Anxiety – a Global Condition

I recently visited family on the other side of the world. It was a long way to get there – three countries and a total of three days. I travelled standby with a young family and had to interact with a lot of people in order to secure getting on various planes.

There were some challenges along the way, but nothing that was not insurmountable; in fact, mostly it felt like an exciting adventure we embarked upon.

However, it could easily have given rise to an enormous amount of anxiety for me; especially because of the fact I was travelling with two children. But I have been addressing my anxiety for many years and now have tools to support me. So what could have been a tense journey was not at all tense for me… it was amazing confirmation of how I have supported myself out of what appears this global condition of anxiety.

As I continued my visit and travelled around, I was interested to observe these phenomena of anxiety; in fact, I observed a deep, deep anxiety that most people appear to be in. And it led me to continue to keep observing and gain a deeper sense of what actually lies at the root of anxiety.

What I could sense, and I have continued to since, is that people feel almost fearful. But fearful of what?

People appear fearful of not knowing how to be; they appear to be experiencing a deep unease and disconnection to a sense of who they are. There appears an unsettlement, a distress and a scrambling panic that ensues.

What I often observe is that when an interaction with anyone else then occurs, an intense anxiety seems to present as we worry that we are not going to be liked; we scramble to connect with the person in front of us but can only do so on a superficial level. Underneath the surface physical dialogue, there appears to be another silent dialogue occurring, which actually speaks the loudest. This expression seems to be communicating things like, “Do you like me if I say this, or act like this, or take on this opinion, this posture…?” And all of this creates a haywire communication; it blocks a natural connection. Each person in the interaction is distracted in the hidden communications, obstructing any opportunity for a steady stillness for true connection and interaction to occur.

An analogy would be like sparks of electricity or energy trying to connect. But it’s all going haywire. This to me explains why we seem so lost and at such unease with ourselves, because we are not actually being ourselves.

I’ve walked this journey and lived in intense anxiety all my life, and I am still fixing up the physical and psychological toll it has taken on my body.

But during the past few years I’ve dedicated myself to a knowing and loving of who I really am and it is this intention to know myself which has led to a deeper ease and self-confidence to be more myself in daily life. There’s always more to deepen and fix, but through self-care and self-loving choices, and supported in particular by Western and complementary medicine – including the Universal Medicine modalities, – I have deepened my acceptance of myself, and I am now far less anxious.

What felt like a very complicated journey was actually very simple, because scratch the surface and there I was. I’d spent so many years willingly giving my sense of who I was over to the outside world to layer over false identifications, the ‘me’ part was hard to find. But finding me I am!

And you know why it is so important to take this journey? Because, if one person in the interaction has an understanding of who they truly are and is steady in that, in a non-imposing-up-yourself confidence, then the other person is supported to connect to who they are. Back to the analogy; when there is just one solid wire emerging to connect with – and not many flailing all over the place – it is easier to make that connection.

It takes a while to shed the false layers of who we identify ourselves as. Education, media, even misguided parenting (with all best intentions), lead us often to feel that we need to be someone or something else. What I am learning is to see the ‘real’ person, and in that I’m more able to support others to make a connection to that true sense of themselves.

Could anxiety simply be not living all of who we really are? We can turn the tide and make the changes. It is possible. I have the scars and the joy to show for it…

By Anonymous

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571 thoughts on “Anxiety – a Global Condition

  1. When you talked about how you “lived in intense anxiety all my life, and I am still fixing up the physical and psychological toll it has taken on my body.” I can totally relate. Like you I no longer live with the intense anxiety but I do have anxious times from time to time and I was recently super busy for work and was in some anxious/overwhelm energy.

    I had a esoteric healing session yesterday and the practitioner supported me to clear some of the anxious energy that was still in my body from a few weeks ago. It reminded me that it can take quite a toll on the body – more than we realise. It is not our natural state so there is a disruption to the body and once the outer effects have lessened, we can still hold onto it in our bodies.

  2. When I connect to my body I do not feel anxious as I can rely on my body to support me with what ever is needed as long as I listen and act on what it is communicating. This simple remedy has changed my life as I was super anxious before.

  3. It is gorgeous to read about someone who has turned the tide of their anxiety simply by coming to know themselves, deeply and with tender loving care.

  4. So much of our anxiety arises from the conflict between our true inner knowing and the ideals and beliefs we feel we must fulfill. The more we are encouraged to listen to and follow what we feel in our hearts, the simpler it becomes to dismantle the conflict and do what we know to be true in the world.

  5. A beautiful understanding of the anxiety we live and feel that plagues our lives and the reality of not living the true us but something else behind the layers. The true joy and confidence of living who we are naturally and lovingly as ourselves is so different and allows a confirmation of who we are; this is so needed to support us in the world- simply being and living who we are naturally.

  6. ‘There were some challenges along the way, but nothing that was not insurmountable…’ we are given everything we need for what we encounter and are asked to deal with along the way, the more we surrender to this the more ease with which we can find the flow in life.

  7. Everyone needs to know that anxiety is something that we really don’t have to get anxious about, or be plagued by for life. I used to dull the feeling with alcohol whenever I knew a situation would be coming up where I would feel anxious but that never really worked and it has been a long time now since I have used alcohol for any purpose and my anxiety is less than it has ever been.

  8. Our bodies feel everything and to live in connection with our bodies, to listen to their messages and honour them is to live on the front-foot in life – there is no place for anxiety in this way of living.

  9. The power of our essence when connected to gives us the ability to feel when we go into anything less than our divinity especially anxiety as it is a stark contrast to the Livingness of a true connection.

  10. It is interesting to notice how much anxiety creeps in when we search for ourselves from the outside world instead of connecting to who we are from within. Almost everyone we meet does this and we think this is then normal but it is so far from truth. I too find when I fully connect to who I am, anxiety is then powerless and doesn’t exist in my body.

  11. How exhausting it is to play a role that it is not us, deepening that inner voice within and honouring those impulses leads us to a confidence and a deep self assurance that we all have an inherent with right too.

  12. Not only has it got to a point of people having been living disconnected from who they truly are for so long but there is now a stronger pull than ever before to come back to that truth and be aware of what is really going on in life and why, therefore exposing our behaviours which have been used to avoid this over time.

    1. So true Michael, I am meeting more and more people who are very much aware of what is going on in our world and can clearly feel our current normal isn’t it. We can all sense this but how much we are willing to see through the lies of creation and align to truth, this is a choice that is up to us to choose and the longer we delay truth the more tension we can feel in our body. This tension comes in many forms, anxiety, depression and other behavioural issues and symptoms.

  13. What has supported me no end with anxiety over the years has been the teachings of Universal Medicine about the importance of staying connected to my body, listening to its communications, and developing a lived authority in what I feel to be true.

    1. That has also been my experience too, is staying connected to my body, listening to its messages, this has truly supported my anxiety and then expressing from my truth.

  14. That it actually is not normal while to me it is a quite common phenomenon in our societies nowadays. Many people are always in a hurry, walking fast, running, speeding with their cars, moving harsh and speaking forcefully, demanding. All to get things done, to complete orders from the mind in total disregard of their body and the other people we live with. But we all innately know this is not our normal but in a way have become trapped. If we are trapped means that there is also a way out and that is to reconnect to our body again, to the essence, our soul as that connection will take care for our bodies to move in space instead of in time.

  15. It is worth shedding the false layers we have created to identify ourselves by as it will free us from that underlying anxiety that will always be there to interfere with how we otherwise naturally would be able to live.

    1. Awesome Nico, I agree the more layers of falseness we shed the more free we are to allow our essence to shine and support our body to express without anxiety, doubt, judgement etc. This is a healing for everyone when we express from truth and love, and not for recognition or identification.

  16. You write about anxiety tipping into fear or being fed by underlying fear and I get a sense of how exhausting it is to live in a constant state of fear – low level maybe but always causing a tension and discordance with life. When we simply accept the reality of this we will be able to start addressing it; honesty will have to come first.

  17. From my own experience I have to agree with the final question. Whenever I feel disconnected and not myself I am more prone to feeling anxiety. Its often not something that is disabling at all, but I certainly notice it and I don’t like how it feels. Its great to observe that when I feel like that, its not me, for I know when I am connected and feel like me anxiety has no place. It is a bit of a work in progress for I notice that I drop in and out a bit. But its great to observe this and at least acknowledge that if I am feeling anxious, then I know I am off course, so to speak.

  18. It makes so much sense that we would be anxious when we arent living who we truly are because there is no foundation to step forth from – we are on shaky ground which will naturally create an unease in us.

  19. Our beliefs are like fragile wires that we think support us to stay in place. If any one were to be compromised we think we would fall to our death. Yet let go of them all and we might see that far from being hurt we are actually helped and set free finally from living conditionally.

    1. Yes, Joseph, we hold on tight to what we believe is going to help us get through life, but it is actually a false security, as our greatest strength is in letting go of the mental constructs so that we can feel what is true through the wisdom of the body.

    1. Going deeper in our stillness, supports us to go deeper and therefore the anxiousness disappears as we are able to express from a deeper layer of truth.

  20. The more we connect with the truth of who we are, claim it and live it with a steady consistency, the more we are able to feel the magnificence in everyone else and are able to hold them in the potential of who they truly are, irrespective of how they may be behaving at the time. They are then offered the possibility to feel and connect with their own divinity. It is very beautiful how we can support each other in this way.

  21. Anonymous – this title alone is headline news and is very needed to be the only title on the front page of every newspapers as a wake up to society we need to address this. I can honestly say that I notice anxiety everyday – whether that be in someone in a plane or in the shops or at work or in friends, family or myself. This feels super of track from the Joy that is natural to us.

  22. I did not like or love myself for a long time, I craved being with people but it was exhausting keeping hidden all the yuck I felt about myself and had let in so I didn’t want to be with people for long periods of time – in case the facade collapsed. This has changed greatly in the last years and I feel an ease with myself and often say what’s there to be said unfiltered – something that got me in huge trouble growing up. But I’m still finding myself dropping into I should be nervous around people and anxious – something I’ve experienced people as finding very draining themselves or awkward. The more I accept and love myself the more I love being with people or with myself and my needs around people go.

  23. “People appear fearful of not knowing how to be” – great point, and we can also feel uncomfortable in our own body. One day in our upbringing and schooling we will talk about this and so much more, including the cycles of life, the fact that everything is energy, and that there is a greater purpose to being on this planet. Anxiousness will then become a thing of the past as it is not needed when we feel purpose and know who we are.

  24. It is possible to turn the tide as so many people who are dedicated to the truth of our innate spark of divinity residing in everyone. When we are willing to truly accept this we can heal.

  25. Life is in the fast lane for many people who are chasing their careers, having a family, juggling the finances, it is not surprising they are so anxious. We become oblivious to the anxiety as it is there all the time, but it does bring a deep unease and disconnection to a sense of who we are. When we become aware of it, it is a great start.

    1. Life is set up to seek, to need, to gain recognition, to be identified and so on – and if we lessen who we are we can find ourself unsettled and not equipped to deal with the intensity before us that many call everyday life and a normal. The beauty of all this ill set up is that we (every single one of us) have been part of creating this untrue way of living, interacting and behaving so we each have the power to change it as is beautifully shared in this blog. As it is set up, it does cause ill ease when we fall for it and go to it to tell us if we are ok. However when we go within and self care and truly self honour as Anonymous has shared, we have the needed tools and steadiness to be in life confidently so.

  26. A lot of us hold back our expression because of anxiety about what others might think. But this is just a thought that may come from past experience but may not be the case now. So our thoughts (which are fed to us by the energy we align to) are what stops us from sharing our true selves with humanity.

  27. The deeper I go within my self inside my own body the less anxiety there is. If I lose that connection I am then totally ‘out’ of myself and more likely to wobble, and become stressed and anxious. Tools presented by Universal Medicine are absolute gold that can help us to come back ‘in’ and continue going deeper, and in this way we can lessen the wobbles!

    1. I agree the tools presented by Universal Medicine are gold for developing a deeper and greater connection to our souls. It gives us all the confidence in the world.

      1. Although anxiousness was not something that was a big issue for me, I used other ways – I absolutely agree with the gold that Universal Medicibe has brought for me to reconnect with, love and live the true me in life, from the love of my Soul. Without meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I can honestly say I would be living a cardboard cut out of my true self using all sorts of struggling ways to deal with life.

      2. One of the tools that I found really helpful when trying to understand what it meant to re-connect with my soul, is the Gentle Breath Meditation. After doing it only once I experienced what it felt like to re-connect with me and this gave me a marker in my body to come back to and deepen. It’s a very simple tool, yet immensely powerful and supportive – available to try on the site.

  28. I have noticed over the past 5 years in particular that I don’t get anywhere near as anxious as I used to in situations in every day life and I put this down largely to participating in Universal Medicine presentations and incorporating the very simple techniques into my life. Priceless..

    1. Ditto that Andrew; I used to be very anxious about speaking up in public, but now I run classes of up to twenty people. As you say, the techniques are profoundly simple and life-changing.

  29. When we look at the level of disconnection from our self in the world through entertainment, alcohol, drugs, and many other forms of human behaviour it is no wonder that the after effect is such large and growing levels of anxiety along with other mental health issues.

    1. Totally agree, we live in a world where the sole objective it seems is to take ourselves away from simply being with ourselves, this isn’t new but it has definitely intensified and our young are being bought up with a level of stimulation that is unprecedented.

      1. I agree, in fact the level of stimulation that we are all living with is enormous. Living in this stimulation bubble is preventing us from connecting with our selves and each other all the while adding to the emptiness we feel within, which drives the need for more stimulation and increases our level of exhaustion.

  30. ‘People appear fearful of not knowing how to be; they appear to be experiencing a deep unease and disconnection to a sense of who they are.’ – Well said, when we live in disconnection from our bodies, only facing and living life from our minds, based on what the outer world projects and demands of us, then how could we possibly know who we are?

    1. The level of disease matches our levels of unease our bodies are showing us that we are out of kilter and at a basic level not in harmony with ourselves.

  31. I am no stranger to feeling anxiety and all the things I used to do to stop feeling it would only make it worse in the end, so enter Universal medicine all those years ago which helped be connect to myself and when I am connected anxiety can play no part.

  32. Why would we not live “all of who we really are” as a Son of God and would we actually choose the energy of anxiety?
    Then could the answer be that we are allowing the energy by not feeling the depths of that energy, and what it is actually bringing as far as anxiety and the other ill energies to us?
    If true how can we make the changes in our life to undo these types of ill energies? Could it be by actually standing back and feeling what it is doing to us and the insidiousness of that energy in our bodies and how our blood boils because of those ill energies that hide and dictate by stealth, that we can then nominate it in this way so we can change?

  33. We are waking up to the fact that what we have ‘bought into’ in life is not working for us, the world is in utter turmoil. It’s no wonder that anxiety is rising in epidemic proportions. The key lies in us re-connecting to our body and to feel the wisdom that lies within to support us in navigating our way through the chaos around us.

  34. When I experienced connecting to who I truly am and realising I had not been connected to me truly, all thanks the Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine modalities and gentle breath meditation. I could see and feel how deeply anxious I had been until I started to choose me.

    1. Yeah I find it fascinating that we can be running with levels of anxiety and unease and be largely oblivious to the impact on our being and body. Fascinating and disturbing.

      1. I agree, Vanessa, when we have been living a certain way for such a long time, it’s easy to assume that how we feel is ‘normal’, when in truth, it is a very long way away from the amazingness of how we can feel when living in connection with our soul.

  35. When there is a difficult situation the wisest way to approach is to stay present and observe, as without the presence in our body we are at the mercy of the emotion that wants to take hold of us.

  36. Anxiety is a global condition and little wonder. All we have to do is look at the horror of what is going on in the world to see there is good reason to be anxious. For me to be more of me, accepting this light within, is that not hugely needed. The world is a dark place and needs all the light I can be.

    1. Very true. Connection with self opens us up to the fact that we are more than just our physical body – we each have a grandness and are part of something much grander. Connection to our inner wealth, our true self actually closes the door on all the rotten behaviours we see in society today. For how can such ill, tensions, unease, unsettlement, rot even exist if we know ourselves and others as love first?

    2. Connection with self takes the keys out of the runaway train of any emotion and offers the space to consider the choices we made that had us on board in the first place… this is really powerful healing.

  37. Yesterday, I had a rare occurrence of anxiety, three incidents and suddenly, there it was, with self-doubt. When this happens it’s worth pausing. coming back to the body to connect with what is true, rather than the pictures we the have in our heads.

  38. Yes, I spent a lot of my life flailing around, not knowing who I was or what was true for me, but thanks to the teachings of Universal Medicine I now have a constant bearing to navigate through life…the connection to my body and the wisdom of my soul.

  39. ‘Could anxiety simply be not living all of who we really are?’ No wonder then that it is so widespread in our current way of life. First step to connect back to who we truly our at our heart and then make this our way of living through our expression and movements.

  40. Your question could anxiousness simply be not living all of who we are is a good one and one which makes perfect sense to me. It also feels true from my own experience. For most of my life I was constantly anxious in a low level kind of way but I had no idea what living all of me was or what it even looked like. It was not a concept that I even had. Since I have been fortunate enough to understand the concept and been able to more and more live all of who I am, my anxiousness has gradually evaporated. So I feel there is a definite connection between the two.

  41. I can actually recall my first memory of anxiousness and how I tried avoiding this seemingly unavoidable feeling my whole life by running away from it. It was like if the going got tough I ran the other way at pace, but the only way to deal with it for me, which is an on going process is just face it and know that I control it, it doesn’t control me.

    1. And others too because it sends the reflection that that is a normal and when we see it in many around us then we accept something that is not part of our true make up as a normal in society.

  42. My first day at a new job, I noticed how any pictures or anticipatory thoughts at all took me away from my steadiness and settledness – it was so great to immediately nip any thoughts or driven movements in the bud and feel the warmth and steadiness of my inner-self instantly return.

  43. What I learned throughout my own journey with anxiety: the moment I am connected with my body anxiety does not have any access and I have true self-confidence. As my body knows no anxiety- it is just my mind when being in the drivers seat- that sells me thoughts that shall speed me up and causes tension and motion in my body.

  44. Yes, there is an enormous difference between living from the outside in, and from the inside out. The former means we are constantly affected by the situations and people around us, whereas the latter holds us in the steadiness and authority of who we are.

    1. Love this, Janet. Super simple and empowering. The constancy that is possible living from the inside out is pure gold in the inconsistency, intensity and volatility of the ‘outside’ that is our world today.

  45. I know what you mean about this pressure to conform or join in with what the world demands or expects rather than just being left alone to be ourselves and to express ourselves how we feel to. When I dishonour myself and my feelings then there is a palpable tension in my body.

      1. Super. Fact is that tensions exist because the grandness is always trying to communicate to us what is our natural.

  46. We have such high expectations of how we should behave and who we should be. No wonder we feel anxious, what a tall order to accomplish! What a grace it is to simply come back to who we really are and connect with our natural airs and graces, such a light hearted quality to embrace again.

  47. There is a common tendency for us to feel anxious because we like certainty, it gives us some security. Because we are educated to live from the mind we do not fully connect within, to our bodies, and therefore we miss out on access to a constant guide who is with us 24/7. Our body is communicating with us all the time, all we have to do is listen.

    1. When I allow it and check in enough to feel what my body is communicating, there is no anxiety because I have an absolute knowing of what my next step needs to be. The problem is, that when I make choices that let my thoughts dominate, I feel my anxiety build. It makes sense to stay in connection to my body and given the above statement it doesn’t make sense that I don’t choose staying with my body all the time. Which then leads me to ask, what am I getting from being anxious? It must be something or I wouldn’t be choosing it!

  48. Anxiety is an epidemic in our society, and one that seemingly had little expectation of improvement. Enter Universal Medicine with a path of inner connection, self-acceptance and self-love, and a paradigm shift has occurred that enables a person to make anxiety a thing of the past.

    1. Anxiety has had little acknowledgement and much acceptance in society. It is the epidemic it is to today because we have not given it the true focus it deserves from a true starting point – which needs to start with the self, the connection, the self care, the self honouring just as so beautifully has supported anonymous to resurrect his/her true strength, knowing and confidence.

  49. Sometime our inner panics and anxieties and turmoils can seem like they don’t impact others, sometimes still next to someone super anxious its like being next to a live wire – they give off tension that sets others on edge. The more we can work on inner environment, the more we can support others rather than impact them

    1. Very true Rebecca – we need to take responsibility for what we contribute to the whole, our choice of quality will be picked up and felt by others, even when they are seemingly unaware of it.

  50. What I have come to realise that most of us if not all know that we actually are living in an anxious state. We have accepted the various levels of anxiousness to be our normal. Addressing the issue where we don’t feel we are enough is the key.

  51. Anxiety is so prevalent because we are do disconnected as a general rule these days, distraction and entertainment are the way most of us live so with this as our foundation we feel rudderless and at sea. Connection is key.

  52. Having seen how my daughter gets anxious when she feels so much and is unsure how to deal with what she feels is something that shows me no wonder we are all anxious, we see and feel so much more than we admit – we play dumb and yet from a young age we feel when life is not full of the love we know it can be.

  53. Anxiety for me was always present and at time crippling and I thought I was always going to have to manage it for my life. Enter Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, enter me being open to what they have to say, and I started to up the self-love, and up the self-care, and heal some of the hurts that were blocking me from living who I was (as I was living in a world of hurts and protection), and the anxiety has lessened incredibly.

      1. and if we are aware of it, we talk about it dismissively as if its normal, and okay, and all ‘part of the deal’ when it is a clear indicator that all is not well in our body or in our lives.

  54. When I feel more expanded in myself I also feel a tension with that, maybe it is as I get used to it and that can often feel like sadness as I know there is an association with having missed myself the more of myself I can feel once again.

  55. Anxiety is a major theme in society, whether it is low level or paranoia level, it seems to present everywhere. What is it that we are so anxious about? And why are we not talking about it?

  56. If you go to any well being section of a book store, you will see any number of anxiety cures lining the shelves and yet it is the fastest growing condition in the world. Nothing has changed with all these books and therapies, the statistics are sky rocketing regardless. Everyone wants a magic wand, but there is none that has a long term impact. Short term fixes tend not to have a great deal of longevity. To make a start with ourselves and looking inwardly, taking responsibility for ourselves, that makes a lot of sense to me.

  57. With the majority living with low grade anxiety as a normal state of being, it becomes quite uncomfortable and confronting when we are presented with someone who is steady, harmonious and in no way living from nervous energy… a rather sad state of affairs as harmony is our natural and innate way of being in the world.

  58. It is so interesting how committing to ourselves first changes everything. Someone said to me recently, nothing comes out of an empty jug, if we are anxious, drained or tired, it affects everyone around us. But your commitment to yourself set a totally different way of being with your journey and it flowed so beautifully. We can bring this to everything we do.

  59. It is important for us to be honest about anxiousness because, as you say Anonymous, we may discover by re-connecting back to ourselves that it is due to a lack of presence and steadiness in ourselves. And so a condition that has become pandemic can be simply addressed when we take responsibility for deepening our relationship with ourselves.

  60. When we maintain a steady connection to our selves, many of life’s little dramas can be gently settled back into the place, leaving us with much more energy to deal with the real events that truly require our focus and attention.

  61. Anonymous, this article really supports me to be aware of anxiety in myself and others. Recently at work I have been choosing not to go into anxiety and instead to stay present with myself and not go into the thoughts that tell me that I am not good enough and cause me to worry about things. And so I have been dealing with things in a very practical way, rather than from a place of worry and anxiousness. This feels amazing and makes work much more simple and enjoyable.

  62. “Could anxiety simply be not living all of who we really are?” Great observations Anonymous, I love how simple it really is- this is fantastic for when I now start to feel anxious about anything instead of trying to fix it, I know its simply about bringing more of the me out. Not being afraid of who we truly are is saying a Big Yes to humanity and a big YES to evolution.

  63. Recently, I had a very clear marker in my body as to what it feels like to be scrambling or seeking approval. I attended a meeting with a group of people. I was feeling great being in my body and within the group but when I spoke things changed. I realised at that moment I had contracted and was able to read the situation to a degree. It made me reflect on how anxious I would get before speaking and now as I am letting go and beginning to speak up I am getting a sense of the anxiousness at the time and afterwards. This particular situation, I was desperately looking for another to agree with me, instead of speaking up with no attachment to anyone.

    1. That’s key also Caroline to actually be totally ok with what you feel and not need anyone else to confirm your ok.

      1. Agree. Anxiety comes when we are looking outside of ourselves for approval or recognition, or some need or attachment – when we simply need to back ourselves – no matter what.

  64. We have created many industries that thrive on our anxieties, thousands of ways to quell the tension we feel inside as a consequence of our disconnection. Our world will change in many unfathomable ways the more we return to our true and steady inner presence.

    1. Very true Rowena – not only are there the industries to help people with their anxiety, there are also those that help to create and stimulate the anxiety for their own financial gain.

  65. When I am anxious I know it is in reaction to what I know and feel – if I accept and am at ease with where I am at then it feels very different. So anxiety to me is an opportunity to reflect on what is being presented to me and what I am not comfortable seeing.

    1. Also an opportunity to see what we are not accepting about ourselves just as we are and for where we currently are at.

  66. This link between self acceptance and a reduction in anxiety is interesting: often we look at the anxiety as the problem to annihilate, and all our energy goes into dealing with the symptom. But what if we could address symptoms simply by focusing not on the end problem, but on the cause of that, by building a loving and consistent relationship with ourselves?

  67. As a practitioner and massage therapist it is quite shocking to see that nearly everyone suffers from anxiety on some level. It is as common as constipation and the reason I say that is because neither should be our norm but it seems to be that way for a lot of people.

    1. I find it shocking the extent to which anxiety is rife within schools and how it is affecting children at a younger age each year.

    2. And how does someone come to the understanding that is is indeed not normal and that there is another way? By seeing the clear reflection of what is possible, walked on earth.

  68. It is considered normal to be disconnected from ourselves, and yet we have all the illness and disease statistics shouting at us that this way of living is not working for us and is not ok.

    1. ‘Normal’ as in statistically common, but so not our natural, as evidenced by the state of the world today. And not hard to turn around as we each take responsibility for living in connection with our bodies rather than ignorance of them.

    2. Paula great point, we don’t like getting ill yet its normal to live in a way that fosters us to get ill. Perhaps we have to re-look at what our choices have been in life and change?

  69. People are …”… experiencing a deep unease and disconnection to a sense of who they are.” Because there are very few in the world reflecting to us a sense of who we all innately are.

  70. Just recently I have really been feeling a strong pull to stay true to what I feel and know inside me and not to listen to the doubt or criticisms that may come from others when I do so. This is an area that has involved anxiety for me but is becoming less so.

  71. I agree. I would say that almost everyone who walks into my treatment room has at least low grade anxiety if not full blown social anxiety or panic attacks just leaving the house. By being really steady in myself it offers clients a space to let go and drop into their bodies more, to feel what’s really going on inside.

    1. What an amazing support this simple commitment to your body then allows another the space to feel what it is to be with someone who is not lost in raciness and anxiety.

      1. Yes, Vanessa, it is incredibly powerful to hold steady and reflect another way to someone who is overwhelmed or anxious…a bit like seeing a lighthouse when one is lost at sea.

      2. I love the symbolism of the lighthouse you are describing here Janet, a steady light at any time and regardless the circumstances. Beautiful.

    2. Beautiful Janet, the steady stillness that is felt in you, holds that anxious body and confirms what’s true.

    1. What a wonderful link Nicola, thank you. Just listening to this short audio again I felt my body relax, even though I didn’t think it was in any anxiousness/tension! Such wise words from Serge Benhayon who always brings the simplicity and practicality to every aspect of our lives that support us to be fully present so that we can live from all of who we are.

    2. Thank you Nicola, great start to the day, reminding us that we are equipped to handle everything that is before us – that we are made to live with presence.

  72. If we are all fearful that we won’t be liked and constantly changing ourselves to fit, I would have to ask what is it that we are trying to fit with? If humanity is in a swirling, shifting state of trying to be liked, there is no set marker of who we actually are or how we should be with ourselves and each other, therefore the image we are trying to fit is an illusion that can’t be met.

    1. Great point Fiona… we are all scrambling for something that doesn’t exist! Enter Serge Benhayon and we have someone who is that steady, consistent, loving truth and wisdom as our reflection of who we all truly are equally so.

  73. We vehemently protect the status quo, attacking anyone or anything that asks us to be honest. Yet what we get to live with everyday is this mixing pot of stress, anxiety and anger. What a place to be. Surely the time is here for us to deeply consider how we want to live from this point forth, and choose wisely.

  74. The more we are in our bodies and present with what we are doing the less space there is for feeling anxious.

  75. It certainly is a major accomplishment to travel stand by with two young kids and keep your cool. Such an easy situation to get flustered in, so a super impressive example of the power of your inner connection. Long may it continue to flourish.

  76. Anxiety has become a normal part of life. We seem to have gotten it not a cycle of anxiety and relief never coming back to true stillness and connection. No wonder the need for relief ( through things such as entertainment, food, alcohol, caffeine, excess sports, or relaxation and checking out) has risen sky high.

  77. Anxiety really is a global problem as is connecting to who we really are. inside us. What a clear and simple message you are sharing that is invaluable to us all as is a true honesty in how we are living needed.

    1. Sometimes we feel anxious because we have connected to who we truly are. We feel the power and responsibility that comes with that and also know that if we choose to step up many things in our life will change, people will react etc etc and we don’t feel comfortable with that!

      1. That’s beautiful Nicola. I’m learning that when that happens to be super tender and delicate and stay close with myself as we can feel a step change, and then allow the grace of learning how to be with that.

      2. So true, Nicola, so instead, we choose to stay safe and comfortable and to not rock the boat too much – dis-honouring the absolute amazingness of who we truly are which also prevents us from offering the inspiration for others to choose to discover their own magnificence. Everyone loses out.

      3. Accepting our power and embracing the responsibility without having any pictures how that would play out and look like is huge. The more we do that , the less we need to ´make friendsˋ wherever we express that power. As there is no outcome in expressing true power.

  78. ‘It takes a while to shed the false layers of who we identify ourselves as.’ True and only when we start to discard them do we get to really feel how crippling they truly are.

  79. “It takes a while to shed the false layers of who we identify ourselves as. Education, media, even misguided parenting (with all best intentions), lead us often to feel that we need to be someone or something else.” – so well said, sometimes it feels like these layers are all there is to us, but if we stay steady and keep working at letting go and recognising all that we have taken on, underneath is an essence that is not in fact naturally anxious but rather steady and solid.

  80. I was having a conversation recently about the choices I made about what subjects to study at school when I was 13. I did what everybody else said I should, and not what I truly felt was right for me. I recall at the time being very anxious, without any sense of true connection to myself and therefore almost completely beholden to the opinions of others. Without this connection to myself and awareness of who I was, I had very little confidence, something that has only truly returned in recent years since re-establishing that connection. I am sure that this reconnection to self is a key factor in having self-confidence and am very appreciative of the support I have had from Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal Medicine in making this a reality.

  81. “Anxiety – a Global Condition” – the more you look at anxiety and see how this quality may be in your life the more you start seeing the epidemic that it is in the world with those around you. Anxiety, anxiousness is everywhere. The more awareness we have of something the more opportunity we have to make different choices about the way we live life and relate.

  82. This is an excellent contribution. When we don’t know we are, we don’t know how to be, we don’t know what to say and we don’t know how to act and behave. When we don’t know who we are, we are lost and anxiety takes its hold.

      1. Andrew that is spot on for what I have just experienced. I put myself in a situation that from the start didn’t feel true to me but I let my mind kick in with various thoughts and sure enough so did the anxiety. Right from the start I new the answer yet still chose to go down that route. An interesting learning and one I clearly now see.. with no anxiety.

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