Self-abuse Under the Umbrella of Making it Right

Just the other day I was asked to do an action stunt whilst shooting a movie – they wanted me to jump off a roof. Of course, everything was done to be safe. But what did I do?

I used to push myself and my body really hard all my life, living in the belief that “I am strong, I can do that, and I’ll make it without any help.” Trying to show how independent I was as a woman, somehow trying to prove that “I can do it!” Continue reading “Self-abuse Under the Umbrella of Making it Right”

Appreciation of Life and Ourselves

Have you ever stopped to really appreciate yourself, your life, and everything around you?

I thought I had been appreciative, that is until I had a recent health scare that made me realise that there was still so much in life that I took for granted – things that I just accepted as a normal part of my day, without stopping to truly appreciate how amazing my life really is. Continue reading “Appreciation of Life and Ourselves”

Affirmations or the Livingness of Love

In our world there are lots of self-help guides and books, presentations and recordings to help a person lift their self-esteem, self-worth or overall and general positivity towards life. These can be an accumulation of many so-called ‘loving’ words and affirmations that one can say once or twice, or be recalled repetitively throughout the days, months or years to come. Continue reading “Affirmations or the Livingness of Love”

The Need to Control vs Self-responsibility

Lately I am noticing that when there is something that needs to be resolved and I don’t feel in control of the outcome, I start to harden in my body and become stressed. Continue reading “The Need to Control vs Self-responsibility”

Books by Serge Benhayon

I have never been a real book reader so no book is ever read front to back.

When I first came across the books by Serge Benhayon in 2007, I was very inspired as it felt like information I had known and it was being said in a language that I could understand. Continue reading “Books by Serge Benhayon”