David Millikan: Can It Be Possible?

by Dr Lyndy Summerhaze, Australia

Can it be possible in the year 2012 in Australia – a political democracy professing freedom of speech, that a Minister from the Uniting Church could walk into a Presentation about living a full, healthy and loving life and harass the gathered people and accuse them of being a cult? Yes, this did happen on October 12th at the Lennox Head Community Centre and I was there to witness it. Continue reading “David Millikan: Can It Be Possible?”

Is this True Evil?

by Sandra Dallimore, Melbourne, Australia

I used to think that true evil was the heinous crimes like murder, rape, genocide, child abuse and modern day slavery. Don’t get me wrong, these crimes ARE evil and there is no place for them in our society. But I now see that evil comes in a much more hidden and insidious form: the form of keeping truth from mankind.

In recent months, Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, his family and the many people who attend Universal Medicine events have experienced deception, lies and misrepresentation in and by the media. Universal Medicine has been called a ‘cult’, Serge Benhayon has been called a guru, and the people who attend the many presentations and courses, particularly the women, portrayed as mindless followers. Continue reading “Is this True Evil?”

From ‘One of the Lads’ to a Gorgeous Woman… Through Self-Love

by Rebecca Wingrave 

I spent about 20 years of my life drinking, partying, trying to be ‘one of the lads’ and generally having a complete lack of self-worth. I got really ill as a teenager from overindulgence in alcohol, but just carried on as it was what I felt gave me confidence and was what all young people did; I didn’t know another way of being.

I began suffering from digestive issues and so decided to seek help. I was advised by a nutritionist to stop eating gluten and dairy and to cut down on my alcohol consumption; over the next couple of years I started to feel better. I noticed how sick the alcohol made me so decided to stop drinking it altogether – the problem was that my social life was based around drinking and my friends found it hard to understand why I wanted to stop… I really felt like the odd one out. Continue reading “From ‘One of the Lads’ to a Gorgeous Woman… Through Self-Love”

David Millikan: Media Bullying at Universal Medicine Event

by Angela Perin, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Why is it that in a country where bullying in schools and in the workplace is not acceptable, where domestic violence and abuse are not tolerated, and where assault and rape are chargeable offences, that the media, or individuals acting on behalf of a media organisation, can be allowed to bully and abuse without the same accountability?

In a country which prides itself on free speech, why is it that a man and an organisation who simply and consistently present another way of living – a way of living that is not harming to self or others, and that supports responsibility in taking care of the body – find themselves in the middle of a witch hunt? Continue reading “David Millikan: Media Bullying at Universal Medicine Event”

Pressure To Be In A Relationship With ‘The One’

by Amina Tumi – 31 – London

I am 31, and have been in a 6 year relationship spread over 10 years that was always up and down. We had broken up several times, hence it being over 10 years. I was always wondering if he was the right one as the pressure to be with the ‘THE ONE’ is huge, and I was always finding faults with him, and in our relationship.

The pressure I felt from friends, family, work colleagues, magazines, TV etc to not just be in a relationship, but to be with the ‘THE ONE’, was always lingering around me like a bad smell: it is interesting as I never let myself stop to really feel why I was letting this affect me in this way, and why I felt so needy to be in a perfect relationship. All I knew was that if you found ‘THE ONE’, then you could be happy.  Continue reading “Pressure To Be In A Relationship With ‘The One’”

David Millikan: Man of God for Sale

by Stephen, Lismore, Australia

Last night (12th October 2012) I went to a talk by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine on the subject of Esoteric Medicine at Lennox Head Community Centre.

Serge invited an unscheduled guest, David Millikan, onto the stage. He had turned up on the night and asked if he might ask some questions of the audience about their experiences with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. David introduced himself as a Uniting Church Minister with a degree in Theology: previously Millikan had been meeting and talking with Serge extensively and had stated that Universal Medicine did not fit the criteria for being a ‘cult’.  Continue reading “David Millikan: Man of God for Sale”

Society’s Truth-Tellers Will Always Challenge The Status Quo

by Dianne Trussell, NSW, Australia.

Coming from a long career in university medical and biological research and teaching, and now being free to explore without the limits and pressures of narrowly-focused projects and the quest for funding, I am currently investigating the energetic basis of science, medicine and in fact, everything. If Einstein were around, he could confirm the pre-eminence of energy in every aspect of existence. Just because most of us may perceive everything, including medicine and healing, in purely material terms, doesn’t mean we’re right or have the whole picture. And perhaps by ignoring energy we are missing something important of key relevance to our daily lives.  Continue reading “Society’s Truth-Tellers Will Always Challenge The Status Quo”

I Dared To Be Open And Choose To Be Me

by Caroline Reineke, The Netherlands

When I look back at my life, I see myself as a ‘human doing’ – quick whether in thought, speech or action. I was often rushing, as if I was running through (or away) from life, for whatever reason. In a way, I wanted to be in control. Truly feeling myself or having genuine contact with my body was under-developed territory for me. From an early age I had taught myself to be tough, to not show my vulnerability to anybody. It was just too scary for me, as I was afraid to be exposed – that I was not so tough, but just a girl with feelings as well, and I could feel hurt too. This control or ‘doing-ness’ was, in a way, my shield of protection. It took me a while to realise that this doing-ness was keeping me away from me: this was a painful realisation some years ago. Who am I, if I am not this shield, I wondered? Continue reading “I Dared To Be Open And Choose To Be Me”

DAVID MILLIKAN: That Was Bullying

by Thomas, Carpenter & Handyman. Northern NSW

What happened on the night of Friday 12 October, 2012 when the press stormed a peaceful meeting at Lennox Head Community Centre, was awful. I arrived after a busy work week to come to what is always a lovely, relaxed talk in a safe, friendly environment.

Instead, when I walked in there were people with TV cameras standing on a couch trying to film members of the public who had paid to come for the talk. When I asked one of the press what was going on, they said they had come to “…film a silly meeting”, perhaps not realising I myself was coming to the meeting. It was rude and disrespectful, and discriminating against my, and others’ beliefs. Continue reading “DAVID MILLIKAN: That Was Bullying”

Stepping Up To Be Me

by Janina Koch, nearby Cologne, Germany (English 2nd  language)

I have been doing the workshops with Serge Benhayon now, since 5 years, being committed to go to the UK from Cologne three times a year in May, June and November. Continue reading “Stepping Up To Be Me”