply feel the graciousness of life as if it has not been felt before.

I had one such deep, ‘taking stock’ moment the other day on a beautiful London morning, reflecting on where I had come from and everything that I had come to within myself, the paths that I had walked and the choices I have made.

We all have been there – embroiled and enmeshed in life, constantly juggling, struggling, wiggling and more often than not whinging our way through life’s roads.

In fact, as I pondered and watched life pass me by outside the window of my neighborhood coffee shop in the early hours of the morning, I could feel and sense the busy-ness and the heaviness of how everyone starts their morning: already weary, fatigued, bone-tired and yet trudging along, forcing themselves to get out there. This is how it starts for most of humanity, anywhere and everywhere across the world.

How sad it is then that we have lost our inner essence, our flow. We have chosen to disconnect from our ‘mojo’, that inner joy that emanates all day long leaving us feeling bouncy and light on our path, if only we would allow it.

It always made me wonder why we as a human race are not choosing this, and instead, are so rushed, so exhausted and so lost.

For me, as I felt deeply that morning, I could sense how far I had come in terms of being responsible – responsible not just for myself, my behaviours, my patterns, and my hurts, but also responsible for how I reflect that responsibility back to the rest of humanity, who may yet struggle to walk their true path.

A path, that I have been shown in recent times, by those who have chosen to walk it.

A path that allows me to unfold at my own pace and holds me in grace with each step.

A path that is making me more and more aware with each moment.

A path that has made me deeply, consciously aware of the places I come from, the many, many lives I have lived before, the wisdom that I carry, and the myriad of beautiful experiences that are my learnings.

A path that does not judge me and yet will take into account every choice I make. This path is ‘The path of Energetic Responsibility.

And most amongst us would scratch our heads wondering what is Energetic Responsibility? Energetic Responsibility from what I have now come to understand is simple and yet so very magical. How I think, speak, walk and talk has an effect on my immediate surroundings and even beyond that, and this is something that opened my eyes to a far larger view of the world than the previously narrow view, which was mostly focused on the self.

It’s like we know it but we choose to not be aware of it because it feels like too much for us to handle. The truth of it all is not out there, but watching us silently from deep within the recesses of our core. A place within; where we know we are all deeply, intrinsically connected, just as the stars and the planets and the galaxies form a part of the whole in the skies up above.

So it’s definitely no coincidence that I ‘chanced’ upon becoming aware of my true path – I was always meant to sooner, or later, just like the rest of us who have, or will, at some point in time do the same.

But for me it was like I have been preparing all my life to get here; something deep inside of me was always pulsing, magnetically pulling me towards this truth no matter how much or how far I ran from that feeling.

E=MC2 is an equation that always grabbed me as a young physics student. I always felt the connection of that universal equation; that connection that Einstein himself had felt.

I immersed myself in reading about quantum physics, metaphysics, enjoying the science fiction stories of Isaac Asimov, Star Wars and Star Trek, the fantasy trips in my head about spaceships and what kind of energy powered them, life on other planets, the martial arts and how ancient masters tapped into energy. All of it!

The word ‘energy’ always turned me ON!

I always felt that the Equation E=MC2 was an ‘Equation that Equalises All of Life’, and this was confirmed when I came upon Serge Benhayon’s quote: “Everything is Energy; therefore Everything is because of Energy!” It was powerful to just feel into those words, the vastness that it expands us into.

If everything is energy then why do we choose to not understand it or talk about it in our daily conversations?

I now have chosen to understand that everything is energy and I now choose to talk about it; I choose to be aware at each step and with each breath as a result of having met Serge Benhayon.

Meeting him was like meeting the highest reflection of myself in this lifetime, it brought home the understanding that this path of energetic responsibility is not something that I can dilly dally with, flirt with, have an affair with or delay anymore.

I knew it was time to re-commit my entire being-ness deeply to this path. It was time to journey back to live what is true.  Little did I know that I would be challenged in ways that I had never known. Walking this path would bring out the stuff that I had been carrying all the more – the angst, the pain, and the arrogance, like some ‘badge of honour’.

It felt like I was loaded and heavy and my deep, inner, tender essence had been covered for eons, the spark of which I had only glimpsed in moments through my present life.

I was now able to understand how I had been living a lie up until that point and how I had been offered a much truer and freer way of being.

My understanding of how energetic responsibility affects my life’s choices has been life changing for me. This path that I am now on keeps teaching and reflecting unto me the illusionary and fleeting nature of all life and yet reveals the magic of it all as it unfolds, which I now know is far beyond any material riches that I may ever have aspired to.

This path of being energetically responsible is beyond any emotional excitement I felt with any of the extreme adventure sports that I indulged in. It offers a strong steadiness that I always knew was laying within, waiting for me to come back to. It’s as if for the first time ever, All of MY Awareness is coming alive in my body with each choice I am making.

Profound words from Serge Benhayon in his book, ‘Time, Space and all of us, Book 1 – Time‘, came in the form of a powerful statement that brings home this fact for us all:

“We would be wise to know that the first evolutionary peak that humanity is returning to is awareness, and in particular, one of energetic awareness. We will find, or in-truth rediscover, our extraordinary intelligence when we begin to use our whole body as the place where our mind is.” (Chapter 10, page 291)

Thus this lesson, this path for me, is not only for this life, it’s beyond life and yet it keeps showing me how to stay committed to life.

And guess what? With this commitment comes the connection to the divine order that moves us all, the order that moves the universe in its rhythmic and loving pulse that also flows through me as I tread lovingly and gently each moment I am on this path.

And when I falter and slip, when I am challenged, I understand it’s not about perfection, it’s about unfolding, and so I am learning to allow, appreciate, and accept everything that comes with my choices. This in turn accelerates me towards where I was always meant to be.

And so has begun the deep, humbling lesson of learning to live with Energetic Responsibility…

In deep gratitude always to Serge Benhayon who has been my mentor, my elder brother, my very old friend and who has reflected pure divinity at all times. And the gorgeous Sara Williams for assisting in chipping away my falsities to reach the fiery diamond within through those amazingly powerful healing sessions and interactions.

By Chetan Jha – Change Agent, Soul-full Brother and Universal Man!

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783 thoughts on “Lesson for LIFE & Beyond – The UNFOLDING PATH

  1. Not taking responsibility for how I was in the world, feeling like I was a helpless victim, blaming others for my misery and walking around saying that I don’t have a choice was an incredibly self destructive way to live – make that, exist. That’s how I used to live but no longer as I now know that my life and the quality of it is my responsibility and in every single moment I have a choice and the choice that I make is mine and mine alone; I am growing to truly love this responsible way of living.

  2. I have felt this greatly in the past few months. The path I have chosen that does not judge me but waits patiently and will the most deepest levels of respect and care for when I am ready to take on the next level of love that is on offer for me to offer another. That is a great way to ponder. Thank you!

  3. Thank you Chetan, living in energetic responsibility is very exposing of the truth, and of the way we live that deviates away from that truth even if we call it a “norm”. No matter what words we use, the truth is in the energy, so feeling the energy supports us all to come back to living from the truth. I appreciated this line also “I understand it’s not about perfection, it’s about unfolding” and allowing every moment to be as it is. We miss out on the little miracles of our love emerging if we have expectation of ourselves to look and be a certain way, even within a very challenging and difficult time where we think we are making many mistakes something quite grand can be unfolding. It’s good to stop and appreciate without any expectations.

  4. Connecting to our essence is a movement within our own unique rhythm of our lives. It is here where we will see the true power and purpose we all hold in this vast universal world.

  5. ‘If everything is energy then why do we choose to not understand it or talk about it in our daily conversations?’ Great point Chetan, why do we ignore this truth when it can support us to be more accepting and build our awareness around the grandness and oneness we are all truly from.

  6. Our unfolding path; “a path that does not judge me and yet will take into account every choice I make. This path is ‘The path of Energetic Responsibility.”
    What you have expressed here Chetam is the key to life, that being a forever deepening of our lived Energetic Responsibility.

  7. This is a great observation that during the early hours of the morning, humanity (and I know I myself do as well) makes a shift Into the heaviness of the day, where is the flow? And we go out to ‘do’ things but leave the being behind.

  8. Discovering energetic responsibility is like waking from a dream. You suddenly realise how everything you do, say and think affects everything else. We get this about the natural world, yet when we are in our man made fog, we think we are somehow exempt and separate from this. Once re-discovered you know there is no way to turn back from energetic integrity and you know that it is for you to live in a way that reminds others to wake up too

  9. Wow this is eye opening and true. How we have been carrying our own wounds, and not letting it heal by denying to take that thing called: responsibility. Thanks Chetan for your lovely light

  10. I have been walking around a city the last couple of days and have really noticed the rush, the down trodden or tense body language and the emptiness in the eyes that seems so normal. And I recognised myself in those patterns and I realised the healing and inspiration that I can provide to others when I bring the joy and lightness of being that is our common elemental essence.

    1. Beautifully said andrewmooney26 – the other day I felt great but saw many miserable faces on my way to work. It wasn’t long before I began to feel miserable too. The key for me is to stay connected, keep feeling and observe. When I do this I am less likely to take on other people’s emotions.

  11. ‘And so has begun the deep, humbling lesson of learning to live with Energetic Responsibility’. Chetan, the honour and joy you feel is delicious and expansive – thank you for sharing your amazing light.

  12. This is a great sharing Chetan. In your words “Lesson for Life and Beyond”. We are responsible for our own learning and need to trust our inner most and not look outside ourselves for the answers.

  13. I love moments when I stop and take stock of everything I have chosen up to this point, obviously I am not perfect and there have been some major blips but there is always so much to deeply appreciate. I find the more I do this the deeper I am then able to go within myself as I have now essentially set and confirmed a new bench mark. Otherwise if I do not take stock I find it easy to get caught up in life and find old disregarding patterns coming back into my life.

  14. “…something deep inside of me was always pulsing, magnetically pulling me towards this truth no matter how much or how far I ran from that feeling.”

    Beautiful Chetan – you remind me that everyone feels this tension and knows the truth.

  15. Great point that you make here Chetan that the more we live with energetic responsibility the more awareness and understanding we have of what is occurring in our lives. A simple but powerful and profound equation.

  16. I have always known that what we do effects everyone but did not take that on board and become really responsible about it in a big way until studying with Universal Medicine. I am still learning to drop old ways of being that do not serve me or anyone else and I shall, no doubt, be refining this process till the day I die. This means that I am becoming lighter and have more love in my body as the years go by and so I have the potential of bringing more love and light to wherever I am and truly contributing to the energetic quality in the world.

  17. It is indeed very strange that we choose to disconnect from our ‘mojo’ when we have a mega-magnifient-mojo eternally within just waiting for us to connect.

  18. To begin ‘chipping away at my falsities’ has been the most challenging, embarrassing and humbling experience that has brought so much more love, steadiness and grace to how I live life. All of which are forever expanding and becoming not just words, but a way of life.

  19. To be able to accept and appreciate the imperfections and the falters as part of the unfolding path that in a way reveal more of what we need to discard to uncover that diamond underneath feels like such a crucial step to me in this path.

  20. Energetic Responsibility makes us be the part of the whole we truly and in fact are; it is a claiming of our undeniable reality and delivers more than we could ever imagine. It is not a burden or something to shy away from but a continual unfolding of the gloriousness we already are.

  21. Thank you Chetan, it is through energetic awareness that we can be honest of the extent of the mess we live in in the world today, and of our responsibility to re-imprint and offer a reflection of a new way of living that develops trust for the world who desperately needs it.

  22. The combination of walking a non judgemental path with that of taking responsibility for every choice that we make is magical and so enriching.

    1. Absolutely Elizabeth, the non-judgemental part is so important, because none of us are perfect, but simply students of ourselves and life. Then with humbleness we can accept that our stumbles and stuff ups are simply opportunities to learn.

  23. The path I tread is not just for me… there are others that have come before me that show me the way, and then some that follow in my footsteps, more sure in their moves because the path has become that little bit clearer, wider, simpler. I walk the path with great reverence for all that is.

    1. Beautifully expressed Simon – the fact of energy is apparent in how we move through life now, then and forevermore.

  24. I was explaining how I was discovering more layers of lack of self worth with a friend and then she reminded me of how even just last year I had been hiding so as not to stand out and I realised I was not appreciating how far I had come. Appreciating myself for the way I have changed and am still open to changing more and seeing how this is reflected in the joy I have refound, and am continuing to find, in life is very precious.

  25. The comforts of certain lifestyles are not so innocent – in fact, they can be super addictive and ultimately distract us from understanding energy and how everything works. We can see some do not know any better as they continue to live the same – checked out from life and indulging in their sense… but many do know better, many have the awareness that there is more going on, yet continue to choose otherwise. So there is something else going on, something that is driving the want to not know about energy and the truths of life.

  26. This is so gorgeous Chetan, you have captured the very essence that lives within us all. Calling us all to re awaken and take claim to the living impulse that is within. Walking every step on this earth with energetic awareness and responsibility, re-imprinting our cyclic path calling all brothers to stand and claim their light.

  27. To come to the understanding that life is “not about perfection, it’s about unfolding”, is like being offered another opportunity to start life all over again; at least that’s what it felt like for me. Gone with the expectations that usually ended in tears and gone was the weight that I needed to present a perfect face to the world. It was like taking a great big sigh of relief that was quickly followed a joy that bubbled up from within, touching every particle of my being as it did.

  28. We all are constantly affecting and being affected by every choice we and others make in our/their lives, because we are always connected. Bringing light to energetic responsibility is essential to understand and address the current lack of harmony that there is in this world

  29. We have made life about survival and about self, so our movements are in a constant drive to get more and more done only to end up in the exhaustion, resentment and need to check out we experience today. This is totally different when we make life about purpose of what needs to be done and the constant appreciation of what is that we are here to reflect to the humanity in order to be more of who we truly are. It is so simple and yet the difference is astronomically when we meet life with a true purpose for all.

  30. Deeply precious are the moments of “mistakes” they open up a deeper space and humbleness for us to embody more that we are multidimensional. There is no perfection but we have asked to deepen and to strengthen the choice of understanding the science of life.

  31. Chetan I loved this line about “the myriad of beautiful experiences that are my learnings.” And there has been many life after life. I have been pondering on what a treasure I am, how much I have learned and how much wisdom I have unfolded, yet I don’t hold my being and body as preciously as I need to. It’s so important to appreciate ourselves and all we hold and bring to humanity, and in that appreciation deepen our value and the way we treat ourselves.

  32. It is humbling to know we are one of many souls on the path of return in line with that soul, and that at the same time the one of many that we are is equal to all the other souls, all also on their path of return.

  33. I welcome energetic responsibility being the norm for humanity, everything we do has a ripple effect, ‘How I think, speak, walk and talk has an effect on my immediate surroundings and even beyond that’.

  34. The way that we live our life is something that we’re communicating with each other all the time – we all offer each other a reflection of what is possible and the quality of that reflection can either inspire us to be more of who we truly are or to walk in opposition to that essence…

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