Whole Body Intelligence – Choices Between the Body & Mind

Our bodies are talking the whole day to us; they tell us when to eat, what to eat, when to take a rest, when to go to bed, when to speak… but do we listen? Why do we ignore these messages?

A great part of my life I chose to not listen to my body but rather, I let my mind speak. The talk was so strong it felt normal. I was often in my mind while passing my daily time at work. My mind would make a story or movie about a little thing, but because I would give it attention, it became a big thing. My mind loved to make a little thing complex and so created issues.

To help with this problem, I followed advice from other people like going for a walk, starting to meditate or doing something in the day that was especially for me. But nothing changed, and I was disappointed in myself because it didn’t work. It felt like there were two parts of me: my head, the ruler of my life, and my body, which I was ‘in’. I had no feeling about this body, which I belonged to. I didn’t like it, I didn’t listen to it and actually, I didn’t want to really look at it or touch it.

Because of this disconnection and emptiness, I could react in a stressful way when something happened in my life. It felt as though that I had lost all control and was interrupted in my own world. So I screamed at my little son when he did something wrong, I shouted at our dog when he wouldn’t listen, I kicked things when they wouldn’t work… and life felt so miserable. I asked my head to stop this talking because at moments it made me crazy and so tired.

A few years ago I attended a workshop from Universal Medicine where Serge Benhayon was talking about our mind and body. He presented to me after the workshop that we can’t stop the mind, but we can instead be present in our body with all things we do… just being with ‘you’, and he gave the example of walking: walk, and meanwhile focus on how your body feels, what you hear, what you see and again what you feel.

This way of walking helped me to build more self-awareness in my body and over time I noticed that my mind had less space to overrule me. Through this re-connection with my body my life became less complex. When I allow myself to be fully in my body, then I can connect with the true, whole body intelligence that’s in all of us.

When I am walking now, I feel my body, I hear what it’s telling me and I love to listen to it. If children are around me, I really meet them through looking into their eyes, and in this connection there is no space for screaming or other aggressive behaviour.

If there is complexity or confusion, I now know that I have to go back to my body. The more I am with myself, the less space there is for my thoughts and thinking. This is a new way of living, but an awesome way, which gives me much less stress and a more natural flow in life.

By Peggy, Teacher, Belgium

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732 thoughts on “Whole Body Intelligence – Choices Between the Body & Mind

  1. Our current world is one that encourages the mind to take off and ‘show off’ but sadly this is most often done at the expense of the body and then as a sequel and consequence there is a build up of problems that happens in the body that then requires attention (often even medical attention).But is this really a way to live and to continue living when we find or re-discover that there is the simplicity of holding the body as an equal in importance to the mind? I say re-discover as we all had this as a baby or child – we might want to eat or play more but if the body was so tired it would speak so loudly that we would fall asleep on our toys or on our food. If we once had this body connection that was so loud, we can certainly bring it back.

  2. Peggy, I love the simplicity of what you have shared here about the body and the mind and how there is indeed a way to live that hold the mind with a true and simple purpose whilst always honouring equally the body.

  3. Peggy what an offering of how it used to be, to how it is now and, the relationship you have developed by ‘just being with you’. And I loved the confirmation that the mind can’t be stopped, and being present with the body, is huger then this.

    How much of humanity spends their time in their minds and think they have the answer to everything, when their bodies are in a mess. I mean we virtually ignore the communications and then we wonder why it breaks down with this condition or that condition.

    The body has so much intelligence, and we haven’t tapped into the enormity of wisdom it can bring to us and it only starts with small, loving steps towards one self and the body. By walking with the body and feeling how the body feels is a great simple step towards reconnecting and being in the flow of life, instead of against it.

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