Walking in Presence and Without Pain

Not long ago I attended a Universal Medicine course – Esoteric Healing Level 4 Part 2 where Serge Benhayon taught us the ‘acceptance walk’ – when you walk the ‘real you’, with purpose and focus, staying present with your body (without your mind always wandering off). I found it easy to do this with Serge, and to the music of Glorious Music by Michael Benhayon. Although I ‘practised’ the acceptance walk a lot when I returned home from the course, I realise now that I had never really walked staying present with my body; in other words, I had never truly walked ‘me’.

I could feel in my walking that there was always an element of ‘drive’ or ‘push’, or an intention to walk to lose weight or get fit. Consequently, I began to get a very painful right leg (in the groin/hip area) every time I walked, no matter how much I ‘tried’ to stay present with my body – even over short distances, and even walking slowly. So I began to walk less and less – even though I know that I love to walk – because I was unable to walk without pain and the pain would sometimes keep me awake at nights.

This all changed this morning. I woke later than usual and I felt a little tired and fragile… but it was a beautiful morning, so I decided to go for a walk. My right leg started to hurt just a few metres down the road – even though I was walking slowly.

Halfway across the park near our home I looked up and saw a flock of birds (swallows or godwits) flying in formation. As I stopped to watch, they fanned out and, just for a brief moment, came into a heart shape in the sky. I felt the magic of God in that moment, and it felt so beauty-full. Then they did some more amazing displays for me – once they went high and spread out; then floated down like a huge fireworks display. All of a sudden I really felt I was staying present in and with my body, i.e. connected to my body, in a way I had not often felt before, other than during and after Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions.

I could feel the stillness inside my body: it felt like a warmth, a glow. I could feel the warm glow in my whole body, but especially around the area of my heart. When I started to walk again I could still feel the stillness and the glow, and it felt like I was taking that radiance with me and spreading it to all I met. I discovered that I was really enjoying connecting with the people I met on my walk, and that I was really enjoying being with my body walking, and being with ‘me’, in connection with all of myself.

I realised that I was effortlessly staying present with my body without ‘trying’ to be present: my focus was also effortless, as my mind was with what my body was doing and feeling. Yes, my mind did wander off a little, but I very quickly was aware of that and easily came back to my body. For the rest of the walk I was very aware of everything around me – birds flying, dogs joyfully running into the sea to pick up a stick, the crispness in the air… in short, the wonder and glory of life.

I found that I could keep this stillness and presence even if I walked faster, as long as there was no ‘drive’ or rush. And, for the first time in a long time, I was walking without pain in my right leg/groin; and I felt my left leg working as hard as my right leg.

I know now that, for me, the key to walking ‘me’ is to stay aware of everything around me, which in turn brings me the awareness of being connected to my body – to the ‘real me’ – which in turn increases my awareness of everything!

I also know that walking ‘me’ (in presence/stillness) affects everyone I meet on the walk, so that maybe they too are inspired to walk with themselves – in a loving way for their bodies.

And all simply by staying present and connected with my body, and with everything around me, and all the while being able to walk without pain, so that I could feel the stillness and beauty that I am.

I can now walk without pain – a miracle? Yes!

I feel huge appreciation for Serge Benhayon and the teachings of Universal Medicine for showing me the way.

By Anne Scott, Auckland

533 thoughts on “Walking in Presence and Without Pain

  1. As each generation learn to move in such a way and understand the magic as you have shared Anne, we will all be more understanding of what true movement is all about and thus walking in connection with our essences, will become a part of the magic that we feel as we re-turn to our origins.

  2. I find the same Anne, if I’m walking and I am separated from myself and from my body thinking and/or emotional then I experience pain and stiffness, often quite quickly and in a large area (usually my leg and my hip), as soon as I focus and reconnect to me and the quality of my movement it eases away.

  3. Walking in presence allows us not just a deeper connection with ourselves but also nature and those we meet on the way – what a beautiful gift for all.

  4. Walking the ‘real you’, being present and connected with our body – we make this into a challenge, when what is being asked of us should be a very simplest, natural, effortless thing for us. We must be putting so much effort for it not to be felt that way.

  5. What you shared almost turns what I had understood about walking with you on its head, because to stay present in your body you needed to connect to what was around you as well. We think of ourselves as isolated humans but we are not are we? We are connected beings and nature is such a wonderful reflection of that connection and flow.

  6. I am only really just beginning to truly realise how much we influence each other in daily life. Everything we do can have an uplifting, a healing effect or it can leave the other feeling less than before, even retreating into themselves or reacting outwardly wth some form of emotion. What an awesome responsibility – it’s like the song I remember from long ago “he’s got the whole world in his hands, he’s got the whole wide world in his hands, his got the whole world in his hands” This was referring to God but we are equal to Him in this respect are we not?

  7. Clearer it cannot be – when we walk from within and with the body, without drive and push, magic happens and the body repairs what is physically and physiologically possible.

  8. Walking in a way that is connected to the whole body rather than led by the mind and its detours can heal many conditions – we just need to get out of the way, in short. The body knows best.

  9. What a beautiful moment in time Anne, one that obviously changed not only the way you walked, but also how you allowed yourself to really observe and appreciate all, the magic, that was happening around you. Another wonderful example of how, when we move in harmony with our body, that it doesn’t take long for our body to say thank you

    1. I agree Ingrid, there is a deep appreciation that can be felt from the body when we move in connection with it rather than disconnected and the awareness of the difference needs to be physical rather than mental.

      1. I love what you have said here Lucy – “the difference has to be physical rather than mental”. Yes, our movements, and the quality of them, are only ever felt in our body, you definitely cant’ think how they feel. If you try to think, you instantly disconnect from your body and the power of the movement is lost.

  10. Always so lovely to read this Anne. I noticed recently when I get caught up in thinking if something in nature happens and I stop to focus on it, even for a small moment, it cuts the thinking and I come back to my presence and body. It’s quite a healing and change for something that is so brief. I’ve also experienced how my inner stillness can support pain reduction as when I used to get a painful back if I focused on my gentle breath (as per the Gentle Breath Meditation) and connected to my stillness the pain would ease and the length of time being in pain would also remarkably reduce. Our stillness and inner true presence is an enormous healing for the body, and living without it is not supportive for our health and well-being.

  11. I love walking, it is time for me to connect more deeply to myself and to process and let go of anything that no longer supports me. We can feel so much when we are present in our bodies and this gives us an opportunity to change our movements if we are not walking who we truly are.

  12. Walking is such a powerful and overlooked thing we do. I always saw it as getting from a to b, or else to keep fit, but what I know now is how I walk is vital to my body and my connection with me.

  13. After many years of walking and being move by a push to get things done to achieve and outcome it is deeply exquisite to feel the flow, the grace and power to move and be moved by a quality that is impulsed by my connection to my essence, my Soul. Granted that this is not with any perfection, or mastered in full, yet the more I focus on the quality of my movements than more it feels like I glide through the day with presence, power and the joy of the lightness of being and enjoy the reflection that this brings to my living day.

  14. Anne your love for life and the miracles that are possible is infectious. What an incredible transformation – we have no idea what is possible if we commit to being present every moment.

  15. Walking had always seemed like a pointless exercise to me. Frankly it took too long and didn’t give enough results. But now life has changed and on my walks I have time to enjoy the movement of my body, feel how I am feeling, get some outdoors fresh air, and best of all, walk.

    1. Ha! I love your honesty, Heather. There are many who don’t consider walking to be exercise. I used to be an exercise instructor in a gym and when interviewing new members I would ask what exercise they were doing currently -quite a few said ‘none’ and later in the discussion they said they walked for an hour a day! Yet Hippocrates said, ‘walking is the best medicine’.

    2. Yeh I remember feeling the same and wondering why so many people went on walks and what the point of it was, but I’ve discovered that a walk can actually change my whole day, it can change how I feel, my commitment, my willingness to embrace life… yep I definitely underestimated what was possible in a walk.

  16. I find walking the ‘real me’ isn’t just about being present with my body. Walking the ‘real me’ means accepting every part of me and allowing it to shine out. This brings so much lightness and joy as I walk free of the ‘shoulds’ I have conformed to all my life.

    1. I loved your comment Fiona -to be true to yourself you do indeed need to accept every part of you, including your weight and shape (which has been tricky for me).

    2. That is a powerful acceptance walk Fiona shining all of you, and the walk itself is a great way to accept and express all we are in readiness for living it across all parts of life.

  17. I felt today how taking notice of how we walk, how we sit, and how we move in general helps us to feel more aware of exactly where we’re at, and what is going on around us. I actually felt how lifting my toes when I push off with each step changed my whole walk, and my whole body, to be lighter, more joyful and more open. If it seems a little wild that such a seemingly tiny change can have a huge effect on our mood, thoughts and whole body movement – try it.

  18. It is so true when we feel connected to ourselves we naturally want to connect to others and while sometimes this is not always appreciated by others, I am learning to not allow the reactions of others to impact the relationship I have with myself and the connection to my body.

    1. Absolutely Caroline. I have found that most people simply love me connecting to them -really meeting them for who they are inside, and maybe they have experienced that for the first time.

    2. When we make ourselves dependent on what other people think, wish or expect, we stagnate and say yes to being put in a box of their making.

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