The Magic of the Mundane – Appreciation is the Key

In our world, it is common for us to appreciate almost exclusively the ‘big ticket’ items in life – the new job, house or car, the unanticipated windfall, the volunteers who help out in a disaster, the player who scores the winning goal for the team. It is, in my experience at least, rare for us to appreciate what we deem as insignificant or mundane events like enjoying a lovely meal or just a cup of herbal tea, for example. Such moments are relegated to the status of being merely incidental and instrumental in our pursuit of the big-ticket items.

Even rarer is it for us to appreciate qualities, those of others and ourselves, the exceptions involving social rituals like death, marriage, and graduation. Rather, our focus tends to be more on achievements and material acquisitions.

I’ve been observing how this sets us up with a continuum of progression for appreciation, with qualities per se receiving little or none, treat-like items and events receive a modicum and, as noted above, the big-ticket items take the lion’s share. We eke out our natural appreciation like a miser would his gold and force ourselves into habits of utilising appreciation like a non-renewable resource, using it minimalistically and idealistically as a means of confirming when an inner picture, goal, wish, dream or aspiration has been reached – seeing it as the full stop at the end of a sentence or the tick in the ‘done’ box.

Along with millions of other people, much of my life has been focussed on unfolding a spiritual, and latterly, a Soulful path. On these paths there has been, until recently, a similar tendency to appreciate only the ‘bigger,’ more advanced or perceived-as-being-more-Divine qualities and for ‘a limited time only,’ as the TV ads would say. On the spiritual paths I pursued, there was a belief in true divinity occurring only after death – hence no need to appreciate this life: and on the beginning Soulful path I noted a tendency to appreciate only the absolutes, e.g. absolute Joy or absolute Stillness. Such occasions were rare so what do we do with our appreciation the rest of the time? Are we then repeating the pattern of appreciation being exclusive and only for ‘special occasions?’ If so, how do we redress the matter?

Is it possible that we can bring the magic of our Soul’s presence to any and all mundane tasks through the choice of such inner connection? Could holding the awareness of our inner quality as we move through life, appreciating its effects on the smallest of details, be a way to bring our innate magic to the long overlooked mundane tasks of life? Can the mundane be blessed by the livingness of our loveliness, our joy or our stillness?

How would this look and feel on a daily basis?

Observation and experience have indicated that externally things look almost the same except that there is a notable absence of drive or disregard in one’s actions and movements, which have been replaced by a sense of solidness and grace. This can occur with just about anything – washing the dishes, setting the table, cleaning the house, walking in nature or to work. The possibilities are as wide and varied as life itself.

However, the real changes are felt on the inside and become visible through one’s connection with others and the outside world. When I am in appreciation of the flow of my movements and the inner warmth that accompanies this, I am also more open to looking deeply into the eyes of others and confirming our connection through a delicate smile or a subtle bow of the head.

At such times, I also delight in my surrounds – everything takes on the hue of beauty and wonder and I know that everything I touch feels the same loveliness as I feel within my body. Others will return my gaze in the same quality, again confirming our connection and equality by quality.

Here there is no continuum of importance, no big-ticket item to pursue, simply a warm meeting of loveliness gazing into the mirror of the loveliness of another and the mutual acceptance of that quality within each.

I find a deeper awareness of the perfection of the timing of events; things flow unhurriedly and have a natural rhythm, very much like the subtle gentle breath that is felt and enjoyed at such times. Often there is a light breeze that delicately caresses the face and hands, an invitation to allow one’s breath to deepen in the same delicateness, as though Nature is responding to and confirming this quality also.

This all feels very normal and from the outside looks completely unremarkable.

On the inside there is the unfolding of the knowing that there can be divinity in the smallest detail of our lives, if we but allow the awareness, and then the appreciation, of our quality to unfold and bring its magic to the mundane. Under the blessing of this magic the mundane is transformed by the touch of the divine, with no magic wand required, but the simple grace of presence expressed through the quality inherent in one’s movements.

By Coleen Hensey

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642 thoughts on “The Magic of the Mundane – Appreciation is the Key

  1. There is also appreciating all those things we do everyday, that we don’t even blink an eye lid with. Sleeping, waking up, getting out of bed, getting ready for the day. If we considered everything about how we move through in each day in all that we do, we would feel how every single thing matters and how we matter in every single thing we do.

  2. I can relate to waiting for absolute joy etc in order to appreciate. But actually it’s appreciating the imperfect, more frequent moments of joy and love that make life amazing.

  3. ‘Is it possible that we can bring the magic of our Soul’s presence to any and all mundane tasks through the choice of such inner connection?’ What a beautiful question Coleen, this is indeed possible because our Soul is always trying to connect with us in every moment and all we have to do is give ourselves permission to fully embody our Soul and it’s there ready and waiting.

  4. When the mundane lacks the spark and magic we then miss, it is for us to ignite it within ourselves and carry it into the mundane; the magic is part of a relationship and interaction whereby we play a vivid role for the magic to happen and to recognize it.

  5. It is every moment that holds the beauty of the next moment and to live this there is no better or worse or more to like or less to like but simply the next moment to live in all that it holds and offers.

  6. The magic is within us before it is experienced on the outside as otherwise we woudn´t recognise it and or it is rarely happening. That means we can and need to contribute for the magic to happen; it is the result of how we are with ourselves and in life, a response so to speak we cannot control but allow the space for. And so it is in our hands, in our movements and way of relationships that we experience magic or not in even the most mundane daily things (or not).

  7. I really enjoyed reading this today, thank you Coleen, and what beauty-full words about bringing our soulful quality into every moment “…the livingness of our loveliness”.

  8. I feel inspired to stop in every interaction of my day to appreciate something about the person I am with and vocalise it too when I can..working in a shop with many customers this will be fun.

  9. Yesterday it occurred to me that the reason we do not appreciate is because we do not want to let in and accept and hence embody the next level of responsibility and love that we have already said yes to.

    1. Beautiful appreciation Willem and this is when see that magic is indeed everywhere and in everything by viewing the world through our Soul’s eyes nothing is mundane at all.

  10. As you say, there is no mundane… There is rhythm and flow everywhere… And if we are somewhere grim, you simply have to look within, for the rhythm that is constantly sustaining us and offering an eternal window to who we truly are.

  11. Appreciation is like clocking a godliness. Sometimes we need something so obviously amazing and big, and other times not so big and just everyday things, and at times nothing needs to happen, for us to feel confirmed in that quality we so yearn yet are scared to embrace in full as if it is going to make us explode, so we sprinkle our lives with other bits, don’t we?

  12. “When I am in appreciation of the flow of my movements and the inner warmth that accompanies this, I am also more open to looking deeply into the eyes of others and confirming our connection through a delicate smile or a subtle bow of the head” – I agree, in those moments of exquisite gorgeousness, it feels like I have more space for others and the world.

  13. I would say that even on the outside these so called mundane things, once done with the connection to our inner beauty, look just a bit different, because they are done with movements that are aligned to the Universe. If you observe really well…

  14. I like this very much, how the brilliant and yet mundane aspects of life can be hidden from view when one is only looking for sparkle and pizzaz.

    1. I love what you’ve shared Annelies, it reminds us to bring our grandness and joy in everything we do, it is there waiting for us to utilise to the max.

  15. The appreciation of the big-ticket items and ignoring of the simpler things in life feels like part of our ‘trying to get somewhere’ way of life. We get so focussed on end goals that we don’t see all the beauty that is there just in our everyday living.

    1. Great point Fiona, we miss out on so much magic when we only celebrate and appreciate the big-ticket items and ignore the rest. When we appreciate each moment, there is not that rollercoaster feeling of heightened appreciation and then a draught, which is not truly sustainable. The truth is life can be a continuous rhythm of appreciation and joy, if we can live this consistently, then we have mastered the magic of life on earth.

  16. If it happens that you are not a ‘big ticket’ purchaser or are caught up in the misery of life then this blog has brought the opportunity to reflect on what is happening around us in a different way. You have deepened beautifully Coleen, the awareness we all hold but do not act on, an awareness that brings to us the magic of the flow within our body and our lives. What I have observed is that when I appreciate the finest of detail there is an expansion of appreciation and love that flows onto everything and everyone around me.

  17. Brilliant Coleen, I love the way you beautifully expressed about appreciation. So many of us have misused and misunderstood what appreciation is. We tend to save it for the big things and seem to only express it in a controlled form. When we truly understand appreciation, it is never about control or expressing it in small does, it is about living it in every moment of our life without perfection. Appreciation is about our quality of movement and this quality can be accessed at any time.

  18. “Could holding the awareness of our inner quality as we move through life, appreciating its effects on the smallest of details, be a way to bring our innate magic to the long overlooked mundane tasks of life?”

    Yes is the answer. A few years ago I would have said maybe, but I would not have known what my inner quality is. Thanks to Universal Medicine presenting the Ageless Wisdom I have connected to these qualities that we all have within us and remember to activate them when I am doing a seemingly mundane task and does bring a certain magic to it. It is game changing.

  19. Beautiful Coleen, we need to be absolute but at the same time allow appreciation in the areas of imperfection too, for absoluteness is not perfection, but a firm steady willfull truth.!

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