Self-Doubt – The Bees, The Birds and The Buds

Looking at the human beings, it is evident that there are many traits, behaviours, illnesses and diseases, dramas and destructions, not to mention wars, rape, murder, corruption…. and the not so extreme behaviours such as comparison, jealousy, lack of appreciation etc, many of which are not replicated anywhere else in nature or as presented by Serge Benhayon, indeed in the Universe.

Take self-doubt as an example – Does self-doubt occur in nature? And/or the universe?

  • When was the last time a bird didn’t leave a branch because it was having self-doubt issues about flying?
  • When was the last time a flower bent away from the sun because it became concerned it wasn’t facing the right way?
  • When was it that a Star wriggled itself out of the constellation because it wasn’t dead certain it was making the right shape?
  • When did Planet Earth stop spinning even for a moment because it couldn’t convince itself it was running on time?
  • When did God give up on us because He wasn’t sure we were quite worthy of love?” (Dragana Brown)

Ok, so let’s admit – perhaps not all of the questions would have scientific evidence-based answers, which we humans have come to champion like they are going out of fashion, however, the fact remains the only reason they all sound ridiculous is because they are not truly occurring in nature.

Self-doubt seems to be largely composed of an insidious set of thoughts we get fed in order to erode the most magnificent being down to something of the stature of a particularly shrivelled prune.

Self-doubt is conniving. Here is why:

When one is down and out, hitting rock bottom, given up on life and searching for anything to get them back up – it’s kind of obvious what one is going through and there is a level of honesty about the situation. From that space, it feels easier to address the issue/issues, seek support because everything is much more in-your-face, so to speak.

Self-doubt on the other hand, which by the way does not discriminate or have any particular selection process, can permeate into the most picture-perfect scenarios; amongst individuals and groups that to an onlooker could easily look like Oscar Award Winning Lives.

Self-doubt can meander and move in all circles; where there’s money, successful careers, long-lasting marriages, old friendships and promising new ventures. And yet, often-times, its presence is not so easy to spot, or at least not as obvious as is the case with those we see in despair.

Self-doubt can go on and on and on… without so much as a bleep on the awareness radar and therefore it can remain an undetected virus eating away its host for a long time.

The real question then being – why do the questions asked above sound ridiculous when in truth they are very apt and on the money? We are constantly congratulating and taking pride in ourselves as the most evolved species and yet, birds, stars, dolphins, bees… display intelligence that would never go against their nature or do anything to their own detriment.

So, do the questions sound so absurd because deep down we know that nature and the Universe co-exist in alignment with the same intelligence human beings can attune to, but who are, more often than not choosing not to tap into that source, and as a result we have, on Earth, created disharmony and mayhem. And yet, we are always a choice away from tuning into this multidimensional rhythm, which we know to be true and therefore any self-doubt cannot and does not enter because it does not belong to the source the bees, the birds and the buds are showing us we all come from. Is it possible that we as Human Beings also have that same innate knowing which can be manifested in all that we do, say and how we move that plants and trees, birds and bees, whales and stars, the sun and moon have, and are constantly reflecting back to us?

And if so, what on Earth are we doing with these reflections?

This blog was inspired by Self-Doubt: It’s not a Little Problem by Maree Savins and the teachings and philosophies of Serge Benhayon.

By Michael Brown, 21-Year-old Student, Retail Manager and Amazing young man.

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537 thoughts on “Self-Doubt – The Bees, The Birds and The Buds

  1. If self-doubt are thoughts that are fed then where are they fed from? Somewhere so far removed from our true nature makes it laughable. Not such a laughing matter though, more of a travesty, as self-doubt is something that we have allowed in and has kept us away from who we truly are for a very long time. Now that I recognise that these traits in myself and that they are not coming from a place of love, I can say no to them and align with the flow of the Universe.

  2. I am so appreciative of the constant reflections – the steady, unwavering reflections that come from the sun, the moon and the stars, not to mention the divinity in nature. I love reminding myself that they didn’t decide to not get out of bed and therefore neither should I. Who knows who might just need to see me that day – even if it is to complain to me 🙂 !!!

  3. When self-doubt becomes our normal way of behaving, it can insidiously grab us without us realising we are allowing it. The negative thought can come in, in an instant, but we can learn to catch it when we are walking, and access our inner wisdom instead that does not ever entertain self-doubt.

  4. Yes it is very much a choice to self-doubt or to feel there is not doubt. It is like black or white, we can’t self-doubt a little bit and then know the rest. This is very significant because often we say we doubt we can do something new but think the doubt is not affecting us in other parts of our lives, yet it is very much so in my experience because once it is in it makes me doubt everything.

    1. True Lieke, there is ‘no one foot in one foot out’ stance with self-doubt, it is either absent or reigns supreme in our lives.

  5. Self-doubt is a real destroyer, chipping away our self-esteem like the drip, drip of water eroding rock. It can be so easy to slip into self-doubt, even subtly… it can sneak in. It means that we have to be ‘on it’ in every moment choosing self-awareness all the time, choosing to self-confirm and appreciate instead.

  6. I don’t know how much longer we, as humans, can go on believing, and even championing, that we are “the most evolved species” on this planet. If we are, why do we continue to treat others so abusively: why do we eat foods that are making us sick, sometimes fatally; why do treat the earth and its precious resources with so much disdain and disregards; the list is endless. We have so much to learn from the way animals live, but to do so we will need to let go of the arrogance that has us believing we are so much more than they are

  7. I love this offering. There is no question for me that the reflections we get from nature are reminders of the order we come from. The self doubt brings chaos and disorder!

    1. And thank God that it does bring chaos and disorder… for if it were ‘symptom-less’ we would surely be in a very stuck and in dire straight.

  8. When we do not live in harmony with the natural order in life, it is easy to be prey to self doubt and indecision.

  9. I doubt that there is a single person in the world who has not experienced self doubt at least once – if not regularly. You are totally correct in that it doesn’t discriminate and it’s embedded into every layer and circle in society, and the crazy thing is that we accept it as normal that we constantly doubt and berate ourselves rather than appreciating that wherever we’ve come from and whatever we’ve done there is always something truly beautiful and grand within us.

  10. When we truly connect with ourselves we do not feel any doubt.
    It is an energy first before it is a word. And this energy is what we let in the body when we are not really present with ourselves.

  11. How is that we have come to live in a way where we can ignore what is natural, and give greater attention to the normal of society regardless of the fact that it is plainly not working?

    1. Perhaps it is because yes, on one level it is not working, but on another level it is working i.e. we are getting something out of the mess we are in, otherwise as a so-called intelligent species we would shape ourselves up very quickly.

  12. The nature of our very way is to know it all – and by all I mean we are experts on the world, each other and the universe as these are not seperate elements to us, we are all connected. So HOW can all-knowing beings of the universe doubt themselves and what do we actually get out of playing dumb?

  13. Comparison, Jealousy and other forms of separation and contraction are just as extreme behaviours as the heinous crimes you listed for without them we would not have the other.

    1. For example if we all truly loved and appreciated ourselves and each other we would not be able to murder, rape and go to war with others or with our own body.

      1. We never get away with anything (thank God literally) we only fool ourselves that we do – time brings everything around.

  14. Self doubt, while uncomfortable and debilitating is a great marker to see that we have stepped away from ourselves and no longer in our essence, a place where self doubt does not and cannot exist.

  15. A beautiful appreciation of nature, the stars and the universe, and a great reminder how self-doubt has no place in that, yet we create it in order to keep ourselves small, and not from the grandness of who we are.

  16. The analogy of a virus is great to get an understanding that doubt is actually not anything that belongs to or comes from one self but is an intruder from outside infecting self to be identified with what we are in truth not. But such is the poison of identification, we make something our self or ourselves something whereby we lose the sense of our true self.

    1. There is even pride in this derogatory identification, for example it is not uncommon to hear (especially young) people say things like “I’m so petty” or “I’m such a jealous person” with such a glee.

      1. Agreed, equally I have such a bad temper – there is much less willingness to address why and choose not to be identified by a something that is not part of who we all are but rather the individuality we are choosing.

    1. This gives a new angle to the phrase “The lights are on but no one’s home”. Would it be more home-hitting (pun intended) if we worded it, as it should be, “The lights are on but someone else is at home”…

      1. Haha, well put. We are the host inviting the ‘force’ to enter by not being at home ourselves.

  17. When we dishonour our connection to who we are in essence, our Soul, our multidimensionality and all we are a part of, we lose sense of knowing all that we are and the direction we are impulsed to move. So, with our true knowing a miss enter self-doubt and we begin seeking identification through our supposed insecurities and playing small-ness. The more I have been exploring this relationship the more I have realised and confirmed that the greater the honouring of our connection to our essence the lesser the self-doubt enters and has an effect.

    1. This is just the most amazing expression of science and religion intertwined, delivered with such authority.

  18. In order to self-doubt, you have to first have a self, and herein is the key to this malaise. Based on what is so wisely and humorously presented here in this article, we can say that self-doubt is a human condition and does not affect the animal kingdom for the simple reason that the animals have not fallen as man has; from a Son of God to a ‘son of man’, but instead each reflect by way of their specific characteristics, a message for us humans to help us back on our path back home to our divine origins.

    The truth is as Serge Benhayon presents – we are a god that has forgotten we are a god and thus forsaken our own godliness and in the ache of this separation we have individualised a part of us – a ‘self’ – that we then champion as the ‘be all and end all’ of our existence, without once considering that we belong to a far greater whole of which we are an important part of. Animals have a natural and healthy adherence to this whole – the universal order and rhythms that all of us here on Earth are governed by, but it would seem we humans collectively still have a lot to learn in this regard.

    1. Perhaps instead of self-doubt we should try ‘doubting for the all’ haha… Oh the ridiculousness of our separation from God.

    2. What a simple yet profound extension of this blog. Thank you Liane. To consider this even for a moment offers an opportunity to see how much less we hold each other (and ourselves) than the magnificence we innately are from.

  19. When we look at the night sky we cannot help but know we are part of a vast universe. Any moment away from that awareness is telling us that we have slipped into something that is not true and we do not need to languish in self doubt but just know we need to re-connect with the grandness of who we are.

  20. What a beautiful appreciation for nature and all it reflects to us and our divineness where there is absolutely no self doubt only harmony flow and joy expanding with the all we are part of.

    1. Hence philosophy is the deepening and expansive expression of all that is already known rather than a venture into the unknown as some would want you to believe.

  21. In reply to your question Michael… “…what on Earth are we doing with these reflections?” We are all aware of the harmony within nature… we are surrounded by it everyday – even in cities we feel the wind, the warmth of the sun… and if we were to stop and truly feel these reflections of nature, we would be confronted with the disharmony we all choose to live.

  22. We Carry hurts within which are openings through which we can let energy in that makes us doubt.
    In truth if we have doubt this shows when we reconnect deeper to who we are. We feel then just joy.

  23. We have to be aware of what feeds self doubt. Once I nominated my “wanting to be liked’ in a particular situation, I was able to knock out self-doubt out of the park and express what needed to be said.

  24. Just contemplating that we too as human beings can command the same intelligence and innate knowing of nature and the birds and the bees, highlights the being that seeks to separate from this for their own difference and individuality.

  25. Self doubt can be our normal, but we don’t realise how it becomes embedded in our every movement. When we choose not to allow it to keep its hold on us, we can feel how powerful we are without it.

  26. The seed of self doubt can very quickly grow into something way beyond our control if we let it. But by living in a way that constantly confirms who we are, there is not even room nor the conditions for this seed to take hold let alone flourish.

  27. How true …”Does self-doubt occur in nature? And/or the universe?…” and what a marker this is for human beings as we too are a part of this Universe… so why entertain self doubt when the rest of the Universe does not, and exposes the separation we have made from it.

  28. There is an element in us, an aspect that fights our nature and our Love and wishes to create its own theme park in life, instead of realising it’s already part of the greatest natural wonder you could ever see.

  29. ‘Does self-doubt occur in nature?’ an interesting question Michael. Nature is absolute, never apologises for itself and works in perfect balance. No self doubt there! only an amazing reflection for us to learn so much from.

  30. When we voice our self doubts we dispel the hold they have over us and often through a conversation with a friend we realise that they come from outside of us and are not part of the truth we know.

    1. With awareness we can dispel self doubt with or without a friend to converse with, Our own innate wisdom is our inner friend and walks with us constantly.

  31. Love this blog. I also had moments when I realized the absurdity of self-doubt when I was listening to birds. Do they ever not know what there tune is? Do they ever stop and doubt or even check with their fellow birds? I had to laugh. No, they don’t. They just wake-up and start to sing in fullness – all of them – together.

  32. Self-doubt does eat away at its host for a long time. And it takes up quite a bit of energy as well. It is quite draining, and time consuming.

  33. There was a Bee sitting on my car yesterday, not my door but the other side where I would need to go first to put something in, and it even waited for me to take a photo of it. It didn’t doubt its purpose as the magic of God, it boldly sat there, looking rather ‘out of place’ by it’s in fact perfect placement as if it felt the joy of its message to me. Beautiful.

  34. Self doubt is by definition about the self, and so also by definition it requires us to disconnect from the universe and the divinity we are. That alone tells us that self doubt is not part of the souls we all are.

  35. Nature is a great reflection for us during those periods when we have lost our awareness and connection with the stupendous multidimensional expression that we are a part of. It offers us a stepping stone to remember the gloriousness of our essence.

  36. Another example from Nature that came to me while reading this great blog was I observed the other day when I huge flock of Starling birds were flying together in absolute unison, sweeping up and down, left and right, in an elegant undulating way as if every single one of them were glued together. It was perfect harmony, yet there could not have been any time for ‘thinking’ or ‘doubting’ about what move to make next. They were simply being impulses by a Divine source.

    1. When birds do this they reflect to humanity the flow and harmony of energy and oneness. One Unified. When we are with this there can be no room for doubt.

  37. Self doubt is crazy when we look at it. We are the so called most intelligent species on the planet yet often question ourselves. I know for me this comes with a ‘what if I get it wrong’ after having been shot down on numerous occasions when I have expressed what I have felt. And this is because intelligence, at least the one we commonly call intelligence from the mind, wants to be right and so it can be a war of words, yet when you make it about energy 1st then the truth is clearly seen. This is true intelligence and with this there is no doubt, no weighing up, there is an absoluteness.

  38. Of course there is no self doubt in nature and great that you should expose the fact that this is purely a human trait. Therefore we should be asking why does the species that claims to be the most intelligent on the planet also the only one to exhibit self doubt. How is it that most of nature will head for high ground when a tsunami is heading its way, whereas humans remain sunbathing on the beach? Which is the most unintelligent?

  39. This topic makes me think of young birds that dive out of the nest for the first time to fly, there is no self-doubt just a knowing that it is a time to try their wings and fly.

  40. You’ve raised a great point Michael which is that self doubt can be hidden for many, many, many years, without any obvious signs or ‘rock bottom’ moment. It can be corrupting from the inside, and this is why it’s important to talk about it. What if we were able to say to someone, “I’m having these thoughts and they make me feel awful”

  41. Starting a new job recently I am noticing how easy it is to go into self-doubt due to the fact that I do not know what I am doing! If I let the self-doubt take control I start to shrink and lose my confidence, but if I remind myself that I am in a period of learning I can actually appreciate how fast I am learning and feel more confident and more like myself. It really is a choice as to the kind of thoughts we allow.

  42. It’s a beautiful reflection nature provides of what it is to live in the simplicity of being in alignment to all we come from.

  43. Love it, I have often thought that but you have taken it further and the absurdity is very real and that is why it exposes so beautifully.

  44. Such a great article and in the claiming of who you are as an author – By Michael Brown, 21-Year-old Student, Retail Manager and Amazing young man. I can’t imagine self doubt is going to get in your way in life and that deserves to be celebrated.

    1. Love this. Although self-doubt does enter and sway me from time to time I feel like that is all part of the process, and writing definitely supports the process of closing the doors of entry. At the same time, being a part of the learning process means I can write about these topics with great understanding for all the readers too! But yes, a life without self-doubt is most definitely one to be celebrated.

      1. I love your transparency Michael. Yes, as we learn to overcome our places of struggle we are able to present this to others who may struggle with the same things. Definitely a great service to humanity.

  45. Self doubt does not exits in the Universe. How crazy is then a society that has accepted that people have even the slightest self doubt every now and then. Having Self doubt has been accepted as s normal, something we just have every now and then.

  46. It seems to me that if we committed to living in tune with our natural rhythms, the rhythms of nature and of the universe then self-doubt would be made redundant. After all, the many rhythms that are unfolding around us in every moment are endlessly reflecting to us that we actually have every compass for life we will ever need with us, always.

  47. ‘When did God give up on us because He wasn’t sure we were quite worthy of love?’ Truth of course is, we give up on ourselves because of not feeling worthy of God’s love. I have held an old belief of not deserving God’s love, so it is a great question for me to check in. Yes I am 100 percent worthy of his eternal love.

  48. Instead of going into self-doubt and kidding ourselves that we are no good we can remind ourselves that everyone we come into contact with today is totally blessed! And indeed we are blessed to meet them too. Bringing a sense of equality into our interactions puts a stop to comparison and holding ourselves as less.

  49. I love how you blow self-doubt apart especially in relation to self doubt in nature and the universe. When we choose something less than love, the question is always, what are we getting out of making that choice? Being honest supports us to unravel the answer and then adjust with a different choice.

    1. A great question and I reckon there will be many variables for us all. For me self-doubt offers a vacation from responsibility; an arm’s length from the constant learning that life offers.

  50. Self doubt the killer to our true beingness and purpose and the reality of its insidiousness in our lives is very real. The reflection of nature and God is magnificent and allows the reality of who we are to be felt inside touching us with the grace, beauty and sacredness we come from divinely.

  51. If I am ever in self-doubt now I know the truth has already been felt and been there for me it just has not been acknowledged and been authorised by me. I give myself space and apply absolute honesty to claim myself back. Self-doubt can be a confirmation that truth has been there and I authorise myself to go back to what was felt.

    1. I love the reminder that self-doubt can be a confirmation that truth has been felt, which offers a different perspective and the awareness that we are constantly being showered with truth, but how open are we to receiving God’s magic?

  52. If we take ants for an example, they work as one and reflect teamwork to us but just imagine if a few in that team decided to have self-doubt? The food or shelter that would need to be worked on that day would be fraught with complication as not all the ants would be bringing their much needed qualities to the job. But, like other animals and nature… this just does not happen with ants. However, it happens in our work places every day yet we see that as normal and just what happens in groups.

    1. Ants are such a good example of how nature makes everything so simple whereas mankind brings in doubts and complications in droves. Do we really have any justification to claim to be more intelligent than the humble ant?

  53. “Self doubt…. can permeate into the most picture-perfect scenarios; amongst individuals and groups that to an onlooker could easily look like Oscar Award Winning Lives” – This is so true, and in the last few years there have been more actors, celebrities and literal Oscar Winners sharing the fact that deep down they feel a sense of emptiness, self doubt and anxiety. The important thing is to not spin these feelings as therefore being ‘normal’, but see that the way we are living as a whole society – not just in disadvantaged areas per say – is not working, and that there is another way.

  54. As devastating self-doubt is we still choose it for a good reason that obviously is more important to us than the harmful consequences we suffer. The moment we call out and admit to the ‘self-abuse’ self-doubt actually is we are already undoing it.

  55. I love your list of questions Michael about self doubt not having a place in nature. What perfect reminders that there is nothing for us to do to prove who we are, other than be our magnificent selves.

  56. When I am doubting myself, I know that I am gone. I have stopped connecting with my true nature and wisdom.

  57. To stop for a moment and consider the universal rhythm/pulse/flow that we are, as part of nature, all living in, does a combination of things: fills me with awe and wonder; settles any nervousness and/or wayward thoughts because I can feel the grander something that I am in and held by and dissolves my sense of individualisation and isolation. Humbled and inspired by a bee and loving it. Thank you, Michael.

  58. It is the creep and insidiousness of self-doubt that I find so ugly… drip-feeding in until it has a firm grip on our sense of self-worth. Thank you, Michael, for going there with this.

  59. I have found that having a deeper connection and feeling to my body in terms of presence instils a greater amount of self-confidence. As a result, there is far less room for self-doubt.

  60. Self doubt is an insidious player in our lives so deeply hidden and ingrained and effects us so much buried and unseen and yet does not come from us and the mightiness and glory we are from . An amazing sharing showing what is really going on and hence the honesty to call it out in our lives and live with the magic of God and all this offers us with nature and animals reflecting to us the way.

  61. The sense of being at ease with itself when observing nature may be one of the very balancing effects and or reflections nature has to offer – there is definitely something to learn for us from nature until we realize that we can have the same ease within ourselves and then go even beyond that back to who we originally are before we allowed or chose to be de-natured, i.e. to act against our very beingness.

  62. As human beings, I reckon we are the only species that suffers from the condition known as doubt. And I do not know of any animals that ‘beat themselves up’ if they have made a mistake. If a cheetah does not catch his prey, I have not seen him stop and doubt himself and then treat himself poorly because of this! Michael, I love the angle you have taken to write this blog, for it does so expose the intricacies of self sabotage that we indulge in as human beings and how silly this really is! We all will make mistakes as it is not about perfection, however, it is always about appreciating ourselves and asking to go deeper with our natural connection.

  63. How often do we access and use the very intelligence of nature and the universe that is at our fingertips all of the time? This is a great question for it exposes to me that so much is given and offered and yet we can turn a blind eye and not see it or access it all. But in so doing we make things that much harder for ourselves. And when we tune in deeply and connect truly, then so much opens up like a blossom. This does not take away our challenges, but it gives us the tools to see that the challenges are not actually challenges at all, but in fact opportunities for growth and that they do not have to be hard when we connect and work in line with our natural essence.

  64. Self-doubt can be such an old deep pattern, that it feels like an old friend who checks whether what you have decided to do is the right thing for you. But when we know inside that something feels settled in the body, there is no need for self-doubt to be in our consciousness at all.

  65. When we let in self doubt, we can quickly and easily spiral into self-bashing, feeling like we’ve made grave mistakes from which we’ll never recover. It’s a great trick to demean and demotivate ourselves. The worst thing we can do is to isolate ourselves and try to work it all out on our own, yet that’s the very thing we so often try to do, because in self-doubt we attack ourselves with our own judgment. Remembering that no matter what we’ve done, said or thought, we are still totally amazing beings in our essence, really helps to get us out of self-doubt. Sometimes the easiest way to be reminded of that is being honest and opening up to others, who rarely judge us as harshly as we judge ourselves.

    1. Yes, beautifully revealed Bryony. We keep things to ourselves but with that we let the problem/story spin itself into a big web. When we start sharing with others what is going on it is in the open and exposed to what it is.

      1. I agree with you both and find that the moment I verbalise what is going on for me with another it brings it into context and takes away any sense of overwhelm and doubt. It is like by giving it expression we are giving it an opportunity to show its true colours and often having someone there to reflect back to us is all we need and I find they do not even need to say anything and I have already seen it for what it is. We are here to work together and not be alone so to isolate ourselves at any time is never going to end well.

      2. “It is like by giving it expression we are giving it an opportunity to show its true colours”. Yes, beautifully said.

  66. ‘Self-doubt on the other hand, which by the way does not discriminate or have any particular selection process, can permeate into the most picture-perfect scenarios; amongst individuals and groups that to an onlooker could easily look like Oscar Award Winning Lives.’ – How true, self-doubt strikes even where there is a picture perfect facade, perhaps even more so, they have just learnt to be more clever at covering it up.

  67. It’s really interesting what nature can reflect back to us if we are prepared to be open to what is being shown to us. Very often I am given messages and I am bowled over by how they are sent it is truly magical and even if I do not chose to be aware of the message in the symbology there is no doubting that something or someone is communicating with me. And just to know that there is another energy that is in communication with me that is encouraging me to reconnect back to all that I naturally know is very reassuring it’s like having an unseen best buddy walking with me.

  68. Nature reminds us of our true nature, not the self-created version that creates all of our problems. It is in the separation from our Oneness that anything other than love can enter.

    1. Being an individual with self-doubt is not our true nature which is oneness, therefore as reflected by nature, it is something that as humans create and bring into our lives.

  69. Self-doubt is a clever trick as it takes us away from the very thing where there is no self-doubt – our inner essence, full of truth and wisdom.

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