True Leadership & Teamwork – Talk to an Ant

There are so many lessons and parallels in the world of nature from which to draw inspiration. I have recently been inspired by the reflection of ants and how we can learn so much from observing them and understanding how they live.I was walking with a friend one sunny afternoon and we were talking about the qualities of a good leader and sharing our experiences about this, when we were interrupted and brought to a stop by some bull ants crossing the walking path. Continue reading “True Leadership & Teamwork – Talk to an Ant”

Ironing the Pillow Cases – A Lesson of Love

In the past I would always end up feeling very frustrated whenever I was doing the ironing because I never achieved a ‘perfect’ result. Somehow I could never get all the creases out or fold sheets up neatly in rectangles. I often began with a meditative feeling while ironing, but inevitably the frustration with my own skills used to creep in. Continue reading “Ironing the Pillow Cases – A Lesson of Love”

Who I Really Am

A few years ago the expression “Become who I really am” came to my awareness and slowly transformed into a life-changing revelation. When I first heard it, I felt empowered; it was like a call to become who I always intuitively knew I was. However, it didn´t stop there – it got complicated as I went through a lot of thinking:

  • Who was I really? If normally I am not who I really am, then who am I most of the time?
  • Am I being invalidated in some way?
  • Is someone going to know who I am, better than I do?

Continue reading “Who I Really Am”

Truth about Little White Lies

When I was a child I often heard the expression “little white lie”. It was used for justification when children caught and called out adults for telling lies. Adults often responded with “it’s a little white lie,” which was supposed to mean that adults could tell lies when the intention was somehow ‘good’, like not telling the full truth to a child in case it was “too much for them,” or doctoring the truth to an authority to smooth relations and not get into trouble…. How dreadful is that?! Continue reading “Truth about Little White Lies”

Listening to Your Body – A New Body Corporate

If our bodies were a company we would be in all sorts of trouble!

Imagine a company that was trying to poison its staff. Imagine the global response if the company tried to tell the world that what they are giving staff is a treat for all the hard work they’ve put in, or that they are only poisoning people a little bit. Continue reading “Listening to Your Body – A New Body Corporate”

Chuckling: Transforming Energy Through Mirth

“What does ‘chuckle’ mean, Teacher?” asked one student after I had presented the class with a card of synonyms for the word laugh for use in their English Narratives.

I hesitated to reply because I knew that for me, chuckling is totally a physical experience and can only be understood by and in my body.

“That one’s a body word. We can look it up in the dictionary and see what it says, but it’s a word that we feel in our bodies,” I responded. Continue reading “Chuckling: Transforming Energy Through Mirth”

My Body Loves Cream

For most of my life I have had sensitivity/allergies to skin products, with symptoms such as burning rashes, inflammation, sore redness and feeling as if I had been rolled in nettles. Even the most pure oils would set off a reaction. I would find an oil I could use, but even if I put a small amount in the bath water, it still never soaked into my skin, it just sat on the surface until I took it off with a cloth. Continue reading “My Body Loves Cream”

How a Dog Taught Me About the Poison of Jealousy

Have I felt jealousy from another? Have I been jealous of another?

At a recent Universal Medicine event we were asked these questions, and we were given the opportunity to explore the way we have been affected by jealousy and its insidious poison. Continue reading “How a Dog Taught Me About the Poison of Jealousy”

The Addiction Nobody Discusses

The Oxford dictionary definition of addiction is: “The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity, where ‘addicted’ means being physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance or activity.” When we think of addictions, we tend to consider things like drugs, alcohol, gambling, certain foods or sex. These are the most common addictions for which there are many groups to support people to break their addictive behaviours. Continue reading “The Addiction Nobody Discusses”

Charities exposed for Cold-calling: What is True Charity?

How charitable is cold calling?

Eunice Minford
Eunice Minford

You may say, “what a ridiculous question, it’s obvious there is no charity in cold-calling,” yet we have recently seen how a number of large charities in the UK think it is appropriate to ‘cold-call’ people to raise money for their charities, including Oxfam, Save the Children and Cancer Research amongst others.

They employ companies to do the dirty work – and dirty work it is indeed. The undercover videos (1) (2) accompanying the recent media article – “VICTORY! After Mail exposé reveals shame of charity cold call sharks, PM pledges tough new laws to tackle ‘boiler room’ tactics targetting the elderly and vulnerable” – published by the Daily Mail UK (3), show the tactics that are used to get people to part with their cash. No one is spared from being given this opportunity to donate including elderly pensioners and those with dementia. Continue reading “Charities exposed for Cold-calling: What is True Charity?”