The LOVE of Serge Benhayon

Growing up as a child I was always longing for that Love I was taught about in RE (Religious Instruction) lessons and in Church – that unconditional, abiding and holding Love of God.

I was taught it was not possible here on earth as it was “heavenly,” but we should all aspire to it. Life was spent struggling to be this impossible perfection as some sort of ideal amidst the conflicting role models and influences of the human world around me, without having any idea how to approach it.

Eventually I gave up the Christian church, although the influences were still in me. I danced with paganism, Jungian Psychology, Taoism and hung around the fringes of liberal Christianity for a long while, and knew that what I longed for was not there.

But then I met Serge Benhayon.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

He taught me that the Unconditional Love I longed for, the compassion and tenderness and holding, are already there inside me; that Love is my Divine essence, known to me from my birth in my long ago lives and this life, but which I have obscured, betrayed, and have reacted to and covered up because of the hurts and abuses of this world.

Serge Benhayon lives the Love that he is in every expression of movement and word. He gives a reflection of the Truth of how we are and of unconditional Love here on earth, for we are all Sons of God, here for the purpose of clearing away all the stuff we hold onto and to choose this Love in our lives for ourselves and our human family.

Through the years I have observed and experienced Serge in his interactions and presentations. I have felt him expand in this power of Love. I have felt the emanations of the Love that flows through him and from him towards others – family, friends, students, and strangers. His humility and gentleness have become more apparent, his openness and acceptance of all that is, his example of living that brings forth The Way of The Livingness that is ours to choose and claim.

Always, if I have ever mailed or spoken to Serge I have received a dose of medicine; the Truth delivered with unconditional Love. I have always felt this great flood of warmth, and felt the Truth to my very core, even though sometimes it has been hard to accept.

I have lived a guarded life, and very often keep what I most long for out. Recently I was the subject of a media attack. It was a shock as it came by surprise, bringing up many old deeply buried feelings as I felt the force of it, and for the first time in my life I really allowed myself to feel deeply my vulnerability and fragility as I struggled with this responsibility and yet stood firmly in my truth.

The support and Love I received from Serge during this period is something that is greater than words. An attempt is to say I felt a deepening inside me to a place never before felt, a deep inner glow, and my body was glowing and expanding with the warmth I felt enveloping me, from without and then from within. I felt held in a way I had never been before, I felt the Love pouring through every cell of my body, I experienced healing. The Love was universal, not personal, and totally encompassing, dispelling the darker forces at play within me. I was met, recognised for who I was. I was held in Love.

This amazing man – Serge Benhayon – is humble, knows his equalness to everyone else, and lives a temporal life in the reality of this world from the power of Love within. His Love knows no bounds, is beyond much of human understanding, and stands like a beacon of light and truth.

This Love is the nearest I have felt any human being express Heaven on Earth.

All this I truly feel, and it is a far cry from the complexity and pressure I felt as a child around the subject of the Love of God, and what Heaven is. If I can feel in another that Divine expression – as I have with Serge Benhayon – then I know Heaven is here on earth in that moment, and so I know that if I can feel myself expressing that Divine impulse in even just a few moments of my life, then I have connected with Heaven and the Divine.

We do not have to search for or aspire to it, for it is really very simple: we have to surrender to the knowing of who we truly are, and that is Love.

With appreciation and love for Serge Benhayon, from the depths of my inner heart where he has shown me by reflection how to be and what True Love is, and his continual presence and holding of All in true commitment and service for humanity.

 By Joan Calder

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579 thoughts on “The LOVE of Serge Benhayon

  1. “His Love knows no bounds…” – I have observed this to be true of Serge Benhayon time and time again, as living proof that the whole of heaven can pour through us when we open up our hearts once again.

    1. It is quite remarkable for a person to be living this constantly and consistently ‘His love knows no bounds’ and this is exactly how Serge Benhayon lives! Not only is it remarkable because not many, if any, people are truly living this constantly and consistently currently in the world today; it is beautifull because it shows and asks us all to be the same equally so and live this as well.

      1. It’s constantly asking us to be more, to live our lives in full and be all that we are rather than the dulled down, version that is sluggish and flat.

    2. I so connect with that – ‘ his Love knows no bounds’ – he holds everyone in that love equally so.

  2. Such a lie that Christianity and Catholicism have sold us about heaven. Hang around and observe Serge Benhayon and that lie quickly gets busted. We can live Heaven on Earth, in fact that is what we are here to do.

  3. Joan, I love how you have talked about Serge Benhayon and your meeting with him as being the pivotal turning point in your life. He is such an incredibly inspiring person and so meeting him is very significant, but equally so is the fact that you embraced what he lives and chose to make it part of your lived everyday…for meeting someone inspiring is one thing, and putting the inspiration into practice is an entirely different ball game. Well done and thank you for your immense appreciation of a man who has shown us the way back.

  4. Many of us search endlessly for love, when all along it is right their inside of us and all we have to do is reconnect and be who we naturally are…..LOVE.

  5. This brings to me the words “Love is a Beholding Light” which sums it up really, love sees and holds us it its divine eternal presence. Serge Benhayon most certainly does that and he inspires us all likewise.

    1. Yes, Shirley-Anne, I feel that too, the beholding quality is so unimposing but felt through the whole of one’s being. It is light, fiery, surrounding without invasion. It is for us to open ourselves and receive it and then it supports us to ignite and expand our own fire.

    2. Lovely expression Shirley-Ann, and very true, Serge Benhayon does just that and it is deeply felt by many.

  6. Serge Benhayon is such a solid marker and inspiration for what true love is; his love certainly ‘knows no bounds’. Thank you Joan for your personal sharing and for your absolutely divine testimony and love for Serge Benhayon.

  7. I have never felt such love and deep true care from anyone as I do from Serge Benhayon. He always has the space for people, something we could all learn from.

  8. The love that Serge holds you in is absolute no question, and you feel held so very deeply by that love, no matter what. You could never say you don’t know true love after you have met Serge, he lives, breathes and moves in the rhythm of pure love.

  9. So beautiful and so true Joan i love this sharing on Serge Benhayon and all the love he offers each and everyone of us .”We do not have to search for or aspire to it, for it is really very simple: we have to surrender to the knowing of who we truly are, and that is Love.”

  10. I was longing for the feeling of family and communion that religion touched on. Little did I know that It was within me all along.

  11. There is just so much love in this man that it is hard to even describe it. I have personally met Serge Benhayon and known him for many years, he just does not waiver in is support, love and inspiration for many.

  12. How many of us have given up on true love and yet it is there and within us all and something much grander than we have made love to be.

    1. I agree Esther not only have so many of us given up on what we know is true love we have settled for less which is even worse as it then traps us because we then say ‘well this is love’ when it is far from it.

  13. Serge Benhayon’s love is absolutely pure and true, there is not one ounce of judgement or telling me what to do. If there is anyone on this planet I trust it is him as there is no self or hidden agenda when you talk, listen or get an email from him.

  14. I use, and I don’t mean that in a bad way, Serge Benhayon as a marker of love – sometimes I may receive an email for example and doubt myself on what I feel that it’s not loving and telling for example, then I see a picture of Serge, read one of his emails and I know what I feel is true. One day I won’t need to do this, but whilst I’m working on trusting and backing myself this can be at times supportive or confirming.

  15. “the Unconditional Love I longed for, the compassion and tenderness and holding, are already there inside me” – I love this line, something I am working on as I have looked outside myself for answers or given my power away for too long.

  16. A great example you have shared here Joan of the power of LOVE. Media attacks come with a brutal force and unfortunately leave one with no avenue to erase them and or the damage they can cause. You can feel here when we are going through tough time especially the best way we can support each other is by holding each other in LOVE.

  17. The Love of Serge Benhayon has taught me so much, it would take forever to express. Because that is what Serge walks and presents – the always evolving, never ending, forever growing Love – that all of us are, equally.

  18. To feel again that we are that love it is gold to meet Serge Benhayon as he eminates that And then we feel and know and if choosen we wake up too.

  19. Thank you Joan, you have expressed the absolute truth of Serge Benhayon in both the way he lives his life and the way he is in relationship to everyone. It’s a constant steady love, but not the reduced version of love we have created which is actually emotional love (and can feel very needy). The love that Serge expresses reflects that we all are in essence love and that this love is grand, it’s the same love from and of God, which is where the essence of who we truly are comes from. To live this divine love that Serge does is to confirm we are equal Sons of God, or you could say Sons of Love. We are equally divine as the God we come from, and to me The Way of the Livingness is the way to living this divine and true love everyday. It is to claim who we are as equal Sons of Love and express it in every moment of life.

  20. How beautifully you have expressed all the feelings that so many of us have for Serge Benhayon – who offers love divine just be the way he moves. He is truly a man of grace and beauty, commitment and dedication who lives life with great integrity and reflects a sense of equality and unity. He honours each person he meets and makes no distinction between the love he offers – whether you are an old friend or someone he is meeting for the first time.

  21. Thank you for writing about your experience it has opened a tsunami of appreciation for the incredible work that Serge Benhayon does.

  22. The beauty about the love of Serge Benhayon is that it is the love of us all. It is the true love that holds us all equally and lives within us all.

  23. Joan – thank you, this is huge. Instantly by your blog the love is felt and unescapable being brought into words. True words. The words are used to equally bless the reader of that love and inspire too. What I sense is this huge amount of love we know ourselves (God) to be, yet we have had a trouble accepting it, and that even though it is right in front of our eyes, we have times of escaping it. But that is not because we do not treasure it or feel its absolute truth – but we have to admit that we have stepped away from it by thinking we could create without it. Powerful message for us all when truly want to be understood.

  24. The love of Serge Benhayon is everything and something that is forever expanding and holds us all equally and is the model for the world of who we all are inside. `There is no more searching needed only our livingness all the way to heaven and beyond

  25. The support and love I have received from Serge over the last few weeks has been completely unforgettable.

  26. Serge Benhayon single handedly does away with any beliefs or myths about divine love not being available for ‘mere mortals’ and in his living way shows all who are ready to see that we are equally divine and that love is who we are.

  27. Joan what you share about Serge Benhayon beholding and support at the time of your challenge is a beautiful example of true love at work. I have felt this with him as well and have been blessed to have him as a teacher, a guide and a friend. I am seeing more and more that what he offers us is there for us all to reignite the same love within ourselves so we can in turn share it with this world.

  28. Serge Benhayon busts the lie we are sold that true love is only in heaven. It is here on earth, and is felt through a living way, that is ‘The Way’. Serge Benhayon lives by this way and shows us that we too can live this way and live heaven on earth.

  29. I can relate to this, we all feel love and want to live love, but we do put up a wall to protect ourselves from getting hurt and in so doing we prevent ourselves access all the love that is so abundantly available “I have lived a guarded life, and very often keep what I most long for out.” Having a guard up as you describe it denies us so much, I can feel this in myself and it is wonderful when people such as Serge Benhayon lives free of guard and offer a love without reserve.

  30. Serge Benhayon has helped me to remember and discern what is truly loving and to re-connect with a deeper way of living love in my life, something that I can see has no end but is a continual opportunity to deepen and expand on in the way that I express every moment of the day.

  31. Serge Benhayon presents that we are all equally love in essence and the only reason the world is not loving is that there are other things over the top that prevent us from living the love we are. We are not permanently and irretrievably damaged or flawed. This makes much more sense to me than the ‘tainted sinner’ theory that I had contact with growing up from the influence of the Christian religions.

  32. ‘But then I met Serge Benhayon.’ I smiled when I read this sentence Joan for the moment I met Serge Benhayon was a life changing one for me, a stop moment that allowed me to take control of my own life in the most loving way possible.

  33. This is lovely Joan!. This is how I see and experience the Love of Serge Benhayon also. An amazingly natural loving being who shares his love equally with all no matter what the circumstances might be.

  34. It is our knowing as children that we yearn for the unconditional abiding holding Love of God that I also never found in any religious institution Joan. When we get the reflection of this from Serge Benhayon, we know that the divine Love is within us all.

  35. The more I become aware of life the more I become aware that there is a game being played here on Earth and that we are pawns in this game. We are completely controlled by an unseen force that we give way to because we cannot see it, because we have over the thousand of years given up on life and allowed this other energy to dictate to us how life should be.
    I have learnt that everything is energy first, not from the education system itself but from a man called Serge Benhayon who knows exactly the game being played out. And if we were all to grow our awareness to the fact that there are only two energies we would understand why we behave the way we do. There is a force that doesn’t not want us to reawaken to the fact of everything is energy because then it would be exposed for all the cruelty that is mitered out on earth. To me I can see that is why there is opposition to anyone who dares to truly expose what is really happening in the world and why this for now unseen force wants to put a stop to anyone who tries to expose the game we are all involved in without truly discerning
    how we live our lives.

  36. Serge Benhayon lives so unapologetically for humanity that anything in comparison stands out as truth or not.

  37. To hold everyone so deeply in love as Serge Benhayon always does, involves his every movement, word and thoughts which are in total alignment with the All, and just keeps washing over us like the most beautiful graceful wave of love, delicately inviting us to be more.

    1. Yes what I witness in Serge Benhayon is an amazing consistency and holding. Not just in his words – but in his movements. Movements confirm everything he delivers. The care and love he has in his body is huge and certainly felt in his presence.

  38. The way you described how you were ‘held in love’ is absolutely breath-taking, I could read and re-read this paragraph over again and again… it is deeply, deeply beautiful, thank you for sharing such a Divine experience.

  39. “I was taught it (the unconditional, abiding and holding Love of God) was not possible here on earth as it was “heavenly,” but we should all aspire to it.” How ridiculous is that? Why aspire to something that is not possible? That just sets one to constantly fail, to never feel fulfillment and completeness.

  40. Only yesterday I had the pleasure of feeling held by Serge’s Love in an even more focussed way than we are already held, when I spoke up in a presentation. It didn’t matter whether I had the ‘right answer’ it was that I expressed what I was feeling, and was held, and that I didn’t get excessively anxious around speaking to the group on the mic. Such is his unbounding love.

  41. For any question about what love truly is we need look no further than the love we carry within as Sons of God and to the living way of this in action as reflected through Serge Benhayon.

  42. I know this ‘Impossible perfection’ Joan, and what a set-up it is, making us feel we have to seek and struggle to live up to this ideal when, as you say, ‘it is really very simple: [just] surrender to the knowing of who we truly are, and that is Love.’

  43. Many religions and philosophies tell us that Love is to be found inside us but it was not till I came across Serge Benhayon and the teachings he shares that I felt this so tangibly in my body and then he gives us the tools to hold this awareness and love embodiment. I had not realised that emotions were reactions to feelings but it completely made sense when this was presented to me. An understanding of what it was to really live unconditional love in the world without it being attached to an ideal became clear. True love became not only a possibility but a living experience. I have a long way to go to make this my daily living in a way that Serge or his family do but having had a taste of this means I have a marker in me and everyday I can live it more.

  44. I to used to think love was something I needed to be and bring to others but now see it as something I naturally am and so just need to surrender to it and then can bring it to others as it is an extension of the love I live so there is no need or trying.

  45. ‘We do not have to search for or aspire to it, for it is really very simple: we have to surrender to the knowing of who we truly are, and that is Love.’ For the love of Serge Benhayon is in us all – we are all of that if we choose it and live it for ourselves.

  46. “we have to surrender to the knowing of who we truly are, and that is Love.” I’m finding that the more i surrender, the more I get a deeper understanding of this. Surrender is not about admitting defeat or anything to do with weakness. It’s an acceptance that we don’t have to try and that we are held in so much love that’s unfathomable and by surrendering to it, we are able to see through all that is not that love. It’s a relationship between me and God / love / the universe.

  47. There is endless love to feel within and Serge has shown me that love is not some heavenly ideal only to be aspired to. We can live it here on Earth, in fact that is what we are here to do.

    1. Good point Susan – by virtue of seeking for more we know that true love exists, we are just looking in the wrong place most of the time and discounting what is right in front of our noses.

  48. How awful to be taught about something that any person would crave – being held and loved unconditionally by God, only to be taught that it is not possible here on earth. Religion is way off track and negligent in their duty to represent God when they sell ideas like this. I am reminded of the saying, ‘as it is in heaven, so it is below’. Just because we behave far from heavenly most of the time doesn’t mean it isn’t possible or that we are not equal to heaven and God. We simply need to choose it as individuals and as one humanity.

    1. The Lord’s Prayer holds it all even if the translation is manipulated in some way, the energy is there, I remember Serge talking about that. It is the one consistent prayer we said and I knew there was something about it that was true and loving, but the misinterpretations that were put upon it through all the other teaching obscured the deeper true meanings. It was there for us as children, and we knew but were led astray. “Thy will be done” is something I skated over without feeling in the past, they become just repeated words, but now I am learning this is most important of all, to relinquish that identity of my personality, and choose between the energy of the Love and the Not Love, and obey the Laws of the Universe, not my own.

  49. Meeting Serge Benhayon is meeting a reflection of the true love we all are at essence. Hence the deep feeling of being met and coming home, because we meet ourselves.

  50. If any teaching or religion attempts to separate us from God, Heaven or the expansiveness of equal love then it is not true. Nothing is not available to us, nothing is separate from us, we are connected to and have access to the Universe through the love in our body; and Serge Benhayon walks this truth everyday.

  51. Joan I feel you are correct when you say we are all looking for that unconditional love, to be held in love no matter what and in fact we are held in this love except we cannot feel it, because we have numbed ourselves to it I feel we have turned our backs on the potential of ever reconnecting to it again.
    I had given up on true love and withdrawn from life, disappointed that another life time was to be spent in the misery of my disconnection. I knew that true love existed I just couldn’t find it, it always felt just out of reach. Meeting Serge Benhayon was a pivotal point in my life, through his constantly reassuring behaviour and absolute integrity towards everyone he meets I was able to let go of my hurts and start to trust in myself and life again. It has been a remarkable journey of self discovery and I like so many thousands of people have made this journey because of the steadfastness of Serge Benhayon who is a rock of absolute unconditional love.

  52. Thank you Joan for your very heart-felt appreciation of the love that Serge Benhayon brings, which is indeed truly universal – which means that what you are actually appreciating is the universe itself and the divine quality that it is.

  53. So beautiful Joan – and reading this today again I really connected with this: “He taught me that the Unconditional Love I longed for, the compassion and tenderness and holding, are already there inside me; that Love is my Divine essence, known to me from my birth in my long ago lives and this life .. ” A wonderful reminder to acknowledge this for me again and keep appreciating this learning and knowing.

  54. Yes I so relate to your sharing this: “Always, if I have ever mailed or spoken to Serge I have received a dose of medicine; the Truth delivered with unconditional Love. I have always felt this great flood of warmth, and felt the Truth to my very core, even though sometimes it has been hard to accept.” Yes hard to accept at times, yet in time proven to be true and felt deeply. I only ever have experienced Serge Benhayon in this truth in all that he is and brings, and holding the space in the love that he is for me and us to evolve in our own pace.

  55. ” … for the first time in my life I really allowed myself to feel deeply my vulnerability and fragility as I struggled with this responsibility and yet stood firmly in my truth.” – Yes. Although I did not have a media attack, I was at the receiving end of a massive attack with legal implications which were fully unfounded, nevertheless what it asked of me was will I fold or will I stand for who I am in the love and truth that I am. And with the steady loving and holding support of Serge Benhayon, and with his support in trusting that I am supported, I was able to move through and come out the other end after 18 months of learning about who I am and to stand strong in that.

  56. I was chatting to a person the other day and the person used the word ” VIRTUE ” I did not know what it meant and I asked the person I was chatting to . They explained it means , a person with integrity , honour, trustworthy , and so on . I said now I understand I know a person who is ” VIRTUE”. For me that person is Serge Benhayon, thank you it is an honour.

  57. Serge Benhayon has also turned my world around by showing what true love is and explaining, presenting how I can feel that in myself. A true miracle ready waiting for everyone who is ready.

  58. You’re so true to say “We do not have to search for or aspire to it, for it is really very simple: we have to surrender to the knowing of who we truly are, and that is Love.” the key is surrender. The more we surrender, the love just pours out.

  59. It is absolutely life changing to be held in love. Once accepted and appreciated it’s not something that would be easy to un-feel or discard. There’s a point we can start to hold our selves in this absolute love and then the ripple effect occurs where we offer this to others, simply for who they are in their essence and not what they do or don’t do. This is the gift Serge Benhayon offers humanity, a gift very worth un-wrapping and appreciating.

  60. “the Unconditional Love I longed for, the compassion and tenderness and holding, are already there inside me.” This is a revelation to know and once we start to take the first steps towards this truth we actually realise how very true this is and how very powerful we actually are.

  61. I love that you speak of the love of Serge Benhayon, as it is love that I needed most to trust life again and most importantly myself, and love is what Serge Benhayon brings, all the time – the love that we deep down know to be true and to be ours.

  62. Imagine someone knowing everything about you… Being able to feel all of the convoluted thoughts in processes and hangups that we have… And still holding you in enormous love… It beggars belief, but this is Serge Benhayon

    1. Yep! Spot on Chris. Someone that sees straight through you and regardless of what your thoughts, actions may be, still holds you as his equal. Incredible.

  63. “We do not have to search for or aspire to it, for it is really very simple: we have to surrender to the knowing of who we truly are, and that is Love.” This is exactly what we are called to do, it is our purpose to claim this in full for ourselves and humanity and live this truth.

  64. “We do not have to search for or aspire to it, for it is really very simple: we have to surrender to the knowing of who we truly are, and that is Love.” Perfectly summed up Joan. In our essence we are Love equally so and we only need to reconnect to the love that we are.

  65. This is so true, that there is a warmth of love that comes with every interaction with Serge Benhayon. And this is something so consistent that it actually causes itself to go deeper with every breath. I love this about him because he shows that this is also true about me and everyone just by the way that he is: unrestrained and willing to be love.

  66. Indeed Joan, the complexity people make around love or God is actually not true but for many a reality as we can see so clearly in our everyday’s life. Therefore it is important to show the real face of love and how to live in connection with God instead, a way of living we can live by example from watching and studying Serge Benhayon.

  67. Most of humanity fight their way through life, and so life becomes one long battle, which was my experience. But through sickness ( a blessing in disguise), I was able to let go of the fight and in doing so I was able to surrender, and in the surrender, grace could flow, and at the same time, I opened myself up to receiving all the support I could handle. Are we all not here to surrender to love, to return to Soul and live each day impulsed by our Soul.

  68. It is quite sinister when we really look at it, that a lot of religions purport the ideology that we can only know and live the majesty of God and Heaven after we die. That we all, here on earth are not yet worthy or capable of such knowingness or livingness, as such and we need to prove our worth through what we do before we are rewarded with the prize of knowing what divinity is. And this is religion? No wonder so many reject, turn their back on it and give up on religion. Through the way he lives, Serge Benhayon has returned to us the true meaning of religion. As with The Way of the Livingness, it is very possible to explore how we can live Heaven on earth through our connection to our love within, our Soul where we are naturally in a relationship with God. A way that can be and is being lived and celebrated by many in every moment of our breathing life.

  69. “This Love is the nearest I have felt any human being express Heaven on Earth.” This is so true Joan, I absolutely agree. I just looked at the photo here of Serge and felt his love streaming in, just waiting for me or any one of us to let it in more deeply, and I know I just did.

  70. What a beautiful reminder of what else can be lived – LOVE, not an image but a true way of living. Like Serge Benhayon is living – preparing us all to equally life and see that love lived by example.

  71. Serge reminds me of the love that I already am. He is the most non-judgmental person I have ever met; however he does not hold back from saying the truth. The best ‘best friend.’

  72. We can spend lifetimes searching for that which already lives within, and it is because Serge benhayon that we know heaven on earth can be lived when we simply choose to connect to our essence within.

  73. Looking into the eyes of Serge Benhayon I can’t but know that there is more to life than is currently accepted. Because I can’t but feel in my whole body a confirmation that we are all so much more.

  74. ‘But then I met Serge Benhayon’ this says it all to me however I would like to add ‘and my life truly began’ because it did … it has! I have more of a relationship with me than ever before as well as others and this continues to deepen, more of a commitment, purpose and love of life … although this to continues to unfold, deepen and evolve and I am no longer searching for the answers of life because they are within me and within the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. So much love, wisdom, joy, healing, truth, understanding and more have been given by this man. He is complete gold. This is just a very few ways my life has changed since meeting Serge Benhayon the actual list is endless and my appreciation for him and all he is and stands for is tangibly felt within my whole being.

  75. It is quite a moment to discover that the love you have been seeking was there with you all the time. And this is, or for me at least it has been, a very humbling experience and realisation.

    1. I so agree Shami, when I choose not to surrender to the Love I am and feel within, then I can feel the separation from myself and hardness I am living and go searching for it outside again, how arrogant is that. Humbleness is so beautiful when I feel it, so different from being submissive, just accepting and very powerful.

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