My Relationship with Writing

Ever felt that it has been hard to sit down and write something that you feel within to express, but the actual writing process (whether it be by pen or keyboard) leaves you feeling agitated and stressed?

This has been my recent experience – feeling a strong impulse and beautiful expression within me to be shared, yet once sitting at the table or desk to commence writing I quickly observed that my shoulders were tight, my hands were hard and I was caught in a drive to get it done that did not feel very nice. To make things worse, because I so desperately wanted the words and process to flow, I judged myself harshly and this left me feeling deflated and exhausted!

Today I have felt into what has been going on in this process and observed that:

  • When I was commencing writing, I was attached to the outcome and what the words looked like.
  • I was needing my writing to be completed as soon as possible.
  • I was not stopping to feel me and honour my body first and foremost, before any ink to paper or words on the computer screen were captured.
  • I was being narrow in my view, taking an initial impulse from my body but then intellectualising it and wanting to make it sound clever – a pattern I have come to know well following multiple years of university study and working in an engineering discipline where writing is often subject to intellectual criticism.
  • I was not appreciating myself and all I have to offer.

As I write now, I have taken a completely different approach. I have decided I do not want to feel hardness in my body as I type and that my connection with the delicateness and beauty of me is my first and foremost priority. Just sitting down with this intention has resulted in an incredible shift, enabling me to feel that I am already complete and enough without the words I am about to express needing to define me.

I have paused as I write to feel the power and simplicity of my words. And I have acknowledged that there is always more to express, yet in this moment it is to feel what is called for now.

I have typed without my glasses on. This means I cannot see the words clearly on the screen in the first instance, but given I can touch type, this is not a problem and has offered an exquisite opportunity to feel what I am writing and not critically refine it as I write. My hands are much less hard as a result.

There is a deeper level that I can take this to, for now I am much more aware of my fingertips on each pad of the keyboard and how I am pressing down – and that I can choose to do this in the lightness and delicateness of who I am. There is almost a melody and serenity in the ‘click click’ sound of the keyboard as I type under this impress. And my heart feels an opening and celebration for allowing me to bring me to typing in a way that I have not before.

I have also been very aware of my posture and how my workstation is set up to support me. This has included adjusting the height of my keyboard so that it slants upwards a little to support my hands and fingers for what they need today (on other days this may be different).

In honouring me, it has been very beautiful to write, and a pleasure to not merely share words, but to share me as I write.

The end result is a simple expansion of everything I am already and a simplicity in knowing I can bring this to the next expression, and then the next, without any drive, push or struggle within to do so.

By Susan Hayes, Ballarat, Victoria

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511 thoughts on “My Relationship with Writing

  1. It is interesting to notice, when writing feels difficult, to take a moment to feel what disruptive activity is going on around your body, such as the distracting thoughts or tension held in the body … It highlights the momentum we may be running and living in, or imposed upon from outside influences.

  2. “I have decided I do not want to feel hardness in my body as I type and that my connection with the delicateness and beauty of me is my first and foremost priority.” what a great reflection this morning to me on how I approach my emails, writings and way that I express. I can easily find I got into the hardness of needing to get things done and in that miss the quality, it then feels amazing to re-connect in the gentleness and appreciate the difference in what writing in connection feels like.

  3. I realise that endlessly writing something that no-one else ever reads, like my notes at work, or pieces of writing that just sit unread, or when a teacher at school barely glances at your work over a whole year has been an old hurt for me, but I know that it has also been an opportunity to build my self-worth, to know for myself whether its a good piece of work no matter what, and to appreciate the process of the expression wherever it may end up, or not.

    1. I feel this is key Shirley-Ann – if we ourselves know and appreciate that we have delivered our all, we do not need the confirmation or anyone telling us it was ‘good enough’.

  4. So often i will listen to people telling me something about their life, an experience or something they have seen, and think that they should write it down, be it as a blog or a book or something – every person has a view of the world and experiences. If we can write without the dramas, emotions, scandals and lies we see creating so much mess in the media, we could have a library of resources of real life lived wisdom on offer – and this is a realised potential in the Universal Medicine student body through the blog sites full of incredible pieces

  5. The list of 5 points you have shared that sabotaged your relationship to writing are so very significant for me. I have been looking at every one of these areas in one way or another and have found that each of them is enough to completely throw my natural sense of harmony, confidence and flow. This seems a list of ‘what not to do’ in every aspect of life

  6. I could not spell at school, this lack of spelling lead me to think that I could not write….spelling is not what indicates the quality of writing, I also struggled with grammar, but again this does not make the quality of the writing, content, intention, wisdom is what fills out a piece of writing, not the rules on correct English etc. I am learning to write first and correct after, be free and express…of course it needs to be understood, but needs to be said does not come in the same shape and sizes, we all have our own way with words.

    1. I knew a very good legal editor with vast knowledge and experience who was hopeless at spelling. Spell-checkers help but there is often somebody around who can help.

    2. Samantha, I can appreciate everything you have presented. I have never liked or used writing as a means of expression for 40 + years, with maybe the exception of the time I tagged the top of a water tower in my youth. Could it have been the rebel in me that did not like all the rules? I have also found how words have power when they come with purpose and rules are just the seasoning you lightly sprinkle on just before serving that helps the words flow.

      1. What a blessing it is to read what Susan, and others share on this page, as I can relate to all of the above as I would get 2/10 with the read lines every where almost covering the page.

      2. How well you describe the qualities in the delivery of words Steve- true power and purpose.
        “I have also found how words have power when they come with purpose and rules are just the seasoning you lightly sprinkle on just before serving that helps the words flow”.

  7. I am enjoying my developing relationship with writing and the magic of words, not as a performance or display of cleverness, but as an amazing opportunity to express myself in the world alongside others.

  8. Lets try today again after I just had my Esoteric Yoga session. Showing me so much the way to deepen in that love what is endless available if we surrender to it. It is that simpel, are we willing to allow it once again?

  9. In the beginning I found writing difficult but over time it became easier and then easy. It seemed to be less about practising (though that helps) but more about a knack about where the writing comes from and then it can flow very easily.

    1. Christoph I agree with what you share as I too, for much of my life, found writing very challenging. But once I got myself and my self doubts etc. out of the way it became easier, for I then realised I could connect with and share the wisdom of the universe.

  10. What you describe here very clearly is how it all comes back to how we are and move with our bodies and thus how much we can change simply by focusing on our bodies and how they feel.

  11. No dissection, no analysis, no critique, you just let everything out. Like a river your expression flows, unhindered and unsensored from its natural source. Thank you Susan for switching off control and letting your writing out. You inspire me to see that when we just share openly without preconceived outcomes or agendas the magic of God is able to be there too. Then magnificent events take place beyond anything we can think of.

  12. ‘ I have paused as I write to feel the power and simplicity of my words. And I have acknowledged that there is always more to express, yet in this moment it is to feel what is called for now.’ I too have felt the importance of appreciating what I write as I take it for granted and not see the power in my expression whether that be written or verbal.

  13. We all have so much to offer and our expressions are all slightly different, so knowing this helps us to appreciate simply feeling what it is we want to write, and I am finding that it flows. It feels like we have to undo a lot of school years here, of getting homework back with lots of red corrections all over the pages from the teacher.. and the constant remarks of ‘could do better’. When we let that go, all our expression is very powerful.

  14. It is touching to read how so many of us have struggled with spelling and writing in various ways and inspiring to hear that we can all be writing in spite of all these apparent obstacles and get the help so that our expression can be heard in the world, just like this..

  15. ‘I was not appreciating myself and all I have to offer.’ – I can only speak for myself, but I feel this as a huge reason why so many of us resist writing.

  16. “I was not appreciating myself and all I have to offer. I am already complete and enough without the words I am about to express needing to define me.I have paused as I write to feel the power and simplicity of my words. In honouring me, it has been very beautiful to write, and a pleasure to not merely share words, but to share me as I write.” Thank you Susan for a very important sharing for me today, I am inspired by your above words as I am called upon to write on a topic and I was feeling somewhat daunted by it.

  17. Susan this certainly takes the ‘me’ out of writing and allows us to be a vessel through which the writing can come. This is a way of writing where we don’t have an attachment or investment, we just connect with the joy of writing and allow it to be simple and easy.

  18. Wow, Susan – I can definitely relate to what you have written here in regards to the points you have raised which have previously blocked the flow of your writing. It led me to consider further how much formal writing, especially in the academic sense, places such a high value on using fancy words and sounding clever/smart. There is a real competitive and status driven edge to it that I can feel I have gotten caught in over the years. Yet the real damage has been that it has diminished the actual quality of a lot of what I have written over time as it hasn’t come from inside me, but rather has been a mental construct designed to impress others and/or withstand scrutiny of peers and management. YUCK! Definitely time for me to bring my writing capabilities back to ‘earth’ and write with genuine appreciation of ‘me’ and what I have to offer.

  19. There is such a difference between writing for school or work where we have to adhere to many rules and how to produce something that others approve with or to write about what we have experienced in life and how we view life. I found the former always hard and though I could not write but through writing more blogs about my experiences and insights I know I can write and feel confident to write in the other sector as well. Knowing our own way first is very important in this.

  20. “In honouring me, it has been very beautiful to write, and a pleasure to not merely share words, but to share me as I write.” . . .thank you Susan for taking the time and making the space so that we can feel you in full.

  21. I have noticed this same pattern or process with speaking. I often feel an impulse to say something based on what I can sense is happening in situations but when I go to say it my body can tighten up sometimes and go hard and it comes out not the way I intended!… and consequently does have a different result or impact on everyone around me.

    1. I often experience a holding back when I am not fully with myself, and am worried about speaking – choosing to be small over valuing the worth of what it is I have been given to say. Often the words disappear or, even if I have said what there was to say, I’ve delivered it laced with apology, my holding back. Making it about me detracts from what’s been said. Perhaps knowing this is what make this scenario so uncomfortable and not the embarrassment – I know I am wanting a piece of the limelight at the expense of what there is to express.

  22. Please excuse me if it’s a little graphic, but not being able to write feels a bit like finding it hard to go to the toilet. Your whole body knows it’s great and just what it needs but no matter how hard you try it just won’t materialise. Sometimes with words they can seem a million miles from what you wanted to say deep inside. This frustrating mismatch can put you off. But from what you say and the way that you write Susan, what I get is all we need to do is put our pictures aside and make a start with all of our heart.

  23. Reconnecting with the truth in these blogs and then making a comment is a process of appreciation of the innate wisdom that is within all our inner hearts.

  24. I remember as a child, while I wasn’t good at spelling I loved to write – poems, songs, short and long stories, all the time I was writing, but at school they never let you write, everything was boring and about how to spell and fit into a box and it was years before we were actually allowed to write something of our own. There is power and confidence building in being given the space to express ourselves through writing that we should foster as early as possible – the freedom to express

  25. It will be interesting to explore and experience the process of writing one day not as an effort of putting words to something that needs to be expressed but receiving and allowing the words to come through and thus being a vessel for the expression to be manifested, ie literally to be a scribe.

  26. ‘I was not appreciating myself and all I have to offer.’ I am really procrastinating over writing an assignment for college, caught up in ‘will it be to the liking of the tutors, will it be clever enough to pass or even impress, so attached to the outcome am I. What I’m realising is that what I write will never be the finale of what there is to say about the subject so why put pressure on myself to provide an definitive, end result. What there is to say is constantly deepening and evolving if I am choosing to surrender more to what there is to connect to. By trying to deliver an end point I am denying this process, trying to stand on top of the mountain when there is no mountain. So why not let myself start the walk, the writing process and see what unfolds.

  27. I think our approach to writing very much mirrors our approach or control of life. For me if I sit down to write it’s a direct reflection of my approach to life or the quality my day has been until that point, so I fix it not in my approach to writing, but in my approach to my day.

    1. This is a point of great inspiration. If we can accept and live the fact that everything is a reflection and one moment affects the next, then we are open to the learning on offer and the blessing of the responsibility we have.

      1. True, if we acknowledge that one moment effects the next we naturally begin to be more responsible in the first moment knowing it’s far-reaching effects.

  28. Hmmmm.. I guess it keeps coming down to outer confidence and giving importance to what others might say about what I am writing, or needing positive feedback rather than trusting myself in expressing what I feel to express that is therefore perfect my own reckoning and not requiring anyone else’s feedback. This is a huge one for me and a work in progress.

  29. When I write, I know I am on track when I feel more expansion in my body. I am now able to feel a difference from being in my head and trying to write clever words, or letting my fingers simply follow the keys on the keyboard. And then I can also read it and sabotage it by criticism, it’s not good enough, it’s not deep enough, it’s not long enough.. what a game to stop my true expression! There is a profound difference when we allow the flow of writing to happen with the connection to our bodies and accept that what has been expressed so far is from how we are living right now.

  30. You clearly show how important it is that we regard our body in every moment as it supports us tremendously in whatever we do or bring, may it be writing or any other situation we are in.

  31. My impulse to write something always happens in the middle of a shower, what I need to invest in is some sort of Dictaphone so that I can express what is there as I have found by the time I’m out of the shower what was there to express has gone the moment has passed as it where and I cannot remember what it was I wanted to say. Or, if I can it is then stilted and has no flow to it.

    1. …a waterproof dictaphone I hope! Haha – this happens to me also but I find that I am able to retrieve the words simply but not blocking ‘the flow’ when the shower ends.

  32. Susan, I can feel how important appreciating ourselves is; ‘I was not appreciating myself and all I have to offer.’ I woke up this morning feeling a little anxious about work but then allowed myself to appreciate me and what was ahead and the anxiousness went and instead I felt a joy for me and for the day ahead, appreciating ourselves and all that we bring and appreciating our lives feels key.

  33. Yesterday after reading this again, I realised as I lay in the bath I did have things to say, and it didn’t matter what I was going to do with it at that stage. I then sat down for an hour or so (I type with one finger :-0 ) and wrote whatever I felt to write without judgement, a lovely feeling, simply inspired by something in the news and the words written here.

  34. I often find myself creating a gap or threshold when I approach or anticipate going to write as in it being something different or more difficult or demanding than whatever I am just doing. No wonder that I am not at ease then by putting an expectation on what it is going to be. How about not switching to but flowing towards writing just like with every other activity, a change of what I am practically doing but no change of who I am when I do what I do.

    1. Oh, that’s really supportive Alex, thank you, yes I get that barrier feeling, often because I don’t give myself permission to take the space for flowing into it.

    2. I often find this also, and then what occurs is an intensity comes in that was not there originally, and then all of a sudden everything feels too serious and not at all joyful.

  35. We are the ‘pens of God’ when we allow ourselves to write from the deep pool of Stillness that lives within us all.

    1. Absolutely Liane. What we write is already there waiting for us to pick up our pen. I am feeling so strongly with the articles on Shakespeare and the Ageless wisdom that I am writing at the moment, that I have very little to do with it – Shakespeare has written the plays already, Serge Benhayon has re-ignited the Ageless wisdom in us all, and all I have to do is pick up my laptop and out the two together, like a carpenter doing a piece of joinery on a bookshelf. Very simple.

  36. I have definately been one to holdback on my expression and it is such a shame as we each have so much to share, but the more we step up and into life the realisation of why we have held back for so long gets exposed… being bullied at school, feeling jealousy from another, just feeling another become she and reserved and then taking that on to support them ~ so many reason why this could take place and be.

  37. Expression is most certainly a gift to the world that should not be held back. One of my main focuses is ensuring that I express as much as possible and when I don’t – how does that happen?

  38. ‘I have paused as I write to feel the power and simplicity of my words.’ – I love this simple gesture towards yourself.

  39. My relationship with writing has also changed as I have deepened the relationship with myself, my writing just flows as I have let go of the ‘trying’ and the, ‘writing for an outcome’. If we get ourselves out of the way, the words just flow.

  40. What a beautiful inspiration to write Susan “I have paused as I write to feel the power and simplicity of my words. And I have acknowledged that there is always more to express, yet in this moment it is to feel what is called for now.” With the magic of the universe through ones fingertips.

  41. ‘In honouring me, it has been very beautiful to write, and a pleasure to not merely share words, but to share me as I write.’ – And what a difference the end result is.

  42. Could it be that there is a difference in what I want to or think I should write and what it is that is given to me to write? In the case that it is given to me it would be all about not standing in the way but let it come through hence writers block would be dissolved by getting me out of the way which includes not investing in or trying to control any outcome.

    1. ‘Could it be that there is a difference in what I want to or think I should write and what it is that is given to me to write?’ – I feel this is a key point, when our mind wants to run the show and control the outcome, what is naturally flowing through us gets shut down.

  43. ‘…years of university study and working in an engineering discipline where writing is often subject to intellectual criticism.’ Growing up I desperately wanted to fit in but I was deeply puzzled at school when what I had to say didn’t fit in anywhere or wasn’t acknowledged. I started to feel I had no place, what I brought seemed of no consequence, invisible even so I felt invisible. And I tried so hard to understand what was wanted, so hard but never really got it or saw its limitations and wasn’t inspired.

    This situation has arisen again now I’m back studying, a wonderful opportunity to not go down the I must be rubbish, I don’t get it, what I have to bring is inconsequential. Instead I can appreciate what I bring by staying present and feeling what I bring. I can claim with authority the knowing I have and fully commit to the whole process, to feeling whatever hurts that come up, the fears, the challenges, and not step back into self-doubt and apology.

  44. Writing to a timeframe or deadline is a complete killer to productivity as it puts you in a state of pressure right from the off. The body tenses up, you’re not in the flow, the emotion magnifies and you either write drivel or nothing springs forth. Great that you recommend ‘stopping to feel me and my body first’ so that as a form of preparation, you make the necessary space for the impulse of your writing to flow freely.

  45. When we let go of all the obstacles we have called in, there is much to flow in our writing, so much to say.

  46. My relationship with writing reflects everything I am in my expression.If I am holding back, getting myself in the way, then I am controlling and shutting down my natural evolutionary flow with life.

  47. I used to love putting pen to paper and would always be jotting something down. But after years of psychotherapy this ability has left me and I now find it quite difficult to write and as soon as I feel I’m trying to write something I stop. So you can imagine I have loads of half finished blogs. so still a blockage there somewhere.

  48. I was just reading another blog on this site ( about letting go of control. It feels like there is a similar process that can be undertaken in the case of writing – if we surrender, we can go with the flow. I made a comment there about the link between tight forearms and control: given the arms and hands are very much engaged in writing, there’s a lot we could do around building our awareness of how we tense up and grip in this part of our body when we write.

    1. Beautifully shared Jennifer, and so simple, the “idea of sharing ‘you’ in what you do” when our usual focus is on what we have to get done. It shows how much we have squeezed out the being in life to focus on the “doing”.

      1. Yes exactly Melinda, there is no focus on who we are as the being in the body. One of the current buzz words being thrown around in across a number of industries and organisations at the moment is WELLBEING… and yet we still don’t get that it is our BEING that needs to be WELL… the body just follows suit.

  49. Lovely to read this again Susan and I particularly appreciated your dot points, very practical and a great foundation of checkpoints to begin with. It’s true for me too, that when I am truly with me it’s all about enjoying what comes through and it flows quite magically, but if the mind comes in, if the body is compromised (hard, etc), and if I’m not appreciating enjoying me it doesn’t go too well!

  50. What a beautiful inspiration to write and the appreciation from this that comes is very lovely to feel. “In honouring me, it has been very beautiful to write, and a pleasure to not merely share words, but to share me as I write. Inspirational thank you.

  51. “I have also been very aware of my posture and how my workstation is set up to support me. .” I have been very aware of this this week and need to raise my screen so I don’t slump. In fact I’ll do it now!

  52. From the list of what can happen in the writing process, I would say time pressures, ideas about how it needs to turn out and not staying connected to your body (and aware of your movements) have a big negative impact on the creative flow.

  53. I think our posture and the way we move and do things such as the way we type and press keys on our computer or hold a pen and write do make a big difference to the kind of thoughts we have and the quality of what we express as our mind isn’t contained within our brain alone but held throughout our whole body…

  54. I used to write and feel inspired and then was too scared to touch it, edit it or work on it, with this idea that I would ruin what came through naturally. This was a big handicap for me, and I have been reacting and not trusting that how I live with consistency, will enable me to work on what needs to be worked on regarding writing and (this applies for all areas of life) with out ruining anything, but instead developing, refining and celebrating what is there as pure inspiration.

  55. I can really relate to the 5 bullet points that you listed and this gives me more awareness of how I am when I am writing and what I am looking to ‘achieve.’

  56. There have been moments when I have been inspired to write, only to find that my critical hat comes on and I want to rewrite or change what I have just written, and in the process lose the essence of what was first felt. I do this a lot less, and commenting everyday on blogs like this has helped me let go of the need to have every word perfectly formed and in its right place and allow the flow of my fingers on the keyboard to write what it is I have felt in my body to say.

  57. There’s no point in criticising ourselves over and over again about not being able to do something, write, focus or ‘fix’ our behaviour, because a) this is throwing understanding out the window and often makes us feel so much worse about that particular thing, thus causing us to struggle more, and b) there are so many things we can do to support change and get to the bottom of ‘why’, such as talking to another person, adjusting the configuration of our office and so forth.

    1. So True Susie we would end up in the “bottom” of “a” forever-deepening-pit that would be like a festering sore niggling at us all the time! or accept our connection and “b” True to who we all are as Sons of God through our Inner-Most, which is connecting to the Soul.

  58. “Just sitting down with this intention has resulted in an incredible shift, enabling me to feel that I am already complete and enough without the words I am about to express needing to define me.”
    When i was at Art school we would do weekly life drawings of a nude model, I used to feel quite paralysed by this huge piece of white paper in front of me, the pressure and expectation for each line to be correct, for the proportions and perspective to read perfectly. It was only as i worked on the paper, rubbed areas out and made marks that i felt greater freedom to express myself. So i decided each lesson to take in a piece of paper that was not perfectly crisp and white but to pre, tint and mark the paper and in turn this allowed me greater flow and above all greater enjoyment. Its amazing to clock the pressures and expectations we put ourselves under and how un-joyful this way of being is.

  59. I have observed how the slightest adjustment in the way we sit, arrange our desk, or generally hold ourselves makes a massive difference to what we can express in word. It’s all there’s in our body and the way to access it is not from our head but through flow and movement which either allows it out or not.

  60. The permission granted by you to you and as an inspiration to all that read this article is properly beautiful; to simply be… free of all the rules we have absorbed over our lives, open to this moment and what is on offer, no more, no less. Super cute and inspiring actually. Thank you, Susan.

  61. When I push for things to occur with my writing the words can be difficult to find and there often is no flow or ease to the process.

  62. If one looked at my comments now compared to a year ago they’d be amazed at the transformation even in this short space of time.

    1. That is true Michael, when we appreciate what we feel is our purpose in life, i.e. to express that what comes through us from the divine, then there is only a deepening and expansion happening; in fact it is something we have to learn in this life to become the vessels of expression for the divine once again.

    2. For me it has to do with authority in expression. How much do I claim, that what I can offer is from worth and that the world needs to hear this. That actually it is very necessary that the world gets access to the truth I live, because I feel the urgency of making a change in this world.

  63. I never had a problem with expressing through writing until I went to see a psychiatrist and over time I just could not express by writing any more something seemed to dry up within me. And it has taken me years to even start to try to write something down on paper other than a shopping list. People have told me I get myself in the way of writing but it’s as though the flow from what I want to say is blocked everything is blank.
    Things are starting to shift but there’s plenty room to expand my expression via writing.

  64. Taking the Time to connect and express when there is so much happening around us that has become all about pushing a barrow, which leaves us open to disconnection and therefore open to cussing and cursing.
    True expression comes from love and would never come from words that disempower us. Then to express in a way that is all about our connection makes expressing an expression that can be healing for when connected we all evolve.

  65. I used to get very stuck when it comes to writing because I had this image that I was not good at it. So, when I sat down to write I already felt anxious, not good enough and in comparison. Once I let go of these thoughts and images, and choose to appreciate that everything I want to express, the words and wisdom is already there which allows my writing to flow. I also notice the quality of what I write is affected by the quality of the way I live every day.

  66. Writing is a way of sharing myself transparently through words. When I struggle with it, there is something I want to hide or something that I don’t accept in myself for it to be shared. Being honest in any case is key for me to allow the flow in my expression.

  67. I can feel that too, there is so much in me to express, either by speaking or by writing, no matter if this is on paper or on the computer screen but then when t comes to put it on paper or in the computer the obstruction in me start to come up. Such as, I am not good in writing, spelling or any negative thought like that or indeed self judgement about my expertise on the subject I want to write about etc. The list goes on and will be detrimental to my writing if I do not stop this self criticism and start to honour my unique expression and the endless wisdom I have access to when I connect to the delicateness of my body instead.

  68. I love how you shifted your writing into quality instead of quantity or ideals and beliefs. How much more of a worth is a piece of writing, if someone wrote it from the body instead of the head following a picture how it should be. Receiving the words instead of looking for the right expression. Because of that everyone can relate to your blog and feel it equally in their body.

  69. How easy we can give less from ourselves.
    We control the world with it.
    We measure and know the outcome.
    What about we just let iT out and see what happens.?

  70. Whenever we write we can let out what is in us or hold back. From holding back we can get very sick in many ways, and this does not feed love back to the body. So we are asked to be with ourselves in the present and share all we got.

  71. I have been experimenting recently with just connecting to my body and my breath and simply starting to write without thinking or planning what I am going to write – it feels completely different to the intellectual method of writing and what comes out also carries a very different quality.

  72. What a beautiful appreciation of the importance of writing and expressing oneself and the power and the joy that comes from this . Your sharing is a real inspiration to heal the childhood hurts that stop and inhibit our natural flow and expression of this in the world.

  73. Susan you beautifully illustrate how writing is a process of surrender. It’s about letting what is there to be expressed in that moment flow through – or perhaps how I should put it, it is very much about us not getting in the way of that which is asking to come though. Expression is always moving and expanding, and so what we write will evolve and transform as we do.

  74. What’s interesting to take notice of here is… Are the observations of ourselves about how our body changes (body hardens, tension, disconnect from feeling) when we stop, sit down and try to write, are they reflective or similar responses we also ‘go into’ with our relationship and interaction with life and people?

  75. There is a part of me that likes to make life about theory, about stitching together pretty words that sound nice and like they might be ‘right’. But what if we consider them more like stepping stones, buckets of energy that emanate out for us all to feel, this is totally different to me. Your words here Susan inspire me to make it all about energy and my body first.

  76. Yes, Susan, I couldn’t agree more. I have only recently begun to appreciate that there is a huge amount to come through for me to share with the world in my writing, and it feels like the beginning of an exciting new level of commitment to expressing in full.

      1. And the not so loving flow on is someone else gets the impact of this – no matter if they know it/see it or not quality is always felt.

  77. I love this appreciation of what it is to feel what we write rather than just see the words on the page. This adds such a depth and richness to our expression that we otherwise miss.

  78. When we are willing to connect to our stillness and live from there, we can apply this to anything that we do to support us to be in the flow of life.

  79. ‘When I was commencing writing, I was attached to the outcome and what the words looked like.’ – Going to school we learn that it is all based on competition and comparison and getting the highest score, and it is a whole different thing to trust that once we let go of the control the words will naturally flow.

  80. Every True form of expression has to have a connection to our Inner-Most. So when our day starts what we do will be felt, which allows us to express openly and freely in everything we are doing. Then is it possible that everything we do is a form of expression? Therefore to express the Truth in everything we do we have to be connected to our Inner-Most!

  81. When i’m on the money I read something i’ve written or listen to something i’ve said and i’m just like “wow…. did I really just say that??”. A challenging yet ultra rewarding journey i’ve been on is to detach myself from what i’ve expressed in the sense that I have chosen to bring that quality, but the words are all from the Universe.

    1. Well said, Michael. One of our greatest challenges can be to truly accept what we are a part of and can come through us to be shared.

      1. To me there is no challenge in this, if we speak honestly we will admit we are simply not willing to accept it (what we are a part of). I am reminded of the words “we are never given something we are not fully equipped to deal with”.

  82. When we stop running with all our ideals and beliefs, all the pictures, outcomes and expectations… we allow ourselves the space to freely express.

  83. In the Esoteric numerology course presented by Serge Benhayon today I had this amazing experience to align with the multidimensionality and to work from that Connection. There was no place for self or controlling or knowing the outcome, iT just was there. Amazing it was. It shows the true intelligece is not found in the head.

  84. It has only been three years since I started writing to express what I have felt. My whole life I have avoided writing anything. I did not like spelling in school from an early age. I don’t think the word dyslexia had even been created yet when I was growing up and bad spelling was attributed to being dumb, lazy or just not trying hard enough. I just did not like all the rules! Or, had I been hit in the head so many times that my hippocampus was damaged (is that a university for zoo animals?) I am finding that writing without rules is fun, and what is wrong with passive sentences?

  85. Thanks, Susan. I love how you have made it about the quality rather than the output when it comes to writing, being able to feel the gentle touch of the keys and hold the body in a supportive posture, while connecting deeply to what is there to be shared.

  86. When I sit down to write I often don’t know what will come out. If I allow the unfolding of the words it is a beautiful experience. If I have an agenda and something I think needs to be said then my mind gets in the way of the natural flow. It feels amazing to just let go and allow the unfolding.

  87. Connecting to the joy and essence of who we truly are – we cannot help but express and take that out to the world, it’s natural.

  88. As people, we can pull out a load of excuses to not commit to something, but when we do actually look at what is needed to support us then we set up a foundation through which we allow a flow. Such is this example which is great to read and appreciate how simple it is to change an environment and connect to what is there to be shared.

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