Communicating with Whole Body Intelligence

Our body shares so much with us and is so intelligent, but how do we make contact with its communication again? Why do we avoid all the signals that it sends, and how do we recognise or feel those signals?

Babies and little children are pure and honest and they show us clearly what their body communicates. Gradually this changes because she/he is imposed upon by the outside world: what can and what cannot be expressed, what is allowed, what is not allowed, how to behave, dress, etc.

Such outside influences made me uncertain when I was a little child and I didn’t know anymore who I was and what I felt. Of course my body sent me all kind of signals, but those were usually avoided, and not recognised. Like the times when I fed myself with a lot of food, especially with sugar, in order to not feel what my body was communicating.

Most days I was tired and miserable. One day I told myself that this was not the way I wanted to live. I started to eat less sugar and that was the beginning of a healthier life.

That same year I began Esoteric Yoga and I met Serge Benhayon via Serge Benhayon TV. I felt immediately that his Livingness made sense. I learned step by step to not be distracted by ‘negative thoughts’ and how to listen to the wisdom of my body. This allowed me to connect to a huge level of self-care and how to take the time to sit down and listen to how I really feel.

For example:

  • Where does it hurt in my body (pain)?
  • How tired am I, or not?
  • What quality do I hold myself in during the day?
  • What time do I go to bed?
  • Have I skipped a meal, or eaten too much?
  • Did I take the time to go to the toilet when first impulsed? etc.

Very consciously listening to the body is the first step and then especially when recognising these signals, to connect back with it. I felt it was important to do this very lovingly and without pressure from myself that something should or not should be a certain way. I now allow myself to feel everything that my body communicates with me without judgement. I am learning to observe – instead of absorb – all that does not truly support me, and that allows me more space in my body and more love with myself.

For example, when someone shouts at me and I don’t know what it’s all about, I breathe gently in and out through my nose, and feel what the other person really is attempting to communicate. Maybe it could be that he/she is tired, had a bad sleep or feels not very well and the shouting is nothing personal but all about the feelings, such as frustration, in them.

By practising this each day I build with myself a trust and bond and I deepen the connection more and more with my own feelings.

This builds the foundation of self-loving quality back into my life, a quality that will be naturally for me and for all others equally. What supports me when my ‘self love’ drops is that I stop, reconnect and feel, so I can deepen further that enormous self-care and love.

Allowing this from day to day brings more flow and rhythm into my life – it’s more natural, my body feels less protected because there is less hardness in my shoulders and my back. The openness and space that I feel gives me a lot of joy and love for myself and for everyone around me.

Through listening to all that my body communicates, I have found that there is a whole body intelligence constantly informing me how to be in harmony with my own body and all others equally so.

By Christel Delcroix, Belgium

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472 thoughts on “Communicating with Whole Body Intelligence

  1. “Most days I was tired and miserable.” This for me was a way of life that had become so familiar I never questioned that there could be any other way to feel. The degree of course would fluctuate but the misery remained an unerring constant up until studying Universal Medicine and learning how to listen to and respond to what my body was telling me. The degree of joy and vitality I feel today is immeasurable, an outcome that had not been anticipated when initially embarking on this journey of self discovery.

  2. It is beautiful to connect to our body and listen to what it has to say, our bodies are so amazing how they talk to us.The more surrendered we are the more we are able to feel what our body is saying.

  3. It is a real unfolding isn’t it Christel? When someone shouts at us, or even when you feel like they are shouting but they have a smile on their face, it is easy to react and automatically presume it is about you, after all it is aimed at you. Yet taking a step back and considering there may be more at work than on a surface level, understanding offers each part in the situation so much more to consider.

  4. This is very inspiring Christel I would love to know how listening and responding to your bodies intelligence unfolds for you.

  5. “Whole body intelligence constantly informing me how to be in harmony with my own body and all others equally so” – this is such a beautiful reminder. Listening to my own body and taking loving care of it is not selfish at all. That is what prepares me to be in the world as I am, in my true essence, and that is the bestest thing I can do for the world.

  6. Learning to trust our whole-body intelligence is such a leap for so many people… So much control has to be surrendered, not to anything outside, but to reconfigure our relationship with the word trust for starters

  7. It is only when we honour the body as a vehicle for the divine, that we stop using it as a dumping ground for temporal excesses.

  8. “‘What quality do I hold myself in during the day?” A great question and one we may feel we are too busy to check into. Holding myself in connection make such a difference, not only out in the world but at home too – still a work in progress….

  9. “Why do we avoid all the signals that it sends, and how do we recognise or feel those signals?” A great question Cristel. Listening to my body has enabled me to make new and different lifestyle choices since I started attending Universal medicine presentations – with amazing effect..

  10. Something very different happens when we speak from our body. People can hear much more easily what is being said as it resonates in their bodies too, even if they cannot understand it mentally.

    1. A deeper understanding is offered where the fleeting conversation are just that, fleeted away, and the conversations from the body offered a marker of truth to us all.

  11. “Through listening to all that my body communicates, I have found that there is a whole body intelligence constantly informing me how to be in harmony with my own body and all others equally so” – totally and agree with you Christel, I have come to know over the years the depth of truth that through our body we live the whole of life … and how the (energetic) quality of the body determines the quality of that life.

  12. Christel this is an inspiring read – I am constantly amazed at how deeply the the body communicates when not allowing the mind free reign in overriding the wisdom on offer from whole body intelligence when the mind is in conscious presence with the body.
    “Through listening to all that my body communicates, I have found that there is a whole body intelligence constantly informing me how to be in harmony with my own body and all others equally so”.

  13. Yes we do have to make a real conscious choice that when we are in misery we don’t want to live like that anymore. And it can’t be a complaining or just from our head, it needs to really come from our body and deep within us. Otherwise nothing will change.

  14. It can take some time and effort on our part to feel what the body has to say in any given moment, and at first, maybe the stronger signals of pain are the most obvious messages but eventually, the more subtle messages will be felt. This to me feels like a forever deepening process.

  15. “Through listening to all that my body communicates, I have found that there is a whole body intelligence ”

    And this intelligence never leaves us lesser or more then another it is intelligence that reminds us we are a stupendous part of the whole.

  16. Christel I love what you share, there is something so very powerful yet so super simple in listening to the inner voice of our bodies.

  17. I like what you share here about learning to and building trust with ourselves. It sounds a bit odd at first, but it really is a super important skill to develop. I have slowly but surely been building trust in and with my body by listening to its messages, honouring it more and more and the other day I was lost momentarily and was not sure if to go left or right. I stopped, connected to my body and asked it – left or right – the right side of my body felt closed up and the left felt open so I went left and sure enough it was the right way to go and I was back on track. I never would have done that before when I lived much more in my mind and in a disrespectful way with my body.

  18. This is something that is so missing from our way of living and that is staying in connection to our true feelings and understanding that they are our greatest radar to what is constantly taking place around us. When we dull ourselves down we are at the mercy of life, when we take control and allow our true feelings to guide us we are much more aware of our surroundings and therefore much more able to understand and enjoy life.

  19. Whole body intelligence is something we had when we were young, yet we soon learnt to override it, it would be amazing if education was set up in order for us to keep and expand that intelligence, rather than having to learn another intellectual intelligence which is actually lesser than the intelligence that we hold within.

  20. I had a giggle when I read this line “For example, when someone shouts at me and I don’t know what it’s all about, I breathe gently in and out through my nose, and feel what the other person really is attempting to communicate” because I have done that too but there was smoke coming out of my nose!! I was simmering with ‘how dare they’ underneath the quiet veneer!! However, making space in my life to understand myself and the needs I have has offered me space to not take personally the way other people behave. There are CONSTANTLY layers unfolding and I still find myself with the veneer on the outside and shock and hurt running rampant on the inside but I am a forever student of my why’s and wherefore’s!

  21. One of the really important things you say here is that you now check in with your body every day, I think this is super important because often we lack the dedication to back something up day after day after day, but our body is constantly communicating with us and if we only check in when we are sick or something is wrong we are not only missing out on having an amazing guide for life, but also we are slowly getting ourselves into trouble.

    1. Great point Meg. Staying in touch with our body – and appreciating all it offers when we are well, not just focussing on it when something goes wrong – pays dividends.

      1. Yeh I am learning to appreciate my body and how lovely i can feel more and more, and then I can sense if I’m not right long before I get ill because I loose that feeling.

  22. Such a cool example you have used of listening to what the person is trying to communicate when they are shouting… not the words, but the energy that they are in. Once that is established then a) we can observe what is going on for them and b) we can choose the right response to meet that with all the love we are. We have not been bashed by it, and don’t have to go steaming in to shut them down. Just super steady and listen to what is really going on

  23. Well said Christel, I love how the most simple of things bring such a great support to our bodies. The things you have listed below surely are quite a natural thing to pay attention to yet for the most part it is normal for the majority of us to ignore them. Imagine if the whole world just paid attention to these few things, what would that lead to? Whole body intelligence isn’t a foreign concept or even anything we need to be taught, it is a very real and natural thing that lives within us all.

  24. We know when we miss our harmony in our lives, inside our bodies, in our relationships, in our daily activitiies etc. the more we allow those feelings to be there good and those uncomfortable, the more real we become and can actually change things around in the way we truly want.. step by step.

  25. it is amazing how when we feel open and transparent we feel far more empowered, light and safe than when we have our heavy protective guards up.

  26. There is clearly a deeper level of communication I am being called to go to with my body as I have a tension in my upper back and shoulders that I have not wanted to be aware of…till now. I can go two things with that information. I can dull it by activity that distracts me, I can numb it with pain relief, or I can work with my body to be open to understanding what movements have caused my body to feel that tension and take it on as normal. Simply the awareness and the willingness offer me a door of communication to step through.

  27. Thank you Christel for giving us some real practical examples of how we can be with things that come our way. For example when we are rushed, feeling stressed, to actually take a step back and breathe, breathe gently through our nose and feel our feet, to than feel what is needed from this stiller place within you.

  28. That our body has such extraordinary intelligence is something that , if instilled from our early childhood, will surely lead humanity out of the morass it is in.

  29. The body does have great wisdom to offer and you are correct in saying how we all have done much to avoid hearing it, but once we do start to listen it is our greatest ally.

  30. Shutting down my feelings as an infant and all I could feel around my innate sensitivity crushed me. Its devastating to reach a point as an adult from such a long momentum from childhood and not be clear how I feel in my body. It requires an absolute honesty to express my feelings. This is not so easy having a habit of not being honest from the body. What’s worse than this is now your new normal is being hard on yourself.

  31. Life is so very simple and as you show here, everything we need is with us to understand where we are at and what our next step needs to be.

  32. Not allowing ourselves to be distracted by negative thoughts- this is a huge one for so many people, and once we’re in the pattern of negative thoughts it can feel like we’re in a rut. But just by moving differently, we can change the quality of our thoughts. I’ve also found that connecting to purpose changes the quality of our thoughts: there’s no time for negative thinking because there is work to be done and it’s our job to get on with it.

    1. Yes, it is always a choice, and that is important to know so we can, no matter in what situation we are in, always bring ourselves back, step by step, to what we know is true. And as you say it is in the way we move the thoughts that we receive.

    2. It is true Bryony, as some years ago I was having a terrible time with my thoughts and just didn’t know what to do with myself, and then I chose to move ever so gently as I went about getting ready for work and the thoughts disappeared. I also agree, there is no time to wallow in our own negative thoughts – there’s no point to it.

  33. It’s beautiful how whole body intelligence is as you say communicating with us not only what is harmonious for us and our body but for all of us – being considerate of the whole we are a part of.

  34. It is important to make the communicating with our bodies loving. Otherwise, we can put undue pressure on receiving the answers in the ways we want them to be and not how the body communicates – it’s like learning a new language.

  35. One of the signals my body is clearly communicating lately is the type of energy my body is running on. As I learned being a student of The Way of the Livingness, there are only two types of energy: love (fire) and not love (prana/astral). As my body has more love in it, it clearly starts reacting when I choose or allow to put (even though I think I am a victim every now and then) astral energy in. It feels awful and makes me want to cry.

  36. Listening to our body should be one of the first things taught at school! How many times has the body got to feel tired and lethargic after a sugar fix, desert, chocolate and or other stimulants before we get the message our body is sending us?

      1. Indeed Willem, basics that have to be lived before we get to feel what other simple foods are doing to our body and this happens before get the understanding that our thoughts are even worse. So believe it or not what comes out of our mouth is far more damaging than what we put into it.

  37. When we start to make steps back to connect to a body that we’ve long left behind, not judging ourselves in this process is so crucial – otherwise we just add to the hardness, the tension, and the overall dis-ease that we’re already feeling. Allowing ourselves to feel whatever we are feeling, without needing to feel any other way, helps us to let go, move on, and deepens our self-love and acceptance – and that is very beautiful to feel.

  38. “One day I told myself that this was not the way I wanted to live.” Do we wait till we have no choice, have impaired function or a great loss and pain? Sadly I suspect this is the largest catalyst for change.

  39. This is gorgeous Christel. I love how you talk of your experiences of how there is a natural flow, rhythm and freedom in the way we move and live when we listen and honor the messages from our body. I also have experienced that without a doubt the more we are open to respond to the truth from our bodies, the more we live in harmony with the oneness that is the light of our Soul, our true power.

  40. We’re so used to getting by on ‘crumbs’ and it’s true, we can because our body is so remarkable. But instead of championing our ability to come up with cheap workarounds and ‘life hacks’ what would our world be like if we embracing connecting to our body and living in full? Amazing! Thank you Christel.

  41. It is amazing how the human body responds to judgement, and this of course can be different for each person, but I see similarities amongst us all, such as closing in around the heart area, perhaps bringing our arms in tightly to our sides, clenching the jaw. These reactions signify a tension or a stress that the body is enduring and the key is I suppose, in learning how to not react, how to remain open and playful even in the onslaught of the judgements that we place upon eachother, how to be seen and not be accepted.

  42. ” Our body shares so much with us and is so intelligent, ”
    This is so true and the day of true intelligence is approaching when the brain will be know to be part of the body and not commander of the body .

  43. “I learned step by step to not be distracted by ‘negative thoughts’ and how to listen to the wisdom of my body.”
    This too for me has been life changing not to get so caught up and distracted by negative thoughts and the biggest take away is to know that they are not actually my thoughts, they are dropped into my body via a pool of consciousness that I have aligned myself to. The more I listen and reconnect back to my body the less influence the negative thoughts have on me.

  44. I like how you show that we don’t ever have to accept anything in life we don’t like, like being tired or miserable, that we always have to power and the potential to make a new choice.

  45. Yes Esoteric Yoga as presented by Universal Medicine trained practitioners is an awesome way to reconnect to the whole body and whole body intelligence.

  46. Our body is a vehicle for divine intelligence to flow through, if we numb and clog it with excess food, emotions or drama then we are disturbing the natural flow and communication of what our body is designed to do.

  47. There is a huge difference between controlling our minds and body to feeling what is true whether that is through the loving movements with ourselves or with another. When I move in a way that is controlling it is very limited, superficial and comes from a picture of what I want whereas when it comes from a connection of truth from within my body it is real, natural, expansive and for the all.

  48. We gain accolades for analysing and critiquing life, yet everything we actually need to know is delivered instantaneously to our body. We’re like someone who’s played the lotto for years, but can’t believe we’ve had the winning ticket the whole way along. Thank you Christel.

  49. Yes.. when we’re in harmony with our own body, we’re naturally in harmony with others, and the greater rhythm and flow of the universe, too. Thanks for the reminder Christel that we already know and have within us this alignment, and that our body is always calling us back to this harmonious state – all we have to do is listen to it, and then make our choices accordingly.

  50. Appreciating and responding to our whole body intelligence does connect us to the greater intelligence that is available to us all. Far wiser and more loving than the minds limited edition of what it thinks it knows.

  51. ‘there is a whole body intelligence constantly informing me how to be in harmony with my own body and all others equally so’. How different it is when we drop into our body from our head, where we might have been caught up in some thought processes. Being in the body, the whole body, invites the multidimensionality aspect of our being to awaken and lets us communicate in a holistic way.

    1. Yes we listen with our whole body not just our ears, we feel, we sense. I have found my anxiety has eased from opening up to this whole body intelligence rather than relying on any one sense.

  52. I love the title of your blog, ‘communicating with whole body intelligence’ as this offers a great expansion to the concept that we only communicate with our eyes, ears and speech… that in fact every inch of our physical body and thoughts are spherically expressing, And like a radar dish, our body receives and processes energy coming at and through it.

  53. “Like the times when I fed myself with a lot of food, especially with sugar, in order to not feel what my body was communicating.” This is great Christel, for so often we fed our body with substances that have replaced the “sugar” as it has the same racy effect. We then can still live in denial that it is good for the body and continue to dull our-selves by the high provided. After a high or racy feeling there is the crash from a lack of energy seemingly so but when we listen to the body it is easy to not go for foods that have those effects on us and thus we can live consistently with no peaks or troughs.

  54. Christel, what you are sharing here feels so simple and true, how amazing to live with this level of understanding and observing – being able to be unaffected by what is going on for others – not taking it personally; ‘when someone shouts at me and I don’t know what it’s all about, I breathe gently in and out through my nose, and feel what the other person really is attempting to communicate. Maybe it could be that he/she is tired, had a bad sleep or feels not very well and the shouting is nothing personal but all about the feelings, such as frustration, in them.’

  55. I find when I listen to my body I am less likely to react to life. It is in the small details that I feel is as equally important as the big ones when I listen to my body. When I feel anxious, tired, heavy, racy or hard, the best thing for me is to stop and feel what is going on. To give myself space to take the next step with more love and awareness. Listening to the intelligence of my body is deeply supportive for me and people around me.

  56. Something I too am learning to stay with, observing and not absorbing, ‘I am learning to observe – instead of absorb – all that does not truly support me, and that allows me more space in my body and more love with myself.’

  57. I now understand why people don’t feel their bodies. Living in your head is something we learn as kids. It becomes a safe refuge, where we don’t get to feel the constant dishonouring of our feelings that happens from others. Being in your head offers control, where you feel you can plan and manipulate life. Yet while it seems to work, this creates a prison of our own making and we lose sight of our true feelings and essence.

  58. Why is it important what the body communicates to us? Because, the body is not just our vehicle in this plane of life. It is one that not only loves to work orderly in sync with the universe but it is also one that holds a deep understanding of how things work in the universe. Nothing that communicates to us is capricious.

  59. Gosh what we have decided to not feel is more exhausting then I thought. And is actually creating a barriere in our life as we disconnect from the flow of all what we are feeling and can act on. It is a simple observation that we can do. What is holding us back from our responsibility is judgement and condemnation. So lets keep it light and simple and connect to our feelings and see what happens.

  60. I agree listening and feeling everything that our body communicates is supporting our self-care,’ Very consciously listening to the body is the first step’.

  61. Listening to our body is a master-full approach to living in a way that allows us to except what True wisdom is all about. So much can be learnt from our body in the simple approach to life as you have shared Christel.

  62. “Have I skipped a meal, or eaten too much?” – Often we just look at one side of the coin rather than the full picture of both extremes of disregard, and thus it’s usually more difficult to know what is TRUE for us at that time if ideals are clouding our judgement.

  63. The more I stay with my body, the more I feel what is going on around me. It is fascinating how as soon as I try to rush I start to make mistakes and lose track of what I am doing. Yet when I am present I feel super alert and very clear about what I am doing, it is such a big difference and more and more noticeable the more I stay aware of my body.

    1. Rushing relies on a reaction that rarely relieves the True relationship we should be having with the body. Responding to the impulses from the body on the other-hand allows us to be “alert” as you have shared James.

      1. It is amazing the difference when we respond from the body as I find I have everything at my finger tips yet the moment I disconnect and rush it is like I am grasping at things and tripping over myself, quite literally at times. For me one of the 1st obvious signs I am starting to rush is I write things down or type things wrong so have to delete it and start again.

      2. Agreed James, and may I add that I also find when I sleep in for those extra minutes it can put my whole day behind schedule so I am then rushing from pillar to post to catch up, which inevitably never happens.

  64. The more I stay with me the more I feel able to observe situations and not react, when I’m being critical of myself and I’ve got caught up in negative thoughts Or the busyness of my day I find it much harder to remain steady and not react.

  65. “Through listening to all that my body communicates, I have found that there is a whole body intelligence constantly informing me how to be in harmony with my own body and all others equally so” – beautiful Christel… the moment i started to really listen to my body was the moment i started to fall in love and treasure what was truly within the confines of pure physicality, a body… I started to love the being; the quality of me through my body.

  66. Our mind can be coerced with ideals, beliefs, seductive speech, we can fool ourselves with clever ideas and reasons to override our inner knowing that something is not supportive of us or others, and through our emotions we are as good as being hijacked since often find people find themselves in a situation they have been instrumental in and wonder how it happened.
    Yet our body is the one place when truly honoured and connected to, which offers a harmony and steadiness from which everything else can be felt and known. Is it true, loving and supportive of self and all others? Our Whole Body intelligence will not let us be fooled for long.

  67. If we start listening to our bodies, than we can also start appreciating the flow of love that is there once we are connected. And that makes everything, also the seemingly small things beautiful and very much to appreciate. Life becomes beautiful, without needing to do special “big” things.

  68. Our body is infinitely wiser then our mind and never ceases to communicate with us. The learning aspect is therefor not with the body but in arresting the mind’s domination and learning to adhere to what our body is asking of us even if that is something different then what we wanted, planned, thought we needed to do etc.

  69. We can learn or re-discover so much about ourselves and life by connecting back with our whole body – being aware of and observing the signs and signals that we are getting and reflecting on what is being communicated with us!

  70. Christel, you ask an important question that is rarely considered “What quality do I hold myself in during the day?” How often do we go about our days on automatic pilot, ticking things off our lists but pay no attention in how we are in all that we do? The quality we hold ourselves in as we move through our day is even more important that what it is we are doing, and that could be very important. The impact that this has not only on ourselves but on others is huge and we can feel every single bit of this in our body.

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