Self-Doubt – The Bees, The Birds and The Buds

Looking at the human beings, it is evident that there are many traits, behaviours, illnesses and diseases, dramas and destructions, not to mention wars, rape, murder, corruption…. and the not so extreme behaviours such as comparison, jealousy, lack of appreciation etc, many of which are not replicated anywhere else in nature or as presented by Serge Benhayon, indeed in the Universe.

Take self-doubt as an example – Does self-doubt occur in nature? And/or the universe?

  • When was the last time a bird didn’t leave a branch because it was having self-doubt issues about flying?
  • When was the last time a flower bent away from the sun because it became concerned it wasn’t facing the right way?
  • When was it that a Star wriggled itself out of the constellation because it wasn’t dead certain it was making the right shape?
  • When did Planet Earth stop spinning even for a moment because it couldn’t convince itself it was running on time?
  • When did God give up on us because He wasn’t sure we were quite worthy of love?” (Dragana Brown)

Ok, so let’s admit – perhaps not all of the questions would have scientific evidence-based answers, which we humans have come to champion like they are going out of fashion, however, the fact remains the only reason they all sound ridiculous is because they are not truly occurring in nature.

Self-doubt seems to be largely composed of an insidious set of thoughts we get fed in order to erode the most magnificent being down to something of the stature of a particularly shrivelled prune.

Self-doubt is conniving. Here is why:

When one is down and out, hitting rock bottom, given up on life and searching for anything to get them back up – it’s kind of obvious what one is going through and there is a level of honesty about the situation. From that space, it feels easier to address the issue/issues, seek support because everything is much more in-your-face, so to speak.

Self-doubt on the other hand, which by the way does not discriminate or have any particular selection process, can permeate into the most picture-perfect scenarios; amongst individuals and groups that to an onlooker could easily look like Oscar Award Winning Lives.

Self-doubt can meander and move in all circles; where there’s money, successful careers, long-lasting marriages, old friendships and promising new ventures. And yet, often-times, its presence is not so easy to spot, or at least not as obvious as is the case with those we see in despair.

Self-doubt can go on and on and on… without so much as a bleep on the awareness radar and therefore it can remain an undetected virus eating away its host for a long time.

The real question then being – why do the questions asked above sound ridiculous when in truth they are very apt and on the money? We are constantly congratulating and taking pride in ourselves as the most evolved species and yet, birds, stars, dolphins, bees… display intelligence that would never go against their nature or do anything to their own detriment.

So, do the questions sound so absurd because deep down we know that nature and the Universe co-exist in alignment with the same intelligence human beings can attune to, but who are, more often than not choosing not to tap into that source, and as a result we have, on Earth, created disharmony and mayhem. And yet, we are always a choice away from tuning into this multidimensional rhythm, which we know to be true and therefore any self-doubt cannot and does not enter because it does not belong to the source the bees, the birds and the buds are showing us we all come from. Is it possible that we as Human Beings also have that same innate knowing which can be manifested in all that we do, say and how we move that plants and trees, birds and bees, whales and stars, the sun and moon have, and are constantly reflecting back to us?

And if so, what on Earth are we doing with these reflections?

This blog was inspired by Self-Doubt: It’s not a Little Problem by Maree Savins and the teachings and philosophies of Serge Benhayon.

By Michael Brown, 21-Year-old Student, Retail Manager and Amazing young man.

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564 thoughts on “Self-Doubt – The Bees, The Birds and The Buds

  1. There are so many lies that are there to keep us from feeling our magnificence and although many are now aware of this the majority of humanity are still stuck in self, which can bring many things to us to keep the truth of who we innately are away from us, as you have shared Michael.

  2. I like this analogy of self-doubt, ‘Self-doubt can go on and on and on… without so much as a bleep on the awareness radar and therefore it can remain an undetected virus eating away its host for a long time.’ So true.

  3. I have discovered that self-doubt is all in the mind, like so many other crippling patterns, we get fed these thoughts because we live in our heads most of the time and not from our hearts. I can say from personally experience that the more I live from my heart the more confidence I seem to naturally gain. It is a very beautiful energy to be in because no matter what negativity comes my way I can deal with it because I know the value of me by the store of love in my heart. I can definitely recommend this way of living.

  4. So there we have it. Self doubt is not an energy that belongs to our truth. Therefore no need to entertain it.

  5. When we play one up man ship, comparison, being better than or keeping up with the Jones to name just a few we are in a place that is controlled by the individual that also brings in self-doubt and this is no where near the Space our Soul, Essences / Inner-most-heart offers and the lived Harmony and Joy we innately are.

  6. Self doubt comes from an alignment, an alignment with a consciousness that has warped itself into an activity that is not in keeping with Divine Creation. When we align to Divine Creation then self doubt isn’t an option, it’s quite simply not on offer.

  7. “When was the last time a bird didn’t leave a branch because it was having self-doubt issues about flying?” Good question! What I appreciated about your blog is that there is a shared universal intelligence that nature is a part of, and the alignment to that is absolute, there is nothing else and nature is completely obedient to the order. This highlights to me that if human beings are not aligned to the universal order then they must be aligned to something else, that something else being everything that is disordered – from ill health to crime, corruption, abuse, war, etc. None of that fits into the order that nature is a a part of, so why have we made disorder our way?

    1. Melinda I feel there is a pulse to the universe not so much an order and we are either aligned and living to or within the pulse or not. I feel that it is quite obvious that on this plane of life we are living out of the pulse or rhythm of the Universe and so is it possible this is why the Earth has to continuously adjust itself because as human-beings we are incapable of living within its rhythm.

  8. Great ridiculous self-doubt observations in nature, like a pigeon suddenly doing a belly-flop on the lawn as it doubts whether it knows how to fly. Self-doubt is like a dead-weight that holds us back from the amazing light that we are.

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