Adding Up

Every moment is a choice. Every choice is a responsibility.

Let´s compute just for the fun of it, to get an idea how many choices we have made to arrive at this point in time, this very moment in our life right now. In my case this is Monday, 9 January, 2017 at 7.33pm.

As it is impossible for my brain to even start thinking about the time span of a moment, I will settle for seconds so let´s assume we make one choice every second. I am 50 years and 41 days old today.

  • Fifty years equal 18,250 days, plus 41 add up to 18,291 days.
  • 18,291 days total 438,984 hours, plus another 19 hours today, total up to 439,003 hours.
  • 439,003 hours are composed of 26,340,180 minutes, plus 33 minutes today comes to 26,340,213 minutes.
  • 26,340,213 minutes equals 1,580413e9 seconds.

Um well, as I am not a math wizard, I don´t even understand the number and I am seriously wondering what the ‘e’ is doing there. Nevertheless, I understand we are talking around about 1.5 billion choices that have led me to this point in my life; and I am inescapably the product of these choices, like it or not.

Applying the axiom, ‘Every moment is a choice. Every choice is a responsibility’ combined with my personal math version of the rule of three, I come to the conclusion that:

Moments = Choices

Choices = Responsibility

Responsibility = Moments

1,580413e9 moments of responsibility. That´s a lot!

We can literally say we are accountants of our own life, i.e. we are accountable for every single moment of it.

When I think about it this is a bit overwhelming, my mind gets foggy in the attempt to grasp the magnitude of so much responsibility and would honestly like to escape the next moment of responsibility – but too late, tick, tick, tick… one moment of responsibility after the other ticking away and not a single gap to come up with anything to release me from it.

But wait a moment; if my life is the sum total of all these moments and I am the one who has made all the choices, and every choice comes with a certain quality, either wise or unwise, shaping my life, wouldn´t that mean I am a truly powerful being who can create my life the way I like it to be?

If so, responsibility would equal power. Hey, that´s not so bad after all… or is it?

Maybe the challenge is not so much in being responsible but in wielding one´s power wisely knowing that with every breath, thought, word and action we are affecting ourselves and consequently everyone and everything around us. In that sense, we are literally the creators of our own world.

Interestingly enough though, so often we feel the recipient of life or a victim to it rather than its master. And we may ask how many people actually do live lives that are deeply fulfilling, healthy, vital, abundant, harmonious, loving, purposeful and joyful etc., assuming that this is what most, if not all, people actually would like life essentially to be.

To me this seems to be a rare thing and looking at humanity worldwide we can say without doubt, something is going terribly wrong.

Okay, when we do our maths here correctly, it simply means that the predominant number of choices we make are not so wise in relation to our overall wellbeing and people in general. Considering our power and responsibility we may ask: what are we going to do about it?

Our awareness may not be capable of clocking every single moment, every single choice, but that is not necessary. There are basically only two options for us to choose from – love or anything that is not love. Therefore, will we reassess the quality of our choices and deepen the level of love and care for us and others on a moment-to-moment basis to the best of our ability? Or will we simply continue in the momentum of the billion loveless and irresponsible choices we have made up to this point?

The choice is ours and so is the power and responsibility.

Finally something is adding up – there is a simple formula to living life.

* Brain dictation in use. Please excuse arithmetical errors, typos and digits that this program is under the impression I have calculated.

By Alex Braun, Health Practitioner, Cologne, Germany

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307 thoughts on “Adding Up

  1. I loved this Alex, humorous and full of the exquisiteness of responsibility and all it offers in every moment.

  2. I can relate so well to “my mind gets foggy in the attempt to grasp the magnitude of so much responsibility”, however in truth, surely there is only one moment? The moment that is happening in the moment and in this moment there is only two choices to choose from, love or not love. If I remember that then it does not feel overwhelming.

  3. I love the way you put it so simply Alex, maths or no maths. Whatever we do and think is either from love or it is not. We ride along on a wave of life not really truly discerning whether we are love or not. And this leads to us giving away our power and feeling impotent in the face of life. But this is our choice.

  4. Being a master of life through knowing that it is made up of our own choices – the ultimate responsibility.

  5. It is a really interesting question: We have free will yet most of us cannot consistently choose love. What kind of free will is this?

  6. The simplicity of this equation is far from the way we have been left to believe that life can be about choices. We just have to look at the myriad of choices that leave us feeling far from the true quality we leave yet it is as simple as saying YES or NO to that moment. Thank you for sharing the excuses we make time and time again and the complications we seek to put a simple equation out of whack!

  7. What you have shared Alex is that we are responsible for everything accountable in our life and how amazing is that to know we create everything and choose everything that is happening and is to happen with us. Sometimes we are not aware of why we choose certain things but that is also a momentum built up from choices in the past now affecting the present and if allowed to perpetuate, will be our future, the truth is, we are allowed to feel how immensely powerful we are to be able to change and direct our own lives, no one is ever a victim or puppet if we consciously choose whether it is love that we would like.

  8. “Every moment is a choice. Every choice is a responsibility” – and every choice is a moment to choose love, or not love.

  9. Wow Alex, your first line stops me in my tracks, ‘Every moment is a choice. Every choice is a responsibility.’ Very powerful words you have delivered here and reminds me that everything comes back to responsibility, integrity of our movements and choices.

  10. With what you present Alex on choices we make in life “we are literally the creators of our own world” and that is a power we have and can use in two ways. We can make choices based on the love we are from or based on not love and this is, as you said, the actual choice we have to make that ultimately defines the quality of the billions of choices thereafter and makes the equation so much simpler.

  11. It indeed get very simple. Even if we made a billion loveless choices before this moment, we always have the choice to make this very next moment about love. That is the power we have, and the responsibility we have.

  12. My adding skills aren’t that great…but I am liking the formula that if in every moment there is a choice, then in every moment we have an opportunity to make a wiser choice. The sum total of that is powerful.

  13. I had an accident in my life where I could clearly feel I have the power to choose and create or cocreate. I have chosen creation without listening to my body and soul and this was ending in an accident which easily could have stopped my life. The power is ours to choose an energy which keeps us and others out or to choose energetic integrity which includes everybody and ourselves.

  14. Since reading this for the first time, I feel that I have made a lot more loving choices because of the fact that I read it. So it was a loving choice for me to read it and also a loving choice that you didn’t keep it to yourself and decided to write about it.

  15. Every moment is a choice. It is a simple revelation that can easily be dismissed, but every moment builds on the last and all contribute to our future. How often have we regretted a decision made in just one moment that has dramatically changed the course of our lives? Bringing our focus home to this moment now in time and the quality we choose to express ourselves in has immense power, building the energetic and qualitative foundations that underpin absolutely everything in our lives. If we feel upset with the world and our lot, nurturing the quality of our moment-by-moment choices is a very successful way to transmute the mess we have created.

  16. Alex, what you are sharing is really powerful and empowering, ‘we are talking around about 1.5 billion choices that have led me to this point in my life; and I am inescapably the product of these choices’. This makes life simple, we can choose to live lovingly or not and every moment is a choice; from how I care for myself to how I speak and how I am with others; how I move; what I choose to eat, so many choices and so much potential.

  17. Alex what you have written here is such a powerful sentence to me
    “tick, tick, tick… one moment of responsibility after the other ticking away and not a single gap to come up with anything to release me from it.”
    For me this is huge, as what you are saying is that there are no checking out or slack moments, everything counts. So then the energy we align to matters every single second now I understand true responsibility, I may not be able to live it but at least I understand that there can be no private Idaho’s because then we are adding to those moments when we say it’s alright to check out and do your own thing and then check back in again, actually everything counts.

  18. If there are what we might label ‘evil’ forces at play in our world then it might be in their interests to mis-inform us about the truth. We have ‘fake news’ these days – and in fact propaganda has been used for a very long time. So maybe responsibility has ‘got a bad name’ through mis-information because it is actually through responsibility that we reconnect to the innate power we all have. The more I accept responsibility the more I feel empowered – so I would say in my own experience that our general sense of resistance to being responsible might be a misnomer.

  19. Thank you Alex. There can at times be the wish for life to be full of joy and vitality and for this to be the desired goal or end result of our choices, so we may feel good about our selves and have self-worth because everything is going well. But I am learning about the value of letting things be just as they are and how this can be a part of life’s great healings and in this I am discovering that true joy does not always come with a smile and it can in fact just be a state of living that is very profound and connected with the soul, which does not need things on earth to be perfect because it knows that no matter what, we are moving back towards it, the soul.

  20. If every moment is a choice which it is, then this is the formula for how to live, both in harmony with ourselves and the rest of the universe. To take responsibility for wisely choosing, in every moment, all our choices is the pathway of evolution.

  21. Responsibility can seem daunting sometimes but when you understand that it is incredibly self-empowering it completely turns this around!

  22. The truth of what you are sharing here, Alex, is indeed inescapable. It reflects to us all how arrogant in thinking that we can avoid being responsible and keep choosing to prolong the agony of living a life that is so much less than who we truly are.

  23. As long as this is not a box “ticking” exercise, because once the choice is made of being with ourselves every moment then it is the choice to be connected and expand the awareness that is aligned to through the upmost of our ability.

  24. “Interestingly enough though, so often we feel the recipient of life or a victim to it rather than its master.” This is so true, how many people really appreciate the power we have in every moment? It is my experience that most of humanity passively accept the product of their own loveless choices completely unaware that they themselves created them, and continue to do so in victim mode.

  25. Life definitely gets better when we see we are the captains steering the ship and that life and the consequences we live with are of our own making, whether slow in the happening or short term results, it is always from the choices we make. You don’t need an accountancy degree to see all this adds up to the way we feel about ourselves and about life. And it is motivating to know that we control what comes next.

  26. The amount of moments that we have had to choose to live in truth is scary. It really highlights our delay. What if we were to turn this ratio around and express truth in most of our moments. The whole world would be entirely different. We have so much potential.

  27. ‘I am inescapably the product of these choices, like it or not.’ – It is very sobering when we come to understand that we are all a product of our own choices.

  28. When we consider all you present here Alex, how can we continue to believe that we are the recipients of life or the victim of circumstance? Wen in fact we are by of the power of choice, hugely powerful… and with power comes responsibility. What a beautiful and poignant reminder for the start of a new day.

  29. The starkness of those number is amazing Alex and also how many choices we are actually making it shows that we are not just simply arriving at a point either, this builds over time and each choice opens out more. Scary, maybe, but there’s huge power and responsibility here so for me reading this my question to myself is what will my next choice, knowing that I always choose and I always have a choice?

  30. I love what you are essentially saying, that it is our choice and therefore our responsibility to make life about love and there is no excuse and no one else to blame if it is not.

  31. Reading all the comments that confirm, expand, share, inspire, elaborate, add… makes me aware of the responsibility that goes with expression, in this instance writing a blog and receiving a reflection of how that expression is affecting or causing responses by other people. Usually we don´t receive such a broad reflection by so many people and somehow the number of comments similar to the billions of moments or choices calculated in the blog highlight the fact of responsibility. How much do I honour what I wrote by the way I am living and therefore the readers and recipients of it? Expression is responsibility. And fact is we cannot but express all of the time, ie every moment.

  32. There’s a choice to fight myself or to love myself in each and every second. I’ve chosen to fight a lot in my life. As I am more and more discovering, this is indeed a choice. An inner-war that I allow to keep going. Choosing the connection with my precious body is the medicine to this war. How beautiful is it that our own love and choices are the greatest medicine we can ever give ourselves. And the love forever deepens, eternally!

  33. Whilst we have in any given moment an opportunity to make a choice in effect we are constantly making choices – like a stream – which we can choose the quality that will become our next thought, our next action or movement.

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