Meditation: What are we Meditating on?

What do you do if life is intense? One of the things I see and hear many people are doing these days is meditating. What I wonder is: do we really consider what we are doing or trying to achieve when we are meditating? It is important to know.

My first experience with meditation was when I was growing up. Some people around me would meditate – they would disappear into a room, not to be disturbed for the rest of the afternoon. Especially their mentioning that they should not be disturbed is something that made it all quite mysterious to me and also made it seem a very vulnerable thing to do, in the sense that I could not make noise otherwise the meditation would be disturbed.

If I asked what meditation was and how I should do it, I was told that I had to focus on an object in my mind like a pencil and keep focussing on that… I tried but found it hard and to be honest, not very enriching and even a bit boring. I did not feel my body and I sort of felt isolated in my mind and cold – not the most pleasant feeling.

All in all, this meditation did not do it for me.

Years later, at the age of 19, I came across Universal Medicine. Here I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation by Serge Benhayon. First I was a bit hesitant, remembering the meditation from my childhood and not finding it very supportive, but I gave it a go and the experience was completely different.

We were asked to focus on our body and to choose a quality of gentleness in our breath, starting with the tip of the nose and feeling the air flowing in gently and how this feels cool at the tip. The rest of the meditation continued with focussing on both the in and out-breath and after that, your whole body, by relaxing and surrendering all your muscles to the gentle rhythm established by your breath. What I found was a profound awareness of my whole body; I felt all of my body – warm and delicious, as well as very still and precious in quality.

It was the most beautiful feeling I had ever experienced.

It was from this moment that I learned that meditation is not about checking out of our body for a moment of calm and to basically escape from the intensity of the world. The point is, after this ‘outing,’ we always have to come back to our body and feel it, and the intensity of the world it carries once again. In other words, it does not change anything.

True meditation for me is about connecting to a quality of gentleness or tenderness that is innate in our body and surrendering to this quality that is already there. It is about establishing a quality and a connection that brings my mind and body together as one. When I go out of my body into my mind, I feel I lose my innate intelligence, which includes feelings of what to do and what not to do, what to say, and what is safe to do and what is not.

Thus, when I come out of the meditation I am more surrendered in my body and feel equipped to deal with life and its intensities that we cannot stop from being there. For me this is true body intelligence. In that moment I feel the whole of my body like it is a big space and from there it is very clear what I need to do, how I need to do it and when. It is the most beautiful feeling I know – to be one with my body and mind together.

By Lieke Campbell, Belgium

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  1. A great blog. The first time I attempted a simple meditation, I was put off, thinking the technique did not work, so anxious and unsettled was I. It was then that I realised that the meditation was perfect, for it was not the meditation making me anxious, but the meditation that was allowing me to clock the true state of my being. And that is in truth what any meditation should do, rather than incite a state of false bliss that will only disappear once you have to return back to reality anyway. Change can never be made through meditation. True change can only be enacted in the movement of life.

  2. Meditation is usually associated with sitting still and being at peace, but the true and greatest form
    Of meditation should teach us that moving (what we do all of the time) is where we achieve true enlightenment. Once we have a quality in the body and begin to move it magnifies.

  3. The difference I found with the gentle breath meditation was to be able to surrender to all that we are – a magnificent stillness.

  4. The Gentle Breathe Meditation is a gorgeous way to bring stillness and harmony back into the body. A beautiful reminder thank you Lieke.

  5. The more connected I feel in my body, the more spacious I feel inside and out, because with that connection there is an inner-knowing that prevents me from reacting and filling my body and my mind with the energy of emotional turmoil like I used to do.

  6. If we are meditating because life is too intense why do we not consider looking at why we are so impacted? Are we living in such a way where we cannot be ourselves in life or are we absorbing others emotions or the drama in life.

  7. Realising how meditation is about connection was so simple, beautiful and powerful – great to get the head right out of the way.

  8. For years I grappled with the belief that I had to quiet my mind, that a still mind was the desired outcome and that would deliver me some kind of bliss. Now I see that as such nonsense and is something that is impossible. I remember when I first heard Serge Benhayon present that the mind needs something to focus on – what a relief. And it’s true, I’m not even sure it’s possible to empty the mind but there can be a stillness in the body when the mind is focused. Generally I find I can connect to that stillness when my mind focuses on the body and what I am doing.

    1. It was relief for me too Nikki, and when I focus my mind with what I am doing in my body, as in when I exercise, I go for a walk, cook dinner or in Esoteric yoga for example, the stillness and feeling I get in my body is so much better than any feeling of trying, getting frustrated, busy lost in thoughts or such that I experienced when I tried to meditate in the past.

  9. Yes Lieke – thank you. We are everything we truly are. Hence a true form of meditation simply connects you back to all that exists within you. Nothing less , nothing more.

  10. Lieke, thank you for writing this article, I love this description; ‘True meditation for me is about connecting to a quality of gentleness or tenderness that is innate in our body and surrendering to this quality that is already there’, this is so different from other types of mediation that I have tried in the past which were all about sitting in a certain position and focussing on a picture of something and chanting a mantra – so complicated and actually physically and mentally painful, I love the gentleness and stillness of the gentle Breath Meditation, it feels gorgeous in the body.

  11. For many years I practiced meditation following Tibetan Buddhist instruction but on encountering The Gentle Breath Meditation I have come to realise that in all those years that the meditation achieved nothing other than relief and escapism from the stresses of life.

    1. I too have experienced different meditations and that’s exactly what happens. They offer temporary relief from stress, but the minute you go back into your life, nothing has changed. The Gentle Breath Meditation was the first meditation I did that offered something diffferent.

      1. And what the Gentle Breath Meditation offers is so much – a practical tool, a bridge to connect to our Soul and our whole body intelligence, the doorway to commit to live in full, …….

      2. I used different forms of meditation to escape big time. The Gentle Breath Meditation is profound in it’s difference, connecting me back to my body, soul and to life. It is powerful in it’s simplicity and a great tool for day to day life.

  12. My first experience of meditation was very spiritual and from what I had heard from religions like The Catholic Church I thought of meditation as though it was something that was actually quite unenjoyable having to sit for hours! The way this form of meditation is done is for sure nothing like the way it is done when you are using it to simply reconnect to the body!

  13. We have indeed missed the answer to our stress and tension. Relieving stress by avoiding, checkout or imposing a state of calm does not deal with our inability to be in the world and the tension of not living who we truly are.

  14. It is so simple when the true principles of meditation are learned and how our focus on our breath bring an awareness of our body. Then once there is this connection it is then able to remain as we go about our movements. So why would anyone sit and meditate for hours when the truth is always what we feel in our bodies, could it be that our body is numb and only connects to more numbness? As you have shared Lieke we can all equally connect to our body with every movement so that, when we can align to ‘true body intelligence, it is the most beautiful feeling I know, which is to be one with my body and mind together’.

  15. Thanks, Lieke, I love the way you have re-defined intelligence here, and clarified that the true purpose of meditation is to re-connect to the body and a quality that confirms the divinity inherent in us all.

  16. The Gentle Breath Meditation is different to other meditations I’ve done. It is a way for me to connect with the natural rythym of my breath and body, and then to take that into my daily life and to take the gentleness into everything I do…in the beginning this was such a big shift from the rushing and anxiousness I lived with.

  17. Lieke you have a very sweet way of explaining the beauty of having your mind and body together, working as one whole.

  18. ‘What are we meditating on?’ A good question, Lieke, and one that needs to be asked. Meditation has become quite popular as an antidote to a busy lifestyle but is it just another form of checking out or is bringing us back to a settlement in our body? If we have a need to block out any ‘disturbances’ it suggests we are trying to create an isolated place where we can retreat to away from the onslaught of the world. If we are using meditation to connect to the body then a short meditation will nourish us, and far from feeling the need to disconnect from the world, we will feel refreshed and able to deal with what comes at us because we are connected to ourselves.

    1. Reality is we can’t just bury it all or turn a blind eye or pretend life isn’t happening, so rather than find ways to escape, it supports us more to find ways to connect, accept and be part of life. Meditating in a way that is short, sweet and connecting is awesome, but hours on end of meditation, to not feel is not the answer at all.

    2. “Meditation has become quite popular as an antidote to a busy lifestyle” great point Sandra, when I read that I wonder if we should not question our busy lifestyle we want a moment ‘out’ of, instead of trying to fix it with an antidote that is an hype at the moment without knowing what we are really doing.

  19. Amazing blog Lieke, I have never experienced meditation before the one from Universal Medicine however I don’t feel like I have had to do it to know truth from lies.

  20. What a great review of what true meditation is all about, I loved your line “true meditation is about connecting to a quality of gentleness or tenderness that is innate in our body and surrendering to this quality that is already there.”

  21. As long as symptoms are reduced or eradicated many would not question whether something is actually supportive, yet being honest about when we are setting ourselves up for a bigger fall is vital for our true health and wellbeing.

    1. Yes, we need to learn to feel again if something is a fix (making it look like the issue is gone but it’s roots are still there) or if it is bringing true healing (digging the weed out with roots and all). If we become aware of this again certain shocking diagnoses, ‘out of the blue’ won’t happen anymore as we can see we built up a way of living that is not in accordance with the body for such a long time that it had to come out big.

  22. The Gentle Breath Meditation supports us to connect with & appreciate the true spaciousness within, slowly, steadily as this is activated and moved it becomes a solid foundation from which to walk through life’s intensity.

  23. Its definitely not about checking out, but checking in! Bringing all my attention to my relationship with my body and I’m truly feeling. The space inside just expands and the warmth spreads from my heart to my extremities.

  24. Yes, Lieke, the Gentle Breath Meditation helps us re-connect back to a exquisite quality that is innate within us and there all the time, even though we may lose touch with it when we react to life.

  25. Having done a lot of meditation in the past, I found that if I focused on an image of something it became just a mental activity and I would feel quite cold and heady. I didn’t realise how disconnected I was from my body until I tried the Gentle Breath Meditation which brings the mind’s focus to within the body and in doing this I become aware of tensions in the body. As soon as this happens the body naturally starts to let go of the hardness I’ve accumulated in reaction to the world and I start to settle more deeply into my body.The mind always needs something to focus on, but by focusing on the body and feeling the natural warmth and yumminess of the body I don’t get bombarded by thoughts that take me away from myself.

  26. I like what you share here Lieke. I used to try heaps of forms of meditation, sit in uncomfortable positions and all sorts but they never really worked for me. I have done the gentle breath meditation as presented by Serge Benhayon and it is great but what I love most, is bringing my mind and my body together in everything thing I am doing, so my walk, my work or my drive can be a meditation in itself. In each moment, I can connect me with my mind and what I am doing rather than being on autopilot. It feels great, I know the difference as I often forget and try a few different ways but know really what way works best for me.

  27. “Thus, when I come out of the meditation I am more surrendered in my body and feel equipped to deal with life and its intensities that we cannot stop from being there. For me this is true body intelligence.” Absolutely Lieke, being in a position to make a choice from a body that is more than equipped to deal with what is there because you have given it the space to be itself, which is absolute love.

  28. meditation is a check in, a stop, a recollection, a moment. That is all, and nothing more. It is a pause in time to allow you to regather yourself and ensure that your movements are as you want them to be.

  29. Connecting back to the body and its whole body intelligence gives us a gorgeous feeling of spaciousness within ourselves. The answers are all there when we ask for them, there is so much to learn from the experiences the body shows us. .

  30. The Gentle Breath Meditation can be used as a conformation of our connection and once we are confirmed in that connection it is then our movements that maintain the connection we have confirmed. Thus it is a movement, seeing our breath is a movement, a movement with a quality that is recognised and held. Our breath as a movement is confirming our connection, so then we know our next movement will be a conformation of that quality, which is in this case at-least gentleness. Bringing focus to the quality of our breath keeps our mind focused, as our mind can never be empty, then our movements expand that quality, which deepens our connection.

  31. Yes, meditation can be a bit mental, i.e. using the mind to control the practice of breathing, yet the gentle breath meditation was different in that it was all about the body and growing the awareness of feeling how I am. We can’t really ever let go of our tensions if we are in the mind, as it is only from the body that such things can be truly released. So meditation need not be wishy washy, but instead just a simple connection to how we feel and discarding that holding us back from feeling tension free.

  32. Checking out to not feel the intensity of the world is a most vulnerable and disempowered state. Committing and surrendering to all that life brings, when we are in sync in movement with life, and there is no room for anything but conscious presence.

  33. I grew up that meditation needed to be in a certain way. I had this admiration when people could meditate for hours and me thinking I was useless whilst I sat so uncomfortable with my legs shaped like a pretzel tingling or becoming numb and I would fidget like crazy, or that my mind would wonder with thoughts. Let’s face it, for most of us this is how meditation is projected and there must be something wrong if you can’t sit still for hours on end.

    Since I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation, I’ve realised there is no trying, just being with me and the breath that enters into my nose and I can more or less do this anywhere, what a beauty full yet simple way to be with self.

  34. On my journey of looking for what I felt, I was missing in me; I came across many different types of meditations. All were, as many here have said, were a way of checking out. Instead of feeling our body we were trying to leave our bodies and go to fairyland and float. The Gentle Breath Meditation allows us to reconnect to ourselves in the madness of the world that surrounds us that helps us observe and not absorb the world we live in.

  35. In the Gentle Breath Meditation that I have done so for the first time when I was 18 years old – made me realize what I had missed the previous 18 years – mind and body being in one time (space). Hence it brought great joy in my heart to have this connection to my body which then brought it all together. Feeling present in the moment, more observant and understanding of what was happening within me and around me. A HUGE gift to receive for the first time, but surely a huge deepening every time I do this meditation. I tried meditations before, well if I look back now I strongly know and have felt that none of them have supported me in any way shape or form – only have caused damage and the opposite effect (being more in my head and disconnected from my body).

  36. The integrity that Universal Medicine brings to meditation is crucial in my experience, laying the foundation for a meditation that truly supports, helping us to regather and re-align with a harmonious quality of energy that we can then bring back into the way we live.

  37. Beware of the state of bliss, for it offers nothing more than temporary relief from the world, but in that state much can be seeded that it not in the realms of your ordinary awareness. That is why they say bliss is the portal to illusion.

    1. Indeed wise words and revealing that meditation in many forms is not as innocent or harmless as it may seem at first glance. And so this is asking for us to look beyond the surface and be more aware of what it is we are really choosing.

  38. I used to view meditation as a check out from the world, a moment (sometimes a long moment) where I would take a break from it all. If I was feeling anxious or racy for example I would try to shut off from that. These days I use meditation far differently. I check in with myself. If I’m feeling racy I stop and feel that. Then when I feel that, I can also feel what lies beneath and try to connect to that. It’s now a moment to check in with myself and see where I’m at.

  39. The relief and checking out by going into the mind with many mainstream meditations, to me is no different to when I would drink alcohol. The numbing and relief was just the same. What I loved most about when I first did the gentle breath meditation with Serge Benhayon was that for the first time for most of my life I was in my body instead of trying to escape it.

  40. There are many forms of meditation but none of them offer the space to come back to you in the way that the Gentle Breath Meditation does. When I first did it my mind was all over the place but once I could truly focus on my in and out breath it was amazing to feel the simplicity of this and how my body would respond and be in sync with my breath. The racy thoughts disappeared and there was a calmness and harmonious simplicity in my whole being that was saying this is you, enjoy.

  41. Thank you Lieke my experience was a bit similar. I used to hear people talking about their meditation , it was mainly people who did yoga. They talked about how great mediation was how great it made them feel . They talked about how long they would mediate for . So an opportunity came in a big group where I joined in on a mediation. I looked around and all I saw was a big group of intense people . But I tried the meditation and I tried it a few time with different groups and at no stage did I get to what people were explaining to me about meditation. At all time it felt like a waste of time it was like eating something my body did not want. I now know that these people were dis-connecting from themselves and feeling the comfort and bless of no responsibility.
    Later in life I came across Serge Benhayon and I was introduced to the Gentle breath meditation, my body just loved this, as it was dedicated to a whole body re-connection, responsibility and purpose.

    1. Yes very familiar John, basically if our body does not like it we can be sure that it is not true for us either.

  42. Looking through the comments, it looks like you are not alone with your experiences in meditation. I too tried many different forms and found that the basis of them was not really about connecting the mind and the body but often treating them as almost two separate entities, with a strong focus on just the mind, and ignoring the body that was often in very uncomfortable positions! The Gentle Breath meditation does support a mind-body connection and brings you very much to the present moment.

  43. The gentle breath is a revolution and a revelation… a doorway to our inner heart which opens the connection to and experience of the divine that becomes a continual living inspiration

  44. The difference between having the body and mind work together connected as one, or the mind running the body to its whim is so profoundly different. A difference worth exploring, connection brings simplicity and clarity, whims bring complication and confusion.

  45. The simplicity of the Gentle Breath Meditation is beautiful, just to feel your breath going gently in and out and how your body respond is amazing to feel, not always easy to go there, when we have lived the intensity of the outer world but it connects us with what we know is true, the wisdom of our body.

    1. For me once in my body, I can then feel a readiness for whatever I am about to encounter. The Gentle Breath Meditation has truly supported me to halt the high levels of anxiety that used to affect me.

  46. ‘…When I go out of my body into my mind, I feel I lose my innate intelligence, which includes feelings of what to do and what not to do, what to say, and what is safe to do and what is not…’ This is very true and I can say that I feel the same – when I am not in my body – I lose trust. I default to security led by the mind. I cut off from an instant and unquestionable wisdom.

  47. I really liked the way the Gentle Breath Meditation was presented, in that it wasn’t about escaping or getting to some higher place, it was all about earthing yourself really. Bringing you back from wherever we’d taken ourselves off too. It’s presented in a way that says you are already everything and we just need to reconnect to that by bringing attention to our breath which reminds us we have a body.

  48. I’ve heard a lot about meditation being about picturing something, a ‘happy place’ or even an object to focus on an attempt to stop the mind wandering. It makes sense though, that if we were to connect back to a function our body is actually performing, like breathing, we are keeping the connection of our mind and body together. This feels so much more real, and practical and sustainable, because we can be connecting to our breath all the time, eyes open or closed.

  49. ‘True meditation for me is about connecting to a quality of gentleness or tenderness that is innate in our body and surrendering to this quality that is already there’. The Gentle Breath Meditation is not trying to have us believe that there is a place – or peace – that we have not yet attained and can get to if we do this practise. No. The Gentle Breath Meditation allows us to reconnect to what has always been in us, to who we truly are and it does so with the body. It includes our bodies and allows us to surrender to our bodies without the control we might otherwise exert.

  50. Meditation is a tool we can either use to check-out or check-in. The former is harmful to the body, the latter is healing. The key for us is to discern in what way we are using this tool and to be very, very honest with ourselves in this process. Our entire evolution depends on it.

  51. For me my meditation starts with my breath, and these days I play with it. Its not so serious, it informs me of how I am but I don’t use it to judge myself. The playfulness extends out now to seeing if I can maintain an awareness of my breath, my body when other things are going on… being engaged in conversation or working on an email, writing this comment. When I do there is a magic that happens and I tap into a rich source of information from what I’m feeling… I’d highly recommend it!

    1. For me every task during a day can be used as a mediation. When I am in the flow of doing things it truly is a constant state of meditation. Being present with whatever I do is meditation for me. Being connected to that universal flow, that works through space is the ultimate place to live from. Another recommendation 😉

  52. The Gentle Breath Meditation is about re-gathering and re-connecting back with our body and a re-introducing a quality that we can take back into our day with us – this was so refreshing to me the first time that I did it and very different to any other meditation I had done before. It’s like it confirms that you have everything you need within you already it’s just that you need to re-connect back with it.

  53. If there was nothing else offered by the course of Universal Medicine then the Gentle Breath Meditation, then this alone would be an extraordinary offering to humanity. This simplicity, grace, beauty and absolutely profound depth can be found within this beautiful cycle and flow that is within us all is simply the doorway all of humanity needs to walk through to reconnect with who they truly are.

  54. In the tenderness and gentleness of connection to the breath our body and mind are brought into a deep harmony that is felt throughout the whole being.

  55. I remember spending hours meditating in my younger year, but back then it was about checking out from the world and looking for a solution to how miserable I felt. The Gentle Breath Meditation is very practical and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Connecting to my breath brings my awareness inward, and from there I have been able to become a better observer of life, rather than getting pulled in and distracted by it.

  56. A lot of people knock meditation these days, but with about 1.5k minutes and over 100 sessions of various types of meditation under my belt, I can say it has great benefits. Great post!

  57. Meditation is simply a stop to reconnect with ourselves, which gives us the opportunity to reflect and feel how we are living and to then choose how we wish to proceed in life, from the reflection we have received.

  58. Along my life I’ve tried lots of meditations. There was always the excitement of thinking that ‘this one will be the right one’, the one that would bring me to a state of peace and understanding of everything. Although nowadays there are lots of meditations in the new age market, no one of them brought me to that state (only distractions and different ways of checking out) because I was running away from myself and looking for somehow enlightment that could make life more beautiful. After this walk throughtout all of those called meditations, a friend of mine introduced me to the Gentle Breath meditation and then I experienced what meditation actually is. It is definitely not an escape, but a deep connection with myself. It is not a checking out from my body, but a deep connection with it. It is not a long, glamourous and complicated exercise, but a simple and natural attention to my breath that I can practice in few minutes whenever I need, which allows me to freely be and express myself wherever I go without absorbing anything less than love. Something really accessible, natural and useful.

  59. True meditation asks us to focus on the quality of stillness we can feel within us and the degree to which we can connect with this or not. This stillness is not necessarily a ceasing of movement but more so the space in which we begin to feel the quality of all that we are moved by and know whether this is in tune with the Universal rhythm we are held by, or whether our movements are made in discord with this.

  60. The thing we need to be most aware of, is there are many ways to live life, but only one where we are connected to our body, feeling and moving with grace. We can go through the motions and the results may seem fine but when it comes to the truth the body never lies. You show beautifully Lieke how listening completely to what it has to say helps us to live in a connected way – to the point that everything we do is a meditation on Love and dedicated to the truth.

  61. Having the opportunity to experience the gentle breath meditation early in life means that people will not end up in the spiritual and energetic cul-de-sacs that so many of us of an earlier generation have, and have had to extract ourselves out of.

  62. It’s funny how frustrating meditation can be. There’s so much expectation around it doing the trick, being the answer. I for one have never found it even near possible to achieve whatever goal was set in focusing on not thinking for example. Nightmare!! But, bringing my awareness to my body and giving my mind permission to operate, as it should, has been far more beneficial. When the focus becomes on the body it’s a completely different feeling to trying hard to focus on something like a pencil or a happy place…because both those things are outside of us, hence not bringing union between body and mind and therefore not allowing the stillness of settle-ing of the body.

  63. The Gentle Breath Meditation has love as its foundation and thus there cannot be any coldness or mind-fullness. Should this be one’s experience, then it is not the Gentle Breath Meditation but the mind that has taken over, albeit in its ‘meditation stance’.

  64. We always come back to the in-breath, we cannot escape it, that consistent return, and the opportunity to choose connection and our quality.

  65. It is interesting that in a world where distraction in general is so huge, that even a modality, that seemingly should bring you back to you, is actually a distraction from you as well. Actually you are just domesticate your mind, instead connecting your mind to your body, which would mean absolute body presence and raising awareness for everything that is around you.

  66. In my experience there are lots of meditations that foster the belief that we need to escape life by retreating into our mind rather than being fully present with all of us, our whole body and being in tune with what we are sensing. The retreat into the mind may offer a moment of seeming respite but it doesn’t offer any true healing and I would say actually makes us less able to truly handle or respond to what is being called of us. Universal Medicine does offer a different way, one not based on withdrawal or escape but on bringing the fullness of who you are to life, in connection with our whole body.

  67. The Gentle Breath Meditation supports us to re-connect, from there it is our choice to stay present with what we do throughout our day.

  68. “… meditation is not about checking out of our body for a moment of calm and to basically escape from the intensity of the world.” yet so many meditations I have done in the past do exactly that – support me to escape rather than stay and be in my body. The Gentle Breath Meditation is so simple and takes no more than a few minutes to reconnect with ones innermost.

  69. If I am honest I have never been great at meditation even after doing a 10 day meditation retreat in silence (which if anything made me feel more depressed); but it makes sense that meditation is about bringing you back and re-connecting the the whole body and not focusing on a random object outside of yourself or just being in the mind. We look to life outside of ourselves far too much for confirmation of who we are as it is let alone focusing on a pencil for this! Which is ironic as the key lies within the body. What I can appreciate is through being a student of Universal Medicine I have a lot more presence (connection in my body) and it was great to feel this just now walking around a busy superstore near Christmas. My walk was calm and had purpose and I was not allowing myself to get caught up in the Christmas Craziness last minute panic yet I could still appreciate everyone else too .. it felt good. I guess this is also a lesson in honouring what we feel instead of what other say.

  70. The Gentle Breath Meditation helps support us to re-connect with our innermost essence, and does feel lovely, ‘I felt all of my body – warm and delicious, as well as very still and precious in quality.
    It was the most beautiful feeling I had ever experienced.’

  71. Being clear within ourself on the purpose behind why we’re doing anything is key to our well-being and it’s something we can keep deepening our discernment of.

  72. Thank you Lieke. It is very important to consider why we choose to do something. The body is great at letting us know what is true and what is not. Meditation can provide a temporary escape or an opportunity to deeply connect to ourselves. They may look similar but one will leave us feeling full and steady once we open our eyes, the other offers a fleeting respite from our everyday intensity.

  73. I feel it is very important to recognise The Gentle Breath Meditation is not like any meditation out there, as I too did not want to shut my eyes and try it at first as I had also had a scary experience as a child when meditating. I found the worst thing was all the adults thought it was awesome to feel like you were out of your body when meditating. So I simply decided to not meditate again. Then one day I was in a group of people in Byron who were all closing their eyes. Feeling a bit caught out I chose to close my eyes and try the Gentle Breath Meditation and it was life altering in an amazing, unimposing way. I highly recommend the Gentle Breath Meditation.

  74. I think you nailed it when you said you feel the space in your body. When you surrender to allowing your body to just be, all of a sudden it gets the opportunity to let go of al the tension we’ve held it under. It drops and all that’s left is the space and clarity. Pretty Cool.

  75. When I first came into contact I had no clue about the meaning or workings of meditation, it to me was all about relaxation and for many this is all that it is.But all I would get from it was a momentary relief from the tensions in my life and body, in fact I was simply checking out from myself to not feel them for a short period of time. With the Gentle Breath Mediation I have found a lasting change in my life, one that has helped me reconnect when I was out. So in short a cheering in instead of checking out.

  76. I once did 20 days of intense meditation and at the end I felt very, very disconnected from my body. I decided that I didn’t want that and the disconnection went away.

  77. “True meditation for me is about connecting to a quality of gentleness or tenderness that is innate in our body and surrendering to this quality that is already there.” I agree Lieke and I also find this same quality of surrender can be found within my everyday movements too, particularly when I walk and move with a deeper awareness of my whole body as this too becomes a moment to cherish and hold my tenderness and gentle way of being.

  78. I suppose it is possible to live in a way where there is much trying, effort and control to clear the mind but what are the consequences if any living in this way? How does neglecting the body to focus on clearing the mind feel? How does this way of being support us in our day? Can we keep it up? Because unless a modality in its consistency supports me in my livingness, in my relationship to self and to others in the world then I see it as the latest trend of the times. Time will tell.

  79. ‘meditation is not about checking out of our body for a moment of calm and to basically escape from the intensity of the world.’ – this is a revelation in the current world of meditation that mostly offer ‘check out’ and relief – a land of bliss that keeps us in our heads and does not connect us to our body and the incredible and infinite inner wisdom it holds.

  80. So much of the meditation I did before meeting Universal Medicine was about getting rid of thoughts. No wonder then all you end up feeling is emptiness. Contrast this with the gentle breath meditation which as you describe Lieke let’s you connect to your warmth and fire inside. Amazing to sit and feel how lovely we are.

  81. In my years I came across many different meditations, I never liked them, there was something wrong with what I was observing. When I saw people with their eyes closed and sitting down, it looked like they were not there, there was no presence. I even tried a few different meditations so as to be sure of what I had observed and felt, it felt like I was going into my head and playing a video and ignoring the world by being in the video. I asked what was this all about and it was said that it releases the worries and cares of the day that need doing. It made no sense for me as the amount of time doing meditation could be used to get things done and therefore there would be no need for meditation. When I was introduced to the gentle breath meditation it was different. First of all there was no guiding meditation; this felt very reassuring as with guided meditation before, the people guiding appeared lost in themselves from my observation. The gentle breath is a re-connection to one’s body and therefore a re-connection to one’s true essence, now this made sense. One gets to feel the truth of where our body is at in life and expand the re-connection with one’s essence… just beautiful.

  82. So beautifully shared Lieke on the purpose of mediation and being aware of what it is we are focusing on. True meditation offers us the opportunity to develop a tangible marker in our body and being in, a connection from which we can then live and breathe with throughout our living day. I also have discovered that The Gentle Breath Medication offers the opportunity to explore just that, from which I bring more presence to life rather than trying to escape life.

  83. ” When I go out of my body into my mind, I feel I lose my innate intelligence, ”
    This is true we lose the connection with the whole of us.

  84. I recall the first meditation that I was given to do by a psychologist. This was so say a scientific version of meditation with all the mumbo jumbo removed. I wish I had known the gentle breath meditation then because it does everything and more that this scientific one was supposed to do but failed to deliver. All that one did was to bliss me out into a checked out state, it didn’t actually change anything. When you experience the gentle breath meditation you realise that a profound change is taking place.

  85. The gift of the Gentle Breath Meditation is the true connection with my body and what I am holding in the body. Staying with the breath supports my experience of being in one place which is natural to the body and no floating around outside the body in the past, future or ‘make it up as you go land’. Staying with my body and appreciating it is pretty awesome.

  86. In the search for stillness within, which we all know exists, we can be lead astray down many wayward paths, meditation quite often being one of them. Instead of it being used to support us to connect to our stillness, it can be used to dis-connect from our stillness. Taking us further away from finding what already lays within.

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