Self-Doubt – The Bees, The Birds and The Buds

Looking at the human beings, it is evident that there are many traits, behaviours, illnesses and diseases, dramas and destructions, not to mention wars, rape, murder, corruption…. and the not so extreme behaviours such as comparison, jealousy, lack of appreciation etc, many of which are not replicated anywhere else in nature or as presented by Serge Benhayon, indeed in the Universe.

Take self-doubt as an example – Does self-doubt occur in nature? And/or the universe?

  • When was the last time a bird didn’t leave a branch because it was having self-doubt issues about flying?
  • When was the last time a flower bent away from the sun because it became concerned it wasn’t facing the right way?
  • When was it that a Star wriggled itself out of the constellation because it wasn’t dead certain it was making the right shape?
  • When did Planet Earth stop spinning even for a moment because it couldn’t convince itself it was running on time?
  • When did God give up on us because He wasn’t sure we were quite worthy of love?” (Dragana Brown)

Ok, so let’s admit – perhaps not all of the questions would have scientific evidence-based answers, which we humans have come to champion like they are going out of fashion, however, the fact remains the only reason they all sound ridiculous is because they are not truly occurring in nature.

Self-doubt seems to be largely composed of an insidious set of thoughts we get fed in order to erode the most magnificent being down to something of the stature of a particularly shrivelled prune.

Self-doubt is conniving. Here is why:

When one is down and out, hitting rock bottom, given up on life and searching for anything to get them back up – it’s kind of obvious what one is going through and there is a level of honesty about the situation. From that space, it feels easier to address the issue/issues, seek support because everything is much more in-your-face, so to speak.

Self-doubt on the other hand, which by the way does not discriminate or have any particular selection process, can permeate into the most picture-perfect scenarios; amongst individuals and groups that to an onlooker could easily look like Oscar Award Winning Lives.

Self-doubt can meander and move in all circles; where there’s money, successful careers, long-lasting marriages, old friendships and promising new ventures. And yet, often-times, its presence is not so easy to spot, or at least not as obvious as is the case with those we see in despair.

Self-doubt can go on and on and on… without so much as a bleep on the awareness radar and therefore it can remain an undetected virus eating away its host for a long time.

The real question then being – why do the questions asked above sound ridiculous when in truth they are very apt and on the money? We are constantly congratulating and taking pride in ourselves as the most evolved species and yet, birds, stars, dolphins, bees… display intelligence that would never go against their nature or do anything to their own detriment.

So, do the questions sound so absurd because deep down we know that nature and the Universe co-exist in alignment with the same intelligence human beings can attune to, but who are, more often than not choosing not to tap into that source, and as a result we have, on Earth, created disharmony and mayhem. And yet, we are always a choice away from tuning into this multidimensional rhythm, which we know to be true and therefore any self-doubt cannot and does not enter because it does not belong to the source the bees, the birds and the buds are showing us we all come from. Is it possible that we as Human Beings also have that same innate knowing which can be manifested in all that we do, say and how we move that plants and trees, birds and bees, whales and stars, the sun and moon have, and are constantly reflecting back to us?

And if so, what on Earth are we doing with these reflections?

This blog was inspired by Self-Doubt: It’s not a Little Problem by Maree Savins and the teachings and philosophies of Serge Benhayon.

By Michael Brown, 21-Year-old Student, Retail Manager and Amazing young man.

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331 thoughts on “Self-Doubt – The Bees, The Birds and The Buds

  1. Quite rightly so Michael self doubt is insidious and eats away at our very core, unfortunately we have whole industries that are built on magnifying this self doubt – take the fashion and media industry for example they thrive on people not knowing who they truly are.

  2. When we make things complicated rather than follow the natural path of simplicity in life, an opening for self doubt is made.

  3. ‘Self-doubt seems to be largely composed of an insidious set of thoughts we get fed in order to erode the most magnificent being down to something of the stature of a particularly shrivelled prune.’ I couldn’t agree more, especially after the list about how nature doesn’t ever show a sliver of self doubt. Could self doubt be self created to suit us wanting to live a lesser magnificence than we are actually created for and capable of naturally so? Living our magnificence comes with responsibility, and in this current world that is designed for us to not shine in full – yes, it does stand out.

  4. I like your last question. Have we have stopped and considered why we are on this planet with all the nature it presents? We are always looking for reasons but never honour what is there, instead we are mightily convinced that we have the answers and that those answers lie with our brains.

  5. Michael, the examples you highlight from nature makes an absolute laughing stock of us humans and how we are failing miserably in the art of living in harmony, both with ourselves and also with the rest of the Universe.

    1. Yes indeed a laughing stock. This absurdity is only witnessed in the choices of the self-proclaimed most-intelligent-species-in-the-world!

    2. We as humans have access to love what is naturally innate as nature shows us, yet we clearly also have access to live far less than that. We as humans seem to be choosing the less – but why and at what cost? I know when I take responsibility to connect to what is naturally me, there is no self doubt yet when I choose to not take responsibility for my quality then self doubt has room to play. It seems to all come down to a choice to live our fullness and support our bodies for us to be with the awareness that is showing us when we allow ourselves to be naturally who we are.

  6. I love the profound simplicity of nature, which constantly offers to us the reflection of our true nature

  7. As quantum physicists have proven, the particles that make up our bodies originally come from the same source as those that make up all the stars and planets, but are just arranged in a particular configuration to form a human body (for now) until they someday return to their source, and are all being shared with all the other particles in the Universe at a rate that is beyond human perception. So if that is true, then having any doubt about anything and not allowing the true knowingness that is innate in us to occur at all seems oh so very silly, does it not?

  8. It’s easy to agree with what you say Michael – you makes the absurdity clear but then when we look at our own life – it’s confronting because you realise self-doubt is draped over so many parts – just another way to not live from our heart.

  9. To doubt our own divinity is akin to a bird forgetting how to fly. Thus we play human only, when the truth is we are all this and so much more.

    1. Yes we are far more than human and when we allow ourselves to see and feel this truth, it is clear that playing only human is a choice and supplies us with convenient truths to keep ourselves small to not step into our grandness and take responsibility for living that.

  10. We have been given everything we need but if it doesn’t go according to plan, of what we thought the plan was, we can go into doubt about whether we are on course. Maybe we don’t need the bigger picture of what the plan is, but we can be like nature and go with the flow. For example, in UK the winter was very long this year, and spring was slow to warm up, but when the sun shone, all the plants and trees burst into flower at once. They didn’t doubt that spring was coming.

  11. Only the self-centered self-doubt . . . . if we get ‘self’ out of the way there is no one to doubt.

  12. As a humanity, we do take…”… pride in ourselves as the most evolved species and yet, birds, stars, dolphins, bees… display intelligence that would never go against their nature or do anything to their own detriment.”
    This really does expose the absolute ludicrous-ness of our human behaviour – and the fact that we are not as intelligent as we think and believe ourselves to be!

  13. If we don’t doubt when we feel hungry or tired, why do we doubt when we sense someone’s jealousy or fury delivered in a ‘nice’ way?

  14. “When did God give up on us because He wasn’t sure we were quite worthy of love?” (Dragana Brown). Brilliant question and if we are totally honest in answering the question we would see and feel how hugely conditional our love is towards ourselves and others.

  15. This exposes how very much we have made life our own creation instead of being the part of the whole that we are.

  16. When we deepen our understanding of who we divinely are them we get to a place where we understand the ramifications of not understanding the cycle of life and death so we go into mourning or regret. Do we look forward to our own passing and is passing-over a natural part of our conversation, so we can all evolve? Is reincarnation worthy of the belief by half the world’s population and if so why is it not openly discussed? Could it be that reincarnation as it has been represented at the moment is not a true representation about what returning to the physical plain of life is all about? So if we have no understanding of who we truly are, then self has a huge problem connecting to the True essence of who we are, as Soul-full beings!

  17. A great point about the behaviours of nature and how it just gets on with what is needed – very different to how we behave indeed- which suggest the comfort we find in self doubt – bow it keeps us from connecting to a wisdom that is profound and all-knowing

  18. Yes, it is a great question to ask why do we have self-doubt whilst the rest of the universe and nature around us does not?

  19. The examples from nature having self-doubt are hilarious and emphasize the reality of the game we are playing.

  20. I love the way you have described the ridiculousness of our use of self-doubt, especially when you ask “Does self-doubt occur in nature? And/or the universe?”.
    I bet the same could be done with so many other traits that humanity has adopted to reduce the magnificence of the multidimensional expression of our true nature.

  21. What a beautiful sharing on the reality of self doubt and how it is not ultimately from us and how if we lived in the connection and communication of our natural rhythms and cycles and as reflected with nature from the universe we would not have self doubt but be in the honouring of all we are innately so.

  22. Thought patterns can become so normal to the point that we don’t feel them running in us. When it comes down to it my connection to my body and re-connection to my inner quality have been fundamental in stopping those thoughts when they try to come in.

  23. Your blog made me smile today Michael…it is true there is no self-doubt in nature and it would look ridiculous and would cause total chaos if there was! So something definitely to consider here about how much we accept self-doubt as normal and how it is actually not part of our makeup.

  24. There is something that I love about your reflections on nature and in nature the game is so much clearer. Expanding on this and by way of an example, if an animal self-doubts then it would probably immediately be killed by a predator; so no room for such frivolities! But we have created a world of such comfort and distraction that we can indulge in self-doubt and seemingly not immediately feel the consequences. But just because we don’t necessarily feel the claws of a predator sinking into our flesh, it doesn’t mean that the self doubt is any less damaging.

    1. Spot on Otto. We have cleverly created a way of delayed consequences which conveniently then can be disassociated with the original action. i.e. My lethargy can’t possibly be what I ate, all i’ve had is soup today. But what about the Tiramisu 2 nights earlier? It all catches up and we must all walk back through the footprints we leave behind no matter how long we delay that journey for.

    2. I love your example here Otto, making it so clear that every action or inaction of ours has a consequence whether we are aware of it or not.

      1. And I have felt it. I have literally been crippled by self-doubt, unable to move forward, as if poisoned by some snake venom…but nobody fed me this stuff, no snake attacked me, nothing actually happened…it is purely a result of me not taking the steps to look after myself and allowing (nay, you could say inviting) these thoughts in, and when one is honest about where these thoughts come from and how they get in, then one has to face the responsibility we all have. This is the evil of self-doubt – it is so cleverly constructed, so insidiously delivered that one can have it and also avoid the responsibility. That’s why blogs like these are so grand in debasing the indulgence of it all.

  25. It is really funny to consider nature doing self doubt, I shall use this as I reminder to myself whenever I do, as it is a dishonouring of all the wonder that we all are to do so.

  26. It is great to bring it back to the simplicity of how there is no such thing as self doubt in nature so why is it in us? Self-doubt is something that we call in to avoid something and certainly not something that we were born with.

  27. Just imagine what mankind could achieve if we all kicked self-doubt into touch and aligned to the intelligence of the universe, we would no longer need space travel because we would be space.

    1. You have to me just highlighted the ridiculousness of spending Trillions of dollars building spacecraft to explore the possibilities of living on Mars when we cannot live together on this planet! How arrogant are we as a species when we can think that we can go and mess up another planet in the universe because we have the technology!

      1. Yes, a very clear point. What good is it to seek another plane of life if we do not manage to live harmoniously on the one we are on right now. It shows how our seeking of advancement does not bring us any closer but separates us with every step we take. While the fact remains that we are here together.

  28. I was watching a bird fly the other day, and you are on the money, there is no doubt there at all. I can’t imagine them going – am I going left enough? Should I turn right? etc…

    This blog exposes the evil nature of self-doubt. It is a global plague that is designed to keep humanity down, shrivelling and not becoming the grand amazing beings that we truly are.

  29. Love this…..talking about self doubt….”composed of an insidious set of thoughts we get fed”. So therefore the self-doubt is not us or not who we are. Yes we have moved our body in a way to allow these thoughts to take hold, that’s out part, our responsibility. So really all we need is to move in a way where they do not have the hold over us they once did. Then we know that we are not self-doubt.

  30. I went into self-doubt the other day after working with a team of people and finding myself withdrawing a bit. I took myself for a walk the next morning and literally walked and talked myself back to myself, telling myself that what I had begun to think about myself was a load of rubbish. It totally worked, and I managed to meet the same team that day in an equal way, not holding back any of my awesomeness. Totally cool.

    1. That’s awesome Rebecca. Highlighting that we are not self-doubt and therefore can move in a way that we are not owned by it. That way you feel that what you have to bring, which is very awesome, is equal to that of others in the team regardless of skill set.

      1. Love what you say Jennifer “we are not self-doubt and therefore can move in a way that we are not owned by it”, so simple and so true.

    2. Thank you for sharing Rebecca, as walking our self is a great reflection of our True Movement and thus we can turn around any doubts we have about our-self through that simple movement. It can even be said that the way we move is every-thing.

  31. ‘We are constantly congratulating and taking pride in ourselves as the most evolved species and yet, birds, stars, dolphins, bees… display intelligence that would never go against their nature or do anything to their own detriment.’ – We have sold out to mental energy, thinking that our thoughts are who we are and by that, dismissing our true nature and the intelligence of our own inner heart.

  32. A lesson learnt through a proposal by Serge Benhayon is that when we self-doubt we actually have dismissed what we knew to be true just a bit earlier hence coming back to that knowing and honouring it is the exit out of doubt.

  33. Self-doubt is like a slow release poison, like the scorpion’s sting that comes from behind and an insult to our true origins.

  34. Absolutely loved all your – what if nature went into self-doubt – questions, especially the first one “When was the last time a bird didn’t leave a branch because it was having self-doubt issues about flying?” I instantly recalled the moment a young bird is ready to leave the nest and flies for the first time, so full of trust and a knowing that it has everything it needs to soar. And the amazing thing I notice is once it leaves it does not go back to the nest, it simply keeps on flying. No self-doubt, just trusting its inner compass.

  35. When we look at nature, it is the greatest reflection. A bird has everything it needs to fly, to soar and be incredible, to know its location and return over thousands of miles to their home in summer and winter. If it where to doubt, it doesn’t remove those innate and natural qualities, it just cuts us off from accessing it. It is like walking around with our eyes closed and claiming we can’t see, that we don’t have the capacity, that we aren’t good enough etc, when all we need to do is open our eyes.

  36. I love this invitation for us to put aside doubting ourselves and the awareness we have access to. When we connect to our heart, honour the exquisiteness that is our true nature and express that the whole world is blessed.

  37. “Does self-doubt occur in nature?” A great and very pertinent question Micheal. Nothing about nature is unsure of itself, but as a human race we make it such a huge part of our lives. It seems like somewhere along the line we have got it very wrong. Thankfully Serge Benhayon is showing us throught the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom, that self doubt does not have a place in our lives when we choose to live in away that is fully connected to who we are.

  38. Thank you Michael, I feel inspired to observe nature more from reading your blog, animals are obedient to their nature, to their purpose, they stay on course and express all of who they are as an integral part of the overall whole.

  39. I love how the simplicity of the questions you’ve asked of Nature in this blog so expose just how ludicrous a level humans on the whole have let their personal livingness of self worth sink to. Quite an OUCH actually!

    1. This is great Judith, and can I play-fully explore your comment and expand it, so we can deepen our understanding of the “ouch”? Some-times we have to realise that we have dug our own hole and therefore we are fully responsible for the depth of ’self-worth’ that we have “sunk” to, so then we can extricate our-self out of life’s dilemmas. Say like in nature we have a horrendous storm and then the stillness, so we have to understand what we have to endure, and then all that we have lived that is not True can then be healed and thus we can start our return to True Stillness.

  40. We are being reflected of everything here on earth, are we seeing it and learning from it? Or has arrogance and ignorance blinded us in thinking we are perfect? Nature and it’s wisdom is natural and self-doubt as with many emotions are not natural (not occurring in nature), but man-made and causes huge anxiety. If human intelligence is truly intelligent it would feel absurd to experience so much self-directed self-harm whilst calling it being self-important.

  41. This is a spot on comparison of self doubt and viruses; hijacking our cells, or immune system, and using our body’s mechanisms as a means to create disarray and generate poison. Our body is a vehicle through which we can allow abuse, or set standards to allow only clarity and love.

    1. So true Susie… we can choose abuse or we can choose truth, clarity and the love we innately are – it is always simply a choice we each make.

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