Adding Up

Every moment is a choice. Every choice is a responsibility.

Let´s compute just for the fun of it, to get an idea how many choices we have made to arrive at this point in time, this very moment in our life right now. In my case this is Monday, 9 January, 2017 at 7.33pm.

As it is impossible for my brain to even start thinking about the time span of a moment, I will settle for seconds so let´s assume we make one choice every second. I am 50 years and 41 days old today.

  • Fifty years equal 18,250 days, plus 41 add up to 18,291 days.
  • 18,291 days total 438,984 hours, plus another 19 hours today, total up to 439,003 hours.
  • 439,003 hours are composed of 26,340,180 minutes, plus 33 minutes today comes to 26,340,213 minutes.
  • 26,340,213 minutes equals 1,580413e9 seconds.

Um well, as I am not a math wizard, I don´t even understand the number and I am seriously wondering what the ‘e’ is doing there. Nevertheless, I understand we are talking around about 1.5 billion choices that have led me to this point in my life; and I am inescapably the product of these choices, like it or not.

Applying the axiom, ‘Every moment is a choice. Every choice is a responsibility’ combined with my personal math version of the rule of three, I come to the conclusion that:

Moments = Choices

Choices = Responsibility

Responsibility = Moments

1,580413e9 moments of responsibility. That´s a lot!

We can literally say we are accountants of our own life, i.e. we are accountable for every single moment of it.

When I think about it this is a bit overwhelming, my mind gets foggy in the attempt to grasp the magnitude of so much responsibility and would honestly like to escape the next moment of responsibility – but too late, tick, tick, tick… one moment of responsibility after the other ticking away and not a single gap to come up with anything to release me from it.

But wait a moment; if my life is the sum total of all these moments and I am the one who has made all the choices, and every choice comes with a certain quality, either wise or unwise, shaping my life, wouldn´t that mean I am a truly powerful being who can create my life the way I like it to be?

If so, responsibility would equal power. Hey, that´s not so bad after all… or is it?

Maybe the challenge is not so much in being responsible but in wielding one´s power wisely knowing that with every breath, thought, word and action we are affecting ourselves and consequently everyone and everything around us. In that sense, we are literally the creators of our own world.

Interestingly enough though, so often we feel the recipient of life or a victim to it rather than its master. And we may ask how many people actually do live lives that are deeply fulfilling, healthy, vital, abundant, harmonious, loving, purposeful and joyful etc., assuming that this is what most, if not all, people actually would like life essentially to be.

To me this seems to be a rare thing and looking at humanity worldwide we can say without doubt, something is going terribly wrong.

Okay, when we do our maths here correctly, it simply means that the predominant number of choices we make are not so wise in relation to our overall wellbeing and people in general. Considering our power and responsibility we may ask: what are we going to do about it?

Our awareness may not be capable of clocking every single moment, every single choice, but that is not necessary. There are basically only two options for us to choose from – love or anything that is not love. Therefore, will we reassess the quality of our choices and deepen the level of love and care for us and others on a moment-to-moment basis to the best of our ability? Or will we simply continue in the momentum of the billion loveless and irresponsible choices we have made up to this point?

The choice is ours and so is the power and responsibility.

Finally something is adding up – there is a simple formula to living life.

* Brain dictation in use. Please excuse arithmetical errors, typos and digits that this program is under the impression I have calculated.

By Alex Braun, Health Practitioner, Cologne, Germany

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692 thoughts on “Adding Up

  1. There is a formula that just repeats itself over and over like the cycles of the sun and the moon within which we live. Time to surrender to that which is happening whether we choose to be aware of it or not.

  2. “…. so often we feel the recipient of life or a victim to it rather than its master.” Realising that in every moment we have a choice and if we choose to accept that responsibility then we are the Masters of our world.

  3. In truth there is really only one moment, the moment we are in in the moment, and therefore ever only one choice, which is to be love or not, as everything else follows from that choice. Simple, really.

    1. I love the simplicity of that. So many people talk about being in the moment but there is a further choice once we are in that moment and that is what quality are we choosing?

  4. This really adds up! Thanks Alex, it’s a great read. When we dissect life this way we see the enormity of each choice, and our responsibility not just in the outcome but to the world.

  5. I love what you have presented here, Alex, and it certainly does away with the often-heard cry of ‘I didn’t have a choice’. When I realised that in every single moment I have a choice it totally rearranged the way I looked at my life and in doing so I finally claimed the responsibility I have in every one of those moments; a huge responsibility but one that I have finally stopped running away from.

  6. “” There are basically only two options for us to choose from – love or anything that is not love. Therefore, will we reassess the quality of our choices and deepen the level of love and care for us and others on a moment-to-moment basis to the best of our ability? Or will we simply continue in the momentum of the billion loveless and irresponsible choices we have made up to this point?”” Thank you for all that you have shared Alex, love it. Such truth in all its simplicity Thank You.

  7. A great blog to re-read, bringing a welcome reminder that energetically everything affects everything and the importance of the quality of our choices to deepen unto love in every moment, brings either harmony or disharmony to all.
    “Therefore, will we reassess the quality of our choices and deepen the level of love and care for us and others on a moment-to-moment basis to the best of our ability?”

  8. I had a session with a Universal Medicine practitioner last night and came to see how areas of my life are very irresponsible (despite appearances of being a very responsible person). This blog is great to read today as it reminds me that every single moment is a choice to be responsible or not, and by responsible i mean to live a moment choosing love as its foundation.

  9. Absolutely well said : ‘Interestingly enough though, so often we feel the recipient of life or a victim to it rather than its master.’
    This could be totally different, live life as a master. How than would the world reign?

  10. I love numbers, even though I am with you Alex in not knowing what that last number really means in quantity, it says a lot in quality. It says to me that every moment I make in every second is a configuration that is within my body and the more I choose to move in that way, whether it is love or not, that configuration either gets stronger or changes. So those numbers to me are repetitions, how much we have repeated movements and how many opportunities we have had to change them.

  11. Quite overwhelming to look at those numbers as moments of responsibility/power. Even if we say ‘No thank you’ it doesn’t change the fact and we are still left with moments of choice and if we are not choosing love ourselves, we are allowing something else to take its place. We are the occupants of those moments/space and what we occupy that space with affects the whole. And I can feel the overwhelm for me comes from this knowing that there’s no break from this, that it is constant.

  12. When we really accept the fact that we are the creators of our own world (and the world in general) also a true sense of the magnitude of responsibility emerges and with it an empowerment of what we are capable of.

    1. Well said Alex – there is much beauty to behold in responsibility when we feel the hand we have in what is around us. We are not small in this, we are not small and meaningless in the Universe but we are told this, that we are far less than God and never taught that we are equal to the stars.

  13. You are right Alex – we have so many moments and each one is a choice and we are in fact the sum of our choices, so lets make sure that we are being totally aware and responsible for this.

  14. While it is a fact that every moment is a choice and thus a responsibility that is not necessarily our awareness in every moment, ie. the way we experience and live life doesn´t necessarily honour the fact. Hence there is a path of return to embrace the fact in full until we match it with our livingness, meaning that our every move (without perfection) is in alignment with the universal truth that we all are the parts that make the whole and therefore contribute to the whole in the same quality that constitutes the whole by divine design.

  15. There is no burden or heaviness about responsibility when this formula is understood and applied. A choice to be the love that we are made of. This is very simple and any resistance is futile and a choice to not be love.

  16. “And we may ask how many people actually do live lives that are deeply fulfilling, healthy, vital, abundant, harmonious, loving, purposeful and joyful etc., assuming that this is what most, if not all, people actually would like life essentially to be.” We like the idea of life just being what it is randomly and that we don’t have much say in how our lives are because otherwise we would change it, right? But the blog above shows how we actually make choices all the time and that we have to ask ourselves what we are choosing when we don’t live the fulfilling, healthy, vital, abundant and so forth life that is available to us all.

  17. When we live Truth and make this our consistent way of living we are living with responsibility not only for ourselves but for others equally too.

  18. For many years so much of life just didn’t add up, no matter how hard I tried to change the formula. But looking back I can now see that the formula was in the first instance way too complicated and in the complication, I simply lost myself, not taking responsibility for the choices I was making and blaming others for most of what went ‘wrong’. I can also see now that the formula for life is actually very simple, one based on love and a total responsibility for every single choice I make. Now this is the way I love to live.

    1. The body loves simplicity and harmony whilst the mind thrives on complication and if chosen over the body communication, creates a very disharmonious, irresponsible blaming way of being..

  19. Choices taken responsibly for the benefit of all equals power, which offers the choice to have the power to choose responsibly.

  20. Yes – even making things complicated is multiplying the choice to be irresponsible, simply because we know what to do and not to do. Complication is simply said indulging in unknowingness, knowingly so, how silly. But we all do that.

  21. What you have presented here offers so much to ponder on “We are accountants of our own life, i.e. we are accountable for every single moment of it.” Well, for so much of this life my accountancy skills were not that great and I always seemed to be building up a debt here and there, but since coming to understand I have a choice in every moment this is gradually beginning to change. In fact, I love that in every moment I have the opportunity to make a different choice and to also know it is the energetic quality of that choice which will determine what comes next.

  22. It is scary to think about how many times we can choose – ie a choice a minute. But what is great in this sharing is that it presents the fact that with each choice we either choose love or not love. Simple as that

  23. The life we create requires constant action from our side. Our constant choices have to be in sync with it. Otherwise, it just falls down. This is true even for those cases when we feel life sucks.

  24. With all those choices (no matter what our age) we have much we have experienced and are responsible for – thank you Alex for your scientific equation. It is an empowering to confirm just how powerful we are everytime we feel that choice we made towards love and how that feels in the body.

  25. I love the concept introduced here that we are accountants for our own lives and that introduces responsibility and our choices and the beautiful thing here is no-one can dictate those choices, we choose and it really comes down to whether our choices are from love or not, and it’s a forever choice for us to make … in each moment we have a choice.

  26. It is interesting how we more often consider ourselves the victim and not the master of our life and settle for a far lesser way of living that effects our whole being, our integrity and the quality of our choices. Returning to our natural loving and tender nature is possible the more we choose to listen and honour what we are feeling in our body and by making wiser and more responsible choices, not only in consideration of ourselves but equally of others.

  27. Love it Alex, taking the complication out and keeping it simple. Choose love and all else will follow.

  28. Wow that’s a lot of choices to be making every moment, but I wonder how many of my choices are responsible and true? Something to ponder on there…

  29. What I learned from this blog is that though we may make choices that are not so loving we can always go back and correct that choice with a more loving one. Our so called ‘bad’ choices do not define us as they can always be corrected.

  30. Every single one of our choices leaves an imprint that either inspires others or the opposite so the responsibility is huge, not to mention that we will have to clean up all the imprints that pull others down. That is a lot of cleaning up to be done.

  31. Powerful message Alex, you share what is being so obviously there, but we have been so in denial. Good to come back to the reality and truth of what is there right in front of our eyes. Thank you. More for us to see and talk about (and so to live accordingly..).

  32. I love the maths Alex… You obviously have another profession waiting for you if ever you choose… And what a blessing it would be for children to be taught by you.

  33. When it’s broken down to having two choices in every moment, you can bring in the simplicity life can be lived in. Hmmm, makes you wonder why we choose such complexity.

    1. I ask myself that question often Kim, usually when I start to feel the weight of complexity beginning to drag me down. Keeping life simple is actually very easy to do once we have made the commitment to the simplicity, as no longer are we weighed down with the complexity, but feeling very light and liberated instead.

  34. It’s so true Alex that if we try to think about all the billions of moment by moment choices we are responsible for – past and to come, it blows the mind. But to focus on the next choice we make being a caring, loving one is more doable -each one laying a foundation for the next, supporting us to choose love the next moment too.

  35. Absolutely, there is no room for complication in this equation and it makes so much sense. We are the creators of our own woe or joy, so it is just a question of stepping up and take every moment as our next conscious choice.

  36. What I love about this is that there is a fresh moment, a new opportunity, every second of every day. We can choose in an instant to arrest ill patterns of behaviour and start a path of change and, when we slip up, caught by an ingrained pattern, the next moment is waiting for us to choose again.

  37. A word so Soulfully and true : heaven. Showing us that there is only one way we can truly heal, that is by living by the knowing that we are here to not be here and stand tall and rise higher than the current level we are living in. Thank God for Serge Benhayon who has been showing us the way since 1999.

  38. I want to smile at the humour you have presented this in but there is something deeply halting about what your theory has shared. Every moment we have a choice to be aware that the choice we make has a ripple effect and we have a choice to consider the consequences of that ripple effect. Do we even stop to consider that?

  39. Responsibility often appears to be something big ahead of us like a mountain to climb or a load to carry, a seriousness and bracing for how we need to handle the situation, but actually it is just choosing the quality of the next moment, the next movement, right now – love or not love. And then the next moment and so on… And some moments later when we have developed a momentum of loving choices we may realise that love is carrying us like the wind under our wings and that responsibility in truth feels very powerful.

    1. What I love about this is the total redefinition of the word ‘responsibility’ from something serious and heavy, to actually something light but powerful. It is bringing our all, being completely ourselves, moment to moment, unfettered by our past choices, beliefs, judgments, protection or anything else that we might choose to put in the way of the natural connection to love that we all have, and our natural ability to emanate it.

  40. Wow, wow and wow…if this is not evidence that through our bodies the quality of life we live is determined, then we clearly are choosing to avoid the truth. From what you have shared here Alex, you bring to light the power that is available for all of us to live in every single moment, if we are willing to embrace it. The responsibility is ours as to what vibration we align to in each and every moment, as it is the vibration of love that our body and being shines the greatest with.

    1. It is our natural to to be the ‘vibration of love that our body and being shines the greatest with’ and in accepting this it is clear and simple that all we have to do is let go of the patterns of behaviour that interfere with this natural.

  41. The fact that is choice to be love or not is very confronting. Because in the love-less momentum I have wanted to believe that I can stop the acess to that choice to be love. But really I can only constantly convince or force myself to believe that I can’t just switch like a light switch. That all my efforts in unloving choices had some impact. Nope, the choice to be love and acess my power and responsibility has always remained equal to choosing everything that is not love.

    1. Very true Leigh and it is very confronting to know that essentially at every and any given moment we have the choice to be love or not and we have always had this choice. Which means accepting how often we have not chosen love when we so easily could have. But now we consciously know this we have the repsonsibility to live it in full and so can show others they also can choose love.

  42. We have a beautiful responsibility to be us; truly energetic beings with a will that ends in making certain choices. Let those choices come from honouring who we are – that is the most healthy way of living.

  43. How beautiful it is to take the opportunity to ponder that every fine detail of our lives can be an opportunity to share who we are within our every step, word spoken and expression made. How awesome life can truly be when we consider the magnitude of our life lived via the quality of our movements made in every moment. Thank you Alex.

  44. Great blog Alex thank you for sharing the moments with us. Wow what a responsibility we have in every moment; in each moment we can ask the question – is it love or is it not love, the choice is ours.

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