Inspired By Universal Medicine Students To Claim My Love Back

by Janina Koch, Cologne, Germany

I have felt to share my experience with relationships (partners). I was very touched and inspired in Amina´s recent published article (Pressure to be in a Relationship with ‘The One’), by her openness and honesty. I feel it is important to share with another what is actually going on in relationships, as from the outside a lot of relationships or marriages seem great. Continue reading “Inspired By Universal Medicine Students To Claim My Love Back”

Waiting for God…

Albert Camus once said: “I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live my life as if there isn’t and die to find out there is.”

I used to live as if there wasn’t a God purely because I had decided there couldn’t be one. I had spent my childhood and early teens waiting for God to speak to me; send me some sort of signal to let me know he was there. When He never did, that for me, was proof that He couldn’t exist so I gave up on him. Continue reading “Waiting for God…”

Serge Benhayon: ‘I’d tried a lot of things in my search for something that would stay true’

by Dianne Trussell

Ten years ago, a friend who saw I was in a lot of pain over a relationship breakup and miscarriage treated me to a session with a local practitioner – Serge Benhayon – of whom I had not heard. My first impression of Serge was of a humble person with not a drop of arrogance or superiority in him, with a quiet, un-imposing confidence. I felt very safe with him, quite unlike other healers I had visited. Continue reading “Serge Benhayon: ‘I’d tried a lot of things in my search for something that would stay true’”

Universal Medicine & My Abusive Marriage: Setting the Record Straight

by Anonymous

I am reluctant to put my name to this because I have witnessed how hostile and relentless the hate campaign has been. I am a single mother with three children and an abusive ex-husband. I don’t want to be exposed via social or mass media in any way that opens me up to being targeted by my ex. On a personal and private level my friends and work colleagues know of my interactions with Universal Medicine. Continue reading “Universal Medicine & My Abusive Marriage: Setting the Record Straight”

Trust Restored

by Lorraine Wellman, Cert Ed. UK

I have struggled with endemic levels of corruption, deception, greed and lack of integrity in my life, and in the world. How can other human beings be like that to fellow human beings? If this is what life is like, then do I really want to exist within this paradigm? Who can I trust? Why do most people not want the truth to emerge? These were all questions I pondered. Continue reading “Trust Restored”

Who are the People behind these Beautiful Faces?

by Carmel Reid, Somerset, UK

I recently went to a gathering in London for people with Prosopagnosia – face-blindness. It is something that is estimated to affect around 2% of the UK population.

These are people who can’t remember faces – not names, but faces. Some can’t recognise their own family – children, husband, and friends – in some cases even themselves in a mirror. It was awesome hearing their stories and many of them echoed my own.

I have always had trouble recognising faces; I can remember hair, glasses, beards, clothes, accessories, and movement, but not the main features of the face.

Unfortunately, people change their clothes and can cut or colour their hair, and then I don’t recognise them. In my previous work as a corporate trainer I could spend a whole day teaching a group, but as soon as they got up and moved around to get a cup of coffee, I would forget who they were, even if they just put their jacket on! Continue reading “Who are the People behind these Beautiful Faces?”